Fur the Pleasure







When I was a young boy, I was fascinated by the pictures of women in their fur coats – looking happy, contented, and fantastic.  So, as I grew up, that fascination never went away – and in time, it became the defining motif of my career.


I am a burglar, a home invader, a thief – call me what you will, but I only target very select women, and I love it when they allow me to demonstrate how it can feel to be helpless in fur – whether they want to or not.


Funnily enough, it was not a home invasion that proved this fact to me, but a task I was assigned to retrieve a file a secretary was going to be carrying from one office to another.  I was watching in the underground car park the firm she worked for used when she appeared out of the lift – about five foot eight, long blonde hair with sunglasses on, and wearing a long grey fur coat fastened to keep the chill out.  The only other item of clothing I could see was her long black fabric boots, the heels clicking on the tarmac as she walked towards a Daimler with a slipcase under her arm.


As she unlocked her car, I walked quickly over and put the business end of a pistol against her back, telling her to face the car and put the slipcase on the roof, then her hands behind her back.  She didn’t look round, didn’t show any fear, just did as I asked, before I rook a plastic zip tie from my pocket and secured her wrists together behind her back.


I then walked her to the rear of the car, and opened the trunk, before I told her to get in.  She looked at me and then sat herself in, lying on her side as I took a second zip tie and secured her ankles together.  She looked at me, and pleaded to me not to do anything as I stared at her.


And that was it – I realized I was enjoying this assignment, but not really because of the simplicity.  It was more the expression on her face, the beads of sweat as she wriggled round  - an di closed the boot, walking away with the slipcase, but wondering if the opportunity to do something like this again would arise.




It did a few months later – I had been casing the home of a prominent businesswoman, and wondering how it would be possible to get past the security measures she had at her home, including controlled access through the garage.  It was then I conceived of kidnapping her somewhere, and making her drive me in.


The chance came as I watched her walk out of a business meeting on a crisp morning.  She had long light brown hair, and was wearing a brown fur coat over her body, although I could see her grey skirt, and the dark hose under the knee length black felt boots.


As she walked to her car, I walked behind her, pressing my gun against her back as I told her not to panic or do anything, except walk to her car, open it and sit in the passenger seat.  She nodded and did as I asked, looking at me as I said she was going to drive me to her house, and let me in, and then I would rob her and leave her for someone to find.


But first, I needed to be sure she would stay quiet – so I told her to open her mouth, and pushed my handkerchief in, before I opened the case I was carrying an d took out some clear tape.  I used that to cover her mouth, telling her not to try and remove it or she would regret it, before I walked round and sat in the front passenger seat, my gun visible to her, and told her to drive home.


IT was a nice house – detached, gate controlled, but she opened the gates and then the garage door and drove in, turning the car engine off as the garage doors closed.  I got out and opened the driver’s door, telling her to get out and stand with her hands behind her back, as I opened the case again and took out a length of rope.


It was the work of a few minutes to secure her wrists together, and then I used a longer length to start to secure her arms to her sides – and I tried to contain the way it made me feel as the ropes sank into soft fur, almost disappearing into it as I pulled the bands tighter and tighter.  She gasped as well into her gag, as I opened the door to the house and walked her inside, up the stairs and into the bedroom.


Laying her on the bed, I secured her ankles and her legs together, and then hogtied her, before I started to ransack the room, and searched the rest of the house.  When I came back to check on her, I saw the tape had started to come away because of the sweat of her struggles – but the ropes had held firm, framing her chest as the fur paled under their tension…


I had to stop myself doing something else, save for reinforcing her gag, and then leaving…




The true sensual nature of what I could do came when I broke into a city apartment, but before I could affect an escape the lady of the house came back in.  she had short brown hair, and was wearing a grey short fur jacket – so short, apart from her knee length black fabric boots I was not sure if she had anything on underneath.


I let her see my gun, and told her not to panic or raise the alarm – but I was surprised when she gave a sly smile, and said she wasn’t going to do anything to stop me as she raised her hands.  I had some thin cords with me, so I asked her to take off her coat – but she refused, and said I had to bind her in it.


