Not A Robbery – At Home







Elsa sat in her chair, sipping her glass of white wine as she looked at the clock on the mantlepiece.   It was only six in the evening, and she was BORED!


As she twisted round, her short black leather skirt squeaked as it moved on the deep red leather of the couch.  The tops of her stockings were visible, the feet encased in a pair of black mid-calf leather boots, a black cardigan over her long sleeved purple top with a cowl neck.


“I just wish something would happen,” she said to herself as she stood up, “the others aren’t back for at least another hour, and even then…”  Stretching her arms up and yawning, she looked round and then walked out into the hallway, figuring some snacks may change her downbeat mood.


What she was not expecting was the hand that clamped over her mouth, the bare skin on her lips, or the male voice that said “don’t struggle, don’t call for help.  Do as I say, and you’ll be fine – understand?”


Elsa slowly nodded, taken completely by surprise by what was happening, as the man said “Good – thank you.  When I take my hand away, put your hands behind your back, and stand still.”


“Who…  Who are you,” she whispered as the hand came away, and then she felt someone cross her wrists behind her back, rope around them as they were secured firmly together.


“That’s not really that important – what is important is that you do exactly what I tell you,” the voice said – quietly, in a steady calm tone, but somehow that made it even more frightening to Ella.  She nodded as the ropes were tugged tighter, and then she felt hands on her arms.


“Walk in front of me, to your bedroom.”


“Oh god, please…”


“Do as I say, and no harm will come to you, I promise.  Take me to your bedroom.”


“Probably wants what few jewels I’ve got,” Ella thought to herself as she walked forward and to the staircase.  Her red-brown hair was combed to one side, and as she climbed the stairs she was aware of the footfall behind her as well.


As they walked into her room, she heard the man say “that’s good” and a thump on the floor.  She then saw the blue sleeves on the shirt as he reached round and pulled her cardigan back, don her arms and hanging on the ropes before more rope was passed around her body, and her arms were drawn to her sides, two bands of rope framing her chest as they were pulled tighter.  She could feel the fabric of her top as it was stretched, but she had no choice.


It was when the hands came round again, and started to gently massage her breasts, that she whispered “please – don’t do that, I don’t want you to do that…”


“Why – is it unpleasant?  Does it feel bad?”


“Yes…  No…”  Ella closed her eyes as the fingers kneaded her breasts, a strange feeling starting to run through her as she felt something change in her…


“Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you could not say anything.”


“What do you mean by that,” Ella whispered as she started to feel a shiver, and then hands going under her skirt, pulling down her panties to the ground and then lifting her feet one by one.  Surely, surely he would not…


She then saw the pink silk in the hand, waiting in front of her mouth as he said “open wide…”




“Yes,” the voice whispered as Ella closed her mouth shut- and then yelped as her nipple was squeezed, before she tasted the silk and her body on her tongue while the wad was pushed in.  there was a soft squishy sound, and then she felt tape as it was pressed over her mouth, keeping the wad inside before the massage of her chest continued.


It was a strange, new feeling, as she started to feel weak at the knees – so when the man walked her over to the bed, and made her lied down on it, she offered no resistance, as first her ankles, and then her legs below her knees, were secured together, the rope going around and between her limbs.  It was as she was rolled over that she saw the man for the first time.


He was tall, thin, with greying hair, and casually dressed, as he looked at her and smiled, before pulling her top up, exposing her bra as the material slipped under the ropes.  Ella looked up, shaking her head as he continued groping her chest, but also unable to deny the feelings inside her, especially when he slipped her bra up, and started to kiss her breasts, sucking gently on her nipples.


“Hmmhgghddd,” she mumbled as she closed her eyes, twisting round as he kissed and licked her.  She wanted it to stop, and she didn’t want it to stop at the same time…


He then started to move down her body, as she looked at him, and then groaned as he lifted her skirt up, and kissed her bare clit.  Ella was beginning to lose control now as she twisted round, a fire burning slowly in her as his lips played with her, and then his tongue stroked up.  As she arched her bag, she was aware of how damp she was starting to feel, and then his tongue eased past her petals, entering her passage and licking her inside as it reached those most sensitive spots…


It didn’t take long for her to reach an orgasm, shaking as she screamed into the gag, the man continuing to use his tongue on her as she gave what she had…


As she slumped, she was barely aware of him tying more rope round her waist, and then rolling her over, pulling her ankles back and then the sweet pressure as the rope was pressed between her lips.  As her ankles were secured to that rope, he said “you are free to pleasure yourself now – I believe your sister has returned.”


