Behind Closed Doors







“Thank you for all coming to have coffee with me this morning,” the reverend’s wife said as she looked round the room.  “I…  I have a confession to make, and you four are my oldest friends, so I want you to hear this, and not say anything until I have finished.”


The four older women looked at each other, before the doctor said “what happened?”


“Well…”  She looked at herself, in her white and green summer dress, and then said “if I told you I love to wear leather, would you think less of me?”


“No – why?”


“Because of what happened last week…”


She watched from the bedroom as her husband made her way to the church, wearing his grey suit and the regulation white collar, and she knew she had some time to herself - time to indulge her passion.


Closing the curtains, she stripped out of the slacks and blouse she was wearing, and slipped on over her head a grey top, before she combed her long grey hair back and pulled up her body a shirt black leather skirt.  Fastening it, she sat on the bed and opened the box.


She had bought them by mail order, and for a moment she felt the soft supple black leather in her hands, before she pulled them up over her knees.  Standing up, she felt so wonderful, so much taller, as she put over her top the quilted black leather jacket and pulled the sip up so that the top of her chest was showing.


“Oh lord,” she whispered softly as she moved her hands over her body and then closed her eyes to sigh – opening them immediately as the large hand was clamped over her mouth, and a male voice said “don’t scream, just do exactly what I tell you to do.  Nod if you understand.”


She slowly nodded as he said “good – now, I want you to kneel down, and put your hands on your head.”  As she knelt, he knelt with her, his gloved hand still clamped over her mouth as she looked in the mirror.  He was tall, dressed in black, a balaclava covering his head as he smiled.


“Are you going to scream?”


She shook her head from side to side as he took his hand away, and she saw him take a length of rope from his jacket pocket before he guided her hands behind her back, he crossed her wrists, and she felt the rope on them as he started to bind them tightly together.  He knew what he was doing – within five minutes, her wrists were secured firmly together, and she wondered what he was going to do next.


That answer came as she felt him out her ankles together, and then the pressure on them as he used more rope to secure them.  IT was the strangest of feelings, as the rope rubbed on the leather – and the strangest of sounds.


“What…  What do you want,” she whispered as he pulled the rope between her legs, making the binding tighter.


“Your valuables,” he said quietly, “and for you to relax.”


“You’re tying me up – how can oh….”  She fell silent as he reached round and slowly pulled the jacket zip down, his gloved hands stroking over her chest as he did so – and then he stood up and walked out of the room, returning with a large bag that he placed on the bed, opened, and removed a longer length of rope from it.


“What…  What is that for?”


“For this,” he said as he knelt behind her again, and then she saw him pass the rope round her body,  then the pressure as he pulled it tight, forcing her arms against her sides as he wrapped it around her above and below.


Several things struck her at the same time – the helplessness as he was ensuring her arms were fixed into place; the pressure above and below her chest as band was pulled tighter, her jacket forced to the side as well; the way his hands felt as the back of them stroked over her body; the fact she was beginning to feel somewhat aroused by this…


He pulled the rope tight one last time as she felt him knotting them behind her back, and then felt them tighten still further as he used two shorter lengths to cinch the bands between her arms and body.  Those hands were then placed on her shoulders, before she felt more rope around her legs.  As he secured them, she tried twisting round, and felt the rope rub on her chest.


A strange feeling, and it was making her feel a little giddy as well…


She glanced down as her knees were forced together, and then gasped again as he reached round from behind her, his hands embracing and caressing her chest as he whispered “you are a beautiful woman.”




“Please continue?”


She wanted to say stop, but something was awakening in her, something she had not felt in so many years, and she slowly nodded, sighing at the way his fingers were kneading her chest, the way she felt her body starting to respond.  How many years had it been since she had felt this heat, the dampness…


The joy…


“What does your husband do?”


“He…  He’s the minister at the church…  Oh god do you know how that feels?”


“I do – so I want you to do something for me, and in return I will not hurt you.”


“What… what is that?”


He stopped kneading her chest and walked in front of her, her eyes widening as she saw the bulge, and then his member as he opened his trousers.


