The Eyes Have It




“Pair of fives.... Possible flush... nothing... Possible straight... Pair of jakes.”

The Sunday night poker match was again in full swing, as was the conversation.

“Come on Dave, what’s the most important thing to you in your work?”

“Oh, it has to be that look they give you.  It says it all.”  He took a swig from his bottle and set it down.  “Take last Friday.  I’d staked out this house for a few days, watching the comings and goings, until I thought I had the pattern worked out.  I was sure nobody would be on the Saturday morning, given the family went to temple, so I forced the back patio doors and started to ransack the place.

“You can imagine my surprise, then, when the bedroom door opened while I was in there and this raven haired beauty walked in.  She was the wife – six foot tall, long slightly curly dark hair, wearing this gorgeous jersey dress that hugged her figure and dark stockings.  I could just see the top of her garter belt under the hem of her dress.

“Well, we exchanged the usual pleasantries – she screamed, and I forced her down onto the bed with my hand covering her mouth.  It took a few minutes for her to realise I was stronger and to persuade her to shut up when I took my hand away.”

“So what did you do then?”

“What I always do in these situations – I told her to take her dress off, and then I was going to make sure she could not raise the alarm.  I pulled my stash of ropes out and laid them on the bed, and whistled as she pulled the dress over her head.

“Apart from a pair of fancy black knickers, and the aforementioned garter and stockings she was naked.  I asked here where everyone else was, and she explained she had come early to make preparations for the Passover meal.  Well, I wished her the compliments of the season, before ordering her to turn around and out her hands behind her back.

“There then followed the best half hour I had spent in months.  First, her wrists, then her arms just below her elbows, and then securing her wrists to her back by passing the rope around her waist.  The best bit, however, was when I started to wrap the rope around her chest.  Her expressions as I tightened her arms to her side were a mixture of exasperation and, I swear to God, pleasure.

“Anyway, I made sure the ropes went around her 42DD breasts, so that when I finally cinched the coils under her arms and tied the knots off they were the most beautifully displayed pair of knockers I had ever seen.  I turned her round and sat her down, but her eyes were closed and she seemed to be really getting off on her predicament.”

“You lucky son of a bitch!”

“Tell me about it.  Anyway, I tied her legs together - ankles, calves, knees and thighs, with her keeping her patent heels on all the time.  As she sat there, I found a pair of her panties and a scarf, and stood in front of her.  That was when she looked up at me – her deep blue eyes staring at me – and said ‘Thank you.’

“’For what?’ I said, and she just smiled.  In went the panties, round went the scarf, and as I laid her on her side I swear she winked at me before closing her eyes and rolling over.  I looked at her, moaning as she started to move around, and got out of there as quickly as I could with my gains.”

“Like I said, you lucky son of a bitch.  I don’t get that sort of pleasure too often.”

“What sort of pleasure?”

“Having to tie someone up who really gets into it.”

“Are you in?”

“Nah – fold.”

“See you and raise you ten.”




“Tens over fives.”

“Your pot.  Let’s take a break. Hey – did John ever get a chance like that.”

“Often – he was telling me about one the other day.

“It was one of those rare occasions when he was visiting a business – he had had some sort of problem with them, and was a bit angry.  At any rate, he had broken into the warehouse and was having a look round when this woman asked him what he was doing there.

“According to John, she was a real stunner – six foot tall, straight mousey blonde ragged hair, wearing this pinstripe coat dress with high heels and a hat perched on her head.  She looked like she had stepped out of some old forties movie.  Well, you know John – he just came out and said he was robbing them to get his money back.  Guess what she said in reply?”


“’Good – they’re about to sack me before I expose their dealings anyway.  What say you help me save my job and get your money back?’

“Well, John asked her to explain further.  She was a secretary there, and she had been asked to work back late.  At any rate, she was sitting doing nothing when she had heard someone walking round, so there they were. 

“John smiled – you know how he likes this sort of thing – and said all right.  She then pointed to a pile of ropes that had been left in the corner, and told him to do his worst.  John, been John, obliged but told her to unbutton her dress first.

“He did a real number on her, at her urging – wrists behind her back, ankles and legs bound, and then ropes around her arms, chest and waist.  Just to compound his luck, she had on underneath that dress a real red and black bra and panties set with a matching garter belt, so when she suggested one last length of rope he used it.  Starting between her breasts, he tied it through the chest ropes, her waist rope and then under her crotch, taking it up behind and repeating the process, including her wrists this time, before ending it at her shoulder blades.  He then took the red scarf she had around her neck and used it to gag her.

“Standing in front of her, John then asked her where the office was.  She looked to her side with her hazel eyes, and John just said ‘Thanks’ as he left her there.

“Apparently, she wasn’t found until the next morning – the night guards had all taken the night off, so it was the day shift that found her sitting on the floor.”

“Some guys get all the luck.  What about you, Dave?”

