Family Selfie Snatched







It was meant to be have been a simple collection, at the request of her husband, but somehow it turned into a real family affair.


Let me start at the beginning – I don’t know if we have met, but apparently I have been dubbed “the Selfie Snatcher” by some parts of the press.  A reasonable description, actually – my modus operandi is to kidnap women, but to do it when they are taking a Selfie.  At first it was dumb luck, but over time I started to plan things – and even, through certain agencies, do it for charity or for a birthday surprise.


I don’t hurt them – I take them by surprise, bind them, gag them and then take them somewhere secure for a few hours, then when the ransom is paid or the time is up, they are released.


So what happened this time?  Well, this was one of those occasions when I was looking to take someone purely for the ransom – in this case, the wife of the mayor of a country town.  So it was that I drew up in a transit van to the front of a pair of semi-detached houses in a quiet cul-de-sac, and then reversed onto the driveway between the two houses.


Getting out, I looked quickly round and then quietly opened the door to my left, a small bag in my hand as I listened for a moment, then closed the door and made my way quietly up the stairs.  I could hear someone in one of the bedrooms, and smiled as I looked through the door.


A middle-aged woman with short silver-grey hair was standing there, wearing a purple dress with a crimson floral pattern printed on it, and knee length tan leather boots with a flat heel.  A pair of gold hoop rings hung from her earlobes, and a similar ring round her neck on a thin chain.  I watched as she finished applying her lipstick, slipping on as I did so a pair of leather gloves, and then smiled as she put on a fawn blazer, and stood in front of a large mirror, her mobile phone in her hand.


It only took a moment for her to take a picture – and only a moment more for me to walk quickly behind her, putting a gloved hand over her mouth as I told her not to struggle or call for help.  It always takes a little while, but usually all I need to do is keep a firm hold, and the ladies I visit understand.  And so it was in this case, as she eventually nodded as I told her to hand me her phone.


I placed that on a table to the side, and then asked her – very politely, of course – to put her hands behind her back.  As she did that, I took a length of cord from my pocket and crossed her wrists, using the cord to secure them together tightly – but with her comfort in mind as well.


She then asked me what I was doing, so I explained – I was going to take her for a little while, and leave a message for her husband to pay a ransom.  She gave me a funny look in the mirror when she heard that – something I should have picked up on, but at that point I was wrapping more rope around her upper body, pinning her arms to her sides as her blazer was opened up.


Once I had those ropes tightened, I told her I was going to put some tape over her mouth, and then she was going to come with me – and that was when she dropped the bomb, if you will forgive the phrase.


She asked me if she thought she was her sister.


And that was when I realized I had made a small mistake.  My researches had told me the target lived on one of these houses – next door to her twin sister…


Well, when you have lemons…  I pressed a length of brown sticking plaster over her mouth, and walked her down the staircase, out of the front door and into the back of my van.  Once inside, I sat her on the floor and secured her ankles with more rope, as well as her legs below her knees – and then I told her to stay there as I closed and locked the door.


Going back, I closed the front door of the house on the left – and made my way into the house on the right instead.  What struck me instantly was that it was like a mirror image of the first house – a feeling that only grew stranger as I climbed the staircase again, and looked in the master bedroom.


There she stood – her twin sister, the woman I had intended to take for a short trip.  She had the same build, the same short grey hair but this time with blonde highlights, and wearing a white short sleeved top and a purple knee length skirt.  But she was wearing an identical pair of tan leather boots, and she was putting on an identical blazer.


And in an identical manner, she stood in front of a mirror, as I saw the large beaded necklace that hung round her neck, and she smiled as she took a selfie of herself…


Her surprise was total as I grabbed her, my gloved hand again over her mouth as I whispered into her ear to be quiet, to remain calm – and that I had already taken her twin sister hostage, and it was now her turn.


I smiled as her eyes opened wide at that last statement, and then she slowly nodded, as I removed my hand and guided her hands behind her back, securing them together with more rope as she looked in the mirror.  Not wanting her to say anything more, I pressed a strip of sticking plaster over her mouth, before taking the phone from her hand and placing it on the bed, then opening the bag I had placed there and taking out a longer length of rope.


She grunted slightly as I wrapped the rope round her body and pulled it tight, once again seeing the sight of the blazer pulled to the sides as I wound the rope around her body in two bands, and then secured the ends together behind her back.  I picked up the bag, and told her to walk in front of me, as I was going to take her to her sister.


But before we walked through the bedroom door, I heard someone else walking along the corridor, so I held her and asked her if she was alone in the house.  She shook her head, and I suspect she was smiling under the brown fabric.  What she did not know, but should have guessed given she had heard me say I already had her sister, was I was not against taking anyone else as well.


So after a few minutes, I took her arm and walked her down the corridor until we stopped outside a slightly ajar door.  Putting my finger to my lips, I opened the door slightly, and looked inside…


She was in her early twenties, with long blonde hair which fell over the shoulders of her black dress.  The dress itself was in a classic design, with short sleeves that came to above her elbows, a low cut neckline, and a skirt that came to just above her knees, the black material covered with grey and white dots.  I could also see she was wearing fishnet tights, and a pair of over the knee black leather boots with a three inch heel and a platform sole.


She was certainly a beautiful young woman, and as I looked at her mother she just shook her head – but then I saw her daughter pick up her mobile phone, and pose in front of the camera.


I waited as she pouted and took a photograph, and then heard the door open – dropping her phone and saying “oh my god” as I walked in with her mother.  She saw the way she was bound and gagged, and then looked at me as I said “I think you should come with me as well.  You’re not going to give me any trouble, are you?”


She glanced at her mother, who shook her head slightly from side to side, before nodding and turning round.  She kept talking as I secured her wrists behind her back, and then wrapped more rope around her arms and upper body.  Her mother did raise an eyebrow at the way her dress stretched under the bands of rope, but hey – I cannot go against the laws of physics…



When the back of the van opened up, my first guest looked at the two figures coming in, and said “hmgghddhllhfhs?”


“Shggsshh,” her sister said as I sat her and her daughter on the van floor, and got more ropes.  I hear the squeak of leather on leather again, but also noticed the way the white rope sank into the soft black fabric of the younger woman’s boots.


But I had a place to take them to, so I closed the van door and got into the front, listening to them try to talk to each other as I drove off.  It was a nice feeling…



Oh, and don’t worry – they were delivered safely back once the appropriate fee was paid…







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