Amanda Lowe was bored – bored with a lot of things, but at the ripe old age of forty two she felt like she was missing something in her life – as if she needed to experience something new to kick start her life.


It wasn’t as if she didn’t have friends, because she did – but...  She just could not put her finger on what it was that was wrong.  She kept fit, and looked good with her shoulder length brown hair, her clothes were fashionable – no, that wasn’t it.


As she walked down to her local newsagent to collect her paper, she fastened her great coat up against the coat, her long brown boots keeping the chill off her feet and legs.


“Cold day, isn’t it Amanda,” the young Asian woman behind the counter said as she picked her paper up from the racks behind her, and handed it over.


“Yeah – thanks Anika,” Amanda said as she put it in her bag, made a few purchases at the other shops, and made her way home.  The same old routine – take off the coat and hang it up, put the kettle on, sit at the table and open the paper, read it while the kettle boils, go and make a coffee, read the ads and see the one for the kidnapping experience, drink...


Amanda slowly turned her head and looked back at the half page ad in the paper.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!


You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


“I’ve read about these firms,” Amanda said to herself as she read it three more times, and then sat back.  Perhaps that was what she wanted – a surprise, a daring and dangerous occurrence, as the typeface said?


Standing up, she walked over to the kitchen window and looked out, then returned and looked at the paper again.


“Nah,” she eventually said as she folded the paper up, and went to catch up on her work...






Throughout the day, her mind kept wandering back to that advert.  It just would not go away, so eventually, if only to stop herself thinking about it, she picked up her phone and dialled the number.


“I’ll bet it’s a joke,” she said to herself as the ringing tone started, but after four rings she was surprised to hear a female voice say “Good evening, you’re through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may I be of service to you?”


“Oh my god,” Amanda whispered to herself, “this is a real number?”


“It is. Madame.  May I ask which package you were interested in?”


“Well,” Amanda said quietly, “I saw an advert in the local press about...  Please Capture Me.”


“Ah yes,” the voice replied, “can I just confirm I am talking to Miss Amanda Lowe, of...” as she gave Amanda’s address.


“How did you know that?”


“In the same way your local Chinese takeaway knows where to deliver to without asking, Amanda – may I call you Amanda.  Now, tell me, what is your desire?”


“My – desire?”


“Your dream, your fantasy, how can we please you if you choose to use Fantasy Fulfilment?”


“Let me get this straight – you can arrange for someone to essentially hold me captive, and do whatever I desire?”


“That is indeed the case – do you have a particular scenario in mind?”


Amanda sat back, and whispered “well – this is going to sound wrong...”


“We do not judge here, Amanda – we prefer to be honest.”


“Well,” she giggled, “I remember from my youth seeing a film where a man broke into a house, and held a young girl hostage.”


“I see – what did he do to her?”


“He tied her up, gagged her, then put her over his knee, lifted her skirt and spanked her, before he started to – well, molest her.”


“Hmmm – how far did he go in the film?”


“Not too far – but I always wondered, to be so helpless, how far would he go?”


“That depends on you, Amanda – you set the parameters, you set the rules.  Spanking is one of our more popular fantasies, as is groping and stripping of clothing.  Should you wish to go further...”


“I’m a virgin – can you imagine being deflowered in that way...”


“Is that something you would consider – remember, you are consenting to this should you wish to continue?”


Amanda sat back, not quite believing what was happening, before she said “yes, of course I would in a fantasy.”


“Good – I have made a note of that,” the voice continued.  “In this scenario, would the intruder by a burglar or something more – personal?”


“A burglar,” Amanda was surprised to hear herself say.


“Very well then, Amanda – I think I have everything we need.  What we need now is your verbal consent to proceed, and the arrangements will be made.


“What, no payment, no credit card details.”


“We take care of that later.  In return, we guarantee complete confidentiality, and that you will be left with the means to free yourself.”


“And when will this happen?”


“We will not tell you that – it increases the excitement.  Do we have your permission to make your fantasy come true, Amanda?”


