Red Raids







As with so many people who perform these acts, it started innocently enough, with his mother.  She was a tall woman, with long brown hair, and she liked to dress casually, and she also loved to wear long boots – and the ones he really loved were her knee length red leather ones.


She owned various pairs, but the first time he did it she was wearing a pair of pirate style ones, the cuffs turned down below her knees with her jeans tucked into them.  She was also wearing a dark crimson cardigan over a white top, and he was sitting with her watching a film where an heiress was kidnapped and held for ransom.


He was innocent then, and asked if he could tie his mother up – and she loved him, so she agreed he could do it.  She went into the store cupboard and come back with some old washing line and a pair of scissors, which she cut into some lengths and gave to him, and then held her hands out in front of herself, palms together.


He was very nervous, but he managed to tie his mother’s wrists together reasonably tightly.  Kneeling down, he used another length of rope to tie her ankles together, and then sat with her as she wriggled round, watching the film as he rested his head against her.


It was a strange feeling to see her like that – and it wasn’t an unpleasant one.  In fact, he liked it – and as his mother looked at him and smiled, he wondered if she would like to play a slightly different game…




The opportunity came a few weeks later – he had been reading up on how to do this, so when she came in from a shopping trip he asked her if he could tie her yup again.  She was wearing a red leather jacket and her jeans, the red boots a slightly darker shade and up over her knees.


As she turned round, she saw him with a black bandana tied over his mouth, and pointing a toy gun at her, so she raised her hands as he told her to sit in a chair at the table, and then put her arms down behind the chair.


She smiled as she did this, knowing this was just a game, and then saw the lengths of rope he had cut beforehand.  He picked one up and walked behind her, then crossed her wrists and tied them together in a way he had seen in a magazine he had found, the rope going around and between her arms, before he tied them off and then secured them to a spar on the chair back.


She was a little surprised by this, but she loved him, so she said nothing as he walked in front of her and took one ankle over to the front leg of the chair, and tied the two together securely, then did the same on the other side.  It was a simple tie, but she was certainly held there, as he took some more rope and tied it round her waist so that she was held to the chair back.


He stood in front of her, smiling under the bandana mask, as he said he was going to rob her – and then she did something that changed the way he was thinking.  She said she was going to call for help, and he could not stop her.


She then called out, and he literally ran behind her and put her hand over her mouth.  He had no idea what to do next – he wanted to leave her, but she was calling out – and laughing under his hand?


He then realized this was part of her playing the game, and he laughed as well as he tried to figure out what to do.  He then pulled the bandana off his head, rolled it up, and removed his hand before he pulled the band between her teeth, and tied it round her head.


She mumbled something, and he sat in another chair as she playfully wriggled round, the black cloth getting noticeably darker in her mouth as he watched, feeling as if he could do anything.


And his mother was loving it, so he wondered if there was more he could do…



The years that passed meant he was growing into a handsome young man, and he was also getting more and more skilled at playing tie-up games with his mother.  In fact, he was also reading about other things, and thinking about what he would like to do in his career – but to further that, the last game he played with his mother before he left for college would have to be the tightest yet.


That night, he sat at the dinner table and described to his mother what he wanted to do.  She was a little surprised, but because she loved him, she agreed so long as he did not do anything – inappropriate.


She was wearing red and black – a red cardigan and a new pair of red over the knee leather boots, with a black jumper and leggings.  She nodded and knelt in front of a chair as she put her hands behind her back, and he selected the first length of rope.


Crossing her wrists, he tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms, and tying the ends out of reach of her fingers.  He then took a long length of rope and doubled it over, passing it round her body and pulling it tight under her chest before he wrapped it round her body, above and below, fixing her arms to her sides as the bands pressed down and pushed the cardigan to the sides.


It was a strange feeling for him to be doing this to his own mother, but she seemed to be enjoying it as he took two smaller lengths, and passed them between her arms and her body so that the ropes were tighter still.  She then sat on the couch, watching as he used even more rope to tie her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.


His mother twisted round, the ropes rubbing on her, and then nodded as he helped her to lie on her stomach, and pulled her ankles back.  He was actually, physically shaking as he tied her ankles to the chest ropes, but then she rolled onto her side and smiled at him, before she opened her mouth and allowed him to push the cloth in, then cover her lips with the sticking plaster.


He sat and watched her as she wriggled round, loving the way she looked, and wishing it wasn’t his mother, because if it wasn’t, he could kiss her, he could show her how lovely she looked…


But it was his mother, so he had to wait, and plan, and dream of the day he could really cut loose.  He enjoyed playing with his mother, but he was a man now, and as a man, he had dreams, needs, desires…




It was his sophomore year at college when he really got his first opportunity to let his desires fly.  Her name was Yvonne, and she was a fellow student in his law group.  A sophisticated dame form South Carolina, slim with long blonde hair, and she really had a thing for red.


They had been out for dinner a couple of times, and then she asked if he would help her “Fulfil a dream, darling” as she drawled.  He had agreed, and then when he picked her up for dinner that night he could only stare at her outfit.  The short red jacket with sleeves that came just over her elbows and a large, large collar over the white ruffed blouse… the long red gloves that covered her hands… the red pleated skirt that came halfway down her long thighs… and the boots, red leather ones, over the knee with two strips of gold and four inch stiletto heels.


He complimented her on how good she looked, and she smiled as they went out for dinner, but he was aware of the tension between both of them, the anticipation…


He walked her back to the rooms he was living in – his housemates had disappeared for the day – and let her come in, asking if he could take her coat.  She declined the offer, and then she put her arms round his neck, and they kissed for a while.  She then turned round and put her hands behind her back, smiling as she said she’d do whatever the bad intruder wanted.


