Goodbye, Farewell and Amen – Part 3







Friday 11th November


St Angela’s Academy

The Refectory


“Message from your mom?”


Poppy looked over at Erica and nodded as she said “yeah – she’s on the way to the airport and will be back tomorrow morning.  So, one more day with Aunt Maggie keeping an eye on me.”


Biting into her wrap, she said “which means I need to finalise what I’m going to wear next Friday, young Miss Burton.  Picking the Eighties leaves so many options open to people – and I need to seek help from the very people who are either in London, or flying over to Dublin this evening!”


“Don’t look at me,” Doc said as she sat down with Mel, “I’m struggling for the moment as well.  I just hope something comes to mind in the next week or over the weekend.”


“Ama just texted me,” Pepsi said as she sat down with Becca, “the service was apparently amazing, but she and the others are looking forward to getting back.”


“Has your father recovered from Tuesday night yet Becca,” Poppy asked.


“I’m not sure – don’t get me wrong, he’s glad he won, but he keeps saying it is going to be very different in Washington now.”


“I can imagine,” Jess said quietly, “my parents still cannot understand what happened…”



7 pm GMT

Lardarn Castle


“They’re here,” Eve Gaunt said as she saw the headlights of the car pulling up in front of the house.  She was still dressed in black, while Tom and Stephen were more casually dressed.


“Well, let’s go and greet them,” Paula said as they made their way to the entrance hall, the housekeeper opening the doors as the car came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs.  As Paula walked down, Tom following, Paddy got out and opened the rear door, allowing the brown haired woman to get out and look round.


“Welcome to Lardarn,” Paula said as she greeted Sherry Babbage, Mike getting out behind her as he looked round.


"Thanks - I don't get home nearly enough," Sherry smiled widely as Paula kissed her on the cheek.

"So Ireland is still 'home' darling?"

"Yes, of course it is – despite what my daring husband may try and say."

"Congratulations on your promotion Mike," the Duke said as he and Mike shook hands.

"Thank you Tom, I'm still coming to terms with everyone calling me Detective Superintendent. It still doesn't feel right."

"So how are the children?" Paula asked as she looked at her old friend.

"Complaining that they have to stay in London while we come over here for a couple of days," Sherry smiled again.  “Especially as Eve and Aileen are coming over.”


“On a day pass for the show, and that is it I assure you.  So who gets the babysitting honours?”

"Jenny Anson, one of my DC's, is looking after them while we are away," Mike said as they made their way to the stairs.

"Well I'm just glad that you took up our offer to come stay," Paula said as she signaled to Paddy the driver to start unloading the car.  “Come on in – dinner is in a little while, but we can have a drink first.”

"It was kind of you to suggest it Paula.  We needed a weekend away, just the two of us – and this television thing can be dealt with at the same time."

"So what is it exactly RTE want to do?" Tom asked as they made their way to the front door.

"They are doing a documentary and want to talk about my Grandmother."

"I wonder why?" Tom said as they walked up the stairs.

"Well she was a legendary beauty Tom..."

"That she was," Eve Stone interrupted as she came out of the house. "I'm old enough to have met her."


“I know, but it’s nice of you to say so,” Sherry said as she kissed the model.  “How did it go today?”


“We gave her a fitting sendoff – so come on, we can have a drink and then talk over dinner…


7pm GMT

The Imperial Forum Hotel


"That is insane," Juliette shook her head as she, Klaus and the girls finally managed to enter the hotel lobby, fighting their way past the press and photographers.

"Well I'd imagine Ireland doesn't often see quite as many top girls all come to do a show," Carina said as she stood for a moment to collect her breath, "still that was quite a media scrum out there.  I’m glad Judith and thw twins are back in New York.”

"It was almost worse than running the press gauntlet at St. Paul's." Ingrid looked round. "So this is another one of Charlotte's hotels?"

"Apparently.  I wonder who else has already arrived?"

"Let us sign in Juliette my darling, and then after we've freshened up maybe you can enquire then," Klaus tried to usher the party towards the reception desk.


“Good evening,” the receptionist said, “your name please?”


“von Furstenheim.”


“Forgive me, your highness,” the receptionist said as she handed two room cards over, “your suites are ready, and the manager asked me to ensure you any needs you have will be met.”


