Ollie D. Lesbrok Will Surrender at Noon





Since forever Oliver Lesbrok was a troublemaker.


Always provoking people that he didn’t liked and didn’t deemed as human beings (99,5% of the World’s population), always being completely disrespectful of everybody who he did believed deserved that behavior, gathering all the racist idiots like him in an militia that had caused him too many headaches... in short, he could have fitted very well in Nazi Germany.


But he lived in Jacob’s Hall County... his county.


And the town whose security he was responsible for since 1981, the first black sheriff of the place. So when Ollie was accused of ambushing and killing two federal agents no one in a hundred miles radius could think that he was not guilty of that, some even volunteered to help the twenty FBI agents to track him down (but were soon convinced by their friends to stop that), and so for about a month and a half he was a wanted (and hunted) man…


Until a group of FBI’s forensic technicians analyzed all the evidences of the shooting and deduced that he had been framed by, at least, two different shooters. But why would somebody use such an elaborated ruse to have him arrested… or murdered?


Because as soon as the word spread out that he was innocent of the accusations his wife went to the police and told him and the Feds that, during quick and secret encounters with her husband, he had told her that he had suffered at least four attempts against his life while evading his arrest. And when, after discussing with the agent in charge the whole case for the hundredth time, he decided to drop at her place for a few further questions, he and his deputy Bradley had saved her and her daughter’s life.


Two guys had broke into the house, tied up mother and daughter to chairs in the middle of the living room and had proceeded to ‘interrogate’ Mala Lesbrok about the whereabouts of her husband. Fortunately for both women they had just been slapped (nothing more serious than that) when one of the men saw the patrol car coming. So both women were regagged (with black electrician tape) and the pair of attackers tried to ambush him and Bradley…


Like somebody could ever be able to ambush Bradley!!!


No one knew exactly where he had served, some said the Navy Seals and others the Delta Force, the only thing he knew for sure that he had no better deputy (who could and would replace him one of these days…), and he proved that his beliefs about him were right that evening! He, like himself, sensed something wrong and saw the shadows aiming their guns at them, and five minutes later both women were freed and one of their captors was arrested and the other was dead, suddenly Bradley felt something wrong and in the next moment (as he was making the women duck) the other attacker was dead, somebody ad shot him from up the hill at the left of the home of the Lesbrok, a 400 yards shot!


What was going on in Jacob’s Hall County?


So the FBI agents agreed to provide 24/7 security for the Lesbroks and made public an offer to Oliver. If he got in touch with the sheriff (him) there would be a negotiation about his own surrender for, more than himself, the Feds (who had not managed to identify the attackers for they simply did not existed in any Federal/State database) wanted to know what Ollie could have done to make himself a target of such dangerous folks!


Three hours after the mayor made the proposal in front of a dozen reporters Ollie got in touch. He didn’t knew anything that he could have seen, heard or done that could put his Mala and their Jaclyn in danger, he even confessed a couple of attacks against blacks’ houses that he had done in the past year (as if he already didn’t knew, but couldn’t prove, that!) as ‘the more serious ****’ he had done.


So they all agreed that at the noon of the following day, which was going to happen in less than twenty minutes, he would surrender himself at the sheriff’s private office in the police HQ of the county, and that both the local police and federal agents would lock the town and ensure his safety while he did so. But not twenty seconds before Aaron Krauser (a member of Oliver’s militia that lived in a neighboring county) had received a phone call from his brother Roscoe (another member of the militia) in which he was informed that Oliver had just been arrested by federal agents who had ambushed his pick-up truck (in which he was being brought to town)! And Aaron went straight to the TV reporters with that info!


Now all the people that was gathering in front of the police HQ, over half of them were out-of-towners, was trying to invade the HQ, or at least making a lot of fuss about it, and he was feeling like a fool. But the federal agent in charge, a mid thirties redhead sort of tall (taller than him that is) and plump woman called Claudine Kristofferson, was talking with Mala and Jaclyn Lesbrok and whatever she had said to them… all the protest and perplexity that both women sported in their faces was going, going… gone.


He and his men and women managed to calm down the folks in front of the building, and the appearance of the Lesbroks ended all agitation that was left. Mala asked Aaron to call back his brother, but since Aaron’s phone had not a speaker mode the whole world could only see Aaron (and moments later Mala) talk with Ollie.


