Caught and Mounted








“Bobbing along, bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea...”


“If you start quoting Bedknobs and Broomsticks one more time Sophie, I promise you, I will make sure...”


Sophie laughed as she finished her orange juice, and looked out of the beachside cabin at the ocean waves gently on the beach.  The island holiday had been her suggestion, as an escape from their families, and she had been amazed when her father had agreed to pay.


The blonde haired girl was wearing a blue bikini top and black briefs – and not a lot else, if you don’t count the rubbed band holding her hair back in a pigtail.


“As if you haven’t been thinking the same thing, Harriett,” she said with a smile.  As Sophie collected the plates and glasses, Harriett adjusted her patterned bikini and stood up.


“I got the snorkels,” Bluebell said as she came in.  The youngest of the three, she was wearing an aquamarine bikini with an Aztec pattern print on it.


“Great – I’ve already prepared the sandwiches for lunch, so we can go out in the boat and swim in the coral reef.  Bernie will take us out.”


“Well, what are we waiting for,” the brown haired hair Bluebell said.  “Let’s go get wet!”




It was approaching one by the time the three girls came back to the jetty, the dark skinned Bernie securing the boat to the post as they got out.


“Hey Bernie – can you take a picture of all three of us?”


“Sure,” the young man said as he took the camera, Harriett and Sophie standing either side of Bluebell as he took a picture.  The three girls smiled, their masks and snorkels in place and their thumbs raised, before they grabbed the photo and made their way back to the cabin.


“I’ll sort out the salads from the icebox,” Sophie said as she went in, “you guys get some drinks from the bar.”


“What do you want?”


“Get some cold beers,” Sophie said as she went in, the others nodding as she went in.  She didn’t get the chance to do more than go into the main room before she was grabbed from behind, a sweet smelling cloth clamped over her nose and mouth.  As she struggled to get free, the fumes she inhaled suddenly made her feel very sleepy...







Bluebell looked in from the kitchen as Harriett put the beers on the low table.


“Isn’t she in the kitchen?”


“No – maybe she’s in one of the bedrooms?”


“I’ll go and have a look,” Harriet said as she headed to one of the bedrooms – only to be taken by surprise as someone grabbed her from behind, and clamped a large rough palmed hand over her mouth.  She merely had time to react before a man tied a folded scarf over her eyes, and she had some sort of cloth pushed into her mouth.


“Whtthllssgnnnnn,” she called out as a thin band of material was pressed against her cheeks, and she was pushed onto a bed, her arms yanked behind her and a thin plastic strip used to secure them.  She could hear the rasping noise as the band was pulled tight, and wondered why Bluebell had not come in when she had called out.



“Oh hello Bernie,” Bluebell said as she came to the front door of the cabin, “what’s up?”


“You left this in the boat,” the young man said as he held up a drawstring bag, “I thought I should bring it back.”


“Hmm – not mine,” she said as she looked at it, “let me go and see if the other...  Hey – what do you think you are doing!”


“Not a word, lady,” Bernie said as he pushed her inside, and then pulled a knife out from behind himself, “do what I tell you, you’ll be fine.”


“What the hell...”


“Lie down, hands behind your back, please – I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.”


Bluebell as too scared to do anything other than obey, lying down and crossing her wrists behind her back, and then listening to the rasping sound as a plastic strip was used to secure them together.  Her ankles were secured in the same way, before a cloth was pushed into her mouth and a thin strip of towelling used to keep it in place.  The material bit into the corners of her mouth as it was secured, before a second cloth was tied over her eyes.


“The other one ready?”


“She is,” Bluebell heard a second voice say, and then she was lifted up, grunting as she was thrown over someone’s shoulder and carried out of the cabin.  she had barely had time to react, and now she was been dumped in the back of a vehicle, before she heard a grunt as someone else was dropped next to her.






They managed to touch each other’s hands before the vehicle started to move, the men laughing the only other sound above the bumps and thuds of the wheels...




“Hnnn...  Oh my head...”


