The Panther Returns







As Veronika Mueller closed the magazine, she thought about that time when her Aunt Antonia had been kidnapped.  She had some inkling of what that was like, given recent events, and felt she needed to talk with her again - a sharing of experiences, if you like.


She put her hand through her long black hair that fell down her back and shoulders, and was sat in the front room of her luxury apartment.  Having spent the day at the offices of the fashion magazine she edited, she had not yet had a chance to change from her work outfit – a brown high necked sweater with a cream belt around her waist, a knee length cream silk skirt, natural hose and cream heels.


Her Mind went back to the time she and her sister had been  the victims of a home invasion – a lifetime ago in some ways, but it had firmed so much of her character and personality.


As she stood up and walked towards her kitchen, she didn’t hear the soft footstep behind her.  The first she knew of the intruder was when the gloved hand came over her mouth, and the voice said “Hello little Veronika - I always wondered what you looked like when I told your aunt about your message.”


“U?  Tpnfr?”


“I got released - I just wanted to pay one more visit - now, you’re not going to struggle, are you?”


She shook her head, feeling his gloved hand on her lips, as he said “very good – I want you, very slowly, to put your hands behind your back.”


As he removed his hand, Veronika said “Why?”


“Because I’m kidnapping you – your family have become very successful and very wealthy, and a beautiful woman such as you needs to know how much she is valued.”


“But you’ve only just been released...”


“I know,” he said as she felt her wrists being secured behind her back, the ropes digging into her wrists as he wound it around and between them.  “I may have been out of practice, but it’s like riding a bike – it soon comes back.”  She watched as his arms came round and passed some brown rope around her waist, her wrists pulled against her back.


“Now, turn round and open your mouth.”


As Veronika turned round, he saw the man called The Panther – six foot tall, grey haired under the stocking mask, but just as she had pictured him as a young girl.  She tried not to gag as he pushed the folded handkerchief into her mouth, and then closed her lips over it, allowing him to press a length of flesh coloured plaster over her mouth.


She watched as he picked up a travelling cape and fastened it over her, covering her arms, and then placed a pair of black glasses over her eyes.  She realised he had painted the inside with black paint, as he said “Come with me – I will guide you.”





How long they had driven she had no idea, but eventually Veronika felt the car stop and she was helped out.  The air was cold on her face as she was walked across a gravel path, and then her heels clicked on wood as she went inside a building.


“Do not move,” The Panther said as she felt the cloak being removed, and then rope pressing on her arms, forcing them into her sides as she felt it rubbing on her chest from below and above.  It stirred feelings in her of pleasure, especially as she felt his gloved hands stroking over his chest as the ropes were passed between them, and she felt the lower band pulled upwards.


“Hmmgssgddd” she mumbled as the glasses were removed, and she saw she was in a well furnished bedroom, with a large double bed. 


“Sit down,” the man said, and as she sat Veronika looked down at the rope that went between her breasts, the V shape it made somehow making her feel good.


“I’m sorry, but this may hurt a bit,” the man said as he peeled the tape away from Veronika’s mouth, and then removed the cloth, before he allowed her to take some water from a bottle he held to her lips.


“Thank you,” she whispered, trying not to show how aroused she was getting, “so what happens now?”


“First, I secure your legs,” he said as he knelt down, crossed her ankles and tied them together, his hands stroking the back of her legs as he passed the rope around and between them.  She tried no tot sigh as he repeated the process below her knees, his hands gently stroking her legs as the rope went between them.


He then placed a folded copy of the paper on her lap, and took a picture of her with a digital camera, before he took a large head square, made of cream coloured silk with a horse motif, and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle of it.


“You coordinated the gag to my outfit?  How thoughtful.”


“You’re welcome,” The Panther said as he stood in front of her, “now, if you please?”


Veronika nodded and opened her mouth, allowing him to push the silk knot behind her teeth and then tie the band tightly round her head, before he helped her to lie down and walked round the bed, pulling her ankles back and securing them to her chest with another length of rope.


