Not A Robbery – After Party








The two women laughed as they made their way out of the main party room, before they paused and kissed each other.  Margaret was in her early forties, with long blonde hair, and was wearing a black dress with elbow length sleeves that had a cut pattern down the sides of the arms.  The dress barely covered her bottom, so that the tops of her patterned tights were visible, while her lower legs were in a pair of tight dark burgundy red leather boots.


Magda was also blonde, her business partner and her personal one.  Two years younger, she was wearing a grey leather sleeveless dress, the front cut to support and emphasise her breasts, and long black opera gloves.  Her tights sparkled in the subtle light, her grey fabric boots zipped up to her knees.


“How about we go back to our penthouse,” Margaret breathed into Magda’s ear, “and I can show you a truly fantastic time.”


“Well, when you put it so nicely,” Magda giggled in her Polish accent, as they made their way to the front door.  Their car was waiting outside, but as Margaret looked at the driver she said “where is Charles?”


“He was taken ill,” the man said as he opened the door.  He was tall, thin, looked to be a little older than the other two women with short greying hair, and was in the required grey suit, white short, dark tie, peaked cap…


“Oh – well, let him know we hope he is better soon,” Magda said as they climbed into the back of the car, the man closing the door and smiling as he watched Margaret putting her arms round her partner, stroking her arms as she kissed her neck…


“I trust it was a pleasant party, ladies?”


“We can’t complain,” Margaret said as she replied to the softly spoken question.  “Do you have plans for after you have dropped us off?”


“I do indeed…”


As the car moved along the streets, he listened to them giggling and laughing in the back of the car, and then saw in the rear view mirror as Magda slowly fell asleep, Margaret shaking her head as she said “would you mind bringing her up to the penthouse for me?”


“Of course Madame,” the man said as he pulled into the underground car park, parking and then opening the door for Margaret to get out, before he lifted Magda effortlessly in his arms and said “which way, Madame?”


“This way,” she said with a smile as she walked to an elevator, the man watching carefully as he carried the sleeping Magda in and then watched as she punched a sequence of numbers into the keypad in the car itself, smiling as they travelled straight to the penthouse and Margaret opened the day.  She disabled the alarm, and indicated a chaise longue, putting her purse down as he laid her lover gently down and stood back.


“Well, I think that’s everything,” Margaret said as she turned to walk to the kitchen, “if you ohhhgdddd!”


Her change in tone and expression came as the man walked behind her and put one hand over her mouth, the other arm round her waist as he said “I want you to remain calm and quiet, do not scream, do not struggle.  I have no intention to harm you, merely to make your evening come to a very pleasurable end.”


“Whtdhhuhmhnn,” Margaret mumbled as her lips moved on his hand.


“You will see, if you remain quiet.  Will you do so?”


She struggled for a few minutes, and then slowly nodded as the man walked her over to a long couch opposite Magda.  “When ‘I remove my hand,” he said quietly, “lie face down, and out your hands behind your back.  I need to ensure you remain secure while I fetch some things from the car.”




“You will see – now, lie down please.”


Margaret was shaking now, unsure of what was going to happen as she lay down and felt him crossing her wrists behind her back, then heard the rasp, felt the thin plastic strip as he secured her wrists together with a zip tie.  A second one forced her ankles together, before he pulled them back and used a third zip tie to secure them to her wrists.


“Please, if you are going to rob me, just do it,” she whispered – and then she was taken by surprise as a strip of tape was pressed over her mouth, before the man gently patted her bottom and said “wait there – it is going to be wonderful.”


She rolled onto her side and watched as he removed her phone from her purse, and put it in his suit pocket, before he disconnected the main phone and left her struggling.  As she looked on, he walked into the lift, turned and smiled as the doors closed, and she watched it go down.


“Mhhghddd?  Mhghddhhwhkhp,” she mumbled as she started to struggle on the couch, her boots squeaking as they rubbed against each other.  The thin plastic rubbed on the bare skin of her wrists, as she watched the indicator on the elevator slowly descend – and then a few minutes later, start to come back up again.


“Margaret?  Why are you like that?”