Sophie slowly tried to open her eyes, trying to get past the thumping headache and the stiffness in her arms and legs.  The last thing she remembered was going to the cabin in the kitchen, and then...


“Sophie?  Sophie is that you?”


“O course it is me,” she groaned as she heard Bluebell, and then tried to open her eyes.


Only to find something was covering them – and what was worse, something was stopping her arms from moving.  As she flexed her fingers, she felt them brush over something else, but she wasn’t sure what.


She also felt cords – and then she remembered what had happened.


“OH SHIT!!!”


“Tell me about it,” she heard Harriet said, “You’ve got a cloth tied over your eyes.  Shake your head and it should fall down.”


“Why can’t one of you move it?”


“Because we physically can’t,” Bluebell whispered, “just try – please.”


Sophie nodded as she started to shake her head from side to side, the cloth slowly slipping down until it hung loosely down her neck – and she instantly wished that was not the case.


Bluebell and Harriett were lying on their stomachs next to her, their ankles pulled back and lashed together with rope, and then tied to their bound wrists.  Sophie realised she had felt her own heels, as she looked over her shoulders and saw the rope on her own limbs.


“What the...  We’ve been kidnapped?  Who did this?”


“Bernie,” Sophie sobbed, “and some men with him.  They blindfolded us, brought us here, tied us up, and then dropped you in.”


“So where is here?”


“Soph,” Harriett said as she tried once again to find the knot, “we were blindfolded?  I’ve no bloody idea where we are...”


“Ah good – you’re awake.  I’d hate to think you had to miss this.”


“Bernie – why?”


“Money and pleasure,” the young man said with a grin, “remove their briefs.”


“What?  Why the hell do you want to hmmggddddnhthtt”


Bluebell’s protests were cut off as her blue bikini briefs were cut off, wadded into a ball and stuffed into her mouth, her lips then covered with a wide strip of brown sticking plaster to keep them in place.  She looked over as her two friends were gagged in the same way, before Harriett was untied and made to stand up, two of the men dragging her off between them.


“Whhrrutkknnhrrrr,” Sophie screamed out, and then she screamed again as Bernie smacked her on her bare bottom.


“You’ll see – next in fact.  Both of you – untie them and take them together.”


The two friends looked at each other as they were untied, and then frog marched to another room.  As they walked in, they saw Harriett standing in front of a metal frame, her arms spread wide above her head and her wrists lashed to the two corners of the frame.  The two men who had taken her through were now spreading her legs apart, and lashing her ankles to the frame.


“Take care of her,” Bernie said as he pushed Bluebell over to them, while the other men marched Sophie to the third stand.  It was all she could do not to burst out and scream as they pulled her arms up, and used rough hemp ropes to secure them to the metal, and then pushed her legs apart and secured them in place as well.


“Whruggntdtsss,” Bluebell said as Bernie walked between the three of them.


“Oh I’m not going to pick,” he said – and then the three girls saw the video camera, the laptop, and the grin on Bernie’s face as he said into a headset microphone “Gentlemen, Ladies – welcome to Catch of the Day.  You see here the latest three catches, mounted and ready for your entertainment.  As always, you dictate what happens – so, we start – now!”


With that, the bikini tops were pulled off the three girls, as Bernie said “our first request is for the redhead to have her breasts groped.  If you are ready?”


Sophie struggled as one of the men began to grope Harriett’s chest, while a second ran a vibrator between Bluebell’s legs.  It was when the third man walked over, a large dildo in his hands, that she closed her eyes and screamed.


And screamed...



“Hey – you all right?”


Sophie sat up with a start as she saw Bluebell and Harriett standing there.


“You screamed,” Harriett said.  “Bad dream?”


“Yeah – bad memories,” Sophie said as she fingered the black leather collar.


“Well, you’d better get dressed – Master wants us.”


Sophie nodded as she got up, and put on her bikini.  The memory of the terrifying day they had spent before their new lives began faded into her memory as she went out with her friends, ready to spend the day in service.  On the side, the framed photo of the three of them, thumbs raised...







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