“Now, you rest here while I arrange a suitable ransom,” he said with a smile, brushing her hair away from her eyes before he left, turning the light off and locking the door behind himself. 


Veronika lay for a moment, wondering if she dared, and then she started to move, seeking as much pleasure as she could from her situation, allowing her mind to return to the other times she and her family had been kidnapped – the weekend in the cabin with her sister, that night in her first apartment.


The memories made her warm as she writhed round, trying to get as much pleasure as she could from the situation...





“Good afternoon.”


Veronika slowly opened her eyes and looked at the masked man who was standing there.




“Yes – you slept well,” he said as he released her, and removed the gag.  “The good news is your family have agreed your ransom – you will be with them tonight.”


“And you?”


“Will be far from here by the time you are back.   Through that door,” he said as he pointed to the other side of the room, “is a toilet.  Do what you need to do, and then come back – we need to prepare you for your return.”


“In what way?”


“You’ll see...”


Veronika was eventually found in a hotel room on the outskirts of her home town.  The man had taped her arms to her side, and her legs together, as well as wrapping the tape round her head to silence her, before leaving her and collecting the ransom.  By the time the police found her, he had moved on.


The next sighting was three days later, in Maastricht...




“No that is not acceptable.  I already explained to you that we require the purchase of the entire estate, not just the main house, or its value as a training centre is severely compromised.”


Annette van Dorn looked out of the window of the studio as she sat with her phone to her ear.  Her long white-blonde hair was falling gracefully over the collar and shoulders of her designer coat, while the diamond bracelet and ring glittered on her gloved hand.  Under the coat she was wearing a black jersey dress, with sheer stockings and black patent heels on her legs and feet.


“Yes, Dirk has authorized the full payment, so will you please go ahead and complete the deal?


“Good – let me know as soon as it is done.”  Ending the call, she placed the phone in her Louis Vutton handbag and stood up, the coat falling over her as she walked towards the exit of the studio.


A black limousine was waiting outside, the liveried chauffer touching his cap as she approached him.


“You’re not Van Zuylen,”  Annette said as she looked him up and down, “what happened to him?”


“He was taken ill – where is it you wish to go, Mrs van Dorn?”


“Home – and be as quick as you can,” Annette said as she sat in the rear seat, the driver closing the door and walking round to get behind the wheel.  As the limousine moved off, Annette sat back and looked out through the shaded windows, absent mindedly going through what she had to do before the dinner party she and her husband were hosting that evening.


So she was surprised when she saw her car going into the surrounding countryside.  “Where are we going,” she said to the driver, but his response was to close the window between him and Mrs van Dorn – and then to press a button on the side of his chair.


The first Annette knew of what was happening was when she started to get sleepy, the odourless gas that was seeping into the rear of the car overpowering her as her head, and then her body, fell to one side, her eyes closed as the car moved on...




“Good evening, Mrs van Dorn.”


Annette slowly opened her eyes, wondering why her arms felt so stiff, and what had happened.  As they came into focus, she realised she was looking up at a bare ceiling, a single light bulb hanging down from the wall. 


She tried to bring her hands to her eyes to rub them, but for some reason she was unable to do so.  Looking up, she realised why – her wrists were secured together with rope, and the rope was tied to an iron headstand for the bed she was lying on.  Looking down, she saw her ankles were also crossed and tied together, the rope running to the foot of the bed.


“Whrhrmmeee” she heard someone say, and then her eyes shot open as she realised it was her saying that – something was pulling on the skin around her mouth, and that something was keeping her from talking.


“Relax Mrs van Dorn, I mean you no harm,” the voice continued, and looking to her side she saw a man, dressed in black with a stocking over her head, pushing down his grey hair.




“I am called The Panther, and you are my guest for a while.  Your husband has been informed of your stay with me, and we are currently discussing terms.  Until then, try to stay calm – I will return shortly with some nightwear for you.”


Annette nodded as the man left, knowing already as she tried to probe with her fingers the knot at her wrists was out of her reach.


