A Grand Day Out





“All right you two – are you ready yet for our day out?”


Lin smiled as she looked at herself in the large hall mirror, and adjusted the folded Hermes scarf that was loosely tied round her neck.  It fell over the top of her white top, which itself covered with the hem the top of her faded blue jeans.  The lower legs of the jeans were tucked into an old pair of straight black leather boots.


She pulled her long grey-black hair back and put a rubber band round it to keep it in place, before she put on her red coat and fastened the matching belt round her waist, then put the leopard print thick scarf over her shoulders as she looked up the stairs.




She smiled as Soo cane down, tucking the end of her lilac coloured headscarf to the side and using a large silver brooch to keep it in place, ensuring her head and neck were covered.  She had on a black and white striped jumper and black leather skirt, a pair of blue jeans and knee length brown leather boots the jeans were tucked into.


“All right, I’m ready,” she said as she pulled on a black leather biker’s jacket, “Where’s Amy?”


“You called?”


Both women looked to the door to the front room as Amy came out, putting a crimson wool cap on her long black hair.  Her woollen jacket was multi-coloured, and covered a dark green short dress that came half way to her knees.  Her legs were covered by a pair of purple leatherette leggings, and over her lower legs was a pair of long fabric boots with stripes of different colours, tightly laced up the front.


“Right – let’s go,” Lin said as she picked up her bag, “a day of adventure awaits!”


They all laughed as they left the detached house, and climbed into the Skoda Rapid, driving down the road as the two women in the grey transit van watched.


“Control?  They’re on their way.  We’ll affect entry in one hour as planned, and make preparations for their return…”




“So this is the Imperial Garden?  Very stylish,” Amy said as she looked round the fake pagodas and well laid lawns, her red framed dark glasses covering her eyes.  “Do the dancing dragons come along this path at one?”


“Actually they do,” Lin said quietly as she looked round, “but that’s not important right now.  Who wants a drink?”


“Coffee would be good,” Soo said quietly as she looked round, “I think there is a coffee shop over there.  Wait here and I’ll go and have a look.”  The other two nodded as she walked towards the single storey building, and looked in.  There were a few tables scattered around, and behind the counter a small, grey haired woman looked over and smiled.


“Hello there,” she said as she looked at Soo, “want a cup?”


“Well, I should go and get my friends first,” she said as she looked round.


“Oh they’ll come – have a sample first, and if you think they will like it, you go and get them,” she said as she stood in her grey dress and white pinafore.  Pouring some black coffee into a glass cup, she handed it over and said “here – have a taste.”


“Well, all right,” Soo said as she took the cup and sipped it.  “This is good coffee – got an aftertaste I can’t quite put my finger on…”


“That’s my special ingredient - I find it improves the taste,” the woman said quietly as Soo put the cup down, and then sat herself down on a chair.


“What…  Wha’s heppeninnnn…”


“Just relax my dear,” the woman said as she walked round, the heels of her long black boots clicking on the stone floor, and guided Soo’s hands behind her back, before she bound them firmly together with white cord.  “You’re going on a surprise trip, and your friends will join you soon enough.”


Once she had secured her wrists, the woman knelt in front of Soo and crossed her ankles, the leather squeaking as the white cord rubbed in the leather, the ropes going around and between her ankles.  She then secured her legs below her knees, above the boots and over her jeans, before she stood and found one last, longer length of rope.


That went around her body and arms, forming bands above and below her chest as her jacker was pulled back, and her breasts forced out.  Finally, a strip of brown sticking plaster was pressed firmly over her lips, as two women I dark clothing and sunglasses came in.


“Thank you for your help Sheila,” one of them said as the other picked the unconscious Soo up and carried her out.  “the usual arrangement?”


“Oh yes please,” the woman said with a smile as she turned, and put her hands behind her back…



“Where could she have got to,” Lin said as she stood and looked around.


“Probably got a coffee, sat down and is still drinking it,” Amy said with a sigh.  “So, want to go into the pavilion?”