“Oh go on,” she said, not believing it would ever happen.


“Good – thank you for calling, Amanda.”


The line went dead, as Amanda looked at the phone.


“Oh well – no money, no loss,” she said to herself as she stood up, wondering if it still was just one big joke...






“Sammy!  What a wonderful surprise,” Amanda said as she opened her door, and let her twenty one year old niece come in.  It had been ten days since the call, and she had forgotten all about it, considering it a prank when nothing had happened.


It was warmer now, and Amanda was wearing a half-sleeved ethnic print top over an orange t-shirt, jeans and burgundy loafers.  Sammy was wearing layers – a dark grey crocheted jacket over an orange patterned top, and a red t-shirt under that, with bell bottomed faded denims and purple slippers.


“Can’t I call on my favourite aunt,” Sammy said as he kissed Amanda, and held up a bottle of red wine.  “Besides, I want to ask your advice on something.”


“Sounds intriguing – come in and sit down, I’ll get a couple of glasses,” Amanda said as Sammy went into the front room, and she walked into the kitchen, taking two wine glasses and a corkscrew out before she went back into the front room. 


Setting them down, she smiled and said “well, what is you want to ask me about?”


“Hang on,” Sammy said as she opened the wine, and poured two glasses, “you might want to sit down.”


“In a moment,” Amanda said as there was a knock on the front door, “let me just go and see who that is.”  She walked to the front door, and opened it, saying “yes, how may I...”


“Shut up, and keep quiet.”


He was tall, broad shouldered, and dressed in black from head to toe – including the balaclava over his head, only showing his eyes and mouth, and the gloves on his hand.  He walked quickly in, grabbing Amanda and turning her round, his large hand clamped over her mouth as he kicked the door closed behind him.


She glanced down, desperately trying to pull his hand away from her mouth as she saw the large black holdall in his free hand, but his grip was too strong, as he whispered “not a word – into your front room, now.”


Amanda was forced to walk in front of him, struggling in his grip as they turned and walked into the front room.


“Who was it A....  AUNT AMANDA!”


“Just keep quiet,” the masked man said as he tightened his grip over Amanda’s mouth, muffling her whimpers, “or else your aunt gets hurt.  Keep calm, keep cool, and do what I say, all right?”


“All right,” Sammy said, “just please, don’t hurt us.”


“Go and draw the curtains,” the man said as he looked to the windows, “and then kneel in front of the couch, head down, hands behind your back.”


“all right, all right, just stay calm,” Sammy said as she walked over and pulled the curtains closed, then knelt in front of the couch, her head to the side as the intruder pushed Amanda over.


“On your knees as well,” he said as Amanda stumbled over, kneeling beside Sammy and looking at her as she said “I couldn’t stop him, Sammy – I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry...”


“It’s all right, Aunt,” Sammy said quietly, “let him rob us, and then he can get out of here...”


“Be quiet,” the man said as he put the bag down, and opened it, kneeling behind Amanda as he pulled her arms behind her back, crossing her wrists and holding them in one hand.


“What are...  Oh god, please, no,” Amanda whispered as she felt the rope encircling her wrists, and then pulling them together, the rope going around and between them before it was tied off.  She tried to find the knot, or the ends, feeling with her long fingers, but they were out of reach.


“Why are you doing this to us,” Sammy said as the masked man tied her wrists together as tightly.


“I’m robbing the house,” he growled as he crossed the ankles of both of them, and started to bind them tightly as well, “so I need to keep you two in one place where you can’t get in my way.  Does that sound reasonable, sensible – as if you had a say in the matter.”


“Just don’t hurt us,” Amanda said as she tried to move her legs, and then gave out a call of “Hmgsnnn” as he pulled a rolled up bandana into her mouth, pulling the corners back as he tied the ends together at the base of her neck.


“Hnnnn,” Sammy said as she was gagged with a second bandana, before the intruder gave them both a light smack on the bottom.