He had NOT been arrested, what had happened was that the FBI wanted to ensure his safety even before he reached Jacob’s Hall. So now he was inside a bulletproof car (one of three) and wearing a full bulletproof vest (shoes included) and, in a very strictly way of speaking, the federal agents were just ‘giving him and Roscoe a ride’ to the police HQ.


That revelation helped the (now) few policemen in front of the building to make the crowd go back to behind the line, and was received with a curse by a 23 years old blonde girl who was posing as a web-reporter/blogger who was updating her blog ‘Live from Jacob’s Hall’ (just like all the 20+ other youths that were crowding the internet café across the street).


She sent the following message to three people she didn’t know their appearances (and frankly she didn’t want to): ‘Blue, Orange and Green stay alert to multiple targets’.


She got up, paid her bill and went to look around the block and found something odd, the back entrance of the Police HQ was being more heavily guarded than the front one.


A younger than herself deputy told her to move away with some nervous politeness, and she was now sure that they would use the back entrance. She sent another message: ‘Blue and Orange, move to point A2 and B2. Green stay put and alert’.








Thus…, he had to move to the roof of the bakery… ASAP.


He shrugged and started to dismount the rifle, and took a peak at the owner of the shop once again. That lady was frightened! But at least she had stopped crying…


Then again, most people would if they found themselves in her position…


Attacked by a well dressed executive man as soon as she arrived (five hours before) to open her flower shop, forced to go upstairs and remove all her clothes (save for her underwear) and then be tape bound, gagged and blindfolded with black electrician tape (for the bonds) and white microfoam tape (for the gag and blindfold) in a kneeling position.


He no longer had the wig and false beard that had made her believe that her attacker was blonde, he now looked like another of these loony righties that were about to crash with the loony lefties a few yards down the block, and with the rifle dismounted…


Somebody had just opened the front door?


He was by his captive side in a moment, pressing his blade against her throat and making treats as a female voice called for the shop’s owner’s presence. Apparently this woman had tried to get in touch with ‘Stacie’ (weird… he was sure that the captive’s name was Isabel) and had not been successful, thanks to what he had done with the phones he found with woman and inside the shop, and she had to tell her something.


And now she was ‘asking’ (out loud) if ‘Stacie’ was not upstairs in the attic…


Another round of treats, more strips of tape to ensure her muteness even more and tape her head and neck to the pipe behind her (leaving the woman in an awkward bent back position since he had taped her knees to a sturdy table in front of her), and he went downstairs gun in hand and surprised a mid-thirties black woman with big frightened eyes…


The flight of stairs had to be accessed through a door in the back of the building where the flower shop was located. She was at the bottom and, when she saw him with the gun in his hand she tried to dash to the front door, he shot (his handgun had a silencer) the wall behind her and she stayed put, arms raised high above her head and those very scared eyes.


…that almost unexpectedly turned into very confident ones.


Not for a moment she was out of his eyesight, but she was so ‘mortified’ that he was going to have to tape her up and then drag her upstairs. So he walked into the backroom only looking at the woman in front of him. And from both his sides one very efficient pair of hands/fists worked on him. His pulse was broken as the gun was prevented to fell on the floor, his legs were hit violently and he felt like he was going to fall face first on the floor, then he was doubling over, then pirouetting and landed on his back. The last thing he saw was a pair of right fists going straight at his face…




An anxious yet barely audible mewl was the answer. She run upstairs and found her agent still stuck. She had managed to free her legs with the hidden blade she had kept under her armpit, but the last taping was choking her (or rather her attempts to free her arms had made her slip and ended up tightening the pressure against her neck).


Clumsy, was the first thing she managed to think after she reacted automatically and cut the tape holding her head against the pipe, adorably clumsy Stacie. She was going to have hours of ‘training’ as soon as the doctors said that she was able to stand them…


As she returned downstairs, carrying Stacie in her arms, her two assistants had removed Bart from the room and had brought in the real owner of the shop. They looked at the older woman in her arms with sudden anticipation, but she mouthed to them ‘She’s fine’, and went outside and the two casually dressed girls helped the bound, gagged and blindfolded woman to go upstairs. There she was tied to a chair in a rather overkill fashion by the duo, but they kept asking her if she was in pain or not and the woman only shook her head in answer. And they kept checking if her blood circulation wasn’t cut by the ropes, if the ropes and scarves (for the gag and blindfold) weren’t too tight…


Isabel Cole was obviously scared with everything that was happening with her since before dawn, they had invaded her house, tied up her and her husband and had kept them their prisoners… but they were the ones that had paid her mother’s mortgage two weeks before, and her husband baby brother too a couple of days later (and what a shock it had been to her to discover that!), and had waved all those one hundred dollars small packs (like in the movies!) of bills in front of her and her husband’s faces.


