The Unexpected Hero










The place had a good security system, minus in the part in the ground floor were the building’s cleaning crew put on their uniforms. I snuck in there at a time I was sure there wouldn’t be anyone, and had to lock myself in a stall inside the WC for five hours.


I got a text message with the confirmation from a friend…


No it wasn’t Tinker Bell, neither Jocasta. The guy was good, but he soon found out that it wasn’t his turf, this ‘criminal’ thing, and left the field. Every now and then we get in touch and he helped me in payment for some stuff I did to help him…


Anyway, as soon as I knew that the cameras, that he had hacked about three weeks earlier, were showing the footage of five days earlier, I went to the kitchen of the employees of the building itself. And prepared it for my needs.


The guys that did the night watch were methodical; everyday, at 10 PM, one of them would go to the kitchen and prepare some coffee, five minutes later the other two would show up and they would have a mug of fresh hot coffee and load their thermos with the rest of it. I doused the filter with a little something that had cost almost the same that all other materials and data I had gathered for that job, but when the guards showed up twenty minutes later everything went as planned. Guard number one made some coffee, guards two and three showed up, all three drank the coffee…


And thirty minutes later when they woke up they realized that they were stuck, taped (& cuffed) beyond hope to those chairs and locked, each one of them, inside a closet on that floor. And when it happened I hoped I would be long gone…


I had but one hour to do the jobs, the fake and the real one, before the guys at the security firm HQ got suspicious, giving or taking five minutes, Every hour one of the guys had to put his right index finger against a sensor, and even if I cut it out (even if I was like that) it probably wouldn’t work… But I had some aces in my sleeve.


I had been hired to take pictures of some documents in a law firm on the 23th floor, but to drive away any suspicion, and giving the fact that I would have to deal with the guards, I would ‘first’ break-in in another law firm on the 26th floor.

The first firm was small, the second was one of the biggest ones in town that dealt with the ego of its upper class, they had stepped on too many powerful and VIP’s feet for their clients. So, if there was a break-in at that address it was obvious that they were to be the most likely target. To make things better to me the cameras showed that I would leave some witnesses behind me… namely miss lawyer and miss lawyer’ secretary.


To make a long story short, a stupid intern erased some files and made miss (junior) lawyer’s life a hell for the past two days. The intern was fired, but received a substantial ‘bonus’ from one of the senior partners of that firm because of that, it was all part of a plot to have the lady fired. Why? Don’t know and don’t care.


The fact is that they were there when I broke into their office at 10:15 PM.


The junior lawyer was in her early thirties, short (cropped) black hair that gave quite the contrast to her skin (that lady was in serious need of a tan!), and she was also taller and bustier than her companion. The secretary for her turn hadn’t turned twenty yet, was more or less of my height, blonde and with lovely blue eyes. While the secretary went straight into panic mode the lawyer looked at me resigned. ‘Does this have anything to do with the Ian & Tarrant lawsuit?’ she asked me. And when I told her that I had never heard of it, that I needed to steal something from one of the senior partners not from her or her clients, she whistled and looked up saying ‘Thank you Lord!’!


She then helped her secretary to calm down as she asked what I had done with the security guys, I told her (why not?) the truth and she, hugging the younger woman a bit closer to her, asked me what I was going to do with them.


‘The same that I did with those guys downstairs, tape you up in your undies’ I replied.


She started to undress right away and made the secretary follow her. I threw her the roll of duct tape and she crossed the blonde’s wrists behind her back before anything.


Ten minutes later it was over, the lawyer was hogtied in her cream colored bra and panties over her own desk and the secretary, sharing an equally restrictive hogtie (I taped their calves and thighs together after I folded their legs and their elbows went closer than they wished they would go), was on the floor in a naughtier (than her boss) set of pink underwear, I next shut down the lights of the office and I locked it behind me. As for the gags I didn’t pack their mouths, but each girl had five or four strips of tape over their lips, and another as blindfold over their eyes.


Next I went to one of the seniors’ offices and stole some stuff about a fusion (my hacker friend had told me which files I should look for as the cover-up), and the proofs that one side would need in order to force the other to do their bidding.


I didn’t know if they could hear me inside their locked office, but I had to pretend that I was looking for something in the other office of that firm, so I stayed in there for like five minutes when I didn’t needed more than one. So what I did to pass the time?


I looked at the windows and saw what was happening outside, and found out that a break-in was happening in the building next to the one I was!


