Dial-A-Fantasy 2









“Well, Delia, you’ve finally done it,” she said as she looked out of her ground floor flat onto the street outside, “struck out on your own – and lord, don’t you know it.”


She was halfway through her first term at university, and normally she would have been talking with her parents, sharing her new experiences, and talking about what she was learning.  The problem was, just before she had left home, her mum and dad had discovered one or two inconvenient truths about their eighteen year old daughter.


The first had been when her mum had looked at her laptop, at the one moment she had left it unlocked, and discovered what she had spent half her nights alone in her room doing – looking at bondage sites, especially those where good looking women were bound and gagged.


The heated discussion over that had led to the second revelation – that Delia was a lesbian.  The first had been bad enough for her God-fearing parents, but the second?  She had moved into her flat a few days later, with the help of some old school friends, and now she was surviving on her own, working an evening job and keeping up with her studies.


But she needed something to give her release – and she was still trying to shake off Mummy and Daddy’s life lessons when it came to sex.  Also, money was tight – no denying that, so she picked up the local paper and looked at the ad she had placed.


Wanted – flatmate for single woman near town centre.  Female preferred, equal share of utility and other bills.  Cable TV included.  Call...


As she turned the page, Delia’s attention was drawn to another ad.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring?


As she read the ad, Delia could not believe her eyes.  Was this for real?  Could she believe there was a firm that did this?  Trembling, she picked up her telephone and dialled the number given in the ad.


“Hello,” a female voice said, “You are through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may we be of service for you?”


“Oh my goodness,” Delia said, “this is for real.”


“It is indeed – can I confirm I am talking to Miss Delia Bolland?”


“You are – but how do you...  No, I get it – software.”


“Indeed, Miss Bolland.  So, how can we help you today?”


“Well,” she said as she sat down, “I have recently discovered how much I enjoy fantasies of being bound, gagged, helpless, with someone...  I’m sorry, when you say it out loud...”


“Not a problem, Delia – May I call you Delia – we guarantee absolute discretion.  Feel free to tell us your fantasy, and we can discuss if we can help you.”


“Well,” Delia said, taking a deep breath before she said “I dream of an intruder finding me at home.  They force me to strip, and then hog tie me, gag me, and force me to...”


“I think I understand, Delia,” the female voice said.


“One thing though – I dream of the intruder being a woman.  Is that a problem?”


“Not at all – we at Fantasy Fulfilment seek to meet the client’s needs exactly.  If your desire is a female intruder, a female intruder it shall be.  What exactly would you desire them to do?”


She wasn’t sure why, but Delia felt comfortable enough to share the details.


“I think that is all possible,” the female voice said, “the arrangement, should you wish to continue, is our representative will arrive at some future point.  You will not be informed in advance, but they will come, do as you desire, and then leave – but not before they also leave the means for you to free yourself.”


“Could I ask,” Delia said, “if I do this, can it be arranged that I stay bound and gagged for some time, to enhance the feelings?”


“Of course – the method of freedom will be one that allows for that.”


“Which begs one question – how much?”


“Are you a student, Delia?”


“Yes – how did you know?”


“Unimportant – we offer a fifty per cent discount for students and the elderly.”  She quoted a figure, Delia nodding as she said “I can afford that – how do I pay?”


“We will take payment during the visit – ensure you have sufficient in your bank account to cover those costs.  Do you wish us to continue, Delia?”


The young blonde sat for a moment, and then said “Yes – go ahead.”


“Very well – you will hear from us soon, and thank you for choosing Fantasy Fulfilment.”


The line went dead, Delia looking at the phone before she put it down, and stood up.  Before she took two steps, the phone rang again, and she walked back to pick it up.




“Oh yes – the flat share is still available.  Would you like to come round and have a look?”




A week later, Delia was sitting in her front room, reading through a magazine when she heard the front door open and close, Cheryl looking in the door and saying “Hi – I’m going to make a coffee.  Want one yourself?”


thanks,” Delia said as she looked at her flatmate.  She was the same age as her, with short white blonde hair, and was wearing a black puffa jacket, black denims and knee length straight black leather boots, her smile lightening up the room.