The Panther – she had heard the stories, read the testimonies, but that he had kidnapped her?   She did not know whether to be afraid – or proud.




“There – does that feel better?”


“Yes, thank you,” Annette said as she rubbed her wrist, and then took the bag The Panther offered her, taking out the sandwich and biting into it.  IT was not the gourmet dinner she had been expecting, but it was still welcome.


“So how long must I stay here?”


“Hopefully, not long – I am awaiting word from your husband for terms to be settled.  Once you have eaten, I would like you to change into this.”


Annette looked at the long white silk nightgown and said “why?”


“Because you will be more comfortable sleeping in this – even with ropes around you.  Please, eat, drink and then change.”


“You are a gentleman at least – where may I change?”


He indicated a screen in the corner, watching as she finished her meal, and then went behind, placing her clothes on the top before she emerged in the night gown.


“I would like you to put these over your hands,” he said as he handed her a boxed pair of short silk stockings, Annette nodding as she slipped them on.  He then took a length of rope and crossed her wrists in front of her, securing them together before he tied the rope around her waist.  A second length went around her arms, above and below her chest, securing them to her sides before he helped her to lie on the bed.


“This is not too uncomfortable,” she said as she wriggled her fingers, while the masked man crossed and secured her ankles with more rope, and then her legs below her knees, folding back the nightdress to do so before he replaced it and covered her legs.


“There,” he said as he picked up a roll of brown sticking plaster, and tore off a strip, “I hope you will be able to sleep like that.”


“I think so – but is that necessary?”


“Yes, it is,” he said, “put your lips together please.”


Nodding Annette felt the plaster pull on her skin as he smoothed it into place, and then checked the ropes, before he kissed her forehead and left the room, turning off the light and locking the door behind him.  As she wriggled round, she found she was strangely happy like this – he had not harmed her, not molested her, and treated her with real dignity.


Slowly she felt her eyes close, and the sleep came over her...




When she opened them again, Annette felt as if she had slept all day.  She moved her head to her side, and frowned slightly as she saw a picture of her and her husband on the bedside table.


Allowing herself to come to, she suddenly realised she was in her own bedroom, still in her nightdress, still bound, still gagged.  Her clothes were neatly laid out on a chair by the bed, and the clock was ticking on the fireplace.


“Hllo?  Snenthr?”


She called out again, louder this time, and heard footsteps outside the door, before it was thrown open and her husband appeared.


“Annie?  My god how long have you been here,” he said as he ran over, embracing and kissing her before he removed the plaster from her mouth.



As Annette van Dorn and her husband were re-united, over the border in Belgium another woman was under the care of The Panther...




“Come in!”


The door to the office opened as the young man walked in, carrying the folder in his arms as he approached the desk of the General Manager.  Victoria Upton was looking at a monitor on her desk as she typed in some figures, and then looked at the new arrival through her glasses.


“Is that the report from the commission?”


“It is, Mrs Upton,” the young man said as he looked at her.  Victoria had the slightest streak of grey in her immaculately coiffure of light brown hair, her crimson coat covering a low cut brown dress.  The coat had wide lapels, with brocade pattern printed on it, and was fastened by one button at the waist.


“Good, let me see it,” she said as she held her hand out, the young man waiting as she glanced over it.  “All seems to be as expected – well done.”


“thank you, Mrs Upton,” he said before he let out what he hoped was a silent sigh of relief.


“Can you have Gerald bring the car round – I’m going to work from home for the rest of the day,” Victoria said as she stood up, the light from the ceiling lamp reflecting on her gold earrings and pendant.  She strode across the office floor, the stiletto heels clicking on the wood, as the young man hurried to open the door.


The office had been buzzing, but fell silent as she walked past, all eyes watching as she made her way to the open lift, and waited as it took her down to the lobby.


Gerald was waiting by the car, holding the door open as she stepped in, and then driving onto the road, moving effortlessly onto the main road and out towards Waterloo.  As he drove, Victoria continued to read through the report, making notes in the margins with a gold ballpoint pen as she did so.


