The Philadelphia Story – Part 3









7.45 pm


“This is the bit that surprises me,” Lily whispered to Maddie as they all sat round the table, “how they just act is if nothing dangerous was going to happen.”


“I know,” Penny said, “but you can feel the tension starting to grow.”   She watched as Abby, Jo, Annie and Doc discussed school matters, while Dominique talked fashion with Juliette and Diana.  Sandy and Heather were discussing possible nannies for George, while Carina and Jan talked about the race course.


“Right,” Juliette said as she looked at her watch, “time.  Take a moment, gather your thoughts.”


The room went silent as they turned and looked at her.


“Dominique, ropes and equipment?”


“Packed and checked.”


“Maddie, supply bags?”


“Fully stocked and waiting in vehicles.  Each bag is labeled for the apartment or site, and in each apartment bag has individual bags for each likely resident.”


"The weapons are all cleaned and checked Diana."


"Okay listen up all, we do this military style." Juliette spoke. "Dominique will issue uniforms, Diana will act as armorer and issue weapons. The more specialized things you need for tonight will be issued by Heather... Does everyone understand?"

"YES!" a general shout came back.

"The same rules as always, nothing at all personal goes on the job, nothing identifiable, nothing that can inadvertently give Janice and her team of bloodhounds a scent to chase." Juliette smiled at her FBI friend.

"Buddy up, check each other, make sure all is just right."

"Clint how are the vehicles?"

"Perfect Ju and I've parked the second getaway cars where you said, for when you switch."

"Good...Any last minute problems ladies?"


“Just nerves,” Doc said with a little shiver.


“Good – a lack of nerves means you do not understand what is happening,” Juliette said as she stood up.  “It is time – ladies, let’s prepare.”


Dominique stood up and walked to a side room, returning with a clothes rack, bags hanging from them.  One by one they came up, taking a bag from Dominique and heading upstairs.


“Doc, our final uniforms are in the bag for the Kennedy apartment,” Dom said as the young girl came up.  “You and I need to wear overalls, so that we can get Annie and Lily in the front door and for the abseil.”


“Roger that,” Doc said as she took the bag handed to her, and Dom took the last bag.


“Come on,” Jo said to Abby, “let’s get the Thing to work.”


They walked up the stairs together as Doc and Dom followed them up.


“All right,” Dominique said as they went into a room, “strip and start to make yourself up.  Once we have control of the apartment, we’ll change into the uniform, but the makeup, wig – all need to be put on here.”



8.20 pm


Anna sat down on the couch, pulling nervously on the leather gloves as she then brushed some imaginary lint off the blue coveralls she was wearing.


"Are you okay Doc?"


Anna looked up and let out a little gasp as Carina came downstairs.  The four inch heels gave her extra height, while the leather jacket and skirt rippled as she walked.  Her blonde hair was hidden under the black page boy wig, and on the lapel of her jacket, next to the black scarf, was her jeweled pin in the shape of a lynx.

"Not totally,” Doc said quietly, “now it's getting close the butterflies inside are turning into vultures eating at my guts."

"Not a reference that I like, but 'she' thinks that sounds interesting." Cari smiled.

"How do you two co-exist like that? It's just so strange knowing there is a second person in you."

"I know it freaks people out,” Cari said as Maddie walked down, checking her scarf, “but to us it's just how things are."

“Contact lenses?”


Cari nodded as she said “Whatever happens, whatever you see, remember we love all our family.”


Anna nodded and then said “She just came out, didn’t she”


Cari merely smiled and nodded again as they looked to the far side of the room.


"What's up Doc?" Caroline said as she came down the stairs. "You know I've always wanted to use that line."

"Ha Di Ha Ha." Doc grimaced, "The girls at school do that all the time."

"She's getting nerves." Carina explained.

"The fearless Anna Carlton is nervous." Caroline sat down and gave her a hug.

"I know I'm supposed to be a bit...but I don't do patient very well, and my damn brain keeps playing out possible scenarios."

"That's the problem with hyper-intelligence, we have a tendency to over-think everything." Heather came in from the kitchen.

"Well I'll be better once I'm in action." Doc nodded.  “I can’t wait to get my outfit on.”


“Patience, little one,” Maddie said as she walked down with Penny, “the time is near.”

"Heather a strand of hair is getting out." Carina brushed her own head to indicate where.

"Okay thanks." Heather went to a mirror and adjusted her wig.

"We all look like peas in a pod." Doc smiled.

"That's the idea...identification comes only via the pins." Juliette spoke as she descended.

"And by height." Abby laughed as she came down, “My height is impossible to disguise."

"Wow I like the curves Abs." Doc smiled.

"Yeah the Thing does a great job of at least disguising my figure."

“Oh, so THAT’S what The Thing is,” Doc said as she looked at the transformed model.


"Little Sis you did remember none of your personal scent?" Heather asked as Joanne followed Abby down.

"I did...I'm not wearing any perfume."

"Caroline go fetch the shoulder-holsters please." Diana called from the top of the stairs.

"Will do."

"Just remember we need to keep noise to a minimum." Juliette reminded people as she came down.

"So where are the 'boys'” asked Abby.

"Right here." Clint smiled as two convincing looking guys followed him in from the kitchen.

"Did you put the thermals on Lily?" Diana asked.

"Yes I did." Lily smiled at hearing her own voice distorted to a baritone.

“This is so strange,” Annie said, and then laughed in her deep bass voice.


“Before we forget,” Juliette said, “Lily we need to tell you your Pussycat name.  Normally we’d give you a pin now as well, but that needs to wait until later.”


“Lily,” Penny said, “by common agreement, you will be known as Miss Manul.”


“Unusual, but I like it,” Lily said as she looked at the others.


"Alright 14 shoulder holsters, various sizes." Caroline opened the box. "I'll fit you each in turn."


One by one they walked up and allowed Caroline to fit the holster, checking it was comfortable before they each took a pistol from Diana.


"Okay check your guns and make sure they are loaded, that the safety is off, and that you can make a nice smooth draw from those holsters." Diana watched as the girls practiced.

"You have your coms...keep chatter to a minimum, ideally the only voice you'll hear is little sis keeping us informed...Got that?" Heather looked from woman to woman to check.


“Final inspection – line up ladies.”


Juliette walked down the two lines of women, making tiny adjustments to the outfits and smiling at Annie and Lily.


“Check each other now – make sure all personal items have been removed, no jewellery, nothing to identify us.”


The checks completed, Juliette took a pair of dark glasses and put them on, the others following suit as both Doc and Dominique also put on a baseball cap.


“All right ladies – let’s do this,” she said as she opened the door.  “And good luck to all of you.”


Doc nodded as she went to the first car with Dom, Janice taking Jo, Annie and Lily and driving off as the others followed.



9.25 pm

The Carlton Building


The cars pulled up in the underground car park as the engines were turned off.


"We use the sawn-offs to frighten, but for tonight use the pistols for your killing ladies." Juliette spoke on the com system. "The fewer people have any clue we are in the building the better, so no shotgun blasts setting off barking dogs, etc."

"Carina, Annie, Penny, make sure you gag anyone before you do what you want to do." Diana spoke, "We don't need screams alerting people either."

"Pity, the noise just adds to the thrill....but I do understand." The Beast answered.

"Anyone under puberty is treated as a child and not harmed." Heather reminded everyone. "Deliver any you happen upon to the safe bedroom."

"Gotcha." a couple of voices responded.

"Just remember that terror trumps bravery ladies." Juliette spoke. "Get them all so frightened they'll be pliable and easy to manage."


"There is a utility closet just off the fire stairs.  Lily you get the doorman and the guy on reception in there, and then..."

"I lose my virginity." Lily sounded steady.

"Two in the chest, one in the brain Lily, just like I taught you." Dominique told her.

"I know, and I know we can't have them in there potentially making noise."

"Lily it's the cleanest and safest way...even Madame approved when I spoke to her earlier."

"I'll do what I have to Dom."

"Jan I'll open the elevator doors for you." Jo spoke. "In the back of the head and they fall forward down the shaft."

"That's as good a place as anywhere to put two bodies." Janice responded with a small laugh.


"Anyone asks where the two regular guys are what do you say?"

"They have food poisoning, a bad microwave meal or something, we were hired by the building superintendent from an agency." Annie replied.

"So where is the super going to be?" asked Lily.

"Dead in his apartment. Just leave him to me." Diana spoke, "he's my first job on entry."

"All calls will come to the desk, so you explain the super's not well either and deal with the calls as best you can."

"Gotcha Ju." Lily replied.


"Five people are dead and they don't even know it yet." The information both frightened and thrilled Doc. It was hitting home, this was the real thing, and this was a Pussycat Gang robbery.


“All right – Lily, Annie, go.”


The men in the security room saw two men get out of a car and walk to the lift, shrugging as they went in.


“Who do you think they are?”


“Just colleagues of Bert and Ern outside I imagine,” the second man said as he looked at the monitors, not seeing the two women get out of the car and walk over to the lift.



In the reception area, the two men were sitting at the desk, watching the world go by.


“Quiet night, Ern?”


“Yeah Bert, not a lot…”


He looked over as the lift doors open, only to see two men in their uniforms walk out, each carrying a sawn off shot gun.


“Don’t even think of touching that alarm, ass hole,” the taller of the two said as he cocked the gun and pointed it at them.  “There’s a closet over there – get into it, fast as you can.”


“What the hell is this?”


“You got an order, mate,” the other man said, “MOVE!”


Slowly, the two men got up and walked to the utility closet, the second man opening the door as they were forced in.


“Turn round.”


The two men turned to see the first man draw a silenced pistol from his holster – and then there were six soft phuts, as Miss Manul shot them in the chest and head.