“Great – I’ll bring them through,” Cheryl said as she walked away.  Delia looked at herself – mustard coloured jumper, with a thin black leather belt around her waist, old jeans, and the legs tucked into raunched black leather boots – and wondered if she would ever get up the courage to tell Cheryl she was incredibly attracted to her.


But she was a friend – bright, happy, and she paid the bills – and she didn’t want to scare her off, so when Cheryl came back through with the mugs of coffee she took one, said “thanks” and watched as she sat down.  Under the jacket she had on a red and brown checked blouse, which hung down over her denims now as she relaxed.


something wrong, Delia,” Cheryl said as she looked at the blonde.


“No – no sorry,” Delia said as she sipped her coffee, “I was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight.”


“Nothing in particular,” Cheryl said as she curled her legs under herself, “why, would you like to do something?”


“I’d love to take your head in my hands and kiss you,” Delia thought to herself, but what she said was “Same here – would you like to watch a movie together?”


“Sure – why don’t I cook us some food and you pick something?”


“Sounds good,” Delia said, hoping this would give her a chance to talk.




The clock showed eight as Delia selected the film on Netflix.


“What did you pick,” Cheryl said as she came in, crossing her booted legs on the coffee table as she handed Delia a bottle of Mexican lager.


“I know you like musicals, so I picked Hairspray,” Delia said, Cheryl nodding and saying “good” as the film started. 


“Cheryl,” Delia said after a few minutes?




“I was wondering...”


Cheryl looked at Delia before they both heard a sound coming from the kitchen.


“What was that,” Cheryl said as she looked at her flatmate.


“Probably something falling off the table, I’ll go and look,” Delia said as she stood up, and left the front room.  She had only taken two steps when a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and she heard a female voice whisper “Not a word my sweet – do exactly what I say, and you will come to no harm, understand?”


Ysseendrstnd,” Delia mumbled as she nodded her head, and was turned round.  A tall, well built woman was standing in front of her, wearing a black latex cat suit with short black ankles boots and long gloves, and with a mask covering her eyes.  Her long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she carried a rucksack on her back – and a gun in her hand.


“What was it,” Cheryl called out as Delia looked at the intruder.


“Call her out here,” she whispered, Delia nodding as she gulped and said “Cheryl – can you come out here a moment please?”


“Sure what’s...  Cheryl walked out and looked at the masked woman, before the intruder said “Well, I guess I have to keep you both happy now.  Both of you, upstairs please, and into this little lady’s bedroom.”


“Delia, who is this?”


“I... I don’t know,” the young woman said as the intruder marched them both up the staircase, and into Delia’s bedroom.  She had a double bed, and her room was tastefully furnished, as she looked round.


“Good – now strip each other.”


“I beg your pardon,” Delia said as she looked at Cheryl.


“You heard me – you strip the little lady, and she strips you.  Get going.”


“I don’t think we have a choice,” Delia said as she stood in front of Cheryl, unbuttoning her blouse as Cheryl slowly unfastened and removed her belt, and then allowed Delia to pull her blouse off before taking hold of Delia’s jumper and gently taking it over her head.


“Sit down,” Delia said, and as Cheryl sat on the edge of the bed she slowly pulled off her boots, and then removed the black ankle socks she was wearing underneath, trying not to show how excited this was making her feel.  She then sat on the bed, watching as Cheryl looked back at her, and removed her boots and socks, before they stood again, facing each other as they unfastened the other girl’s pants and let the, fall to the floor, both stepping out as they stood in their panties and bras.


Delia could not take her eyes off her flatmate, as she stood holding her arms over her chest, the intruder smiling as she looked at Cheryl and said “Take her panties off her, and fold them up.”


“It’s all right, Cheryl, you don’t have a choice,” Delia said, suppressing a shiver as Cheryl pulled her pink panties down, her fingertips stroking down her legs...


“Now put them in your mouth.”


Delia watched as he flatmate pushed her panties into her own mouth, and stood there while she returned the favour, removing Cheryl’s blue panties, and then tasting her on her tongue as she pushed them into her own mouth.


The intruder handed Cheryl a roll of white tape, and instructed her to wind it round Delia’s head, covering her mouth and forcing her hair against her neck, before Delia was made to do the same to her flatmate.


