The Panther Invites







Veronika Mueller could not believe this was happening to her – again.  She had been at her magazine, and had left to drive home – but instead of being in her car, she had bene invited to step into the black Jaguar that was parked next to it.


Invited by a man she had met before.


“I trust you are not too uncomfortable behind there, Fraulein Mueller,” he said in his deep, cultured English voice as he looked over, wearing the chauffer’s uniform.  She was lying across the back seat, her black satin jacket stretched over her leopard print dress by the tight ropes that encircled her arms and chest.  The sleeves of the jacket came to just below her elbows, the rope around her wrists sitting on top of the cuffs of her dress.  The single button was threatening to give way, but so far was holding firm.


As she looked down, she tried to move her legs, but bands of rope were also holding her ankles and legs below her knees together, the soft leather of her boot squeaking as she wriggled round.  The dark hose over her legs offered some more protection, but not much.


And she could not complain either – the perfume on the scarf in her mouth was not too unpleasant, and the white tape covering her lips was soft and pliable.  He may be a kidnapper and a crook, but The Panther was still a gentleman.


whhehhrruttkknmm,” she mumbled as she looked over.


“You will see – but we need to make a stop on the way.  Someone else I need to extend an invitation to.


“Your sister…”


Veronika stared at him as he turned the radio on, and kept driving…




Antonella Mueller smiled as she walked into the boutique, the attendants turning and noticing her.  Her long blonde hair fell gracefully over the shoulders of her purple gown, the deep neckline showing her chest and the satin band at the chest and round her waist adding a contrast.  Her slim legs were enclosed in a pair of over the knee black patent leather boots.


“Fraulein Mueller,” the manager said as he walked over, “it is good to see you again.  How may we be of service to you today?”


“I have an appointment to see your latest collection?”


He quickly consulted a book as he said “ah yes – of course.  Take Fraulein Mueller to viewing room 3, Annette?”


“Yes sir,” the girl said as she walked over, “if you will come this way?”  Antonella nodded as she was shown to a small room, sitting in the beige seat as the assistant said “May I get you come coffee?”


“Thank you,” Antonella said as the assistant left, humming to herself as she checked her phone for messages.


“Hello Antonella.”


She looked up to see the tall, smartly dressed man in the room, as she said “Forgive me, I did not know they had male models here.”


“They do not – I wish to extend an invitation to you to join your sister for a very special evening.”


“Veronika?  What sort of evening?”


“As I said,” the man repeated with a smile as he produced a gun and pointed it at Antonella, “a very special one.  Allow me to introduce myself - I am known as The Panther.”


“The…”  Antonella looked at him, and suddenly whispered “oh my…  But that was years ago…”


“And yet, here I am – and if you wish to see Veronika safely, you will take this, and put it in your mouth.”  He took from his jacket pocket a red scarf, handing it to her as he smiled.  Antonella looked at the silk square, remembering when she and her sister had been in his care before, and then opened her mouth, pushing the scarf n before she closed her lips over the seam.


“Excellent,” the Panther said as he put the gun down, opening his jacket and taking the wide strip of white tape off the inside lining.  He pressed it firmly over Antonella’s mouth, and then smiled as he produced a length of cord from the other pocket.


“Please, stand and put your hands behind your back – then I will take you to join Veronika…”



A few minutes later, Veronika looked up as the boot of the car was opened, and groaned “Hnnnhhhh…”


“In you get,” the man said as he made Antonella sit on the rim, then eased her beside her sister before he secured her ankles with more cords.  “Relax,” he then said with a smile, “once I have you at the destination, I’ll make sure you stay together, and then bring the next guest.”   Both women looked at him as the light disappeared, and the car drove off…



IT was a large, well decorated room, with a set of ottomans set in a circle – and as he pulled the rope tight round Antonella’s chest, forcing her arms into her sides, he tied it off and gently kissed her neck, before making her lie on her side and face Veronika.


“Now, I need you both to stay there.”


