The Cougar House Rules








As he sat in the car outside the large detached house, looking at the windows, he knew this was going to be a good night.  The woman who lived there was in her early sixties, and he was confident in his abilities to control the situation once he went in.  And if she caused trouble, the he had the tools to ensure she would be under his control.


He had spent weeks observing, planning, making sure he had everything ready.  The owner had a long career in fashion and jewellery, and as such had a lifetime of valuables.  Valuables he was keen to help himself to – and if the old lady caused trouble, well, maybe he could have a little fun as well.


As the light in the front room went off, he smiled and got out of the car, collecting the large duffel bag from the back of the car and then making his way quietly, assuredly to the back of the house.  He could take his time, get in without tripping any alarms, nice and easy.


A few minutes work with a heated screwdriver, and he made his way into the kitchen, closing the door behind himself.  He wore a simple outfit for these visits – black jumper and jeans, soft soled shoes, gloves.  No need for a mask, although he had one if it was needed.  Something told him that would not be needed here.


It was dark, so he took a few moments to let his eyesight adjust to the scenario.  It was a typical large kitchen, with a long wooden table on the middle, s once he was able to see more clearly he skirted round that and walked into the hallway.  Walking slowly along the corridor, he looked in various rooms, and smiled as he found what had to be the office.


The large floor safe was there for all to see, as he walked over and knelt down, flexing his fingers as he prepared to open the safe the old fashioned way.  It was a skill he was proud of, and after a few minutes of careful listening he smiled as he put his hand on the handle, pulled it down and opened the door.


The fine dust took him by surprise as it hit him in the face, making him blink before his vision started to blur and he fell onto his bottom.  Blinking a few times, he was aware of the door opening, and someone walking in, before he fell into a deep sleep...




“Who is he?”


“No idea, but he broke into the house, and he was certainly intent on robbing us – you saw the contents of his bag.”


“True – so what are we going to do?”


“He’s coming to – leave him alone with me with a few minutes, and I will explain the situation to him.”


As he allowed himself to come to, he heard someone walking away, and then a door opening and closing, before he opened his eyes.  His arms and legs ached, and he tried to speak, but something was covering his mouth, tugging at the skin.


“Good morning – sleep well?”


He looked up to see the ropes holding her wrists to the headboard of the bed he was lying on, and his ankles to the foot of the bed, his limbs spread out.   He had also been stripped down to his boxer shorts – and looking down at him was a woman in her late fifties, with short brown hair which was tinged grey at the edges.  The woman was wearing a floral print blouse with a tie neck, a knee length denim skirt with a thin leather belt, and over the knee burgundy red leather belts.


“Hello Adam – it is Adam, isn’t it?”


He slowly nodded as he realised he had a length of plaster pressed down over his mouth.


“Well, Adam, you tried to rob us, and as you now realise, we have a – unique security system.  My name is Miriam – and no I do not own this house, I merely live here.  Now, the question is, what are we going to do about you?”


“LTMMGGGG,” Adam said as he tried to get free.


“Calm down,” Miriam said as she stroked his cheek.  “You’re going to do something for me, and when you do you can leave through that door.  If you manage to get out of the house, you are free to go, understand?”


Adam could only nod as he watched Miriam look at him, and then stroke her hand down his chest, resting on his crotch as she smiled.


“Good, good – now then, you were going to make sure we could not move last night if you found us, so we made sure you could not move.  So what else were you going to do to us, in that case?”


Adam looked at her as she gently rubbed her hand on him, trying not to think about how that was making him feel, but then she leaned over and gently kissed his chest as she slipped her hand under the material.


Hmggddwwhtrusnng,” he said as she felt hid hand stroking him, and his response as she smiled at him.


“Our house rules,” she said quietly, “we get to do to others what they would do to us.”  As she spoke, she gently stroked her hand up and down his cock, smiling as she felt it firm and harden.  She then pulled his boxers down, softly whistling as she said “and you certainly do seem to be enjoying this, so shall I continue?”


Adam groaned as he felt her hand slowly grope his erect cock, and then move up and down his shaft, feeling the throbbing as Adam moaned into the tape over his mouth.  “OH you are enjoying that aren’t you big boy,” Miriam whispered, Adam nodding as he then watched her gently kiss the tip of his member, and then place her lips over it, her tongue running over and round the top before she looked at him again.


