Back in Time – Part 6







Saturday 19th November

8.45 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“I'm going to talk with Katy?” George announced while Heather tidied up the plates.

“Can I help with those Heather?” Krys offered.

“No you go and sit down with Holly. Sandy, Sands, and I can do all this.”

“Well” Krys said quietly, “if you don't mind?”

“You guys are the guests,” Sandy smiled, “go chat for a few while we tidy up, and do coffees.”

“Alright then.”  The two women walked into the front room, taking a seat in two armchairs as Holly looked over.

“Listen – I hope I’m not intruding too much, but Heather told me a little about your problems?” Tommy via Krys tried an opening gambit, “would talking to someone completely out of all of it help?”

“Thanks for the offer, but I'm truly not sure it would help,” Holly leaned back into the sofa. “I got my life into a mess, now I just need work out how I get out of it.”

“The way you were talking,” Krys said as she crossed her legs, “it sounds like you have a few ideas.”

“Oh you mean career wise,” for a second Holly looked perplexed, “yeah that I pretty much know what I want to do.”

“It's your love life is the problem?”

“You might say so,” the petite woman sighed as she sat forward, “look Krys if I tell you a few things do I have your solemn promise you will tell no one?”

“Of course I promise.”

“Okay then…  Heather told you I'm in love with both Tommy and Sands?”

“And how the age she is complicates things either further.”

“Exactly. It's bad enough that I'm two-timing both of them in a sense, but that I'm also bi-sexual, and by strict application of the law a paedophile, that really does complicate matters.”

“I guess it does,” Krys smiled, “but on one of those things I can maybe sympathize.'


“If you can keep a secret as well?”

“Okay,” Holly nodded.

“I'm also bi.”

“That doesn't entirely surprise me,” Holly laughed, “I caught you looking at me a couple of times and I could see something in your eyes.”

“Are you offended I looked?”

“No,” Holly said with a smile, “just don't complicate my life further by trying anything though.”

“Alright,” Krys smiled.  “I promise I won’t – but this Tommy must be a special guy.”


“He is,” Holly said with a smile, “and I really do love him – but I love Sands as well.”


“Do you think,” Krys said quietly, “either Tommy or Sands understands how you can love both of them?”

“To be honest I don't know Krys,” Holly looked thoughtful.  “I am not so stupid that I don't know that each is jealous of the other, that given their wish, I'd make a choice of them and end it with the other one.”

“And can you do that?”

“I don't think I can,” a little tear appeared in the corner of Holly's eye, “I love them both with all my heart.”

“Here,” Krys reached into her Jameson and passed the other woman a Kleenex. “I'm not sure I totally get it, but I can see how genuine a problem it is.”

“Oh you have no idea,” Holly tried to smile while she dabbed her eye. “I seem to spend half my waking day running possible solution scenarios through my brain.”

“And you never get an answer?”

“Not one that doesn't involve fate intervening and one of them having an accident.”

“That sounds horrible.”

“I know,” Holly sighed, “but I can't see another way.”

“Well, you never know,” Krys said quietly, “maybe he just needs time to get things straight in his own mind, think a few things over.”


“You sound as if you understand him.”


“I think I do,” Krys said quietly as the door opened.



“Now how do you take your coffee Krys?” Sandy asked as she brought a tray in.

“Black no sugar please.”

“Like Tommy,” Holly smiled again briefly.


“Does he?  I might want to meet this guy…”


“He’s away this weekend,” Holly said as she heard her cell phone go off.  “Excuse me a moment…


“Laurie?  What’s up?


“I don’t know – I mean, I could do with a night out but…


“No, Tommy is away until Monday night, but we’re having a bit of a break at the moment…


Holly looked at Krys and Heather, and then said “can I call you back in ten?  Thanks?”


Krys looked at her and said “Laurie?”


“A friend from the course – he has two friends staying the weekend, and wondered if I was free to go for a meal with them – and if I could find two friends as well.”


“A date?  Can you…  No.”


Krys looked at Heather, then at Holly as she said “us?”


“Why not – a night on the town might be what I need….”





11 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“Are you sure you really want to do this lover?” Sandy asked as she climbed into bed. “Have you ever really been on a date with a man?”