All she had to do was to play along…


And they would, and did. No one ever knew what had happened with ‘Blue’ (Bart Saers) after he left the flower shop leaving Isabel tied up in the attic…









While Blue was positioned to take down Ollie Lesbrok from the left, Orange was standing by the window of a hotel room at the right of the Police HQ. He hadn’t managed to get this specific room, that he was sure that was the best to shot that neonazi, but the girl whom had done that had been a very surprising ‘entertaining’ company last night.


With the large influx of people into town, attracted by the recent developments of the Lesbrok Affair, the two small places where people hanged around at night became a bit overcrowded, thus a guy called Big Larry had turned his (empty) storage deposit into a ‘dance hall’ of sorts. At least the teenagers and most of the out-of-towners had gone there, and she was one of them. 27 years old, ‘sort of’ into some Human Rights Movement and without ANY friend in town… and she was a good looking brunette with pretty brown eyes and great legs (he was a legman), and quite wild in bed…


They had had a great time before they had fell asleep…


Pity that he had to attack her and tie her up before she awoke, he was going to make it look like he was a thief of sorts and had waited for the moment in which all eyes of the town were converged at the front entrance of the police HQ to slip out of the room… well that was the original plan and he didn’t wanted to kill her anyway (considering how much he was being paid that was a possibility, an acceptable collateral damage), but now he was going to move to the roof of that hardware store…


Time to tighten any slack he found in the knots and kiss her goodbye…


The weird part was that she was thrilled, no, make that excited with the fact that he was a ‘hotel burglar’ as he had told her as soon as she relaxed, after she realized that rape her was NOT in his plans for her. She bought his phony stories of many (mostly unreported) robberies all over the state, always targeting lonely girls who wanted some fun and had no strings with the community he was visiting, although he claimed that ‘not always’ he did have sex with them (even with the nonexistent pair of Chinese twins in an hotel room at the Capitol), and then (before he blindfolded so she couldn’t see him mounting his rifle) when she had locked her eyes with him… he saw desire, lust!, in hers!


But now it was time for business, time to earn the 2 millions he was going to get just for being part of this operation. Why three high priced killers like him were being paid that much to kill some hillbilly was none of his business, his business was follow the plan that had been passed to him in order to get the money in his bank account in the Seychelles…


So he kissed her cleave gagged lips, fondled her breasts and then, as she mewled in anguish (he was not going any further as she obviously wanted to), he simply covered her eyes with the wringed strip of cloth torn from the bed sheets. Since she had been a bit too loud he grabbed a roll of duct tape and had smothered a few strips over the cloth that parted her lips, then he made more strips of cloth from the sheets and used them on her. He had already taken care of the wrists and ankles, so he anchored her crossed ankles to the left front foot of the bed, then he made her kneel on the bed and wrapped the strips above and below her breasts (that he groped a bit), made her turn around and shoved her body backwards (so she landed over her crossed wrists), grabbed her legs and tied one last strips above her knees. Then he went to the window to mount his rifle.


That had been three hours ago. A lot of slack! That was what he found in her bonds!


Well, considering that she had wriggled and moaned and moved and… HE had not done one single thing to prevent her from doing it, since he was enjoying the ‘show’, it was predictable. He tightened most of the bonds and wrapped tape around some knots, and then he gave a powerful slap on her left buttock and left the room.


Four minutes later she entered the room.


‘You ok?’


She nodded.


‘Can I let you as you are or you need to…?’          


Vigorous nods and muffled pleas were the answer.


Twenty minutes later Xara was back on the bed and taped up quite stringently, in a fashion that she knew that she could endure for a couple of hours, actually she was mummified (well almost) with the tape that now silenced and blinded her as well. As a proof of good will she had been allowed to check her bank account, the money had been deposited.


