Simon’s Week








If people had told me what was going to happen this week, and how much it was going to change my life, I’m not sure I would have believed them.  And yet, it is all true, it all really did happen…


It started on Monday.  I was on a day long “team building” exercise for my company, and part of the exercise was a 1-1 interview with a counsellor.  When I entered the room at the appointed time, I met the lady in question – she was a foot shorter than me, with short light brown hair, and she was wearing a long sleeved blue tartan dress, with dark tights and black riding boots.


We were in a small room, next to the main office of the hotel the event was in, and there was nothing unusual in our conversation – I was casually dressed, in a rugby shirt, jeans and trainers, but we talked over the results of the questionnaire I had filled in.


So, imagine our surprise when the connecting door to the office next door opened, and two men came in, one carrying a small bag and the other a gun.  They both looked at use, before the armed man told us both to stand up and then back to back, while the other one took out of the bag the largest roll of silver tape I had ever seen.


Now remember – she was a foot smaller than me, but with a gun pointing at us, we had no choice – so we stood back to back as the second man tore the end of the roll free, and then taped my wrists to hers on both sides, before wrapping the tape round both of us so that we were held tightly together. 


I could feel her head between my shoulder blades, as she tried to move – but any words of comfort I could give were stopped as my mouth was covered with strips of the silver tape.  She also fell quiet a few minutes later, so all I could do was grip her fingers to offer some support as the two men climbed out of the window, and left us there.


Now, I had never been tied up before in anyway or form, so I was at a loss as to what we should do – we could move if we wanted, but we would have to move together, and I did not think I had any real way of talking to her.  I could hear her cry, however, so I gripped her hands in mine as best I could and she returned the favour.


There was something else, however – something #i really could not explain, so when we were found a half hour later by colleagues, and we learned they had robbed the office next door and left two women taped up in there as well, it wasn’t quite so bad.


Still, the feelings I had…



I put that out of my mind, and on Tuesday night I called round to see April, an old and dear friend.  We’ve known each other since University – and as I rang the doorbell, I was pleased to see her – she was wearing a grey patterned tunic dress, dark tights and knee length boots the same shade of brown as her hair.


She looked at me, and said she had forgotten I was coming round tonight – and then she opened the door and said I should come in.  It was only when I came in I saw she had her hands behind her back – and then I saw the pistol pointing at me as the door closed.


The gun was in the gloved hand of a tall dark haired woman, who was wearing an olive green cap sleeved top and along black leather dress, as well as black leather boots.  She smiled, and waved the gun in the direction of the front room as I looked a April.  Shen she turned round, I saw she had her wrists crossed and tied together behind her back.


Now, I was wearing a brown leather jacket over a white short and dark pants – so when we went into the room, the armed woman told me to take my coat off and put my hands behind my back.  I watched as April told me she had forced her way into her home, and changed out of a denim jacket and jeans into some of her own clothes – an escaped prisoner.


I could feel the rope on my wrists as it was pulled tight, and I asked her what she was in prison for.  Her answer?  Aggravated robbery, as she took more rope and wound it round my body, forcing my arms against my sides with two bands.


When she did the same to April, I looked ta the way her dress was now stretched over her chest, the way it was forced up and out, and it made me look at her in a different light – but then she made us sit next to each other on the floor, as she crossed and tied April’s ankles together, then secured her legs below her knees.


As she twisted round, I saw the way her body moved, and it stirred something in me as well – but she was an old friend, and I had to hide what I was thinking.  That was easy enough a few minutes later – the armed woman blindfolded both of us with wool scarves, and then stuffed something into my mouth to keep me quiet.


I had no idea what it was, but April had obviously ad the same treatment, because I could hear her moaning as she rubbed against me.  I was just glad she could not see what I could feel on my groin…




We were found by police an hour later, and neither April or I wanted to talk about it – but the memory was there, so when I was visiting an insurance client on the Wednesday, I had put the experience behind me.


Or so I thought.


The client was in her late fifties, with grey-blonde hair in a bun, and was wearing a crimson wool jacket over a plum coloured top, an over the knee black leather skirt, and knee length black fabric boots.  She greeted me at her door and we went in – I was in my grey suit, white shirt with black tie, highly polished shoes.