“No,” the younger woman laughed lightly, “and I’m still afraid and frightened by even the thought.  But Serena Gleb thinks I maybe need to confront my trauma sometime, and these guys sound pretty harmless.”

“I can see that point,” Sandy put down her book, “I just don't want you coming all unglued again.”

“I'll be fine,” Heather smiled as she climbed into bed. “As Krys said, I might find it interesting looking at a situation from another side.”

“So my girlfriend will dress to stun these males?” Sandy laughed.

“Lover if I'm going out with Holly and Krys I pretty much think I have to. They are both so gorgeous I need to compete.  All the time, however, I’ll be thinking of you…”



Holly and Sands’ Apartment


“Can I explain why I'm doing this?” Tommy asked himself as he pulled the sheer baby-doll nightie that he'd found in one of the wardrobes down over his breasts.
Carefully he looked in the mirror and tried to assess what he saw. With his male parts tucked away by the ultra-night thong briefs, and even with no makeup on, what he saw staring back was still a lovely young woman. She had long legs and a little figure to die for, and if he hadn't know it was himself he'd have wanted to at least try to get to know 'her' better.

“Am I really two people in one body?” Krys asked that question.

“I don't know,” Tommy answered, “but I do know if ii was just me, there is no way I'd have agreed to go on a date with a man.”

“Ah but that's the whole point...You aren't me...are you?” Krys smiled at her reflection.

“You are enjoying yourself far too much,” Tommy warned.  “After all, you’re a creation of others…”

“Yes but at least I'm starting to understand a lot more about your problems with Holly and Alexandra.”


“Yeah – yeah I am…”

As Krys climbed under the silk sheets, Tommy had to acknowledge that was the truth. Listening to Holly he truly was beginning to understand both her frustrations with him, and just how difficult being in love with two people at once was for her.


He turned on his side and slowly went to sleep…”


Sunday 20th November

2 am

Holly and Sands’ Apartment


“Mmmmm,” Krys moaned as the man lifted her nightie off then started to tweak her nipples, “That feels good…”


She laughed gently as he pulled down her thong and started to caress her pussy.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she fluttered her eyelashes at the man.

“WHAT?” Tommy woke up screaming, the sweat making the nightie cling to him as he did so.

“Oh my God what the hell is wrong with me?” he asked as he turned the bedside light on, put on his glasses, and checked the time, “did I actually just dream I was having sex with a man?”

“No I was having a lovely dream and you spoiled it,” for some reason Tommy could hear Krys's voice. “He was hung like a horse.”

“Now I'm starting to worry about myself,” Tommy took a sip of water. “Is there really two of us in this body?” For a second Tommy remembered a conversation he'd once partially overheard between Carina and her mother in which Carina had said something about there being two people inside her body. He hadn't really taken it seriously at the time, the idea that Carina was schizophrenic was ridiculous, but he was now having severe doubts about himself.

“This will be over Monday,” Tommy told himself, “and it’s clear now that I must forget all about being Krys.”

“Are you sure you really want to?' the female voice inside his head drawled sexily.

“If I want to retain my sanity? Then yes,” Tommy answered. “I did this because Sands dared me to walk a mile in hers and Holly's shoes, by Monday morning I will have answered the dare. It will be over.”

Tommy turned the light out and tried to get back to sleep, but for some reason all he could see in his mind’s eye were beautiful dresses, and high heels.


11 am CET



Natalya walked into the coffee house, a long grey coat over her dress and boots, and looked round as a waitress came over.


“May I help you Madame?”


“It is all right – I am meeting someone,” Natalya said with a smile as she walked to the booth at the rear of the floor, the grey haired woman sitting there looking over and smiling as she approached.


“Natalya, my darling,” she said as she stood, the two women kissing each other on the cheek, “It is so good to see you again.  Please, sit – two coffees please?”


“Of course, Madame,” the waitress said as she walked off, Natalya taking a seat and looking at her old friend.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over a grey sweater and pants, the black ankle boots just visible.


“you look as if you are keeping well?”


“As do you - and Klaus and the family?”


“Are also well – you know there are three grandchildren now?”


“So I heard – and a son and heir as well.”


“It should really be Ingrid, but – well, the old ways…”


“Indeed,” her friend said as the coffee was brought over.  She waited as the waitress walked off, and then said “we need to talk?”


“We do – shall we?” 