So I did – starting with her wrists, which I secured together behind her back, making sure the bands held firm, and then I used a longer length to secure her arms to her sides.  As I did so, her coat opened slightly – and I was surprised to see she only had a bra and panties on underneath.


She smiled as she saw me looking at her, and said I could do what I want as I tied the ropes off, and then made her sit on the couch as I knelt down and tied her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.  I stroked her legs as I did this, and heard her sighs, as I looked at her, her eyes shining.  She was actually enjoying this?


The nod she gave told me she was, as she wriggled round, and then said I would need to gag her.  I took a scarf from my bag, rolled it into a band and tied a double knot in it, and eased that knot into her mouth before I tied the silk band round her head.


She sighed as I did this, and then wriggled round, her coat opening more and exposing her chest as she looked at me, then at them, then at me.  I nodded and then reached out with my hands, gently massaging her chest as she groaned and closed her eyes.


It didn’t get much further than that – I stole her valuables and then got out, but it sparked something in me as well, which came to something with my next home visit.




She was a model, and I had managed to empty her safe and jewellery boxes when she came in, and saw me walking down the stairs.  Her long fur coat was open, revealing her long blue silk dress with a floral print, her dark hose, her knee length black leather boots.


She looked at me as I came down, and told her not to raise the alarm as I looked at her.  I had what I needed in my bag, so I waved the gun in my hand towards the front room, and told her to walk in and pull the curtains over the windows.


As she did this, I put my bag on a chair, and then told her to kneel down facing the couch.  As she did this, I made her kneel down with her head on the seat, and then pulled her arms behind her back, tying her arms tightly together at her elbows as the fur lightened under the tight bands, and then her wrists with another length of rope.  She wriggled round as I did this, and then secured her ankles together with more rope, as well as her legs above her knees.


As I tied that last rope off, I reached round and started to massage her chest, hearing her gasp and then whisper to ask me to stop.  I asked what she would do if I did stop, and she told me she would do anything – anything.


Now, I do have some limits – not many, but some, so I told her she could do something for me.  She turned her head and asked what – and then I told her to turn round, as I lowered the zip on my pants…



Yeah, I know – but she was very, very good at it, so I only gagged her with duct tape before I left with her valuables, wriggling round in her coat as it slipped off her shoulders…




That is not to say that there were not times when I did bring those women I visited to a climax – such as the older woman I called on and surprised one evening in a penthouse apartment.


She had carefully styled grey blonde hair, and was wearing a designer dress, black with a metallic floral motif – but over that was a sheer gown with a wide fur collar, which was fastened with a tie at the front.  She looked at me, and smiled if she asked me if I was a robber.


Well, I answered honestly, and then she asked if I was going to stop her from raising the alarm.  When I said I would need to, she said she wanted me to make sure she really could not call for help – and I was to do anything to her to make her call out.


And she meant anything.


Now, on this occasion I had not brought any rope, but instead a large roll of grey tape.  It looks like duct tape, but it’s different in several crucial ways – it’s stronger, it doesn’t hurt the skin, you can wrap it round a head and you don’t need a haircut, and it sticks much better.  I showed the lady the roll, and she nodded as I told her to put her hands behind her back.


It only took me a few minutes to tape her wrists tightly together, hands palm to palm, and cover her hands as well so it looked as if she was wearing a single glove.  I then wrapped the tape round her waist, trapping her wrists against her back, and then around her upper arms as well, her overcoat opening up as I did so.  The grey band did compress the fur of her collar, but as with hair I knew it would not damage the material as she wriggled round, her coat opening up even more.


I then knelt down and taped her ankles together, as well as her legs below and above her knee, before I looked at her and gently kissed her forehead.  As I moved back, she looked at me, and then kissed me full on the lips – a kiss I returned as I realised just how passionate she was been as she twisted round.


Stopping for a moment, I removed her pearls, bracelets, rings and earrings and put them to the side, before I started to kiss her again, my hands caressing her bottom.  I then made her kneel on the floor and walked behind her, kneeling and kissing her neck and shoulders as I started to massage her chest with my hands, loving the way she moaned softly and leant back against me as I did so.