The drive took just over an hour, the sun starting to set as the driver pulled up outside the small house.  “Thank you Gerald,” Victoria said as she got out, “I will see you in the morning.”


“Very good, Mrs Upton,” he said as he touched his cap, and Victoria walked into the house.


“Alasdair?”  There was no answer, so she made her way into the front room, intending to pour herself a drink.


As she went in, however, she was surprised to see her housekeeper sitting in an antique chair, bound in place with rope around her upper body, her arms pulled around the chair back and her ankles secured together to the front leg of the chair.


She stared back at Victoria over the thick white cloth that covered her mouth, before the older woman felt a hand on her arm and heard a voice say “good evening, Mrs Upton.  Please, say nothing, do nothing save what I tell you to do.  It would be a pity to hurt you and damage such a fine coat.”


Victoria stiffened as she felt something press on her back, before she said “I understand – if it is money I want, I will give you all you want.”


“Money is nice, but it is not what I want at this moment in time.  What I want you to do is put your hands behind your back, and not say a word.”


Victoria nodded as she did as the voice commanded, and felt the thin plastic strip as her wrists were secured together.  She then felt the pulling o her lips and the skin around her mouth as a leather gloved hand pushed something down firmly over them, before her world was blacked out by a pair of glasses with black paint over the lenses.


“Make sure your master gets my letter,” she heard the man say before she felt his hand on her arm, and she was led out of the room, along a corridor and out of a door.


“Sit,” the voice said, and she realised she was been placed in a car seat, the man lifting her legs in before she was strapped into place, and she felt the car move off.







Veronica felt her legs been moved, and heard the click of her heels on concrete as she was led somewhere away from the car.  After what seemed an eternity, she was stopped and the glasses removed.


The man in front of her was tall, broad shouldered, and she could make out the greying hair under the stocking mask he wore.  “Please stand still,” he said as he unbuttoned the coat and slipped it down her arms, walking behind her before Victoria felt her arms being drawn together, the rope biting into her bare skin below her elbows,


She was grateful for her yoga lessons as she felt them touch, the rope pulled tightly around and between her arms before it was tied off.  The sound of scissors heralded her wrists been freed, only to feel rope around them as well before they were secured just as tightly.


“Whtrudgnng,” she mumbled as she watched the rope as it was passed round her waist, and then pulled tight, her wrists forced against her back before she heard something drop on the floor behind her. 


He walked round and smiled at her before he knelt down, and she felt his hand move between her legs.  “Hmgddurnntt...”


Her words were cut off as the rope pressed firmly against her panties, the skirt of her dress riding up as the masked man pulled the rope up and tied it round her waist band.  He then walked behind her, pulling on her wrist as she bit her lip, and then proceeded to bind her arms to her back with rope above and below her chest.  The deep neckline of her dress stretched as her chest was forced up and out, the ropes making her moan as they pulled on her.


“Come,” the man said as he led her to a camp bed, making her sit as the rope pressed into her, and then crossing and binding her ankles before he tied her legs below her knees.


“Now,” he said as he gently pulled the tape away, “I am The Panther, and you’ll be staying with me while I await your husband’s pleasure.   Hungry?”


“Yes,” Victoria whispered as he poured some soup from a flask into a bowl, and proceeded to feed her, taking care not to spill any soup on her body.


“Thank you,” she eventually said, “but why did you...  Oh why did you tie a rope there?”


“To distract you, and it appears to be working,” he said as gently pushed her onto her side, and then walked round, pulling her ankles back as she felt the rope between her legs tighten still more.  As she tried to move her legs, she realised why as she said “AAHHHHHH”


“I have some business to deal with,” the masked man said as he rolled a large headscarf into a band, and tied a knot in the middle, “open wide now.”


“Who’s going to hear me?”


“You’d be surprised,” he said as he eased the silk not between her teeth, making sure it was firmly tied round her head before he removed her glasses, leaving them on a small table by the bed.  “Now, enjoy yourself while I go and talk with your husband.”