“The first is always the worst,” Miss Snow Leopard whispered as they slumped to the floor.  Guiding Miss Manul out, she closed and locked the closet door before they took their positions behind the desk, watching as the lift doors opened again.


“Hey – what happened to Bert and Ern,” an older woman said as she walked out, a fur coat round her body.


“Food poisoning – we just got called in,” Miss Manul said as she went and opened the door, saluting as the woman walked out.  As she closed the door, the fire door opened and two stocking masked women walked quickly to the security room.


“Good evening, dahlins,” Miss Bobcat said as she and Miss Ocelot walked into the room, their shotguns primed, “be good little angels and move away from the console, won’t ya?”


“What the fuck…”


“Hush,” Miss Ocelot said as she looked at the young man, “both of you stand up and walk with me.  Miss Bobcat?”


“Oh fuck,” the older man said with a shaking voice, “you’re fucking Pussycats.”


“Oh he’s a clever one, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she sat at the desk.  “Why don’t you go and make them real comfortable.”


“Let’s go,” Miss Ocelot said as she opened the door, and motioned for the two men to walk in front of her.  “And do nothing to raise the alarm or you die.”


Nodding, the two men walked out, the doorman and desk manager ignoring them as they walked to the lift.  As the lift doors opened, they saw the lift cables – and then the blinding light as the bullet entered the back of their heads, their bodies falling forward before the lift doors closed again.


Walking back to the security room, Miss Ocelot nodded as Miss Bobcat said “secured – next wave, dahlins.”


“Go,” Miss Cheetah said as Miss Leopard, Miss Civet and Miss Oncilla left the car and walked to the lifts.


“Stand by – couple coming down in the lift,” Miss Bobcat said as she consulted a tablet.  “Occupants of apartment 7B.”


Miss Manul nodded as she stood up and walked to the door, waiting for the young couple to come out and opening the door for them as the lift went to the car park.


As the doors opened, the three women walked in, Miss Leopard smiling under her stocking mask.


“First floor, second floor, fifteenth floor Miss Bobcat.”


“Copy that,” Miss Bobcat said as she worked the controls.  At the first floor, the doors opened to allow Miss Snow Leopard to come in, taking a bag from Miss Civet.


On the second floor, Miss Leopard nodded and stepped out, making her way to apartment 2D as the lift doors closed.  Walking at an even pace, she stopped and knocked on the apartment door.


“Yeah, what is it,” a male voice called out.  She did not reply, but just knocked again.


“Hold your flaming horses,” the voice said again as she heard someone unlocking the door.  As it opened, she saw a slightly overweight man in his late forties, wearing a checked shirt over a grey t-shirt, jeans and work boots.


“Are you the superintendant,” she asked as she looked at him.


“Who wants to know?”


“I do,” she said as she drew her pistol and shot him in the forehead, watching as he fell back and stepping over his body before she dragged him inside and closed the door.  She quickly searched the apartment, and then nodded as she moved his body into the main room.


“Miss Cheetah?  We are good to go.”


On the building roof, the three women walked to the edge, and then unpacked the ropes, Miss Civet securing them to the roof as they let them drop quietly over the edge of the building.


“At least there is not much wind tonight,” Miss Civet said as she looked down, and then at her watch.  “9.50 pm – are you both ready?”


The other two nodded, as Miss Oncilla suddenly moaned.


“Yeah,” Miss Snow Leopard said in answer to the unasked question, “take it, use it – and take courage from it.”


“Positions,” Miss Civet said as she checked the ropes on the other two, and Miss Snow Leopard checked her, before they stood on the edge of the roof, their hands holding the rope.


“And – go…”


9.55 pm

Apartment 12A


“Have you two washed and brushed your teeth?”


“Yes Dad.”


“Well come in here and say goodnight then,” Alan Kennedy said as he sat in a leather armchair.  Dressed in an open necked shirt, jeans and slippers, he smiled as Dawn and Andrew came in.  His younger daughter was wearing a pair of pink Hello Kitty pajamas, while his son was wearing a dark blue short-sleeved pajama top and shorts.


“Are your bags ready for school tomorrow,” Zoe Kennedy said as she sat, her legs curled under her on a long recliner.  She was wearing a cream coloured blouse and white jodhpurs, with white socks pulled up over her lower legs.


“Yes, mom,” Andrew said as he rolled his eyes.


“All right then,” Alan said, “give your mom a kiss good night, and then what the hell….”


His change in wording was the result of the doors of his balcony opening and three people waking in, all wearing stocking masks and with shotguns in their hands.  Two were dressed in blue coveralls, and the third wore the uniform of one of the doormen, but all had short black hair.


“Don’t move a fucking muscle,” the taller of the two blue clad people said as she aimed her shotgun at the family, “sit down, put your hands on your heads, and don’t make a sound.”


“Daddy, what’s going on,” Dawn said as she grabbed her father’s arm.


“Just do as you’re told and you’ll be fine, little one,” the other blue clad person said as Zoe sat up, “sit on the floor, legs crossed, hands on your heads, and keep really really quiet.”


“Do… Do as they say, kids,” Alan said, watching as his children sat down and then holding Zoe.


“What the fuck…”


“Get in there,” the man growled in a deep male voice as he pushed Sharon into the room.  The young teenager was wearing a vest top with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and shorts,


“Oh fuck – it’s a robbery isn’t it,” she said as she looked at her father.


“Yes – so please, just do as they say,” Alan whispered, “I don’t want any of you hurt.”


Sharon nodded as she sat down, placing her hands on her head as she tried to smile at her younger brother and sister.


“Right – not a word,” the taller woman said as she pressed her hand to her ear.  “We’re in – get the others up here.”


“Others?  What others,” Zoe said, only to have her face slapped by the man as he said “I thought we told you all to be quiet?”


“Don’t hurt them…”


“Mister Kennedy, you are not in a position to dictate what we do or do not do,” the taller woman said, “but don’t take my word for it.  Someone wishes to talk to you.”


The other woman walked out of the front room, as Alan heard the front door of the apartment open, and another six women walked in.  All were identically dressed – black fitted leather jackets, knee length tight leather skirts, dark stockings, high heels and leather gloves.  Each one had a dark scarf tied round their necks and tucked into the front of their jackets, and a stocking pulled down over their heads, their short black hair pressed down under it.


And each had a cat shaped jeweled brooch on the lapel of their jackets, as well as shotguns in their hands, as several large canvas bags were placed quietly on the floor.


“Good evening Mister Kennedy,” one of the women said as she walked forward, while the masked man walked out of the apartment, “allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Miss Panther, and we are the Pussycat Gang.  So, if you value your life, and your family, you will stay very very quiet, and do exactly what we tell you, do you understand?”


Alan looked at the women, his mouth open as he slowly and silently nodded.


“Good – Miss Margay, Miss Tigress, please ensure we cannot be disturbed by any calls.  Miss Cheetah, Miss Wildcat, select a room for the younger generation to be comfortable in.  And as for you five – be good little hostages, and behave, understand?”


Alan hugged Dawn and Andrew as he nodded, saying “please, they’re just kids…”


“Don’t worry – we’re going to keep them out of the way,” Miss Panther said, “after all, they do not need to hear what we are going to discuss, do they?”


Four of the women moved into the rest of the apartment, as another said “All five of you, on your knees, facing each other.”


“Do as they say,” Alan whispered as they knelt in a circle.


“Miss Puma, Miss Tigress, begin.”


As the two blue clad women picked up a holdall and walked to a bedroom, the last two opened a bag and took a plastic bag out, kneeling behind the two younger children as they took out a doubled length of rope.


“Put your arms by your sides,” the tall woman said, “we’re going to make sure you can’t move your arms, and then you’re going to have a sleepover of your very own in a bedroom.  Just relax and you’ll both be all right.”


Andrew and Dawn watched each over as the rope was draped round their necks, and then wound down their arms, pulling them behind their backs and securing their arms together before they were pulled further up their backs so that they were tied in place.


“All right kids, stand up,” one of the masked women said as she came back in, “and come with me.”


Dawn and Andrew looked at their father, who nodded and said “do as they say kids – I’ll see you later.”


They walked off with the masked woman, the other three watching as they were taken into a bedroom and the door closed.


“Right,” Miss Panther said, her voice now harder, “listen up you three bastards.  Any of you – ANY OF YOU – do anything that may raise the alarm and we drop you right there and then.  We are in charge, and you will do exactly what we say, no matter what.  Understand, mother fuckers?”


“What the fuck gives you the right to…”


“These fucking guns give us the right,” one of the smaller women said as she pressed her gun into Zoe’s stomach, “would you like me to demonstrate?”


“Zoe, please…”


“Listen to your husband, cock sucker – oh sorry, spoilers for later,” the woman said, smiling through her mask.


“Now now Miss Lynx – Miss Puma, help Miss Leopard to secure the two women, will you – and make sure they know they cannot move.”




“Why do you have to do this to us?” Andrew said to the two masked women as they closed the door.


“I know it’s a bit scary,” the masked woman said, “but I’m going to make sure you don’t get hurt.  We need to talk to your daddy, and he needs to do something for us, and us looking after you means we make sure he does it.  Now, sit on the bed please – we need to make sure you can’t move your legs and get off the bed without our help.”


The two children nodded and sat on the bed, watching as the two women tied their ankles tightly together, and then their legs below their knees, before tying some rope from their ankles to the foot of the bed.


“What’s your name,” Dawn asked as she tried to move her legs.


“I’m called Miss Cheetah - do you see my brooch?”


“It’s very pretty,” Dawn said.