“A table for a late dinner would be a start – say at 8.30?”


“I will see that it is made available,” she said with a smile as Caroline and Ama made their way in.


“That was intense, mom,” Ama said, Caroline nodding as the doors opened, and Orion O’Ryan came in with her father.


“Not fun,” she said as she hugged Ama.  “I know the others get here tomorrow morning, so I’m glad of a friendly face…”


“As am I,” Cassandra Stone said as she came over and hugged Caroline.  "So how has the line learning gone Caroline?"

"Badly, I'm not an actress..."

"Don't listen to her," Ama laughed as she broke in, "she knows them all, and at least to me she looks and sounds convincing."

"Darling you are biased in my favor."

"I've seen enough of you to know that you'll be great," Cassandra smiled.

"So why are you here Cassie, and not at Lardarn Castle?" Caroline changed the subject.

"Because I've been booked to do the breakfast show on RTE in the morning, and no way I could have driven into Dublin for that without having to have got up at some unholy hour."

"So are they wanting to talk about you walking the two fashion shows, or about Game of Thrones?"

"Both actually…"


7.30 pm GMT



"So when everyone else seems to be staying at the Imperial Forum, why are we staying here Jack darling," Luke looked at the small hotel in a side street as the taxi came to a halt.

"Oh sentimental reasons," Jack sighed and smiled at the same time as he reached for his wallet to pull out the money to pay the driver.

"I sense a story," Luke smiled as he got out of the car.

"Oh it’s a very old one, and it would probably bore you to tears."

"Nothing about you bores me Jack," Luke smiled, "I love you, and I want to know everything you want to tell me about yourself."

"Maybe one day," Jack smiled as they picked up their cases and headed inside the little hotel.

"So no hints?"

"Oh only that this goes back to long before you were born dear thing, to the very first time I ever travelled outside the US."

"That far back eh?"

"Yes back when I was still at college," for a moment Luke thought he saw a huge look of sadness cross his lovers face. "Anyway let's check in."

"Alright," Luke opened the double door and held it as he walked in, then followed.


3 pm

NYU Campus


As Holly left the library, she was surprised to hear a voice she had not heard for three weeks say “hello.”  Turning her head, she looked at the young man standing there, before she said quietly “Tommy?  What are you doing here?  I thought you made your views clear about me…”


“Well,” Tommy said as he stood with his hands in his jacket pocket, “I was upset and angry.  Now…”


Holly looked at him before he said “can we go and grab a coffee somewhere?  I think we need to talk, and now I’ve had a chance to calm down a little bit…”


“Yeah – yeah, sure,” Holly finally said, “the Coffee Bean?”


“Sounds good – on me,” Tommy said as they slowly walked together across the campus, Holly waiting as he opened the door before they both walked in.


“Hey – what will it be?”


“Capuccino, half-fat, and an Americano, both Grande,” Holly said as the barista made their drinks, and they took them both to a quiet table at the back.


They sat there holding their mugs and not really looking at each other, until Holly said “please, Tommy, say something.”


“Okay then,” the young man said quietly, “I’m sorry.”


“What have you got to be sorry for?  I’m the one who created this mess, after all…”


“Well, do you expect me to disagree with that?”  


Holly shook her head as Tommy said “I am sorry I hurt you so much at the party that night.  I lashed out, and reacted because I…  Well, I did not know what to think.  My girlfriend, the woman I love, is…”


“Bisexual and as much in love with a thirteen year old girl as I am with you?”  Tommy looked at the petite blonde as she said “not exactly the way I wanted you to find out…”


“But did you want me to find out?”


“I guess I did – I did not want to hurt you, Tommy, truly, the feelings I have for you are just as strong as ever.  It’s just I have feelings just as strong for Sands as well.”


Tommy put his mug down and looked at her, before he said “when did it start?”


“Is it important?”


“Please, Holly, just tell me…”


“It started as part of a plan Sands had to get back at someone who had hurt one of her friends badly – what exactly happened isn’t important, what does matter is when it was over, I found out she had used me for that purpose, and I tried ot cut her completely out of my life.”


Nervously, Holly held her mug as she took a drink and looked at Tommy.