“Good,” was her only response as she started to gently kiss his shaft, the throbbing now overriding any other concerns as he closed his eyes and moaned.  The pressure was already building in him, as he felt himself getting firmer and firmer, Miriam’s tongue wrapping itself round his cock as she sucked and kissed him.


Whhrruddnthsstmmm,” he moaned as he looked at her.


“Because you would have forced me or someone else to do the same,” Miriam said, and in that moment Adam could not disagree, as he felt the throbbing turn into pressure, a wonderful pressure which he was struggling to hold inside himself.


It was a futile struggle, however, as Miriam made a seal with her lips and sucked hard.  That was the trigger, as he came in her mouth, giving all he could as she swallowed greedily every single drop...


Eventually, she stood up and looked at him, before she opened a bottle of water and took a long drink.  To his surprise, she then pushed a cloth into her mouth and wrapped white tape round her head, before she untied him.  As he stood up, she watched him pull his boxers back up, and then turned round, crossing her wrists behind her back as she looked over her shoulder at him.


In the corner of the room, he could see his bag, so he opened it and grabbed several lengths of rope.  He started by binding her wrists tightly together, and then lashing her arms to her sides, looping the rope around above and below her chest.  Her top opened slightly as he did so, before she sat down and crossed her ankles.


Ten minutes later, Miriam gasped as he pulled her bound legs back, and secured her ankles to her chest ropes, before he pulled the tape from his own mouth.  “I have no idea what’s going on,” Adam said as he put his clothes on, “but that was fun.  Thank you.”


Nfdnkkuu,” Miriam said as she watched him pick his bag up, and walk out of the door...


Adam was taken by surprise when he found he was in a second room, a study, with a door at the other end.  A dark haired woman looked at him from where she was sitting at the desk, her blue eyes behind a pair of glasses.


“Ah – so Miriam is finished with you,” she said as she stood up and walked over.  “I am Irene – and if you wish to leave this house, you must first do what I ask.  Those are the house rules.”


“What is this house,” Adam asked.


“OH you will see soon enough,” Irene said as she stood in front of him.  She was also in her late fifties, and was wearing a brown and cream leopard print dress, with short sleeves, a round neck and a wide grey mesh belt.  Her legs were encased in dark stockings, and she was wearing a pair of long brown leather boots, slightly baggy with a wider opening at the top.


“So what are you going to ask me to do,” Adam said as he looked at her.


“Make me unable to follow you, physically or emotionally.”


“And how do you propose I do that?”


“You have ropes in that bag,” she said as she removed her glasses, “use them, in the way I tell you to, and you will see.”


“And if I say no, and bind you a different way?”


“Then you will never know what I had planned, or how much you would have enjoyed it.”


Adam looked at her for a moment, and then said “All right, I’ll play your game.  What do you want me to do to you?”


“Good,” Irene purred as she folded her glasses and put them on the table, “I like my elbows to touch.  Can you do that?”


“Of course,” Adam said as he put his bag down and removed some rope, doubling it over and using it to secure her arms behind her back, her elbows touching as she gasped.  He passed the rope around and between them, and then used the same method to secure her wrists together, the palms of her hands pressed together.


“Oh now that is tight,” she cooed as she looked at the way her chest was forced out.  “Now I want you to tie a nice, tight rope harness around my chest.”


“What sort of house is this,” Adam mumbled to himself as he tied the rope above and below her chest, framing it in two bands, and then two more at the side as he took the lengths under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under her other arm.


“You’re very good at this,” Irene said as she wriggled round and then sat down, bending her legs so that the heels of her boots were resting against the back of her thighs.  “Now, tie my ankles to my thighs – tightly.”


“Well, if you insist,” Adam said with a smile as he took yet more rope, and lashed Irene’s left ankle tightly to her thigh, taking the rope around and between both parts of her leg, and then repeating the process on the other side.  “So, what do you want me to do?”


“Make me cum with just your tongue,” Irene panted, “but first, make me quiet.”