“Well, I’m named after it.  Now, I’m going to put a DVD into your portable player and put it between you, and put some earbuds into your ears so that you can hear.  But at the same time, I need to stop you both from talking, by putting one of these sponges into your mouth and then some tape over your mouths.  When that’s done, just breathe through your noses, and enjoy the movie, all right?”


“And you’ll stay with us?”


“And I’ll stay with you Andrew – now, open your mouth nice and wide, and we’ll do this.”


As Andrew had the sponge pushed into his mouth, he felt it press his tongue down and then the white tape as it pulled on his skin, while the masked woman smoothed it over his mouth with her gloved hands.  He watched as Dawn had her mouth silenced in the same way, and then she placed some earbuds in their ears, using two of his sister’s headbands to keep them in before she started the Scooby Doo movie.



“Does it have to be so fucking tight,” Sharon protested as the ropes were pulled tightly round her chest by Miss Leopard.


“I don’t know, do you have to be such a mewling quim,” Miss Leopard responded, before she pulled the ropes tighter, Sharon’s vest top stretching almost to breaking point over it.


“Alan, who the hell are these – OW – these bitches,” Zoe said as Miss Puma pulled the ropes tightly under her arms.


“They’re bank robbers – I mean they’re going to rob the bank tomorrow,” Alan said as he struggled, his arms held firmly to his sides, and felt his ankles being secured together.


“That’s right,” Miss Tigress giggled as she stood with Miss Lynx, “but don’t worry, we’ll make sure you don’t pass the night in total boredom…”


“And what the fuck do you mean by that?”


“Oh she had to ask,” Miss Puma said as she reached round and tightly squeezed Zoe’s chest, making her gasp and sigh as she massaged her breasts.


“Oh fuck…”


“Mister Kennedy, did we say you could talk,” Miss Panther said as she kicked Alan in the crotch, making him double over in pain.


“Aww, that hurt him – someone should kiss it better,” Miss Leopard said.


“I think you’re right – but which of the cock suckers should it be?”


Miss Panther looked at the two women, and then said “the she-bitch he calls his wife looks as if she’s already sucked him dry – let the bastard daughter do the honours.”


“No – please, don’t make her…”


“Listen up, you fucking little bastard,” Miss Panther whispered in his ear as she pulled the pistol from her holster and placed it to his head, “get to your feet, and let your cock sucking little daughter enjoy herself.”


Miss Margay and Miss Wildcat forced Alan to his feet as Miss Tigress pulled his pants down, his manhood hanging for all to see while Sharon was forced to shuffle over to him.


“Oh god,” she whispered, “please don’t make me do this…”


“Do it,” Miss Tigress said as she placed a gun against the young girl’s head, “or see your blood over his cock.”


“You fucking psychos, how dareummmdmddmmmmmmm”


Zoe almost choked as the sponge was pushed into her mouth, and then the white tape wound tightly round her head by Miss Lynx.


“There now,” she said with a smile as she took the rope between her legs, pulling it up and making her give a muffled squeal as it dug between her legs, “let’s make sure you don’t feel left out.”


“Status report, Miss Bobcat,” Miss Panther whispered.


“All good – the couple in 10A came in, and Miss Manul makes a very effective doorman.”


“I heard that,” the male voice said before she said “Good evening Madame.”


“Who was that?”


“Woman who asked earlier where the others were.  No problems.”


“Good – keep us posted.  We need to pay our first visit at 11.30 pm.”


“Please, I’m begging you…”


“Hush,” Miss Margay said as she pushed Alan forward, and looked at his daughter, “have you ever sucked a man off before?”


Sharon swallowed and then nodded slowly as her father looked at her.


“Good, then you know what to do,” Miss Wildcat said, Sharon nodding as she started to gently kiss her father’s cock, and then take it into her mouth, his groans as he did so loud and clear.


"So blatantly fake." Miss Lynx said as she weighed the wife's 38D's in her hands. "Same as the hair, the nose, etc." she laughed under her mask. "Did you realize how much of your wife is artificial before you married her?"

The husband struggled against his bonds as Carina played with the woman's nipple causing it to harden and enlarge.

"Did you know also that her real name is Carrie Sue Baker and that she's actually 33 years old, and far from going to Dobbs Ferry then Wellesley, she went to good old Farmington High in Kansas and then dropped out of community college."

"We did some research." Miss Margay purred as she pulled the bitch's hair, causing her to try to yell in pain. "This bitch hooked you, reeled you in, and now she and her boyfriend are beginning to suck you dry....Rather like your dear daughter’s doing." She laughed evilly as she watched.


“Oh god, please, is this true,” Alan pleaded, but his wife just looked away as he felt the throbbing growing stronger and stronger between his legs, Sharon unable to speak as he filled her mouth and pressed her tongue down.


Suddenly his eyes opened wide as he came in Sharon’s mouth, the young girl unable to pull back as the pistol was held to her head.  She swallowed as much as she could, as her father whispered, “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry…”


“That’s it, swallow it all down you little slut,” Miss Panther whispered, “plenty more where that came from…”




"Here comes trouble, a cop coming this way." Miss Manul whispered.

"Just be cool." Miss Bobcat replied as the policeman walked up.

"Hey where's Ern?" the copper asked.

"Food Poisoning mate, so he gets to be waited on by some good looking nurses while I get to come stand out here."

"Hey you're English."

"Born and bred."

"My old man was originally from Devon county, where are you from."

"Yorkshire...up in the north."

"Okay I think I know where that is...anyway I hope you don't get too damn cold, send Ern my wishes."

"I'll tell 'em inside."

"You do." the cop whistled as he walked on.

"Well?" asked Miss Manul.

"I'm monitoring police bands, he doesn't seem to be calling anything in." Miss Bobcat replied.

"Yeah I think he was just the friendly type." Miss Manul shook herself and stamped her feet trying to keep warm, being a doorman would have to count among the worst things she'd ever done. Getting taxis for people, helping people out of cabs, giving instructions to visitors as to how to access parking, and it wasn't as if the tips were that great either, she had about thirty-five bucks in her pocket.

Still at least she was doing it without arousing suspicion and they had kept the normal flow of people in and out the building working while things went on unseen inside.


Through the door she could see Miss Snow Leopard at the desk, talking with some of the residents and answering the phone.  At some point, she was going to take a break and then she could come in, get something hot to drink – a thought that kept her warm…


"The things you get to see." Miss Bobcat said as she smiled at Miss Ocelot. "The woman in 9C - I just saw her kissing a guy in her doorway as he left. Twenty minutes later another guy pulls up she lets him in with a kiss, and I'm willing to swear this guy's her husband."

"Meaning the guy earlier was her boyfriend...I see what you mean,” Her partner laughed.


“Wonder what’s happening up there now?”


“Hopefully, something quiet.”




“Good girl,” Miss Tigress said as she removed the gun, Miss Civet and Miss Oncilla watching in their jackets and skirts.  Zoe was shaking her head as she watched the woman called Miss Lynx go into the bag.


"I've been reading how hard it is to damage modern cohesive gel implants accidentally bitch, but I'd like to try a couple of experiments." Miss Lynx pulled out a small surgical kit and laid it down where the victim could see it. "Let's see if I can drain one of these without killing you first."

The look of pure terror on the woman's face was like nectar to a goddess. The Beast loved this, she loved seeing the earth shaking fear her actions encouraged, she fed off the terror and fear, nourishing that little thing that passed as her soul.

Slowly Carina ran a scalpel over the woman's breast, not cutting, just absorbing the fear in the woman as she felt the metal against her bare flesh. Delicately she used the tip to make the tiniest puncture, the blood dripping down towards the nipple.

"Slut,” she said as she looked at Sharon, “you get to clean step-mommy’s little bleeding up...use your tongue and lick her till the blood stops flowing."


Sharon nodded as she shuffled over, and started to use her tongue on Zoe’s breast, trying to be as gentle as possible.


"There's a safe in the bedroom Miss Panther." Miss Wildcat said as she emerged from the room.

"Now just what are we going to need to do to you Mister Manager to get you to open that up for us like a nice, good, boy?" Juliette purred the words. "WELL?" her tone suddenly strident as she grabbed him by his hair and pulled.

"Nothing, nothing, I'll be cool....just don't do anymore to my family please."

"Oh I never make promises I know I'm not going to keep." Miss Panther's voice returned to its usual purr. "Miss Margay, Miss Puma, just go and open it and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid please."


The two women forced Alan to his feet and marched him off as Miss Panther looked across the room.


“Miss Civet, Miss Oncilla – good hunting.”


The taller woman nodded as the other picked up a bag.


“Miss Bobcat, do we have clear access to the lift?”


“Five seconds…  Lift is waiting for you.”


The two women walked quickly over and got into the lift, the younger woman closing her eyes and saying “Oh shit – is this how it always feels?”


“Fairly much, but now concentrate – the Rowans are our concern for the next hour or so.”


The lift door stopped as Miss Bobcat said “Clear access to 12B.  Have fun.”


The two women walked quickly over, Dominique holding the gun while Doc used a set of lock picks to open the apartment door.  As she opened it, they slipped inside and looked at each other.  The apartment was in near darkness, but they could hear music playing from a bedroom.


Nodding, they walked over to where they could see the light under a door, Miss Civet cocking the gun as Miss Oncilla threw the door open.


Chris Rowan looked up from the bed; a pair of glasses perched on his nose, and stared at the two masked and elegantly dressed women who marched into the bedroom.  Miss Oncilla pulled back the covers, revealing his red pajamas, as Miss Civet whispered “Your wife – where is she?”


He pointed to the door as Miss Oncilla produced a length of rope, and started to bind his arms, winding the rope down his arms as she pulled them behind him.  As she did so, Miss Civet walked to the door, listening to the sound of running water through the wood.