“Stop hiding this side of yourself from your husband,” he said quietly as he stepped forward, lifting her chin in his gloved hand as he said “You know what to do, don’t you?”


She nodded and kissed his cock, before putting his lips over it and kissing it…



The other four women looked at her as she said “I wanted to do it – to make him cum, to swallow his seed, and god forgive me, it felt so wonderful…”


“How did he leave you?”


She looked at the teacher, before she said “he wiped my chin with a pair of panties, then pushed them into my mouth and used a rolled up scarf between my teeth as a gag.  When my husband came home and found me, I told him a masked man had broken in and forced me to put the clothes on before he tied me up.”


“So you haven’t told him?”


She shook her head and then said “but I have to say, it felt fantastic – am I that much of a sinner?”




The four women looked at the doctor, as she blushed and said “I also have a story to tell…”


“That’s the last patient for the night.”


“Thanks – I’m going to head up to the flat,” she said as she closed and locked the file cabinet, passing the receptionist before she headed up to her own place.  She had been the town doctor for thirty years, and her short grey hair reflected her position, as did her smart style of dress.


Closing the door to her flat, she sighed and went to the kitchen, opening a bottle of wine and pouring herself a glass before she looked at herself in the glass of the oven.  She had an invitation to a party that night – with a few close friends, all of whom shared the same interests, the same style, and she needed to get ready for that.  Taking a long drink, she started to unbutton her blouse and headed for the shower…


Half an hour later, she looked at herself in the mirror, trudging from side to side as the black dress hugged her body.  The shoulder straps were almost cap sleeves, and the bare sides were held by a row of clasps.   The red over the knee leather boots hugged her legs like a second skin as well, as she nodded and turned round.




She stared at the man standing there, smartly dressed with a black stocking pulled down over his head, the gun in his gloved hand aimed at her as he held a briefcase in the other hand.


“Who the hell are you,” she shouted out.


“You’ll see,” he said with a smile as he looked at her double bed, the ornate white metal headboard against the wall, “but if you shout like that again, I will make sure you don’t say anything ever again.  Now, lie on the bed, and put your hands together in prayer.”




“Because I said so,” he said as he waved the pistol.  She looked at him, realising he was serious, before she walked over and lay on the bed, her hands together palm to palm as he put the gun where she could see it, and opened the bag, taking out a length of red rope and doubling it over before he wrapped it round her wrists and pulled it tight.


“That… what is that rope made of?”


“Silk,” he said quietly, “only the best for such a beautiful lady.”  She watched as he passed the rope around and between her wrists, forcing them to be held together before he took her hands above her head and secured her wrists to the headboard.  She twisted round, flexing her fingers, and then felt his hands on her leg.  Glancing down, she saw him tie another length of the red rope around her left ankle, before he pulled her leg over to the side and secured the other end of the rope to the leg of the bed.


He repeated the process on the other side as her skirt rose up, exposing her panties as she found her legs spread and secured.  She tried to move them but they were held fast as the man walked over and looked at her, then said “I only want your valuables – but there is no reason why you should not have some enjoyment while I do my business.”


She stared at him, and said “no – please…”


“Hush,” he said quietly as he took a red sponge ball from the briefcase, compressed it in his gloved hand and then looked at her.  She clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, but he just smiled – and then stroked his free hand up between her legs.  The shock that ran through her made her gasp – and then he pushed the sponge ball gently into her mouth, as she felt it expand and press her tongue down.


Closing her lips over it, she watched as he took a strip of brown sticking plaster from the bag, removed the backing paper, and then pressed it firmly down over her mouth and chin.  She realised she was not going to be able to speak, to call for help, as she feared what was coming.


He patted her cheek, and then pressed his lips to her head, before he took a white cylinder from his briefcase, then placed the briefcase on the floor as he pressed on the base.  She could hear the buzzing sound – and then she squirmed and groaned as he ran it over her chest, feeling the vibrations as they started to run through her body as well, wondering what else he was going to do with that device as he moved it to and fro – and then ran it up the inside of her legs, and pressed it gently on her crotch…




She arched her back and called out as she felt it there, and squirmed round, the ropes holding fast as he smiled at her.  The device moved slowly up and down as she squirmed on the bed, feeling the dampness between her legs – and the fire inside her as the device continued to vibrate on her.