Msreee,” she mumbled as she tore the tape from the roll and pressed it down.


Dntbsreee,” Cheryl said as the woman put her rucksack down, and took out several length of rope.  Delia felt her wrists as they were crossed behind her back, and then lashed tightly together, before she saw the rope pass around her body, forcing her arms to her sides as it went above and below her chest.  She could feel her breasts been forced out more with each pass, and noticed that Cheryl could not stop looking as she stood there.


The rope was then passed under her arms and around the back of her neck, before it was taken over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and over the other shoulder, the ropes encircling her breasts and rubbing against them as they were tied off.  It was an intoxicating feeling, a release she had never felt, as she closed her eyes and moaned into the panties a little.


“Oh my, are you getting turned on by this,” the woman said as she ran her gloved hands over Delia’s chest, “you would almost think this was a fantasy for you, being fulfilled.”


Delia’s eyes suddenly shot open – Fantasy Fulfilment!  She twisted round, but at the same time the woman’s touch was wonderful, before she was made to watch as Cheryl was bound in the same way, the young woman closing her eyes as she was encased in the bands of rope, Delia unable to take her eyes off her as she was bound tightly, and then those beautiful pert breasts were played with...


“Sit on the bed, both of you,” the woman said, as she led them both over, and then pushed them so that they lay on their backs next to each other.  Delia watched as the masked woman parted Cheryl’s legs, and then leaned over, kissing and playing with her breasts as Cheryl writhed and moaned under her. 


She closed her eyes, not daring to watch as Cheryl’s moans increased in volume and pitch, and then she let out a loud, muffled scream, as a soft thump came to Delia’s ears.  Opening her eyes, she saw Cheryl panting through her nose, looking to the ceiling as the masked woman tightly bound her ankles and her legs together.


“I never allow one to be relaxed and not do the same to the other,” the masked woman then said as she walked round, Cheryl closing her eyes as Delia felt her lips around her nipples, her tongue stroking over them, her teeth nibbling gently – and a fire started to course through her body, unlike any she had ever known before.  She found herself writhing and moaning as well, as the dampness between her legs increased, and her fantasy came true – especially when she opened her eyes and watched the masked woman make her way down, and kiss her sex, her tongue playing her like a lute as she felt the burning increase dramatically – and then it came, like a flood as she screamed into her gag, and arched her own back, shaking as it swept over her and the woman kept kissing, kept licking, and then stepped back as she collapsed on the bed.


“I need to find your valuables,” the intruded said as she tied Delia’s ankles together, and then her legs above and below her knees, “don’t go anywhere.”


Delia lay there, panting through her nose as she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations as they ebbed away, and then she looked at Cheryl.  The young girl had her eyes half closed, and she was wriggling around, trying to get free – with little success.


Eventually, the masked woman returned, and rolled both Delia and Cheryl onto their sides so that they were facing each other.  She then fed a length of rope under their waists, and forced  then together as she tied it off, then used a longer length around their chests to make them even closer, their breasts rubbing against each other.


She could feel her ankles as they were pulled back and tied to her chest ropes – just as she had said in that call – and watched as the same thing was done to Cheryl, before the woman took an aerosol can from her bag and sprayed it all over the two women.


thank you for an entertaining evening,” she said, “have fun.”


Delia listened as the sound of footsteps got softer, and then the front door opened and closed.  She looked at Cheryl, ad said “mmsssreee” before she closed her eyes, feeling as if she was going to die of embarrassment.


The gentle pressure against her gagged lips took her by surprise, and as she opened her eyes she saw Cheryl looking at her.


dntbsreee,” she said before she pressed her own gagged lips against Delia’s again – and this time Delia responded in kind, before she nuzzled her taped mouth against Cheryl’s neck.  Looking at her flatmate, Delia could see the smile in her eyes before Cheryl kissed her neck as well, and then they gag kissed each other again.


And again.


And again...





Two hours later, Delia was surprised by the sudden release of pressure on her body, and as she looked down she saw the ropes disintegrating around her.  Sitting herself up, she looked at Cheryl, and then reached over and slowly unwound the tape, before easing the panties from her mouth.