“Don’t move,” he said as he left the room, and went up the staircase, Amanda and Sammy looking at each other.  She could not quite believe this was happening – she was tied up, gagged, an intruder looking through her things, and Sammy was caught up in it as well...


“Rulrttntee,” Sammy said as she nudged Amanda, the older woman nodding as she looked at her.






Sammy straightened up on her knees and looked at the rope around her aunt’s wrists, trying to see if she could see the ends or the knot, but one look told her it was a complex knot, so she shook her head and looked at Amanda.




She shook her head as Amanda shuffled over and rubbed her head on Sammy’s shoulder.


“Tlllblrt,” she mumbled as she heard footsteps, both of them looking at the door as the masked man walked back in.


“Nice jewels,” he said as he looked at both of them, and then put his hands under Sammy’s arms, pulling her backwards and dragging her over to another seat over Amanda’s muffled protests.


“I need you to sit here for a minute,” he said as he pulled her up and dropped her in the armchair, before taking another length of rope and tying her legs together below her knees.  Lifting her legs up, he tucked them under her bottom and tied her ankles to her wrists, before he came back over and looked at Amanda, a smile on his lips.


“Up,” he said as he pulled Amanda up and sat her on the long couch, Sammy watching as he produced more rope and bound her legs together below her knees as well.


“Do you know something,” he said as he put his hand on Amanda’s knee, “I think you look very nice and cute like that.  Do you like been this way?”


She shook her head and said “nnndnt” as she looked at Sammy – only to shriek out as he pulled her over his knees, her head down towards the floor and her legs on the other side as she felt his hand on her bottom, gently stroking it.


“Where are the rest of your jewels?”


“ThrllpsTRRSSSS” Amanda yelped as he brought his hand down hard on her bottom, Sammy struggling and trying to speak as he spanked Amanda.  IT was unexpected, it was out of left field, it was...


It was exactly what she had described when she had called that firm!


“hswtLRDDDNNN” she called out as he brought his hand down again, making her yelp as her bottom began to throb.  It wasn’t the only thing starting to throb either – as he kept smacking her, she could feel a throbbing elsewhere, somewhere she had never...


“Oh my god this is turning me on,” she thought to herself as her yelps softened, became murmurs, almost sounding like “fknu” as he kept going.


“Nteee?  NTmmdnee?  Whtsggnnnn?”


“I think your little friend here is jealous,” he whispered into my ear, “do you think she would like to be smacked as well.”


She looked over as Sammy shook her head from side to side, but she was helpless as he laid her on the couch, and stood up, walking over as she wriggled round – and felt the dampness between her legs, shocked and yet warmed as he untied Sammy’s ankles from her wrists, and then picked her up, placing her over his knee as he caressed her bottom, and then started to smack her.


“NNNN...  NNPPLSDNNNNT... nnnplsss...  plsss.... hgdplssss...”


As she lay on her side, Amanda was shocked to see her niece close her eyes, and start to squirm round as he alternated smacking her with rubbing her bottom, eventually saying “I want you to kneel down on the floor.  Will you do that for me?”


Sammy nodded as he helloed her to kneel, and then reached round, pulling her grey top down as his hands cupped her breasts and started to gently massage them.  Sammy started to moan, her eyes closing as she started to move in response to his touch, and Amanda started to wriggle round, her legs rubbing against each other as she watched the intruder slowly making Sammy aroused.


“I wish he would do that to me...”


She opened her eyes as the enormity of that thought hit her, and watched as he eased her orange and red top over her head, pulling them down her arms before he stood up, and walked over to the bag.  Sammy opened her eyes, watching as he took several lengths of rope, and walked back, sitting behind her and wrapping rope around her body, forcing her arms into her sides and her chest out, her bra barely containing her breasts as the rope went above and below them.


Tying the rope off, he reached round and continued to massage her, Sammy’s moans increasing as he did this, and then crying out as he eased her bra up, and started to play with her nipples.


“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you,” he said, Sammy nodding – and Amanda nodding as well – as he gently pinched her nipples.