“Thing is, Tommy, I could not do that, and we came back together.  We tried to keep it secret, but…”


“But it came out,” Tommy said quietly. 


“But it came out – and I could see the hurt, the pain in your eyes – and I knew it, because I felt the same pain when I discovered what she had done to me then.  Tommy, seriously, I am truly sorry you found out the way you did, but when Father Alex talked to me, he told me it was probably better it was out in the open.”


“Funny – that’s what Gus van Roon said when I talked to him,” Tommy said, “but then I wasn’t sure it was true.”


“And now?”


Tommy smiled as he said “now – I realize I’ve missed you as well.  Holly, I’m not sure if we can ever be the same again, but enough people have told me the worst thing I can do is cut you out of my life…”


“And what do you think?”


“I think…  I think I’d like to if we talked a bit more, and then see what happens.  If you’re willing to give it a go?”


Holly nodded and smiled as she said “I’d like that – and Sands?”


“We can talk about her as well – I think I need to understand her and you a little more…”



9 pm GMT

Lardarn Castle


“Thank you,” Mike said as he sat in the old chair, and accepted the cup.


“So you are the subject of an interview as well Paula,” Sherry said with a smile. 


"I think we Anglo-Irish are flavor of the month rather," Tom sipped his coffee as they all sat in the drawing room.

"Hence why Country Life want to do a piece on Lardarn Castle?" Sherry enquired.

"Yes, and why we have had several recent TV shows looking at the some of the surviving country houses," Tom put his cup down, "it's almost like after all these years where we've been cast as the villains of Irish history that we did do at least a few things right."

"John Hammond was talking to me after the memorial service and suggestin' maybe we collaborate on a book of pictures of you damn ascendancy types," Stephen had a twinkle in his eye. "Both those blots on the landscape you call ancestral homes, and some of your ugly faces," he continued before he broke into a laugh.

"Darling if I didn't know better I might say those are fighting words," Eve smiled at her husband.

"Well the break-in showed that a lot of Irish people still think about us in that way," Paula said quietly.

"I know Paula dahlin, and I was just teasin'" Stephen smiled at his sister-in-law.


“Mrs Mahan-Gaunt.”


“Tamsin,” Sherry said as the new arrival came in, “it’s good ot see you again.”


“Have you spoken to Aggie,” Paula asked a sshe kissed her friend.


“I have – she’s still in a state of shock.”


“Over what,” Sherry asked.


“She – or rather the school – have been left a very large bequest by Fiona MacKenzie,” Eve said, “over a million pounds, by all accounts.”


"Yes that would shock even my sister," Tam smiled as she sat down.

"So what brings you by on a late autumn evening darling?" Paula asked.

"Well, other than to say hello to Mike and Sherry, I wanted to know what the plans are for going in to Dublin for the show, and how it fits into you having the magazine people here at the castle?"

"Not easily," Tom smiled as he passed Tamsin a drink, "I just hope the Garda will turn a blind eye to any speeding cars between here and the city."

"You might need to be in two places at once?" Tam took a sip.





5 pm

JFK Airport



"Jo are you sure you are up to this?" Janice looked concerned as she stood at the security gates.  She looked at her daughter, in her white sweatshirt and Sharamel jeans with short boots, then at Doc in her joggers and Angels hoodie.

"Yes Jan, I can watch them here and get us on and off the plane," Jo smiled as she pulled her leather jacket over her blouse, "Barbara will meet us at Dublin airport and be the responsible adult."

"We will be fine Mum," Katy laughed, “and it gives you and Uncle Adam time to start laying devious plots around your wedding.”

"I'll keep an eye on them," the woman from the airline smiled as well, "three such celebrities I'll make sure they get there safely."

"Well two celebrities, plus me," Doc laughed.


“Don’t sell yourself short, Doc,” Jo said as she shook her head.  “Anyway, come on – I think we’re going to need all the sleep we can get on the plane before tomorrow…”



Saturday 12th November

8 am GMT

The Imperial Forum Hotel



Juliette looked up and smiled as the blonde haired woman walked over to her table.


“Martina – I hope you bring me some good news,” she said as the Kiwi sat down, and ordered some coffee.


“Oh yes – they are very happy indeed with the book, and will contact you shortly,” she said with a smile, “they especially loved the wartime exploits.”


