Dial-A-Fantasy 3








Ruth Wilson tucked her copy of the local paper under her arm, took the proffered bag and thanked the shop keeper, before her left the shop and made her way back to her apartment.   It was a good day, and she was feeling good in herself – especially as she stepped into the second floor corridor and saw her neighbour Dan leaving his apartment.


Dan was about the same age as he, and very good looking, as she walked up and said “hello Dan – doing anything tonight?”


“No – nothing in particular,” he said quietly as he tried to avoid looking at her.


“Well, I know this nice little Italian place – fancy going for a meal,” she said as she smiled at him, her fingers running through her long dark hair as she looked through her glasses.


“Ssssorry, I have to go,” he stammered as he walked off, Ruth looking after him with a mixture of desire and regret. 


“One day,” she said to herself as she entered her apartment, put the groceries away, and then selected one of her private collections of DVDs to put on.  Opening a bottle of wine and pouring herself a glass, she watched as the home invasion scene started to be played out, the two men carefully and methodically binding and gagging the young housewife.


As she watched, Ruth imagined herself as the housewife, writhing around, unable to stop the men from pulling her clothes open, imagining it was Dan doing that to her.


Two months now – two months she had felt this way, and it was beginning to feel as if the chance to tell him her fantasies, her desires, would never arise.  She picked up the paper and flipped through it – and then she saw the ad.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!


You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


“Well, if I can’t get the real thing,” she said as she picked up the phone, and started to talk to the woman at the other end.


“So allow me to recap Ruth,” the woman said, “you wish to be left naked, a large ball gag, your legs frog tied with leather straps, your arms in a leather armbinder and a crotch rope attached to the end.”


Ruth nodded, smiling as she said “and the man does what he desires, up to a little physical harm – say a flogger, but no real hurt.”


“Of course – this is within our operating rules, but a way out with the employment of an armbinder is difficult.”


Playing with her hair, Ruth giggled as she said “can I ask for something really difficult?”


“And that would be?”


“I would love to be discovered by my dream man – tall, strong, caring,” Ruth said with a sigh, “but rescue is not the right word.  Taken and fucked out of my mind would be the right word.”


“And this dream man looks like?”


Ruth described Dan as she imagined him taking her helpless body for everything she had to give.


“I think we have everything then – as always, our guarantee is total satisfaction or no charge.  Do you wish us to fulfil your fantasy, Ruth Wilson?”


“Yes,” she breathed out as she closed her eyes.


“Then you will hear from us,” the woman said as the line went dead, as she started to stroke between her legs...




“Hi Dan.”


Dan turned round to see Ruth standing there, wearing a purple dress with a pink and white floral print and a thin belt, dark tights, a grey cardigan and a pair of tan leather boots.


“OH – hello Ruth,” he said quietly, “I’m just going out I’m afraid.”


“That’s all right – listen, why don’t you come round tonight.  I can make a meal for us if you want.”


Dan just shook his head and walked quickly away, as Ruth sighed and unlocked her front door.  Her yellow necklace moved on her chest, the beads clicking against each other as she closed the door and put her bag down.


“Another month,” she said to herself as she walked into her front room, and looked around.  “Well,” she finally said, “A meal, a bottle of wine, and awwhthhllll?”


A large gloved hand had suddenly clamped itself over her mouth, and another hand was holding a very real and very large knife in front of Ruth, as a male voice whispered “don’t say a word, little lady.  Just stay nice and quiet, all right?”


“Llrrttt,” Ruth mumbled as she looked at the blade, glistening in the dim light.


“Good – I’m going to take my hand away, and you are going to keep your mouth open, understand?”


Ruth nodded, and as the hand was taken away she wondered what was going to happen next.  She was therefore shocked as a large red ball was pushed into her mouth, forcing her jaws apart as leather straps were fastened around her cheeks to keep it in place.


“Do not try to remove this,” the voice said, “now take off your glasses and hand them to me.”


