Dottie’s Night In Leather







He’d received the call from his contact earlier in the week, to say that the woman was arriving.  The details he had been given were sufficient and specific, so when she checked in at the hotel reception he was there to see her. 


It was just as described - tall, mature with greying hair, and the best set of legs this side of the pond.  She carried herself with an easy air and grace, and her clothes were tailored to show off her most valuable assets.  He liked that - a woman who knew who and what she was always provided the most fruitful and satisfying game.


He followed her for the next few days, observing as she went from building to building, from meeting to meeting.  The way she walked, the way her hips move din perfect synchronicity with her bum - this was a most worthy target, and he was already contemplating what he would do with her.


Now, on the third day, he knew the opportunity was there.  His contact had hinted she was coming to the end of her business trip, and that this would be the perfect moment to strike...


To say it had been a long three days would be to underestimate how tired Dottie felt, as she walked towards the hotel entrance in the centre of London.  She had jumped at the chance to act as the representative of her firm at the meeting, but the jet lag had been a real problem for the first day, and it was only now that she was feeling up to enjoying a night in the capital of the United Kingdom.


“Good evening, Mrs Carr,” the receptionist said as she walked into the hotel lobby, “I trust you have had a good day?”


“A better day than the last two, thank you,” Dottie said with a smile as she collected the envelopes that were waiting for her.  “I feel like going out tonight - can you recommend a good restaurant?”


“Several - let me know what you wish to have, and I will make the arrangements for you?”


“After a hot bath, maybe,” Dottie said with a smile as she turned and headed to the lift, her every move watched by a dark haired man sitting at the bar. 


There she is - Dorothy Carr.  He did not think she had seen him, and even if she had she would not have recognised him.  After all, he was just another face in the crowd - what else would he be?


As her bum moved from side to side, he took a sip from his glass and watched her walking into the lift, smiling as the doors closed on her.


As always, he would allow her enough time to relax, to do what she felt she had to do.  They had the whole night ahead of them, what difference would a few more minutes make?


Letting herself into her room, Dottie slipped off the black bolero jacket she was wearing and sat on the bed, easing off her heels and rubbing the stocking covered soles of her feet.  She was wearing a halter neck dress in the same shade as her jacket - worn to give the maximum effect on the people she was meeting with.  Yes, they were really looking at her breasts rather than her as she talked, but it meant she could emphasise her points more and more.


“That’s better,” she sighed as she stood up and headed for the bathroom, turning the hot water on as she slipped out of her dress and started to roll her stockings down.  “Tonight is me time - and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.”


I drained my glass and left it on the bar, nodding to the receptionist as I headed to the entrance to the car park.  Once on the lower levels, I walked quickly to my own car and popped the boot, looking at the black holdall inside.


As I opened it, I checked I had everything I needed - all the ropes, and other material, I could possibly want.  Satisfied, I went back to the lift and used the pass key to activate the access to the Business Guests floor, smiling as it moved smoothly up.


The clock showed seven thirty as Dottie pulled her stockings up and stepped into her black three inch heel shoes.  Laid out on the bed was the dress she had chosen to wear that night - a very special one she had been saving for such an occasion.


There was nobody in the corridor as I stepped out.  It only took me a few minutes to get to the door and slide the pass key in, opening ti as quietly as I could and slipping in.


There she was - standing there in a red basque, seamed stockings and high heels, looking at a most excellent dress.  Her body firm, and well toned, her legs long and lithe, and her whole demeanour one that showed she was ready, ripe for the plucking...


She picked it up and stepped in, pulling the bustier up over her breasts before reaching round and pulling the zip up her back.  Her shoulders were bare, the black leather hugging her body like a second skin from her beasts down to just above her knees.  She looked out of her room window, down to the lights of the street below.


“Tonight, Dottie,” she said to herself, “Tonight is going to be a very special night.”


“I do so agree, Mrs Carr - this is going to be a most special night.”


Dottie turned and looked to see who had just spoken.  There was a man standing in the doorway - six foot tall, broad chested, wearing a black jacket over a pale blue shirt and grey trousers, with a stocking pulled over his head and a gun pointing straight at her.


“Please,” he said as he placed a canvas bag on the coffee table, “do not move, do not make a sound, and do exactly what I say.  If you do this, I promise you that you will survive and have a tale to tell your friends.”


“Who... Who are you?”