He pulled on the ropes, making Victoria squeal loudly before he left, her eyes watching him as he closed and locked the door.  She tried to find some give in the ropes, before sighing and then starting to slowly move the rope between her legs, hoping her increasingly loud squeals would not be heard...







Victoria opened her eyes wide as the police officers came in, running towards the bed she was lying on.  She was acutely aware of the very damp panties under the crotch rope, and also how dry her mouth felt as they untied and eased the gag out, the knot much darker than the rest of the silk.


“Wh...  Where is he?  Where is the Panther?”


“Your kidnapper?  We don’t know – your husband paid the ransom, and he left word you could be found here.”


“And... And where is here,” she said as she felt her feet been released, and stretched her legs out.”


“The basement of your office block.”


Victoria groaned as she saw her young assistant looking from the door, hoping his discretion really could be counted on.



Three days later, Angelina de la Roon returned to her Mayfair apartment she and her partner shared – and became his next victim...




Ana Maitland opened the front door of her home in Knightsbridge and walked in, removing the pashmina wrap from around her shoulders and placing it over the banister of the staircase.  It had been a hard day at Chambers, and right now she was looking forward to a class of wine and a quiet night in with Angel.


She went into the kitchen, her long skirt swishing as she walked, and opened the fridge, taking out a bottle of wine and placing it on the table as she went to collect a glass.  Before she could open the cupboard door, however, she felt a small disc pressing into her back, and she heard a man say quietly “hello, Miss Maitland.  Please, do not make any sudden noises, I have no particular wish to hurt you.”


“Who are you,” Ana said quietly.


“I wish to talk to your partner, take her for a little trip, and I need you to stay here and conduct some business on her behalf,” the voice said, “so, with regret, I need to make sure you cannot tell her I’m here when she comes in.  Slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you, a kidnapper,” Ana said as she slowly moved her arms behind her.


“Yes,” was the short answer as she felt some thin rope wrap around her wrists, forcing them together and it was passed around and between her arms, pulled tightly with each pass.  “Now, shall we go into your front room, and I will make you comfortable.”


She felt his hand on her arm as she was led to the front room, and then sat down as she saw the shadowy figure draw the curtains, before he turned the light on.  She looked at the man for the first time – tall, with grey hair under the stocking mask he had pulled over his head, and wearing a well tailored suit, white shirt, dark blue tie and leather shoes.


“Now,” he said as he looked at her, “let’s make sure you are comfortable.”  He opened a briefcase that was sitting on the coffee table, and took out several neatly coiled lengths of rope, Ana’s eyes widening as he unrolled the first one and knelt in front of her.




“Ana, have you opened the wine yet,” Angelina de la Roon said as she closed the door behind her.  Taking off her grey greatcoat, she hung it up and looked at herself in the mirror, her carefully cut strawberry blonde hair framing her face.  She had spent the door at her flagship boutique, and was dressed in a long sleeved white top which had jewelled cuffs.  The top had a slanted cut at the hem, covering her black leggings, the bottoms of which were in knee length black boots.


“Ana?” she said as she walked into the front room, and then stopped short.  Her partner was lying on her side on the chase longue, still wearing her black cardigan, over the knee black and white patterned skirt and black high heeled boots, but there were bands of rope around her waist, her upper body above and below her chest, her legs above her knees and her ankles, while a band of black tape covered her mouth and head, holding her long blonde hair against the back of her neck.


“Not a sound, Angelina,” she heard a male voice say behind her as Ana mumbled “mssreeelfr.”


“What’s going on,” Angelina said as she felt her arms being pulled behind her back, and then forced together as she heard a harsh rasping sound.


“You’re coming with me,” the voice said, “and the lovely Ana here is going to arrange the payment for your safe release.”


“You’re kidnapping me?”


“That’s right – now open wide.”