We went into her front room and she went to fetch coffee, before we started to discuss business.  It was when we had just about finished that the doorbell rang, and she went to see who it was.  When she returned, she was not alone – two men were with her, identically dressed with black leather jackets, jeans, shoes, gloves, balaclava masks – the only difference was the foot in height between the two of them.


The taller of the two introduced himself as Mister Tall, and his friend as Mister Small, before he instructed me to put my hands behind my back.  I remember saying “oh no, not again,” and when he enquired further, I had to confess about the previous two days, the client looking at me before she said I was really unlucky.


I had to admit, it was beginning to feel that way as the one he called Mister Small wound white rope round my wrists and secured them together – but somehow, I was getting used to how this felt, and the way the ropes felt on me as he used a longer length to pull my arms against my sides.  His partner was doing the same thing to my client, her jacket pulled open as the bands of rope framed and forced her chest out as well.  I had to admit, she did look – somewhat alluring as she was bound…


She was then taken out of the room, as Mister Small knelt in front of me and started to bind my ankles tightly together as well.  I had to admit, it was becoming a pleasant situation, despite everything – a fact that was not lost on him as he secured my legs below my knees, and then smiled.


I’m not going to go into the details of what he told me, beyond that it was not an uncommon thing for him to see when they visit a home with a male occupant.  I blushed, but he said the key is not to let the other people see – so he helped me to sit on the floor, before eh covered my mouth with a wide strip of white medical tape.


I could hear my client coming back in, and then felt her behind me as her hands brushed against mine.  I imagined Mister Tall securing her legs, as Mister Small took a longer length of rope and passed it round both of us.  I felt her back as it was forced against mine, the tightness of the ropes as we were held together around our waists and our upper bodies.


“The Gentlemen Robbers bid you adieu – may we never meet again.”


That was the last thing before they left, and she started to struggle – which made the ropes rub even mor eon me.  I imagined how she looked – the way my legs were tied, I could see the white band compressing the black fabric of her boots, the way her legs were side by side, the way her chest must have been moving…


There was something happening to me as well as we moved round – I could see the bulge at my crotch, and I could feel a throbbing there as well.  A throbbing that only grew stronger as we both tried to escape, that turned into a pulsing, into a sense of real pleasure.  And then…


And then…


When her husband found us, we were both exhausted, covered in sweat, but I managed to avoid him seeing anything as we were freed.  But something in the way I was secured, silenced, and the way it felt with someone else there…



And then there was Thursday, and my eyes were truly opened.  I had been summoned to a visit with my area manager – a formidable woman, and the call was not unexpected given what had happened on the Wednesday.


I made my way to her flat and she granted my entry – I was in a different suit, shirt and tie, and black shoes, while she was wearing a grey roll neck sweater, a black skirt with leather and suede panels, black woollen tights, and knee high black boots.  We went into her office, and as I sat down I looked round.  Desk, computer, long black leather couch – a business room and no mistake.


I recounted the pertinent details of what had happened – leaving out certain personal things – but when the masked and armed man burst into the room, I have to admit to a frisson of excitement.


What surprised me was how my boss looked at him, and then when he opened a bag and took out a length of rope, handing it to her when he told her to bind my wrists together behind my back…


She did it without asking – and from my experiences already that week, I could tell she had done this before.  IT was tight, but comfortable, as she whispered her apologies into my ear.  I said I understood, as she was handed a longer length of rope, and I felt once again the way the ropes forced my arms against my sides, but I tried not to show anything about how I felt.


The man then made her kneel down, and I watched as she crossed my ankles and tied them tightly together.  There were little electric shocks running up and down m as her fingers stroked my legs, and she pulled the ropes tighter and tighter…


She then secured my legs below my knees, and asked if I was all right.  I nodded, not wanting to say anything – and then she glanced down, and saw between my legs.  I blushed, and then I watched as the man took her hands behind her back, and started to bind her in the same way she had bound me.