She when he pulled her panties down, she looked at him and nodded while he slipped the device into her, her body starting to shake like mad as she bucked and twisted.  Through eyes that were beginning to turn misty, she saw him start to search for her jewels – and then she closed her eyes as her whole body started shaking…



“My friends found me later, still tied to the bed, with – it still inside me,” the doctor said quietly as she put her mug down, “and I’m not ashamed to admit I was exhausted and so sated.  So no, I don’t think you are a sinner, I think you are a woman with needs – and you finally realised that.”


The minister’s wife nodded as she said “thank you – but at least it was only the two of us that had such an experience.”




All four now looked at the grey haired head of the primary school, as she blushed and said “I guess I should make a confession as well…”


It was a Saturday evening, and she was in the mood to relax as she liked to.  To the kids, she was the nice headmistress, often wearing jumpers and long skirts as they saw her at school.  It was times like this she wondered how they would react, how their parents would react, if they could see her now.


She looked at herself, hearing the soft squeaking as she turned from side to side.  Her greying blonde hair was styled to the side as she passed the wide black PVC belt round her waist and buckled it tightly, then pulled down the edge of the black jacket it was fastened over.  The jacket was also made of PVC, as was the short skirt she was wearing, the collar turned up around her neck. 


The final part of her outfit was the knee length straight black boots, with a low heel.  She smiled to herself as she walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  One of her favourite films, a bottle of Chardonnay, and she would have a good evening.


She didn’t get much further than the bottom of the stairs before she was grabbed from behind, the damp cloth over her nose and mouth taking her by surprise as she opened her mouth to call for help.  As she did so, however, she breathed in the cloying fumes, and her head started to swim, her eyes close…




As she slowly opened them, her arms and legs ached, as if weights were attached to them, and her jaw ached.  She tried to speak, to say “what happened…”  But what she heard was “whthhphhnhnddd…”


“Ah good – you are awake.”


She raised her head to see a man standing there, wearing a black vest and tight leather pants, a black hood over his head – but as she raised her head, he seemed to tower over her – and she realised she was kneeling on the floor of her front room, lying over a footstool – and as she looked down, she saw her wrists were fastened together with cuffs, and a chain linking them to the spar linking the legs on one side of the stool.


She also felt a wet line running down her chin, and wondered why her teeth and jaw ached.  Shaking her head, she felt the pressure on her cheeks, and wondered why she could not move her legs.


She tried once more and heard the chains, and she could feel the pressure above her knee.


“Let me educate you – your legs are strapped to the table, your ankles cuffed together.  The red ball in your mouth keeps you quiet – and it feels good, doesn’t it?”


She looked up at him, then down at the damp patch on the carpet, and wanted to say no – but something was stopping her, as she slowly nodded.


“Then you are going to love what I am going to do now.”


She looked up at him as he picked up a wooden paddle, and walked behind her.  Surely… surely he did not know…  He could not…




She screamed out as the wood hit her bottom, and then groaned as he rubbed her bottom.








Each smack from the paddle made her scream, but with each massage of her bottom, each hit of the wood, she was also squirming round, the PVC squeaking under her.  The sweat was starting to make it feel so different as she moved over her body, the sensations running through her unusual, different…






“Hghddd” she groaned as she felt the dampness – and then the cool air on her bottom as he pulled her skirt down, her panties down.




It felt so good on her bare bottom, the wood, his hand, the wood, his hand, the smack, the caress, the smack, the caress…


And then the thrust as he stopped smacking her, and entered her.  She threw her head back, her eyes closed as she screamed and felt him thrusting further in, his cock enlarging as her body started to shake, and she felt the orgasm she had not felt for so long…



“He… He left me after that, released me, and I could not move for so long…”


“Because of the pain?”


She looked at the other two women who had already spoken, and said “no – the pleasure, the exhaustion.  The same as you two, I suspect…”


They both nodded as one of the other two women said “you know my husband’s bank was robbed recently?”


“I heard,” the fifth woman said, “but the police didn’t release a lot of details of what happened.”