“Are you all right, Lfrrmmmm,” Angelina said as she felt a cloth pushed into her mouth, and then a strip of flesh coloured plaster pressed over her mouth.  Ana nodded as she was taken out of the room, and her shawl wrapped over her again, covering her upper body and her secured wrists as the masked man looked out of the door.  The street was deserted, as he walked her down to the waiting car, popping the boot open before he lifted her in, and closed it again over her muffled pleas.


Going back into the house, the masked man left a sealed envelope and a pair of scissors in front of Ana.  “I will be in touch,” he said as he closed the door, Ana struggling as she heard the front door close as well.




“Whrrrwww,” Angelina said as the man carried her into a room, and laid her down onto a bed, taking more rope and tying her ankles tightly together as the rope squeaked on the leather.


“My base of operations – provided your lover does what the instructions say, you will not be here too long,” the masked man said as he then tied her ankles together below her knees.




“The papers call me The Panther.”


“Thpnfrrr.  Hllesshttt....”


“Such language,” he said as he sat her up, and knelt behind her, using more rope above and below her chest to bind her arms tightly to her side.  “Now, are you going to behave yourself?”


Angeline nodded slowly as he tied the ropes off, and laid her on her side, pulling her ankles back so that he could tie them to the chest ropes.  Smiling, he said “Stay there for a few minutes,” before he left, closing and locking the door behind himself.


Angelina started to try and get loose, struggling as the ropes rubbed on her body, the squeaking of her boots the only sound apart from her muffled panting – a panting that soon turned into a groan as she realised with a shock the tight ropes on her chest were getting her excited.  She lay still for a few minutes, feeling the dampness on her chest and body before the door was unlocked and the Panther came back in.


“Oh dear,” he said as he looked at her, “I see you have got a little messy.  I’m going to untie you, and I want you to change into these nightclothes, understand?”


Angelina nodded slowly as she was released from the ropes and zip tie, and then reached up, peeling the plaster from her mouth and coughing out the cloth before she said “Could I have some water please?”


“Change first,” the man said, watching as she changed into the light grey silk vest top and shorts.  He then opened a cupboard and handed her a bottle of water, saying “drink it slowly” as she took a sip.


“What’s going to happen,” she finally said.


“With luck, you will only spend the night here, and tomorrow you will be back with Ana,” he said quietly, “in the meantime, I must ensure you stay where you are, so I need to tie you up again.”




“No,” he said as he held up a roll of silver duct tape, “but you will be secure.  Do you need the toilet?”


Angelina shook her head as the Panther made her stand, and then taped her arms to her sides, with bands securing her wrists, elbows and upper arms against her body.


“A little something to keep you amused,” he then said as he picked up a small vibrator, and put his hands into her shorts, pushing it into place and then taping her legs together over her pants to keep it in place.  Before she could protest, she was laid on the bed and watched as her ankles and legs were tightly taped together, before he tore off a strip and said “put your lips together.”


“Why did you do that?  Put that in there for no reason?”


“I had a reason – now, lips together please.”


She watched as he covered her mouth with several layers of the silver tape, before he took a small box out of his pocket.


“Remote control,” he said as he pressed a button, Angelina arching her back as the vibrations started.  “Enjoy your evening.”  She looked over, screaming into the tape as he left once more, her body beginning to respond to the stimulation...




“Good morning.”


Angelina looked at the man through teary eyes as she said “plssmktstp.”


“OF course,” he said as he switched off the vibrator, and then peeled the tape away.


“I... I need the toilet,” she whispered.


“Of course – you will find fresh clothes in the toilet over there,” he said as he used a pair of scissors to cut away the tape, Angelina running to the toilet as he watched her.


When she returned a few minutes later, she was wearing a blue track suit over a white t-shirt, and white socks.  “Here,” the Panther said as he held up a bag, “breakfast.”


“Thank you,” she said as she took out the pastry and orange juice, realising she was very hungry.  As she ate and drank, she watched as he prepared more ropes.


“Must I ne tied up again, I won’t go anywhere?”


“Oh but I must, dear lady – your partner has arranged the transfer of funds, so I need to make sure you are able to be found in a suitable manner.  Now, I want you to cross your wrists behind your back.”