“Well, that pleases me,” Juliette said with a smile as the waiter brought more coffee over.


“There are a couple of things I did want to touch base with you on,” Martina said quietly.  “First, word has reached the ears of my bosses of the Fiona MacKenzie manuscript.  They would be interested in making a bid.”


“Doesn’t surprise me,” Juliette said with a smile.  “What is the other thing?”


“I want to tell you a story…”



“Oh my,” Orion said as she walked across the lobby, “I see you made it.  Get much sleep?”


“Some,” Katy said as the porter brought the bags of the three girls in, “but it’s work time today and tomorrow.  I’ll just collapse in a heap tonight before we go up to Belfast tomorrow.  How are you anyway?”


“Excited about this – check in, then come and have some breakfast, all of you…”



8 am GMT



“So it’s Soda Bread instead of toast, but it’s still a good cooked breakfast,” Luke said as he sat opposite Jack, but then he noticed the far off look in his partner’s eye.  “Want me to set fire to it for you?”


“No, I don’t want my bacon extra crispy,” Jack said in a quiet voice, and then he looked at Luke.  “I wasn’t here, was I?”


“No you were not – Jack is this another Miami for you?”


Jack smiled and shook his head, before he drank from the coffee mug.  “No, completely different, and I’m fine, honestly.  It was something that happened a long time ago, but some memories keep coming back.”  Looking round, he said “but it’s time to put the game face on.  Drink up Luke, we have work to do.”


8.30 am GMT

RTE Studios


“This is Good Morning Ireland,” the blonde haired woman said, “and our next guest is the acclaimed actress, Cassandra Stone, the star of the Pussycat Gang.  Cassandra, welcome to Good Morning Ireland.”


“It’s a pleasure to be here, Amy,” Cassandra said as she sat in a cream linen suit, a black camisole under the jacket.


“So what brings you back to your homeland, Cassandra?”


“A number of things,” Cassandra said with a smile, “Starting with the fashion show here in the city today, then another in Belfast tomorrow.”


“You’re better known as an actress than a model, Cassandra, so why agree to take part?”


“Well, my mother can be very persuauasive.”


“You mean Eve Stone.”


“Well, I prefer Mum,” Cassandra laughed, “but seriously, I want to rpomte the grest design talent we have on the island, so I’m proud to support both the hsow today, and the Irish Linen show in Belfast tomorrow.”


“I understand this is a pet project of both your mother and Orion O’Ryan?”


“Well, it is, but we also have a lot of local talent taking part, such as Nadia Forde, Aoife Walsh, Sinead Noonan and Pamela Flood, as well as many of the models who paid tribute to Fiona MacKenzie yesterday.  We’re also pleased to announce that we heard this morning Sophie Turner will join us in Belfast.”


“And from there, you go to film Game of Thrones?”


“Yeah – that one was a surprise, but I am joining the next season as a guest.”


"So what is more challenging,” the interviewer asked, “modelling or acting?"
"Oh modelling any day of the week,” Cassandra answered with a laugh. “I always find myself comparing myself to my mother and feeling I need to raise myself up to her standards."

"Well she is still arguably the most famous model Ireland ever produced."

"I think so, but I might just be a trifle biased," Cassandra laughed.

"I understand the Duchess of Lardarn will be walking along with two of her daughters?"

"Yes, Paula decided to do a little comeback, while young Eve and Aileen I confidently predict will be the next Irish supermodels."

"I think most people have seen their advertisements for GND."

"Yes," Cassie smiled again as a couple of images were flashed on the screen.

"Turning to Game of Thrones, are you a fan?"

"Yes, and it also helps that I'm old friends with both Kit Harrington and Lena Headey."

"So have you had to do any special training for the role?"

"Yes I've been working out with a sword-master along with my friend Caroline Jameson. Whilst I was preparing for this, she is about to start a film in Iceland about Vikings, so it seemed logical we train a bit together."


“Well, good luck today.  Cassandra Stone, everyone.  Next up…”



10 am GMT

The Imperial Forum Hotel


"Two solid days of rehearsals and shows,” Katy said as the group sat at a table, “this is going to be as bad as Fashion Week."

"Yes, but at least its only two days Katy," Orion smiled.  “And you get back for dinner on Monday.”