Ella could hear the footsteps downstairs – one of her sisters had indeed returned, but as she rolled over and struggled, the ropes rubbed on her again, and she began to be distracted…




“Are you sure your sisters will not mind?”


“Katy, they won’t mind,” Barbara said as she put her handbag on the couch, “we love to have company, and I wanted to discuss something with my best pupil.”


“Well, if you say so, Miss Cartwright…”


“Barbara – call me Barbara,” the older woman said as she looked at the twenty year old.  Katy was wearing a grey sweater, and jeans with the legs tucked into grey boots, while Barbara wore a blue tunic top with a patterned edge and sides, jeans and brown boots.


“All right Barbara,” Katy said quietly, “so what do you want to discuss?”


Barbara walked over, putting her hand on Katy’s cheek as she said “well, what would you…  Katy, what’s wrong?”




Barbara turned round to see the man in the doorway, pointing a gun at both of them as he said “please, do not scream or raise the alarm.  Do as I say, you both will be fine – in fact, better than fine.  Your sister is upstairs – you don’t want her to be hurt, do you?”


“What’s going on Barbara,” Katy said quietly as she gripped the older woman’s arm.


“I see you are friends – why don’t we play a little game,” the man said with a smile. 


“What sort of game?”


“A fun one – both of you, take your tops off.”


Barbara looked at him, then Katy, before she grabbed the hem of her top.


“No – take each other’s tops off.”


Barbara looked at Katy, and then whispered “we need to do as he says” before she lifted her white jumper up, Katy allowing her to remove the top and showing her white bra, before she removed Barbara’s.


“You – you don’t wear a bra?”


“I’m afraid not,” Barbara said as she blushed, then blushed even more as Katy said “you have nothing to be ashamed of…”


“Neither do you,” Barbara whispered quietly as she saw the man put a bag down, and open it before taking some rope out.


“I want you to hold each other, arms around each other.  I trust you have no problem with that?”


Barbara smiled as she walked forward, embracing Katy as she said “is there a problem?”


“No – no problem,” Katy whispered as she returned the embrace, “you are a very attractive woman Barbara.”


“So are you,” Barbara whispered as she was aware of the man pulling her wrists together behind Katy’s back, and then securing them with rope. Looking into the younger woman’s eyes, she said quietly “would you like me to kiss you?”


Katy nodded as they gently pressed their lips together, while the man walked behind Barbara and tied her wrists together as well, their chests pressed against each other as they looked into each other’s eyes.


“So – what do you think he will do now?”


“I – oh my,” Barbara said as she felt him pass a length of rope around her waist, knotting it and then letting the long length drop to the floor.  He walked round and did the same to Katy, before they both shivered.


“Want to kiss again?”


Katy nodded as Barbara kissed her, opening her mouth slightly to let her tongue run over the younger woman’s lips.  Katy opened her mouth in response, the two women kissing passionately as he unfastened and pulled Barbara’s jeans to her knees.


“WhhthrrudhhnHHHHMMMMMMMMMM!” she exclaimed as he out his hand between her legs, and then pulled the rope up, pressing on her crotch and sinking between her own lips as he tied the ends to Katy’s wrists.  Katy broke the kiss and looked at her, then raised her wrists, seeing Barbara’s reactions before she felt the arm between her own legs, and then gasped as the rope pressed on her own crotch, her jeans over her boots as well.


“Your turn,” Barbara whispered as she pulled her wrists up a swell, Katy closing her eyes and groaning as the man stood back.


“Kneel down, both of you.”


As they did so, Katy lowered her head and kissed Barbara’s neck, the older woman sighing as she wriggled round while her ankles were lashed together.  She then looked into the younger woman’s eyes, as Katy felt her ankles bene secured, and then they both felt the rope around their legs above their knees.


“Not…  Not how I expected to spend the evening,” Barbara gasped as she looked at Katy.


“I can think of worse ways…”


Barbara smiled as she pulled again on the crotch rope, Katy doing the same – and then as she felt the hands round her body and massaging her chest, she groaned and pulled harder.  Barbara could feel the hands on her chest as well – and was surprised by how hard her nipples were.


And how sensitive, as she groaned at the pressure between her legs.  She was dimly aware of the man looking at her, but her eyes were getting watery at the pleasure she was starting to feel…


“Open your mouth.”


