Two by Two









1st May


“Right - you two, get in there and don’t give us any more trouble!”


Chantel glared at the two masked men as she and her secretary Devon were pushed into the store room of the office. It was the lunch break, and they had hoped to catch up with some filing and other paperwork after a week in which they had managed to shift over twenty properties.


Instead, the two men had come in after the last of the rest of the staff had left, locked the doors and held them at gunpoint.   Devon, fearful for their safety, had immediately raised her hands, the sleeves of her light grey jacket slipping down as it opened to show her black camisole.  Chantel had been less easy to co-operate, but the very large pistol that had been shown to her was very persuasive.


She had allowed them to pull her hands behind her back and bind her wrists tightly with the thick rope, then stood impassively, her face framed by her long brown hair as Devon received the same treatment.  She had seen the way the two men were looking at their legs. From the hems of the short skirts that matched their jackets down to their high heels, and was worried about what was going to happen.


“Relax, Doll,” the man binding her arms tightly to her side had said as he pulled the bands together under her arms that held them tightly to her body, “we just need a little information and the money from the safe.  You and your friend have nothing to fear from us, so long as you don’t do anything stupid.”


“We won’t,” Devon whispered as her arms were bound tightly to her side.  She was scared, and her long black hair moved as she turned her head from side to side, wondering what was happening behind her.


Now they were in the store room, they were made to sit on a row of file boxes on the floor, and watch as the two men bound their ankles tightly together, the rope squeaking on the sheer pantyhose a sit rubbed against their legs.  Chantel could see the way her chest had been forced out, her powder pink jacket stretching over her black camisole top, but she was helpless to do anything about it.


Rather, she was grateful for the fact that the men had not tried to molest either of them, settling instead for binding them so tightly they could hardly move.  She was almost ready to thank them, until they said “open wide” and she saw the two cloths in their hands.


“Do you have to,” Devon said with a quiver in her voice, but the men had been most insistent - so they both allowed them to push the cloths in, and then wrap two lengths of thick white cloth tightly over their mouths, silencing their pleas as they locked them in.


They could hear them moving in the outer office, opening cabinets and drawers, but there was nothing they could do.  Chantel turned her back to Devon and indicated with her head to try and reach her hands, but her assistant was too scared to move, so she settled for a wait.


An hour passed before they heard a colleague calling for them, and their screams brought the rest of the staff running.  After the police left, they checked the office, but all that was missing was the money in the safe, and one file - a house seal three days previously to a Crystal Klein.



5th May


Crystal folded and put the last box into storage, letting out a sigh as she did so.  “Done,” she said as she looked round her new living room, before heading to the kitchen and putting the coffee maker on.


She was wearing a fawn coloured top with a low round collar, a grey tartan skirt, light coloured hose and red high heels, her brown hair falling over her shoulders as she found one of her mugs.  As the doorbell rang, she went to see who was calling.


Her visitor was slightly taller, with long brown hair that flowed down her back, and was wearing a long fawn sleeveless dress with white stripes and an underskirt, with black high heels.  “You must be Crystal,” she said with a smile, “I’m Shay - Shay Laren, your neighbour, and I wanted to welcome to the neighbourhood.”


“”Oh, I’m sorry,” Crystal said as she stood aside, “Please, come in - I’ve got some coffee brewing.”


“Sounds good,” Shay said as she came in, and followed Crystal to the kitchen.  The coffee was indeed brewing - but the two tall, well built masked men who were standing there in boiler suits and pointing two pistols at them were a bigger surprise.


“No noise,” one of them said as Crystal put her hands to her mouth.  “Just turn round, both of you, and put your hands behind your back.”


The two women did as they were  asked, more out of fear than anything, and offered no resistance as they felt their hands been pulled behind their backs and the rope rubbing against their wrists.


“Please,” Crystal said as she looked over her shoulder, “I only just moved in, I really don’t have anything here you might want.”


“We know,” the man said as he pulled the rope between Crystal’s arms, making her cry out as he did so, “but we want something that is in this house, and we need you out of the way for a while.  Now open your mouth.”