“How... How did you know,” Cheryl said before helping Delia to remove her gag.


“How did I know what?”


“How did you know I’d fantasised about being tied and gagged by a woman?”


“I...  I didn’t.  I mean, I have those fantasies, but I didn’t know you did...”


“Or that I’ve had the hots for you from the moment we met?”


Delia blushed and said “you have?  But so have I for you...”


“Look – let’s shower, and grab a bottle of wine.  We have a lot to talk about.”


Delia nodded before the two of them kissed, and Cheryl went to her room.


Half an hour later, Cheryl looked at the ad Delia showed her.


“Nothing’s been taken, but I bet some money’s gone from my account,” Delia said.


“Hang on,” Cheryl said as she left the room, and returned with a second copy of the paper.  “I kept it – after all, it meant I met you – but this is the page from my copy.”


Both women looked to see an ad for a double glazing company.


“Now that’s strange – why is it only in my copy?”


“Who cares,” Cheryl said quietly, “the question is, what do we do now?”


“Well,” Delia said, “are you free tonight?”





Delia lay on her bed, her gown opened to reveal her naked body, her arms and legs spread wide with ropes holding her wrists and ankles to the four posters of the bed.


The stocking masked woman stood at the foot of the bed, smiling as she said “Will you tell me where the jewels are?”


Nnnn,” Delia called out through the knotted scarf that was tied between her lips.


“Well, I guess I have to make you talk,” Cheryl said as she knelt between Delia’s legs, and started to massage her chest, her lips pressing against her neck.  Delia closed her eyes and moaned – she was in heaven, and tomorrow, they would swap places...




Sophia Ranson looked out of the living room window, at the rain as it gently fell down the pane, and sighed before she sat down with her coffee and her copy of the local paper.


Ever since George had died three years ago, the fifty nine year old had led a quiet life, splitting time between her work and a small group of friends.  Three in particular she spent a lot of time with, with them all meeting up every Saturday in each other’s houses.  Edith Bowman was a year older, with short blonde hair that had a hint of grey in it; Bobbi Jones was the tomboy of the group, determined to grow old disgracefully with her bright red hair and clothing that was meant for a woman half her age; and Suzie, the quiet reflective recent widow, who was drawing a lot of comfort from them.


They would meet tonight at Edith’s place, share a takeaway, open several bottles of wine, and talk.


And talk.


And talk.  Sophia sighed as she opened the paper, saying “I really miss you George” as she flipped through the stories of local youths in trouble with the police, and council matters.


It was the second page of the local adverts that caught her eye, and as she read the message she started to smile.  Warm memories came back of the games she and George used to play, before he died.


He would blow her a kiss as he went to work, and she moaned, the chain running between her legs rubbing on her bare clit.  Her hands would be cuffed behind her back,  underneath the chain so that as she moved her hands, the metal rubbed more – and better still, kept a vibrator inside her at a low setting as it gently brought her on.  As for her legs, they were frog tied, her ankles against the back of her thigh and held in place by a chain that was padlocked on each leg.


He would also fasten a pair of nipple clamps on her – having first spent a few minutes to make sure they were nice and firm – and a chain ran between the clamps.  The chain itself ran through a block of ice, and inside the block would be the keys to the cuffs and chains, meaning she had to wait until the ice melted to be free.


Not that she could call loudly for help anyway – the large ball gag saw to that, so all she could do was struggle and give in to the senses, as the ice slowly melted between her breasts...


Sophia shook her head as she opened her eyes – but she could not take them off the advert.  Slowly, she reached for the phone and dialled the number given.


“Good afternoon,” a female voice said, “you are through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may we be of service to you?”


“Oh,” Sophia said, “I...”


“Do not worry – many people think this is a joke at first.  Am I talking to Mrs Sophia Ranson?”


“You are – I...  Well, I saw your ad, and I wondered just what you would do.”


“Well, in simple terms Mrs Ranson, you tell us your fantasy, and for a small fee we fulfil it.  Nothing is considered out of scope so long as it is within legal bounds, and satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing.”


“Well, so long as we are talking possibilities – this may sound a bit strange...”


