The (Devious) Guardian Angel’s Explanations









There was a commotion at Moe’s when I dropped by one of those nights.


Nora was being sort of ‘hassled’ by two of the strippers and Moe himself.


I explain, she was at a corner of the bar and two skimpy dressed beauties and the mid-50’s owner of the place were a bit mad at her, but nothing serious. Hard faces, demands and such, but no punches nor yells nor scratches, and in the end she looked at the girls and then at him, and whispered something in his left ear (but obviously asked for him to keep it a secret), his face suddenly was all smiles and he told the two girls to return to their room to ‘get ready’ (they were respectively the next one to go on stage and the one after her),next he yelled to everybody that the ‘unexpected show’ was over (and added that the ‘real ones’ were about to restart) and lastly he told the barman that Nora’s drinks would be ‘on the house’ for all the rest of the night.


I waved at her, she invited me to the seat at her left and I made my order.


‘What’s going on?’


‘Where have you been, Kendall?’




Now that was all that I was supposed to tell ANYONE about my last couple of weeks.


But Nora is my best friend, she might be a bit nuts with that thing of liking (a LOT!) to tie or tape or cuff up and gag naked or almost naked or fully dressed (preferably busty) chicks and gals, she even pays two or three (or more) sites to produce custom made bondage flicks for her on a bi-monthly basis!


But she’s my best friend, and she knew what it meant for me to be back to Japan…


‘Tell you what, I tell you what happened and why, and you tell me how ********* bad this ‘suicidal act’ of yours ended up being… Don’t deny it!!! (It’s written in your face)’


She grabbed the bottle and went to one of the tables in the back. On the stage the blonde chick who moments before was pointing her index fingers at her was now ‘pretending’ to be a… space pirate? That was a new one (the act)! She was a new one! And a very pretty one at that, so I got a bit… distracted as I walked to the table were Nora was waiting for me. She waited for the performance to be over and harrumphed rather loudly to get my attention back, and then she pointed at a picture behind me.


I looked around and saw the black skinned goddess that was entering the stage flanking Moe with another incredibly hot black girl barely legally dressed…


Wait a minute, I knew her…


The kidnapped girl that was on the news???!!!!


I turned around to Nora with a very obvious question in my mind…


‘Guilty as charged. And that’s why Moe and Zara (the girl that is now on stage), who was her best friend when she worked here, and Louise (the blonde that enthralled you a minute ago and who is now occupying that position)… she never met Xandelle (as you-know-who was known when she worked here), but ‘any friend of my Zara is my friend too!’, well that’s why that trio was interrogating me… Moe, well you know Moe… a woman that was working here two decades is still someone that you better no steal or mess with… and then ‘dare’ to come here of all places to drink a beer!’


‘And you kidnapped… Xandal?’


‘Xandelle, it’s supposed to be like Chandelle… got it? But yeah, that was me.’


‘Ok, but what happened?’


‘About a quarter of a century ago these two college buddies, Mister ‘A’ and Mister ‘B’, started a business. For over two decades the friendly difference of opinions, that make them argue on an hourly basis, was actually the reason of their success. But even them got hit (hard) by the crisis so… what were arguments yesterday became hot discussions today, and Mister ‘B’ decided to get rid of Mister ‘A’, he would kick him off the business and get him replaced with… a shady fella that I will call Mister ‘C’…’


‘Oh, come on!’


‘It’s still happening, right now! It may be almost over to the police and the press and everybody else, but it’s not! And until I can be safe enough to put names… It’ll be ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, got it? (…) As I was saying, Mister ‘C’ is not a nice guy. Enter Xandelle, who left Moe’s after she finished using the tips she got here to help her pay her college. She is now a secretary, one with a fancy name like ‘assistant-senior’ or the likes, and is a good one. She has the full trust of ‘A’ and ‘B’, and is going to spend three weeks in Costa del Sol (that’s a nice place in Spain), or so everybody else thinks. But before she leaves, she decides to leave three tons of work done in advance… and because of that she stumbles in a weird document… Imagine that ‘B’ had wrote something like ‘I, B, will betray A on the morning of the day of mm/dd/yyyy’, the partial document that she found would be something like ‘(…) will betray (…) morning (…) mm/(…)/yyyy’…’


‘A very peculiar document…’


‘That left her with doubts of what was it about. After two or three days of fruitless investigations and mulling, what did she do? She talked with ‘A’ and ‘B’…’


‘And that’s why you were hired to grab her…?’


She smiled such an irritating condescending smile as an answer!


‘Don’t be so hasty… So she talked with them and ‘B’ talked with ‘C’, who hired some people to be sure that she would not return to the US… at least not alive. But, what neither ‘B’ nor ‘C’ knew was that ‘A’ was wise and onto them. He was EXTREMELY disappointed with ‘B’, and was gathering everything he could to have a solid case to present to his other good buddy in college, the State’s Attorney…, against ‘C’. But he couldn’t interfere even knowing that Xandelle had, most likely, handed to him and to ‘B’ a death sentence against herself. So he needed to be sure that she never left the US!’