“Nah – I want to enjoy the sunshine, but go right ahead.  If and when she returns, we’ll wait out here,” Soo said as she watched her housemate enter through the double doors, before sitting back on the bench and enjoying the warmth of the sun.


Amy closed the doors and walked across the wooden floor, looking form side to side at the paintings hanging on the walls, unfastening her wool jacket as she did so.  There were a few people looking at the displays, but her attention was taken by the sound of music coming from a side door.  As she walked in, she saw a woman in a plain grey shift dress sitting at a grand piano, playing some music as round the room were placed a large number of vases filled with flowers.


“This is amazing,” Amy said as she came further into the room, not noticing the doors closing behind her, “what is that music?”


“Soul music,” the woman said with a smile as she looked over, “do you like it?”


“It is strangely soothing,” Amy said as she walked round, inhaling the heavy sweet smell from the flowers, “it makes me feel as if I can do anything?”


“Perhaps you can,” the woman said with a smile, “for example, I could arrange it so that you could do nothing but enjoy the music, the aromas.”


Any blinked and said quietly “how?”


“Put your hands behind your back.”  As she did this, Amy felt a pair of hands gently crossing her wrists, and then soft rope as it was used to hold them firmly together.


“What’s happening,” she said quietly as she closed her eyes, and she felt more rope as it was pulled gently round her arms and body, framing her chest as her arms were forced into her sides and her breasts framed.  “It feels so good…”


“It is meant to feel good, because it means you are free to be yourself,” the woman said as the ropes were pulled tighter, and then passed under one arm, over one shoulder and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  She tried to move, but her arms, her wrists were locked into place, and it felt so right…


“Would you like to hum along to the tune?”


Amy slowly nodded as she felt her cap being removed, and opened her mouth, feeling the damp and sweet tasting cloth as it was placed inside and pressed her tongue down, and then the slight tug on the skin around her mouth as white tape was smoothed over it.  She started to hum to the tune as she was helped to sit down, and she saw through blurred eyes the woman who crossed her ankles and used more rope to secure them together.  The cloth compressed the soft fabric of her laced boots, and then she heard a soft squeaking as her legs were secured below her knees, the rope and the leather fabric of her leggings making her smile under the covering.


As her eyes slowly closed, she saw the woman as she stood up, walked over and stroked her chin, saying “I will see you and your friends later…”




Lin opened her eyes as she heard the deep female voice say “do you mind if I sit down?”


She looked at the auburn haired woman, wearing a blue jacket and skirt, and said “of course – a beautiful day, isn’t it?”


“Yes it is,” she said with a smile as she took the seat next to Lin, “are you here alone?”


“No – my housemates are somewhere around here…”


“Indeed they are Lin – and I want you to come with me and join them.”


“Well if you know…  Hang on…  How do you know my name?”


The stranger smiled as she opened her large clutch bag, and showed Lin the very real gun.  “I don’t think that’s important right now, do you?  Very quietly, stand up and walk with me – I’ll take you to them.”


Lin stared at her, the dark glasses covering her eyes, and then nodded as they both stood and walked along the path, entering the coffee shop.  As they did so, Lin was surprised to see the grey haired woman sitting in a high backed chair, bound securely to it with rope and tape over her obviously stuffed mouth.


“Stand still,” the woman said as she put her clutch bag on the table, and removed a length of cord from it, pulling Lin’s hands behind her back and securing them together as she said “May I thank you once again for your help Sheila.  I trust you are not uncomfortable?”


“Nhhhmfhnn,” the woman said as Lin saw a smile under the white tape, while the rope was pulled tighter around and between her arms and tied off.  A longer length was then passed around her, above and below her chest, as her arms were forced into her sides. 


“Who are you,” she whispered as she felt the ropes tighten.


“Someone who needs the three of you to be – elsewhere for a short while.  Do not worry – you will be well cared for and treated with all due modesty,” the woman said as she tied the ropes off, and then stood in front of Lin, smiling as she held a compressed sponge ball in her gloved hand.  “Time for you to be quiet now - open wide.”