“Please, Sophia – trust me and tell me your fantasy.”


As Sophia told of her longing to be as her husband used to leave her, at least one more time, she could hear the woman at the other end making noises and typing.


“Well, Sophia,” she finally said, “what you describe is well within our parameters of acceptability.  The cost may be a little higher, given the need for specialist equipment, but not greatly.”


“How much?”


Sophia listened to the amount quoted, and said "and how would I pay?”


“Payment would be taken on completion of the request.  We also would leave you with the means to escape – in this case, tailor made to your request.”


“And if we go ahead, when?”


“Ah – that we will not tell you, save it will happen.  It adds to the excitement when it is a surprise.


“So Sophia – having heard what we have to say, do you wish your fantasy to be fulfilled?”


“One thing – whoever it is has to make me strip.  I don’t want my clothes damaged.”


“Of course, and so noted.  So, Sophia?”


Sophia sat back, closed her eyes and smiled as she said “all right – do it.”


“Excellent – we will be in touch, Sophia, and thank you for choosing Fantasy Fulfilment.”   The line went dead, and Sophia sat back, her coffee mug in her hand.




Two weeks later, Sophia was in her room, putting on a white jumper with blue and black stripes of different widths on the lower half and sleeves.  She was also wearing a pair of grey slacks, and black moccasin shoes, before she picked up a set of red beads and put them round her neck in two loops.


Walking down the stairs, she stopped and looked in the hall mirror, before there was a ring on the doorbell.


“Edith,” she said as she opened the door, “come on in.”  Edith Bowman was wearing a long grey sleeveless tunic over a black blouse with elbow length sleeves.  Her dark denim jeans had the legs tucked into a pair of bright red mid-length leather boots.


“Hey Sophia,” she said as she came in, and handed the hostess a bottle of cabernet Sauvignon, “first here?”


that’s right – come away in, I have some snacks out and once the others arrive we’ll do the order.”


“Sounds good to me,” Edith said as she sat down, and Sophia went to answer the door again.”


“SOFFIE!” Bobbi said as she came in, taking off her red leather jacket to reveal a cream top, blue jeans and over the knee red leather boots.  She kissed Sophia on both cheeks, and put a bottle of wine in her hands before going into the main room and saying “Edith, my dear, who was that man I saw you with yesterday?”


Shaking her head, Sophia went back to the door and let Suzie in.


“Hello Sophia,” the brunette said as she took her coat off, adjusting the peach scarf she wore loosely round her neck and other her striped jumper.  As with the other two, she was also wearing denim, but in her case a short skirt with dark leggings and knee length black boots.


Hanging the coat up, Sophia walked into the front room, sitting down and picking up her glass of wine as she said “Right – what are we going to eat tonight?”


“That’s the order placed,” Sophia said as she came back in, “it’ll be here in half an hour or so.”


“Good – I’m starving,” Edith said as she sat back.  “So what do you have to entertain us with tonight Sophia?”


“I bet she’s got another of those stud movies for us to watch,” Bobbi said with a smile, as Suzie squirmed in her chair.  “Oh come on Suzie – I know it still hurts, but we merry widows need to be able to kick back and have fun once in a while, don’t we?”


“Oh I do so agree.”


The male voice took them all by surprise, and as they looked to the door they saw a tall man standing there, his smile and his eyes all they could see under the black balaclava, and dressed all in black.  He had a large holdall in one hand, and a very real looking gun which he was pointing at them.


“Apologies for the interruption, ladies,” he said as he dropped the bag, which hit the ground with a heavy thud, “but this is a robbery.  Please, remain calm and remain seated.  Which of you is Sophia Ranson?”


“I am,” Sophia said as she raised her hand, “but I don’t have anything worth stealing...”


“I’ll be the judge of that – expecting any other callers?”


“Just – just some takeaway food.”


“Well, when it comes, you take it and you pay, nice and normally, and in no way raise the alarm – because I will be in here, with your three friends, keeping them company.”  He looked round the room, and then said “you will all do exactly what I say, understand?”


The four women looked at each other and nodded as he looked at Sophia.  Opening the bag, he took out a package and placed it to one side, before he said “stand up, all four of you, and move into the room at the back of the house.”


