Cougar Taming







“What do you think?”


The second man in the car watched the two women as they turned off the street and walked up to the detached house.  The older of the two had short dark hair, with hints of grey showing, and wore a pair of dark framed glasses, her black coat wrapped tightly round her thin body.  The other woman was only a few years younger, with long red-brown hair, a tan over coat on her body and a pair of tan heels on her feet.


“They live alone here, right?”


The first man nodded as he watched the older woman opening the front door, and the two of them walking in, closing the door behind themselves.  “Yup – fairly easy pickings I would imagine.”


“So how long do you want to give them?”


“Oh let them relax, unwind, have something to eat – and then we’ll make sure they stay out of the way while we rob them…”




The sky was dark, and the local council had turned off the street lamps – and ideal atmosphere for the two men to walk up the side of the house.  A casual observer would have seen they wore black leather jackets, black pants, trainers and gloves, as well as woollen hats.


Had they watched a moment longer, they would have seen them pull the hats down over their heads, covering them so that only their eyes and mouths were visible, as they stood by the kitchen door.  One of the men produced what looked like a shotgun, but with a shorter barrel than expected, from a bag he was holding, while the second man used a set of lock picks to open the door.


“There we go,” he said as he opened the door out, and the two men slipped inside, closing the door behind them as they listened to the music playing somewhere on the ground floor.


“Well, everything ready?”


The second man nodded as they walked down the hallway, the music getting louder as they did so, before they stopped outside a door.  Nodding, the one carrying the gun held it up as the other one took the door handle, turned it and threw the door open.




The two masked men stared at the older woman as she turned to look at them, a glass in her hand as she raised an eyebrow, and said “well now – can I help you gentlemen?”


What had made them stop and fall silent was her attire.  She was wearing a short sleeved black leather dress, fastened up the front with a red ribbon that criss-crossed the front of her body, especially the open space at her chest.  There was a fastening round her neck, while the skirt came half way down her upper legs – the rest of her legs enclosed in thigh high black leather boots with a four inch heel.  She looked at the masked men, holding a glass in her hand, waiting for an answer.


“Kinky,” the armed man eventually said, “do you agree Mister Green?”


“I do agree Mister Blue – but you need to shut the fuck up and keep quiet, understand?”


“Well, if you insist,” she almost purred.  “I take it you gentlemen wish to rob us?”


“What gave it away – the masks and the gun?”


“Very droll,” she said with a sigh.  “Well, I am not going to try and stop you, if that is what you are wondering.  I presume you will take steps to ensure we will not raise the alarm?”


“That’s right – where is she?”


“Who are you talking to Mum,” the two men heard a voice say, as the younger woman walked in.  She was also wearing a short black leather dress – a sleeveless one in her case – and knee length patent leather cream boots with a leopard print on them.  She looked at her mother, then at the masked man standing with a sawn off shotgun pointing at her, and said “ah – we have visitors I see.”


“It would appear we do have, Abigail – and they seem to be determined to take our valuables.  I suggest we let them do what they believe they need to do, and then see what happens.”


“Smart woman,” Mister Green said as he looked at her, “but we’re on a schedule here – cover Mummy dearest while I take care of the woman here.”  Looking at Abigail, he pointed to a long white couch and said “lie face down on that, and put your hands behind your back.”


Abigail looked over at her mother, and then nodded as she moved over, the dress moving like a second skin over her before she lay down, her feet resting on one of the arms of the couch as she put her arms behind her back.  Mister Blue watched her mother as Mister Green reached into the bag, took out a length of white rope, and put Abigail’s hands together before he tied her wrists, taking the rope around and between her slim limbs.


“It’s all right Abigail,” her mother said as she slowly put her glass down and watched,” the sooner they are done, the sooner they will leave us alone.”  As she watched, Mister Green pulled the rope tight and secured the ends together, before he took a second length if rope and crossed her ankles, starting to secure them as well.


“Why the leather bitch?”


The mother turned slowly and looked at Mr Blue, before she said “I beg your pardon young man?”


“The leather – is this some sort of kinky thing?”


“Only if you believe it is – Abigail and I find it the most comfortable thing to relax in,” she said in a quiet tone.


“Well, I know a way to help you relax – maybe I’ll show you later.”


She looked at him, and then shook her head as Mr Green helped Abigail to sit up, before he bound her legs tightly together below her knees. 


“Well, I can see I will be staying here,” she purred as he tied the rope off, his hands stroking the leather of her boots as he did so.


“Yes, yes you will,” Mr Green said with a sneer as he took a long length of rope from the bag, doubled it over and passed it around the younger woman’s body, pulling her arms into her sides as he started to wind it round above and below her chest.


“How old are you anyway, little lady?”


“Forty…  Forty last month,” Abigail grunted as the ropes hugged her, forcing her chest up and out as they squeaked while they rubbed on her dress.  Her breasts were forced out, the leather stretched tight over them as well – especially when Mr Green pulled two shorter lengths of rope around the bands, under her arms, to make them still tighter.


“Right – and you must be in your sixties, Mummy,” Mr Blue said as he looked at the mother.


“Not that it is any of your business, but I am seventy,” she said as she looked at him.


“Well, Granny, turn around and put our hands behind your back,” Mr Blue laughed as he handed the gun to Mr Green, and took a length of rope from the bag.  She looked at him, then stepped forward, looking at Abigail as she said “well, I guess it is my turn now.”


