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“So, where would you like to begin?”


As he sat back in the chair, he smiled and said “perhaps we can start with my first client of the year?”


“Ah yes – Mrs Hannah White.  Take me through it…”


Hannah White stood on the patio of her house, watching the birds on her feeding tables in the dimming January light.  The fifty five year old had long wavy hair, dyed blonde but the natural dark brown showing at the roots, and she was wearing a long sleeved black wool dress, crimson tights and over the knee burgundy red leather boots.


Smiling, she walked back into the house, her large beaded necklace on her chest, and took a piece of kitchen paper in one hand as she removed her large glasses with the other.  It was a good day, but she knew she had a long, quiet, lonely night in front of…


“Do not say a word.”


Hannah looked up and replaced her glasses, unsure if what she was looking at was real or not.  There was a man there – a stranger – wearing a black roll neck sweater, jeans and black shoes.  But he also had on black gloves, and a pair of black glasses – and a pistol in his hand which he was pointing at her.


“Is there anyone else at home?”


Hannah slowly shook her head as the man smiled.  “Good – and are you expecting anyone to call?”


Again, Hannah shook her head as the man walked towards her.  “Excellent – then do what I say, and all will be well.  Let’s start with you removing your glasses, necklace and jewellery, and leaving them on the work surface there, nice and slowly.”


As Hannah complied, she wondered what was going to happen next – the answer came as the man walked forward, and said “I need to ensure you are kept securely out of the way – turn round, slowly, and put your hands behind your back.”  As he spoke, he drew from his trouser pocket a length of white cord, and smiled as he indicated with his gun she should do as he asked.  So she turned, looking out of the window as she felt him cross her wrists behind her back, and then the cords as her wrists were bound together.  It was not uncomfortable, but it was tight, and so she was unable to move her arms apart.


“Thank you,” he said quietly into her ear as he held her by the arms, “now, walk into your front room.  I have everything I need in there.”


“What do you mean,” Hannah said quietly as he guided her into the room – and then she saw the neatly laid out lengths of rope, as she whispered “oh…”


“Stand still,” the man said quietly as he picked up the first length of rope, shaking it loose and doubling it over before he passed it around her body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides.  She bit her lower lip as he wound the rope round several times, forming two bands that framed her chest above and below, forcing her breasts up and out as her dress was stretched tightly over them.  She looked down at them with a detached interest, wondering why the ropes felt so snug, as he tied the bands off behind her, and then shook loose a shorter length.


“What is that for,” Hannah asked as he stood to her side.


“this,” he replied as he passed it around the two bands, under her armpit, and pulled it tight, Hannah gasping as the bands tightened on her breast on that side, forcing it up and out even more.  She watched as he walked over and repeated the process on the other side, before he stood in front of her and smiled.


“There – I trust it is not too uncomfortable?”


Hannah twisted round, feeling the ropes rub on her as she shook her head.


“Good – sit on the long recliner please, and stretch your legs out.”


Hannah walked to the far side of the room, wondering why it felt so good, before she sat down – a small gaps escaping as the ropes tightened around her chest, while the man picked up two lengths of rope and knelt down, crossing her ankles before he started to bind them together.  She watched as he doubled the rope over, passed it round her ankles and then pulled it tight, before making three passes, the rope neatly stacked around them.  Tucking the remaining rope into the top band, he separated the ends and wound them between her legs, the binding tightening as he tied the ends off behind her legs.


“You…  You’ve done this before,” she whispered as he repeated the process on her legs below her knees, securing them before he stood up and looked in a bag as she twisted her legs round, hearing the soft squeak of leather as she did so.  Looking up, she saw him return with a large black scarf, rolled into a band and with a knot tied in the middle.


“You…  You’re going to gag me?”


The man nodded as he pulled the band in his gloved hands, and said “open your mouth.”  As Hannah did so, she felt the silk on her tongue as the knot was eased behind her teeth, the band pressing on her cheeks as it was tied tightly round her head, and then the ropes getting tighter as she was helped to lie on her side.


“Now stay right there,” he said as he kissed her forehead, Hannah struggling as he left the room…



“Good Good – now there was this woman – Mrs Galbraith?”


“Ah yes – she needed a slightly more firm hand…”


“What do you think you’re doing!”