Taking a sponge from the bag, Adam watched as the older woman opened her mouth wide, and then pushed it in, waiting as she closed her lips over it before he took the white tape he had collected from Miriam and wrapping it round her head.  Kneeling and spreading her legs, he eased her hose down, surprised both to find she was not wearing any panties, and also the glistening dampness already in place.


“Are you getting off on this already?”


Irene nodded as he leaned forward, and started to kiss her between her legs, licking the dampness as he did so.  He heard Irene groan in delight, so he continued to do this, feeling the petals of her flower open as he eased his tongue in, searching for those places inside her that would make her enjoy this even more.


He knew he was succeeding as she suddenly groaned and thrust her hips forward, but he didn’t stop, easing her tongue into her and making her squeal and moan with equal measure.  She kept pushing forward, until Adam was taken by surprise by both her scream, and the flow that hit him in the face as she had an orgasm.


He continued to kiss and lick her as she exploded, and then slumped to the floor, looking at him as she stood up and collected his bag.


“I hope this is the way out,” he said as he pointed to the other door, Irene nodding as he opened the door, walked through – and then whispered “what the...”


“Ah,” the Chinese woman said as she bowed to Adam, “I am Soo Lin.  Welcome.”


The room was red – red paint, red hangings, and a red bulb in the ceiling, as she stood with her hands clasped together in front of her.  She was also wearing an animal print mini dress, again sleeveless and this time with coloured spots.  She was also wearing brown leather boots, these ones skin tight as they went half way up her thighs.


“Oh wonderful,” Adam said as he looked at her, “and what do you expect me to do?”


“I wish to serve you, Adam,” Soo Lin said, “so I want you to make me serve you.”  She stood with her hands together in front of her, and said “make me make you happy.”


“Someone tell me what is going on here,” Adam said to himself as he looked at the dark haired woman, before he walked forward, and used rope from his bag to bind her wrists tightly together in front of herself.  He then walked behind her, using a longer length of rope to bind her arms to her side, the ropes sitting again above and below as with the previous two women, before he bent her arms in front of her and tied her wrists to the upper band.


“Kneel,” he said, watching as Soo Lin submissively knelt in front of him and raised her head.  Walking behind her, he crossed her ankles and secured them tightly together, then used a second band to secure her legs above her knees.


“Any other requests,” he said as he stood up.


“Yes, Adam,” Soo Lin said, “I wish to feel pleasure as I make you feel pleasure.  Tie a rope in the most special of places.”


“I do not see you are in a position to refuse,” Adam said as he tied the rope around her waist, and then up between her legs, pulling it tightly as he secured the ends between her wrists.


“Thank you,” she said as she stood in front of him, and managed to pull down the zip of his pants, moaning as the rope moved with her hands.  Adam also groaned as she unfastened his pants, pulling them and then his boxers down again as his cock stood erect.


“You are pleased, good – let me add to that,” she said quietly as, for the second time that day, a woman kissed and began to lick him – except that this time, he was free, and she was not.  He soon began to respond to the stimulus, Soo Lin moaning as well as he started once more to throb.


The Chinese woman said nothing, only increasing her moaning as her tongue and lips caressed and played with Adam, his cock growing larger and throbbing more with each pass.  She also shuffled forward, taking it fully into her mouth as he instinctively put his hands on her head and held her in place.


“Oh god you’re good,” he whispered as she opened her mouth wider, and then took his sac in as well, Adam closing his eyes and groaning as she started to feel the pressure build as well.  She continued, Adam struggling to contain himself as he felt the pressure increase dramatically.


When he came, Soo Lin sucked harder and took in everything, almost making him dry before she finally released him.  “Thank you,” she said quietly, “you may use the flannel there to wipe yourself, and then I wish you to push it into my mouth to keep me quiet.”


“I don’t know what you and your friends do in this house,” Adam said as he wiped himself between his legs, and then pushed the folded cloth into the Chinese woman’s mouth, “but you seem very happy.  Just tell me – if I go through that door, will I find release?”


Soo Lin nodded as Adam walked over, took a deep breath and opened the door, before he walked through.  Turning and closing the door behind himself, he then looked round at the sitting room – which was empty.


“Okay – getting better,” he said as he glanced out of the window, and saw the garden outside – and then he groaned to himself as he heard a door open and close behind himself.


“Ah Adam – I am glad we got the chance to meet.”