Both women looked at each other for a moment, before she said “so, my daughter – we have an issue with a cousin?”


“We do – an unusual one, one I have only heard rumours of.  Some time ago, I was involved in finding a cousin in New York who had been supressed, but had broken free of her shackles.”


“Is she well?”


“She is – we found a way to integrate her, but at that time we identified three other women in our family.”


“Three others?  All from the Dutch branch?”


“So the genealogy suggests.  One found a – passive way to control her needs, another is under tutelage and is blossoming.  The problem is with the third young lady.”


“Is there anything in her past of note?”


“No – but over the last month or so, she has had increasingly vivid dreams – mainly, I am told, involving Red Jack.”


“I see – and she sees faces, some she recognises?”


“Indeed – and two of them are my relative and the woman we helped before.  Mistress, what could be happening?”


The older woman stirred her coffee, before she said “Do you know what a vestigial twin is?”


“I do – is this what is going on here?”


“I believe so, based on what you said.  I know of two other occasions on which the history reports it happening, but not for a century or so?”


“So this is like a malformed part of her?”


“I believe so – but I would need to see her to be certain?”


“And tell me – what was done?”


“In the most recent case – in essence, an exorcism, and it needs to be done quickly, or she will either go mad or die.”


Natalya nodded, as she said “tell me, Mistress, have you ever visited Sentova?”



12.30 pm GMT

The Red Lion Inn

King’s Road, Chelsea


“Well it's a bit of an upgrade from Sunday dinner at home,” Richard said with a smile as he looked round the private dining room with Miley.


Miley nodded as she sipped her coke.  “With Dad being called home for the weekend to brief this meeting tomorrow, Mum reckoned it was a great chance to get everybody together.”

“And our flat is far too small to have everyone sit down together for Sunday lunch,” Laura said as she joined the conversation.  Like Richard, Miley was wearing a jumper and jeans, but Laura was in a blue jersey dress.

“Which is why we are here,” Richard laughed, “I get that.”

“Are the Cornwall's coming?” Bridget asked.

“According to Mum they are,” Miley smiled, “so don't worry you and Laura will get to see Sean and Niall.”

“I'm not that worried...”

“Liar,” Ricard interrupted his sister, “you should have seen how many dresses she tried on till she found one she thought Niall would like her in.”

“Laura was as bad,” Miley started to laugh.


“What is so amusing?” Francesca asked Kay as they looked across the room at the younger generation.

“I think it has something to do with Laura and Bridget liking my sons,” Kay Cornwall sipped her pre-lunch drink.

“Ah, I seem to remember my crushes on boys when I was their age.”

“I certainly remember the huge thing I had for John Cook when I was about 14,” Kay laughed slightly “it broke my heart when he asked my best friend out.”

“Not something I experienced,” Charlotte spoke, “I think I always knew somehow that Piet was the one for me.”

“I read his latest piece on people smuggling this morning,” Kay looked serious for a second. “It’s an issue that's becoming urgent.”

“So my contacts back in Rome tell me,” Francesca sipped her drink, “I suspect that I can expect that I will be asked to give my opinion by certain officials of my acquaintance while we are in Italy for Shirley's party.”


“So the plane is set?”


“It is – and timed to arrive at the same time roughly as the one from the US.  It should be fun.  When do you head over Francesca?”


“Tomorrow – I have some business to conduct first, some people to see…”





“Are you still crunching numbers for Kay darling?” Agnes quietly asked Sherry.

“Yes,' the Anglo-Irish woman nodded, “as the SIS accumulates data she's been sending me bits to analyze.”

“Should I ask what you are finding out?”

“Not really, but I will confirm something you know doubt already know Aggie, money laundering is endemic.”

“I've heard bits from my own sources.”

“My worry is that greed and corruption could bring down our whole political system.”

“All while certain politicians claim they are acting for 'the people'?” Aggie asked.


“Have you raised any of this with Mike?”

“Well it's not really his department, and Kay told me to keep it secret.”


“Fair point,” Aggie said as she looked round.  “Right – shall we sit down and order?”



“So are the girls going to be ready to restart school in January Agnes?'“ Catriona asked as she took her seat.


“They will be Cat,” Aggie smiled, “just a few things they need to learn first.”

“Such as?”