“Making sure you can’t stop me,” the balaclava masked man said as he pulled the rope tight around Mary Galbraith’s arms, forcing her elbows together as she wriggled the fingers of her hands, her wrists already secured behind her back.  The ropes were sitting on the sleeves of her black cardigan, the front stretching to reveal more of her black t-shirt.  She had come home from a shopping trip to find him in her house, only his eyes and lips showing under the black mask, wearing a black boiler suit, gloves and heavy boots.


Now she was kneeling on the floor of her front room, struggling as he pulled the rope around her arms even tighter, and one of the buttons on her cardigan popped open.  But he did not stop, cinching the binding between her arms, and then taking a much longer length of rope from his leather bag and starting to bind her arms to her upper body, the bands at her stomach and above her chest.


“You’ll never get away with this,” Mary snarled as her arms were pressed against her back, “I’ll get free, raise the alarm and thhnnhnhgghddd!”  Her words were muffled as a cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then her own scarf used to cleave gag her.  It was a long blue one with white polka dots – long enough to go twice round her head and force the cloth behind her teeth before he tied it off.


“That’s better,” the man growled as Mary was forced to lie face down, and she looked over her shoulder as he crossed her ankles, the white rope sinking into the soft black leather of her knee length boots as they were secured together.  The legs of her faded blue jeans were tucked into the boots, a fact she was grateful for as he lowered her bound ankles, and started to bind her legs together below her knees.


Mary shook her head, the grey hair pulled back into a pigtail as her glasses slipped off her nose.  The masked man finished binding her legs, then picked up her glasses, folding the legs and putting them to one side, before he tied another length of rope around her waist and left two long lengths dangling on the back of her legs.




Mary screamed into the gag, the damp patch between her lips clearly visible as he rolled her over, pulled the rope between her legs and sharply up, and tied it between her breasts, bringing the two bands that framed her chest tightly together there.  She looked down as she wriggled round, the ropes rubbing on her as she felt strange, felt something else happening, as he rolled her back over and pulled her ankles back, then tied them to the crotch rope behind her.


“Now stay still,” he said as he walked off, Mary looking at him and then struggling, the rope rubbing between her legs as she started to moan…


“Still, she was secured, and you proceeded?”


“That’s right – a few weeks later, I was given the first of the special commissions for this year…”



Sonia heard the noise in the drawing room, and stood up, fastening her red robe around herself as she walked in, wondering if it was just her cta going where he was not meant to go again.  It wasn’t.


He stood there, smiling as he said “good evening – please, do not shout or scream, or raise the alarm.  A beautiful lady such as you should not try to put herself in a situation she will not like.”


He wore a three piece suit, white shirt and blue tie, and his black shoes were highly polished – but the gun in his leather gloved hand was very real, as Sonia said quietly “what do you intend to do to me?”


“Why don’t we discuss that somewhere more comfortable – walk in front of me, slowly, and we shall go to your bedroom.”


She looked at him, his neat dark hair, the firm set of his chin, and slowly nodded as she turned and walked in front of him, curious as to what was in the leather case he carried in his free hand.  For his part, he watched as she walked up the stairs the high red suede boots going under the robe, her shapely legs, her cute bottom.


Opening the door to the master bedroom, Sonia walked in, the man following as he looked round, especially at the large bed against the wall.  It had a white metal fretwork headboard, and a raised footboard.


“Stop,” he said quietly, and as Sonia turned she saw him place the bag on her dressing table.  He looked her up and down, and then said quietly “take your robe off.”  Loosening the sash round her waist, she allowed the robe to slip down her as he watched, and looked at her.  Sonia’s blonde hair framed her beautiful face, a string of beads round her neck and large beaded earrings as well.  She was wearing a sleeveless red blouse with a white floral motif, a metal belt around her waist, a white suspender belt clearly visible underneath as the top of her red stockings peeked over the thigh high boots.


Sonia looked at him, as he smiled and said “you are a very beautiful woman, Sonia.”


“Nice of you to say so – now what do you want me to do?”


“Lie on the bed, and put your hands together in prayer.”


Sonia looked at him and nodded as she walked over, sitting and watching as he opened the bag and took out a length of red rope, then breathing slowly as she lay on her back, her head on the pillows and her hands together palm to palm.  He walked over, smiling as he wrapped the rope around her wrists and pulled them together.  It was soft, sensual, and strong – very string, as he wound it around and between her arms, holding them snugly and firmly together before he tied the end, and then raised her arms above her head, securing them to the headboard as she wriggled her fingers.