As the water was turned off, Miss Oncilla pulled a knotted scarf into Rowan’s mouth, tying it tightly round his head, and then wound duct tape tightly round his head to keep the gag in place.


“Chris, darling, could you make sure the bed is turned down on my side,” a woman called through, Miss Civet waiting as the door opened and Daphne Rowan walked in, wearing a white nightdress with a ribbon holding her graying hair back.


“Chris, I said…”


“If you open your mouth to scream or do anything more than say yes, I will kill you right now,” Miss Civet said as she drew her pistol and held it against Daphne’s head, “understand?”


“Yes,” the woman whispered as she raised her arms.


“Very good – go and join your husband on the bed, and we’ll make you nice and comfortable.”


“Who are you,” she whispered as she looked at her husband.


“Hush, stand with your arms by your side,” Miss Civet said as Miss Oncilla picked up the shotgun and aimed it at her husband, “there’s a good girl.”







Sharon looked at the masked woman as Miss Lynx examined Zoe’s breasts, squeezing roughly as she moaned.


“Well, I have another question.  Does the gel in them burn, do you know?" Miss Lynx smiled under her mask as she flipped a bic lighter on and off.


"Shall we find out?" She grabbed the woman's breast and ran the nipple through the flame, not long enough to cause serious damage, but guaranteed to cause some pain and a lot of shock.

"Oh this one is such a coward." Miss Tigress laughed as she held the victim’s shoulders as Carina started inflicting a series of tiny burns on the woman's chest.




“Oh no – I must have my answers,” Miss Lynx said, “Is it melting?  Can you feel it – or is something else bothering you, you little cow?  Wondering how we know so much of your little secrets?”


Zoe screamed into her gag in fury and pain, as Miss Tigress held her down.





The Rowans looked up from the bed, unable to move with their bound ankles pulled back and secured to the ropes around their chests.  While the smaller of the two female intruders was taking their sketches down from the walls, removing them from the frames and placing them in tubes, the other woman had managed to open their bedroom safe and was loading their gems into a bag.


Their mouths covered with the band of duct tape, they could only look at each other, and wonder what would happen next.


“Very nice,” the woman said as she drew the bag closed, “Miss Oncilla how goes it?”


“All sketches rolled and packed,” she said as she came in, “so what shall we do now?”


“I have an idea,” Miss Civet said as she pulled on the rope she had tied between Daphne’s legs, making her moan as it rubbed against her clit.  Miss Oncilla walked over to stand next to Chris, her hand slipping under his body.


“Oh, this one is turned on,” she said as she started to stroke his cock, then rolled him over to one side, making him face Daphne as she started to stroke his member.


She didn’t notice – her eyes were closed as waves of pleasure started to sweep through her, Miss Civet gasping as she pushed her closer and closer to the edge.


“HMSWWWTLLRDDDD” she suddenly screamed out as she convulsed, and Miss Oncilla felt Chris jump under her hand.


“There – they’re happy now,” she said as the couple looked at each other.


“What a nice way to go,” Miss Civet said as she shot them both point blank in the head, the red seeping into the covers as Miss Oncilla gasped and sank to her knees.


“Still a long way to go,” Miss Civet said as she shouldered her pistol.  “Miss Bobcat, we need a clear way back to the twelfth floor.”


“Two minutes Miss Civet.”



Zoe gasped through her gag as Miss Lynx made a small incision, the gel leaking out as she squeezed her breasts.


“Well, I think that answers that question,” Miss Lynx said as she stood up, watching as Alan Kennedy was marched back in and forced to sit in the chair, Miss Puma securing his legs.


“Success,” Miss Leopard said as Miss Civet and Miss Oncilla returned.


“Very much so.”


“Good – Miss Tigress, Miss Margay, you may go now.”


The two tall women nodded as they picked up a bag and walked off.


“Miss Oncilla, accompany me for a moment please,” Miss Puma said as they walked upstairs.  Looking in the bedroom, they saw Miss Cheetah nod back as she stroked the heads of the two younger children, scarves tied over their eyes and ears as they lay there.


They then saw Miss Wildcat emerge from a bedroom, a big smile on her face as she walked back down, her hips swaying under her leather skirt.




“You’ll need to wait a minute, dahlins,” Miss Bobcat said, “two couples just came in.”


“Thank you,” the slightly inebriated man said as he walked across the floor, Lily watching as he, the second man and the two women got in.


“Apartment 7C,” she heard Jo say, “we’ll let them get home before I bring the other two down.”


Annie nodded as they entered the lift, and then watched one going up, the other one descending from the 12th to the 11th floor.


As the doors opened, Miss Margay and Miss Tigress stepped out, making their way to the apartment door as Miss Tigress knocked on it.


“One minute,” they heard a woman say, and then the door opened to reveal a dark haired woman in a pair of blue silk pyjamas.


“What is it ohfuckshitno….”


“Oh fuck shit yes,” Miss Margay said as they pushed Candy Deans back into her apartment, Miss Tigress pressing against her stomach with the sawn off shotgun as Miss Tigress checked the rest of the apartment.  “All clear,” she eventually said as she came back, “so turn around bitch – we’re pussycats, and we’ve come to take your cream.”





"Little Miss Sharon, you've been keeping secrets." Miss Wildcat laughed as she came in holding the corset, boots, and riding crop she'd found in a hidden compartment in the girls armoire.


Sharon looked on, eyes wide in shock at first, but then she nodded and blushed.

"Oh little Miss Sunshine is secretly a sadist as well." Miss Lynx laughed. "Why do I bet you've been dreaming for months of doing just we are doing to your step-mother?"

"I hate the fucking bitch." Sharon suddenly snarled, "And yeah I wish it was me doing that to her."

"Sharon!" her father exclaimed in shock.

"Dad she's a no good whore....You deserve better, she's not got just one boyfriend.   I reckon there are at least three she's keeping happy with YOUR money."

"Ulitttlrmp." The stepmother looked daggers at her through pain filled eyes.


“Oh shut the fuck up you stupid cunt,” Miss Lynx said as she brought the back of her hand across her cheek.  “At least she admits it and stands tall.  You – you’ve been a lying little cunt for so long you’ve forgotten how to do that.”


“Mgnnkllluu,” Zoe said as she tried to straighten herself.


"That mane of fake blonde hair annoys me." Miss Puma said as she and Miss Oncilla emerged downstairs, one carrying a pair of scissors, the other a razor.  “I wish to remove it from my sight.”


“Oh god, what are you going to do with that?”


“Listen, you little mother fucking piece of shit,” Miss Panther said as she pulled back on Alan’s hair, “you need to keep quiet.”  She shoved a pair of panties into his mouth and taped it over, Sharon watching.


“What about you?”


“No – I’ll be quiet.  I want to see the bitch suffer.”

"Hold her still." Miss Oncilla demanded as Miss Wildcat pressed down on Zoe’s shoulders.  She started cutting away huge hanks of the woman’s hair, leaving it to fall about her, as she was systematically degraded. On and on the cutting went, the pain made worse when one of the women held a mirror up so the bitch could see how bad she looked.

When the cutting had finished Miss Puma took over with the razor, scraping away what was left, leaving the woman humiliated at the sight of her own baldness.


“I think she needs a change of position,” Miss Lynx said.  “But first – Miss Margay, would you and Miss Leopard take the gentleman of the house to his bedroom?  He needs to rest – he has an early start.”


The two women nodded as they hooked their arms under Alan’s and frog marched him to the staircase, making him jump up the stairs as Miss Cheetah walked down.


“The children are sleeping – we need to check them every thirty minutes,” she said as she stood with Miss Puma, “have I missed much?”


“You’re just in time, I want this bitch tied to the back of the couch, legs spread.”


Miss Cheetah nodded as she untied Zoe’s legs, and made her stand, the last of her clothes falling down as she was forced to stand at the back of the leather two seater couch.


“Move and you die now,” she said as she tied her ankles to the back feet of the couch, and then pushed her over, Miss Lynx tying a rope between her breasts and tightening the harness even more as she pulled it down and tied it to the coffee table.


“Untie her,” Miss Lynx then said as she looked at Sharon, “her honesty and insight deserves a reward.”


The seventeen year old looked at the masked women as the ropes were removed, and she slowly stood up, rubbing her wrists.


"Sharon, can I invite you to do the honors please." Miss Lynx invited in a friendly tone as she looked at Zoe.

"Here" Miss Puma passed her the riding crop as she walked over.


“You’re serious, aren’t you?”


“Do we look as if we joke about these things,” Miss Panther said quietly.


Sharon smiled as she gave the riding crop a swish in the air.  "Now I've got you, you no good lying, fucking slut." She whispered as she started to beat the older woman severely on her back and buttocks, punctuating each stroke with a fresh expletive.


"Under other circumstances I could maybe like to get to know young Sharon." Carina whispered to her mother.

"She does seem a very nice girl...just spread the word we leave her alive."

"The step-mother?"

"Darling I'm sure the Beast already has a death in mind for her."


She nodded as the others gasped, Miss Puma and Miss Cheetah stroking themselves as they watched, Miss Oncilla gasping…






“Plsssdnttdths,” Candy Deans moaned through the tape band that covered her mouth, her panties held in place underneath as the ropes pressed into her arms and chest.


“Oh shut up you stupid bitch,” Miss Tigress said as Miss Margay searched the house, “anyone would think you were enjoying it.”  She yanked on the rope she had tied between her legs, smiling as Candy closed her eyes and moaned.


“Miss Tigress, dahlin?”


“Yes, my dear Miss Bobcat?”


“Miss Snow Leopard is on a break.  Any possibility of a plaything?”