“I guess so,” Abigail said as Mr Blue out the older woman’s hands together, and then secured her wrists tightly together, before he did the same to her arms, forcing her elbows together as her chest was forced out.


“You are experienced,” she said quietly as Mr Blue began to wrap rope around her as well, framing her chest as the ropes rubbed on her, and she started to feel a different way, unsure of how she should react as he forced her arms against her, and then took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and then back up again, pushing her chest even further out as the red ribbon started to unravel.


“On your knees,” Mister Blue said as she was forced to the floor, and she felt him cross and bind her ankles tightly together, and then her legs being secured together below her knees.


“We got some time to spare,” Mr Green said as he looked at the tow bound women, “let’s have some fun.”


“what do you mean,” Abigail said, and then she opened her eyes in surprise as a cloth was stuffed into her mouth, her red lips closing over the edges as Mr Green said “keep that in there until I tell you.”


Abigail could only watch as Mr Blur knelt behind her mother and reached round, grabbing her breasts in his gloved hands and groping her as she closed her eyes and said “no…  Please, don’t…”


“Oh you are hot,” Mr Blue whispered into her ear as her body started to respond to his massage, Mr Green grinning as he stood in front of her, and slowly unfastened his pants.


Hmgddnnnnn,” Abigail moaned as she was forced to watch him while he produced his engorged member, and forced her mother to start to kiss and lick it, her moans increasing in intensity as a result of the pressure on her chest, and then she opened her mouth, taking the object in as she was muffled as well, and forced to start to suck him off.


Her mother closed her eyes, unable to prevent what was happening as it swelled in response to her attentions, pressing her tongue down as she tasted the saltiness, knowing she had no choice in the matter as she slowly pushed and played with Mr Green’s member, feeling it swell even more, throbbing on her, as she was less and less able to speak.


Mr Blue started to push her forward and back as her dress opened slightly, and he slipped his hands under the leather, running over her breasts and her firm nipples as she groaned and sucked harder.  Mr Green moaned in response as she slowly brought him to the edge – and then over it, sucking hard and drinking everything down as he gave all he had.


Eventually, Mr Blue let go as she sat back, gasping as he pushed a sponge into her mouth, and then strips of silver duct tape over her mouth as Mr Green fixed his pants.


Abigail had been forced to watch, but she knew what was coming, as Mr Green walked behind her and grabbed her chest, feeling his fingers as they pressed against the leather and into her own chest as Mr Blue made her mother lie on the floor, and then walked over, pulling the zip down on his own pants.


And as Abigail was forced to start to pleasure him, her mother watched, recovering herself as she realised there was nothing she could do to stop them…






“All right,” Mr Blue said as he zipped up his pants, and Mr Green gagged Abigail with the tape as well, “put her on her side, and let’s get on with robbing the place.”


Abigail grunted as she was made to lie on her side, looking at her mother as the two masked men walked out of the room, and closed the door behind themselves.  “You go upstairs,” Mr Green said as he looked at Mr Blue, “I’ll check the office for the safe.”


Abigail and her mother waited as they heard one set of footsteps heading up the staircase, and then doors open and close, before Abigail sat herself up and slipped onto the floor, as her mother forced herself onto her knees…





Mr Green smiled as he heard the click, and pulled the handle of the door down, opening the safe and looking at the rolls of bank notes inside.


“Good pay day after a fun night,” he said to himself as he picked up a bag, and started to put the bank notes into it.  He didn’t look round as the door to the room opened and closed, only saying “did you get everything?”


The choke hold took him by surprise, as he dropped the bag and tried to move the arm away – but the hold was like steel, as his eyes slowly closed…




Tipping the last of the jewellery box into the bag, Mr Blue threw the box onto the bed and looked round.


“The old kid has good taste,” he said to himself as he looked round, and then left the room, smiling as she opened the door to the master bedroom – and then collapsed to the floor as the blow fell to the back of his neck, sending him sprawling as Abigail looked down on him.


“Stupid prick,” she said to herself as she grabbed him under the arms, and dragged him out of the room, along the hallway, and then down the stairs…






Whhh…. Whheeheppned?”


Mr Green slowly opened his eyes, wondering why his jaw ached and he felt so cold – and then he realised a number of things.


First, he was naked.


Second, he was in a cellar.


Third, he was hanging by his arms from the ceiling, and as he looked up he saw the rope holding his wrists together, the hook holding his arms up from underneath.  Looking down, he saw his ankles were secured in the same way. 


Finally, as he looked to the side, he saw Mr Blue hanging from the ceiling as well, a large red ball forced into his mouth and straps round his head.  He knew now why his jaw ached…


“Oh good, mother, they’re waking up.”


He saw Abigail and her mother staring up at them, dressed and with stern looks on their faces.


“Excellent,” her mother said as she looked at the men.  “I think you must be wondering what is going on here.  Well, it’s very simple – you picked the wrong fucking house to rob, and the wrong fucking bitches to piss off.”


“Oh look – they’re wondering what’s going to happen,” Abigail purred as she held up a small box with a button on it.  “Tell me, fuckers – feeling a little uncomfortable anywhere?”


Mr Blue and Mr Green looked at each other, before her mother said “class is in session” and Abigail pressed the button – the two men screaming as the dildos in their rear passages started to vibrate.  “And the first lesson is who is in charge…”









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