Cougars Caught








“So, what is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”


“That line is as old as I am,” Fiona said with a laugh as she looked across the bar.  The sixty year old had short blonde hair, flecked with grey, and was wearing a blue and black dress that hugged her ample body.   The dress had a scooped neckline, and sleeves that came below her elbows, the skirt coming half way down her thighs and covering the tops of her black stockings.  A pair of knee length black cloth boots with a stiletto heel, and a set of black beads in a double row round her neck, completed her outfit.


“Oh, so you’re in your twenties?”  The young man was casually dressed, the open necked shirt, neatly pressed pants, and suede shoes showing him to his advantage.




“Look, can I buy you a drink?”


“Nice idea – but I’m here with a friend,” Fiona said as a second woman joined her.  She was slightly smaller, with grey streaks in her hair, and was wearing a gull winged dress.  The top half was a black and white leopard print, clasped at her chest, and the skirt black.  A pair of black leather boots with a lace cut pattern at the top covered her lower legs, the white tights visible between her boots and her skirt.


“Hey – and who’s the handsome hunk,” she said with a smile.


“I was about to ask the same thing?”


“Gerald – and may I know your names?”


“I’m Fiona, this is Bridget – so what brings you into town?”


“Oh, a holiday – you locals?”


“Lived here all our lives,” Bridget said with a smile, “we were just having a drink together.”  As she spoke, she looked Gerald up and down – strong, handsome. 


“So no husbands?”


“Divorced and widowed,” Fiona said, “but if that offer of a drink is still possible?”


Gerald smiled as he came alongside them, and signalled to the barman.  Fiona looked at Bridget and nodded – they had their mark…



“Well,” Gerald said as they stepped out of the lift, “I don’t know whether to be flattered or scared.”


“Flattered – do we look like we should scare you,” Fiona laughed as Bridget clutched her handbag.


“No – but you do intrigue me,” Gerald said with a smile as he unlocked his room door.


“An executive suite?”


“Well, I do earn a nice living,” Gerald said as he opened the door.


“Oh – doing what?”


He just smiled as he said “after you.”  Fiona and Bridget nodded as they walked in, Gerald closing the door behind them – and then they both raised their hands in the air.


“Two for one Gerald?”


“Well, it means we both have fun, Cecil,” the blonde haired Gerald said as he took the handbags from Fiona and Bridget.  The man holding the gun in front of them was smaller, with dark hair, but he was as casually dressed.


“I… I don’t understand,” Fiona said, “what is going on?”


“Hey – look at this.”  Cecil looked over as Gerald drew out of Bridget’s handbag a handgun, and a roll of tape.


“Oh this is rich – they were going to rob you?”


Bridget and Fiona looked at each other as Gerald threw their bags onto the floor, and then pulled Bridget’s hands behind her back.  There was a rasping sound, and then Fiona felt her own wrists being pulled together, the thin plastic strip tightening suddenly as they were forced together.


“Fi, what the hell is going on here?”


“Two cougars hunting?”


“Looks like it,” Gerald said as he walked to the side and poured some whisky into a glass.  Turning round, he swirled the amber liquid round and said “well, sorry ladies – tonight, you are the cougars that got caught, and we are the hunters.”


“We could scream for help you know,” Bridget said as she looked at them.


“And then you would have to explain why you had a Magnum in your handbag, Bridget,” Gerald said as he walked over and patted her cheek – and then slapped her hard as he said “so, shut the fuck up, and do exactly what we tell you, got it?”




“And you can do the same, bitch,” Gerald said as he looked at Fiona, while Cecil opened a drawer and pulled out two items – red rubber balls, with leather straps attached to each side.


“So, we are going to have some fun,” he said quietly as he threw one at Gerald, the blonde catching it as he said to Fiona “you first – open your mouth.”


“Go to hell,” she growled before she clamped her mouth shut, Gerald smiling as he said “yeah, that happens a lot as well.”  The click made Fiona look to the side as Cecil held the gun to Bridget’s head, as Gerald said “your choice.  Five…  Four…”


Fiona slowly opened her mouth – then opened it wide as Gerald grabbed her breast and squeezed hard, before he pushed the red ball into her mouth and pulled the straps round her head.  She could feel them pushing her cheeks in as he fastened the hasp at the back of her neck.


“Better – bitches need to know their place,” Cecil whispered into Bridget’s ear as Gerald took the second ball gag from his free hand, the woman looking at him as he said “you going to give us any trouble?”


“Want me to?”


“No,” Gerald whispered as she opened her mouth, feeling the red ball on her teeth as it was pushed in, and the leather on her cheeks as the straps were tightly fastened.


“Strip her.”


“Lhffhrhlhhhn,” Fiona called out, a thin line of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth as Cecil walked to the drawers, and took out a large pair of scissors.  He stood behind Bridget and smiled as he cut down her dress, then down the sleeves so that he could pull the dress away, leaving Bridget twisting round in her black bra, her matching knickers under her hose.  He then opened a second drawer, and took out from it a black leather sheath with straps – a sheath he wrapped round Bridget’s arms behind her back as they were forced together, her chest forced out as the bra stretched over them.


“you should not be left out of this,” Gerald whispered into Fiona’s ear as she felt the zip give way at her back, and her own dress slipped down to her wrists and chest, Fiona blushing as Gerald said “well, you have gone au naturel – how thoughtful of you, you fucking sow.”