Two girls, dressed all in black but nowhere near in a ‘fetishistic’ fashion that you may have thought when I told you their sex, just tennis shoes, jeans trousers, t-shirts, jackets and gloves, were tying up a third one in an office on the 23th floor. Neither of the girls was masked, and by the way it looked like the redhead they were tying up was in league with them. I still had my binoculars in my backpack and I aimed it at them.


Yep, the buxom babe was too passive, too cooperative, for it to be real.


And the body language of the two Asian girls tying her up? I am not a lip-reader, but I am sure that the one tying her arms behind her back said ‘I’m sorry’ at least four times.


And I am almost sure that her companion stood up at one point and said to the blonde ‘It had to be like that to work!’ to their gagged ‘captive’… ‘Stood up’ you ask?


Okay. I was in an office with the lights shut, wearing night vision goggles, on the 28th floor, and I look down the street, then I look at the building facing me right on time to see this Chinese (or Korean) gal, mid-twenties and short hair, lifting the shutter in a window in a floor below mine on that building.


She looked around and saw no light in any of the floors of the building in front of her, so she turned around and made the ‘come in’ sign with her palm open and, as she lifted all the shutters of that office a gal, quite the spectacular one, was brought into the office by another all clad in black Chinese (or Korean) girl.


And the one she brought was in her undies, which showed more than covered anything, gagged with microfoam tape and presumably bound, but not afraid in any way you might think of. They helped the girl sit on the edge of a desk and the first one set out to tie her legs while the other started to wrap her arms and torso in rope.


I grabbed my camera, that I was about to use in a few minutes, and took a couple of pictures… I aimed at the girl’s impressive cleavage ok, not at any particular tying or her gagged face, you are the one who like to do that with chicks… not me!


Alright… I’ll send you the pics later…


Anyway, I took a couple of pictures and then I went to my real target, 3 floors below, and in five minutes it was done. Just because I was, again, facing the building were those three gals were, for whatever reason they had to do that, staging a robbery with one of them as the one ‘surprised’ by the robbers, or whatever, and… I confess… that the victim had really big breasts, is that I aimed the camera at the building once more.


Yeah, all I wanted was to take a picture of her bare-breasted.


And I took it…


Too bad that she was being slapped at that right moment. Slapped hard, by a man, while her two attackers were being tied up by two other guys…


She was scared now, and crying, and the guy was clearly stating what he was going to do with her, and the others…again I repeat that I am not into lip-reading, one of the guys tying up the Chinese/Koreans (whatever…) rather savagely, without any care as if he was hurting the girl, basically yanked the gun from the one yelling at the redhead as he was about to pull the trigger. And then they started to yell at each other, and the one that had just saved a life was obviously yelling ‘not here you… (whatever)!’ at the other guy. By the way, all three were white, early to mid-twenties and were wearing suits, as if they were federal agents. Seriously, that’s what they could pass for…


Three federal agents that, for some reason, were about to kill those three dames.


In the end the one who didn’t wanted that ‘it’ happened right in front of me convinced the other one, with a little pressure of the third guy (after he finished restraining the two Asian girls), to move them away. So they undid the knots on the ropes on the girls’ legs and, either carrying them as if they were sack of potatoes (the one that had lifted all shutters), or forcing them to walk at their pace while they tried (poorly) not to yank their arms out of their respective sockets. And that’s when I made my move.


I told you that I had some aces in my sleeve, right?


Namely, a very good hacker that could create a blackout anytime he wanted to. Among other things. Hey, I was being paid 200K to do that job! And besides, he liked the idea to be able to be ‘God’ if he wanted to… until he got bored with it…

That kid was really weird…


In any case, as soon as I saw the redhead’s nose starting to bleed thanks to that slap (that was almost a sideways punch), I had picked one of the three cellphones I was going to use that night. I called the guy and told him to get into the other building’s system ‘no matter what’, and told him that lives were at stake if he didn’t manage to make it.


Straight on the ego! BULLSEYE!


He said that the security of the systems of that other building was even junkier than the one of the building I was, and I made him shut down the elevators of the other building, when they were between floors. He did it and the three guys and their three captives got stuck between the 5th and 4th floor. He also gave me an idea of what was going on there.


To put it simple, the guy who had slapped the redhead was one of those Silicon Valley millionaires/billionaires (the first one in his case), the other two were his buddies and they had obviously bribed the security guys in charge of that building that night, he told me that they were playing poker with (each) two or three packets of bills on the table. I told him to shut down the lights of the building, not the power, just the lights.