“Your robber for tonight,” the man said as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from the bag.  “Please, face the window and put your hands behind your back.”


Dottie didn’t know what to say - this was not the way she had intended to spend the night, and yet, and yet - she was thrilled at what was happening.


“Please, just take what you want and go,” Dottie said as she looked over her shoulders, feeling the cold steel as the cuffs were fastened over her wrists, “I won’t raise the alarm.”


“I will,” the man said, “and you won’t.”  Dottie heard a ripping sound, but before she could turn to see what was happening she felt something been stuck over her mouth, sealing her lips as it pulled at the skin on her jaw.  She was helpless, unable to call for help, and she knew that this man knew it as well - but what would he do next?


Pslssddnnt,” she mumbled as she heard the ripping sound again, and felt her ankles been pressed together as black tape was wound tightly round them.  As she stood there, she felt her legs been drawn together below her knees, then above them, and as she looked down she could see the bands of black tape encircling them.


“Now don’t you move,” she heard the masked man say, “and I’m going to have a look through your things.”  Dottie twisted herself round as she stood there, listening to the man searching through her handbag, and thinking back to an evening with Rick before she had left for the trip....




Dottie sat at her dressing table, looking in the mirror as she applied her lipstick, smiling at the thought of the evening ahead with her boyfriend.  She had dressed the way he liked her to - the black leather sleeveless dress that zipped up the front, lace stockings held up with a suspender belt, and knee length black leather boots that encased her lower legs.


As she sat there, she failed to hear until it was too late the man who had come into her room, so when the rough hand was placed over her mouth, and she heard the voice say “Don’t scream - I’m not going to hurt you,” she simply nodded and waited to see what was going to happen next.


She felt her arms been pulled behind her back, and the sensation of the soft rope as it was passed round her arms below her elbows, pulling them together as her shoulders were forced back and her breasts out, the leather clinging to them as this happened.  She let out a sigh as she felt the rope been tied around them, enjoying the feeling it caused as the rope was passed between her arms.


The man guided her wrist together, crossing them before starting to pass the rope around them, holding them securely together.  “You really know what you’re doing,” Dottie sighed as she felt the ropes going round and round, each pass securing them together still more as she smiled.


“That feels so good,” Dottie sighed as she felt the ropes with her fingers.  “Turn round,” the mind said, “but stay in your seat.”  As she turned, she saw him in his black t-shirt and faded grey jeans, kneeling down and winding the rope around her ankles.  The squeak of the rope as it rubbed against the tight leather made her smile even more than the feeling of helplessness as she realised she was not going to be able to move.


As he passed the rope between her legs, Dottie tried to rub them up and down, the sound of the leather and the rope making her smile as she said "You really know how to make sure a woman goes nowhere.”


“You have no idea,” the man said as he lifted her out of the chair, Dottie smiling as he leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.  They looked at each other for a moment, before he leaned down again and enveloped her lips in his, their tongues intertwining in each other’s mouths as he carried her over to a mattress and placed her gently down, kneeling with her as his hands stroked her body and embraced her breasts.


“Oh yes,” Dottie moaned as he fondled her, pressing in with his finger as she kissed her, and then reached for the zip at the front of her dress, pulling it down so that her breasts fell from under the leather.


Hmmmmmm,” she moaned as she felt his fingers circling her nipples, and as he released her from his kiss she looked up into his eyes.  “What are you going to do,” she whispered as she watched him folding a square silk scarf into a pad.


“Open your mouth,” he said, and as he pushed the cloth in Dottie moaned again, the moaning increasing as she felt his lips on her nipples.  MGMFdmmmgfmmg,” she said as he sucked gently, feeling them enlarge as he did so, while his hands moved down her body and lifted her skirt up, his fingers gently stroking her crotch as she moaned and started to writhe around.


mdsmmdsmgdffdffd,” she moaned as she felt the electric shocks start to shoot through her, and as she opened her eyes she saw him smiling before he kissed her on the neck and shoulders, moving the straps of her dress down as he nuzzled her neck.


Mmmdfmmfdmgmdfmetrkkmmmm,” she moaned again as she watched him stand up and unzip his pants, seeing his cock as he allowed them to drop to the floor.  She could see how engorged it was already, as he held it in one hand and stroked the top of her breasts with it.