“Whtsgnnggg,” she mumbled as she slowly reached up and took her glasses off, folding the legs and handing them to the man behind her.


“Very good – now, take that dress off.”




“Take it off,” the man said as she saw the blade again, “or I cut it off.”


Nodding, trying to remain calm, Ruth unfastened the belt and let it drop to the floor, and then unzipped the dress and let it drop off.


“Your rings and watch,” he whispered as she stood in her bra, panties, boots and tights, “take them off and put them in this plastic bag.”


She removed the jewellery and watch, as well as her necklace, and placed them in the bag, before she heard the sound of a leather bag opening.


“Put your hands behind your back.”


Breathing slowly, she moved her arms behind her, wondering if he would use rope or tape, unable to believe this was happening to her.  How did he get in?  Did anyone see him?  And why does that feel as if I am putting on my tight leather boots?


With a start, she realised he was using a leather armbinder to hold her arms together behind her back, the limbs forced together as the soft leather was tightened round them.  She squealed as her arms were forced together, and then leather straps passed across her chest, forcing her arms against her back.


“My my,” the voice said as she saw the gloved hands reach round and start to caress her chest, “such lovely breasts.  Say thank you sir.”


“Fnkusrrr,” Ruth said, still not quite believing this was happening, as he massaged and teased on her chest, and then took the knife.  With three quick cuts, the bra came away, and he started to squeeze her nipples as she tried not to respond.


That was doomed to failure, as she closed her eyes and moaned in response to his attentions.  Even the pain as he squeezed seemed to add to the pleasure.


“Your bedroom – which way?”


Ruth motioned with her head as the man walked her towards the door, and then pushed her onto the bed, dropping a flag on the floor beside it.  She could not stop him as he slapped her bottom, and then removed her boots, her hose, her knickers...


“Hswttlrddd” she called out as he smacked her bare bottom, and then caressed it, and she felt his lips kiss her there as he bent her right leg back.  Wondering what he was doing, or what he looked like, she turned her head to see a black clad man, with a mask over his eyes, take a large leather strap and use it to secure her right ankle to the back of her thigh. 


A second strap was fastened around her leg, as Ruth suddenly realised – this was her fantasy!  The firm has come through!


As the man walked round and frog tied her other leg, she moaned and tried to move, a line of drool appearing at the side of her mouth and slowly making its way down her chin.  He then reached into the bag, and took out a leather strap.


“You are a very naughty girl, Miss Wilson,” he said as he slapped the strap on her naked bum, Ruth nodding and saying “ysssrrmehffnfrr?”


“Very naughty indeed,” he said as he slapped the leather down on eh regain, and she started to moan, to give in to the pleasure of her situation...



This went on for an hour, as he slapped her, groped her, and massaged her body until she had a full orgasm.


“Now,” he said as he made her kneel, and wrapped some rope around her arms and upper body, forcing her breasts out even more before he took the rope down, and pulled it back between her legs, tying it to the ring at the end of the armbinder, “your purse?”


“Nfrrntrmm,” she whispered, falling onto her side as she looked at the silver duct tape pads covering her nipples, and listening as he moved around, and then looked in.


“Enjoy the night – I’m sure someone will come and find you,” he said, Ruth nodding as she heard him walk out.


The door did not close, so Ruth started to use the rope to stimulate herself, hoping he would return soon as the hunk, the perfect rescuer.  Five minutes passed.






“Hmggddehpphscmngg,” she moaned after half an hour, but there was still no sign of him, and she wanted release, even as she kept moving round, the ropes teasing on her damp and ready clit..




Ninety minutes passed, Ruth closing her eyes and wondering if anything would ever happen, before she finally heard the door of her apartment close.


“Fnlleee,” she moaned, but then she heard Dan call out “Ruth?  Are you all right?  I just had a call to say someone had broken into your apartment, and the door was open...”


“Oh god no, not like this,” she thought as she tried to move, and the rope rubbed again, making her moan out loud even as she did not want to.