Nodding, Angelina did as she was told, biting her lips as the ropes enclosed and held her arms tightly to her body and waist, and then sat down, watching as her ankles and legs were secured again.


“Now, open your mouth wide,” the Panther said, Angelina allowing him to push the folded silk into her mouth before he wrapped white tape around her head.  He then said “close your eyes” and as she did so she felt the tape going over them as well, before she was lifted up and carried...



Angelina de la Roon was found in an abandoned van later that day – but by that point the Panther had already struck again, this time in the city...


Canary Wharf


“Very well, is there any further business to conduct?”


The men and women looked round the table as Lyn Wu, the head of International Trading at the bank, sat impassively.  In her early fifties, she still looked like a woman ten years younger, and dressed like a woman twenty years younger.  Dressed in a grey jacket and dress, she nodded as she said “very well then – the meeting is adjourned.”


Standing up, she walked to the door, some of the men admiring her long legs in their over the knee stone coloured leather boots, the four inch heels clicking on the floor.  Her hair was long and black, and shone in the neon light as she left the room and walked down the corridor to her office.


“Any messages, Collette,” she said to her assistant as she walked in.


“No, Madame Wu,” the young blonde said, “and I have sent those documents you asked to be processed.”


“Excellent,” she said as she pulled on a long brown leather coat, and wrapped a peach and white scarf round her neck.  “Then I will see you in the morning.  Good night, Collette.”


“Good night, Madame Wu,” her assistant said as Lyn walked towards the lift, tapping her foot impatiently before the doors opened.  There was one other occupant in the lift – a tall, grey haired man in a suit, shirt and tie who smiled as she entered and pressed the town button.


So when the damp, sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth, she was taken completely by surprise, breathing in deeply as the chloroform quickly overwhelmed her...




It was the squeak of the leather that she heard first as she slowly came to, trying to reconcile in her mind what had happened.  Her mouth felt dry, and something was pulling at the skin around her mouth, while her arms ached. 


“Whrmmeee,” she heard someone mumble, and then her eyes opened in shock as she realised that someone was herself.  Looking down her body, she saw the bands of brown rope encircling her ankles, as well as her legs below her knees and her thighs, the bands tightened by the ends being taken between her legs.  The squeak had been from her boots, the rope rubbing at her ankles and knees, and also the rubbing against each other.


Looking up, she saw her crossed wrists, secured to a metal lattice at the top of the bed she was lying on.  Her coat and scarf were arranged on a nearby chair.


Looking round, she was in a simply furnished room – a folding table and chair were sitting to one side, set up, and there were two doors, with a bare bulb in the ceiling light fitting.


As she lay still for a moment, one of the doors opened, and she saw a man walk in, a stocking pulled over his head.  Even with the disguise, she recognised the man from the lift, and called out “HHTHHLLRRUUU?”


“Temper, Madame,” he said as he laid a tray on the table, and then walked over, stroking the hair away from her face.  “I’m going to untie you, and if you promise to do as I say, you can have something to eat and drink, understand?”




He produced a handgun and showed it to her, saying “is this reason enough?”  Lyn nodded slowly as he reached up and untied her wrists, and then helped her to sit up before he peeled something away from her mouth.  She saw the strip of sticking plaster in his hand, and then coughed out a white cloth, watching as he untied her legs.


“Is this a kidnapping?  For ransom?”


“Indeed – by now, your able assistant will have received the demands, and I am sure she is moving heaven and earth to raise the requested funds.”


“My assistant?  Why her?”


“Because she would not want to see her lover hurt,” the man said, Lyn looking at him as he said “please, come to the table.”


She stood up and walked over, sitting down as she looked at the salad bowl and water, before she said “Are you this one I heard of in the news – the Panther?”


The man nodded as she picked up the plastic fork and started to eat.  “I had heard you had retired?”


“Not quite yet – my retirement fund needed supplementing.  I trust the salad is acceptable?”


