The Hen Party








For the people trying to head away for the weekend, it was a given that the carriages of the train would be busy.  What the people travelling to Newcastle upon Tyne on a Friday had also come to expect was a number of groups heading to the city to celebrate upcoming nuptials of one or other of the group.


Regular travels also knew what that might involve – drunk men, or even worse for some of them drunk women.  So the foursome at the table, with the empty cans in front of them, told the story they did not want to hear.  Even if they hadn’t had a few drinks, the loud talking and laughing would have told the story.




The friends toasted the dark haired girl, who shrieked as she raised her bottle of lager and took a long drink.  Missy had short dark hair, and in just over two weeks time was due to marry Jerry at the local registry office.  Therefore, the hen party was under way, with her three best friends in attendance.  Bobby had long light brown hair pulled back from her smiling – well, grinning face, while Terri had short black hair.  The third girl, Kate, was snoring quietly, her long light brown hair falling over her face.


“Hey – wake her up,” Missy said, “she’s missing the fun!”


“Nah - let her doze,” Terri said, “all the more refreshed for later...”


A few tables down, they watched the foursome laughing and drinking.  They had their own plans for the weekend, and they were prepared for everything that was going to happen...




“Here we are – cheap and cheerful,” Missy said as they booked into the city centre TravelLodge.  “Let’s get unpacked, and then we go and hit the Bigg Market at eight.”


“And get something to eat,” Bobby said as she rubbed her head.


“Yes, and get something to eat,” Missy said as she rolled her eyes.  “Take your room keys and get going.”


As they walked to the lifts, they were watched, the person sat in the lobby smiling as they took out a mobile phone.


“They’re heading to the rooms – let’s get ready.”




“Okay then – that’s what we want,” Bobby said as she checked her lipstick in the bathroom mirror.  She adjusted the knot holding the front of her lace crop top together, her white bra clearly visible under the brown material, and put a gold braided necklace round her neck.


Walking into the main part of the room, she stopped and checked her reflection in the mirror.  The over the knee brown leather boots hugged her legs, the three inch stiletto heels adding to her height, while the white denim hot pants hugged her part bottom.


“Just right for the toon,” she giggled to herself as she picked up her purse and walked to the lifts.  As she waited by the doors, two more women came over and stood next to her – both wearing Chinese cheongsam style dresses with short black wigs.  To her amusement, Bobby noticed they were also wearing full face masks, with the cheeks rouged and black lining round the eye slits.


“Going down,” Bobby said, the two women nodding as the lift doors opened and they walked in.  Bobby turned to face the lift doors, not noticing as one of the women reached into her handbag.  So when the damp cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth, she inhaled more from shock than habit – her vision and senses instantly starting to blur as the women held her.


She was dimly aware of one of them moving her hands behind her, and something holding her wrists together, before the lift doors opened and she was carried towards a waiting transit van...





“I don’t care what the tradition is,” Terri said as she put on her grey jacket, “I’m going to stay warm.”  The jacket covered her blue denim blouse, with a white t-shirt underneath, while the legs of her new jeans were tucked into her over the knee tan leather boots.


As she heard the knock on the door, she called out “just give me a minute,” grabbing her purse as she opened the door.  The last thing she was expecting to see was a tall woman standing there, wearing a long black robe over a catsuit, and with a clear plastic mask covering her face.


“I’m sorry, do you have the right room,” Terri said as she looked at her.


“Oh I think so,” the woman said, her voice somewhat distorted as she forced Terri back into her room – helped by the small pistol she was now pointing at the young woman.


“What the hell...”


“Just shut up and face the wall,” the masked woman said, as she grabbed Terri’s arm and turned her round.  She was too shocked to react as her wrists were secured together by a plastic strip, and then she was turned round.  She felt the clear tape pull at her skin as it was pressed firmly down over her mouth, before the woman took her by the arm and frogmarched her to the door.


“Whtsgnnnn,” she finally said as the masked woman opened the door and looked out, then dragged Terri to the lifts, saying nothing as the doors opened and they stepped in...




Kate sat on her bed, pulling up the zip on her black leather boots as she smiled to herself.  That sleep on the train had been just what she needed, and she was ready for anything.


She stood up, the hem of her black leather miniskirt falling to barely cover the tops of her stockings, and brushed some lint from her scoop necked black t-shirt.  Striking a pose, she took out her mobile phone and dialled a number.


“Terri?  Ready to go and have some fun?


“Okay then – I’ll meet you in the lobby,” she said before ending the call, and collecting her pass card.  Putting it in her handbag, she put the strap over her shoulder and walked down to the lift.  She looked round as one or two families went past, and then stepped into the lift, smiling as it went down to the reception area.


As she stepped out, she heard her phone indicate a message had arrived, and walked out of the lobby onto the walkway.  Looking left and right, she whispered “weird – where are you Terri?”


A second message appeared, which said “come to the street.”  Kate walked down the stairs to where the road approached a roundabout, looking to the left and right  as a van pulled up.   She barely had time to react before a woman wearing a Guy Fawkes mask jumped out, and pushed her into the back of the van, jumping in after her before the door slammed shut.  She saw the other two girls on the floor as her hands were pulled behind her back, and she was forced to lie face down on the floor.