“Well, I can tell you…”


“Call him, say only what I told you to say.”


She looked at the intruder and nodded as she picked up the telephone.  She had just returned from the hairdresser, her hair in soft waves with the brown roots showing, the pearl eardrops in her lobes.  The white jersey dress she was wearing had a wide cowl neck, the scalloped edge of the skirt coming over her knees, the purple suede boots on her lower legs.  But she was shaking slightly as she pressed the numbers on the keyboard, and waited.


“Darling?  I need to tell you something, and I want you to listen very carefully.


“There is a masked and armed intruder in the house with me, right now, and so far they have not hurt me.  They say I will not be harmed so long as you listen to what I say, and do not alert anyone.  They say someone is watching you right now.


“You are going to have a visitor in a few minutes – they are there to take the contents of some safety deposit boxes.  Do exactly what they say, do not raise the alarm, do not tell anyone what is happening at home.  If you do that, then I will be safe.


“Do not call here either, or they will hurt me.  Please, do as they say.


“I love you.”


She handed the handset over, the masked intruder nodding as she took it and ended the call, and then replaced it in the holder.  “Very good,” they said quietly, “now, lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”




“Just do it,” they said quietly, and she saw the gun in the other gloved hand, then nodded as she walked over and lay down.  The intruder went to a bag and took out a length of white rope, doubling it over as they knelt down and crossed her wrists behind her back.


As she felt them being secured together, she glanced back at the intruder.  A tight black sweater and pants, black trainers, a woollen balaclava over their head, black leather gloves – the uniform of a bank robber, in her experience.


And they knew what they were doing – the bands of rope were neat, tight, expertly tied.  She wriggled her fingers and looked back as her ankles were crossed and secured together with another length of rope, the pressure on her ankles somehow amplified as the bands of rope sunk into the soft purple fabric.


“Okay, I know how this goes,” she said to herself, “they tie my ankles and wrists, put something over my mouth, ba da bing, ba da boom.”   This was – what, the fifth time someone had targeted the bank her husband worked at?


But then she felt the gloved hand on her bottom, and said “hey – what do you think you are doing?”


“Ensuring we have fun,” they replied as she felt them feed a doubled over length of rope under her waist and then her dress under it as it was tied, but it seemed a strange place to put some rope.


So when she was rolled over, her back pressing her wrists down on the cushions, she looked into the eyes through the holes in the mask – and then said “whatthefuck” as a gloved hand went between her legs and pulled the ends of the rope between and up, the rope hiking the skirt of her dress up as it pressed down on her panties, and the ends secured in front of her waist.  She twisted round – and then stopped as she realised what the rope was rubbing on.


“Why… why did you do that,” she whispered, but the intruder did not reply, instead taking another length of rope from the bag and securing her legs together below her knees.  The band sat on the top of her boots, before it was cinched as the ends went between her legs, and she twisted her legs round.


“Okay – okay, you don’t have to – what are those scissors for?”


“This,” the masked intruder said with a smile as she cut the sides of her panties, then pulled them put before she folded them into a pad.  She smiled as she looked at the captive, who shook her head and said “no…”




Clamping her lips together, she prayed she was wrong – and then the intruder put a glove hand between her legs, stroking over the rope, and she opened her mouth to groan – only to have the panties pushed into her mouth.




The meaning was clear, as the intruder peeled from a large roll a wide strip of white tape, and then pressed it down over her lips, sealing them together a sit covered her chin and mouth.


She was unable to call for help now as she was sat up, the rope pressing even more firmly on her now as the longest length of rope yet was brought out, and wrapped round her, forcing her arms to her sides as two bands formed above and below her chest.  She tried to move, but that just made the rope between her legs rub even more as the intruder pulled the bands even tighter, and then secured them behind her back.


Looking up, she saw the intruder smile, and then fetch more rope – which was used to bring the two bands closer together as they were cinched in front of her, between her breasts, and then run down and tied to the crotch rope.