Vreefneee,” Veronika said a she tied her sister’s bound ankles to the leg of the Ottoman, just as he had done to her.  As she struggled, however, the rope he had used to hike her skirt up moved as well…


“Do not worry – once all of the others are here, we will have a special time,” he said as he left the room, music playing in the background as the sisters wondered who would be on the other three seats…




“It has been a wonderful evening, thank you darling,” Sheila, Duchess of Fellland said as she waved to her hostess, and walked to the lift of her block of apartments.  The sixty year old blonde was dressed to impress, the butter soft brown leather of her knee length skirt moving with her pert bottom.  On her upper half, she wore a tight leopard print top with a matching long and wide silk scarf wrapped loosely round her neck.  The heels of her chocolate brown patent leather boots clocked on the floor as she entered the lift, and made her way to the penthouse floor.


Walking in, she smiled as she ran her hand over the back of the Georgian furniture, and placed her purse on the smoked glass table, intending to have a nightcap before she retired to bed.


“Would you care for one as well,” she said as she poured a whisky, smiling as she heard the soft footfall behind her.  Turning, she looked at the grey haired man standing there, and said “I was not expecting a male caller.”


“Well, that is because very few of those I visit realise I am here so quickly.  May I ask what gave my presence away?”


“Your cologne,” Sheila said as she handed him a glass.  “So, why are you here?”


“To extend an invitation to spend the night with some friends.”


“But I have just spent the evening with friends – why should I go with you?”


“Because you have no choice,” he said with a smile as he raised a gun and pointed it at her.  In his other hand, she noticed a silk wad.


“Are those – my panties?”


AS he nodded, he said “indeed – I need you to be quiet, not raise the alarm.  Please, open your mouth, Your Ladyship.”  Sheila nodded, intrigued as he pushed the panties into her open mouth, then waited as she closed her lips over it before he carefully smoothed clear tape over her lips to seal them.


Hnndnhhwwhht,” she mumbled, amazed at how quiet she was.


“Turn, and put your hands behind your back.”  As she did so, he took a length of silk cord from his jacket pocket, doubled it over, and used it to bind her wrists tightly together, making sur he cinched the bands as well.  Sheila tried to move her arms apart, as he left the room, returning with a brown cape that he fastened over her, covering her arms.  As she looked in the mirror, she almost looked as if nothing was wrong.


“Now,” the man said as he took hold of her, “take a walk with me – the other two guests are waiting…”




“Watch for the last step - there you go…”


Veronika and Antonella looked over as the door opened, and the Panther escorted Sheila in, the blonde recognising both of them as she was walked to the next Ottoman.


Hmhgghhddd,” she mumbled as her cape was removed, both of them watching as he collected a long length of rope, and lashed her arms to her sides, stretching her top over her chest as he did so.  He then tied some rope round her waist, and reached between her legs, pulling it up in the slit at the front of her skirt as she suddenly moaned.


“Do you like that,” he whispered, Sheila surprised to find herself nodding as she was sat down, and her captor crossed and secured her ankles together, then her legs below her knees, pulling them tightly together as she squirmed round, sighing as the ropes rubbed on her.


“Lie down,” the Panther said quietly as he laid Sheila on her side, looking at the other two, “I will return shortly…”




Dame Barbara Waller stepped out of the reception, allowing herself a smile at how well it as going.  For a late viewing at her art gallery, a lot of people were attending…


The brunette looked at herself in the long mirror.  Tennis was her chosen way of keeping fit, and it worked for her – the short sleeved black top hugged her chest, and she carried off the lime green skirt that would have suited a twenty year younger woman with style.  She also wore a pair of over the knee black leather boots, with fishnet stockings.


“Right then,” she said to herself, “back tohhhtthttt?”  A leather gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth as she was pulled into a side room, and she reached up to try and pull it down.


“Stay calm, Dame Barbara – if you struggle, I will be forced to knock you out, and I have no desire to do that.”


The voice was deep, authoritative, as Barb looked up and saw the grey haired man holding her.  Slowly, she nodded as the hand was taken away, the voice saying “put your hands behind your back – you are coming with me?”


“Why should I?  Who are you?”