Miss Tigress looked at Candy and grinned as she said “I have something sweet, but I need a clear window of opportunity.”


“You have it now – the lift is waiting.”


“Copy that – Miss Margay, please return to base when you are finished.  I have a delivery to make.”


The other woman nodded as Miss Tigress dragged Candy to the door of her apartment, and then to the waiting lift.


“You are in for a fun time,” she said as Candy stared at her, and then at the doors as they opened, and she was dragged behind the reception desk.


“Is he in there,” Miss Tigress said to the doorman, who nodded as he sat behind the desk.  Opening the door, he pushed Candy in as the second man turned and looked.


“Very nice – thank you, Miss Tigress,” he said as the tall masked woman closed the door, and he walked over, stroking the cheek of the young actress.


“We are going to have so much fun,” he said as he squeezed her chest hard.




“Hush,” he said as he produced a knife, and slowly cut away her top, “let us enjoy the moment…”


Candy watched as the man pulled her pajama top open, and then placed his hands on her chest, massaging it as he looked into her eyes.


“You are a beautiful little thing,” he whispered as he groped the actress, her moans of fear mixed with the shocked arousal she was feeling, “and we are going to have such a wonderful time together.”


He started to kiss her breasts, pulling on her nipples with his lips as she moaned and wriggled under her.  She could feel them firming, and worse, she was enjoying the sensations he was forcing on her.


“Whtrudnggtmmm,” she moaned as she closed her eyes – and then opened them wide as she screamed, the metal clamps on her nipples biting into her flesh.


“Oh shut up you little fuck machine,” he growled as he pulled her pants off, and then bent her leg, binding her ankle to her thigh tightly with rope, “you have no idea how much I’m going to enjoy this…”








“There, you fucking bastard – I feel so much better for that,” Sharon said as she leaned over and whispered into her ear, and then let out a long, low moan as she reached down her shorts and thrust her own fingers into her passage.


“As I suspected, a woman after our own hearts,” Miss Wildcat said, “but with regret, we must now make sure you cannot raise the alarm.”


“I know,” Sharon eventually gasped, “make sure it is tight, I need to be punished.”


“Consider it reward,” Miss Panther said as Miss Tigress and Miss Margay came back in.


“Miss Panther dahlin, I need a word.”


“Take Sharon to her room,” Miss Panther said to Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress, “give her her reward, and make her secure.”


“Bring her up,” Miss Lynx said as Miss Tigress took her arm, “she is to be treated properly.”


“My apologies Miss Bobcat, proceed.”


“We’ve had complaints to the super from the apartment next door – the male resident there has heard some loud noises.  I think you may need to pay a visit.”


“I understand – do we have a clear floor?”


“You do.”


“Miss Puma, Miss Leopard, Miss Margay, Miss Wildcat – the neighbours are complaining.  Kindly show them the error of their ways.”


The women nodded as they walked to the front door, checking the corridor as they walked down to the next apartment.  Miss Margay nodded to the others as she knocked on the apartment door.


“Who the hell is it?”


“We understand you complained about the noise next door – we’ve come to apologise.”


The door was unlocked and thrown open by a balding, overweight man in a dressing gown.


“Now,” Miss Leopard said, “we are the Pussycat Gang, and we are busy next door.  What were you complaining about?”


The man looked at them, and gurgled, his eyes bulging as he fell to the ground, staring at the ceiling.


"Fuck,” Miss Puma said, “we never got that reaction before."

"He's dead," Miss Margay felt for a pulse in his neck, and then pulled him back into the apartment, the others walking in.

"Heart attack at the shock of who we are." Miss Leopard said as she looked down at the corpse.

"Well it proves that our reputation is what we wanted...truly terrifying."

"Are you sure he's dead?" Miss Bobcat asked over the intercom.

"Yeah he snuffed it." Miss Wildcat noted. "Work the lifts, we will send him down the shaft as well."

"Will do."


“Nobody else in,” Miss Puma said as she walked back.


“All right,” Miss Puma said as she lifted the dead man up, “let’s do this and get back.  We still have a lot of things to do.”





"Just try and keep dad alive please?" Sharon asked as Miss Lynx re-tied her, pulling her bound ankles and securing them to the ropes she had tied round her chest, her arms bound parallel to each other behind her back.  A rope ran from between her breasts, through her legs and pressing on her crotch as it was secured to her back.

"We'll try,” the masked woman said, “but it really does depend on him doing just as he's told."

"I'll talk to him, tell him how much the kids and I need him, tell him we don't need a dead hero, we need our father."

"That would certainly help us do our job."

"You aren't so bad for a murdering psychopath." Sharon smiled.

"You aren't so bad yourself...I was saying earlier that other circumstances..."

"I know, I was thinking the same."


“Now, open wide – you need to be quiet as we go about our work.”


Sharon nodded as she accepted the panties in her mouth from Miss Tigress, and then felt the tape as it pressed down on her mouth and cheeks.


“Rest,” Miss Lynx said, Sharon nodding as they left the room, and then pulled the rope with her arms, moaning softly.


Zoe looked up as Miss Lynx walked back down.


“She is secured?”


Miss Panther smiled as the other woman nodded.


“Miss Wildcat, Miss Puma, you have business on the 9th floor.  Miss Civet, Miss Cheetah, the 3rd.  We’ll check the family at regular intervals.”


“But you,” Miss Lynx said as she stroked her hand down Zoe’s back, “we have unfinished business, you and I.”


Zoe mewled as Miss Lynx pushed her gloved fingers between the woman’s legs, feeling the dampness as she started to moan.


“That’s right, Mrs. Zoe Kennedy, Miss Carrie Sue Baker, enjoy this, feel the pleasure as I do.”


Zoe was too scared to do anything other than moan through the soaking gag and tape, feeling the burning in her loins and her passage as the massage continued, the feel of leather replaced by something else – something cold, something metallic.


“Whrudng,” she moaned even more loudly, wondering what the sadistic masked bastard was using, but unable to see with her head tied to the other side of the couch.  All she knew was it felt so good, so exciting, her breath coming in short pants as she felt her climax starting to come.


“You dirty little fuck,” she heard Miss Lynx say, “you want to know what I’m using?”


She nodded as she screamed, the pleasure of the orgasm overwhelming her as the object was removed.  She felt it ram up her rear passage, and then the shock of the bullet as it ripped through her body, Miss Lynx pulling the pistol out and firing a second bullet into the back of her head.


“Waste of a good couch,” Miss Panther said as Zoe slumped over the back.


“She got what she deserved – wonder how the others are doing.,,”






Candy stared at the ceiling, her eyes wide and fixed as the man wiped the large dildo, and placed it back in the bag.


“There now – all done,” he said as he looked at her, “and you enjoyed it didn’t you?”


She slowly nodded, unable to do more than whimper as the pain slowly subsided.


“Good – you can rest now,” he said as he looked at her, and then went out of the room.


“All done,” Miss Manul said as she stood up.


“Thank you, yes – I feel so much better – did you get something to eat?”


“And a hot drink – back to the door with me then.”


As she went back to the door, Miss Snow Leopard touched her ear.


“Back on line Miss Bobcat – apologies to Miss Ocelot if I upset her.”


“No need sugah – she and I have been watching some other very interesting things,” was the reply as the two masked women sat in the control room.


“Fourth floor – a real swinger’s paradise,” Miss Ocelot said as another couple passed in the corridor.  “What time is it anyway?”


“Three o’clock,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at the clock, “and the final visits are moving along nicely.”



Elena Borovich stirred in her sleep.  The cool air was blowing over her face, and she was having a dream of summer meadows and sunshine.  She could feel the warm touch of Eric’s hand on her cheek, stroking and holding it gently.


No, not gently – this was a firm grip, a harsh grip, and it seemed to be moving, covering her mouth, stopping her from saying anything.


She mumbled something and opened her eyes, to see the bedside light on, and someone standing over her, her features blurred.


“Hrrruu,” she said, and then she realized the person had a gloved hand over her mouth, and a gun pointing at her head.  She reached over and nudged her husband, who opened his eyes to see a second person standing in front of him, a sawn off shotgun pointed at him.


“Good morning fuckface,” Miss Wildcat said, “we’re two of the Pussycat Gang, and this – this is your lucky day.”


Eric Borovich looked at her, then turned and looked at his wife, Miss Margay covering her mouth with her hand, before he said “oh fuck…”






On the third floor, Miss Cheetah and Miss Civet were standing outside in the empty corridor.


"Okay I've encountered this type of system before." Miss Civet said as she looked at the closed door. "If we don't do this just right we could be up shit creek without a paddle.”

"I learned what I could about the guy who installed it, his usual first trick is something in the door frame that needs disabling." Miss Cheetah started feeling. "Look for something that slides back on a trigger."

Carefully both women felt, and all but simultaneously found the slides, "Found it," each whispered, and then looked at each other.

"Crap" Heather continued, "A double trigger and they have to be pressed in the right order, any ideas?"

"Most people are right handed, so right first then left."

Miss Cheetah nodded as she pressed her lever back, and watched as Miss Civet did it, then looked round. ""Any alarms Miss Bobcat?"

"I can't see anything on my board."

"Okay Miss Civet, the lock is yours."


“My thanks, Miss Cheetah,” the tall woman said as she knelt down and produced a set of tools.


"Well that proves the truth in that statement." Miss Bobcat giggled over the com.

"What does?" Miss Panther spoke.

"Oh a couple of gay guys from 7D came out of their apartment kissing."

"Okay daring I'll bite, what does it prove?" asked Miss Cheetah.

"That Philadelphia really is the city of brotherly love..." Miss Bobcat giggled more in her Southern accent.

"Would anyone mind if I plugged her after that joke." Miss Margay laughed.