He picked up the bag and held it as they walked past him, heading into the dining room as he placed the bag on the table.


“All right,” he said quietly, “strip.”


“I beg your pardon,” Edith said.


“You heard me – I need to make sure you ladies are kept out of the way while I do my work.  So, I want you all to strip, and put your clothes, shoes, boots and other things over against the wall there.  Unless, of course, you would rather I secured you first and then cut the clothes off each of you?”


The four of them looked at each other, before Sophia removed her shoes, the other three taking their boots off, and then they removed their tops, scarves, jeans, pants, skirt and leggings, so that they all stood there in their bras, panties and hose.


“I said strip,” the man said quietly, and very reluctantly they all removed the remaining clothes, standing with their arms covering their breasts.


Opening the bag, Sophia gasped as he took out a pair of handcuffs, and said “Take these, and cuff the wrists of one of your friends behind their back.”


Sophia looked at them, before Bobbi said “do me,” and put her hands behind her, staring at the intruder as Sophia fastened the metal cuffs around her wrists.  Edith was next, and then Suzie, who was crying softly as her wrists were secured.


“It’s all right,” Sophia said quietly, “just...”


The front door bell ringing made them all look, as the man said “You three, not a sound.  You – put a gown on and go to collect the food.”


Nodding, Sophia went to the kitchen, and took a silk dressing gown she had washed and dried, wrapping it round herself before she answered the door.  Taking the food, she put the bags on the kitchen worktop, and then came back in – gasping as she watched the man buckling a large white ball gag into Suzie’s mouth.  Bobbi and Edith already had one strapped into place, their eyes wide as they looked at Sophia.


“Take the gown off,” the man said, and Sophia carefully placed the gown on the pile of her clothes, before he pulled her hands behind her back and fastened a pair of cuffs around them, holding them together before he pushed a white ball gag into her mouth and fastened the straps around her head.


“All right,” he said as he looked at them, “sit down on the floor, facing each other.”


They all slowly sat down, as he produced several lengths of chain and eight small padlocks – Sophia’s eyes widening as she suddenly realised what was going on.


Hgddnnntnw, ntntthm,” she mumbled, but the man said nothing as he knelt by Bobbi, and bent her left leg so that her heel rested against the back of her thigh, and chained it in place, wrapping it round before he used the padlock to secure the binding in place, and then moved round to secure her other leg.  Making her kneel, he went round and secured the other three women as well, until they were kneeling facing each other.


“Now, I need to keep you all distracted while I search the house,” he said as he knelt behind Sophia, and reached round, his hands groping and massaging her bare chest as she tried to move out of the way.  The others watched, too scared to move as he slowly continued, Sophia feeling her chest firming  in the same way her late husband managed, trying not to groan and failing as the soft moans escaped from behind the ball between her lips.


As her breasts grew heavier, and her nipples firmed, she opened her eyes to see Bobbi in particular watching – and she could feel the dampness between her legs.  He seemed to sense it too, as he reached down and played with her clit, making her close her eyes as, for the first time in years, she felt someone touch her there...


Whrudng,” Suzie said as she watched, the man smiling as he stopped for a moment, and went to the bag, returning with what looked like a white lozenge and a chain.  Sophia opened her eyes as she felt him slip the device into her passage, and then wrap the chain around her waist, and between her legs, the metal feeling so good between her legs as it pressed on her clit and held the device there, and her wrists forced against her bottom as the chain went over her cuffs, and then was fastened in place.


Hmggddnnn,” Edith said as he moved behind her, Sophia watching as he massaged her chest for a few minutes, and then put his hand between her legs, smiling as Edith closed her eyes and let out a long, slow moan as she put her head back.


He slipped a device into her as well and added the crotch chain, then did the same to Bobbi and Suzie, both of them closing their eyes before they all looked at each other again.


“There,” he said as he stood up, “does that feel good?”


Suzie was surprised to find herself nodding as she tried to move her arms, and the chain rubbed on her, making her moan as the others followed suit.


“Good – but I am not done yet,” he said as he took something from the bag and knelt behind Suzie, the others watching as he started to play with her breasts again, his fingers gently squeezing and stroking her nipples as Sophia watched.  IF she was right, she knew what was coming, but had no way of warning...