“Whymmmmm” Crystap said as the man pulled a long length of black silk between her lips, passing it around her head three times before he tied the ends together at the base of her neck, moving her hair over it as he did so.  She looked over at Shay, who was being gagged with a similar length of white cloth, and saw the way her chest was forced out as the other man wrapped rope around her arms and chest.    The top of her dress stretched tightly over her breasts, the strops managing barely to keep them under the material.


She barely noticed the fact her own arms were also being bound in the same way, until the man who was speaking said “In there,” and forced both women into the front room, making them sit on a rug buy a corner unit.  They watched as the two men bound their ankles tightly together, side by side, and then their legs above their knees, making sure they cinched the bands tightly between the limbs.


“Don’t move,” the man said, and both young women nodded as they watched the men leave the room.  The two women looked at them, with eyes that said “as if we would.”


After about twenty minutes, the man came back and said “Is this the previous owner?”


Crystal looked at the photo and nodded.  “Thanks,” he said as he patted Crystal’s head, and the two men walked out.  She looked over at Shay, and said “swhtdwdnw?”


Shay sighed and shuffled over to Crystal, putting her head on her shoulder.  “Whtduwntd,” she said as she looked at the other woman, twisting round so that her breasts moved under the dress.   Crystal looked at her, sighed and nodded, placing her head next to Crystal as the two women brought their lips together.





8th May


“Now that was one heavy shift,” Dawn said as she unlocked the door to the apartment.  “I need to thank you again for letting me crash at your place until I sort out my own.”


“No problem, Dawn, anything for a friend,” Tiffany said as she followed her in.  Both women were wearing black knee length dresses - Dawn’s one was sleeveless, while Tiffany’s had half sleeves that came to just above her elbows.  The restaurant required black clothes and shoes, and both women were wearing high heels, Dawns made from suede while Tiffany’s were polished leather.


“I am just about ready for bed,” Tiffany said as she went into her bedroom, and then there  was silence.  “Hey,” Dawn called out, “Do you want a nightcap Tiff?”




Dawn went back down the corridor and into Tiffany’s bedroom, only to be stopped by the gloved hand that was clamped over her mouth as she was pulled backwards.


Tiffany was lying across her bed, a strip of red tape over her mouth as her blonde hair fell over her face.  A smartly dressed man was kneeling over her legs, holding her wrists behind her back and binding them tightly together with white rope.


“Lips together,” a male voice behind her said, and Dawn nodded as the hand was taken away, and she saw the red tape approaching her face.  “Wmmm” she mumbled as the tape was pressed firmly over her lips, and the she was pushed over to the bed, and made to lie next to Tiffany across the pink covered duvet.


“Sorry about this ladies,” the man who had been holding Dawn said, “just look forward and enjoy the experience.”


“Njythwht?” Dawn mumbled through the tape as she felt her wrist pulled together, and looked over her shoulder to see the rope that was wrapped tightly round them.  Looking to the other side, she saw Tiffany starting to cry as her ankles were bound tightly together and then fixed to her wrists with some rope.


“Me next,” she thought to herself, and sure enough she felt her ankles being secured together and then tied to her wrists.  The two girls turned their heads and watched as the men searched through Tiffany’s drawers, and then left them alone as they searched the rest of the flat.


Eventually, they heard the man say “Found it,” and then they came back into the room.


“Thank you for your time, ladies,” they said with a smile, “have a nice night.”  Dawn lay there until she heard the apartment door close, and then turned her head back to Tiffany, nodding with her head to show her wrists.  Tiffany nodded and rolled over, wriggling along the bed as they came back to back, and started to try to untie each other...



9th May


“You know, my dear lady, that jacket really is a little too tight.  Mind you, I’m not complaining.”


Frankie screamed through the white cloth that was pulled between her lips, the cloth holding her bleach blonde hair against her neck as she stared back at her assailant.  She had opened the door, expecting a delivery, and instead found two well dressed men with stockings pulled over their heads, forcing her back into the house and her front room.


