Dial-A-Fantasy 9







“Hey Ellen – I see you ordered your usual?  Veggie supreme with extra peppers.”


Ellen nodded as she took the pizza, and handed the money over to the green eyed girl standing in front of her.  Lynne was slightly smaller, and plumper, with long auburn hair.


“Yeah, that’s right Lynne – creature of habit that’s me,”


“Well, enjoy your pizza,” Lynne said as she turned, and then picked up a paper that was on the ground.  “Looks like your local paper,” she said as she handed it over, and then walked away.  Ellen smiled and went back into her front room, placing both pizza and paper on the coffee table as she went and fetched a bottle of wine from the fridge, and a glass from the cupboard.


“Another night on your own, kiddo,” she said quietly as she poured some wine into the glass, grabbed a slice of pizza and sat back to read the paper.  Since Jessie had gone back to the US, and she had graduated, she hadn’t seen that much of other people – but she was missing them, and she was missing the fun she used to have.  She was independently wealthy, so she did not need to work, but it was more than just the company of others.


Her mind flew back to the private games, where they would take turns to bind each other, torment each other, take each other to an extended period of joy and paradise... 


Flipping through the paper as she ate another slice of pizza, her eye was taken by the half page advert, and as she read down she became more and more interested.  In the end, her curiosity needed to be satiated, so she went into the corridor, picked up the phone and dialled the number.


“Good evening,”  a female voice answered, “you’re through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may I be of service to you?”


“Err – hello,” Ellen said, “I saw your advertisement in the local paper, and was curious as to what exactly your service offered?”


“We seek to satisfy all our client’s wishes within legal requirements,” the woman said, “before we begin, can I confirm I am talking to Ellen van Bork?”


“You are – how did you know?”


“We operate a number recognition software, Ellen.  So, what is your fantasy?”


“Well,” Ellen said quietly, “I have this game I used to play. I’d be overpowered by an intruder, and zipties used to bind my wrists and ankles while I had a very special gag put in my mouth.”


“And that gag is?”


“A piece of bamboo, covered in Honey and held in place with rope.  Anyway, my captor would then forcibly strip me, and then bind me tightly with hemp ropes while my clothes hung from my wrists and ankles.”


“I understand – and any particular binding?”


“Elbows, around my chest, my thighs, my knees,” Ellen said with a sigh as the memories came back.  “They would then cut the zip ties, remove the rest of my clothes, and bind my wrists and ankles, before groping me and then...”




With a sigh, Ellen said “use a pair of special weighted nipple clamps -  they had a small battery, so every time I moved I got a little shock.  And as the captor would force me to jump around the room...”


“Ah yes – so what would happen next?”


“I would be made to kneel on the bed, and my wrists tied to my ankles and between my legs, so that as I knelt my captor could use a wand on me – taking me to the edge, but then pulling back as they played with my breasts.  Eventually, I would be allowed to orgasm – but then I was punished.”


“In what way?”


“I was made to lie on my side and tightly hogtied, before the wand was secured to my thighs and in the right position.  IT had a special setting – so that it continually teased me and then gave a brief spurt of high powered...  Oh...”


She could hear the woman chuckle before she said “Sorry – and how long was that for?”


“Four hours – and then I would be released.  I know it sounds a lot, but – what would it take to feel that again?”


“Well, Ellen, all of that is well within our means.  Let me explain that, should you ask us to do this formally, we will arrange it so that at the end of that time you will be able to get free, with complete discretion guaranteed.  We make it as realistic as possible, but the only thing taken would be payment from your current account.”


“And how much would that be?”


As Ellen heard the figure, she nodded and said “Yes, I could afford that – and it would be worth the price to feel that again...”


“Very well then – two other things.  First, if you agree to us fulfilling your fantasy, we will not let you know in advance – the time and date will be of our choosing.  Second, by agreeing, you are consenting to whatever may happen.  On that basis, Ellen, do you wish us to fulfil your fantasy?”


“Hmmmm?  Oh yes,” Ellen said with a smile as she closed her eyes.