‘You were hired to kidnap her to save her life? Isn’t it a bit too…’


‘Let’s just say that he knows with what ‘C’ paid for his three Porsches and two Ferraris, and he swore to himself that the guy is… was going to fall in his trap. ‘No matter what’. But when the ‘no matter what’ did include the life of Xandelle, who besides being an obvious eye candy for his rascal side is a good friend for the whole of him… he talked to somebody who talked to somebody and then he goes to the ‘perfect’ kitchen of his multimillion estate, under a 24/7 high billed security, to have a night snack and when he returns… I am there, and the girl he paid for sex is in the bathtub. She was a redhead and I... you really don’t wanna know, right?... Ok, I bound and gagged her and waited for him, he must have paid a suitable extra for my ‘inconvenience’ towards her... To me he explained everything, gave me a long list of ‘Can Do / Can Not’ with Xandelle as she is being ‘saved’ (so to speak since she’s not even supposed to really know why she was kidnapped in the first place!) and gave me all the money he had in his safe as an advance, and off I went to grab Xandelle like two days later, as she returns home after the last day of job before her vacations… She never arrived home. After a three hours wait I left my hiding place, yeah… it was closet… and I decided to check around. And as I was checking her computer, who still uses her own birthday as a password?, I found out that she was having other unwelcomed ‘visitors’ at her apartment that night…’




‘Don’t know their names, let’s just say that ‘C’ is not American… and I had no choice, okay? It was me or them, and I am still here…’


After years working for the Duchess, during which I doubt she ever took a life, she had just confessed me a murder (even if it was ‘preemptive self-defense strike’)…


I didn’t ask for details.


‘After, that, I went back to the computer and found out that the Costa del Sol thing was a big fat lie! She never planned to leave the city! She simply couldn’t!’




‘She has this congenital, genetic, whatever, problem with her eyes. It’s curable if it’s found in its early stages, if not she’d go blind. So she took a loan, sold her car and got money from half her relatives… but didn’t tell a thing to anyone at work! The ‘Spanish Trip’ was actually a trip to a hospital! Here in LA! But the procedure is quite simple, they use laser rays, and after a couple of days she’d be allowed to go back home, if everything worked well she’d even have some pictures in her Facebook account of her in some sunny beach…. Look I don’t know why she didn’t want that her co-workers knew about her eyes, she just didn’t want it so she did quite a theatrical act to hide it!’


‘And she was in the early stages of that thing?’


‘The earliest, an e-mail I found was an answer to an aunt of hers that must be the most hypochondriac lady in the State of Louisiana, she guaranteed her that the doctor almost didn’t saw it so small was the thing, and that a few days at the hospital was much more than she’d need. I was taking some useful notes when the cellphones of both would-be-Xandelle-murderers started to ring. So I took the computer with me, with a few other stuff, and hoped that the bodies were found only in the morning in that alley (as it did happen), ten minutes later three new guys showed up to find out what had happened with the first two, as the police (that I had called) showed up as well…’


‘Nasty tricky stuff from your side…’


They can be useful… sometimes… But the point is that the police, obviously, would want to know what had happened to the girl that lived in the apartment where those three undocumented hired guns were found, or to the other girl that was living there for a while (Xandelle’s cousin, Noemi, who dropped by to help her after she got out of the hospital). Phone calls would be made, even interstate ones, and I believed that I had like three to four hours, if I was that lucky, before somebody phoned Noemi and told her the news, or got in touch with the hospital. Fortunately, I knew that hospital very well…’

She grinned, and started to look at me in a very knowing way…


Oh come on!


‘That stuff we did last year?’


And she nodded…


The ‘stuff’ went like this: A middle-aged guy paid for a small intervention in the left eye of the early twenties brunette that was his mistress, said guy went to visit her on the hospital and all seemed well. There was a phone call from his boss, the kind of phone call you can’t have in front of anyone else, so he went to the stairways and had a talk to his boss, five minutes later his boss finish the talk saying that ‘he knows’. The bald fella rushes back to his mistress’ room as if hunted by wild hounds and find her hogtied (and naked) over the bed, I am there too and I close the door behind him placing my (empty) gun against the base of his skull. I said ‘Stop being a blabbermouth and accept whatever deal you’re offered by him’, and then I tell him to count to a hundred before starting to free the girl. The next day the guy gets a dollar for his ten to fifteen years of duty work for our client (Nora did the stripping and the tying up), and the feds see a case that they were starting to build against him vanish in the wind.


