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“Please, give it up for Tokyo Girls!”


The young crowd went wild as the three piece female band came on the stage.  Emiko, the lead singer and guitarist, smiled as she looked out over the full auditorium and said “Are you ready to rock?”


The cheer back told her all she needed to know as Midori beat out a rhythm on the drums and they launched into their first song.  The girls dressed in a similar style, but differently enough for their fans to tell them apart.


Emiko was wearing a black jacket, the sleeves turned up to her elbows with the white lining showing, over a black waistcoat and white blouse, a bootlace tie loosely hanging around her neck.  A pair of tight black riding breeches and knee length black riding boots completed her outfit, with a black and white spotted handkerchief tucked into her jacket pocket.


Koemi played the keyboards, her long chestnut brown hair hanging loose while the other two had theirs pulled back in ponytails.  She and Midori were wearing blouses made of the same design as Emiko’s handkerchief, gents dress jackets and waistcoats, breeches and knee length leather boots, but while Koemi was dressed in black, Midori was wearing a white jacket and waistcoat, and her breeches had wide white stripes at the side of the leg.


They played their songs, the crowd cheering them on, unaware of the two men waiting in the wings to talk to them once the show was over…



“Thank you and good night,” Midori shouted as the set finished, and the three girls made their way back stage, entering the dressing room and sighing as they almost threw themselves onto the green chairs.  They look as if they belonged in an airport at a gate but they were the only seats in the room.


“Good crowd,” Koemi said, both Emiko and Midori nodding in agreement, “but I am glad that is over.  When does the coach leave for the next gig?”


“We got a couple of hours,” Emiko said, “enough time for those relaxation exercises that I told you about.”


“Oh yeah – the stretching exercises,” Midori said, “what’s the first one?”


“It is very simple,” Emiko said as she faced the other two, “simply stretch your legs out, point your toes up, and move your ankles together gently from side to side.”


She demonstrated as the other two watched, Midori shaking her head slightly as she said “I do not see how that can help relax – and how do you ensure you keep your ankles together.”


“It takes practice,” Emiko said, “shall I show you how I learned?”


The two girls watched as she removed her bootlace tie, and wrapped it around and between her legs, securing her ankles together so that she could not move them apart.


“You learned by tying your ankles together,” Koemi said.


“that’s right – it’s actually fun to do it.”


“Well, we are glad to hear that – don’t move, any of you.”


The three girls suddenly turned to see two large, strong looking men standing there, looking at the over scarves which covered the lower half of their faces.  One of the men was carrying a large canvas bag, while the other had a shotgun in his hand, levelled at the three girls.


“Remain calm, do as we say, and there will be no bother,” the man with the gun said.  “Give those two fine ladies a length of rope each.”


“What’s going on,” Midori said as she stood up, only to sit again as the second man pushed her down, before handing her and Koemi a length of brown cord.


“You both saw what your friend did to her ankles,” the armed man said, “so you tie her wrists together behind her back, and you tie her ankles together while she takes care of your friend – and make it tight.


“You would not us to have to tighten it.”


“I’m sorry, but I must do this,” Koemi said as she turned Emiko round and crossed her wrists behind her back, before she wrapped the rope around them, trying to ignore the squeak of the tie around her friend’s ankles as they rubbed together, or the constriction she was feeling as her own ankles were bound by Midori.


“It’s all right, I know you can’t do anything about it,” Emiko said as she felt the rope biting into her wrists, and then sat round, watching as Midori was handed a second length of rope.


“Now you can tie your friend’s wrists behind her back,” the armed man said, Midori sitting and taking Koemi’s wrists behind her as the second man knelt and started to bind her own ankles together. 


“Why are you doing this,” Midori asked as she tried to make the wrist binding as comfortable as possible, before her own wrists were taken behind her back and lashed together.


“Do not worry – you will find out soon enough,” the armed man said as his ‘friend’ took more lengths of rope, and started to bind the legs of each of the girls together below their knees, the leather squeaking like mad as their boots rubbed against each other.


“All right,” the armed man said as he laid the gun down, “all three of you, on the floor, kneeling and facing the chairs.”


Slowly, with not a lot of dignity, the girls managed to kneel down, the other two watching as the man took a long length of rope from the bag and started to bind Midori’s arms to her side, wrapping it tightly around her torso above and below her chest, forcing her jacket open and making her chest strain at the top of her waistcoat as it was forced up and out.


“Does it have to be so tight,” she grunted as he passed the rope under an arm, around the back of her neck and under the other arm, then she turned and noticed the second man binding Koemi’s arms in the same way, her breath coming in short pants as he pulled the rope tighter and tighter.


“I don’t understand – please, tell us why you are doing this,” Emiko said as the first man tightened the ropes around her friend, tied them off in the centre of her back, and then walked over, using more rope to bind her own arms to her side.


“If you don’t shut up, little lady, I’m going to make you shut up,” the man said as the ropes pulled tightly around her chest, making her waistcoat burst open as her arms were forced into her side.


“Oh dear, we made her outfit break,” the second man said, “what do you think we should do about that?”


“We’ll think of something,” the armed man said as he pulled the ropes tight and secured the ends together, before going back to the bag and taking out three large scarves, as well as a roll of white tape.


“Time to rest your voices,” he said as he balled a scarf up, and pulled Emiko’s hair, pushing the scarf into her mouth as she opened it to scream and then winding the tape tightly round her head to seal it into place.


“Now, let’s see if that worked,” he said as he reached round and grabbed the young girl’s chest, her eyes widening as she struggled to try and escape his groping, but only succeeding in forcing his hands more firmly against her breasts.


“Nplslddnntt,” she mumbled, as Koemi had a second scarf pushed into her mouth, and then the tape wrapped tightly round her head, trapping her brown hair against her neck as the man wrapped more and more into place.


“Hmggdplssss,” she moaned as she felt his hands on her own chest, her nipples hardening under his fingers despite her brain screaming at them not to.  Despite her fear, there was a feeling growing in her as she closed her eyes, hoping the other two did not notice…


Midori grunted as the rape stuck to her cheek, and then she felt his hands on her own chest, pressing firmly into her flesh as she moaned.  She was ready to enjoy this, but she would enjoy it even more if it was Emiko’s hands that were caressing and squeezing her chest…


“Stand them up – we have one more thing to do before we ship them out.”


“Shptthmmutt,” Koemi moaned as she and the other two were forced to their feet, and then she felt more rope being wrapped round her waist.  At first she had no idea why he would do this, but then she felt his hand between her thighs, the rope passing between her legs, and then pressing up…


“HMGDDD” she shouted out as the rope pressed on her crotch, forcing her pants against it as it was tied off to her wrists.  She looked from side to side as her friends were given the rope as well, and then the masked man went and looked to the door.


The trio watched as a third man wheeled in a large laundry trolley, and one by one they were rather unceremoniously dumped inside, a large sheet placed over them before they were wheeled out…




How long passed before the sheet was removed, none of them knew, but the journey had been accompanied by their moans as they tried to move, and the fact their bodies were reacting to where the ropes were rubbing. 


They were lifted out and placed on what looked like their stage setting, Midori behind the drums, Koemi at the keyboard and Emiko at the front, but held in their places by a leather belt that went around their waists, and was fastened to the floor by two heavy chains.


“Well done everyone,”  a tall African man said as he looked at them, “they will fetch a fine price for the discerning music lover at the next auction.  Objects of Beauty thank you for joining us, ladies, and hops you enjoy the evening.”







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