"But we've also got all these demands from the Irish media for interviews and photo-ops," Jeannie whispered as she glanced down at her notes, "this will be HARD!"

"Well the show runners might not quite be in Mary Thomas's league, but I think in the end it will all be a success."

"A lot of the credit for that goes to you Orion," Juliette said as she sat down with the youngsters, "you and Eve between you ensured there would be a great turnout of guest star models."

"Oh I didn't do much," the Belfast girl blushed as she accepted the compliment.

"That's not what this models lists say," Juliette laughed.  “You’ve got the best here.”


“Well, it took a tragedy to get the timing right, and that I’m not proud of.”  She then looked up to see a young woman leaning forward, holding her knees as she got her breath back before walking to where Barbara was sitting.


"How was your run?" Barbara asked as Jo collapsed into a chair and ordered a coffee.

"Not bad,” Jo said as she leaned back, “I ran here when I was doing the Fitzstuart shoot so I knew where I was going.  But I really needed to do something to get me going."

"I can imagine how that helps."

"Yeah, running blows the cobwebs away," Jo said as she took the cup and thanked the waitress.

"Well I had a swim in the hotel pool," Jeannie wheeled herself over, "and yes I needed to do some exercise as well before today really begins."

"I hear Fiona remembered you in her will BS?" Jo said as she put her coffee cup down.

"Yes, she left me that amazing collection of books and magazines of hers, a lot of them are very rare, she let me look at them once and I guess she remembered my saying I'd kill to own a lot of them."

"Well get them shipped to New York and you can look at them at your leisure."

"I already made arrangements Jo," Jeannie grinned.  “Kylie’s getting Marina to get her legacy over as well.”


“Oh – what did Kylie get?”


“Fiona’s fashion reference plates – quite a large collection as well,” Barbara said.

"So where are Jack and Luke? I've not seen them yet."


“Not staying here – they’ll meet us at the venue.”


“Oh yes – so what is the Medley?”


“A large ballroom basically – we’ll head there in a while…”





11 am CET

The British Embassy



“Forgive me, Ma’am,” the butler said as he entered the drawing room, “Mrs Sheridan Babbage is on the telephone for you.”


“Thank you,” Agnes said as she left Mylie and Laura with their French tutor, and went out into the hallway, smiling as she said “I thought you were meant to be on holiday Sherry?”


“I am – but I still wanted to call.  How is Paris darling?" Sherry asked from the other end of the line.

"Not bad, just a little warmer then London," Agnes laughed gently, "Do I need to ask what the weather is like in Ireland?"

"Oh Ireland is Ireland is Ireland," Sherry laughed as well.

 "I remember."


"So has Kay forgiven you yet for what happened in Los Angeles?" Sherry said as Agnes shifted the phone to her other ear.

"Just about. She and Ray came over on the night train with Donald, me, and the girls. I think it helps that she's been told she can help debrief the Mouse on behalf of both MI6 and Italian intelligence."

"Will Francesca be involved?"

"Purely in an advisory role." Aggie paused a second, "still no clues what the TV people want to ask you about your grandmother?"


“Actually, I’ve been giving that a lot of thought, and I’m starting to get worried.  Juliette digging into her aunt’s past war activities may have encouraged people to look into others…”


“Like your Grandmother?”


"My Grandmother,” Sherry said quietly, “was a very rare combination, she was both an Irish, and a British patriot and felt that it was possible to serve both nations without betraying on or the other."

"So that meant what darling?"

"What it meant Aggie was that Cosgrove, and even de Valera trusted her implicitly, and she was able to act as a go-between that London and Dublin could use to communicate with each other through."

"Why did you never tell me this before darling?"

"It never came up Aggie. Everyone always thought she was this dashing beautiful pillar of high society..."

"But she was actually an intelligence operative?" Aggie interrupted.

"Yes she told me her secrets before she died. Her career wasn't all glamour though."

"You mean she did her share of dirty work?"


"Just a thought, was what you knew about what she'd done one of your reasons for turning down the SIS?"

"Yes darling, a fairly big part.  I did not want to do that…"

"And you think it’s her secret life that RTE might want to ask you about?"

"Well I'm hoping it isn't."


“Do you want me to ask Kay for help?”