“Well their spoken French has come on leaps and bounds,” Agnes said with a smile, “ but they need to improve their written French.”

“Ah… it’s a little thing, but important all the same.”

“Exactly,” Aggie smiled, “in a way what needs doing is the equivalent of crossing the t's and dotting the i's.”

“It certainly sounds like it.”

“Changing the subject,” Aggie said as she looked at the menu, “what is this I hear about you driving down to Penny's place yesterday?”

“It's true, I wanted to discuss what I'm hearing about Shirley.”

“Uncle John rang me and gave me the impression she wants to explore some different things in her life.  The roast beef please. Including, I hear, designing and building a new house at Wheathampstead.”

“So I heard,” Catriona said quietly, “and that's one of the things that worries me.”

“Why?” Agnes gave her old friend a quizzical look. “It sounds like she's reclaiming both part of her own family life, but also going back to her love of buildings and design.”

“That's not what worries me, it's the memories of what happened when the house burned down getting rekindled that frighten me.”

“I hadn't met Shirley then,” Agnes said quietly, “and I've never heard the full story of what happened.”

“Well I was there, and I know just what happened. It was not fun.”

“Is it something I should know Cat?”

“No, it's up to Shirley if she one day wants to reveal what happened that dreadful night. Lamb, please.”


“I'll bet Dad wishes he was here with us,” Colin laughed, “Sunday lunch at a good pub is one of his true loves in life.”

“It's one of Will's as well darling,” Mandy sipped her drink. “We often have lunch in one of the local pubs when we are all at home.”

“Saves having to cook yourself Mandy,” Sue said as she sat down.

“Precisely darling.”

“Where are all the family Mandy?”

“Scattered far and wide Sue. My daughter and my two eldest sons are at their respective universities, whilst my youngest is at least in theory working hard at Harrow.”

“At least that means you and Will get some time alone.”

“Yes,” Mandy said with a shrug, “but it also means I got dragged to watch Sheffield Wednesday play yesterday.”

“Was it a good game?”

“I suppose so Colin, my dearest darling certainly got very excited.”

“I'm just glad he's not really a sports fan,” Sue smiled at Colin.


“Actually, I was surprised to see you and Will here at all,” Agnes said, “weren’t you meant to be on a shoot in New York?”


“Yes we were, darling – and it got cancelled the night before, by text, at Erica’s party – so we got the red-eye back, and got home in time for Will to drag me to the game.  So I really do need the rest…”



“Are we all going to make it to Italy for Shirley's send-off?” Cat asked as they all waited to be served.

“You ladies I suspect are,” Mike laughed, “poor husbands like Will and me didn't get invited you know.”

“Nor did we Dad,” Laura smiled at her father, “it's strictly an older generation event.”

“Hey when did I get to be 'older generation'?” Sue asked.

“Accept it from me Sue,” Sherry smiled as well, “to them we are all positively ancient.”

“How are things coming along Sue?” Mike asked.

“The hospital says everything looks good, but that doesn't prevent everyone I know fretting and fussing over me.”

“We are just concerned darling.” Colin patted her hand.

“Oh am I late?” a woman's voice asked.

“No you made it just about on time Kay,” Colin said as he stood and kissed his wife's best friend.

“I was late getting back last night, and I overslept.”

“Did you have fun Kay?” Sue asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“You might say that, you might say that…”




“So,” Piet said as he took a drink from his pint, “what are we going to do next weekend with so many away?”


“Funny you should ask,” Will said with a smile, “John has a group of tickets for a game at the Stoop – Harlequins against Bath – next Sunday.  Why don’t the UK branch of the Saints get together there, and then back to John’s place to give him a proper night off.”


“One small problem,” Mike Babbage said after he had swallowed some beef, “Maisha?”


“Is going with Shirley – so that’s covered.  I can see if Archie and Charles can get down as well.”


“Well, that’s Sunday take care of,” Ray said, “what about Saturday?”


“Sorry – I’m working.”


“Well, the Blades are at home…”




“How are the golf lessons coming? Niall Cornwall asked as everyone started to eat.

“My hook has turned into a slice,” Laura looked pained, “while Miley of course is hitting the ball perfectly every time.”

“Ashley says I'm well coordinated,” Miley said quietly, “and that's why I have a good swing.”