Lyn nodded as she ate some more, and then drank some water from the bottle.  “I suppose I need to do as you say, and I’ll be unharmed?”


“Bound and gagged, but otherwise unharmed.  Your continued health is my top priority, I assure you.”


“Funny way of showing it,” Lyn said quietly as she finished the food.  “Now what?”


“Through there,” the man said as he indicated the second door, “is a small washroom.  Take care of yourself, change into what you find there, and then I must make you comfortable for the night.”


“Is it still nighttime?”


“I say it is,” the man said with a smile, “so on you go, please.”


Nodding, Lyn went through, finding a sink and water, soap, and laid out on a table a set of clothing.  She looked at it, raising an eyebrow as she did so, and then started to remove her boots.




“How did you know,” she said as she came back out.


“I research my guests carefully,” the Panther said as he looked at Lyn.  She was wearing a sheer black silk nightdress, the bottom barely covering her bottom, and a set of sheer hose over her legs.  A pair of black elbow gloves adorned her arms.


“Now,” he said as she walked over, “turn and stand with your back to me please.”


As she did so, she watched as two lengths of long white rope were draped over her shoulders, hanging in front of her before the Panther started to wind them down her arms in spirals, pulling them behind her as he did so before she felt him securing her forearms together behind her back, and then pulling them up.


“You are familiar with Kunbang then,” she said quietly as she watched the rope encircling her chest, framing her breasts as the satin was pulled over them.


“As I say, I research my guests,” the Panther said quietly as he tied the ropes off, and then she heard the sound of rope dropping to the floor.  She turned her head as he walked round, and then reached between her legs, pulling the rope up as she felt the equally spaced knot pressing on her sex, the nightdress riding up slightly as he tied the ends off between her breasts.




“Surprisingly so,” Lyn said with a sigh, “I should thank you.”


“No need – please, lie down.”


She moaned slightly, the knotted rope rubbing on her as she walked over and lay down, watching as he bound her ankles and then her legs below her knees, the rope going between her legs as his gloved hands brushed over her thighs.


“I need you to open your mouth now,” he then said, her eyes widening but a smile on her face as she saw her panties in his hand.  As she tasted the silk on her tongue, she closed her eyes and lips, feeling the tape as it pressed down on her skin and then the sensation as she was rolled to her side, and her ankles pulled back before they were tied to her chest ropes.


“Enjoy the evening,” he said as he left the room, Lyn nodding as she tried to enjoy the experience....



When she awoke, Lyn Wu found herself in her own rooms, Colette looking at her as she came to.  She was still bound and gagged – her companion having just found her after confirmation of the transfer of five hundred thousand pounds to an anonymous account.


So where is the Panther now?  Police are still searching for him, and he is believed to still be in the country...





The marina was quiet, the morning sun just rising over the horizon as the pleasure cruiser pulled away from the mooring.  The harbour master watched as it slowly left – the travel plan lodged by Lady Martha Holding, the model and owner of the cruiser, showed she was heading for the Isle of Wight, so there was nothing unusual in his mind.


The boat slowly disappeared over the horizon, as he returned to his duties.


At the helm of the boat, the tall grey haired man smiled to himself.  He waited until they were a few miles out before he smiled, and turned towards the far side of the approaching island.


“Don’t worry Your Ladyship – once we get to our destination, and I have confirmation of payment of your ransom, I will leave you there while I head onwards.”


Lady Holding screamed as she stared wide eyed at him, her eyes wide over the white tape band that encircled her mouth and head, her brown hair pulled back in a pigtail and hanging down her neck.  She was still in the outfit she had been wearing when she left the club – a green roll neck sweater, tweed knee length skirt, dark hose and knee length tan leather boots.  She was even still wearing her darker brown leather gloves, as the rope holding her wrists together behind her back rubbed on them.  Her arms were secured with rope above and below her chest, while her ankles and legs were also secured.


The Panther had laid her on her side, with her long coat folded and under her head, so all she could do was watch as he headed into open waters...







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