“Are you robbing me,” Sonia asked quietly as the man walked to his bag, returning with two more lengths of red rope and a roll of red tape.  He looked at her, brushing the hair from her cheek with the back of his hand, before he tied one end of a length of rope tied round her ankle, and then pulled her leg to the side and then secured the free end to one side of the footrest.  She looked down as he secured her other ankle in the same way, her legs spread wide apart as he looked at her.


“Oh no,” she whispered quietly, “you’re not…”


“Hush,” he said quietly as he put a gloved finger to her lips, and then unfastened the buckle of her belt, laying it flat under her as she wriggled round, and then slowly opening her sheer blouse up, laying it on either side as he looked at her bare breasts.


Sonia felt the cool air on her nipples – and then the soft leather as he placed her hands on her chest and started to move them around, slowly, rhythmically, his fingers pressing in veracious ways as he gently moved the palms over her flesh.  Sonia let out a soft moan as she twisted round, pushing her body back up against his hands as he gripped tightly.


“You need to be quiet,” he said as he looked at her, Sonia shaking her head as she said “what you are doing to me…  You expect me to be quiet…”


She looked at him as he glanced to the side, and picked up a pair of scissors, and then cut through her black panties on both sides.  She was startled to feel herself lick her lips, as he pulled them free of her body, and wadded them into a ball.


“Open your mouth.”


“Make me,” she whispered as she clamped her mouth shut – and then opened it again, gasping as he quickly kissed her breasts, sucking on her nipples as he did so.  She then felt the damp silk on her tongue as he pushed the wad in, and then watched as she closed her lips over it as he tore a strip from the roll of red tape.  She felt the tug on her skin as he pressed it firmly over her mouth, more strips following as she was rendered more and more silent.


He then put the scissors and tape to one side, before he leaned over and started to kiss her chest again, Sonia groaning as she twisted round, feeling his tongue as he gently sucked on her nipples, stroking over what had become a very sensitive part of her body.


She also groaned as he put his gloved hand between her legs, feeling the dampness as he gently stroked to and fro, Sonia responding as she pushed her hips up, wondering how he was going to do what she was sure he was going to do.


As she twisted round, she could feel the rope rubbing on the soft suede of her boots, as he continued his gentle assault on her body, and she felt her body beginning to desire more, wanting more, hungering almost…


“Do you like this?”


Sonia looked at him and nodded as he kissed her belly, and worked down, her eyes opening wide and then slowly closing as his lips touched those between her legs, his tongue playing with her as the petals parted, and she began to moan more loudly, feeling a fire only he could quench.


She was dimly aware of the bussing noise – and then the pleasure waves as she felt the vibrator enter her, the top of the wand sticking out as she began to shake…



“An object lesson in pleasure?”


“Indeed – and one I repeated, if you wish to review that case next...”


“It’s time.”


She glared at the stocking masked man, and said “time for what?”  He had forced his way in an hour before, and just sat watching her in the chair, the gun over his lap.  No word as to why he was there, and all sorts of ideas had flowed through her head as they had watched each other.


“Time for you to do what I tell you – lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Why should I?”


“Because,” he said as he stood up, “I have the gun.”   He looked at the woman, in her blue top, faded jeans, and dark grey leather jacket and thigh high boots.  “Do it – or regret it.”


With a defiant look, she lay face down on the couch she had been sitting on, her feet hanging over the arm as she put her hands behind her back.  The man smiled as he pulled a length of white cord from his pocket, and left the gun where she could see it – and he could reach it.  She offered no physical resistance as he secured her wrists tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms as well as over the cuffs of the jacket, before he crossed her ankles and bound them in the same way. 


Her legs were next, the soft sound of leather on leather as he passed more rope around her legs below her knees and secured them in the same way, ignoring her struggles as the rope went around and between the limbs.  As he tied the ropes off, she tried to kick him back, but his strong hand grabbed her ankles as he said “not yet – do that and you will regret it.”


She then looked down as he fed a doubled length of rope around her waist and secured it at her back, a long length lying down her legs as he forced her to kneel.  As she twisted her arms round, he only smiled, as the rope went around her arms and body, pulled tight and forcing them together as it went above and below her chest.  Her jacket remained closed, but she could feel the soft leather stretching over her breasts as they were forced up and out by the bands.


As he worked at her back, she thought he had finished – but instead he fed the rope under her arm on the left, then pulled it up and round the back of her head moving her long light brown hair out of the way, and then under the other arm, the lower band forced up and making it even tighter.  Now as she twisted round she knew her arms were secured, her legs were secured – what was next.