How did ‘they’ know that the guy who was going to trap her in her own hotel room was into bondage, shapely legs and brunettes with natural breasts?


But she had did as she had been told to, and the guy really had believed in all her lies and had enjoyed (and been distracted by) her show. Now a few more minutes of ‘a horrible ordeal’ and she would receive another 100K for her work, and complete silence afterwards about it. The woman that had taped her up that well, she was feeling almost comfortable, was more than obviously a lesbian and was appraising her…


Then they heard the shots, over twenty, coming from the street somewhere far away behind the police HQ. There was panic and screaming in the whole street. The woman cursed, threw her backwards over the bed after confirming what was her ‘business’ number and run. Five days later, when she was back to Reno, she received call, the first of many from the woman that ended up ‘owning’ her (more like ‘protecting’).


She, like most of the world, never knew what happened with Andrej Kalynznkri (Orange).










A phone call? She looked at the time on her laptop’s screen. 11:58. Who could it be?


Her ‘boss’ for the moment, the man who had paid her to coordinate the actions of the killers that were about to do their job. The message was simple.




What? She checked and double-checked the ID of whoever had sent the text message. It was the number to which she expected to send the reports of success in a matter of hours at most. Instead it had sent her a message, and now another one!




‘Maiden of Destiny’ was her codename, silly and corny but it had been her employer’s choice, not hers. She closed the laptop, put it inside its bag and stood up from the bench and started to walk to her right. First alley, second alley, third alley...


Five minutes later a car came out from that alley. At the wheel was a Chinese woman in her mid-forties and at the passenger seat a Mexican girl in her late twenties. Both were dressed as casually as possible, jeans trousers and T-shirts of one of the State’s colleges.


To any passerby they were just a couple of women en route to the local stadium in order to root for the local men’ college basketball team against those Texans that thought that they already had the championship trophy in their gallery back in Austin, or was it Dallas?


Even with the shootout the game ended up happening, albeit it was delayed for nearly one hour. There was some excitement and frighten, but the police quickly sent a few of their men (after all everything was over in a most satisfactory way for them, so they could spare a few rookies) to protect the gymnasium, the mayor phoned the representative of the league and reassured the complete safety of everybody at the gymnasium and the game could go on, for the rejoice of everybody, including the two basketball fans…


And that’s exactly what they did. They went to the stadium five blocks away and rooted and cheered for a team that, three days before, they hadn’t ever heard from before. Fours hours later they left the stadium, five hours later they had a joyous dinner as the whole town was in ecstasy after the incredible 4th quarter (they ended up losing the championship in the next game in Texas, but that quarter made their team very famous) and seven hours later the town. By now the blockades in the streets and highways were gone, so no one ordered them to open their car’s trunk. And no one saw the nearly naked, still drugged, heavily cuffed, hooded and balgagged girl trapped inside it.









She had entered the pet shop posing as a client, the first and last one of that day.


Thirty minutes later she had put the sign of ‘CLOSED FOR THE DAY’ in the front door and closed everything. She locked the owner of the shop and his daughter inside a closet, after having drugged them with a light dose of a sedative (for humans) that would leave them groggy and unable to utter one coherent thought for hours, so they would not try to free themselves or each other and, as a side effect of the sedative, would have a real trouble into remembering her face and other features for the cops…


Now she was in a good spot, nearly five hundred yards from the back entrance which the guy she was supposed to kill was going to use (and far away to be considered by the local cops and G-men to deserve a search), had a good weapon and…


There was a gun being pressed against the base of her skull.


‘Don’t move a muscle that I don’t want you to move and you’ll live.’


‘That voice… Alena?’


‘Hello Kat, don’t make any bad moves ok? Release your grip on that rifle and stand up.’


Oh no! Seven years earlier she had left the former (great) jewel thief trussed up and stark naked as a gift for the French Sûreté (they had made a big job and spent a whole day trying, unsuccessfully, to backstab each other in order to get the jewels for one of them alone, until she managed to get the upper hand with a tranquilizer dart). Somehow she had managed to escape and had fled to the US, and now she was a well known leader of an all-girl band of women-for-hire for almost any kind of illegal jobs… And a superb hand-to-hand fighter.


But she had to try it anyway…


The dart, ‘how ironic!’ she thought as she succumbed to it, hit her right breast. One minute later she was being carried onto a van parked in the back of the building.