“She's right in that darling,” Agnes nodded in approval.

“I saw her giving you a lesson on the range at Moor Park yesterday,” Ray Cornwall spoke, “and Laura while as you say you have an occasional slice, you do hit the ball a good long distance.”

“Yes, but I need the ball go where I want it to, not where it wants to go.”

“I've spent half a lifetime trying to do that,” Mike Babbage laughed, “and I'm still prone to ending up in the rough or a bunker.”



“Is that Dame Margaret at the bar?” Sean asked his mother.

“I believe it is,” Kay pondered what she was seeing, “and I think that is Padraig O'Bannon with her.”

“Who is he?” Bridget asked.

“The First Secretary at the Irish embassy.”

“Oh,” Bridget quickly lost interest.

“Now what is all that about?” Kay whispered to herself as she watched the MP and the diplomat in deep conversation.


3 pm Local Time

The Sisters of Maisha training camp



Alex looked up from the table as Helga walked into the mess hall.


“Is it time,” she said as she looked round the room.


“It is – the jeep is outside to take you to the airport, where there’s a jet waiting to take you home.”


“Well, what has to be has to be,” Alex said as she stood up, and followed Helga out to where the others were waiting.  “At least you gave me a chance to recover from the walk – and I thank you for the honour of doing it.”


“All of us have to at some point – it’s just you were excused most of the training,” Leader said as she looked at the Italian woman.  She watched as Alex took a look round the compound.


“You know what?  I'm going to miss this place...I'm going to miss all of you,” Alex let a little tear go as she embraced the staff at the Sisters training camp.

“You are honestly going to miss Poison's food?”

“Yes even that Liz.  You gave me security when I needed it, and I will always be grateful.”

“I always said this woman had taste,” the one-legged Aboriginal woman laughed as she hugged Alex.

“Putting that aside are you going to be safe once you leave us?” Teacher looked concerned.

“I think Francesca and my superiors will ensure I am, and I'm pretty sure that even if you haven't said I'll have sisters watching over me?”

“Oh there might be a few nearby for a while.  I understand there will be other guests next weekend where you are, and they will be watching them too.”

Alex nodded, and then said “I know that you all probably have questions you'd like to ask...”

“Like why you were a spy?” Liz interrupted.

“Yes,” Alex tried to find words. “In my own way, I thought I was supporting the side of good, and that meant betraying my country.”

“You don't have to justify yourself,” Teacher smiled as she hugged the South African, “we've seen enough while you've been in our care to know your head, and your heart, are in the right place.”

“Now are you sure you have everything packed?” Little Teacher asked.


“I hope so – and I am sure I will hear from you all in due course.”  She smiled as she got into the jeep, waving as it drove off, the others watching as she disappeared into the horizon.


12.30 pm

St Martha’s


“Go in peace.”


“Amen.”  As Alex walked to the front of the church, Nessa stood up and pulled her gloves onto her hands.


“You will join us for lunch, Mother,” Sandy said as she stood up as well.


“Indeed – and I would appreciate it if you and Alexandra came with me later.  I have an appointment with a Miss McGeorge I wish you both to attend.”


“Not a problem – George is going to see his father later, and Heather has an appointment as well.”



4 pm

Holly and Sands’ Apartment


“Well I think we impressed the guys at lunch Krys darling,” Heather smiled, “tonight we dress to stun.”

“But how, the wardrobe Mary put together for me doesn't have quite the right kind of evening dress. “My 'Dynasty' gown isn't quite the right thing.”

“Say evening dress, not gown Tommy,” Heather warned the inner young man, “Sandy gave me hell for using gown saying how middle-class it made me sound.  But you’re right – this club is very Film Noir, so the appropriate style is needed.”

“Well I'll admit Mom doesn't use the word,” Krys laughed, “but  I still need a dress for tonight.”

“Before we sort that out though, what did you make of the guys?”

“I could ask you the same Heather, after all this is your first dates with a man as well?”


“True – it was fun, but I am not truly attracted to them.”


“One of them certainly could not take their eyes off you,” Krys laughed as she looked in the walk in wardrobe.  “I suppose I could 'borrow' one of the dresses from one of the closets here,” Krys paused, “would the owners mind?”

“It might be 'safer' if you don't,” Heather shot her friend a warning look.