‘You know how well we studied the layout of that hospital, and a few phone calls to Tinkerbell made me be sure that the security hadn’t improved that much. I still needed to get inside, and the ruse we used that day wasn’t available thus… The girl’s name was Paulette? (…) Her black eyes looked bigger after I finished wrapping the Elastoplast over her mouth, and since the rope I used on her was also white, and so was her underwear, it made quite a contrast with her black skin…


I was lucky, the place was holding a gala event, to get money for their bills obviously, and all security personnel were focused on a section of the ground floor, leaving the back doors and the upper floors barely attended. Tinkerbell gave me a list of nightshift nurses that were black like me and more or less of my age. You know Tinkerbell, half an hour or less of hacking into the totally dull-life-lady and she knew exactly what to put in the text message she sent her… and thus I managed to meet a slightly enraged gal in the parking lot. It was really easy for me to force her into my car and drive away… the security in that place still sucks and don’t let me talk about lightless spots everywhere!


At a short distance of the hospital there was this alley… off went her light blue uniform, in went the ropes and the Elastoplast and… the injection. I had like half a dozen shots of this powerful and harmless narcotic with me, once she was out I put the panties back in place and closed the lid of that stolen car, giving her age and weight I had like three hours before she awoke. I went back to the hospital and started to look around; to be able to remove Xandelle from there I needed a wheelchair and to deal with the security cameras. There weren’t many, but I wasn’t able to hide my face so even with the wig, lens and the fake teeth I was wearing, I wanted to be sure that there wouldn’t be any image of mine for the cops. Right then it was almost midnight and the party was almost over (…)…’


Her sudden silence struck me oddly, and the face she was making wasn’t exactly an interesting one. She seemed… uncertain…


‘Look man; remember when you told me and my sister and the others that story about you, Danny Boyd and the bus full of bikini clad babes?’


‘It DID happen ok? The organizers of that contest must have paid a truckload of money for the girls, all fourteen of them!, to not say a word to anyone… police included. But it did happen! Right as we were trying to flee Las Vegas after that failed…’


‘I do not doubt your word! Jocasta found a confidential agreement between (the) two girls (you gave us the name) and **************** Co., and another peek at the bank account used on that deal found fourteen other payments made on the same day…’


‘Fourteen? But I told you that they were fourteen! Not sixteen!’


‘Among those sixteen names only two did not belong to a girl between 18 and 24…’


Of course, the driver and the ‘mother’ of those girls…


‘Ok, Selma and Larrabie… right?’ – She nodded – ‘So you know that the story that everybody took for an incredibly bold tall tale of mine was true…’


‘Well… You know how I like to bind and gag chicks, right?’


‘That’s your business, not mine (…)? Did you end up…?’


‘Seven dames, in about two hours, and only one of them was white like you.’


‘And all were…?’


‘Please! The security station dame was a bit fat, one of the nurses was twice my age and the white lady had a big nose. But, I agree that the other nurses (including the one I was ‘impersonating’) were pretty, while Xandelle and her cousin…’


I took a good look at Xandelle in the pic behind me.


‘Does her cousin…?’


‘Better legs, smaller bust and quite an attitude!’


‘Ok, I promise that I will not think that it was a dream or a fantasy or a big fat lie or whatever, it happened… but how it went?’


‘I confess that I got lucky. The hospital had to cut expenses here and there, hence the charity event, and when the party was finally over the night watchmen were down from eight to four (they couldn’t afford more), plus the dame I found monitoring everybody through the cameras when I went there past 01 AM. She started to say something like ‘You’re not supposed to be here’ (or the likes) and I had her knocked out cold, down to her white shirt and panties, balled-up and gagged (with her own black tie) in thirty. A spray in the face, a couple of jabs and she was out for the night with an injection, I still had four. Next I saw where the guys were and had to put down two of them with two more injections, I used their own zip cuffs on them and…’


‘And nobody saw you?’


‘It was already almost 2 AM! I lured one with the old trick of ‘Quick follow me!’ and the other was already sleeping on duty…’


Obviously she had to make sure that these two guys were out for the count, but she’s into restraining chicks, not dudes, and she doesn’t like to talk about it when it happens. Me? I just don’t like when she gets into too many details about how she restrained this or that gal, so she didn’t said more about them nor did I press on the subject…


‘And I left them both under the beds of the vacant rooms I left each one of them. At the moment I had like one hour, while probably just the half of it, before their absence was noticed. So I went on a bee line to Xandelle’s room, but as I was about to enter the elevator (it’s a small hospital, specialized on eyes only and all that, but it still has three floors), this nurse comes out of nowhere asking me if I had seen ‘Bud’ (the second of the night watchmen). I did knew why she was after him, but as soon as she made the question she paused, took a good look at me and asked me ‘Who are you?’. I tried to say that I was a ‘new one’ but she cut me short saying that with the hospital on its ropes ‘no one was being hired, just fired’, and went out to call security…’


‘And you had to use another injection… where were you keeping them?’


‘I was leading a cart, one of those with many drawers to carry the medicine for many patients at once, with the syringes on the top drawer, my gun in the drawer underneath, rolls of Elastoplast, microfoam tape and coils of rope on the other drawers… what?’