"Go ahead, sister or not, after jokes like that she is fair game." Miss Cheetah said as she joined the laughter.





“That’s a good girl,” Miss Margay said as she pulled Elena’s bound ankles back, the rope below her knees tightening as she felt them being secured to her chest ropes.  A wide strip of tape covered her mouth, her panties sitting inside them.


“Now then,” Miss Margay said as she smacked her bottom, “about those lovely gems we know you keep about the house.  We’re going to play a game of truth or dare.  I’m going to suggest where in the house they may be, and you nod for yes or shake your head for no.


“And if I think you’re lying,” she said as she smacked Elena’s bottom again, “I will take this wooden ruler and smack your feet.  You understand, don’t you?”




“Oh, he’s safe with Miss Wildcat – well, he’s with her…”


In the front room of the apartment, Eric Borovich was lying on the table, his eyes wide as he looked up at the masked woman.  His arms and legs were spread wide and tied to the four table legs, and his pant had been pulled down, his pyjama top ripped open.


“Well now,” Miss Wildcat said as she stroked her gloved hand down his chest, “you are a fine specimen of manhood aren’t you?  Fit, trim, and full of goodness I would imagine.”


“Please… For the love of god, don’t hurt my wife…”


“Your wife?  Oh I think you have it wrong, Mister Borovich, I’m not going to hurt your wife.  You, on the other hand…”


Taking a large sponge ball from her bag, she pushed it into Eric’s mouth, and then pressed layer after layer of duct tape over it, muffling any sound he tried to make.


“You,” Miss Wildcat continued as she knelt by his hand, “I cannot make any guarantees about.”  Eric turned his head to look at her, and then screamed as she started to break his knuckles with a nut cracker.







"Okay Miss Bobcat darling, we are inside...still nothing?"


"Alright next trick is probably the hall lights, they have to be turned on in the right order."

"A very unusual combination lock...nice idea." Miss Civet said admiringly.

"I know...I wish I'd known of it in time for Park Avenue."

"So any clues?"

"Point the flashlight at the switches while I dust them with fingerprint powder."

"Okay Miss Cheetah." The taller woman fired some puffs of fine talcum powder at the switches, and then watched as the powder revealed prints.

"Well at least we know which switches not to touch....the ones with no prints."

"I'll make another guess, the one with so many smudges gets pressed twice." Miss Civet pointed to the switch in question.

"That seems logical."

"So 4 switches, in what order, and we must get it right first time." Miss Civet was surprised as she felt herself sweating very slightly.

"Any guesses?"

"My dear dahlin, we don't need guesses, we need right answers." Jo shouted on the com.

"Stay cool, Miss Bobcat, I think I know."

Miss Civet watched tensely as her partner moved switches, and then slid the power bar across.



“You can tell me how you figured that out later – no alarms.”


"Okay, from here on it should be easier." She smiled under the nylon as she looked round.

"How the hell did you?" Miss Civet looked amazed.

"I'll explain later."




Eric whimpered as Miss Wildcat held his member in her hand, squeezing and stroking it at the same time as she traced down his abdomen with the thin blade of the scalpel.


His fingers were broken and blue, and his toenail beds red from where she had removed the nails with pliers, groaning with each scream he made.


“Miss Wildcat?”


The masked woman looked up to see Miss Margay holding a bag.


“We have the gems and the other contents of their safe – will you be long?”


“No – I will be ready to move out soon,” she purred back as she felt Eric buck, “his wife?”


“Will not be making any sound for a while.”


Ellen was still on the bed, a rope now running from her feet and around her neck.  She knew that if she struggled, there was every chance she could choke but the infernal device the masked she bitch had pushed into her passage was buzzing, and the tight crotch rope held it in place.


A ‘reward’ she had called it, but as Ellen fought the rising tide she wondered how long she could cope…


“Good,” Miss Wildcat said as Eric exploded, the semen shooting into the air out of his penis, “I think he has told us everything we need to know about the bank.”


He nodded slowly, unable to comprehend what had happened here today.


"I borrowed these from a friend." Miss Wildcat as she put the brass knuckles on over her gloved hand. "I've always wanted to see what these might do to a man’s face."

"Yeeerrrrr." The man’s sound ended as she smashed his nose with one punch, shattering bone, causing blood to spurt.

"Mmmmm I like these." She hit him to the face again...short hard blows that soon turned his face into a bloody, pulpy, mush.

"Oh you poor little man," Miss Wildcat, purred, "You're just like all other men, it's not funny when a woman fights back."

"Biiittt" He managed to get a sound out before she pummeled him into silence.


“Let’s return to the main event,” Miss Margay said quietly, “Miss Bobcat, can you keep an eye on this apartment for us?”


“Cameras already activated and training – how do you feel Miss Wildcat?”


“Sated – for now.  Route?”


“Clear to go,” Miss Ocelot said as the two women picked up their bags and left.






"So how are you getting insights into all this?" Miss Civet asked as they looked round the room.

"A mutual friend gave me some tips, and also had me read a text that supposedly inspired the architect of the system."

"Well it’s working so far Heather...Now the art works?"

"We don't approach from the front, I'm betting if we do the alarms go off. My best guess is there are hidden panels behind the pictures, we approach them through the wall."

"Damn that's good as I am as a burglar, this place would have got me long since."


“Right,” Miss Cheetah said as she located the manuscript, the artworks surrounding it.   She looked at the wall, and then went into the bedroom on the other side of the wall, feeling as Miss Civet watched.


She then drew a box cutter out, extending the blade as far as possible, and pushed it into the wall, drawing it down the wall paper and then along at top and bottom, before she folded it back to reveal a hidden wooden panel.  Using the blade, she eased it open, revealing a complex of pressure pads in the wall cavity.


“As I suspected – the pads are designed to sound the alarm if the pressure is relieved at any time.”


“So how do you deal with that?”


“We fool them,” Miss Cheetah said as she took a long metal plate from the bag, and laid it in the cavity, extending some clips and attaching them to certain wires on the pads.  She then counted to three in her mind, and flipped a small switch on the side, lights flashing on the side of the metal before they all turned green.


“Okay Miss Bobcat, last panic moment.  Miss Civet, please remove the first painting from the wall.”


Her companion nodded as she walked round, took the frame in her gloved hands and then lifted it off.  She held her breath until Miss Cheetah looked round, grinning under the stocking.


“It worked,” she said as she stood up and opened the second bag, taking out some tubes, “take the painting out, roll it and put it in here.  I’ll add the replacement, re-hang the frame, and we move on to the next one, one at a time.”


A half hour later, Miss Cheetah replaced the last frame.  "Just the manuscript left," she said as she looked round.

"So I'm looking for a book?" asked Miss Civet.

"No, it will look like a scroll."


"You mean that one over there?"

"Crap,” Miss Cheetah said as she shook her head, “I totally missed it."

"This looks like it’s a conventional glass cover with pressure sensors." Dominique looked closely.

"Nothing is as it looks remember."

"So any thoughts?"

"I'm looking." Miss Cheetah said as she lay under the table. "Oh I'm disappointed, it's the same trick. Access is from below on a safe system."

"Well safes I know how to do." Miss Civet said as she lay in the same place. "This shouldn't take me too long." she smiled as she looked at the panel, and got to work.





“All done,” Miss Panther said as Miss Civet and Miss Cheetah returned.


“All done – everyone else successful?”


“Most assuredly,” Miss Leopard said as she looked at her watch.  “Five thirty – one hour before we start the next phase.”


“All right everyone – no mistakes, things could still go wrong.  Concentrate on the job at hand.”


The other women nodded, as in the doorway Miss Munal stamped her feet.


“Coffee’s ready,” she heard Miss Bobcat say, as she came in and joined Miss Snow Leopard at the desk.


“Long night,” her friend said as she handed her a mug.


“Ah but the rewards are great,” the doorman replied as he sipped the drink.  Looking at the lift as it went up, he said “Miss Bobcat?”


“Dawn Doggie patrol – time for your break to end.”


“Not long now anyway,” Miss Munal said as she went back to the door, opening it as the grey haired woman walked out with her Yorkshire Terrier scurrying in front of her.





“Good morning, asshole.”


Alan Kennedy slowly opened his eyes as he saw the three masked women standing in front of him, guns in their hands.  He had begun to believe the last night had been a nightmare, but now…


“In a few minutes,” Miss Panther said, “we will untie you, and you will get ready for work.   Remember, we have your family here, and any wrong moves…”


He shook his head from side to side, hoping they were all alright…




Andrew moaned a little as he felt the ropes being removed from his legs, and opened his eyes to see the woman called Miss Cheetah untying him, and Dawn still asleep beside him.


“Good morning Andrew,” Miss Cheetah said as he was helped to sit up, and the ropes removed from his upper body.  “If I take the tape away, do you promise not to make any loud noises?”


He nodded as she gently peeled the tape away and eased the sponge out of his mouth.


“Thank you,” he said as he stood there, “where’s Daddy and the others?”


“Daddy is going to come with some of us later, but right now, I want you to go to the toilet, and then you can have a drink after that while Dawn goes.  Then I’m afraid we need to secure you and gag you again, but Sharon will be with you then.”


“And mommy?”


“She needs to be with Daddy,” the other woman said, “you come with me now, and it will all soon be over.”




Sharon opened her eyes to see Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress standing by her bed.


“Nice night?”


She nodded as she moved, the rope rubbing over her damp panties.


“Well, listen carefully,” Miss Lynx said.  “Your father is in the shower.   We need to put you in the same room as your younger brother and sister, to keep them calm while we take your dad with us.  Before that, however, we need to untie you, and give you a chance to put on some clean clothes before we re-tie your arms.”