Lin looked at her, and the gun in her other gloved hand, before she allowed her captor to push the compressed sponge into her mouth, closing her lips as she felt it expand and muffle her noises, and then the tape as it was smoothed over her mouth before the woman said “come with me please.”


As she was walked through to the back of the coffee shop, the rear doors of a van were opened, and Lin gasped as she saw her housemates on the floor, tightly bound and gagged, their eyes closed.


“Sleep well,” the woman said as a damp and sweet smelling cloth was clamped over Lin’s taped mouth and her nostrils, her head swimming as her eyes closed…







As Lin opened her eyes, she saw Amy and Soo looking at her, lying on their sides on camp beds as they struggled in their ropes.  She tried to say “Where are we?” but all that came out was “whhrrrheee” as she remembered the tape over her own mouth, the damp and heavy sponge in her dry mouth.


“Ah good – they are all awake.”


She lifted her head to see her captor walk in, along with two women in black, one pushing a trolley with food and water, the other carrying a gun.  “Release them, I wish to talk with them.”


Lin watched as the woman walked behind her, and started to untie her arms and wrists, helping her to sit up as her legs were released, and she looked at the pressure marks on her legs and ankles.  She watched as the other two were released, and the smartly dressed woman said “do not remove the gags yet – listen carefully.


“You will remain here for the night, and will be returned to your home tomorrow.  We will take steps to ensure you are entertained and amused during your stay, but here you will remain, and we will bind and gag you again once you have eaten, and had the chance to relieve yourselves.  I regret that decision, but it is necessary.  The food and water are clean and undrugged – enjoy.”


She turned and walked out, all three watching as the two women I black left, the door closed, the lock turning, before Lin reached up and peeled the tape away, taking the soaking wet sponge out as he said in a rasping voice “are you both all right?”


Amy nodded as she rubbed her wrists, and said “Where are we?  I had some coffee from a nice old lady, I felt faint, and next thing I knew…”


“Music and flowers for me – we must have both been drugged,” Soo said as she walked to the trolley, and passed them each a bottle of water.  “Lin?”


“I wasn’t drugged, but you two were,” she said as she opened the bottle and took a drink, then removed her outer coat and scarves.  “Whoever did this went to a lot of trouble.”


“And mist have watched us for some time,” Amy said as she removed her leather jacket, and took a drink, “to know we’d all be in the same place – but why?”


“Exciting, isn’t it?”


Both women looked at Soo as she started to laugh.  “Well, it is in a way isn’t it?  All three of us kidnapped for no apparent reason?  Are you telling me it doesn’t feel as if we are in a detective novel or something?”


“I’d just like to know what the hell is going on,” Amy said quietly as she picked up a sandwich, and started to eat it.  “We should eta though – I’m starving.”


“No coffee though – agreed?”


“Agreed,” the other two said as Lin laughed, and they stood and talked…




“I am afraid it is time,” the black clad woman said as she came into the room with two others, carrying ropes in their arms.  “Who wishes to be first?”


Soo looked at the other two, a glint in her eye, and said “if we are going to be tied all night, I may as well enjoy it – but I need to do something first.  Will you give me a length of rope?”


“What do you think you’re doing Soo,” Amy said as her friend was handed a long length of rope, and she doubled it over before she tied it round her waist, then moved it round and let the rope drop behind her back.  Lin shook her head and said “you’re not suggesting…”


“Oh yes I am,” Soo said as she reached between her legs and pulled the rope through and up, her skirt hiking up as it pressed on her jeans in the most sensitive of places.


“SOO!  What on earth…”


“Oh come on Lin,” the young woman sighed as she walked round, “you can always say they did it without your consent – live a little!”


“She’s right,” Amy said as she took another length of rope and tied a crotch rope on herself, the rope squeaking as it rubbed against her pants as she too walked round, and both girls giggled.