Katy nodded as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, Barbara watching as white tape was then pressed over the young woman’s mouth, and then she reached over and kissed Katy’s neck, groaning as the ropes moved on her, driving her closer to the edge.


Katy could only groan now as the groping continued, and she wanted Barbara to return the favour to her…


Suddenly Barbara opened her eyes wide and shook, the rope now rubbing hard on Katy as she felt the pleasure overwhelm her.  She was dimly aware of the cloth been pushed into her own mouth, the tape sticking to and stretching over her chin, and then Katy’s muted cries as she started to have an orgasm as well…


Both women looked into each other’s eyes, as they felt the man slip something under their crotch ropes, feeling and hearing the vibrations as he stood back, and looked at them.


“What the hell…”


As he turned, he saw another woman standing here, wearing a black leather jacket over a tight red top, faded jeans and black long leather boots.  She looked at Barbara and Katy, and whispered “are you…  Are you…”


“I want you to come with me – your sisters are both having fun, and now it is your turn.”


She saw the gun in his hand, as she whispered “Please…”


“As this is Barbara, and Ella is upstairs, you must be Yvonne – please, walk in front of me,” he said quietly, indicating with the gun that she should walk…



Yvonne looked over her shoulder at the man, before she said “are you robbing us?”


“No – that is not what I do,” he said quietly as she saw Ella in her room groaning as she lay hogtied and gagged, and then walked into her own bedroom.


“Good,” he said quietly as he put his bag down, “take your jacket off, and then hold your hands together in prayer in front of you.”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” Yvonne whispered as she stood and watched him doubling some rope over, and then securing her wrists together, the rope going around and between her arms as the binding tightened with each pass.


As he tied the rope off, on top of her wrists and out of reach of her fingers, he smiled, and said the words Yvonne was fearing.


“Lie down on your back.”


“What are you going to do,” she whimpered, but he just smiled as he walked her to the bed, and watched as she lay down.  There was a metal headstand on the bed, and as he took her bound wrists above her head, she watched him tie them to the headstand with more rope.


He then smiled as he walked to the far end of the bed and started to secure her ankles together, the leather boots squeaking as they were forced to rub against each other, before he then secured her legs below her knees.


“Please – just take my jewels and leave me…”


“Hush,” he whispered as he looked at her, and Yvonne saw the compressed sponge ball in his hand.  Shaking her head, she closed her lips, determined not to let him put it in her mouth – only to have him gently pinch her nose closed, forcing her to breathe in and allow the sponge to be pushed past her teeth, expanding and filling her mouth as he gently closed her lips over it.  He then tore a strip of white tape from a roll.   Looking at her, he pressed the tape firmly over her lips, and the shape of her jaw, so that it was covered.


Yvonne could only look at him as he gently massaged her chest, wriggling to try and get out of the way – but he persisted, his hands gripping more firmly as she felt her breasts harden, firm up, and as she looked down her jumper was stretched over her nipples.


His fingers were kneading, probing, and as she twisted round something else was happening – a feeling she had not experienced before, as he pulled her jumper up, exposing her chest, and then eased her bra over as well before his lips enclosed and kissed her nipples, his tongue stroking over her nipples as she let out an involuntary groan.


He continued, gently sucking and kissing as he teased her, making her groan even more as his hand slipped between her legs and started to stroke her.  Yvonne wanted him to stop, in her mind, and she wanted him to stop, but she could not do anything about it as she felt him unfasten her jeans and ease them down, his fingers now playing with her knickers and slipping inside…


“Hmmswthhlrd,” she moaned as she felt him touch her there – felt how damp she was, as his lips moved down and kissed her belly, and then further down, down, down.




“HNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she called out as she felt his lips between her legs, opening them instinctively as his lips kissed her clit, her mound, his tongue teased her as she twisted in an attempt to stop him – and then his tongue eased into her, stroking her passage as he continued to kiss her.  She could feel something coming, but this was not right, this should not be happening, this…





“HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”  Yvonne arched her back as the orgasm came, the man continuing to kiss and lick her as she shook, her body on fire and all he was doing was not stopping anything…


Eventually, however, he stopped, and as Yvonne watched through watery eyes, he took a white lozenge and inserted it into her, the vibrations making her twits again as he eased her panties back up to cover her.  Looking at her, he smiled and then left.


She could hear Ella, Barbara and her friend, but there was nothing she could do as the vibrations brought her on again…







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