“Ruth – are you in...”  Dan came into the bedroom and saw Ruth lying there, her legs frog tied and apart, the rope between her legs dark and moist where it had been rubbing, her arms pinned behind her and the leather straps crossing between her breasts, her mouth held open by the large red ball gag.


“Hmmgddplsddnnfnkmmbd,” Ruth said as she looked at Dan, and then noticed the noticeable bulge in his trousers.  She stared as he walked slowly over to the bed, unsure of what was going on, until he leaned over and gently kissed her neck, and then her eyes as she closed them, before he moved down and started to kiss her breasts.


“Hmmmmm,” she whispered as he removed the tape and gently sucked on her nipples, his tongue caressing over them, and then climbed onto the bed, moving her legs apart as he unfastened and let his pants fall to his knees.


She looked at his member, throbbing as it grew, and slowly nodded, as Dan removed the rope from between her legs with the knife by the bed, and slipped in, moving smoothly as Ruth threw her head back and moaned even more loudly, the two starting to move as one...






“Ahhh,” Dan eventually said as he lay on the bed, and put his arm around Ruth’s body, her head resting on his chest.  “That was...”


“Eknww,” Ruth said as she looked at him.


“Here,” he said a she unbuckled and removed the gag, “now why don’t you tell me what happened?”


“I’m sorry you found me like this – you see, there was this ad saying they could fulfil my fantasies, and...”


“And yours involved been tied and gagged in this way?”


“Well, yes – you see, I...”


“Ruth,” Dan said as he stroked her cheek, “don’t apologise.  Finding you like this tonight has helped me as well.  You see, I’ve been crazy about you for some time, but...”




“I’ve been married before,” Dan said, “and three years ago, my wife – well she tried to kill me.  We were making love, and she stabbed me in the back.”


He turned to the side, Ruth seeing the scars between his shoulder blades.


“They healed,” he said as he rolled back, "but I guess I’ve had trust issues, and I haven’t been able to perform with a woman since.”


“Where is she?”


“Prison – I divorced her, but...  Anyway, I’m glad you responded to the ad, and I’m glad I found you like that.  It never occurred to me that, if I could get the woman helpless and unable to do anything, then...”


Ruth looked at him, and said “Well, I have fantasies of been held captive, gagged, and taken, and I think you’re cute as well.  Maybe...  Maybe we can help each other?”


“I’d like that – if you would,” Dan said as he leaned over and gently kissed her lips, Ruth closing her eyes as she responded.




“Dan – come in,” Ruth said the next day as Dan knocked on the door.


“What’s up?”


“That ad – I tried calling the number again, and it doesn’t exist anymore.  I went and bought a paper, and it wasn’t in the other copy.”


“You mean they targeted you?”


“If so, why?  Anyway, I put this on my Facebook page.”


Dan looked at the post on the screen.  “Fantasy Fulfilment – if you know what that means, PM me.”


“Think you’ll get a response?”


“Who knwssmmmmwhtrudnngg,” Ruth said as Dan pressed a length of duct tape over her mouth.


“Wait and see,” he said as he pulled her chair away from the screen, not noticing as a PM sign came up...




“Isla?  Isla is that you?”


Isla Brown didn’t answer her mother – instead, she ran up to her bedroom and closed the door, throwing herself onto the bed and burying her head into her arms as the tears came. 


There was a knock on the door, and her mother Joan came in.  “Isla, did they make fun of you again today?”


“It’s not that Mum,” the seventeen year old said as she looked up, “I just don’t seem to appear on his radar at all.  It’s as if he doesn’t even know I am there...”


“I know it’s hard,” her mother said as she stoked Isla’s long brown hair away from her face, “but if he’s the right one for you, he’s noticing you.  It just might be he’s too scared to see what’s standing in front of him.”


“But what would it take mum?  I’ve lived next door to him for ten years now, and I still haven’t even been able to say hello to him.  I mean, does it need me to be in danger and him to ride in like a white knight?”


