Mature Satisfaction







I am told you have enjoyed my recollections of some of my clients – allow me to share some more with you, along with a brief description of the situation…


The Rock Chic


Stella is in her early sixties, and as a teenager was very much into the pub rock scene of the times.  She still reflects that in the way she dresses, and in her requests for my visit.  This particular evening, I was attired as a biker, in a black leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and biker boots, watching as she walked down the street.


She was wearing a red leather jacket over a striped jumper, the jumper tucked into her faded blue jeans with a black leather belt round her waist.  The outfit was completed by thigh high red patent leather boots, her greying brown hair falling loosely over the shoulders of the jacket.


I got off the bike I was on and followed from a distance before she opened the front door of her house.  It was as she was walking in that I glanced round, ran over and put my hand over her mouth, closing the door behind me as I walked her in and told her not to struggle or scream, because I was only after one thing.


That was the agreed code word, as Stella opened her eyes wide and mumbled something into my hand.  I asked her if she would remain quiet, and when she nodded I took my hand away, and told her to walk slowly up the stairs, with her hands on her head.


As we walked up, she asked me what I was going to do, but I told her just to be quiet and go into her bedroom.  As she did, I told her to lie down on the bed, with her hands on her head, as I produced from my jacket pocket some lengths of brown rope.


Stella was trying hard not to smile as I took her left wrist, and tied one end of a length of rope round it, then stretched it up and tied it to the corner of the bed.  She had an old-fashioned metal headboard, and a smaller metal arrangement at the bottom of the bed – perfect for securing the other end of the rope to, before I walked round and tied her other wrist to the headboard as well. Her arms spread out wide as she tried to wriggle round, her jumper stretched over her chest.


I smiled at her as I took another length of cord and wrapped it round her right ankle, pulling it tight and compressing the leather around it before I pulled her leg to the side and secured it to the foot of the bed, then repeated the process on the other side so that she was spread eagled.  Stella looked at me and asked what I wanted, so I told her as I knelt between her legs, and then started to massage her chest, having moved her jacket to the sides.


She struggled under my grip, but I continued, the fingers of my gloved hand sinking into her flesh at first before I felt her breasts firm up and she started to moan.  I told her to be quiet, and she raised her head looking at me as if to say she could not.


So I went into my other jacket pocket and took out a wide roll of brown sticking plaster, tore off a long strip, and pressed it firmly down over her mouth before I lifted her jumper up, took her bra up, and started to kiss and suck on her breasts.  I heard her muffled moan as I did that, and then moved down, my lips kissing her belly as I unfastened her belt, unzipped her jeans, moved them and her panties down, and then using my lips between her legs as she started to buck and moan.


This is what she wanted – not the act of actual intercourse, but to be taken to the edge and over without, as she called it, “the messy bit.”  Not that it did not get messy – her body reacted as you might think it would, but I used my tongue to deal with that as well, before she shook and screamed as she got the release she needed.


I then untied her, and left her with her mouth taped over, taking my payment which she had left in her purse…



The Speed Freak


Brooklands was, in its day, a Mecca for UK based racing drivers, but these days it is mainly amateur drivers who go on it.  Such as Miranda – if she was a man, you might say she was having a mid-life crisis, for she had quit her high paid job and decided to have some fun.  Specifically, she had bought a silver Jag, and was down here in her new outfit.  Her grey-blonde hair fell over the shoulders of her back patent leather jacket, fastened over a black roll neck sweater.  The leather shorts had a studded belt round the waist, and he over the knee boots she was wearing were red leather.


She was quite the sight, as she walked across the parking area to the formerly mentioned Jaguar – and I was walking behind her, wearing a brown sheepskin jacket over a mustard coloured jumper, black pants, and driving gloves as well as shoes, dark glasses over my eyes.


It was as she unlocked the car, and went to get in, that I walked up behind her and pressed a cloth over her nose and mouth – a cloth soaked in a damp, sweet smelling substance.  She tried to pull it away, but I was too strong, as her eyelids fluttered and closed and she slumped into my arms.


Sitting her in the driver’s seat, I took some lengths of brown cord from my jacket pocket and quickly ensured that her ankles were secured tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees, the cords quiet visible over the red leather.  After that, I produced a roll of brown sticking plaster, tore a length free and pressed it firmly over her lips, before I opened the boot of the car.