“Hmghdddnnhhh,” she groaned as she was made to lie face down again, her ankles pulled back and tied to the crotch rope behind her as she wondered if she dared move.  If she stayed still, she should be all right…


But then the gloved hands went on her bottom and started to massage them. “Let’s pass the time – pleasurably,” the intruder whispered as the hand squeezed and she moaned…



“When it came, my whole body shook – and it exhausted me.  I just lay there until they left.”


“But he didn’t…”


“No,” the bank manager’s wife said, “and – when did I say it was a man?”


All four looked at her, before the one who had not spoken yet said “A woman?”


“Oh yes – so, do you have a tale to tell us, Your Honour.”


The judge, the wife of the mayor, looked at all four of them, and then slowly nodded…


“Your jewellery – please.”


She looked at the young man, dressed in denims, and nodded as she reached up and unfastened the claps of her silver necklace, putting it in the small bag he was holding before she added her rings, her earrings, her watch.  He had appeared in her kitchen, holding the knife as she had walked in, and to be honest he looked more scared than she was – but something told her she could turn this to her advantage. 

She was wearing a grey jersey dress, dark hose and darker grey felt boots, having had lunch with her husband after a morning successfully defending her client – she deserved some down time – and this intruder was going to help her to relax.


“You’re going to have to stop me from raising the alarm, you know,” she said quietly, her white hair framing her face, “and I will raise the alarm if you don’t make sure I cannot.”


He looked at her, and then said “got something I can tie you up with.”


“Look in that drawer – there’s a large roll of duct tape there.  Take it out, and then force me to go into my office.”


He nodded as he removed the large grey roll, and said “go on – take me to your office.”  She nodded as she walked in front of him, along the hallway and into the book lined room.  Once inside, she sat down in an old armchair with wooden rests, and put her hands palm down before she said “go on – secure my arms to the chair.”


She watched as he put the knife down, and peeled the end of the tape roll free, the strange sound of the tape as he wound the tape from her wrist and along her forearm to her elbow oddly – exciting.


She could also see the beads of perspiration on his forehead as he walked round and taped her other arm into place, before he wound the tape round her waist to hold her against the chair back.


“Very good – now wind it round my upper arms, in case I manage to wriggle free by moving them.”




“HELP!”  She shouted in jest, but it was enough to make her young captor panic slightly, as he wrapped the tape around her upper arms and body.


“I… I don’t think you will raise the alarm now,” he said quietly.


“No – you’d be wrong,” she said with a smile, “but first, take my boots off.”


“Take your…”


“Young man, I will not have a perfectly good pair of boots wasted by you wrapping duct tape round them!  Now take them off me, and then tape my ankles to the front legs of the chair, then I won’t be able to stand up.”


She watched as he knelt down and slowly unzipped her boots, trying not to smile as he slipped them off and put them to one side, then put her left ankle against the chair leg and taped it firmly into place.  As he secured her other leg, she could see the tremble in his lips, as the skirt of her dress rose up slightly, revealing her gusset – and the lack of any panties underneath.


He stood up and wiped his brow, as he said “okay, you’re secured to the chair – but I need to keep you quiet.”


“Yes you do,” she said quietly, “and how are you going to do that?”


“I’m going to tape over your mouth.”


“Then I won’t be able to tell you to stop.”


“Stop what?”


“Making me cum with your mouth – I can see you want to do that, so do it.”


He stared at her for a few minutes, and then picked up a green cloth and squeezed her chest.  She gasped and smiled at the same time as he pushed the cloth into her mouth, and then tore off strip after strip of the silver tape, covering her lips and chin and muting her more with each application.


He then looked into her eyes as she felt his hands on her chest, massaging her breasts as she was unable to stop him – and she wasn’t sure she wanted to stop him as she felt her body respond, and she twisted round, the tape crinkling with each turn.




She watched as he knelt down and put his head between her legs, too afraid of what she might do as she felt his lips through the nylon and moaned softly…




“You didn’t!”


“Of course I did – come on ladies, there is one common thread running through all the stories you have shared today,” the mayor’s wife said as she looked at the other four women, “actually, two common threads.”


“That we all have our little secrets,” the doctor said quietly.


“And we all got pleasure from our situations,” the headmistress said as she nodded.


“So let this be our little secret – and I have a contact number we can use if we wanted to relive it.


“As a group…”









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