I was laughing, smirking actually, at the idea…


‘You turned a medication cart into a bondage ‘do-it-yourself’ cart?’


At first she made an angry look, and then she smiled.


‘Yeah, I think I did it… I knew I would have to deal with Xandelle and Noemi…’




‘Her cousin, I already told you that the girl’s name is Noemi. I knew that I would have to restrain her and also a nurse, and the guards, in order to be able to take Xandelle with me, and I couldn’t count with ‘improvised materials’ every step of the way. Since carry a lot of ‘tying stuff’ with me on my hands or in a bag or a sack would be suspicious…’


‘Not as suspicious as pushing a medication cart around past 2 AM?’


‘And why do you think I ended up having to bind and gag nurse number three?’


‘A calculated risk?’ – I asked a bit incredulous.


‘Yes, when I got there I had nothing but what I could carry in that uniform with me. After I got rid of the cameras… I knew I was forgetting something! I had asked for Tinkerbell’s help, and I used it to the fullest! After I overpowered that chubby lady I put a pen drive there, punched a few keys and did other stuff that she told me to do. All the images of the past hour of the security cameras were gone in a few minutes, and nothing was being recorded. So I went outside, back to my car and grabbed a backpack, then I returned inside with and emptied its contents in the cart…’


‘Back to the second nurse, she was the old one?’


‘In her 50’s, close to her 60’s and she could get some more meat over her bones… not a sickly looking thin person, but one month of a diet as in a movie, ‘Supersize something’ and she would be better. But one moment she was barking orders and demands at me, and in the next she was all ‘Pleeeeease don’t hurt me!!!’, and I forced her to get into one of the rooms and, as I tied her up, I told her what she would later tell to the police and the press; ‘Never sent a thief to do the job of a hired gun’.’


‘And she?’


‘What else? She didn’t understood what I meant with that and was asking, almost demanding, an explanation about those words when I socked a balled up scarf inside her mouth, and as the strips of tape went over her lower face she got increasingly mad!’


‘Black electrician tape?’’


‘And where would I find it there? Microfoam, white and shiny as the rest of the stuff (well almost, the rope wasn’t shiny) I used on those dames (and guys). She was really mad when I anchored her to the bed (some rope coming and going from her crossed ankles to one of the feet), but I had no other troubles until I reached Xandelle’s room…’


‘What had happened?’


‘Well, Noemi turned off her cellphone, not even in the vibrating mode she put it, so she and Xandelle could have a good night of sleep. The police got in touch with Noemi’s mother, who then tried to get in touch with her daughter and failed, but she remembered (or had it written down) the phone number of the doctor who’d do ‘the procedure’ on Xandelle and got in touch with the guy, who was in his house in ************, and he got in touch with the hospital. The problem is that Noemi’s mother didn’t told him, or at least failed in doing it, about what was going on; he thought that it was some sort of family problem, not a police one. Only when he got a phone call from them is that he got in touch with the hospital and now (then) he meant business…’




‘Come one… Past midnight, there’s a hospital crew stretched to the limit and this old lady from Louisiana calls demanding to get in touch with her daughter and niece… What would you do if it was you the one that has to make a decision?’


‘I would send a nurse to the girls’ room…’


‘But if it was the police calling and demanding to talk with them…?’


She grinned as I made the ‘obvious!’ face, in this case I would have made it a security matter, and would find out about the missing night watchmen and the bound, gagged and drugged one inside the security room, and then all the cops in a five mile radius would ‘zero in’ the hospital. Which was exactly what was passing in her mind when it happened, or the woman in front of me wasn’t Nora!


‘I got out of the elevator, pulling the cart with me and this nurse gets out of the only room with a light ‘on’, she says ‘don’t worry this’ and ‘don’t worry that’ and closes the door and starts to rush towards me, I ask her what is going on and she answers me: ‘The police called Dr. Thurston and they are at the black girl’s home, some people broke in and they were not very anxious to be arrested by the cops! They want her…’ and then she looked at me, didn’t recognized me and made the inevitable question: ‘Hey, who are you and what are you doing with a medication cart in the middle of the night?’


‘And she was the only white woman you tied up that night?’


‘Yeah, six years or more younger than me, late twenties to early thirties, short black hair and a very big nose, very big indeed, hawkish-like. Anyway, I tied and taped her up right away, the cameras were still out but she didn’t knew it and kept making pleas with her head aimed at the one in front of us, and a quick hogtie inside one of the rooms (that wasn’t empty, but the guy inside it was snoring like Joe ‘Buzz’ Buslin!), and another injection to ensure that she wouldn’t make enough noise to wake him up. I rushed to the room leaving the cart behind me (I put the restraining stuff inside a bag that was now dangling from my right shoulder) and holding a gun with my left hand… and what was sweet and lovely Noemi doing when I barged in?’


‘(…) Hmmmm, changing clothes?’