In his other hand he had picked up a small white lozenge shaped object, which he placed in her passage, pressing a switch as he did so.  Dottie immediately bucked as she felt the vibrations, the stimulation making her groan as she watched him slowly, gently bring the tip of his cock to her lips, stroking them with it as he did so.


Lddddt,” she said as he gently drew the cloth out, and inserted the cock, her lips closing round it as her tongue played with the base and tip of the member.  She sucked him in gently, and then pushed it out, her lips making a popping sound as she did so.  He smiled as he inserted it again, pushing forward as Dottie sucked it in and out, her tongue playing with the base as she felt it start to enlarge within her mouth.  Her body was starting to shake with the combination of the feeling in her mouth and throat and the shocks running inside her from her clit, but she didn’t want to stop - he wanted to feel the ecstasy, the pleasure, and to pleasure him at the same time.


MggmmggmgGFFKMMMMMM,” she moaned as she felt the throbbing intensify in both places, as her binder pushed himself forward, the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat as she started to buck and move, the sound of rope on leather further exciting her as she started to suck harder and harder, waiting for the explosive moment when he and she would cum together.


That moment came far too soon as she felt herself sum at the same time as the hot, sticky flow hit the back of her throat, fast and hard.  Dottie kept swallowing, not wanting to let any out as she arched her back and moaned “DHGFMMGMFGFGFMMFDFDFDFFDFGGGDDDD” at the sensations running through her at that moment.  She did not want this moment to ever end...




Opening her eyes, Dottie looked over her shoulder, only to see the man had gone.  She hopped herself round, the heels sinking into the plush carpet with each movement, and there was no sign of him - this was her chance.  Slowly, slowly, she started to move towards the door, taking short hops and stopping each time to see if he was still there, if he had heard anything.


Hop, hop, hop...  She slowly approached the door, steadying herself against the wall as she neared the wooden closure.  There was still no sign of him, as she steeled herself up for the last hop to the door, and the handle that was waiting so invitingly...


“Enjoying yourself?”


Dottie opened her eyes in shock as a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth and the other arm reached round, pulling her against the intruder as he wrapped it round her waist.  She felt him as he held her there, and was very aware of how he was feeling.


He picked her up and carried her back to the bed, throwing her down and watching as she rolled over onto her side.


Whtduwnt?”  Dottie watched as he walked over and ripped the tape away from her mouth.  “I want you to dress up for me, Dorothy Carr,” he said as he held a large knife in his hand, “and then we will see what happens.  I think you will look most - alluring  Dottie’s eyes widened as he placed the knife next to her skin, before quickly cutting through the tape that held her securely.


“I’ll do anything you want,” she panted as she rubbed her wrists, “Just please, and don’t hurt me.”


“Who said anything about hurting you,” he said quietly, his eyes moving up and down her body.  “Now, take that dress and those shoes off.”


Slowly, Dottie sat herself up and then stood up, as she reached round and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor as she kicked off her shoes.  “Stockings as well,” he said as he looked at her red basque, before opening a drawer and tossing her a lighter coloured pair, “I want to see these on you.”


“What sort of sick pervert are you,” Dottie said as she sat down and slowly rolled down her dark stockings, peeling them off and replacing them with the flesh coloured ones he had passed over.  “The kind who is telling you what to do,” was all her captor said as he pulled out a black silk blouse from a hanger and tossed it to Dottie. 


“Put this on - but leave the top buttons undone.”




“Because I want to see your top,” he said as he watched Dottie slowly button the blouse up.  Smiling, he took a pair of tight knee length leather boots from the closet. 


“Put these on,” he said as he threw them towards the bed, “and then stand up.  I want you to parade round in them for me.”


“Whatever you say,” Dottie quietly whispered, hoping this would get him out of the room.  Wrapping the soft leather around her legs, she pulled the zips up the inside before walking round the room, turning to watch as the masked man smiled.  There was a look in his eye, a look that Dottie had seen before, and not one she was too happy about.


Walking towards her, he reached his arms round and caressed Dottie, his hands cupping her breasts as she closed her eyes. 


“Please,” she whimpered, “leave me alone,” but she offered no resistance as he drew her hands behind her back and used a thin red silk scarf to bind her wrists tightly together, making sure the soft material went round and between them.


“Oh god,” Dottie moaned as his hands caressed her breasts, his fingers kneading gently into her flesh as she closed her eyes, unable to stop herself from responding, “What are you doing to me?”