She looked back over to the recliner to see Margaret lying on her side, one hand under her cheek as she looked at her lover.  “Did you do that to yourself lover?  I gotta admit, you look hot pretending to struggle like that.”


“Hmnhhtprhthhndhn” Margaret mumbled through the tape as she tested round, “Ufgghtthhshllthephllhsss.”


“Now what was that you said,” Magda whispered as she stood up, walked slowly over and knelt in front of Margaret, putting her palm on her cheek, “I’ll play if you want?”


Margaret could see the elevator door open over Magda’s shoulder, the man walking back quietly in with a bag in one hand, and an amused expression as Magda continued “I just want to kiss you like that…”


“Nhhhghtthhtt,” Margaret mumbled as Magda put her hands on her cheeks, and then gently kissed her taped lips – before she felt the hand over her own mouth, and heard the man say “well, this is nice – don’t shout or scream, just do as I say, and I promise it will be a wonderful experience.”


Magda slowly nodded as she looked at Margaret, before the man said quietly “good – I want you to put your hands behind your back, and when I take my hand away, open your mouth.”


“Hllrhttt,” she mumbled as she moved her hands behind her, and opened her lips, trying not to retch as a cloth was pushed in behind her teeth, holding her tongue down before thin stocking was pulled between her lips.  It pulled back at the corners of her mouth as it was tied round her head, before she felt him stroking his hands down her arms, and then the rope as it was pulled tightly round her arms, at her elbows, forcing them together.


Margaret could only watch Magda as her arms were secured together, forcing her chest out as the dress threatened to burst out – and then she saw him take another length of rope from the bag next to him.  Magda looked at her as she felt the rope over her wrists, forcing them together as it went around and between her arms, and whispered “hw…  Hwdhhhlhklhkths?”


“Hnshttly?”  Margaret looked at her, and then said “Ehwehntnthkhsshuh.”  She then felt Magda’s lips on her own as she kissed her, and then smiled as the ropes were tied off.  She then gasped as the ropes were passed round her body, forcing her arms against her back as it was taken round above and below her chest, framing them as her dress started to slip off her breasts.


“Whthhrudhhnnn,” Magda moaned as the ropes were pulled tighter, forcing her chest out as the straps slipped down her arms, exposing her bare breasts as the grey silk moved to the side.  Margaret could only watch as the man took the rope over one shoulder, noticing the latex gloves on his hands as he fed the rope under and round the lower band of rope between her breasts, and then took it over her other shoulder, pulling it up so that it acted as a rope bra before he secured the ends behind her girlfriend’s back.


Magda groaned as she wriggled round, feeling him put her ankles together and then the pressure on them as he bound them with yet more rope, taking it around and between her legs and locking them to each other.  He then secured her legs below her knees, before Margaret watched him reach round and begin to massage her chest, his hands sinking into her flesh as Magda closed her eyes and started to moan.  She could feel her body responding in kind, her breasts firming under his assault on them as a fire started to burn inside her.


She involuntarily started to push herself into his hands, feeling the fingers press even more formyl as he started to gently kiss her neck and shoulders.  The ropes rubbing on her chest were also doing something to her – and she knew it wasn’t just the way it forced her breasts out so that he could do whatever he wanted to them.


They were making her feel light headed, strange, hot, flustered – and yes, aroused  as she groaned again, her head falling back onto his chest as Margaret looked at her, desiring her more than ever…


“Whtshhphnnhn,” Margaret moaned as she wriggled on the couch, watching Magda as her body moved in time to the massage, the man gently kissing her neck and body before he lay her on the ground, watching as he started to move his mouth down her body and kissing her the whole time.  She was the one who should be doing that, the one gently kissing her breasts as she held them, the one starting to suck on her nipples as Magda let out a long, low moan and closed her eyes – but it wasn’t, it was him.


Magda was slowly descending into herself as he body responded to his kisses and caresses – she had no way of stopping herself, even though she knew it was wrong.  Not just because she was powerless to stop him, or just that it was a man – but that Margaret was not the one doing this, having to watch as she responded despite her thoughts and fears. The heat was growing inside her, the passion, as her body started to glow from the sweat.  She twisted round, the ropes rubbing even more as she lay on her back, her arms immobile but her fingers twitching as small electric shocks ran up and down her body with each increase of pressure.