Alena took care of her personally, stripping her naked and proceeding to tie her up as the van started to move. By the time the whole ruse had been set in motion Kat was as tied up as she had awakened that night, with Miss Himiko looming over her with a curious smile in her face... She shook the cobwebs from her mind and did a quick check-up on her former partner’s bonds. Ankles, calves, thighs, waist, above/below/over the breasts, elbows and wrists, all ungiving but without any damage to the blood circulation...


They reached the southern town’s entrance blockade, and surprisingly the van had to stop. Hadn’t Nora and Valerie already taken care of that? And she saw the reason as soon as she looked through the tinted window. Valerie was cinching the last knot on a small and fat Latin woman’s bonds as Nora was locking the two policemen inside their car’s trunk (she could only see their legs as Nora fought with them for a moment before closing the lid), and Rhonda was having a pair of handcuffs being removed from her by Doreen?


What was Rhonda doing here? Had the plan been compromised?


The shootout had already happened!!!


The fat mid-forties woman was still struggling in Valerie’s hands as she was forced to enter a door, and Alena saw a glimpse of two other Latin women (much more younger than the first one) already tied up and gagged inside that shack (or the likes), before Valerie (with a look of contempt in her face) shut the door violently.


The van, now fully loaded, was out of sight in one minute and inside a trailer’s truck in five. At a pre-ordained stop most of the van’s occupants (including the struggling stark naked captive) went inside a helicopter that then left for another State’s capitol...











At the same moment in which the three bulletproof (black of course) vans arrived at the parking lot in the back of the building, which had at least a dozen armed and ready law enforcers waiting for them on the premises, a TV reporter saw a deputy asking another one for his rifle, and then he pointed it to a roof of a building about three or four hundred yards away as a federal agent approached him to ask him what he was doing.


In the next moment a bullet shattered the window of one of the supposedly bulletproof cars.


It was a very special bullet, coated with a heavy metal like tungsten, so normal bulletproof coatings were nothing to it, or to the ones that followed it.


And the image of the older deputy firing back and shouting the location of the shooters to his companions, as his younger companion grabbed his gun and duck for cover, ran the whole world. Both Oliver and Roscoe (who were disguised as federal agents while two agents were dressed with their clothes) were escorted rapidly inside the building.


After the thirty/forty seconds long shootout there was silence coming from the roofs, and all the deputies (some from neighboring counties) and federal agents available went after them. As a group of them was approaching (either on foot or by car) one of the buildings they saw a car burning all its tires and running away from it, two patrol cars gave chase and saw the car entering a dead-end alley (after having their passage blocked by a trunk whose engine had melted due to the lack of revision made by its owner), and heard it crashing against the wall of a bakery. They saw ‘two or three’ (depending on to whom was made the question) people leaving it and disappearing inside the bakery, later the side entrance of the bakery would be found open (and the coats/shirts that the ones who managed to flee the car were seen wearing were discovered burning in a pile next to the alley to which the door led to), but there was one man still dazed and strapped to his seat inside the car.


Still trying to figure out what was happening and why a neonazi hillbilly like Lesbrok could attract so well prepared killers, and wondering how a man could have spotted a killer from that distance, Special Agent Kristofferson heard about the man who had been found inside the car. Ogawa Sano, 2nd in command of the late Shuhei Ozaki...


Lesbrok did not recognize Sano when confronted with a picture of him, but then (on a whim) Claudine showed him a picture of his ‘late’ boss. And Lesbrok recognized him as the Japanese old man he had seen fishing in a secluded spot of the hills months before, he had made one of his trademarked ‘jokes’ with him (flattened all the tires of the car the guy and his companion had used to go to that place) and had let the old man see him as he laughed of his problems. And all had happened a month after Ozaki’s ‘death’!!! So one of the most wanted men in both Japan and USA was very much alive and in US soil!!!!


The Lesbrok had to enter the WitSec (Oliver sold his estate to an equally Nazi friend) and were never heard from again, but only two years Ozaki was found by the FBI. His plans of faking his death and thus foil his rivals had been shattered with the arrest of Sano, and all his rivals had their attention redoubled when dealing with his ‘successor’, so he did not profited anything from his ruse, quite the contrary!