“You’ll see,” he said as he held a pair of her red panties in his hand in front of her mouth.  She had hidden them in her drawer, and yet he had found them oh so easily.  Kissing the side of her neck, he said “Open wide,” pushing the material into Dottie’s mouth as she moaned in response to his caress.


Mpplssssstppp,” she moaned as she heard a horrible, tearing sound, and then saw a length of clear tape in front of her face.  She was powerless to stop him pushing the tape against her skin, followed by several more strips, sealing her mouth more with each addition.  Satisfied, he put the tape down and moved his hands round her again, moving them down her body and towards her crotch as Dottie moaned with each stroke of his fingers.


Ohhplldstpthhnnnthssgddd,” Dottie moaned as she was slowly walked over to the long recliner in the room, her captor kissing the back of her neck with each step.  She sat down and stretched her legs out, looking at him as he took from his pocket a small, cylindrical shaped object with a bulbous head, which started to buzz as he pressed a button on the side.


“Allow me to do this,” he said as he placed the object between Dottie’s legs, her body stiffening as she felt the vibrations against her crotch as at the same time her leaned over and kissed the top of her breasts.  As she felt her body reacting to the stimulus, and his hands as they stroked and caressed her breasts, Dottie closed her eyes and let her imagination take control.


As she felt herself starting to cum, she screamed through her gag, only for the vibrator to be removed as she felt his kiss on her cunt.  As his tongue explored the moist opening, she screamed again, her body shaking as she felt his touch, his probing, his arousing of her.  She wanted to scream, but she had no way of doing so as she felt electric shocks running up and down her spine.


Eventually she released herself, letting go go of all the emotions in her a she kissed her legs and then moved back between them.  There was no stopping him, or her, as she screamed again and again, in frustration, in passion, in relief.


Eventually, he stopped, and stood up, removing the tape and stuffing from her mouth.  “Oh God,” Dottie whispered, “What did you do to me?”


“I made you happy,” he said, “and I think you were happy too.  Now, Dottie, you need to rest for a while.”  He reached round and untied her hands, helping her to sit up as he took from his bag a black see through body stocking.


“Take off those clothes,” he said as Dottie sat there, panting and sweating, “and put these on.”  He handed her the stocking, as well as a pair of long black opera gloves, standing back with his gun in his hand as she stripped down and pulled the opaque material over her legs and up her chest, before fixing the shoulder straps on.


“I found these in your cupboard as well,” he said as he took out a pair of thigh high leather boots, which laced up the front.  “Put these on, and make sure the laces are tight, Dottie.”


Bo now Dottie was too exhausted to try to fight him, as she sat down and pulled the boots on, crossing the laces and tightening them until she was able stand on the impossibly high heels.  She stood there as the man walked round her, passing his hands down her arms as he stood behind.


“For a mature woman, Dottie,” he whispered as he kissed the back of her neck, “You have a truly wonderful body.  I almost regret that I must relieve you of your valuables.  Now, please, stand perfectly still.”


“What do you mean,” Dottie moaned with her eyes closed again, as he placed her hands together in front of her and tied them securely with white rope.  He then ran a length around her upper body, just below her breasts, pulling the ends together and then round over her arms in front of her, securing them in place as he cinched them carefully.  Stopping to kiss her neck again, he reached round and caressed her breasts, his fingers massaging again as she moaned “Please, just take my stuff and go.  I swear, I won’t tell anyone what has happened.”


“I know you won’t,” he said as he walked her to a corner unit and helped her to lie on her back, her arms resting in front of her.  Taking more rope, he placed her ankles together and quickly bound them, passing the rope around in-between them before taking it up her legs and pulling them together at her knees, then her thighs, before taking it under her hands and tying it to the chest rope.


“Now, don’t go anywhere,” he said as he kissed Dottie on the lips.  She responded in kind, her tongue playing with his mouth as he responded as well, sharing the passion of the moment before she allowed him to push her used stockings in and then cover her mouth with tape, the ripping sound making her jump more each time.  She moved her legs up and down and from side to side, the squeaking sound filling her ears as the feeling filled her mind.


As she watched him start to search through her stuff, she thought back to another robbery, some years before......




“Does the rope have to be so tight?”