She felt his hand as it went between her legs, and then she gasped as the rope pressed on her crotch, her jeans not offering much protection from the effect as it rubbed when he pulled, and then tied it to the two bands between her breasts, making that binding even tighter as well.


“You bastard,” she spat out, only to be muffled by the compressed sponge ball which he pushed into her mouth, the material expanding to push her tongue down and fill the space as she closed her lips over it.  He then produced a roll of black veterinary wrap, tearing the sticky end loose and pressing it to her cheek before he wound it tightly round her head, covering her mouth and pressing her cheeks in before he secured that as well.


She struggled some more, feeling the rope on her crotch – and then giving a muffled yelp as he tied a rope to her ankles, fed it round the annoying stimulating rope behind her, and then tied it to her chest ropes so that she was sitting back on her legs.


Only for a moment, however, as she tipped her and made her lie on her stomach again, watching as her struggles made all the ropes rub more, and as she started to groan in response to what was happening.  It was as if in her captivity, she was free to do whatever she wanted to herself…



“Yes – that was indeed a profitable visit.  I want to discuss with you the Japanese assignment.”


“Why – was I discourteous or anything?”


“No – but you should hear what was said about your work…”


“Welcome.” She opened the door and let him walk in, smiling as she looked him up and down.  He had come dressed in a blue business suit, white shirt and dark tie, wearing highly polished shoes and dark glasses.


“Thank you for inviting me in,” he said as he looked at her.  She was in her early thirties, and wore a short white military style jacket over a black roll neck sweater, a short tartan pleated skirt, and over the knee black leather boots.   A black fur hat was on her brown hair.  “You have agreed to our terms?”


“I have – where shall we go?”


“Wherever you would be most comfortable,” he said, the woman bowing as she led him into a rear room.  “You understand why we are doing this?”


“It was all explained to me,” she said as she poured whisky into two glasses, and offered him one.  He raised it in salute, both of them taking a drink before he put his glass down.  In his free hand was a brown leather holdall, and opening it she saw the neatly coiled red ropes.


“Please, hold one,” he said as he removed one and handed it to her, before he loosened and shook out a second length.


“Is this silk?”


“It is indeed,” he said as he looked at her.  “Please, allow me to take it from you, and then turn with your back to me.”  She smiled as she handed the skein back, and then turned, looking at the wall as she felt the rope go around her arms at her elbows, and then looked down as her arms were pulled together, her chest forced up as her shoulders were pulled back.


“Ah,” she whispered as she felt the rope going between her arms, and pulled tight, before he wound it round her upper body, framing her chest in two bands as the red bands sank into the soft white material.  It was a sensual, wonderful feeling to her as he took the rope over one shoulder, tucked it under the lower band between her breasts, and then pulled it over the other shoulder, her breasts enclosed in an external rope harness as she moved round.


She was aware he was tying the ropes behind her, and then he put her hands together, palm to palm as more rope secured her wrists, and then was passed round her waist so that they were locked in place as well.  As she twisted round, she felt hid hands on her shoulder, as he said “I am going to ensure that while you cannot move, you will understand pleasure.  Are you ready?”


“I am – but silence me first.”


“Of course,” he said quietly as she saw him holding a rolled cloth in front of her.  Opening her mouth, she felt the soft material on her tongue as he pushed it in, and then the silk as it was edged between her teeth.  He took the long white scarf, the knot in her mouth, and tied it round her head before he tied a second length of rope to her wrists, and then walked in front of her.


“If you would?”


She nodded as she parted her legs slightly, and he gently pulled the rope through, her skirt rising as she felt the red silk on her panties, moaning softly as he pulled it up and tied to her waist.


“Now, we walk around, and you show me the valuables.”  She nodded as she slowly walked off, sighing as he follwoed.  He made her walk round the large house, each step a more exquisite agony, before they finished in the large bedroom.  By this time she was sweating, both on her face and between her legs, looking at him as he said “sit on the bed.”


As she sat, the tension between her legs increased, as she watched him bind her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, the rope going between her legs each time.


He then invited her to lie on her side, her head on the pillow, before walking round and gently pulling her legs back, the heels of her boots on her damp panties as he secured her ankles to her elbows.


Walking back round, he removed her hat, laying it to the side as he said “do you wish your jacket open?”  She shook her head, watching him as he nodded, bowed and left the room as she started to struggle, the ropes moving against her….