He was right, the security of the place was junk, and the guys in charge of it were even junkier! It took me less than twenty minutes to deal with all four of them!


After I put the last one of the sold-outs in a hogtie (with the help of his tie and cuffs), I went to the garage. There it was, a black limo, with its headlights on, and smoking a cigar by it was the cutest chauffer I had ever seen. Seriously, the dame was a looker!


The black suit was unbuttoned and she wore a white shirt under it, that was straining against her chest… aaaaaand with that I just gave away who the *********** was!


Yep, ‘Don’ Parker!


But then again, that was a weird, but very pleasant, fact that idea of his to have only buxom ex-models as his chauffers, wherever he was he would NOT drive a car for his needs, but have this incredibly good looking early to mid-thirties lady, never beyond 35 years of life, who was always supposed to wear a suit and a shirt one or two numbers smaller than it should be. That dame was blonde by the way…


And a former fetish model… (…)


Erika Madden, why? (…)


Come again? How many movies you have of her? (…)


No I don’t know what you mean with ‘all of them!’, how many? (…)


What? How… That much? (…)


And you have them all? (…)


Well, then you’ll be glad to know that they were planning to get rid of her as well, the first thing that the psycho ********* said when they left the elevator was that they needed to tie up the… ‘whore’… too. Did she do porn in any way back in her


Not even self-porn? (…)


Okay, so, she was there, smoking a cigar and in the next moment I was shoving the folded hankie she had, in her breast pocket, inside her mouth as we struggled and rolled around on the ground of the garage. And she was quite a wildcat!


But she didn’t have any chance, did she?


I soon had her inside the limo, in the space between the passengers’ seats, zip-cuffed and gagged with her tie holding the hankie. Just to be sure I added three strips of tape over it and connected her ankles and wrists with two zip-cuffs.


Her shirt had opened during the fight by the way…


‘I am probably saving your life you idiot!’ – I told her as I buttoned her shirt and suit back in place before I left the car, and then I set the trap.


The lights were still out when the elevator arrived. One of the guys got out of it holding a gun in one hand, and some neatly packed coils of rope in the other, as his friend/boss yelled at him to deal with the chauffer on those terms I mentioned before.


The elevator behind him was the only source of light in the whole spooky place.

He went to the limo and I zapped him, just like I had done with the security guys in the ground floor above us, and that’s when the psycho and his other friend/employee got out of the elevator, using their three captives as human shields.


All three girls had been stripped naked, their bonds reinforced even further after they had been tied side by side with the redhead, the tallest of the trio, in the middle and her left elbow sort of intertwining with the right elbow of the girl who had tied her legs, her right elbow was yanking upwards the left arm of the other Asian girl.


Behind them were the two worms, now more scared than ever, holding their guns and threatening to kill the girls if they weren’t allowed to escape. I thanked all those lesson I took with you-know-who and approached them as stealthily as I could, they kept yelling obscenities and treats and even propositions of bribes…


The millionaire had just offered me five millions, as if I would take it or (even if I was that low) he would be truth to his word…, when he saw his last childhood buddy go down when I, with a very precise movement, shoved the taser against the guy’s back while with my right hand pushed his right hand upwards.


The safety on his gun was on…


I am not stupid, he was! This is why I chose him and not the psycho!


We stood there, pointing our guns at each other, for like a minute.


‘Now what?’he asked me.


‘You have any money with you?’ – I asked – ‘Because you just made me ruin months of planning, and as much as saving their lives will make me sleep fine ten years from now, I still have bills that I am supposed to pay in three days with the money I just lost with my heroic act. So, do you have any money with you?’ – I asked.


‘A briefcase, full of packs of one hundred bills, in the trunk of the limo. If I let you…’


‘You are in no position of letting me do anything! I am the one who can let YOU escape if I want it, so give me one reason to do it… NOW!’


‘The briefcase! It’s there, I swear! There’s two of them in fact!!!’


‘Alright… If it’s not there I will go after you and…’ – Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was wearing the night vision goggles and a ski mask, so he wasn’t seeing my face – ‘…you won’t know if that guy, or that another is me. I will be one guy you never met before that you won’t see coming… is that clear?’


‘The limo?’


‘I’ll take it as one fancy collateral… And besides I’ll need something to drive the dames behind us away from here… something big and spacious. I hope you don’t mind…’


He started to walk backwards, in the direction of the stairways, while I yelled to the girls to go behind the (armored) limo. He reached the door of the stairway, entered it… and slipped through the water I had sprawled on both up and down ways rather freely when he tried to jump the stairs as much as he could… He almost shot himself, and I was right there with my handy wire-taser when he was almost recovering from the fall.