Margaret was sweating as well as she tried to move, the plastic on her wrists rubbing on them, as she wondered what he was going to do next - and what he was likely to do to her…


Magda slowly arched her back as he continued to tease on her firm nipples, licking them with his tongue before he sucked on her, and she wriggled more as she felt the dampness between her legs.  He was making her feel so aroused, so special…  and then she felt his hand move under her skirt as she twisted more, pulling her panties and hose down as he stroked a gloved finger up her clit.  He looked at her as her eyes opened wide and smiled as he said “you are enjoying this, aren’t you?  Do not be afraid to admit it.”


Magda slowly nodded as she pushed her hips up, and then gasped into the gag as he played with her petals, slipping with ease past them and entering her with his fingers, moving them in and out as he discovered those sweet, special spots only Margaret had found before now…


And Margaret could see that as well, as she twisted her head round, the tape slowly coming away from her mouth as she said “Phllssshmhghhod please, what are you doing?”


Magda looked at her as a small shiver ran through her while his finger gently stroked the walls of her passage, before he looked at Margaret and whispered “You would prefer to be doing this, I know, and your chance will come…”  He then moved his fingers in and out more vigorously, Magda finding her breath coming in short nasal gasps as she groaned and shivered, shivered and groaned, a fire between her legs growing in intensity and strength as she felt herself starting to come to a peak…




Margaret started to cry as Magda arched her back, her body shaking as she felt the juices run over his hand, but he kept going, until she slumped to the ground, then removed his hand from under her skirt and slowly licked the gloved fingers.


“Magda… My love, are you…”  As Margaret watched, her girlfriend opened her eyes and slowly nodded while the man walked back to the bag, and returned with more ropes and something else – a white lozenge, which he pressed on the side and then slipped past Magda’s petals and inside her.  She could feel the vibrations as he tied a rope round her waist and between her legs, the ropes pressing on her clit and keeping the device inside, and then rolled her onto her side, pulling her ankles back and securing them to the crotch rope as Margaret watched.


And then saw him smile as he walked over to her, bringing the bag with him as Magda rolled on the floor.  He sat her up and walked behind her, reaching down and grabbing the hem of her top from behind and then pulling it up and over her head, then down her arms as he exposed the black strapless bra she was wearing.


She had watched him do what he did to Magda, and knew something similar was likely to happen to her, as she whispered “please, don’t do this…”  It was useless, however, as she saw the white rope pass round her body and arms, before it was pulled tight and forced her arms against her body, the band sitting on top of her bare flesh below her chest.


As the rope was wrapped round her, she felt her arms forced even more tightly against her body, the bands rubbing on her breasts as they were pulled tighter and tighter, and she started to understand something of what had happened to Magda.  She looked over at her, on her side on the floor, pulling her ankles to and fro as she glistened in the dim light, her near-naked body shaking time and time again, and wondered if she would end up like that as well.


She tried to twist round, but it was no use – she felt him secure the rope behind her, and then taking it under one arm, pulling it up as the bands tightened on that side and then lifting her hair out of the way as he took it around the back of the neck.  He then fed it under the other arm, the back of his gloved hands stroking over the bra and her breasts as he pulled it tight and then secured it again.


She was unable to move her arms now as Magda screamed mutely again and shivered, then relaxed as she felt the plastic strip being cut away from her wrists – and then the jumper moving over them as it was pulled off, the rope as they were resecured, going around and between her limbs before the ends were secured.  She flexed her fingers, but they found nothing – as the man walked round and knelt in front of her, smiling as he reached under her skirt and pulled her panties and hose down.


She knew now how damp she was – the shivers as he looked at her while his hands moved down his legs, and the darker patch in the centre of her panties as they lay down at the top of her boots.  He then took the scissors and cut them away, folding them and inhaling the scent before he said “You need to be quiet again – open your mouth.”


“Oh god, No…  No….”