“Very well then – please ensure the money is available in your current account.  Enjoy your fantasy, Ellen...”


As the line went dead, Ellen sighed and zipped her wine, dreaming of when it would happen...




Some weeks later, Ellen was sitting again at home.  She was wearing a blue jacket over a v-necked peach top, faded denim knee length shorts, and brown sandals.  Her dark hair was combed back, and she was humming to herself as she heard the doorbell ring.


“Coming,” she said as she stood up and walked out to the door.  Looking through the spyhole, she saw Lynne standing there, and opened the door.


“Hey Lynne – is that...”


“Ellen,” the auburn haired girl said, “I am so so sorry...”


As Ellen looked down at the pizza box in Lynne’s hands, she saw two other things on top of it – two sets of plastic zipcuffs, and a bamboo stick covered with what looked liek honey, rope fed through the middle.




Looking up, Ellen saw the woman standing behind Lynne.  She was wearing a black balaclava over her head, allowing only her eyes and mouth to be seen, and a black leather jacket and jumper, with dark leggings and knee length black leather boots.  She also had a very real gun in her hand as Ellen backed off and Lynne walked in.  She was wearing her delivery uniform – a blue polo shirt and shorts, with a baseball cap over her hair, and trainers.  The fear was very real in her eyes as she stammered “I was about to ring the doorbell when she pressed the gun in my back, put these on there, and then...”


“Enough talking,” the masked woman said as she closed the door behind them, “into the main room, and you,” she said as she looked at Ellen, “can draw the curtains while little miss here puts the box on a table.”


“All right, all right,” Ellen said as they walked into the front room, Ellen drawing the drapes as Lynne put the box down, and then stood with her hands in the air, watching the masked woman as she put a grey duffel bag on the couch.


“Right,” she said as she looked at Lynne, “take one of those plastic cuff sets, and secure her wrists behind her back.”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Lynne said as she picked up the zip tie, walked behind Ellen and secured her wrists tightly together, pulling it so that she could not move her wrists apart.


“Now the second set – around her ankles.”


Ellen was still trying to work out what was going on, as her ankles were pulled together by the plastic tie, and then she saw Lynne as she picked up the bamboo stick, and the woman said “let the pizza girl use that to gag you – no complaints.”


Opening her mouth, Ellen felt the bamboo against her teeth and tongue, and the taste of the honey as Lynne passed the rope around her head.


“As tight as possible, little one.”


As the hemp rope pressed into her cheeks, Ellen mumbled “Tsllrrhtlin” as Lynne walked round and looked at her – and then over Lynne’s shoulder she saw the masked woman open the bag, taking out two more zip ties, and another bamboo stick in a bag with honey sticking to it, the rope hanging from the top of the bag.




Ellen suddenly realised what was going on, as she heard Lynne start to cry while her wrists and ankles were secured by the masked woman, and then the second bit gag removed from the bag and placed between her teeth, the honey dripping from the edge as the intruder tied the hemp rope tightly round Lynne’s head.


“Now then,” the woman said as she walked behind Ellen, “let’s get you both ready, shall we?”


“Wthshggntdd,” Lynne said as she watched the woman pull the jacket down Ellen’s arms, stroking them as she did so, and then lift her top over her head, again pulling it down her back as she saw her customer’s slim body.


Ellen could not believe that Lynne was going to have through her own fantasy as well as the intruder unfastened her white bra, and lifted it over her head, before she unfastened her jeans and pulled them with her panties down her legs, and then slipped her sandals off.


For Ellen’s part, she watched as the woman then lifted Lynne’s polo shirt over her head, and then unfastened her black bra, lifting that up and over her head as well as she saw the girl’s chest, pert, firm...  As Lynne’s shorts and panties were pulled down, she saw that Lynne was looking at her as well, unable to speak as a thin line of saliva started to appear at the corner of her mouth.




“Mscerdd,” Lynne said as the woman went back to her back, and take out more hemp rope.  Much more hemp rope, placed on the table next to them as the masked intruder took the rope, and pulled Ellen’s elbows together behind her back, securing them next to each other.