She watched as he unfastened her jeans, and pulled then down, Amanda seeing the damp patch on Sammy’s white knickers as he tied a rope around her waist, and then pulled it between her legs, Sammy closing her eyes and moaning “hswwttgd” as he tied it to her chest ropes.


“That feels good, doesn’t it,” he said, Sammy nodding as he pulled the rope to and fro, and then stood up, and walked in front of her.


“You enjoyed my attentions, didn’t you?”


As Amanda watched, Sammy nodded as he eased the scarf from her mouth.  “Yes – oh god yes,” she said as she moved her arms, “what do you want me to do?”


“To take me,” he said as Amanda heard a zip coming down, and saw Sammy’s eyes widening, before she said “yes,” and moved her head so that his bottom was hiding her face.  Amanda could hear her muffled moans, as the masked man caressed her niece’s head.  She knew what he had told her to do, and as the moans increased one thought was in her mind.


“I wish she was me...”


Eventually, she heard Sammy call out, a muffled scream as she stiffened and arched her back, and then nodded as the man stepped back, and the zip was fastened again.


“Open your mouth,” he said, and Amanda watched as Sammy had the scarf tied back into her mouth, before he took a roll of white tape and wound it round her head, covering her lips and the scarf.


“Close your eyes, young lady.”


She watched as he covered her eyes in tape, and then laid her on her stomach, pulling her ankles back and tying them to the crotch rope, before he walked over.


“And now, for you,” he said as he knelt behind her, and she felt his hands on her chest, massaging her.  She hadn’t realised how much watching what he did to Sammy had turned her on, but her breasts were firm to his touch, her nipples hard, and she moaned to his touch.


“No, you must be quiet,” he said as she saw him pick the roll of tape up, and then wrap it round her head, six times round, sealing the damp cleave gag in before he lifted her tops up and pulled them back over her head.


She moaned as his hands went over her chest, and moaned even more as he removed the bra, unfastening it and pulling it down before the ropes pressed her arms into her side, forced her breasts out, encircled and enhanced her as he gently teased on her nipples, with his fingers...


And then with his lips, as he pushed her onto her back on the couch, pulling, sucking, shocks running through her as he worked her chest, and then moved down, her belly pushed up by her to meet his tongue as he pulled her jeans down, her panties down, his lips moving down and kissing where no one had ever kissed her before.


“HMSSGGDDDD” she cried out as he looked at her, and said “close your eyes...”






When she opened her eyes, the warmth slowly, slowly ebbing away as she panted through her nose, she saw him pick up his bag and head for the door, leaving a letter on the coffee table next to the glasses of wine.  She also noticed the knife and scissors left there, as she slowly calmed herself, listening to Sammy’s pants and moans before she started to sit herself up, and looked at the means of escape.


It took her a while to make her way onto her knees, a while longer to shuffle over and cut the knife where she could use it on her wrist ropes, slowly using them until they parted, and she was able to work her arms round, and start to untie her legs.


The clock was at ten as she managed to finally release Sammy, the young woman gasping as she said “Aunt Amanda, what happened tonight?”


“I’ll tell you – when we’ve cleaned ourselves up.  Stay tonight Sammy – I have a story to tell you.”



Half an hour later, Amanda sipped her wine as she watched Sammy read the letter.


“They’ve taken some money as payment from my credit card – but Sammy, you were never meant to be part of this.”


“It’s all right,” Sammy said with a smile as she handed the letter back, “you’re not the only one with a fantasy, after all.  We won’t call the police – ho harm was done.  In fact, I wonder if you would call them again – for me?”


“I threw the paper out – and there’s no contact number on here – let me see if Anika still has a copy.”




“the journal from last week?  Yes, I have one,” the newsagent said as she produced the paper, and handed it to Amanda and Sammy, “why?”


“There’s an ad that...  Funny, it’s not in here.”


“An advert?  For who?”


“Fantasy Fulfilment, they called them...  Anika, what’s wrong?”


“You too?  You will not find it – trust me.  Please. Trust me.”







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