Lin looked at them both, their skirts hiked up, and then grabbed a third rope and tied the crotch tope on herself.  She felt the rope rubbing through the denim. And sighed as she felt its effect on her as they walked round.


“Well, we can certainly work with this,” the dark haired woman said, “and still preserve the – modesty – of all of you.  Please, turn and put your hands together behind your backs.”


“I wonder what they will do,” Soo said as they stood in a line, and then gasped as her elbows were drawn together behind their back, the rope making them almost touch before the binding was cinched, and then her wrists secured in the same way, her hands palm to palm.  She looked down at her chest, as the black and white fabric was stretched tightly over it, and then at the other two as their arms were secured in the same way.


The ropes around their arms and chest followed, framing each of them with two bands as their arms were pressed firmly against their backs, the ropes rubbing on them alongside the new ropes and making Lin in particular feel very – very aroused.


“Please, take a seat each on one of the camp beds,” the woman said, and as they sat down all three felt the ropes press more firmly on them – as they watched their captors cross and secure their ankles, and then their legs, they heard the squeak of leather on leather, of rope on leather, of rope on denim, of their own giggles and gasps…


“O my god,” Soo said as she twisted round, her skirt squeaking under her, “what on earth is…”


“You will be able to appreciate it more with a little silence,” the lead captor said as she compressed a sponge, “open wide...”


“Guess that means we can really make a noise - not,” she said as she allowed her to push the sponge in with her gloved hands, and then wrap white medical tape tightly round her head. covering her scarf as it held the sponge in place behind her closed lips.  As the tape was torn free and smoothed off, she wriggled round letting out a soft moan as she said “Hmmghdhdhtwrks…”


“Hysssss,” Amy said quietly as he was gagged in the same way, Lin feeling the sponge a sit expanded and forced her tongue down, then the tap eon her a sit encircled her head, silencing her.


All three were helped to lie down on their sides, and then their ankles pulled back and secured to the crotch ropes at the back, their captors smiling as they left, the room door closing, the lights turned off, and then the increasing volume of moans as the three women gave into themselves, and twisted round and the ropes rubbed and worked on them…





As Lin slowly opened her eyes, she could feel the damp patch on her jeans at her crotch – the very large, damp and dark patch where she had felt her body give itself so many times during that night.  Sighing, she stretched her legs out as the rope rubbed gently on her – and then realised she could stretch her legs out.


What was more, she was lying in her own bed, in her own house – and there was a pair of scissors within reach.  Slowly, she sat herself up, and shuffled on the bed, groaning as the feelings started again, and managed to grab the scissors, opening them and then slowly sawing at the rope between her wrists as she tried to ignore the feeling…


Thirty minutes later, she had managed to get her wrists and ankles free, and stood up, shuffling along her floor as the rope rubbed even more and holding the scissors as she opened her door, and walked to the next bedroom.  Amy looked over, lying on her side as she said “Hmghhddughhttfrehhh?”


“Ehlhttltt,” she said as she shuffled over, and gripped the scissors in one hand, looking over her shoulder as she carefully started to cut her house mate free from the ropes around her chest and arms…




“Anything taken,” Lin said as Soo came into the kitchen.  It was midday, and she hand eventually managed to free Amy enough to free her, and then they had both freed Soo.  As she sat down, all three looked at each other, in their dressing gowns and one unasked question.


“Nothing – so why did they take us, why did they do that?”


“I don’t know,” Amy said, “but I was right to say it was exciting – and I don’t regret what I did last night.  Do either of you?”


They both looked at her and shook their heads, before Amy said “Want to do it again?  Without the fear or anything?”





“Well, they seemed to enjoy their day out,” the dark haired woman said as she and her team sat round the table.


“Indeed – and I wonder if they’ll ever figure out who booked the experience?”


“Not important -the brief was to show even ones of their faith can have fun in ropes and gags, and we did that.  So, who is next, and what is their request?”







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