As the ropes went round her upper body, and her jumper was stretched over her chest,  I saw the way she closed her eyes and sighed, and I remembered the discussion with the masked robber the previous day.  Was it possible she did as well…


I wriggled round on my seat – he had moved me to the couch after she had bound my arms -0 and heard the squeak of leather under me – a squeak that was added to as she sat next to me and watched him secure her legs.  The way she wriggled, the sound of leather on leather from her legs and her skirt, the way her breasts moved under the stretched silk…


I could feel the throbbing in my pants, and knew she could see it as well, as the man pulled a nylon stocking between her lips, pulling back the corners of her mouth as he did so.  I then felt the pull in my own mouth, the thin band tied tightly round my head and pressed in on my own cheeks.


We sat side by side, trying not to move as the intruder searched through her filing cabinet, and then left the room with some files.  I sat back, twisting round and hearing my own moans at my predicament – and then I looked at my boss as she closed her eyes and groaned, twisting round as the ropes rubbed on her.


She then looked at me, and looked down at the bulge in my pants, before she said “Mhhsbhdnsthshm” before she did something I was not expecting – she kissed the side of my neck, and then slipped off the couch, kneeling in front of me before she placed her lisp on my crotch – and I felt my body responding with a jerk.


She continued to muzzle me there as I felt the throbbing and the bulge grow – and I was even more surprised to see her use her teeth to slowly pull the zip of my suit trousers open, then to see my cock as it sprung out, erect and long.  I wondered what she was going to do – surely she was not going to…


She did start to kiss my member, as it jerked and responded to the attention, but with that thin strip between her lisp she could not do more than that – but it was enough, as I twisted round and then felt the jerk.  As I started to cum, I looked ta her and said “hmshrreeee…”


“Htsahlrht,” she mumbled as she watched, “hhfhrshdmethdhths.  Dhuhhndrstnhnd?”


I nodded as I gave what I had – I understood, and she understood as she laid her head on my lap…




When her husband found us, she told him her version of what had happened, and he accepted that was the case – luckily for me, as she told me to take along weekend off.  That night, when I got home, I called my girlfriend to say I would see her Saturday – and decided to go into town the next day.


The way this week was going, I should have guessed something would happen, but honestly I had no idea.  I was looking round a local museum when I passed a group of three women looking at the exhibits.  Two of the women had long blonde hair, one wearing a black dress, black hose and boots, the other wearing a blue jumper over a white blouse, a tight black skirt, and knee length black boots.


They were standing either side of the third woman – a brunette, looking from side to side through her glasses, and wearing a tight red jumper, a leather skirt with elasticated side panels, and her own knee length black boots.  There was a strange look in her eyes, almost fearful, as they made their way round.


I didn’t think much about it, until I went back to my car, and I saw them walking to a SUV parked near to me.  That was when the brunette broke free and ran over to me, pleading to me to alert the police – before the blondes grabbed her, and one of them forced me at gunpoint into the back of the SUV with them.


The blondes looked at us, before we both had our hands pulled behind our backs, and I felt a thin plastic strip as it was tightened and forced my wrists together.  They then used strips to secure our ankles together as well, before we tape gagged and they drove off.


A short while later, we were forced to jump into a house, where I saw a double mattress on the floor.  The two blondes grabbed a hank of rope each, and used them to secure our arms to our sides, as the previous times with the two bands framing my chest, and forcing the chest of the brunette out.  The strips were then cut from our wrists before they were resecured with rope, and we were made t o lie face down on the mattress, side by side.


They used rope to secure our legs together, above and below our knees, and then pulled our ankles back and secured them to our chest ropes – in the sense of mine were secured to hers, and hers to mine.  The two blondes then left as we looked at each other.


“Hrrth,” I asked her.


“Hdhntknh – ththkkmhthsmhrnhn, hndmhsbhndhswhfhnfrhn…”


As she wriggled round, she bumped up against me – and then she saw my blushes and looked down.


“Hmhhh – hsttbhchshfmh?”


I nodded slowly and said “shrhhh…”


“Shllrhrt,” she said as she blushed, before she said “thhltthrf, hmhxshtedhswhl.”


I nodded – there was nothing we could do except try to control what we were thinking and doing…



We were eventually dropped off on a roadside, and I just wanted to put the week behind me.  After all, I had a lot to think about and talk to my girlfriend about…


Debbie, my girlfriend, lives in a house on the outskirts of town, and she was certainly glad to see me.  I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, while she was wearing a burnt orange cardigan over a white top, a knee length grey skirt, black leggings and long black leather boots.  We were sitting as she put her hand on my lap, and smiled before we leaned into each other and kissed.