“HMGDDDDD” Suzie called out as he fastened the clamps onto her nipples, a little chain connecting them, and then moved behind Bobbi, playing with and firming her nipples before he clamped them, and then Edith.  The three women were moaning loudly, wriggling round before the man looked at Sophia.


“Wait there,” he said as he left the room, Sophia looking at them and saying “mmggddwhtshoppngtu?”


Edntkknnwnw,” Suzie said quietly, “bthhgdgdtfllssgdnww.”


ysstddsss,” Bobbi said as Edith let out a low gasp, trying to move her arms as the chain went to and fro on her.


“I have something very special here for your host,” the man said as he returned and placed the package next to Sophia, and then started to work on her nipples, the other women watching as they moaned at the way the clamps and the chain between their legs was affecting them.


Sophia was moaning now as well, as she felt her nipples harden, and awaited the feel of the metal on her nipples.  Closing her eyes, she waited, and then called out as she felt the clamps fasten in place – and then cried out again as they seemed to be pulled down.


She opened her eyes and saw the reason why – in the middle of the chain between clamps was a large ice cube, and she could see a set of keys frozen inside – as could Bobbi, Edith and Suzie.


“Don’t worry, by the time the ice melts, I’ll be long gone,” the man said as he stood up “but I give you all one last gift.”


They looked at him as he held up a small box, and then pressed the button.  Sophia shrieked as the vibrator inside her started at full power, her shrieks joined by the three others as they felt forward and on their sides, shaking as they all fell the orgasm come quickly and then wash over themselves, the man smiling as he left them and the clock on the wall showed it was nine thirty...




As the fourth orgasm ebbed, Sophia opened her eyes slowly and looked down, as the set of keys fell to the floor.  She looked at the others, lying on their sides and shaking, as she rolled herself over, and grabbed the keys with her fingers, trying each one in the lock of her cuffs until they finally opened, and she managed to sit up, rubbing her wrists before she reached behind her head and removed the ball gag, a long line of droll dropping to the ground as she worked her mouth.


“Oh... oh my god,” she gasped, “girls, I am so so so sorry...”   She let out another moan as she found the right key and removed the chains from around her legs, stretching them out before she stood up and found the box the intruder had left on the table. Pressing the button, she felt the vibrations stop inside her, and looked at the others as they relaxed.


She quickly removed the nipple clamps from all of them before releasing their wrists and legs.  As they slowly stood up and removed their gags, Suzie looked at them all and said “what...  What the hell happened tonight?”


“It’s my fault,” Sophia said as she unfastened the chain from between her legs, and pulled out the vibrator before she handed the keys to Edith.


“Sophia,” she said before she sighed as she took the device out, “whatever it was that happened, I need to say one thing.”


“And that is?”


“What he did to us – am I the only one who feels bloody fantastic as a result?”


The four women looked at each other, and all of them nodded as they released the last of their bonds.


“Look,” Sophia said, “why don’t we all get cleaned up – I have plenty of towels - and get dressed while I put the over no and heat our food.  I’m starving – and we can talk while we eat, and I can explain why I’m responsible.”




“Oh my,” Suzie said as she looked at the ad, “what would happen if I dialled the number.


“Try,” Sophia said as she handed her friend the phone, the empty food containers and dirty plates in front of them.  She sipped her wine as they watched her dial, and then said “Hmmm – not available.”


“Let me see the paper,” Bobbi said, and as she looked closely she said “I’ve got this one – and that ad’s not in my copy.”


“How do you know?”


Bobbi blushed as she said “I’d have called them myself.  Listen, I have an idea – and tell me if you don’t want to hear this...”




Two weeks later, Sophia looked round her front room at her three friends.




They all nodded and moaned as they tried to move, the chains and cuffs as they had been two weeks before on their bare bodies.


“All right,” Sophia said as she sighed, the chain holding her nipple clamps in place weighted by the block of ice, and then fastened the ball gag in her mouth, and cuffed her wrists behind her back, before she counted to three and pressed the button, the remote falling to the ground as she arched her back, and all four felt the orgasm start again...







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