When the insinuations and veiled accusations from the feds turned out to be too much for his likes, Bradley gave to Kristofferson a phone number, but told her to make the call in private. She immediately went to a room, locked herself in and made the call. Whoever she talked to (the call went to a very secure line in the Pentagon) managed to convince her to leave Bradley alone. Her superiors, who phoned her afterwards ensured that she would leaving him alone. He was one of the best sharpshooters the US military forces had ever seen, and THAT was all that she was going to hear about his service records.


Bradley’s picture shooting back at Lesbrok’s would-be-killers was one of the most recognized mementos of that year, and he soon became guest of honor in many Policemen Conventions all over the country. It was in one of them that he learned the truth.










Anyone who hacked into his credit cards records would see that, over fifteen years before, he was a semi-regular client of the place. Once every two/three weeks he went there and had a dinner. So when there was this convention in the Big Apple of policemen and women he had the perfect excuse to ‘drop by’ and see if they still were as good as they used to be.

And to his surprise he learned that more than twenty other cops, from various states, knew the place (or one of its branches) and had the same opinion about the quality of the food and atmosphere. Was he the only one, among the seven at the table, which knew the truth about ‘The Secret Hideout’? At some point the elderly owner of the place, and thief and killer and spy and who knows what else, Miss Himiko stopped by at his table and told him that she had ‘something to give to him’ in her office...



‘What is that for?’


‘Don’t you like it?’


Of course he did!!! He just loved old Western weapons, and this one was a beauty!


It could have been owned by Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, who knows... perhaps Jesse James or even Tom Mix (his favorite western movie star)!!! Pearl/ivory handle, .38 caliber, it was a legitimate one! But he still wanted to know why...


‘You could have killed, or at least hurt, one of my operatives during that shootout, but you didn’t. You pretended to fail, by inches but fail nonetheless, and allowed that the ruse I created for my client was successful, and somehow you managed to discover that I was behind it al, and yet, none of those officers who are going to pay your bill in a few minutes know that, and the only reason they came here was that they wanted to pay YOU a decent dinner. Consider it a token of my gratitude, nothing more...’


‘I am not the only one that smelled something fishy in the whole deal; Sano’s blood had a weird chemical that could have been a sedative. It explained his three days memory loss and how he found himself in the passenger’s back seat of that car. Plus...’




‘I recognized Adele’s gesture as she stood up and waved at me before she fled from that roof. And, when I was entering the entrance hall of that particular building, which is the bookshop of my hometown, guess who was buying popcorn from a vendor right across the streets? (...) Maureen G., if I couldn’t realize right then that you was behind this...’


‘And what else do you know?’


‘Somebody, probably one of Ozaki’s greedy partners in Japan or rivals in here, hired you to find out if he was really alive or had died for real. After you discovered the truth he or she may have prepared him/herself as you were ordered to provide for Ozaki’s ruse to be exposed to the world, and his plan to get rid of that ******** who saw him were just an unexpected help for your plans, am I wrong?’


‘I taught you well enough, Bradley-san. Well enough... the gun?’


‘Send it to me, from somebody in Texas or New Mexico, in a couple of months please.’


When he returned to his table Bradley had a bottle of a rare scotch in his hands. He said that all that the ‘old lady’ wanted was to remember a few stories and ‘bribe him’ (with the scotch) to take a picture with her so she could put it on a frame and place it on the wall...

Bradley, whose mysterious errands after he retired from his even more mysterious service were still a legend in both sides of the law, ended up becoming (a good) sheriff three years later, and never ever made any kind of shady deal or disgraced his badge. He had left that life for good in ’95, and only fools would dare to think otherwise.


Meanwhile Miss Himiko was receiving an update on the status of the captive killers and the girl who was supposed to coordinate their actions. The men were being kept drugged since the whole action. Their conditions were fine and when they were allowed to wake up, in a couple of months, they would find their memories related to the incident gone and their reputations crushed due to a bunch of ‘failed jobs’ that ‘they’ were doing since that day.


The girl who had posed as a blogger had been sent to Objects of Beauty as a ‘payment’ for many previous help from them, she had received a polite note thanking her for it.


But the woman who had betrayed Alena the day (or night) in which she had first met her current frontwoman... Alena had spent a lot of money, from her own private bank accounts, to have her delivered to Europe and into the dungeon of that Parisian dominatrix.


She should take a closer look at that.




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