They had been quick, silent and efficient, pulling her arms behind her back and crossing her wrists before they were tied together with rope, and then gagged her, before pushing her onto the recliner.  As she tried to free her wrists, she did not realise that her jacket was coming undone, so that only one button was preventing her bare chest from being exposed for - well, for who to see?


“Frankie?  Are you in?”


Frankie looked up and screamed “SRRGTUT!!”  “Is that you,” the female voice said, and a tall, thin brown haired woman came in, wearing a red dress that was buttoned from the neck to the waist panel, with a thin leather belt around her waist and black high heels.  She saw Frankie as she rolled onto the floor, the leather of her own pumps squeaking as she rubbed them together in an attempt to free her bound ankles, and screamed “FRANKMMMGGGGG!”


The muffled sound cane from the white cloth that was pulled between her lips, forcing her tongue to the floor of her mouth as her arms were pulled behind her back and she felt her wrists as the rope secured them together.


“Down,” a male voice said, and Frankie watched as the two intruders forced her friend Sara onto the floor, binding her ankles tightly together as she tried to wriggle round.  “Whstgngngfrnke,” she mumbled as she looked at her friend, but Frankie shrugged her shoulders - she had as much idea as Sara as to what was going on.


“It’s not here,” the man eventually said, “we need to see her assistant.  Come on.”


The two men left, as Frankie started to wildly roll round and attempt to free her wrists.  She had to warn Isabella somehow...




“I am so glad you asked me to come to the theatre with you Jana - I need a break from the harridan.”


Isabella was wearing a silk dress, pale background with light and dark patterns of brown, held over her shoulders with thin straps and a skirt that was lit up one side, with black high heels.  She smiled as she walked round the room, her hand stroking over the grand piano as Jana came in.


Her friend was wearing a red velvet topless dress with black highlights, and black heels, as she brushed her blonde hair.  “I’m glad you could come,” she said with a smile, “with Dad out of town, I needed the company.”


“Good evening ladies - please, do not move.”


The two of them turned as they heard the man speak, and saw the two sticking masked men standing there, one hold a pistol while the other held several lengths of rope in his hands.


“Please, turn round and put your hands behind your back, I promise this will not take long.”


“Friends of yours,” Isabella said as she turned slowly round, looking over her shoulder as the man walked over, crossed her wrists and tied them tightly together, then wound some rope around her arms, above and below her chest, stretching the silk over her as he brought the two bands together under her arms.


“Not mine,” Jana said as she too was similarly bound, and then the two women were sat on the piano stool.  “Look, if it is Daddy’s money you want, just take it.”


“We will,” the man said as his colleague bound their ankles tightly together, “but we also need something from your friend here.”


“From me,” Isabella said as she winced at the tightness of the ropes, “what do you want from me?”


“The Young and Moran file.”


Isabella stared at them, before saying “I... I have it on a USB stick in my handbag.”




Isabella recited a sequence of letters and numbers, which the man made her repeat twice.  “Thank you,” he then said as the other man started to tear strips off a roll of white tape, “and now, you can both have a quiet evening.”


Ten minutes later, both women watched the man leave, Isabella stretching her legs out as she screamed in mute silence.



11th May


“To success!”


“To Success,” Crissy said as she clicked her glass to the one held by her new business partner Madison.  She was wearing a brown and black jacket, the buttons down the front the same colour as the brown from her shoulder to her midriff and black further down, and a matching knee length skirt, while Madison was wearing a pale cream striped jacket and skirt over a white laced camisole top.


Both women were also wearing light tan stockings, the tops of which were visible on Madison as she sat down in a red leather cushioned metal chair.  “I hope this at home feel proves popular,” she said as Crissy sat next to her.


“I’m sure they will,” Crissy said as the door to the restaurant opened.  “I’m afraid we’re not open until eight,” she said as she looked at the two men who came in.


“We know,”  one of them said as the other locked the door, “We have other business with you.  Please, put the glasses down and place your hands on your heads.”


The two women stared at the new arrivals, but the pistol they produced soon persuaded them to do what they had asked.  “Now then,” the man said as he laid a rucksack on the table, “While my friend here makes Miss Young comfortable, you and I , Miss Moran, are going to talk about recent events.”