“hush,” he said quietly as with his other hand he gently squeezed her left breast, Margaret opening her mouth to protest, and instead tasting the sweet dampness as he pushed her panties into her mouth, before he took the tape and wrapped it tightly round her head, covering her lips and making sure they stayed in place as her blonde hair was forced against the back of her neck.  He then put both hands on her chest, massaging and groping her breasts as he watched her open her eyes wide and protest, but then slowly close them as she felt her body starting to respond as well.  She tried to control her breathing, inhaling and exhaling through her nose, but  as she did she entwisted her legs round, the red leather squeaking as she wondered what he was going to do next…


She keened back, resting on the couch support as she tried to comprehend what was happening – her girlfriend shaking once more on the floor, but she was shaking now as well, the feeling as the flesh of her chest began to firm up, the way her nipples were becoming more and more sensitive as her bra rubbed on them.


No – as the air hit them when he cut her bra away, his gloved fingers gently squeezing them as he started to kiss her neck and bare shoulders.  She wanted in her mind to tell him to stop, but her body was craving something else, and she was finding it hard to push those feelings down…


“whtahhruhdhnnhnthmhhh” she groaned as she twisted her head from side to side, his legs astride hers as his hands caressed and squeezed, her body involuntarily forcing itself against them as she struggled in his control.  Magda rolled onto her side and watched, a tear slowly trickling down her cheek.  She understood what Margaret was feeling inside her, those urges, that animal instinct that seemed to take control of her as well…


“Hmhdhrrhlhrdd” Margaret said as she started to twist round, forcing his hands to move over her chest as his fingers sunk even more into the firming flesh – and then his lips on her nipples, sucking gently as he drew them out, his tongue running over the surface which suddenly seem dot react like ice water was running over a heated stone, such was the sensations in Margaret’s mind.


She then watched as he moved down her body, stroking her legs as he kissed them and then cut her ankles free, before he lifted her left ankle up and put it on the couch, placing it against her thigh before he took more rope and secured one to the other, her skirt riding down as well.  Her right leg was secured in the same way, her legs spread wide as Margaret wondered what he was going to do as he spread her legs apart.


And then she found out, as he placed his head between her legs and kissed her on her clit, her body shaking now as he kissed and licked her there.  She was well aware of just how damp she was, but not of how sensitive that had made her there – and as she put her head back and groaned involuntarily, she discovered the very real answer to that question.  She was incredibly sensitive there, as he moved his mouth over her, kissing her, licking her, and making her grind against his face as he did so.


She did not want this to happen – and yet she wanted it to happen.  She just wanted it to be someone – anyone else.  She really wanted it to be Magda, to feel the touch of her lips or her fingers there, but as she heard her partner scream again and saw her shaking through misty eyes, she was aware it could not be her.  That it was a man…


That did not seem to matter anymore, as she moved her hips, felt his lips pressing more firmly, his tongue as it moved over her clit, tasting her, teasing her, working her to a peak – and then he slipped into her with his tongue.  For Magda, he had used his fingers, and Margaret had expected the same thing to happen to her – but this was so different, so much more arousing, the way he was working his tongue past those petals to her sex, and now teasing her inside as well as out.


More than that – she was burning at his work on her, and she wanted that fire to be put out, by any means necessary.  She felt the heat rising, felt the electricity running through her as well, and called out “HMSHSHHRREEEE” as it finally overwhelmed her.


She felt the flow from her as her whole body shook, but he did not stop, he kept going, licking her, taking it into himself as he continued to kiss and help her along, until she finally slumped, feeling for the first time the cold sweat on her body as she twisted round.


As her vision slowly unblurred, she saw him stand up, smiling as he slipped her off the couch and onto the floor, her head falling against the cushions as she wondered what he would do next.  She could not move, partly through exhaustion, partly because of the way she was tied - and then she saw him carry Magda over and place her so that her head was against her crotch, Magda looking up and then rubbing her taped mouth on Margaret as she groaned again.


The man watched them both, the one he had hogtied rubbing on her partner as the crotch rope and vibrator worked on her, and then collected his bag, smiling as he walked away and left them to their pleasure and bondage as he entered the elevator….








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