I took a moment to ensure everything was clear, and then went back, bending her over and securing her wrists together behind her back with more twine before I lifted her out of the seat and placed her on her side in the boot.  I made sure she fitted snugly in, tying her wrists to her ankles with more twine to ensue he stayed as she was, before I covered her with a blanket and closed the lid of the boot.


Getting into the front of the car myself, I placed he handbag on the driver’s seat, and started the engine, heading away from the famous race ground at a fast, but within legal limits speed.


It was a very pleasant hour, driving round the countryside with the window down and the music playing, but all good things must come to an end, as I pulled into the driveway of her house, waiting as the garage door opened before I drove in and turned the engine off while the door closed behind me.


I opened the boot to see Miranda looking up at me, her body sweaty but her eyes smiling as I peeled the tape away and helped her to sit on the edge of the boot, then untied her.  I had done what she wanted me to do – see how popular these old television series still are?



The Anniversary


I arrived an hour earlier to make my preparations, and it was Camilla who allowed me into the house.  She had short curly grey-blonde hair, and was dressed in black – a short lace dress with a jacket over it, lace gloves, dark hose and over the knee boots.  The boots were not black, but also as dark a shade of burgundy red.


Since I was there earlier, I made sure she was ready first, inviting her to take a seat on a wooden chair and then taking her arms around the sides before I secured her wrists tightly together behind the chair back, then secured that binding to the back itself.  I then wrapped some rope around her body and the chair back to hold her into place, before I knelt in front of her and tied her ankles to the chair legs.


Finally, I rolled up a large black silk square, and pulled it between her lips, making sure she closed her rouged lips over it as I tied it tightly round her head, and then left her while I made some other preparations.




When Elizabeth came home, she was taken by surprise to see Camilla sitting in the chair, bound to it with the black scarf between her lips, but was even more surfside to see me in a black dinner suit, smiling as I invited her at gunpoint to take a seat – on Camilla. 


Camilla could not take her eyes off the other woman, in her white jacket with black trim that barely closed over the white bra.  The short skirt was also white, while her over the knee white leather boots had straps up the side, her black stockings clearly visible between the tops of the boots and the skirt.  She also had on silver fingerless gloves, her long black hair falling freely over her shoulders.


She looked at the other woman, and then smiled as she sat facing her on her lap, her legs against the back legs of the chair – which is exactly where I tied her ankles to, and then her legs to the back legs at her knees as well.  I then told Elizabeth to put her arms round Camilla, the two women looking at each other as I crossed and tied Elizabeth’s wrists together behind the chair back, then to Camilla’s.


I then took longer lengths of rope and tied the two women together, Elizabeth smiling as she gently kissed Camilla’s forehead while the ropes forced their chests to rub against each other.  Finally, I used a rolled up white scarf to cleave gag Elizabeth, leaving them to kiss each other while I made other preparations.


Specifically, to prepare and make sure the anniversary dinner was served on the dining table before I ungagged both women and served them their food.  I then left them to enjoy their company while I cleared the meal up – this was Camilla’s anniversary present to her wife…




The Loner


Many of my clients seek the pleasure of a man’s touch – something they have not been able to have for some time, if at all in any other way.  Barbara is one of those women – I visit her on a monthly basis, and act out a scenario for her.


And on this night, she was wanting something special, as I opened her kitchen door and made my way in, dressed as a home invader with a black jacket, jumper and pants, and a balaclava over my head.


Barbara was sitting in her front room, listening to some music.  Her greying black hair was cut short, and she was wearing large metal earrings as well as rings on her fingers, but it was her clothing I admired.  She was wearing a tight pink velvet top with a round neck, pink leggings with a black Nordic pattern, and over the knee black patent leather boots.  So when I put a gloved hand over her mouth, she gasped with a mixture of surprise and pleasure.


I whispered into her ear to do whatever I said, and she would not be harmed, and as she nodded I held a small velvet bag in front of her, and told her to put her jewellery into it.  So in went the earrings, the rings, and her bracelets, all the time her lips moving on my hand as she tried to speak.  I then told her to remove her glasses, which she did, putting them to the side on a table before she looked up at me.