That might be why we didn’t hear her until it was too late and we heard the cough.  Debbie looked over my shoulder and asked what the hell she was doing there – and then I stood up and looked ta her.


She was an older woman, wearing a black blazer and skirt with a black camisole under the jacket, flesh coloured hose and knee length boots.  I asked Debbie who this was – and she revealed this was her boss.  She then asked what she was doing there – and her boss said she wanted some files she had. 


Debbie had no idea what she was talking about – but then we saw the ropes in a bag she put down, as she told us to stand in front of each other, and give each other a hug.


Debbie and I looked into each other’s eyes as she started by securing my wrists together behind her back, and then her wrists together behind mine.  I made some comment about how this was typical for this week, and Debbie at least laughed – before we both felt the rope around our upper bodies, forcing us even closer together as this woman made sure we could not move apart.


She was making it thigh as well – so tight I could not move without rubbing against Debbie, and felt my own body responding to the way she felt against me.  When I looked into her eyes, I saw she was feeling it as well, as she started it kiss me again.


Well, I had to return the kiss, so I didn’t really feel as my ankles were forced together, and then my legs were secured to Debbie’s above and below our knees.  I presumed her ankles had been forced together as well, as we closed our eyes and the kissing became more passionate…


As we separated and looked into each other’s eyes, I was taken by surprise by a cloth that was pushed into my mouth, and then tape over my lips.  I had to watch as she did the same thing to Debbie, and then she left us in the room, as we heard her search the house.




I looked at Debbie as she said “hstthshtrnhnnuhhnhswhl?”  I felt her rub against me, and I groaned – but so did she, as we tape kissed each other and I rubbed up against her.  She moved with me as I felt the bulge growing larger, and the throbbing getting stronger and stronger, before I groaned and I felt the dampness on my pants.




“Dhntbh.”  I looked into Debbie’s eyes as she also groaned, and I felt the dampness on her skirt as well.  IT was a revelation, as I said “chnwhthlklhthr?”


“Hnshssshmhnchmsthfhrhs – chnuhjhmp?”


I nodded as we both started to jump together, and reached the telephone.  The woman had forgotten to disconnect it, as I knocked the handset free, and pressed three numbers.









Once the police had come, Debbie and I had a long talk – amongst other things.  She also placed a call, as we talked about something we could do together the next day.  Something Debbie though we could both enjoy…


Sunday afternoon found us in her back garden – a large green space with very high fences and no nosy neighbours.  She had also asked a mutual friend round – one we could both trust.


Annie has long blonde hair, and was wearing a long sleeved grey tunic and black jeans, the legs tucked into over the knee half and half black boots.  She also had a long scarlet wool scarf wrapped round her neck, as she stood behind me and started to bind my arms to my sides.


I already had my wrists tied together behind my back while Debbie watched.  She already had her wrist tied together behind her back, the bands of rope holding her arms in place stretching her crimson round necked dress over her chest.  She was smiling though – possibly because Annie and her had gone upstairs before we started, and I could hear a soft buzzing sound from somewhere.


I grunted as she pulled the ropes tighter round me and tied them off, before she slowly unwound the scarf from her neck and pulled it between my lips.  She wound the ends round twice, and then I felt the ends drop down my back as she knelt behind me.


I felt the rope round my ankles as she pulled them together with more rope, and ten I felt my legs being pulled together below my knees.  I was wearing a checked shirt and dark pants, and as I glanced down, I could feel two things.  One was the scarf between my lisp slowly soaking up the saliva in my mouth.


The other was the bulge in my pants – and Debbie had seen that as well, as she walked over and knelt in front of me.  Annie went behind her as I watched, and secured her ankles tightly together over the long black boots she was wearing, then tied another length round her legs above her knees.


She looked up at me as I nodded, and then she used her lisp to slowly pull down my zip.  I could hear the moan from her lips as my cock sprang out, thinking of my boss – only with Debbie, as she put her lisp over the tip and started to kiss it, it was a much more satisfying feeling.


Debbie gave me the most amazing time, and when she was done, Annie gagged her as well before she left us to enjoy each other’s company.  She had promised to cook for us.


And that was only the beginning…







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