She saw a look in her mother’s eyes, before Joan said “perhaps you just need to be put together socially.”


“No mum – I need to do this myself,” Isla said as she sat up, took a tissue from a box and dried her eyes, “I’ll figure something out.”


“Well, if you’re sure,” Joan said as she stood up.  Leaving the room, she walked down the stairs, while Isla looked at the advert in the local paper, and then took out her mobile phone, dialling quietly.


“Fantasy Fulfilment – how may we serve you?”


“Hello – is it possible for you to fulfil any fantasy?”


“It is indeed,” the female voice said on the phone, “so long as it is within legal guidelines.”


“Well,” Isla said quietly, “there’s this really cute boy next door, but I can’t seem to get him to notice me.  I was wondering if it would be possible for me to be – well, robbed, like a home invasion, and left so that he could find me and rescue me?”


“Well, that sounds like the standard Damsel in Distress package,” the woman said, “so how exactly would you be left?”


“This is going to sound strange?”


“Trust me – nothing is strange to Fantasy Fulfilment.”


“Well – have you ever seen Carry On Cleo?”


“Indeed – Amanda Barrie in the carpet?”


“Precisely – I guess my fantasy would be for someone to try and kidnap me, and roll me in a rug, and then to be freed...”


“Very well then – shall we proceed, Miss Isla Brown?”


“Yes – and thank you,” she said as she ended the call, laughing to herself and hoping it would be the boy next door who found her.




“Are you sure you’re going to be all right Isla,” Joan said as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She then buttoned her long black cardigan over her knee length floral print dress, and turned to look at her daughter.


“Come on Mum – I’m seventeen,” Isla said as she rolled her eyes, “and it’s just until tomorrow morning.”  The young girl was wearing a short sleeved white lace top and cream coloured shorts with buttons up the front, her long brown hair falling down her shoulders.


“All right then – I’ll see you later,” Joan said as she picked up her overnight bag and car keys, and then went out, Isla waving from the door just as the boy next door was going back into his house.  She smiled at him, and then went back inside, heading to the front room and putting on some music.


“Well, the place to myself,” she said quietly as she sat on the couch, putting her legs up as she leaned against one corner and picked up a book, “time to just sit back and whtthlllll?”


Her eyes shot open as a leather gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and as she reached up to try and pull it away a second hand grabbed both her wrists holding them together as a deep male voice said “Not a word, little one – you don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?”


“Nnnn,” Isla said as she shook her head, feeling his firm grip on her slender wrists.


“Good, good – I’m going to take my hands away, and I want you to lie face down, and then put your wrists behind your back.  Co-operate, and this will be pleasant.  Resist or try to raise the alarm, and it will not, understand?”


She nodded, and then as she was released she slowly turned herself over and lay down, crossing her wrists behind her back.


“Who are you,” she whispered as she heard a sound like ripping, and then felt something sticking to her left wrist before they were forced together, held tightly in place.


“You’ll find out soon enough,” the man said as she felt something being patted onto her wrists, and then her ankles being crossed, before they were held together by whatever he was using on her wrists.


She was then made to sit up, her eyes widening as she saw the man standing in front of her.  He was dressed in black, with a stocking pulled down over his head, and in his hand was a large roll of silver duct tape.


Saying nothing, he walked behind and sat on the couch, sticking the end of the tape to her arm before he wound it tightly around her body, taking it above and below her chest as Isla felt her breasts been forced up and out.  It was a new, strange feeling for her, and under the fear an undercurrent of excitement was starting to build.


“he then knelt by her side, taping her legs together above and below her knees, before he took a cloth from his pocket and folded it.


“Please, just tell me what you want,” Isla said, “I’ll tell you where it is, whatever it is.”


“What I want, little lady,” he said as he looked at Isla, “is you.  Open your mouth.”


“Oh god, no, PLEASE NOSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Isla said as the folded cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then strip after strip of the silver tape was pressed down over her mouth,


“Wait there,” the masked man said as he left, Isla wriggling and trying to find some way to free herself – and then she saw him carry in a large Persian rug, which he rolled out on the floor.