‘Exactly! She had put on a flower patterned pajama to sleep, and now was only in her bra and panties and struggling to put her ultratight black jeans trousers on. She almost screamed when she saw me (and by the looks of it would be a banshee yell!), but soon she was on her back, over Xandelle’s bed (and her legs), as I held my gun inches away from her face and covered her mouth with the other hand. Xandelle (who had both eyes covered with bandages) started to ask what was going on and I said ‘I am not here to kill you, but you will have to come with me and I will bind and gag you both for it to happen’, and she just asked if it had to do with what was going at the company. My answer? ‘Like I know or care, I just don’t want to be accessory to murder in a state with the death penalty. I am here to save mine and your life…’, and then Noemi started to trash under me, but Xandelle ordered her to stop. She said: ‘I had time to think and connect many dots, and now I realize that I am not getting paranoid. Noemi, she could have killed us already, so stop it now (you’re starting to hurt me!) and let her do it!’…’


‘And Noemi?’


‘Went limp under me on the very next instant. We got off the bed and I did a quick, but pretty… stop with that face! I was being professional, but come on…’


‘You squashed her breasts…’


‘When they’re real and that big it’s even lovelier to watch the effect…’


Yeah, she’s a perv sometimes…


‘Anyway, the excuse was that I needed to trap her arms against her back, the same long white rope that held her wrists crisscrossed was looped around her waist a couple of times, and I had to take care of the upper arms as well, and since it wasn’t my fault that both dames are well endowed, as you can see behind you, and she is the ‘winner’…’


‘You squashed her breasts… bare or still covered by the bra?’


‘I am not that perverted… It was pink by the way… Her legs were already partially trapped with her trousers, so I only added a bit of rope over her knees and linked her no longer freed ankles to her waist, next I turned to Xandelle. She asked: ‘Hands in front or behind?’, and I answered: ‘None, stand up’. Puzzled, and obviously still a bit weak due to what was left of the drug she had taken for the operation, she did so and received the last dose of whatever was that stuff. There was a wheelchair in the room, I put her there and, after cinching every knot holding Noemi (and resisting the urge to add more) I left the room, you know that joke (for us that is) about somebody taking an elevator ‘down’, and as soon as the door’s close the other elevator (who was coming ‘up’) arrives and the police storms the place? Well, they were just two rookies doing patrol, but you…’


‘But how could you manage to escape?’


‘Because two of the night watchmen were missing, the door to the room were the monitors of the security cameras stood was locked (and when they got inside it, and found and freed that fat dame, they took twenty minutes to get all the stuff back on), the parking lot wasn’t closed with a wall or a fence, and both remaining watchmen were busy trying to get inside the security room! A complete uncoordinated situation!’


‘Lucky you…’


‘Sometimes, it’s not that bad to be lucky…’


‘And Xandelle?’


‘I took her, in the back seat, to where I had parked my getaway car. No one around to watch me dump a black beauty, wearing only an hospital gown, inside its trunk and then making sure that she wouldn’t be able to free herself or move, just wriggle (and just a little at that), but she would not be in pain mind you, on her side with her hands tied to her knees and some more wrapping to make her a lusciously tight package of human flesh, yeah, I took my time with her... But I wasn’t that mean, I carefully reinforced the bandages over her eyes and had a fluffy pillow for her head ready to be used…’


‘And now?’


‘Tinkerbell has a friend who owes her big, really really big, almost in ‘LIFE size big’. Said friend has this place, this clinic, where she’s being well cared for and will be kept sedated until I drop by to take her away free her for once and for all, somewhere. And this friend even managed to convince a friend of hers, a registered ophthalmologist, to take a look at Xandelle’s eye… (…) What? What’s going on?’


‘Do NOT turn your head around, keep looking forward, now!’


She did as I told her and I kept looking at scene behind her. I told her that she didn’t need to tease me about Noemi’s gorgeous features, I had seen two or three interviews with her just that day, and right now, there was the 21 years old girl talking with Moe…


We both reached the same conclusion that Moe did, and was he unpleased because of that! It wasn’t unusual that former strippers that had worked at Moe’s told their families about the unusual clientele of the place (roughly ¼ to 1/3 cops, out of duty or retired, a few common guys and the rest people like me and Nora), but even they knew that the place was off limits to anything that involved the police in an official way…


And either Zara or Louise had told Noemi to come, after they had a talk with Nora. The blabbermouth was Zara who, slightly better attired than the usual, was looking at Moe (and Noemi) and then at me (or rather at the back of Nora’s head) from the place she stood at the entrance of the backstage area.


‘The idiot! Wave at her and make her come here, now!’


I did it, and Zara (BTW, her real name is Sue Ellen) just signaled ‘One moment’ to Moe, who mouthed an enraged ‘alright’, and came to our table. She looked like a little girl caught stealing the cookie jar, but before she could say anything (as soon as she was standing at our side), Nora ordered her to kiss me and look at me.