I smiled, and told her to kneel on the floor and face the couch when I removed my hand.  She nodded and did what I asked, watching as I walked behind her and knelt down before opening a bag I had in my hand.  From it, I took out a length of cord and guided her hands behind her back, before I used it to bind her elbows together.  She gasped as I did this, the binding pulling her shoulders back and her chest out, before I used a second length of cord to secure her wrists tightly together.


She wriggled her fingers as I tied the rope off, and then looked over her shoulder as I put her ankles together and secured them as well, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on the patent leather while I took the cords around and between her legs.


I then secured her legs together above her knees as well as below, Barbara breathing deeply as I secured her legs tightly together, and then she gasped softly as I helped her to raise her upper body, my hands stroking to her as I did so.  I then took a long length of rope, and wrapped it around her upper body, forcing her arms against her back and then her chest even more out as the ropes framed it above, below – and then at the sides and between them as I fashioned a rope bra.  I could actually see her nipples under the tightly stretched velvet by the time I had finished.


So when I started to play with her chest, she gasped softly, telling me to stop, telling me not to do this, but I kept going, before I fetched one more thing out of my bag.  It was a red rubber ball, with leather straps at either side – a ball I eased into her mouth and then fastened the straps tightly round her head.


I then smiled as I knelt behind her, my hands gently massaging her chest as she wriggled round in an attempt to get out of my grip.  There was a soft squeaking sound as her legs rubbed together, but she was also moaning as I felt her in her struggles, actually pushing her chest into my hands as she did so, my fingers kneading into her flesh as I noticed her nipples were hardening.


She noticed it as well, as I gently pinched them and she groaned, putting her head back against me as her fingers stroked over my crotch – and felt how I was responding as well, nodding as I squeezed more firmly, and pinched her nipples.  She squealed at that as she wriggled round, rubbing against me as well as I kissed her neck, and then started to ease her leggings down, before I moved my hand down between her legs and felt how ready she was.


So when I lowered my pants, and took the necessary precautions, she moaned as I slipped into her, and gripped me as I kept going…




The rest of that evening is personal…



The Farmer’s Wife


A Thursday afternoon, a farmhouse in the beautiful Lake District, and a wife whose husband and sons were busy out on the farm, so she had a couple of hours her time – time to express herself.


So when I knocked on the farmhouse door, I smiled to see her standing there.  She had long curled black hair, which fell over the shoulders of her pale blue lace dress – her white underwear just about visible under it.  She was also wearing a pair of knee length blue leather boots with a wedge sole, dark stockings covering the visible parts of her legs.


She looked at me, in my country rambler’s clothes, and then at the small gun in my hand, smiling as she raised her hands and stepped back in.  I put the rucksack I was holding on the table, and told her to turn round and put her hands behind her back, watching as she did so before I took a length of brown rope from the bag and secured her wrists tightly together.


I then took a longer length of rope and secured her arms into her sides, before I made her walk up the stairs and into the main bedroom, forcing her to sit on the bed and watch as I crossed and secured her ankles tightly together with rope, and then secured her legs below her knees before I made her stand up again.


She looked at me as I wrapped a length of rope around her waist, pulled it tight and then let the ends drop to the floor – before I reached between her legs and pulled the rope through, hiking her skirt up and making it rub on her most sensitive area as I secured the rope to her chest binding.


She wriggled round and moaned softly as the ropes rubbed on her, before I made her lie face down and bent her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes before she rolled onto her side.  A sponge stuffed into her mouth, and silver tape over that, meant she could spend the rest of her down time in silent enjoyment before her family came back in.


And don’t worry – her husband knew…



The Shopping trip


Grace is a compulsive shopper – her personal joy is to spend a whole day in the stores on Oxford Street, not necessarily buying everything, but trying many things.  She’s in her late fifties, but dresses like a younger woman – and on this Saturday, that meant a black dress with a thin black leather belt around her waist, and thigh high red leather boots that had a three inch block heel.


The assistants were most accommodating as they helped Grace to select some clothes, and then let her go into the changing area, not saying a word about her choice of skirts and tops.  Particularly the short lilac coloured skirt she was carrying, as she went into the booth and drew the curtain over the entrance.