He looked at the woman standing there, her strawberry blonde hair cut to frame her large face.  She was wearing a lilac blue dress, with a black insert at the chest and waist, held in place by shoulder straps, dark tights and crimson leather boots with a gold ankle clasp and thin heels.


“My name is Eve,” she said as she sat down, putting her ankles together as she looked at him, “I trust you have already met my housemates.”


“Interesting people,” Adam said quietly, “so what are you going to do to me?  Or are you the owner of this house?”


“I am – and it was my security system you triggered.  You were good, quiet – but I have been targeted before, and I take precautions.”


“I see,” Adam said quietly, “so what are you going to do to stop me walking out of here?”


“Oh I will do whatever it takes,” Eve said quietly, “unless you stop me from doing so.  After all, a man like you would be more than capable of doing anything with me, wouldn’t he?”


“Lady, or Eve or whatever your name is,” Adam said as he dropped his bag, and pulled rope out, “after today, I will do anything I want to you, or I will hurt you, understand?”


“Oh I understand,” Eve said as she looked at him, “what do you want me to do?”


“Lie face down and put your hands behind your back,” Adam growled, watching as she did so and then he crossed her wrists behind her, securing them tightly with rope before he crossed and tied her ankles as well.  “So what’s your little kink?”


“That is for you to find out,” Eve said quietly as Adam forced her to kneel, and unzipped her dress, pulling it down to her waist before he used ropes to secure her arms to her side, framing her chest in the lacy white bra as he did so.  Eve, like the other women, was late middle age, but she smiled and sighed as the ropes rubbed her body.


“Oh you are good and skilled,” she sighed as Adam made her ilea down, and lashed her legs together below her knees, before he straddled her and started to grope her chest, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh as she closed her eyes and moaned.


“Oh yes,” she said quietly as Adam felt himself respond as well, his eyes glazing over as he pulled the cups of her bra down and started to kiss her there, his hands moving between her legs as he pressed on her sex, feeling the dampness as she wriggled round.


“Oh you are hot, and you want this don’t you,” he whispered as he slipped his hand into her hose and panties, Eve groaning and nodding as she said “oh god yes – I do want this...”


“You’re a screamer aren’t you?”


“OH YES,” she shouted out as he ripped her panties off, and stuffed them into her mouth, before he unfastened his own pants and pulled them down again.  Eve looked at his erect cock, and nodded as he moved her legs apart, and entered her, her body moving in response to his as he rocked to and fro.


He felt her muscles gripping him, holding him as he moved and kissed her, her muffled groans growing louder and louder as they moved together.  He could feel himself growing larger and larger inside her, as she felt the increased pleasure of him moving inside, rubbing on all those special places, bringing her closer and closer even as she felt the throbbing increase in speed and intensity.


Adam groaned as well as he felt himself coming, holding on until he knew she was ready and the two of them cumming as one, both throwing their heads back and groaning as they felt the waves of pleasure rush over both of them.  This went on for a blissful eternity, before Eve relaxed and lay on the floor, as Adam stood up.


“I have no idea what the fuck is going on here...”




“Thank you,” Adam said as he pulled his pants up, “but I am leaving now, and you are not going to stop me.”




“That’s right,” Adam said as he opened the other door to the room – and then felt a sharp pinprick in his arm, before the room started to sway again.


“What the...”









“Hey – hey, wake up.”


Adam slowly opened his eyes and sat up as he tried to gather his sense around himself.  As he did so, he saw he was in a room with two beds – and sitting on the other bed was a grey haired man, wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans as well as old sneakers.


“I wondered how long you were going to be out for,” he said as Adam sat up and rubbed the back of his neck.  “I’m Joe – you?”


“Adam – where the hell am I?”


“The basement – you’ve met Eve and the others haven’t you?”


“Yeah – yeah, I have,” Adam said, “hang on – the basement?”


“Oh yeah,” Joe said with a smile, “you were being tested young man – and I think you passed, because you were here.”


“Passed?  Tested?  What the hell for?”


“Their personal toy,” Joe said with a smile.  “What did you do – break in?”


Adam nodded as Joe smiled.  “So did I – ten years ago.  Welcome to a whole new life, Adam...”









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