Dottie squirmed as the masked intruder pulled the rope around her wrists, glad in a way that the white opera gloves she was wearing offered some protection for her skin.  She had only just returned from the theatre when she had been grabbed and forced into the main room.  She could see the portrait of her husband on the floor, and the safe open, so she offered no resistance when she saw the ropes produced.


“Yes,” he whispered as he passed more rope up her arms and pulled her elbows together, making her gasp as her chest was forced out, “It does have to be tight.”  As he passed the ropes round and between her arms, Dottie tried to slow down her breathing, calm herself down.  After all, it was just a robbery, just money...


What she did not expect was the sound of the zip at the back of her dress been pulled down, as the white silk creation fell to the floor, leaving her in her bra and panties, her stockings held in place with a suspender belt, and the man to lift her off her feet and deposit her on the white rug on the floor.  With ruthless speed, he started to bind her ankles together, the rope going between her legs, then her knees, and then her thighs.


“I’m not going anywhere, am I?”  As Dottie said this, the man knelt beside her and bound her arms tightly to her side, running the rope above and below her breasts, so that she was unable to move them away as the bra stretched almost to bursting point over her bosom.


“That is the whole point, my dear,” he said as Dottie smiled at him, “I do not wish you to go anywhere - indeed, I have you right where I want you.”


“Oh really,” Dottie said as she smiled again, “and why do you have me where you want me?”


“Isn’t it obvious,” he said as he knelt beside her, his hands stroking her breasts as he looked into her deep eyes.  Dottie was helpless to stop the way her nipples hardened as his gloved hands stroked round them, before easing them gently out of the bra cups as his fingers touched the exposed skin.


“Oh, oh - what are you,” she started to say as he held the back of her neck and leaned over, his lips enclosing her left breast as he gently sucked, the shock running through her nerves as he did this matched a few moments later as he kissed her other breast.


“Please,” she moaned as he kissed both sides again.  “Please stop or please continue,” the man whispered as he kissed her neck, moving behind her as his hands caressed her breasts and massaged them, then moved down and stroked her stomach as his fingers moved between her legs.


“I... I don’t know,” Dottie moaned as she felt his touch between her legs, “but...”


Shhh,” he whispered as he pressed a small rubber ball into Dottie’s mouth, “I did not say you could speak.”  He took the leather straps around her cheeks and fastened it behind her neck, before returning to the stimulation, Dottie closing her eyes and moaning more with each stroke...




Dottie opened her eyes to see her captor slowly, carefully untying the ropes from around her legs.


Whtrudng,” she mumbled as he started to unlace the boot on her right leg, loosening it as he slowly pulled the leather away and exposed her covered leg.


“I will be leaving in a little awhile, Dottie,” he said as he took her foot in her mouth, “but before I go, I want you to know how completely and wonderfully arousing you are.”  He took her toes and put his lips over them, sucking each of them in turn as his fingers massaged the top of her foot.


MMGFdgffdfdffd,” Dottie moaned as he moved his arms up her leg, gently stroking it as he made his way up, before starting to remove the other boot, caressing and kissing her foot as he pulled the leather away.  This was something new to Dottie, and it was different, as were the feelings it was generating inside her.


Her captor started to work his way up her body, moving his hands round and between her legs before he untied her hands and arms.  As he removed the last of the ropes, he leaned over and kissed her breasts, before saying “Roll over, Dorothy, and put your hands behind your back.”


She did as he asked, feeling him raise her left hand up as he removed the glove and kissed her fingers then made his way slowly down her arm to her elbow, repeating this on the other side.  Dottie sighed, saying “plssmsmadmnfmnnanndfnndfnnfng” as she felt his gentle touch on her skin.


“Forgive me,” he said, “but I can only remove the gag if you promise not to scream or shout.  Do you promise that?”


Dottie nodded, waiting as he gently peeled away the tape and removed the stockings from her mouth.  “Thank you,” she gasped before saying “What are you going to do to me?”


“Can’t you guess,” he said as he kissed the back of her neck again.  “Lie down and enjoy.”  He pushed Dottie’s head gently down onto the cushion as he sat across her back, reaching round and massaging her breasts once more as he kissed her skin at her back.


Mmmmmmm,” Dottie moaned as he slipped his hands under the shoulder straps of her body stocking, pulling them down and over her arms before slowly pulling the sheer material down her upper body, kissing her back as he exposed more of her flesh.  Dottie moaned still more - it had been some time since she had been treated in this way, not counting that night in Newark, and she found herself enjoying it.