“Whtdhuhmhnnn,” Fiona said – but then she saw Gerald’s hands as he reached round and groped her chest, his finger sinking into the flesh of her breasts as they squeezed and probed.  She closed her eyes and twisted round, unable to stop him – or to stop the way her body was starting to feel…


“Whtthruhhdhnnn,” Bridget mumbled as the leather straps came over her shoulders, Cecil crossing then between her breasts and then pulling them back behind her, before she felt the material of her bra give way and it was removed, the leather now rubbing on the bare flesh which had a slight glisten of sweat on it.  She was helpless, and then she felt his hands on her chest as well.  She tried to twist round, but as she did her covered hands stroked over Cecil’s crotch – and she felt how he felt…


“That’s right, you cow,” he whispered into her ear as he squeezed harder, “you’re going to do whatever I want…”


Fiona groaned as she felt the fingers squeezing again, and then Gerald withdrew his hands, to her relief – until she saw the white rope as it was passed round her, her arms forced into her sides as it was pulled tighter, then with each pass round her the tension increased, the bands now pressing onto her chest as well – and that was before he wrapped the rope round the base of her breasts to make it tighter still before it was tied off.


She glanced down to see the way her breasts were forced out now, the way her nipples were erect, proud – as the nylon strip gave way, the dress falling to the floor - but the zip tie was replaced immediately by another length of rope wrapped tightly round them to hold her wrists together.


Gerald noticed the way they looked as well as he walked round, and started to suck on each nipple in turn, his tongue running over them as he did so.  Fiona was struggling to control how she was feeling as this happened, a groan escaping, the drool falling down her chin and onto the ground – and then the pain as the silver clamps were fastened onto her nipples.


“There,” Gerald said with a smile, “you’re my fuck slave now, got it.”




Bridget creamed as she looked at her friend – and then she was forced to walk over to the bed.  It was a large four poster one, and Cecil made her stand at the end, spreading her legs before he used two pairs of cuffs to fasten her ankles to the legs of the bed.  She was shaking now, unsure of what was going to happen next.




The feel of the wooden paddle as it was brought down hard on her bottom made Bridget’s eyes open wide, her bottom burning as she felt Cecil’s hand rubbing on it as she stood there.  Tears were flowing down her cheeks now as she wondered what was going to happen next.




The paddle was brought down again, as Fiona was pushed over to the bed and made to lie down, the metal on her nipples now making them ache as well as burn as she looked up into Bridget’s eyes.  She felt Gerald as he pulled her leg to the side, the rope round her booted ankle as he secured it to the headboard of the bed, and then he walked round as the paddle came down on Bridget again and again.


For her part, Bridget was starting to shake. And not just from the pain – it was more than that, as blow after blow rained down on her bottom.  It was doing something else to her – starting the fire she knew so well, but in a completely different way given she was helpless and being attacked.


She looked at Gerald as he moved between her friend’s legs, and watched as he used a knife to cut her hose away – the joy in his eyes, and the excitement in his body clear to her now as her bottom was caressed again.


Fiona looked up as her friend closed her eyes, and then her own eyes closed as he felt his hand between her legs, felt his finger slip past the petals of her sex, felt him moving it inside her as she arched her back and screamed into the ball gag.  He was violating her, he was – well, he was kissing her there now as well as she slowly opened her eyes, looking into his and then down to the bulge in his pants.


“I think you’re about ready, bitch,” Cecil said as Bridget heard the sound of a zip being pulled down, and she watched Gerald pulling his own trousers down.  She knew what was coming, and as she saw Fiona slowly open her eyes she knew that her friend knew what was coming as well.


And then she felt Cecil take her in her anal passage, felt the cock as it was forced in, and she screamed out in pain and pleasure as Cecil started to rock to and fro.


“Hmghdddd,” Fiona mumbled as she looked into Bridget’s face, and then she felt Gerald enter her, gripping him by instinct as his cock slipped into her, and starting to push herself up as he pushed himself down.


Both women knew they had no choice, no control in what was happening to them as waves of pleasure started to wash over them.  These men had made them helpless, not in charge, forced themselves upon them, made them bend to their will – and as Fiona’s body started to shake, she wondered what she had never allowed someone to do this to her before.


Bridget felt Cecil’s lips on her neck as he kissed her – and then bit her as he thrust further in, and her own body started to shake, giving itself over totally to pleasure as she felt him cum into her passage…


Fiona looked up to see Bridget’s eyes closed, her whole body shaking – and then the throbbing inside her changed to a pulsing as her own body accepted the orgasm, feeling Gerald inside her as her whole body shook…







Cecil nodded as he fastened his shirt, Gerald nodding as he looked inside the wicker basket that had been wheeled in.  Fiona and Bridget lay on the bottom, their legs drawn up under their chest as the tight ropes held them both in ball ties, black tape wrapped round their heads to cover their mouths and eyes.


He tossed the towels over them as there was a knock on the door, and he opened it to allow two men dressed in black to come in.


“Delivery to the sultan – tell him they are specifically to his request,” Cecil said as the basket was wheeled out, Gerald looking over from the laptop.


“Accounts emptied – and we have their home addresses.  Shall we pay a visit before the word gets out?”







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