As the rope went around her chest, forcing her breasts up and out, Lynne could feel something new inside her – a strange, nice warmth between her legs as the dark rope went around her customer’s chest, framing the thinner woman’s breasts as they pressed on them.  It was a good feeling, one that lessened her fear as she watched the intruder starting to bind Ellen’s thighs together – and also wondering how those ropes would feel on her.


Slowly, Ellen’s legs were secured above and below her knees, as well as her ankles, going between her legs at each stage to keep them tight.  Eventually, the woman stood up, and started to play with Ellen’s breasts.  The dark haired beauty closed her eyes and moaned as the gloved hands massaged her chest, and then watched as she walked behind Lynne, and began to bind her in the same way.


She had never been tied up before, but as her elbows were brought together behind her back Lynne was surprised to hear herself moan – in pleasure?   The rope holding them firm, she then felt it pressing on her chest as it was wrapped above and below her chest – and to her growing shock and surprise, it did feel good.


Really good, as she wriggled round and felt the rope rubbing on her, and then the woman’s hands on her legs, stroking them as the ropes gradually drew them together, all the way down...


Ellen watched as Lynne wriggled and moaned.  Was it possible she was enjoying this as much as she was?  She barely noticed as the plastic tie around her wrists was cut, and her clothes fell to the floor before they were re-tied, and then her ankles, before she looked down at the clothes around her, then at Lynne as she too was finally stripped and re-tied.


“There,” the intruder said as she looked at the two naked women, “Just how I like my toys to be – so you won’t mind if I play with my toys, will you?”


“Mneeturtee,” Lynne said, but as the gloved hands embraced and groped her chest, she closed her eyes and moaned, Ellen watching as the smaller woman started to twist round – and then she saw the intruder taking out a pair of metal clamps.


“WhettthHHLLLLLL” Lynne screamed as the clamps were fastened over her firm nipples, but once the pain subsided, and she watched theitnruder walk round and start to grope Ellen, Lynne realised that the feeling was different, exciting – and then when she twisted round, and felt the shock from the clamps, she moaned out loud.


Ellen could understand what Lynne was feeling, as she waited with excitement the moment when the clamps would be fastened on her – and then it came, the sharp shock as the clamps bit, and then the warmth, the excitement as they pulled her breasts down – and the shiver as the electric shock ran through her as she tried to move.


“Right,” the woman said as she picked up the gun, and looked at both of them, “start jumping round – I want to see a lovely sheen of sweat on your bodies.”


Lynne shook her head, as did Ellen, but the woman pointed the gun at them and said “Move” very quietly.  Looking at each other, Ellen took a little jump, stopping as the electric shock ran through her, and then jumped around the room, Lynne following her as both woman’s moans increased in volume and intensity, the clamps and the rubbing of the ropes on their bodies making them both aroused, the knowledge there was nothing they could do about it intoxicating.


“All right,” the intruder eventually said as she picked up her bag, “up the stairs, both of you.”  She encouraged them with her gun to jump to the staircase, and then push themselves up, before Ellen led the way into her bedroom, shivering as she anticipated what was coming next.


“Stand still,” the woman said as she put the bag on a chair, and then the gun on the dresser, before she took out two lengths of rope.  She then made them jump over to the bed and get on, kneeling and facing each other as she passed one length of rope around Ellen’s waist, securing it in front of her before she took the rope between her thighs, pulled it up so that it pressed on her already damp crotch, and around her wrists before tying it to her ankles.


As Lynne felt the rope between her legs, she moaned out loud, the saliva falling on the covers as she was placed in a kneeling hogtie as well, facing Ellen as she could feel the burning inside her.


“Now then,” the masked woman said as she reached into her bag, “Who wishes to be first?”


“Hmsetlod,” Ellen screamed as she saw the intruder take out a Hitachi wand,  and the smile as she said “thank you for volunteering,” before she started to use it on the helpless woman.  Lynne groaned as she watched Ellen close her eyes and groan, wriggling round as the orgasm started to build in her.