She nodded to show she understood, as Miss Tigress started to untie her arms and legs.






Alan turned to see Sharon at his bedroom door, Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress on either side of her.


“Sharon – oh god are you…”


“Just get dressed, Mister Kennedy,” Miss Panther said as he saw the ropes that were bound round Sharon’s arms and body.  She was now wearing a long sleeved white top with a red t-shirt over it, and a pair of skinny jeans.


“Dad, about last night – I’m sorry if I shocked you, but I was so scared, and I may have said some things…”


“Sharon, we were all scared – have you seen her yet?”


“No – we’ve not been allowed downstairs.  They’re going to put me with Andrew and Dawn, but I asked to talk to you before that happened.  Dad – we need you to come home safely.  All of us, so please, don’t do anything stupid.  Please, just do what they tell you to do, and when we see you later, then – we can talk about what’s happened.”


“I want to see them before we go.”


“Take her to them now,” Miss Panther said as Alan stood in his shirt and boxer shorts. 


“We love you Dad – please, come home safe,” Sharon said as she was walked down the corridor, and into the bedroom the younger children were in.  Andrew and Dawn were sitting on the bed again, Andrew wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts, Dawn a pair of pink floral leggings and a pink top with white sleeves.  They both had the rope holding their arms to their sides, and their ankles and legs were secured as before.


“Hey you two,” Sharon said as Miss Cheetah closed the door, “how are you both?”


“Scared,” Dawn said, “but they haven’t hurt us.  Where’s Daddy?”


“He’ll come in and see us real soon,” Sharon said with a smile, “but I’m going to stay in here with you now.  Once these ladies have gone, we’ll make a game of this, all right?”


The other two nodded as Miss Cheetah said “Please, sit on the floor and cross your ankles.”




“Very smart,” Miss Panther said as Alan finished tying the knot in his tie, and put on his suit jacket.


“My children?”


“Of course,” she said as she and Miss Leopard took him by the arms, and led him to the bedroom.  As the door was opened, he saw Andrew and Dawn lying on their stomachs on the bed, their ankles tied to the rope around their forearms, and then Sharon lying on the floor facing them, a pillow under her head as she lay on her side.  All three had strips of white tape covering their mouths, and it was obvious something was underneath.


“You… You have all been very brave,” he whispered, “and I want you to stay just as brave until I come home, all right?”


All three nodded as he was taken out of the room.


“Miss Cheetah, Miss Puma, you will stay here until we give word we have completed the task,” Miss Panther said, the two masked women nodding as they escorted Alan down the stairs.


“What about Zoe?”


“Ah yes,” Miss Lynx said with a smile, “she said to say goodbye to you.”


He looked through the open doorway and saw the white covered body as Miss Panther said “do anything stupid, and your children will suffer.  Remember what your elder daughter said.”


As he nodded, a black scarf was tied over his eyes, the other eight women removing their stockings and putting on dark glasses.


“Miss Bobcat, we need a clear route to the car park.”


“One moment – the lift is waiting, go now.”


"Just remember the plan guys, while we are all in the bank, you remain as quietly unobtrusive here as you've been to now." Miss Panther spoke on the com.

"And when we get the signal we just disappear into thin air." Miss Bobcat replied.

"Copy that." Miss Panther smiled as she spoke, and then led the group to the waiting lift, Alan Kennedy stuck between them.


As the lift opened in the car park, the group moved to the waiting SUV and climbed in, Kennedy stick between Miss Leopard and Miss Tigress.


“Enjoy the ride, fucker,” Miss Leopard growled, “and we’ll get through this just fine.”




“I need to collect some bags from Apartment 12A for Mrs. Kennedy,” Miss Snow Leopard said as she put the phone down, “will you mind the desk for a few minutes as well as the door?”


“Of course,” Miss Manul said as she came and sat at the desk, watching as the other man went to the lift.  Travelling to the twelfth floor, he walked smartly over and knocked on the door.


“You called down to collect some bags, Mrs. Kennedy,” he said as the door opened, and then walked in.  Looking over, he saw the body across the back of the couch, and said “Miss Lynx?”


“In the main – we’ll tell you the full story later,” Miss Puma said.  “These are the bags to go down.”


“Got it,” Miss Snow Leopard said as she hefted the four bags.  “Miss Bobcat, I need clear egress to our vehicle.”


“Lift is waiting, and car park clear,” Miss Bobcat drawled, as he walked smartly to the lift and got in.



7.30 am

Penn City National Bank


The SUV pulled into the car park as Miss Panther and Miss Leopard got out of the vehicle, and walked Alan Kennedy over to the staff entrance of the bank.   Removing the blindfold, he blinked and looked at the two women, dark glasses over their eyes.


“Open the door, Mister Kennedy,” Miss Panther purred, “nice and slowly, and let us in, before you turn off the alarms.  Once you have done that, we’ll make sure you are nice and comfortable.”


Nodding, he unlocked the staff entrance and opened the door, turning off the building alarm as the two women stood behind him.


“Very good, Mister Kennedy.  Now, close your eyes.”


As he felt the shotgun against his back, Alan Kennedy closed his eyes, softly praying before he heard Miss Leopard say “open your eyes, mother fucker.”


As he did so, he saw the eight women standing before him, masked, armed and smiling.


“Miss Leopard, Miss Civet, Miss Wildcat, take Mister Kennedy to the vault and make sure he opens it without triggering any alarms.  Miss Lynx, Miss Tigress, Miss Oncilla, take care of the staff as they arrive.  Miss Margay, with me.”


Three of the women took Alan Kennedy into the rear of the bank, while the other three took up position at the entrances to the bank.  Miss Margay and Miss Panther made their way to the security room.


“Miss Cheetah let me have this,” Miss Panther said as she plugged a USB stick into the computer, “it will scramble the security records for the last twelve hours and from now on, giving us added security.”




The two women walked out to see Miss Tigress standing over a woman, lying face down on the floor, her red leather skirt spread as her arms and legs lay at angles.


“If I was you,” Miss Panther purred, “I’d put my hands behind my back, and pray Miss Lynx is not in the mood to blow a hole in your spine.  Your choice, dipshit.”


“Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered as Miss Tigress pulled her wrists behind her and secured them with a plastic zip tie, before she was rolled over, Miss Lynx securing her ankles as Miss Tigress pressed white tape over her mouth.  They then pulled her over to the counter as Miss Oncilla stood guard.


“Hey – what the hell are you…”


The security guard fell under a hail of shots from all five of them, as the woman screamed into her gag.


“You’re next if you don’t shut the fuck up, cock sucker,” Miss Lynx said as she pressed the gun between the woman’s eyes.


“Hush, Miss Lynx – more coming,” Miss Oncilla said as she looked to the staff entrance.  Miss Lynx and Miss Margay walked over and stood guard as the door opened.


“I’m telling you John, that bitch is robbing poor Alan blind.”


“Look, Del, I know you have a soft spot for the boss, but if you think you can get into his life…”


“If you want to live long enough to have that dream, you bastards, get on the floor and put your hands behind your back.”


The two bank workers stopped still, the red headed man in the light grey suit, the blonde haired woman in a grey pinafore dress, black top and boots.


“You heard my friend,” Miss Oncilla said as she stood in front of them, pumping her shotgun, “get on your knees in an appropriately apologetic manner, or I blow your fucking spines out.”


The two dropped to their knees as Miss Margay and Miss Lynx bound and gagged them, before they dragged them over to the counter, passing the dead security guard as they did so.


“Just to explain,” Miss Panther said, “this building is under the control of the Pussycat Gang, and you will not make a single whimper, or Miss Lynx here will have some fun with you – and I think you may have heard what that means.”





“Very nice,” Miss Civet said as Alan opened the vault, “very nicely done.  Now you can rest, assured of seeing your family again.”


Alan Kennedy offered no resistance as Miss Wildcat bound him as he had been bound the previous night, while Miss Leopard and Miss Civet went into the vault, and started to load the bundles of notes into the canvas bags they had brought.


As Alan felt the tape pulling over his mouth, he said a further prayer for his family, hoping they were all right…






“She’s keeping them calm,” Miss Cheetah said as she stepped out of the room, “Miss Panther was right to insist she lived.”


“I agree – one to watch in the future,” Miss Puma said as she removed her stocking, and rubbed her head.  “How long do you think?”


“By my reckoning, another hour...Bags in the car?”


Sandy nodded.  “You should take the mask off, lover.”


“Not yet – I need to say goodbye to them first.”




The assembled staff was cowering on the floor as the woman walked in front of them, her gun ranging over them.


“You are a pathetic bunch of ass fuckers and cock suckers,” Miss Lynx said out loud, “and it would give me such great pleasure to shoot you all dead, right here, right now.”


“And the thing is,” Miss Oncilla said, “She means it.  Take you for example.”


She stopped and looked at a young woman, dressed in tight leggings and a white smock top, a black leather belt around her waist, and short ankle boots.  She was whimpering, trying to push herself back as she stared at the silencer.


“What’s the matter, bitch – worried about what my friend here might do?”


The young woman nodded and whimpered in fear as Miss Oncilla stood over her. 


“Oh I agree,” she purred, “My friend Miss Lynx is a fearsome woman, but that means you all forgot one simple, inescapable fact.”


She looked at Miss Oncilla as she aimed her pistol at her forehead.


“We’re all stone cold killers, you stupid fucking bitch,” the young masked woman whispered as she fired the bullet between her eyes, the women either side of her screaming.


“Anyone else want to demonstrate their fucking ignorance,” Miss Oncilla said, Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress nodding in agreement.


“Ladies, we need help with the bags – Miss Oncilla, stand guard.”