Heather sighed as she said “I think I had better tell you who this apartment belongs to, hadn't I?”

“I guess,” Krys looked puzzled.

“Holly and Sands own this between them...”


“Calm down please,” Heather tried to think what to say. “A while back something happened and they sort of 'acquired' this place. Please don't ask me to explain more.”

“Heather,” Krys said as she stood with her hands on her hips, “you haven't explained anything.”

“Maybe in time things will become clear, but for now just accept that Holly knows virtually all the clothes in these closets, and you'll avoid a lot of explaining by not turning up in one of Sands’ dresses.”


“Well, that explains a few things,” Krys said, “but – who is that?”

“Who is what?”


“Who is that at the door?”

“Hopefully, Merlin and the 7th Cavalry,” Heather laughed gently. “I guessed something like this might happen, so I rang and asked her to bring over a range of suitable dresses,  accessories, and other necessities. Also to bring someone to do our hair and makeup.”


“Like who,” Krys said as Heather went to open the door.


“Good evening Heather darling – you asked for our help?”


“I did indeed,” Heather said as Krys saw Kylie walk in with a large shoulder bag, followed by Mary Thomas with some garment bags.


“Well, how are we doing,” she said as she put that and a large square bag down.


“So far, so good,” Heater said, “but we need to make Krys a real femme noir.  Any ideas?”


“A few,” Mary said as she opened the square bag and took out a black box.


“This jewellery is not costume, it's the real thing, and it's mine,” Mary opened a box so the girls could see. “I want it back so whatever you do don't get mugged, and if you dare even lose an earring I'll have your guts for garters.”

“Are you sure Mary?” Krys looked worried.

“Darling if this is going to work on you as I see it in my own mind then every little detail needs be perfect.”


“Just try those diamond drop earrings on Krys, then tell me don't want to wear them?”


Krys put them on and looked in the mirror, Kylie and Mary watching closely as she said “sold.”


“Ai.  Now girls, it's cold enough out there that you'll need coats,” Mary opened some large garment bags, “Hence why I brought some furs for you to choose from.”

“That is magnificent,” Heather breathed as the Welsh woman held up a dark mink jacket.

“Well maybe not in the same league as Juliette's famous sable coat, but it's a lovely fur.”

“Can I try this on?” Krys asked as she stroked a three quarter length arctic fox.

“Go ahead,” Mary laughed, “but maybe wait and make final choices once we have you looking gorgeous and dressed.”


As Krys walked to the mirror and wrapped the silver fur around herself, Mary came over to look.  “So how are you coping?” Mary whispered in Krys's ear.

“I don't know if I am.”


“There are so many conflicting thoughts in my head.”

“I guessed when we started by this time there might be.” Mary smiled, “and can I say the main thing causing turmoil is that you've found you love being a beautiful woman like this.”

“How did you guess?”


“Not my first rodeo, as they say…”


Krys looked sideways at her, and said “so who was the first?”


“No-one you will have heard of – he was a television comedian in the early eighties…”


Krys nodded as she took the coat off, and looked at the petite blonde.


“Alright first things first,” Kylie sat down at the dining table, “let's see what damage you've done to your nails Tommy darling.”

“You tell me?” Tommy sat and displayed his hands, “and please when I'm like this just call me Krys.”

“Alright...Krys” Kylie smiled as she held the hands and examining them.  “Well, a couple of little chips, but I can fix that with a couple of coats of polish. How are you finding them?”

“By looking at my hands,” Krys laughed.

“OUCH!” Kylie laughed, “but I remember the adaptations I had to make when I first got long nails, how are you doing picking things up, etc.”

“I'm getting there,” Krys said with a smile.  “It's a case of remembering where my actual fingertips are.”

“Yes,” Kylie smiled again as she reached into her bag, “here let me paint them.”


“So what are these three young men like,” Mary said as she and Heather watched.


“Well, I know Laurie,” Krys said without looking round, “about my height, short dark hair, a bit thinner, and I know he has a thing for Holly – but strangely I’m not jealous, they seemed happy enough just to talk over lunch.”


“Then there’s Derek,” Heather said with a smile, “the one person I think all three of us are safe from.”




“He’s gay – and built like the House.  He came right out and said it before he could be outed by Laurie.  They knew each other at high school before coming to University here – he plays for their team.”