Missy stepped out of the lift, wearing a red sash with “BRIDE-TO-BE” written in gold letters over her shoulder.  Her dress was made of purple silk, and had a single shoulder strap along with a skirt that came well above her knees.  She was also wearing a pair of over the knee grey leather boots.


“Where the hell are you girls,” she said as she looked round.  There was a message board by the reception, and as she looked she saw a folded piece of paper with “MISSY” written on it.  As she took it and opened it, she read “Missy.  We’ve gone on to get the drinks in – meet us at this pub.”


She looked at the address, and walked over to the reception desk.  “Can you tell me where this pub is please?”


“It’s down by the quayside pet,” the man standing behind the desk said, “want me to call a cab?”


“Nah – just point me in the right direction,” Missy said, looking at a map of the city centre before she headed off.  Ten minutes later, she was nearing the bottom of Grey Street, looking at the tall Victorian warehouses and buildings as the night came in.


Rounding a corner, she was taken by surprise as two women appeared in front of her, wearing black leather catsuits and Catwomen masks.


“Oh – sorry,” she said as she tried to step out of the way, only for the two women to move to block her again.


“How purrfectly delightful,” one of them said, “a lioness celebrating her last few days of freedom.”


“How true,” the second one side, “and yet she has one thing to realise.”


“Look,” Missy said quietly, “if you will just let me pass, I’m meeting some friends.”


“Oh we know, little kitten,” the first one said as, to her surprise, they walked either side of her and hooked their arms under hers, “we’re taking you to them.”


“What the hell are...”


Missy suddenly went quiet as she felt the pinprick, and then her eyes started to mist over, dimly aware of the van that was drawing up alongside and the side door opening while she was lifted in...






“Missy?  Missy for Christ’s sake, wake up!”


Missy groaned as she tried to move her arms- they felt stiff, and as if lead weights were holding them down.  It was only as she opened her eyes that she saw Bobby looking at her – and saw her predicament.  The young women was secured to a metal bedstead that had been propped against a wall, her arms and legs spread out and her ankles and wrists secured to the metal with plastic strips.


As her eyes and mind cleared, she looked up and saw she was in a similar position, secured to a second bedstead in the same way.  “What the...   What the hell happened,” she said as she tried to shake the fogginess out of her head.


“You tell me,” Bobby said.  “I was coming down to the lobby when these two bints in Chinese clothes came into the lift with me, they put something over my mouth, and the next thing I know...”


“FUCK,” Missy shouted as she started to struggle – and suddenly became aware of a funny feeling between her legs as she did so.


“Missy, don’t,” Bobby said quietly as she looked down, and Missy saw the rope that had not only been tied round her waist, but also had been passed between her legs.  Glancing down, she saw the rope that was hitching the skirt of her own dress up, and she suddenly stopped moving.


“Who the hell has done this to us,” she finally said, “and have they got Terri and Kate as well?”


“I don’t know – I came round like this, did what you did, and then had to watch as they brought you in?”




“The two Chinese bitches.  I don’t even know what time it is – no natural light and no watch.”


Missy looked around the room – it was bare save for the two bedsteads, and a lone light bulb was lit in the ceiling.  The windows of the room had been shuttered, and they could both see the heavy metal bar and padlock holding them closed.


“Ah good – you’re awake.”


The two girls looked to the open door and saw the two women in Chinese dresses, the white masks still covering their faces, standing either side of a third woman.  She was dressed in a black roll neck sweater and tight pants, and a clear plastic mask covered her face, distorting her features as she looked at them.  There was something familiar about her voice to Missy, but right at the moment one thing was occupying her mind.


“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck have you done this to us for?”


“Both really good questions Missy,” the masked woman said as she walked over, “and I’m sure you’ll get answers eventually, but not before I have had my fun.”


“Our friends will know we’ve gone missing,” Bobby called out, “they’ll raise the alarm.”


“Terri and Kate?  Oh I don’t think they’re going to be raising the alarm for anyone – they have other things to occupy their time right now,” the masked woman said as she stroked Missy’s cheek with a latex gloved hand.  “Would you like to see them?”


“What do you mean?”


The woman said nothing, but nodded to the two Chinese masked assistants, who walked quickly over and cut Bobby free from the bedstead.  Before she had a chance to do anything else, one of them held her wrists together behind her back, while the second used some rope to secure them tightly together, passing it around and between her arms until they were bound tightly together.


Missy was then cut loose, her wrists secured behind her back in the same way, before the two captives were forced to walk out of the room, the rope rubbing on them as they did so.  They found themselves in the hallway of a house, and as they were marched along and down a staircase they saw the windows and doors were all covered over.


“There now,” the clear masked woman said as they walked into a large downstairs room, “I told you they were occupied.”


“Hseetlrrddnnn,” Terri said as she looked up from the floor, her cheeks and forehead covered in sweat.  Her arms were folded behind her back, lengths of rope securing her wrists to her elbows and her forearms together, while bands of rope held her upper arms to her sides as they went above and below her chest.  Missy could see the way they had been further tightened by ropes under her arms, and the bands holding her legs together at her thighs, below her knees and her ankles.