“Indeed – you did show all due care and discretion there.  I have one last question – Madame Bower.”


“Yes – well, she did rather tell me to do what I did…”


She was a striking presence – about five foot ten, with short blonde hair, and wearing a tailored grey jacket with a black fern print and trim, a tight red skirt, dark hose and over the knee burgundy red leather boots.  She wore a string of pearls with matching earrings, and looked at the man as she said “so, you are robbing me?”


“I am indeed,” he said as he stood with the gun in his gloved hand.  She had come into the office to find him at her safe, and now she was sat in a chair as she looked at him.


“And now I have discovered you, you have to bind and gag me?”


He nodded again as she glanced at the duffel bag, the white ropes at the top.


“And once you have bound and gagged me, I will not be able to stop you from doing whatever you want with me?”


Again, he inclined his head as she looked at him, and then reached round her neck, unclasping and removing her pearls before she handed them to him, and then her earrings.  She then stretched her long legs out, crossing her ankles as she put her hands on her head, and said “then you must do what you have to do to me.”


“You are asking me to…”


She slowly nodded as he took the first length of rope, shaking it loose and doubling it over, before he wrapped it round her booted ankles and pulled them together, looking at her as he passed the rope around and between her legs, his fingers stroking down as he tied that rope off, and then secured her legs together below her knees.  She bit on her lower lip as she watched him feed the rope between her legs there, twisting her legs round and hearing the soft leather squeak, before she glanced down at her chest.


“Take your jacket off.”


She nodded as she unfastened the buttons, opening the jacket to reveal the red strapless bra.  He smiled as he said “kneel on the floor, facing the chair, and put your hands behind your back.”


She nodded as she slid off the chair, and managed to kneel, bowing her head as he crossed her wrists and started to bind them tightly with yet more rope.  She sighed at the feel of the rope between her arms, and then allowed the man to straighten her up, her fingers wriggling as he took the longest length of rope and tied it round her body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced in, and then winding it round, above and below, the rope rubbing on her bare flesh as her chest was forced up and out.


She sighed even more as he used shorter lengths to inch the chest ropes between her arms and body, and then saw the gloved hand as they came round and gently started to caress her breasts, his lips softly pressed on her bare shoulders and neck as he did this.  She squirmed, the ropes rubbing even more as his fingers sank into her flesh, feeling it firming as he did so and sighing at the attentions.


“Do you wish me to continue?”


“Yes,” she whispered as he eased the bra down, his finger splaying with and pinching her nipples as he did so, and her sighs turned into squeals of pleasure.  She heard his soft breath on her ears, as she heard the zip on her skirt, and felt it fall down her legs onto the floor – and then her hose as it was pulled down to her knees as well.


The caress was firmer now as she wriggled round, the fingers kneading her, her nipples hardening as he kissed her neck as well, before he said “You have the choice – sitting or lying down?”


“No – you have the choice, but I am going to scream soon,” she whispered.  She then saw the pair of knickers in his hand, and opened her mouth as he pushed them in, a second pair following, and then a sound like something peeling away, before he pressed the soft white tape over her mouth and chin, forming it to the contours of her face as she was silenced.


He then lifted her into the chair, as she saw the bulge in his trousers, and then he leaned over, kissing and sucking her nipples as she pushed herself forward and rubbed her crotch against him.  He moaned softly as well as she felt how he responded, and then his kisses increased, as she groaned even more.


He then straightened up, standing in front of her as she pressed her taped mouth to his crotch, and watched as he unfastened and let his trousers go down – and then his boxer shorts, as she rubbed the white tap on his erect cock.  It throbbed against her, and she looked at him, nodding slowly as she slipped down and he stood across her waist, his arms around her as he positioned himself, and then pushed in, her eyes opening wide as she gripped him inside her, and they moved together, as he and she came to a point of no return…


He closed the file and looked across the desk.  “Well, she did pay extra for the service – and you were following her instructions.”


“Indeed – when I had finished, I left the usual incentives for her to free herself when she was ready, cleaned myself up, and left the home.”


“You did indeed – it has been an exceptional year for you.  My congratulations – your rating is level one, and the usual bonus will be in your salary next month.”


“Thank you sir – if I may ask?”


“I have a group assignment for you – three sisters who live alone, and want an exciting evening.  You may collect the details on the way out.”


“Sir,” he said as he left the office closing the door.  It was a discrete and profitable firm, offering – shall we say, release for women of a certain age who had desires as well…







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