“Hmggddtssthm,” she said to herself, but before anything else could happen there was the sound of a car pulling up outside, Isla hearing the front door open and close before she heard her mother say “Would you believe it – half an hour down the road and I realised I had forgotten something, where are you, Is....”


“Not a word,” the man said as he stepped out from behind Joan and covered her mouth with his hand, her eyes wide as she looked at her daughter.  Joan nodded slowly as the man said “Open your mouth as wide as possible.”


Nodding, Isla was watching as he stuffed a cloth into her mother’s mouth, and then smoothed several strips of tape over her lips.  “Now,” he said quietly, “stand still and put your hands by your sides, palms against your hips.”


“Mssrrmmhhjmpdmm,” Isla said, unable to explain this was just a fantasy enactment as the man tore the end of one roll of tape free, stuck it to the outside of Joan’s left wrist, and then wound it around her body, slowly moving upwards as he forced her arms into her sides and covered the black cardigan and the dress, until he reached her neck.


Producing a second roll, he then worked down her legs, until he had turned Joan into a silver mummy, only her feet and head showing, her mouth also taped shut.


Strangely, Isla could see a funny look in her mother’s eyes, as if...  As if she was actually enjoying this?


“Now don’t move,” the  man said as he left Joan standing there, and then walked over, picking Isla up and laying her on one end of the mat before he started to toll her up in it, her eyesight blocked by the rug itself, but he left enough room for her to be able to breathe fairly normally.  She could hear a rasping sound as the rug was tightened around her in several places – and then her mother’s muffled calls fading as footsteps left the room.


“I thought they were going to leave a way out of this for me,” Isla said as she wriggled round, feeling warmer as she did so – but also beginning to feel very strange indeed, as the rug rubbed on her chest, the feeling of confinement only seeming to increase her excitement as she tried to control her breathing.  The more she moved, however, the more excited she got, until she started to moan as she struggled in the rug, wondering what else was going on.


She was also feeling very damp – especially between her legs, as she felt the warmth there as well, like an itch she just could not scratch, making her feel giddy, excited, shocked even as she started to slowly move to and fro.  She could just about hear her mother, but even that was lost in her own moans, as she realised somehow her body was reacting to her situation – and in a way she was enjoying immensely.


Suddenly, without warning, she started to shake, and she screamed into her gag as she writhed around, not noticing at first that the bands holding the rug around her seemed to have loosened and fell away.


Eventually, however, she lay still, a warm glow running through her as she heard footsteps.


“Isla?  Mrs Brown?  Are you in here – someone knocked on my door and said the front door was open?”


“Mfrrhrr,” Isla called out, as she heard the boy next door saying “Oh my,” and then she was rolled on the floor, emerging as he looked at her.


“Who did this to you,” he said as he peeled the tape away from her mouth as gently as he could, and then took the cloth from her mouth.


“I...  I’ll explain later...”


“Tommy – my name’s Tommy Isla, although I wish you’d asked me years ago.”


“Sorry – guess I was too tied up in myself,” Isla said, and then started laughing as Tommy picked up a pair of scissors, and started to cut her free.


“Listen,” Isla said as the last band of tape was removed, “I can’t explain now, but this was just a game that went a little too far.  Will you let me buy you a coffee later, and I’ll explain then?”


“Sure – I’d like that,” Tommy said before he gave Isla a little kiss.  “Are you sure you’re all right?”


“I’m fine – I’ll see you at three?”


Tommy nodded as Isla showed him out, closing the door behind him and then sighing.




“Oh god – Mum,” Isla said as she took the stairs two at a time, and found her mother lying on her bed, a silver mummy, her hair all over the place.


“Mum, I’m so so sorry,” she said as he removed the tape and eased the cloth from her mouth, “there was this ad for fulfilling dreams, I called them up, forgot about it...”


“Isla,” Joan said quietly, “I need to confess something to you as well...”







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