“Recent events,” Crissy said as she watched the other man pull Madison’s arms behind the back of the chair and take some rope in his hand, “what recent events?”


“Oh, I think you know,” the man said as Madison winced, “I think you know...”



“Look, I’ve - OW - I’ve told you all I know.  Now please, leave me alone.”


“Plsstp,” Madison mumbled through the micropore tape that was pulled tightly over her mouth, holding the stocking the man had fished out of her handbag in place.  Rope was tied tightly around her arms and chest, forcing her jacket open slightly as the rope made a V between her breasts. Her lap was held down to the seat with rope, and her legs were bound above her knees and round her ankles.  A length of rope went from her ankles under the chair to her wrists.


Crissy was bound in a similar way, although her breasts were not separated between with rope.  She stared at the man as he folded up the second stocking, and held it in front of her mouth, “say Ah” the words that escaped from his lips.


“All right - just leave us alone,” she said as he pushed the silk in, and then the tape that was wrapped round her head, her long brown hair lifted out of the way so that it was not trapped.  Madison looked over, her lips moving under the tape as she stared at her business partner, and Crissy wondered what she was trying to say.


“I think she likes you,” the man said as the two of them walked to the door.  “Whtttt,” Crissy said through the tape, trying to pull her legs forward, and then she turned and saw the look in Madison’s eyes.



“So where do we go now,” the second man said.


“You’ll see - but first, we need to raise some additional capital.  And I know the very place...”




12th May


“On the floor, on your knees, and hands behind your back - move!”


“Do as they say, Alyssa,” Monique said as she slowly went onto her knees, “I think they mean business.”


The two women had been surprised as they entered the jewellery shop they ran that morning by two men, dressed in black sweaters and trousers, with gloves and balaclavas to complete the outfit.  Both were very smartly dressed, Monique in a cream wool jacket and knee length skirt with black patent leather heels, while Alyssa was wearing a similar outfit, camel instead of white, with suede shoes.


They had forced Monique to open the safe while Alyssa was held at gunpoint, and watched as they emptied the contents before closing the door.  Now they watched, Alyssa kneeling next to Monique as several lengths of grey rope and two long white scarves were produced.


“Please, just lock us in, we’ll not call the police until you have a chance to get away,”


“Sorry, doll, can’t take the chance,” the man said as he knelt behind Monique, crossing her wrists behind her back and tying them tightly together as his colleague did the same for Alyssa.  They looked at each other, feeling the rope tightening around their arms and then their chests as their arms were pulled into their sides with bands of rope.


Alyssa had to suppress a little giggle as she felt herself becoming more and more immobile - her boyfriend had done something similar for her last night, but this was different, more exciting, more alive as she felt real fear.  She even obediently crossed her ankles to allow the man to bind them tightly together as well, sighing to herself.


Monique was more worried, but allowed herself to be bound as well, before the thick white cloth was pulled twice into her mouth as her attacker gagged her.  “Plssdnthrs,” she mumbled as she was pushed onto the floor, Alyssa sighing as she was lowered to the floor as well.


Both women wriggled round, the white band over their blonde hair keeping them well silenced as the men looked outside.   “Have a nice day,” one of them said as they left, Alyssa raising her head and silently mumbling “I will” as they left and Monique looked at her.



13th May


“You must have been terrified - how long did it take you to get free?”


“About an hour,” Tiffany said as she accepted the glass of wine from her friend Yvonne.  “When we finally got out of those ropes, Dawn called the police.”


“So what did they take,” Yvonne said as she sat down.  She crossed her legs, the hem of her black cocktail dress rising as she did so.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pigtail, as was Tiffany’s.  She was wearing a red sleeveless top with a paler fern pattern printed on it, and  a knee length black skirt.  Both women had on black patent leather heels.


“Some money, some jewellery - and a USB stick from Dawn’s bag.”


“That’s funny,” Yvonne said with a smile.  “I was talking to Isabella - she was robbed a few days ago as well when she was visiting Jana, and they took a stick from her as well.