“I am known as the Panther…”


The Panther!  Barbara started to go weak at the knees – she knew the name, she knew who he was, and he was kidnapping her?  Did he know this was a fantasy of hers?  Nodding, she put her hands behind her back, struggling to contain her excitement as she felt him move her wrists, and then the rope as they were forced together, going around and between her arms as they were held in the bands of rope.


“What are you going to do to me,” she whispered as she then felt the rope around her arms, gently pulling her elbows together so that they almost touched.  She could see how her chest looked as it was forced out, and sighed at the feeling it was generating in her.


“I heard a rumour,” the Panther said as he tied the rope off, “that you have dreams, fantasies, of been captured and kidnapped by strong men.  Is that the case?”


Barbara slowly nodded as she felt his hands on her arms.  “Well, I am about to make your fantasy come true, with some others.  I need to make sure you are quiet, so I require you to open your mouth for me?”


“And what will you put in there?”  Barbara looked at him as he held out…  “That – that is my torn hose!”


“Indeed – open wide.”


She had to stop herself squirming as the gusset was forced into her mouth, followed by the legs, puffing her cheeks out before white tape was smoothed over her lips forming to the contours of her face and holding fast.  Closing her eyes, she squirmed round as more rope was tied round her arms and body, framing her chest before it was tightened between her arms and body.  It felt so good, so right – and then she felt another rope pulling her skirt up, rubbing on her hose as she sighed into her gag.


“Is it good to fulfil a fantasy?”


Barbara nodded as she was led to a door at the far side of the room, and outside…



“Excuse me…”


As he wound down the window of the car, he smiled as he said “Can I help you?”  The blonde pulled her black coat round herself, the long purple scarf keeping her neck warm, as she said “my car seems to have broken down.  Do you know anything about these…  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had a…


She looked at Barbara in the back seat, the white tape covering her mouth as she closed her eyes and groaned, and then back at the man – and the gun in his hand.


“I know your car has broken down – just as I know you are the honourable Joanna Forbes-Smythe.  Get in the back of the car with my friend.”


“Who are you?”


“Tell me,” he said as he got out of the car, “do you remember the time your mother disappeared for a few days?”


“She was kidna  Oh my god, you’re The Panther?”


“I am indeed,” he said as he opened the rear door of the car.  “Now get in, and put your hands together in front of yourself.”


Slowly, Joanna sat in the rear seat, looking at Barbara as she nodded and wriggled round.  “I…  I recognise you.  You’re Dame Barbara Waller – I was at your gallery tonight.”


“Indeed – but you left before I could collect you for the invitation,” the grey haired man said as he bound her wrists together in front of her, and then secured her arms to her side.  “but no matter – I always have a contingency plan.  Open your mouth please.”


“But I dhnnthmmmm” Joanna mumbled as her scarf was pulled between her lips, filling her mouth as he secured it to the bae of her neck.


“You will – sit back, relax,” he said as he strapped her in, and then got behind the wheel again, Barbara groaning as he did so…





“Well, the rest of the guests are here,” the Panther said quietly as he led Barbara and Joanna in, sitting them down and securing their legs before they lay down, “I shall return shortly with food, drink and fresh clothing, but first, I have ransom demands to deliver.”


He left the room, the five women looking at each other as they wriggled round.  Joanna reached up and pulled at her scarf. Eventually, she pulled it out, the dark stained cloth falling on her chest, as she said “Do any of you have any idea why he has kidnapped us?”


Veronika slowly nodded – she had a good idea why, and the ransom was only part of it…





“Thank you,” Joanna finally said as she rubbed her wrists.  The five captives had been marched into – well, an ornately decorated dining room, and then sat down at a seat each, their waists tied to the chair back and their ankles to the front legs, before they had their arms untied and the gags removed.


“Allow me to make the introductions,” the Panther said as he walked round the table, pouring red wine into the glasses, “Fraulein Veronika and Fraulein Antonella Mueller…  Sheila, Duchess of Fellland  Dame Barbara Waller… and the Honourable Joanna Forbes-Smythe.  Thank you all for accepting my invitation.”