Next I zip-cuffed all three worms and put them back inside the other elevator, and my buddy hacker (who was high-fiving me rather loudly by the phone) made sure it got stuck in between the 33rd and the 34th floors. Only then I took a look at the girls.


The most imploring and anxious trio of stares I have ever received!


‘Alright, I am going to free your arms, red, so you can move away from each other at least a little more. Then I will tie you up inside the limo. I am going to use zip-cuffs and tape and I will be sure that you won’t be able to free yourselves or any other while I drive you away, and then we will talk about how and when I will set you free. I am a thief, girls, not whatever you may fear that I am right now…’


Said and done. The red was sitting right behind me when I took the wheel, with her back to me that is, and kept in place not only thanks to a substantial amount of tape and zip-cuffs, but also thanks to the seat belt. In front of her was the gal who tied her arms and at her left was the other Asian girl, and at the red’s left was Erika. She was the only one dressed among the four, although I had to remove her shoes and pants to tie her sitting cross-legged as the others. All four women were unable to talk or see, and their hands were like door knobs now, but the blood circulation in three of them was back to normal now and all were crying (or whimpering) when I closed the door of the limo.


I went to check on the elevator that had been used to bring them to the garage. On the floor, among the remains of their clothes were their documents and the portfolio that was the source of all their problems. ‘Red’ was Holly Jameson, ‘Asian/Korean/Chinese’ gal nº1 (who had tied her legs upstairs) was Mary Takagi and nº2 was her sister Tessa.


They looked Chinese (or Korean) to me!


As for the portfolio… yeah, the whole ‘pension fund’ scam!




A check on the trunk found the two briefcases, and before I closed the one that wasn’t full I put all the money I could find, with the crooked guards or with the worms, inside it. I still want to know how I missed that pack!


Anyway, I drove them four away from there right on time to see the first police car appearing in the distance. He drove straight past me as he went to park in front of the building I had targeted that night. As I expected, as soon as the guys missed their hourly routine of pressing one of them’s right index fingers against that sensor, the building became the main target of the attention of the HQ of the security firm they worked for.


They couldn’t see the lawyer and her secretary fighting, or not (who knows) their bonds inside that office, but they could see that their cars were still parked so, as I was halfway through my destination both lady lawyer and her secretary were being freed and were telling an interesting story to the cops. I arrived at the garage of Old Pete about twenty minutes later, the two guys there whistled rather loudly when I took the first gal out of the limo, but Pete sent them to do something the farthest away possible from the spot I had parked and we made some business. I got myself an untraceable SUV (with tinted windows) and he told me that the limo would disappear. As I expected the psycho had turned of all sort of tracers the car had before he went to that building.


I called in a favor and… Do I really have to…? But can’t I…?




Years ago I had to drive a gal to one of the ‘Damsel Storage Places’ of the Duchess, the usual… she had seen too much and the Duchess don’t like to kill people if she doesn’t have to. So the dame was drugged, bound in a fetal position (with her head trapped by a monster of a hood that gagged, blinded and deafened her) and put inside a car’s trunk. And I had to transport her to… there.


I knew the place’s façade and its ‘honest’ number, and also what kind of ‘emergency’ I was to report to have a ‘remover team’ (for some reason they weren’t available during that day…) sent to me if I needed. I explained a few things and one hour later all four dames, heavily drugged and wearing straightjackets and that… hood, were taken away in two ambulances, I went along in one of them.


Fact is that Holly and Mary and Tessa were complete wrecks by then; they had tried to be the heroines that would save their families pensions and nearly got killed and worst in the process. I still kick myself sometimes for not having kicked those worms a little when I had the chance! But they were in good hands now.


Erika, for her turn, was already thinking in shoving her job up Parker’s *** when she got the call that made her be there that night, he promised her four times the usual pay and she was in need of the money. So she was more kicking herself than anything. I told her that she would be well cared for a couple of days, that she would have to have ropemarks in her arms in order to make everybody believe that she was kept in some locked room during all her captivity. Her windowless room had cable TV and don’t ask me about her meals! But she was kept bound hand and foot almost all the time.


Four days later I personally bound and gagged her and placed her inside that car’s… come again? What? Where did you hear that? That’s a lie!