“Which leaves Barrett,” Krys said quietly, “him I can’t read.”


“In what way, darling?”


“He doesn’t say much, but he’s looking at and listening to everything,” Heather said quietly.  “Not exactly thin, but not fat.  The sort of person who just seems to melt into the background.”


“And that bothers you?”


“A little,” Heather said as Kylie said “all done darling.”


“Now, I've brought 4 dresses each for you to try,” Mary said as she started unpacking more bags, “if one of these doesn't take your fancy then I'm losing my touch.”

“Little chance of that,” Heather laughed as she held up a low cut, green satin, fishtail dress.”

“What will Sandy say if you go out wearing that darling?” Kylie looked across and smiled again.

“That she hates seeing other people then her seeing me in it.”


“So it’s perfect then,” Mary said quietly as Krys looked at an electric blue sheath dress.  “Do you think this will work?”


“No – I think we go basic black – try this…”



6 pm


“Okay let's get your hair out of these rollers Heather,” Kylie gestured for the nanny to sit down.

“With your hair in gentle waves falling over your shoulders you should look incredible,” Mary nodded her approval as Kylie removed the plastic rollers.

“And that green dress is to die for.” Krys looked at the dress hanging up while she waited her turn. “That plunging neckline will have even Derek staring.”

“Guaranteed,” Kylie laughed.  “I promise you will both have nothing to be ashamed of in the way you look.”

“You won't exactly look out of place in the strapless black satin yourself Krys.”

“It's so reminiscent of Rita Hayworth in Gilda that I had to pick it. Just so right for this club we are going to.”

“You'll both look like femmes fatale,” Mary smiled, “just as I envisaged.”

“It's such a sexy look.”

“Ai that it is Kylie my darling,” Mary paused, “I'd almost be tempted seeing this to book you both for a shoot with you playing 'dames'.”

“Me as a model?” Heather laughed, “now I know I look good, but I'm not that great.”

“Don't undersell yourself Heather. Or you Krys – I heard Missy Auerbach had seen you a few times.”


“No way – come on, I mean…”


Mary saw a look in Krys’ eye, before she said “right – gowns on ladies, time ye were on your way…”





“Yeah,” Heather said as Krys closed the bedroom door.


“Are you as scared as I am?”


“Yes – and no,” Heather said quietly, “Tommy, how much do you know about me?”


“I heard rumours – you were abused as a girl, and that’s why you are a lesbian?”


“Oversimplified,” Heather said quietly as she sat down, and removed her robe before she put on her stockings.  “In one sense, you’re right – and the fact a man may touch me tonight is what is scaring me.”


“Me too – for completely different reasons,” Krys said quietly as she adjusted her bra straps, “but I have to see this through now.  I just hope they don’t try anything on with me.”


“Or Holly?”


Krys nodded slowly.   “Last night, she realised I was – forgive the words – sizing her up, and she gently let me down, saying she has enough to cope with with two loves.”


“So how do you feel about her now?”


“Seriously?  Heather I love her with all my heart, and now I see how much she is hurting, I want to help her – I just don’t know how to yet, because first…”


“You need to apologise and admit you were wrong – but how do you explain how you came to that conclusion?”


“Yeah – can you imagine it?  Hey Holly, I’m sorry I was such a jerk – I realised it when I was talking to you as Krys last Saturday and hey don’t walk away Holly…”


“She might not walk away, you know?”


“But can I take that risk?”


Heather looked at Krys, and said quietly “you do know that’s why she tried to break up with Sands, and then keep it from you?  Because she was scared you would walk away?”


Krys slowly nodded as Heather came over and hugged her.  “Look, let’s just enjoy tonight, and if one of them make a play for Holly, let her deal with it, all right?”


Krys nodded as she took the dress from the hangar…



“Put your gloves on before you put your coats on girls,” Mary warned as Heather and Krys checked that their makeup was perfect in the mirror.

“We know,” Krys smiled happily at what she saw in her own reflection, especially the beautiful blue eyes, and the full red painted lips that looked like they were begging to be kissed.

“Did Holly say what she is wearing tonight?”

“She was saying at lunch that she'd probably wear a gold dress that she got in London this past summer.”

“I think she showed it to me a few weeks ago,” Krys checked her hair was perfect. “She's going to outshine us both.”