“WHmmsweetgudlitmmcmm,” she groaned and moaned, but just at the point at which she thought release would come, the intruder removed the wand and pressed it against the rope between Lynne’s legs.


“Hmmyusss,” she groaned as the wand worked on her, while Ellen felt the masked woman play with her nipples, electric shocks running through her as she groaned in frustration.


A whole hour passed as the intruder brought each girl to the brink, and then stopped and worked on the other girl.  Ellen and Lynne looked at each other, both thinking the same thing and realising it by the look in their eyes, before the intruder said “enough.”


“YSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”  Ellen screamed out as she was finally allowed to reach an orgasm, the ropes sinking into her damp clit as she shook – and then heard Lynne’s screams as the most powerful orgasm of her life washed over her.


“Lie down,” the intruder said as she helped them to lie facing each other, and removed the crotch ropes.


“Rullrhtt,” Ellen mumbled as the bamboo rubbed on her teeth, Lynne slowly nodding as she watched the masked intruder take a new, longer length of rope out of her bag.


Standing behind Ellen, she tied the end of the rope to her ankles, and pulled them back so that her heels rested on her naked thighs, and then passed the rope around her wrists, before it went between her thighs, the cords sinking into her damp clit and making her moan as it was passed under her waist rope, and then pulled tight as she walked round the bed. 


Lynne was pulled against Ellen as the rope went round her in the same way, and the two women could only watch as she placed the wand between them and tied it to their thighs.


“Now, I am going to leave,” the intruder said as she tied the chains linking their nipple clamps together, and placed a box on the stool at the end of the bed.  There was a digital display, and as the masked woman set the wand to a low vibration setting she pressed a button, the display starting to count down from four hours.


“Whtssgunggthepenntsss,” Lynne moaned as the wand worked on her.


“Have fun,” was the only reply as the woman picked up her bag and left the room, both women squirming, the wand vibrating, and then suddenly switching to the highest setting as both women thought they would explode.




As the clock reached zero, a fine mist was fired out of the box, covering the two women and settling on the ropes as they screamed once more into their gags.  To their surprise, the ropes started to slacken and dissolve allowing them both to sit up and look at each other, their bodies covered in sweat and pleasure.


Removing the bamboo from her mouth, Ellen looked at Lynne and said “I am so sorry, Lynne.”


“For what,” Lynne said as she worked her jaw.  “You didn’t know that was going to happen.”


“Well, I did – you see, I heard about this agency that fulfils fantasies, I called them...”


“Oh my god.”




“It’s just – I always wondered what it would be like to be play games like that with another girl, and...”


Ellen looked at Lynne, and said “you were too shy to ask anyone?”


Lynne slowly nodded as she said “I guess I want to say thank you.”


“Look, let’s shower and get dressed...”


“Oh god – work...”


“Worry about that later – let’s talk first...”





“Nothing – absolutely nothing.”


“Nothing on what,” Lynne said as she walked in, wearing a peach zipped top over a white top and jeans.


“I’ve tried every search method I know of, and there’s nothing on Fantasy Fulfilment.  It’s as if they don’t exist.”


“Look, it happened – and I’m glad.  You invited me to move in, smoothed things over with my boss – let it lie, Ellen.”


“No – I’m going to search for a little while longer...”


“No you’re not,” Lynne said as she pulled Ellen’s arms behind her back, and secured her wrists together with a plastic ziptie...



Half an hour later, Ellen was kneeling on her bed, naked and crotch roped, the clamps on her nipples, as Lynne looked at her phone.


“Back in ten minutes – have fun until then,” she said as she left the bedroom.  Ellen squirmed round, and then heard a door open and close, before Lynne came back into the room with a blonde haired woman, dressed in the pizza delivery outfit, but her wrists and ankles secured with zipties, and the same bamboo bit gag.


“This is Andrea,” Lynne said as the two women looked at each other, “she let slip the other day she always wanted to try bondage with another woman.”


Andrea nodded as she looked at Ellen, and Lynne started to pull her polo shirt up...







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