And thus, as I hoped her boyfriend wasn’t a big guy and of the jealous kind…, that skimpy bikini dressed black dame bent over and we shared quite the kiss, the guys around cheered me as Moe held Noemi saying that Zara had to ‘talk to her boyfriend first’. As we finally finished it, I pretended to say something to Zara as Nora told her:


‘I can give you live proof that Tia is alright this very night, I can even take you to where she is if you don’t mind a ride inside a car’s trunk while tied, blindfolded and gagged… but you better follow my instructions to the letter if you don’t want you and that babe behind me to be ‘absent’ for the next week, or more!’


Yeah, ‘Xandelle’’s real name is Tia. So Nora gave Zara the script she was supposed to follow for her conversation with Noemi, Zara gave me another hot kiss and off she went to talk to Noemi. As expected, Noemi didn’t liked what she heard but a quick look around made her understand that Zara was right, and she thanked her and left.


To put it simple, she told her that the gal who had kidnapped her cousin had a boyfriend and that said boyfriend wasn’t exactly ‘thrilled’ with her latest job, but he would never take the chance to meet her in a place with so many cops around… So Zara would get in touch with him (again) and they would arrange a meeting.


To pass the time I told Nora of my recent exploits in Japanese soil, and though it wasn’t exactly a beautiful tale, even less remotely fun, she ended it up with one of her famous heartily laughters, and I looked at my watch and saw that a good chunk of an hour had passed, so I went to meet my ‘girlfriend’ (and Moe) in the backstage…


Moe was easy to deal with, we assured him that ‘damage control’ was already in motion and that Nora would ‘punish’ Zara accordingly, he told me that he didn’t liked it since her ‘punishments’ usually left a lot of rope marks, but I told him that being forced to not show up for a few days would be part of Zara’s punishment and he agreed (as long as we didn’t told Zara that, of course). And next I met my ‘girlfriend’…


…And Louise, her very jealous fiancée…




Why am I so unlucky?


Yeah, I was hoping to end that night sleeping with Zara in my arms…


Anyway, Louise was fuming mad thanks to the two almost pornographic kisses me and Zara had shared, but I told her that I wasn’t supposed to be seen in LA unless I had a good reason for that, next we both took a good look at Zara and I said: ‘You have to agree that she is a very good reason to be in town…’. Using that opening Zara cornered Louise, and soon the blonde girl agreed to let me and ‘my’ girlfriend have a small talk in a corner of the backstage (just in case my nonexistent followers saw us), but that she did not need to worry since we would be talking about basketball, and hand in hand off we went. And me and Zara pretended to be doing that kind of small talk in whispers, as we discussed who could ended up being the MVP this year, until I told her what were the plans for the rest of the night… She didn’t like them one bit.


But, since Nora would actually pay her 10K for the inconvenience, and loss of work days, and the many rope marks would be able to transfer whatever meanness Moe had aimed at her (at the moment) to Nora… she nodded.


About the time I returned to my table Nora was gone, and half an hour later she texted me a message with Zara and Louise’s address. I had a few phone calls to make, so I only arrived there like two hours after that. Nora opened the door for and off we went to the bedroom of that apartment in *************.


Zara and Louise were there, and Nora was already playing with them. I’ll explain, both girls were naked and kneeling over their large king-sized bed, but while the white and blonde Louise had been bound with black rope and gagged with black tape, the black goddess Zara was writhing (softly) in her white restraints and with any protest well muffled by the white strips of tape that were placed in an ‘X’ frame over her lips (Louise’s gag was covering her face from down her nostrils to below her chin).


‘So far you-know-who is sure that Noemi is really on her own, no police back-up or whatever. We can use the fire escape if they are following her without her realizing it, but you-know-who is checking that too in the police ‘radar’, and so far nothing.’


She knelt on the bed and started adding even more rope on Louise well restrained body, Zara was in a light kneeling hogtie while her lover was with twice or thrice more rope than the really necessary over her limbs to restrain her ‘properly’.


‘But why did you…’


‘They started to argue about Tia; Zara wanted to meet her ASAP even if that meant doing the ride I told her she would have to, Louise was adamantly against it and so… We sort of ambushed her, two against one and none of them actually wanted to hurt the other, and neither did I. After we were done with Louise, who didn’t put much of a fight in the first place, Zara started to make too many questions and demands so… ’


That didn’t explained why they were naked, or why did Louise seeming to be actually cool about being naked and helpless with a guy like me in the room.


None of my business I said to myself, and so we spent the next twenty minutes doing small talk, the two of us with the girls occasionally nodding their heads or looking at us in a ‘what?’ kind of way. Nora and I reassured them that no one would ever believe that they were willing participants of that night’s events, supposing that somebody ended up learning about them, and thanks to the girls’ big begging eyes and an opening of mine, their payment was amped up to 12K, each.