True, she wasn’t wearing pretty clothes or underwear, but it was a dressed balled-up dame that I locked in that stolen car’s trunk. She wasn’t naked!


The girls have no recollection of where they were held for over a week because of the fabled drugs at the disposal of the Duchess.


As soon as she heard about the scam she made a quick check and found out how many of her ‘legit’ employees would be affected by the scam and how she could undo the most of the damage. And fired over half of her ‘legit’ financial staff, which had been fooled by Parker and his gang. And set out to have three strong witnesses against Parker in the court, but that was never necessary, was it?


I knew that he was a coward, but not that much.


In any case, I don’t know if when she ordered that they were to be treated and cared and everything else she was also considering the possible reactions of that… guy… to the amped up pressure upon his head for the fate of the missing girls…


Seriously, is she that… diabolical?


Well…, and then he killed himself and she no longer needed them in a trial against him, so she talked with whoever was in charge of that place and was asked the ‘leniency’ of granting the girls at least a couple more of days under his (or her) care. They got four.


I was in the ambulance that drove them back to Frisco, they were wearing the clothes they would be found with… probably some private joke from the staff of that place.


How else to explain those pink nurse uniforms? They recognized my voice, I had them bound with rope and gagged and blindfolded with microfoam tape as they sat side by side on the gurney, and were quite passive (and feeling weird for that) as I told them the news. They were probably the first people who called me names when they learned that ‘I’ (right, it was the Duchess!) would pick 10% of the embezzled cash as my fee… for saving their lives, exposing Parker and everything else.


I had already the two briefcases and the money I got for the pictures!


Okay, minus what I paid to Old Pete…


So, ‘I’ drove them to that abandoned building, led them out of the ambulance, tied a rope around their waist so they would keep in line and wouldn’t stray away and left a pre-paid (and stolen) phone, with 200 bucks wrapped around it, inside the cleavage of Holly’s enormous cleavage. She got really mad but I shushed her… and turned all three around so they were now facing the wall with their back to me.


‘Girls, no serious gal would ever try to be a Hanna-Barbera damsel and save the day as you three did. The clothes you are wearing and the way you will be able to call the police, or a cab, are my last remainder. Be yourselves, not a Saturday morning cartoon’s heroine, or next time there might not be a thief working on the building next to where you are risking your lives, or if there is… he or she might not be like me.’


And just because I am a perv sometimes I slapped hard their almost exposed behinds!


Really, that ‘kinky nurse’ outfit was too short for all three of them!


Then I loosened two or three knots, maybe three (one in each girl’s wrists’ tie), and closed the door of that closet. It took those three four minutes to free themselves and call the police, plus one minute to get out of the closet.


But what I am talking about it right now? It’s an old story, nearly five years old!


Then why am I talking about it? Did any of the girls did not follow my advice and had to be rescued by this… accidental hero who’s speaking?


Nope, quite the contrary. All three decided for more ‘normal’ lives. Mary and Tessa got married, and Holly (who was in college at the time) got herself a degree in arts.


And found out, accidentally, that this friend of hers was ‘replacing’ some paintings of a dude I never heard of with her own ‘versions’ of it. Said ‘good’ friend called in a favor and asked me to ‘deal’ with her for a few days, she’s not into murder like me, and until she manages to sell some of the paintings she stole.


So I visited Holly last night, after I called a favor of my own.


Did you know that Xandra’s cousins nearly lost everything in Parker’s scam?


So Kodiak, or Tombstone as people call him nowadays, was with me when we broke in Holly’s house last night, right when her friend received a 24 hours ultimatum to return all the stolen paintings… yeah, she was there too. And she was the one that actually smothered the four strips of tape over Holly’s mouth as she writhed in Kodiak’s arms.


But as soon as she saw I was there too she, sort of, relaxed.


Seriously, what gal will not scream of fear when she sees Kodiak, that’s how I call him!, masked and approaching her with rope in his hands? But I opened my mouth and she sort of allowed herself to be tied up by me. We trashed the place a little and left her ‘friend’ tied up and gagged on the floor of the kitchen. The idea is that Holly, who spent the past days making a lot of inconvenient questions, called her friend to share her doubts about ‘something’ but wasn’t able to explain of what she wanted to discuss about because this masked guy burst into the house and took her away…


It might give my gal pal at least a week, perhaps less, to sell the paintings and disappear and, in the meantime, Holly ‘enjoys’ Kodiak and Xandra’s hospitality


She can take it (I hope).







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