He pulled her wrists behind her back and started to wrap the white rope around them again, the cords sinking into her bare skin as he pulled them tightly together.  Dottie gasped, saying “what are you going to do to me,” as he pulled more rope around her arms, pulling them together before he kissed her back again, moving down her legs as he pulled the stocking further down her legs.  As his lips kissed her buttocks, Dottie moaned “Oh God,” realising that this time it may go all the way.


She allowed him to roll her over, and looked up as he sat astride her bare midriff, his hands caressing her breasts and massaging them as she closed her eyes again.  “Oh god,” she moaned, “Please, do what you want to do and do it quickly - I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.”


“I’m going to find out, Dottie,” he whispered as he bent down and kissed her nipples again, making his way up to her neck as he pressed down on her.  Dottie could feel the bulge in his pants as he did this, and found that - stimulating as well.  “Please,” she moaned loudly as he kissed her neck again, “Please, I’m not that beautiful woman...”


“But you are,” he whispered as he slid off and stood up, “and you need to know that.”  As he said this, he reached for the zip on his pants and dropped them stepping out as he pulled his boxer shorts down as well.  Dottie’s eyes widened as she saw him standing there, as he leaned over and kissed her lips fully, passionately, leaving no room for his intentions to be misunderstood as his hand slipped between Dottie’s legs and stroked her clit.


“Oh my god,” Dottie moaned as he removed his mouth, feeling the explosions between her legs, “what are you doing, why are you, OH GOD” she screamed as he kissed her nipples again, making them firm up.


“If you won’t be quiet, Dottie,” he said as he looked at her, “I will have to silence you.”  He kissed her nipples again; making her close her eyes and throw her head back as he sucked in time to the motion of his hands.


“OOOHHOHHHHGGOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!” she screamed, watching as he let go for a moment and walked away, returning with a roll of white medical tape.  “If you will not be quiet,” he said as he tore a strip off, “then I must make it difficult for you.”  He pressed the tape over her mouth, the material forming to the contours of her jaw, before moving down and kissing her clit.


“MDMSDMMFMDSMFMSMMMMM” Dottie moaned as she bucked at this, feeling her body exploding inside herself.  She watched as he looked up at her, before picking her up and placing her on the carpeted floor, spreading her legs apart as he moved between them.


“I think you’re ready,” he whispered as he moved in, Dottie feeling his cock in her passage as he pushed forward and gripping it despite herself.  As He leaned down and kissed her neck again, she moaned and started to move in time with him, bucking as he pushed in and out and her body started to cum in response.


PmllsdmmdsmmsfdmdfsfFFKKKKKMMMM” she screamed as she felt the pressure increasing within her, the throbbing intensifying as she gripped more and more tightly, wondering just how much longer she was going to be able to take it.


The answer came soon enough as she felt him exploding inside her, the flow strong as she bucked her body for one last, agonising moment and gripped him, determined to milk every moment for what it was worth.


Eventually she relaxed and allowed him to withdraw, panting through her gag as he pulled his pants back on.  Without saying a word, she watched as he rolled her over and pulled her legs back, crossing her ankles and binding them together before leaving her in a tight hogtie.


He picked his knife up and left it a few feet from her, before collecting his bag, in which he had placed her valuables.  “Goodbye, Dottie,” he said as he knelt down and kissed her forehead, Dottie watching his back as he walked out of the room and turned the light off.


She lay still for a few moments, before slowly starting to inch her way across the floor towards the gleaming blade....







“Good morning, Mrs Carr – you look refreshed this morning.  I trust you found somewhere nice to eat last night.”


“Actually, I stayed in,” Dorothy said as she stopped at the reception desk.  “I decided just to have some quality time instead.”  The receptionist nodded as he retrieved a holdall from below the desk.


“I believe this was left for you to collect,” he said with a smile, one returned by Dottie as she took it.  “Thank you,” she said quietly, “I trust everything will be cleared away?”


“I will take care of it personally,” he said as Dottie turned and walked to the lift.  Picking up the phone, he dialled a local number.




“Another satisfied customer – I’ll be in touch.”


At her meeting, Dottie smiled sweetly as people asked how she managed to look so awake, so relaxed.  She just said it was clean living – and new experiences...






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