I continued to do this for a while as her moans increased in volume and intensity, and then I told her she had to be quiet, hand gagging her as I continued the massage.  She shook her head, and when I took my hand away she told me I had to keep her quiet.


So I took a sponge from my bag, compressed it and told her to open her mouth wide, and when she did so I pushed the sponge in, watching her nod as she closed her lips over it and waited while I wrapped the grey tape tightly round her head.


I then continued the massage as she wriggled round, and then gently pinched her nipples as she groaned – before I slipped my hand down between her legs, and started to stroke, play with her sex.


She pushed herself against my hand, so I laid her on her back, and lifted the skirt of her dress up, before I started to kiss her and use my tongue between her legs.  Be assured – she really enjoyed me doing that, so I kept doing it until she opened her eyes, screamed and came as I kept licking the juices that flowed out of her.


Eventually, however, she relaxed and looked at me, nodding as I left with her valuables…




My main love, though, is making sure those I visit are tightly bound and gagged in furs – and it can be much more fun when there is two of them.  I recently visited a house in the wilds, with snow falling on the ground, so I had to take care not to leave boot prints – not something that bothered the lady of the house and her daughter when they walked in on me.


The older woman was wearing a brown ermine coat over a black top and print skirt, with knee length black leather boots, and a large grey chiffon scarf under her coat and other her shoulders.  Her daughter had a white wool hat on her head, covering her blonde hair while her mother’s was uncovered.  Her brown fur coat was fastened up, the legs of her jeans tucked into her knee length leather boots.


They looked at me as I looked back, and then raised their gloved hand sin the air as ‘I pointed my gun at them, and told them to be quiet.  Looking at the older woman, I told her to take her scarf off, and use it to keep her daughter quiet.  So she removed the scarf as her daughter started crying, said she was sorry, and then rolled it up before she pulled the scarf between her daughter’s lips, tying it round her head as she stared at me.


Her daughter mumbled something as I kept my gun trained on them, and took a black scarf from my bag, handing it to the daughter and telling her to fold it, and then put it in her mother’s mouth.  She looked at me, before her mother told her to just do it, so she pushed the folded silk pad in, and then I handed her a roll of white tape, and told her to wrap it tightly round her mother’s head, covering her mouth, then hand the roll to her.


Once she had done that, I told her mother to do the same to her daughter, to cover the scarf gag.  She nodded and did that before I took the roll back, and ordered them both to kneel down on the floor, and hug each other.


When they did this, I took two lengths of cord from my bag and knelt behind her mother, crossing her daughter’s wrists and lashing them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms.  I then walked round and did the same for her mother, the two women looking at each other as they wondered what I was going to do next.


What I did next was take a much longer length of rope and tied it round their shoulders and upper arms, so that they were each more secured, and then tied more rope round them at their waists so that they were locked together there.


After that, I crossed their ankles over and tied them tightly together, before tying the mother’s ankles to her daughter’s wrists, and visa versa.  I left them there to struggled, the ropes sinking into their fur coats, as I went to search the rest of the house.


When I came back, they had fallen onto their sides, the sweat flowing off their heads as they struggled to try and get free, their coats rubbing, the sounds of their boots squeaking matched by the soft rustling of their fur coats.  I left them to their fun…



I know it’s not much, but it made me the man I am now, and the job I do.  Right now, I’m tightening the rope round the legs of a very attractive brunette, as she stares at me.  She’s wearing a red dress with a black trim, and knee length black leather boots – but those booted ankles are already tightly tied, the rope going round and between her ankles as her legs rub together, the leather squeaking.


Her upper body is just as tightly tied – her hands tied behind her back, and rope around her arms and chest, holding them firmly in place, the bands framing her chest.


She can’t say a lot either – there is a pad of sticking plaster over her mouth, and a large white cloth stuffed in behind that.  Finishing the tying, I stood her up, and then put her long brown fur coat over her, fastening the front up and tucking the empty sleeves into the pocket – before I tied more rope round it, further restraining her as it went around her upper arms, waist and legs.


I smiled as I put her over my shoulder, smacking her bottom at her very muffled protests, and carried her out to my waiting car.  The ransom would come in very hand, but I do this for the pleasure as well…









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