“There was a recent pick-up I had to do for eSlave – a special delivery for an Asian businessman, who wanted a new ‘personal assistant.’  She had to be in her forties, blonde haired and long legged.

“Well, I found her easily enough – a legal secretary at a local law firm, lived alone with no relatives.  I called round to her flat under the guise of an electrician, and she let me in to check her meter – fake ID works every time.

“So did the chloroform I used on her five minutes later.  Her eyes opened wide at the first smell of the cloth over her nose and mouth – pure green they were – and her struggles were fierce at first, but they always succumb in the end.

“Anyway, I pull the ropes out of my bag and start to get to work.  She was dressed for the office – nice white silk blouse, grey skirt and dark jacket, and of course the four inch heels.”

“Of course.”

“Fifteen minutes later, I have her nice and tightly bound.  Her wrists are tied and secured against the small of her back, and the coils around her chest making those beautiful breasts bulge, her drugged sleep making them rise and fall.  Her legs were salami – ankles crossed, thighs, calves, and just below her crotch at the top of her light stockings.  Rolling up a length of white cloth, I pull it into her mouth and gag her, before picking her up and throwing over my shoulder.  Five minutes after that, I’m in the van driving out of the complex basement.

“It was several hours later when I got the best look of all.  I’d deposited her on the floor, and gone to take care of the paperwork when the wife tells me she’s awake.  I go in and look down on her, realising the front of her blouse has popped open as she has struggled.

“Her blue bra had slipped slightly, so that her nipples were showing as she screamed through her gag at me.  I swear, if I had been younger or not married, I may have had a bit of fun there, but instead I had to tell her to shut up, or she would be sleeping again.

“That did the trick, but I kept the memory of those pleading eyes for some time afterwards, even after I had locked the crate up and sent her on her way.  It’s the little touches that make this job, right?”

The assembled group of men nodded as more bottles of beer were handed round.  As they drank, one of the others who had been silent up to that point said “At least yours were quick visits.  The snatch we did for The Baron last week was a much harder prospect to deal with.”

“Oh yeah?  What happened?”

“It was Albright’s daughter – you may have seen the press reports.  We picked her up as she was about to go out on a night on the town – no fuss, no bother, just a simple ‘Get in the van’ and off we went to the hideout.

“We used zip ties on her, and a tape gag, and it only took us a few minutes to get her to the hideout – a wooden shack deep in the woods.  We matched her in, ordered her to take off the leather skirt and tank top she was wearing, and forced her to sit in this high backed wooden chair we had brought in.

“So there she was – twenty years old, short brown hair, in a sports bra and panties with a pair of dark stocking attached to the top of the pants.  Eric forced her to sit down in the chair, and while he crossed her ankles and started to tie them together I took her wrists and placed them together, palm to palm, before starting to tie them.

“As he tied her ankles off, Eric looked up and could see she was struggling to breathe, so he took the tape off her mouth.  She whispered ‘Thank you’ once she had finished coughing, and then gasped as I pulled her elbows together behind the back of the chair and tied them together.

“Well, eventually Eric had tied her legs tightly together and secured them to the chair seat, while I had bound her arms and cinched the ropes with a length of rope that was secured to the back and around her neck.  As we lashed her to the chair back, she started sobbing and saying ‘Please, don’t hurt me, I’ll do as you ask, just don’t hurt me...’”

“They all say that, don’t they?”

“Yup.  Anyway, Eric takes this white scarf she had been wearing and uses it to gag her instead of the tape, and then sits behind her while I sit in front of her.  The naked light bulb shone down on her as she sat there, her head bowed as she started crying again.

“Point is, every time she looks up I see her grey eyes looking at me, tears flowing and mute pleading combined to give them a real glisten in the light.  I swear to you, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Two days we had that pleasure until Daddy paid up.  Eric’s enjoying a break on the fee now.”

The group murmured in understanding as they looked at the cards.  The game proceeded in silence, before the dealer said “Glasses – yes or no?”

“Definitely yes – I raided a surgery the other day, late at night, and I had the choice of which to look at.

“There were two women there when I broke in – the doctor and her receptionist.  The doctor was small – maybe five four, and Asian with copper brown hair.  She had on a white coat dress, while her peroxide blonde receptionist was wearing a white blouse and straight dark blue skirt with heels.

“Anyway, I was wearing a balaclava mask as well as the usual clothes and gloves, so when I pointed my gun at them and told them to put their hands on their heads they did exactly what I hoped they would.  I forced them to go into one of the examination rooms, before I decided to have a little fun.

“I’d brought two lots of rope with me – white and brown – but as the doctor had that luscious hair I decided to use the brown on her.  First, however, I quickly bound the receptionist’s hands behind her back and forced her to watch while I dealt with her boss.

“She just sat there, he face expressionless, as I pulled the doctor’s hands behind her back and lashed her wrists tightly together.  She was wearing these sheer black stockings, which I could not help admiring even as I pulled her elbows together as well.  She gasped as I did this, but I also heard the pop of a couple of buttons on her dress, so I turned her round to have a look.