By the time Zara’s phone warned us that she had a new text message, which meant that Noemi was already inside the building, the only white person in the room was in no way able to move but her eyelids, and she was being blindfolded as Nora spoke to her!


‘Here’s the deal, no sound and I will do my best to set you both free tonight… make a sound and I’ll take you three with me to this places I know; one will spend her captivity under the effect of powerful drugs, no damage whatsoever to her body but she will sleep for days under the proper care! Another will spend that much time as my personal toy, and the irritating blonde babe who packs a punch like a toddler will be the newest non-consensual player of a place I know very well!’


Don’t worry, she does know that place but they all pretend to be there against their will. She might be slightly pervert with some of her victims, but I know my friends…


‘Will you behave?’


She nodded eagerly, and I went to the door, to let Noemi get inside.


She, of course, was surprised to see me. She entered the apartment looking around for the girl who had told her to drop by, and when she tried to turn on the light of the living room I prevented her. I might not be a tall guy, but I am a strong one…


‘Where’s Zara?’


‘She and her wife/fiancée are a bit ‘tied up’ at the moment…’


‘You! It’s youummmpppphhhh!’


My gloved hand was now over her mouth, and she was lying on her back over the sofa doing her best to free her two hands from my grip. And she still didn’t show any sign of fear in her big black eyes. My kind of lady…


‘Here is the deal; I have brought a DVD with me that both you and Zara will be watching in a few minutes. But before that happen I have to make sure that you won’t try anything, including screaming ‘Help!’ at the top of your lungs…’


She nodded. First thing first, ensure the silence. A balled up scarf inside her mouth and another scarf wrapped around her head three times before a good knot was made. Next I took care of her arms. She was wearing black trousers, really tight ones (the ones she was trying to put when Nora invaded that hospital room?), her T-shirt seemed to be one or two numbers smaller than it should be (and was dark blue) and over it was a black leather jacket. Off went the jacket; in went lots of white rope (guess who had given me the supplies?), until all she could was sit with her hands in her lap, and thanks to the rope connecting her bound hands and knees and the one wrapped (a bit too freely) under and over her ample bust there was no way she could lift them (or bend over to have her mouth within her fingers’ reach). Since I had done it all with she standing, and then sitting on the floor, it was up to me to carry her to the sofa (she was really giving me all the death stares she could) after I added some (white of course) tape over her gag. I went to the bedroom, and returned with Zara in my arms. Nora had undone the hogtie and replaced it with a similar tie-up to the one she had told me (in details) to give to Noemi. Basically what she had done (over Zara’s incredible curves) with tape was the same stuff I had used rope to achieve on Noemi’s body…


Two gorgeous black girls almost reduced to rope/tape mummies…




Anyway, I turned the TV and DVD player on and…


‘Hello ‘No’, hello ‘Z’, I trust you guys are looking like two human spools of rope at the moment. Yeah, he’s crazy and a pervert, but he’s a nice guy and he is helping me…’


Yeah, I was going to be the bad guy if anything went wrong…


She looked fine, really fine. She was sitting on a stool, hands bound in front (and resting on her lap) but otherwise the full body shot didn’t showed any other restraint. At her left (in the ‘mute’ mode) was a LED TV showing a (pay-per-view only) basketball game (that had ended a couple of hours before) while at the right tonight’s episode of some TV show was on in another LED TV. Her underwear could be a little bigger, but who was I to complain? All in all she seemed relaxed and fine…


‘There are only a few things that I allowed to tell you both so here they go: Mr. Morris is not the one behind my abduction, the culprits are Mr. Rey’ shady business partner’s rivals, they want him and Mr. Rey out of the picture and believed that the mess my… current situation would cause would be enough for it to happen, as it seemed they were right. Who are they? I don’t know. All I know is that today, or was it yesterday?, I got the visit of an ophthalmologist. They got the guy’s wife and sent him a picture of her in a similar situation of your current one as an incentive for him to allow himself to be blindfolded and taken ‘here’, wherever ‘here’ is, and he had all his tools and, so far, I can tell you that the operation was a success. I will have to make more detailed exams but as far as I can tell, IT WORKED!!!! (I am sooooo relieved!!!)


Anyway… ‘No’, stop looking around and trying to find me, they showed me pictures of what they can do to you if you keep on meddling with their business, you won’t get actually hurt but, they’ll be sure that you won’t interfere anymore and… you’re not a slut to like that kind of treatment, so stop it. ‘Z’, you’re still my best friend, the best I ever had so please, the same goes to you. These guys, if they snap their fingers any or both of you will simply disappear. In a way you will be cared for, no physical violence against you in any way but… your freedom and your whereabouts… will be up to them. Stop it, NOW. (…) They believe that they will be able to let me go in about a week or even less. Send my love to everybody at home, ‘No’, will you? And goodbye.’


The screen went black, and they realized that I had gone to the kitchen and was back with what looked like a glass of water and two straws.