“Not yet – I’ll let you know.  I have to go – the Country Life people are here…”



10.15 am GMT

The Imperial Forum Hotel


"When will you get here Shirley?" Juliette asked as she watched her daughters collect their gear.

"About lunchtime Ju, gives John time to get some pictures taken, then we can watch the show."

"Then Belfast?"

"Yes, and then Tom and I are going to Galway to look at the property."

Juliette shook her head and smiled.  "Olivia was saying that you did let Charles Treharran come in on the investment?"

"Well he practically begged," Shirley laughed her rich, deep, laugh.

"So Olivia said," Juliette laughed as well.

"He actually knows a bit more about resort management then Tom and I, so it made sense to bring him in as a partner."

"I know he owns that hotel and golf course on the Cornish coast."


"Well on other matters I might have heard something from Martina Jayes that might interest you."


“Oh – and that would be?”


“Do me a favour – see if you can find a story of when Barty came to Dublin…”



10.30 am GMT

Lardarn Castle


Tom and Paula stood outside the main entrance as the SUV pulled up outside, the driver getting out and holding the rear passenger doors open as two people descended.  One was a man in his early forties, wearing a tweed jacket over a white shirt, his tie matching the jacket, brown trousers and walking boots.


“Welcome to Lardarn Castle,” Tom said as he came forward and shook the new arrival’s hand, “I’m Thomas Gaunt – you must be Derek Torville.”


“I am indeed Your Grace,” the writer said as he shook his hand, “and it’s a real pleasure to meet you.  May I introduce my photographer, Siobhan Roebuck.”


Tom turned ot look at the tall, grey haired woman who was looking around.  Paula looked at her – Siobhan Roebuck was a name she had often seen in the magazine, but she had no idea it was such an imposing person behind the name.  She was as tall as Eve, and carried herself in much the same way.


“And you would be Lady Gaunt,” she said in a clipped RP accent as she shook hands.  “I really am looking forward to taking some photos of your family and this place – but I understand we need to head down to Dublin for a couple of hours?”


“If you want to meet my daughters, and talk to me, then yes – we have a fashion show this afternoon,” Paula said, “but please, come in and we can get started…”





“We need to head off soon Mum,” Maisha said as she looked in the study.  “Eve And Aileen are just coming to the door.”


“I’ll be there in ten minutes, I just need to make a call first,” Shirley said as Maisha closed the door.  She took a moment to secure the room, and then dialled a number.


“This is Number Ten.”


“Sandra, it’s Shirley.  Are you secure?”


“Shirley – seriously,” her old friend laughed down the line, “what can I do for you?”


“I need a favour – can you get someone to check the archives on why Jayes may have been in Dublin in March, 1937?”


“I can do that – why?”


“A tale that I need more information on – let me have when you can, and I’ll explain everything when you are over in the States next weekend…”


Noon CET

The British Ambassador’s Residence



“Kay,” Agnes said as she came into the drawing room, “have you got time for a chat before we go in for lunch?”


“Of course I have,” Kay said as Agnes closed the door, before she whispered “when do we get a chance to talk to her?”


“Someone is going to come to take you for a flight tonight, if you’ve made your excuses?”


“I told them I had to do some government work tomorrow -  Brexit stuff.”


“Oh lord, are they seruosuly using that term?”  Agnes laughed as she sat down, and said “no it’s not about that I need to talk to you about.  I talked to Sherry earlier today, and she was worried about something.”


“Sherry?  I told her, she had nothing to worry about…”


“No, not about her – RTE want to talk to her this weekend, about her grandmother.”


“Her grand….  Agnetha Butler?”  Kay sat back and rubbed her chin, then said “Exactly why do they want to talk to her about Viscountess Kildurran?”


“That’s the question, so let me tell you something she told me first – her grandmother told her everything before she died.


“Everything she could tell her.”


“Ah,” Kay said quietly, “that explains a couple of things.  So she’s worried they may ask about something she can’t talk about.”


“Not as much as she is worried about being asked about some of the more – quiet things she did.”


“Yeah – I was worried that book Juliette Huntingdown was writing may get some people interested in those war years.  I am forewarned – she knows she can ask me if she needs help?”


“Of course – but what did Grandma Butler do in the war?”


“Work with YY, for one thing…”







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