“She had on this purple bra, which barely held this pair of 38D breasts in, and I smiled as she looked up at me.  Her eyes were dark brown, bright and clear behind her specs, but she wasn’t embarrassed.  Rather, she said ‘I hope you like what you see – what’s a big man like you going to do about it?’”

“If Sheila ever found out, you’d emigrate!”

“Pretty much what I said.  I was planning to merely tie her arms to her side, but instead I passed several coils around, above and below, then took the rope over her shoulders and made a rope bra, passing it through both sets of loops and crossing the ropes between her breasts.  She sighed as I did this – and then looked over at her receptionist.

“I swear, she had the hots for that woman, and was trying to show her that.  For her part, the blonde did nothing – she was still in shock at what was going on.  Anyway, I tied the doctor’s ankles together, brought the rope up and tied her legs as well.  Taking a red scarf from my pocket, I stuffed a handkerchief in her mouth and used the thin strip to hold that in place, her lips closing over it as I tied the ends together.

“I looked at the receptionist, and said, ‘What do you think?’  She looked over, seeing her boss trussed and gagged, and actually whimpered through her own gag.  Mind you, so did the doctor – especially when I pulled her dress open and to the side, and pulled the front of her bra down.

“She looked at the receptionist and smiled, a real come on smile – and her smile only got bigger as her employee looked back and opened her own blue eyes wider, drinking in the sight.  Well, I took the opportunity of her captive stare to make her even more of a captive, binding her ankles and legs before making a rope bra for her as well.

“’Well,’ I said to the doctor when I had finished, ‘Do you like what you see as well?’  As I pulled the blouse open, the doctor smiled even more and nodded.  ‘Right – I’ll leave you here,’ I said as I made the blonde lie on her side on the floor.  She stared up at the doctor as I emptied the safe and took my drugs, before closing the door on them.  Unknown to them, however, I stayed and watched for a while.”


“Let’s just say when I left, they had got together and were beginning to get past snuggling up.”

The room exploded with laughter as he finished his tale, while the dealer finished the hand and called the game to an end.  “What about you, Mike,” one of the others said as they collected their money, “You’re been very quiet about this whole eyes thing.”

“Well, I’ve got nothing further to say – I agree with all of you, the eyes have it.”

“So, why are you being quiet?”

“Well, I broke into this house the other day, only to find myself – listen, I’ll start at the beginning.

“It was yesterday, actually – I was walking down the street when I see this door open, and a young woman carrying bags inside.  She was in her late twenties, shoulder length brown hair, wearing a blue blouse and short dark skirt with knee length fabric boots, and she wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to what was going on.

“Well, come on – which of you would not do something in those circumstances?  I watched for a while, making sure she was alone, before slipping in through the door after she took another nag in and quietly making my way up the stairs.

“Anyway, I lie in wait for a few minutes until I hear the door close, and the sound of a kettle starting to boil.  Well, much as I love a cuppa, I waited for another half hour, until it had gone silent again, and then made my way downstairs.

“She was sitting in a dark wood chair, bending over and looking at something at her feet.  I could see a bag next to the chair, but had no idea what was in it, just that she seemed to be fiddling with something, so I crept up behind her.  She sat up, not looking round, but as I grabbed her with one arm and put my hand over her mouth I got the shock of my life.”

“She bit you?”

“No – she couldn’t.  I felt cloth, and when I looked down on her I realised there was a black and white bandana rolled up and tied into her mouth.  The cloth had been hidden by her hair, so that I hadn’t seen it.  I could also see her legs stretched out in front of her, the white rope encircling her ankles while her arms grabbed mine.

“She looked up at me, her eyes of dark brown staring into mine.  ‘I guess I get to finish what you started,” I said as I let her go.  ‘Just lean forward and put your hands behind your back.’

“In the bag by her side were more lengths of rope, neatly coiled.  I picked a shorter one out, and quickly bound her wrists together, keeping the rope over the cuffs of her blouse.  More rope then went over her arms and chest, same as always, and as I cinched them I could see her breasts pressing against the silk.

“Yet more rope went round her legs and thighs, before I knelt down in front of her.  ‘I’m going to look for valuables now’, I said, ‘but I’ll be back in a few minutes.  You just sit tight until then.’

“Well, her eyes were almost laughing at me, and I swear she was smiling as well.  ‘You need to cool down,’ I said as I undid the top buttons of her blouse, noting her breasts were bare as I peeked through the front.  ‘Remember, just sit still and I’ll be right back.’  She nodded and smiled again as I left her there, and started to look for where she had hidden things.”

Most of the others had left by this point, save Dave who was waiting for Mike.  “So,” he said as Mike put his coat on, “What happened next?”

“What do you think?  We made love on the new carpet, and celebrated moving into our new house together.”

“You lucky, lucky sod,” was Dave’s only comment as they left the room, turning off the lights as they did so.





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