‘The stuff I put in the water is tasteless, but nothing will happen to you after you drink it. You’ll sleep till past noon, just that. And then it’ll be up for you three to find a way to free yourselves. You first, ‘troublemaker’, and don’t try to scream…’


I put one of the straws inside the glass and peeled of the tape, removed the scarf and the packing and offered the straw to Noemi’s lips. She drank half of the glass and was out even before I took the straw out of her mouth. Nora, who had passed me the straws and the drugged water, came from the kitchen and started to undo Noemi’s bonds as she told me to cut Zara off her restraints. The girls had a guest bedroom and off Noemi went, in Nora’s arms, until she was resting over the single bed of the small room.


‘And now?’ – I asked.


‘Your job here is over. You still have that address near that laundry shop?’


It was one of my safe houses, not my home address.


‘Yes, why?’


‘Tomo… today I’ll drop by and give you 20K for all your efforts… Zara… One hour?’


‘Can I have two?’


‘Fine, I’ll drop by today as well, after I leave his place, and you’d both get your share.’


‘Deal’ – said a grinning Zara as she returned to her own room humming a happy tune.


Nora merely grabbed me by an arm and took me out of the apartment.


‘What’s going on?’


‘Well, Louise might be younger, smaller and less imposing than Zara, but she’s the one that call the shots in their relationship. Not exactly the dominant if you think outside BDSM stuff. Zara just begged me some time to enjoy Louise’s helplessness before I return there…’ – and she showed me a key (?) – ‘…and prepare them both for when Noemi wakes up. Since I am going to spend the whole nights of today and tomorrow tying them up and taking pictures, Moe’s fine with that, I thought ‘why not’?’


‘You are a pervert, you know that?’


‘And you like pizzas with the triple of onion, that fish and that horrible French cheese. And that incredibly spicy meatloaf you are so proud of? And…’


Again with her comments about my culinary preferences! But people seemed to find my food tastes weirder than her sexual ones, not everybody but most of the people we know, our families included (adult portion only, of course), so she always used it as a diversionary tactic when she felt like I deserved it (which was always)…


Anyway, we parted ways (she’d have some coffee and a slice of a pie somewhere as she waited for the two hours to pass) and she dropped at my place right after lunch. I was short on money after my horrible trip so those 20 grand were more than welcome; I made us a coffee and asked how things had gone with the girls after she came back…


She merely showed a picture, in her smart phone, of a Gordian knot holding three pairs of hands in its middle! I pushed the picture aside and the next one showed all three women (Louise, Noemi and Zara, in that order) tied over the large bed with their arms above their heads and their legs intertwined (their feet were either tied to another girl’s foot or to one of the front foot of the bed), they all wore just their panties and were all cleave gagged rather lightly (she had to put Louise and Zara to sleep as well). The last picture was of a cardboard sign which reads: ‘It might take some effort from your part, perhaps more, but do it well and knot falls on its own…’.


‘I put it on the wall in front of the bed, held by with some tape. About twenty minutes before I came here I called them, it took them like an hour or so, but the knot eventually gave away and they could free each other… Noemi promised them that she will behave, and both Louise and Zara are expecting that my visit tonight doesn’t last long…’


And she grinned so evilly… like Jerry (the mouse in the Tom & Jerry cartoons) after his good fairy (who smiled the very same way) gave him the ways of dealing with Tom in one of the cartoons. I almost felt sorry for the girls, but let’s face it: one or two days as Nora’s binding toys, even three as it happened, is much better than getting fired and be marked as a pair of ‘troublemakers’ by the majority of the clientele at Moe’s…


Facts of life, dude, simple facts of life... whatever they got from Nora, they deserved it.

And they both seemed fine when I went to Moe’s a month and a half later. Louise did mouth ‘rascal’ at me, and something else at Nora, while Zara just gave me and Nora a knowing smile. Me and Nora gave them generous tips that night…


But I never saw the pictures though…


What happened to everybody you ask? Nora is still Nora, a though as nail free-lancer that gets any job done, with a devious attitude toward beautiful girls that crosses her path. Tia was found sleeping in a park bench five days after Zara and Noemi watched that DVD, she was fine and stood by Mr. Morris (‘A’) during the whole scandal and after that; blamed by his newest ‘partner’ of having hired whoever kidnapped Tia, and with all the evidences that Morris had gathered against him in the hands of the State’s Attorney, it didn’t took long for Mr. Rey (‘B’) to enter the Witness Protection after he gave and told everything he had against Carlos Machuto (‘C’) to State and Federal authorities; Zara and Louise were the most beautiful female couple that got married when XX recognized their right to do that, they worked a few more years at Moe’s but eventually they left; Noemi stayed in LA and tried a lot of jobs while pursuing her Hollywoodian ambitions, but effectively she only managed to cross Nora’s path on a semestrial basis because of that… with the obvious results…


But those are stories for another day…









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