She looked in the mirror, twisting from side to side with the skirt in front of her, and then turned round – which was when I moved the two-way mirror to the side and grabbed her from behind, a latex gloved hand over her mouth as I pulled her back, the mirror automatically sliding back into place.


Oh how she struggled, but I held her firm, telling her to calm down and I promised not to hurt her.  Eventually, she calmed down, as I took my hand away and took her hands behind her back.  The plastic zip tie made a ratcheting noise as I used it to hold her wrists firmly together, and then turned her round, letting her see me before I told her to open her mouth and I pushed the folded silk square in there.


She closed her lips, not moving as I pressed the clear tape carefully over her mouth, making sure there were no tell-tale creases or air bubbles to show she was gagged, before I opened the mirror up and put her long black coat over her body, fastening it so that her arms were covered and then walked her out of the changing area, nodding to the assistants as we left.


I then walked her through the shop and out onto the street, Grace looking from side to side as the breeze blew through her wavy black hair.  She was wondering if anybody would notice, and as nobody did she was starting to feel a nice, warm feeling.


I didn’t say a word – t was not my job to do that today, but to escort her onto the Tube at Tottenham Court Road, taking the Northern line to Golders Green and then along the road to her house.  When we went in, I removed her coat, and then used the silver tape I had in my coat pocket to secure her arms to her sides, then cut away the plastic strip and taped her wrists together.


I then made her lie on the long couch, and taped her legs from her ankles to her knees, before I covered the clear tape on her mouth with silver tape.


She was happy with that – never underestimate the thrill of been held captive and nobody noticing…


The Proposal


She was wearing a black silk jacket, held closed by a wide matching belt around her waist, faded blue jeans and over the knee brown leather boots with a snakeskin print and three inch stiletto heels.  Her long blonde hair fell loosely over her shoulders, as she sketched on a pad and looked into the distance.


So when I put a gloved hand over her mouth and told her not to panic, her eyes shot open and she struggled, but my grip remained firm as I told her to calm down.  Eventually, she did just that, as I told her to open her mouth and not say anything.  When she did that, I pushed a compressed yellow sponge ball into her mouth, and then tore a strip of white micropore tape from a roll and pressed it firmly down over her mouth.


When I asked her, she leaned forward and put her hands behind her back, not resisting as I crossed her wrists and bound them tightly together with soft white rope, and then wrapped more rope around her upper body, forcing her arms into her sides and framing her chest as her jacket opened slightly, revealing the black bra she was wearing.


Once I had those ropes tied off, I walked round and knelt in front of her, binding her ankles tightly together and then her legs below her knees, making sure I cinched each band between her legs as I did so.  She looked at me as I did this, and then made her kneel on the floor, before I tied a final length of rope from her wrists to her ankles as I looked to the door.


“Ah good – my turn.”


She looked up to see the older woman standing in the doorway, wearing a crisp white blouse with a frilled front, tight black pants and tan leather over the knee boots that hugged her legs.  She nodded as my first bound and gagged woman looked at her, then at me as I walked behind her and took her hands behind her back, binding them tightly together as she looked at the blonde.


“I’m glad you could be here,” she said as I tied the ropes off, and then used a longer length to bind her upper body, securing her arms and framing her chest as I did so.  “I wanted to thank you for these last five wonderful, amazing years.”


Htssbhnehdhrfhll” the blonde said as she wriggled round, wondering what was happening as I tied the ropes off, and then made the second woman kneel in front of her, before I started to bind her ankles together.


“Which is why I wanted you here, like this, unable to stop me from doing what I am going to do,” she said as I tied the ropes off, and then started to bind her legs below her knees.  “I want us to move to the next stage.”


The blonde looked at the second woman as she tilted her head to the side, and then gasped as she said “will you marry me?”  I watched for a few moments, and then smiled as the blonde nodded.


“Thank you – we’ll talk after this,” the second woman said before I pushed a compressed sponge into her mouth and taped over her lips, the two of them pressing their covered mouths together as I unfastened and pulled down the pants, then the panties of both women – and used a very special double headed device to add to their pleasure before I let them alone…







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