“We had a choice,” Barbara said, and then she shook as the rope between her legs rubbed on her again, “but why us?”


“Well, I wished to dine with you,” the grey haired man said as he went to a trolley, taking a plate and placing it in front of them as he removed the cloche, “but also each of you have a reason for been here before.”


“And that reason is?”


“In our case,” Veronika said as she looked at Joanna, “this man kidnapped us when we were young women.  He has a – habit – if capturing again he women he likes.”


“Because I appreciate your company,” the panther said as he sat in the sixth seat, “Dame Barbara I am afraid has written of her fantasy of been kidnapped, and Lady Sheila – well, how many of you have heard of Sheila Fell, the authoress.”


Joanna blushed as she nodded – and then looked at Sheila as she said “you?”


“Me – but how did you know?”


“I am a fan,” the Panther said with a smile, “and as for young Joanna – well, she is the one I am truly claiming a ransom for.  Her mother, I am sure, will know she is safe so long as the ransom is paid?”


“But…  But…  Then why kidnap the other four.”


“Because he likes our company,” Antonella said, “and because – well, let us enjoy our dinner, and then you will see.”


“I will see what?”


The Panther just smiled as he said “you will see when I prepare you all to rest for the evening…”  He started to cut into his meat as Veronika sipped her wine.  “Be at peace Joanna,” she said quietly, “you will find it – educational.”



“That feels – different,” Joanna said as the Panther pulled the rope tight round her arms and chest, stretching the white silk pyjama top over it.  She and the others had bene allowed to change into night attire, the others watching as he finished binding her arms by feeding the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“Be seated,” he said quietly as he held her arms, and kissed her neck, Joanna shivering as she said “you’re not going to…”


“Me – no,” he said quietly, “although I may help you on your way.”  As he said this, his hands brushed lightly over her chest, as she felt a shiver run down her, and saw the others nodding.


“Dame Barbara, will you be first?”


“Please,” Barbara said as she wriggled round, the deep neckline of her nightdress allowing her chest to be seen between the tight ropes.  The Panther walked over and knelt down, crossing her ankles before he lashed them tightly together, and then her legs below her knees as she pulled her wrists up her back.  This made the crotch rope rub more on her, as she sighed gently.


“Patience, Dame Barbara,” he said quietly as he held up her panties from earlier, watching as she smiled and opened her mouth, and then pushing them gently in before he tore a strip of white tape from the roll, pressing it over her lips as the others watched.  He then walked round and started to massage her chest between the bands of rope, hearing her soft moans as she closed her eyes and pressed against him.


Joanna looked on the floor, where Veronika and Antonella were sat back to back, wearing white Baby Doll nighties.  Their arms were wrapped around each other’s body, their wrists tied together in front of each other’s belly, and then to the crotch rope each of them as wearing.  Their arms were secured together, as were their waists, and both had their ankles and legs secured as well.  They looked over to the younger woman and smiled, Veronika saying “your turn will come – try and see how it feels” before she moved her wrists, her sister responding and moving hers as well.


Lady Sheila was lying on her side, watching as she wriggled round in the rope holding the dark blue nightdress in place as well as her arms and legs.  Her ankles were pulled back and tied behind her – to her own crotch rope, as the white tape covered her mouth and chin.  Joanna could see her puffed out cheeks, because of the cloth in there, and the shape of her lips as she watched all four of them, realising she was enjoying it as well.


Taking a deep breath, Joanna pulled her wrists up slightly, gaspign as her own rope rubbed on her slit, feeling so new, so different, as Barbara’s moans grow louder when the Panther slipped his gloved hands under the top, and started to pinch her nipples, her own arms moving more as she tried to bring herself along.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as Barbara suddenly opened her eyes wide, screaming as he stood back and watched her fall to her side, then pulling her legs back as he secured them behind her.  Looking over at Sheila, she saw the Duchess was also bringing herself along, as he looked at Joanna.


“So, ready to feel something wonderful?”


She looked at him, and whispered “yes” as he held a folded silk scarf in his hand, and said “open wide…”  She allowed him to gag her as she anticipated a memorable evening…







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