She had dreamed of this, he had dreamed of this, as he wrapped a length of rope around her wrists and pulled it tight, holding them together as he took the rope around and between her arms.  Tying it off, he held her arms and kissed her neck, before he took the longest length of rope and wrapped it round her body, pulling it tight under her chest so that her arms were held against her sides.


As he wound it round her, framing her chest, he could see the way it was forced up and out, her blouse stretched over it, and she gasped softly with each pull, closing her eyes and smiling shyly as he tied the ends off behind her back.  She looked so wonderful like this, twisting round, her scent in his nostrils…


She sighed as he tied the rope off, and then sighed even more as he reached round and caressed her chest, massaging her as she nodded.  He then invited her to sit on his bed, Yvonne watching as he knelt down and started to bind her ankles tightly together.  The rope pressed down on the red leather, making it squeak as her ankles were secured together, her moans getting louder as he took the rope between her legs as well to make it more secure.


He then ran his hands down her legs, before he took another length, and secured them together below her knees, trying not to show his excitement too much as he wound the rope around and between her legs in the same way.  She nodded then as he stood up and came behind her on the bed, one hand over her mouth as the other slowly opened her blouse, and began to massage her chest, at first over the bra, and then slipping his hand into the cups to feel her bare flesh.


IT was intoxicating to him to hear her reaction as she squirmed round, pushing herself into his hand as she felt herself getting warmer and more aroused as well.   The feeling was entirely mutual – especially when she felt the bump in his pants with her bound hands and started to stroke it with her own fingers.


He whispered something into her ear, and she nodded in agreement as she slipped down onto her knees, and he knelt down, tying her ankles to her chest ropes – and then stood in front of her, opening the front of her pants up and letting her see his manhood in all the glory.


She smiled as she shuffled forward and kissed it, a thrill running through him as he groaned softly, and then she took it in her mouth, gently sucking and kissing as he held her head.  It was the first time anyone had ever down that for him, and it felt so wonderful as he grew larger there, feeling the throbbing, feeling the pleasure…


He was a little ashamed when he jerked and came, but she took it metaphorically and literally, as she filled him with pleasure, and then looked at him.  He knelt and smiled, wiping her chin with a cloth and then pushing it into her mouth before he covered it with silver tape.


She groaned as he eased her bra down and kissed her breasts, sucking gently on them as he slipped his hand between her legs and played with her there.  She groaned as she felt the dampness, and then her shivers as she reached an orgasm as well – and he knew he had found his pleasure…





He always felt at heart he was bad, but he knew to do what he wanted to do, to rob people, he had to tie them up and distract them, so he did a few break-ins, but nothing that truly filled his desires until he broke into a house in the outskirts of the capital city, and was disturbed by twin sisters.  They were in their early twenties, and both wearing red mini dresses with brocaded coats over them, and red boots – one with dark red velvet mid-calf, the other bright red and knee length.


They were both taken by surprise, as was he, but he had a gun and he put a finger to his lips, telling them both to kneel facing each other after they had removed their coats.  He had a roll of red duct tape with him – by coincidence – and as he walked behind the first one he put her hands together in prayer, and then taped her wrists together before he wrapped the tape round her hands.  He then wrapped the rope around her upper body, framing her chest as her arms were held to the sides, before he walked round and did the same thing to her twin sister.


He then put their ankles together and secured them the silver band clearly visible round the red cloth, before he wound the red tape tightly round their heads.  They moaned as he did that, and he looked at them – and then wound the tape over the eyes of one of them.


She twisted her head round, as he knelt behind her sister, and started to massage her chest, kissing her neck as she groaned and tried to get out of the way – with no success.  He then continued the massage as she squirmed in his hands – and something inside him forced him to a decision, as he put his hands in and pinched her nipples under the dress, making her squeal.  That made him shiver as well, as he continued to arouse her, reaching his hand under her skirt next as she squealed.


Why he did it, he wasn’t sure, but he made her lie on her back and lifted her skirt up, pulling her panties down as he kissed and used his lips and tongue on her sex, making her squirm, making her squeal, making her cum…


When he finished, he blindfolded her, and then did the same to her sister, before he left them in the house, knowing he had found his calling…





The first one in his new modus operandi remained burned into his brain – she had long red brown hair, and was wearing a brown play suit with short sleeves, the legs tucked into a pair of red leather boots with six inch ballet heels.  She was alone at home, and when he put a gloved hand over her mouth he took her completely by surprise.  Oh she struggled, tried to call for help, but he kept talking and eventually she calmed down, nodding as he told her to lie face down on the couch, and put her hands behind her back.


He had lengths of soft rope prepared, in a bag, and he used one to secure her wrists tightly together, making sure the knot was out of reach of her long fingers, but there was no way she could move them apart.


He then bound her arms to her sides with the rope, making sure he framed her chest, before he took the rope under one arm, pulling the lower band up more as he took it around the back of her neck and then under the other arm.


Her ankles were next, tied tightly together as the rope rubbed on the red leather, holding them firmly together before he secure her legs together below her knees in the same way.  She looked back at him, asking what he was going to do – and then she groaned as he squeezed her bottom hard.  Well, she groaned – and then it was muffled as he pushed the cloth into her mouth, and covered her lips with silver tape.


He loved the colour red, loved it – but he was loving something even more, as he opened up the front of her suit, pulling it down her under the ropes, pulling her bra down as well and making her sit before he started to kiss her breasts as she squirmed under her.  She was groaning now, unable to move as the ropes rubbed on her bare flesh, and then he moved down, kissing her belly as he eased her panties down, and then kissed her there.


He wasn’t a robber – but he wanted to make women happy, and this worked for him…










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