The doorbell rang, and Yvonne stood up, brushing down her dress as she did so.  “That’ll be a delivery I’m expecting,” she said.  Tiffany nodded as her friend walked to the door of her flat, and then heard some conversation.




She looked up to see two men standing with Yvonne, both smartly dressed, both with stockings over their heads.


“Oh shit,” she said quietly, “not again.”


“It would appear so,” the man said as he pushed Yvonne back into the middle of the room.  “I need you both to lie face down on the floor, hands behind your back - and be quick about it.”


“You know these two,” Yvonne said as she looked at the white in Tiffany’s face.  Her friend slowly nodded and said “Yeah - they visited Jana and me the other night...”



14th May


“Wakey Wakey!”


Tiffany slowly opened her eyes and looked to her side, seeing Yvonne stare at her over the white cloth that was pulled between her teeth.  Both women had their wrist crossed and bound together behind their back, and their ankles tied tightly together side by side.


“We’re going to untie you,” the man said as he grabbed Yvonne’s wrists.  “You get washed and dressed, and do as we say - your friend here stays with mine as insurance.”


The two girls stared at each other, wondering what was going to happen next....




The clock in the home office showed it was nine am as the intercom sounded at the front gate.  Shannon pressed on the speaker and said “Yes?”


“Shannon, it’s Yvonne - can you open the gate for me, and is she in?”


“No - she’s gone to the city for the day.  Don’t worry - she left the usual impossible workload for both of us.”  The young woman pressed another button, and then looked in the mirror, adjusting her pale blue jacket as she looked at herself.  She was wearing a matching skirt and a black blouse under the jacket, with a pair of black heels.


The two women worked as the personal assistants to Lydia Carter, one of the leading designers, and she had taken very great care to hide the details of her newest collection by dividing the details and sharing them amongst various friends, none knowing what the other had.  The most secret designs were in the hands of her assistants - and they were not going to tell anyone.


As Yvonne parked her car, she looked in the rear view mirror.


“Very good,” the man said, “now let’s go in, nice and normally, and say nothing.  I will do all the talking.  Remember we have your friend.”


Yvonne nodded as she got out of the car, pulling down her dark jacket over her grey fleck skirt.  The man got out after her, and they entered the house.  He stopped Yvonne and pulled her hands behind her back, tying them tightly together with rope before he pushed her forwards.


“How come you’re late, Yv...  Oh shit,” Shannon said as she saw Yvonne walk in, her arms going behind her back as a man carrying a gun appeared behind her.


“I’m sorry Shannon,” Yvonne cried as she saw her Asian friend stare at her, “they have a friend of mine hostage.”


“What do you want,” Shannon said quietly.


“Open the files for the collection,” the man said, “and then walk over here.”  Shannon nodded as she typed on a computer, and then walked slowly over to the pair.


“Turn round, hands behind your back,” the man said as he held up a length of rope.  “Are you all right,” Shannon said as she felt her wrists being drawn together.


“Not really, I was tied up and gagged all night,” Yvonne whimpered as she watched Shannon having her wrists bound, and then her arms tied tightly to her side with rope above her chest.  “I’m sorry you’re caught up in - whatever this is.”


“Stop talking,” the man said as he passed rope above and below Yvonne’s chest, binding her arms tightly to her side.  “Where’s the master bedroom?”


“Upstairs,” Shannon said, “Why?”


“You’ll see,” the man said as he pushed the two women towards the stairs, “Move.”




Tiffany looked round as the guard answered his cell phone.


“Yeah...  Good... Right,” he said before he ended the call, and then patted Tiffany on her bottom.  “Have fun,” he said as he left Tiffany to lift her legs up and down in mute frustration.


“Time for me to go,” the man said as he looked at the two women sitting on the bed, their ankles tightly bound together.  “Have fun.”


Yvonne and Shannon looked at each other over the white tape over their lips, which was holding a pair of silk panties in the mouth of each of them, and groaned.  Lydia was not due back until late - and they were both very very tired...







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