Those ankles had been pulled back as far as possible, a length of rope holding them to what she now realised was a rope that ran between Terri’s own legs as well.  She could only imagine how it felt, and as her friend rolled onto her side and she saw the damp patch on her crotch she knew how right she was.  The wide band of white tape around her head was also holding something in her mouth underneath.


As for Kate, Bobby was staring at her as she hung from a hook on the ceiling.  Literally hung – she had been bound in the same way as Terri, and just as tightly gagged, but a length of rope had been attached to the ropes round her chest and her ankles, before it had been placed over a hook and then a pulley used to lift her several feet above the ground.


She looked at the other two, her eyes pleading as Missy said “Shit – but why?”


“Oh I’m going to tell you in a few minutes,” the clear masked woman said as one of the two women in the Catwoman costumes in, and started to pass a long length of rope around Bobby’s upper body, securing her arms to her sides as her chest was forced up and out.  “But first, you get to watch as your friend has some fun.”


“What’s the matter you fucking bitch – too scared to take me on?”


“Oh hardly,” the masked woman said as Bobby felt the rope pulled more tightly, rubbing on her chest as she struggled, “but I want you to be prepared first.  Now, stop swearing, or I promise you I will make you stop.”


“Just try and doittuuhmmffkngngngdddd!”


Before Bobby could say anything else, the masked woman took a sponge ball she had been holding in her hand and pushed it into Bobby’s mouth, nodding to the second Catwoman as she tore the end free from a roll of white tape and wrapped it tightly round Bobby’s head to keep her quiet.


“Who the fuck are you?”


“Oh come on – you haven’t guessed,” the masked captor said as Bobby was forced to her knees, ropes tied around her ankles and legs below and above her knees and passed between her legs to tighten each band, before she was made to lie on the floor, and her ankles pulled back, rope securing them to her crotch rope as well.


“No I...”  Missy looked hard at the masked woman, and then gasped as she said “it can’t fucking be...”


“Hold her arms.”


Missy continued to stare at the woman as the two Chinese women released her wrists, and then moved them so that her wrists were up towards her shoulders, the masked woman using two lengths of cord to secure her wrists to her upper arms and making sure they were secured there.  She then grimaced as ropes were wrapped around her upper body, stretching the purple fabric as the bands framed her chest.


While this was been done, the Catwomen produced pairs of scissors, and to her chock and horror started to cut away the clothes of her three friends, the ropes now rubbing on their bras and panties – save for Kate, as Missy realised she had gone commando.


As the ropes were pulled tight, and she was made to kneel, Missy stared at the clear masked woman, and hissed “you had your chance bitch – but I won.”


“Oh you can have the prick,” the woman said as Missy felt ropes been used to secure her ankles to her thighs, “this is purely me getting my own back on you.  But don’t worry, you won’t have to keep this a secret.”


“Why the fuck not,” Missy growled as the shoulder strap of her dress was cut through, and it was pulled off, the binders making her fall face down on the floor and pull the dress away before they tied ropes from her ankles to her crotch rope, the band now rubbing on her black lace panties.


“Because,” their captor said as she pushed a sponge ball into Missy’s mouth, and the white tape wrapped tightly round her head, “it’s going to go out live on the internet.  And if you ever, ever reveal who did this to you, we’ll make sure you never get out of these positions.  As it is, we have a little present for all of you.”


“Whtuuffknnseco,” Missy mumbled –and then she felt the vibrations as the lozenge was forced between the crotch rope and her body, hearing the other three give muted screams as they too had a vibrator pushed against their bodies.


As she felt the effect on her body, Missy groaned and cursed in equal measure as the woman removed her mask, her three friends screaming “LLNNNNNNNNNNN!”


“Yeah,” Missy’s sister Elaine said as she looked at them, “and I won’t be at the wedding either.  Have fun.”


The four women screamed out as the masked captors left, a mixture of pleasure and fear in their voices...





“Home again,” Alex said as she pulled up outside the house in Sidney Grove, making sure she was parked in a way that did not block the narrow road.  “That was a good weekend away Bindy.”


“Yeah,” the dark haired girl said as she got out, “I hope Elaine had no problem looking after the house for the weekend.”


“Well, let’s go in and I’ll put the kettle on,” Alex said as she unlocked the front door of the house and they walked in, putting their bags on the floor.


“Can you hear that buzzing noise,” Bindy said.


“Probably my alarm – you go and open the curtains and I’ll put the kettle on.”


“Okay then,” Bindy said as Alex walked down to the kitchen, filling the kettle and putting it on.  “Do you want milk with this,” she called back.




Walking back down the corridor, she saw her friend staring into the front room.  “What’s the matter,” she said as she looked in – and saw the four women there, staring at them as one of them said weakly “Hllppssplss....”





“I knew your sister was mad at you,” Kate said as the four women travelled south, “but to do that to us?”


“Oh don’t worry,” Missy said as she rubbed her arm, “I’m going to get my own back on her.  I’m just glad she lied about it going out on the internet.”


“I hope she did,” Bobby said quietly, “I really hope she did...”







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