“Well, just remember you’re out to impress tonight,” Mary said quietly.


“So, out of curiosity, will your date get a kiss tonight Krys?” Kylie asked as the girls eased themselves into their furs.

“Why would I kiss a man?” the tall blonde looked nervously at the petite blonde.

“Because young Tommy, or Krys if you prefer,” Mary smiled, “after all that has happened this weekend, something deep inside you is eager to know how it feels. As I've said I've been there when this has been done before, and straight man or not, I'm betting that you are as curious as all hell about what the sensation is...I'm going to bet you've been dreaming about even having sex as a woman.”

“I have not...”

“Liar,” Kylie laughed as she interrupted. “I can see it in your face darling.”

“That's true, it is pretty obvious Krys,” Heather watched her friend blush as they both picked up their clutch bags.


“Is nothing sacred,” Krys said as she rolled her eyes.  “I have a great deal to think about after all this…”


“So are you all set?” Mary asked as the girls took one last look in the mirror.

“I think so,” Heather smiled.

“Well I think your cab is here,” Kylie looked out of the window,

“Good luck, and have fun,” Mary hugged first Krys, then Heather.  “You know I feel like my Mam must have felt seeing me off on my first date,” she wiped a little tear away.

“Don't do anything that I wouldn't do,” Kylie smiled.

“Does that mean we can do pretty much anything then?” Krys smiled and laughed lightly.

“Pretty much.”


The two girls laughed as they left the apartment, Mary and Kylie watching from the door as they got into the cab and it drove off…


8 pm



Buffy McGeorge was walking down the main road, heading for the bar to meet some friends.  The tight black leather biker jacket was open at the top, the material hugging her body as tightly as the leopard print pants she was wearing, the lower half of her legs in over the knee black suede boots.


“Hello Buffy.”


She stopped and turned round to see Sands standing there, looking older in a blue trouser suit with a white camisole underneath.


“Well, Alexandra,” Buffy said quietly, “this is a surprise.  Shouldn’t you be home – it is a school day tomorrow.”


“Yeah, I should – but we need to talk.  OR rather, you need to talk to us.”




Sands looked to the side as the car door opened, and Buffy saw Sandy there.  “Get in Ms McGeorge,” she said quietly, “my mother and we want to talk to you.”


“Ah – and if I do not?”


“Then we reveal certain other facts about you to your parents – so don’t try us.  We’re going to the Elysee – join us.”




8 pm

The Elysee Club


Holly smiled as she saw Krys and Heather get out of the cab, wrapping their furs around themselves.  She had a silver fur coat on over the gold floor length dress.


“Wow – you look hot to trot,” Heather said as the two women joined her.


“Yeah – shall we,” she said as they walked in, Laurie noticing them as they entered and saying “wow…”


“Hello boys,” Holly said as she looked at Laurie, Derek and Barrett, “how about we have some drinks before our table is ready.”


“Of course – what do you want?”


“Manhattans all round,” Heather said, Laurie motioning to the waitress and placing the order.


“I have to say, you all look amazing,” Derek said as he leaned back in his chair.  “You’d almost get me to ask you out.”


“I don’t think you would, but I take the compliment,” Krys said as the drinks arrived, Barrett looking at all three of them.





“That's the girl I was telling you about Lou, the tall blonde” Rhenia whispered in her sister’s ear as they looked across at the three women and their dates.

“Are you sure darling?” Louise looked hard, “as good as I am, and as experienced as I am, I wouldn't have picked her at first glance.  She is stunning.”

“Who is stunning?” Missy asked as she eased herself back into the corner booth.

“The tall blonde at the table over there,” Louise smiled as she glanced in that direction.

“Krystal Ernst,” Missy said as she took a sip of her champagne.

“Is that her name then?”

“It is,” Missy said quietly, “and it's a name I'm determined to see on a contract for Norstar.”

“She reminds me of someone,” Lou tried to think.

“The name you are looking for is Romee Strijd,” Missy put her glasses on. “IMG beat me out to sign her, but this girl I'm not losing.”

“She certainly has something different about her.” Lou tried to strip away the hair and makeup in her mind to see if she could see the man underneath.

“Oh she has more than something.”


Louise and Rhenia looked at each other, and just shook their heads…







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