“Understood, Miss Panther – I don’t think I’ll have any problem here,” she said as she smiled at the others.


They watched as the masked women started to carry full canvas bags out of the building, returning and taking more out with them.


In the vault, Alan Kennedy lay on his side, secured, gagged, and praying that there would not be more dead people waiting when he was finally freed.


Eventually, Miss Panther came out and stood with the other seven masked women, looking at the cowering staff.


“Thank you for not causing us too many problems,” she purred, “nobody move for at least half an hour.  If you are tempted, bear in mind we still have Mister Kennedy’s family hostage.  You don’t want those kids to be hurt do you?”


“Pussycats, move out,” Miss Leopard said, the eight women walking out, their heels clicking on the blood stained marble floor.  They climbed into the SUV and sat back, Miss Leopard removing her stocking mask and putting on her dark glasses before she drove off.


“Miss Bobcat, we’re clear,” Miss Panther said as they drove down the quiet street, “fade away.”


“Copy that,” Miss Bobcat said as she pushed a USB stick into the computer by her side, smiling as the security screens all blanked out.  “Ladies, move out – lift is waiting for you.”


Miss Cheetah opened the door and looked into the room.  “Your father is fine and will be here soon,” she said as Sharon looked over and nodded.


Closing the door, she removed her stocking mask and put on her dark glasses, nodding as she and Miss Puma headed to the lift, saying nothing as the lift stopped and the other four joined them, Miss Bobcat and Miss Ocelot also wearing dark glasses as the two men stood inside.


Walking to the large sedan, they climbed in, Miss Puma taking the wheel as they left the underground car park.


Nobody said anything until they were on the I-76 heading north.


“Anyone want some music,” Sandy said eventually.


Heather smiled.  "To misquote what is supposedly on W.C. Fields tombstone, I think a lot of people wouldn't say ‘all things considered I'd rather be in Philadelphia.’"

"Yes we did rather leave a mess." Lily spoke; glad to have her own voice back at last.


“How long, Jan?”


“I have time to get home – the local PD are going to need some time to assimilate what happened,” Jan said as she rubbed her hair.


“Well, I for one will welcome some breakfast and a decent coffee.”  Annie stretched her arms as she said “We’re getting back first?”


“Yeah – Jan, Heather and I need to get back before the shit really starts flying,” Sandy said quietly.


“Well, let’s get back – we need time to get changed,” Sandy said as she headed north, while the music played.


9.15 am

North Philadelphia


"Transfer everything quickly ladies." Juliette called out as they moved the loot from the bank into the two parked SUV's.  The parking lot was quiet, with little traffic in the area.

"We need to be away from here like now." Carina called out, "just in case somebody got a look at the getaway cars at the bank."

"Okay I think that's everything girls." Juliette's ears went up at the sound of police siren. "Different routes like we discussed and I'll see everyone back at the safe house."

As quickly as their high heels would allow each woman jumped into a vehicle, and with Carina at the wheel of one, and Dominique driving the other they took off, each going out of the parking lot by a different exit.


9.30 am



Clint looked out as he heard the vehicle, and then smiled as he saw the black sedan pull up.


“Welcome back,” he said as the women got out, “how did things go?”


“No complaints – can you help me with these bags,” Heather said as she popped the trunk.


Clint smiled and came out to take some bags in, as he watched Annie and Lily walk into the house.


“How did she do?”


Heather nodded as she looked at the two friends walk in.  “Let them shower and change – they can talk after that.  Got some coffee ready?”


“It will be done by the time you four are changed,” he said as he carried the bags in, the others following them in.


9.45 am

The Carlton Building


The police officers jumped out of their car and ran up the stairs to the entrance, the concierge looking up as they did so.


“Where’s the superintendant,” they said.


“Still in his apartment, I think,” he said as he picked up the telephone and dialed.  “Funny – he’s normally up by now…”


“No time – you need to come with us and bring the pass keys for Apartment 12A.”


The concierge nodded as he went into the security room, and returned with a set of keys, as they went in the lift to the 12th floor.


“What’s going on,” he said as he unlocked the front door.


“Stay out here,” one of the officers said as he opened the door, and the two officers walked in.  They walked to the front room, and looked in, one of them saying “What the fuck…” at the sight of Zoe still trussed to the back of the couch, and very, very dead.


“The kids,” his partner said as they checked the rest of the floor, and then walked upstairs.  As they approached Andrew’s room, the officer held his finger to his lips and then opened the door.


“HFNKGDDDD,” Sharon said as she looked up from the floor, “HLPSSSPLSSSSS!”


“Holy crap,” the officer said as his partner went outside and took out his radio.


“Control – we found the kids, trussed and gagged.  We’re going to need forensics, an ambulance – and the meat wagon.”


“Roger that – reinforcements on their way.”


“It’s all right,” the first officer said as he cut the gag from Sharon’s face, and eased out the sponge, “it’s all over now.”


“Our father…”


“He’s alive, and he wants to see you very much.  We’ll free you and then take you to the hospital, all right?”




The officer shook his head as he started to untie her, his partner freeing Andrew and Dawn.  As soon as they could, all three hugged as one of the officers went downstairs, and a paramedic team came in.


“Take care of them,” he said as he went back down, and out to the concierge.


“Listen – we need to talk to the super.  Take me to his apartment.”



10 am



“That’s better,” Lily said as she came back down, drying her hair with a towel.  “Any word?”


“Police bands have confirmed the bank robbery has been discovered.  Two dead there.  If the schedule is working, then…”


He looked up as an SUV pulled in, and Dominique got out of the driver’s side, Abby, Anna and Juliette with her.


Opening the door, Lily and Clint went out and helped them to bring the large canvas bags in, before Dom drove the car to the rear of the buildings.


“We made it,” Juliette said as she sat down and rubbed her head.  “How about you lot?”


“We’re here,” Sandy said as she and Heather looked in from the kitchen.  “Annie’s still upstairs, while Jo and Jan are changed and taking care of clothing.  On which note – black bags are upstairs.”


“The takings from the Carlton?”


“Ready to go with us,” Heather said, “we’ll contact Cathy later.”


“How are you,” Dominique said to Lily as she came in.


“I’m good – honestly,” Lily said quietly.


“Well, if you need to talk, find…”


Juliette held her hand up as Carina pulled up in front with the second SUV, Maddie, Diana and Penny getting out and grabbing bags each as they brought them in.


“YES!”  Carina flopped onto the couch and put her feet up, “another successful night for the Pussycats!”


“Did you have fun,” Jo said as she came down with Jan.


“Oh yes,” she said as she saw Annie come down, and embraced her, their lips coming together.


“Okay, okay,” Juliette said, “everyone, changed, showered and clothes in the black bags.  I want those cars taken and destroyed, and the money stored in our cars.”


“Brunch is ready when you are,” Heather said, “and then we need to leave one by one.”


Clint turned and looked over from the radio.  “The police bands are going haywire – it would appear they found the super of the Carlton Building dead in his front room, and they’re doing a door to door search.”


“Well, that gives me time to get back,” Jan said quietly, “because it’s going to take them some time to find everyone.  The kids?”


“Safely recovered, and on their way to hospital.”


“How much do you think Ju?”


“Not sure – I reckon at least ten million from the vaults, but the other things…  Let’s get changed and eat, and then we can start to work things out.”


“How you doing, Anna,” Cari said as she stood up.


“I can’t explain just how good I feel,” Anna said with a grin, “my god, the rush…”


“You never get used to that,” Abby said as she took Doc’s arm, “Come on, let’s get changed.”



10.45 am


“That’s better,” Lily said as she pushed her plate away, “I feel as if I earned that, even if all I did was freeze my feet off.”


“Oh we all earned it,” Juliette said as she sat back, drinking her coffee.  “Shirley’s sending a courier to arrive at twelve.”


“Well, we need to get going first,” Sandy said as she stood up.  “Clint, Heather, Jan, you good to go?”


“We are,” Jan said as she stood up as well, “see you guys tomorrow.”


“Not tonight?”


“Something tells me I’ll be back here tonight,” Jan said with a smile as she left the room, Clint closing the door behind the three women.


“I have everything ready for disposal at the incinerator at the farm,” Diana said as she drained her mug.  “I’ll go there first and then head home.    Can you take Abby with you Juliette?”


“Of course,” Ju said as she started to clear the plates away.


“I’m bringing you two back with me,” Penny said as she looked at Maddie and Lily, “after the courier has been.  Annie, you’re taking Jo back?”


Annie nodded as she stood up.  “I’ll see you at the apartment later Dom.”


“Indeed – I need to drop you off first Anna.”


“Oh yeah – thanks boss,” Anna said as she drained her mug.


“All right – let’s clear up and get going, one car at a time.  We leave the place spotless, nothing behind us.”


“Got it boss,” Annie said as she cleared the mugs away.


1 pm

Upper West Side


“Hello?  Anyone home?”


“There you are,” Maeve said as she came out of the kitchen, “how was the weekend?”


“We got a lot done, and a lot to think about,” Clint said as he put his bag down.  “Where’s the family?”


“Susan took Rose to meet Karen Boyd for lunch, and the girls are having their afternoon nap – can I get you a sandwich?  I was about to make one for myself.”


“No thanks – I had a big breakfast,” Clint said as he sat down.  “I’ll take a coffee though if you’re making some.”


“Coming up,” Maeve said as Clint looked at the paper.



1.15 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“Home again,” Sandy said as she came into the kitchen.


“There you are,” Nessa said as she looked up from the table, Paulie sitting next to her.  “How did the practice go?”


“Terrifying – I’m glad we decided to stop over for the night on the way back, it means I had a chance to recover,” Sandy said as Heather and Jan followed her in.  “How was your weekend?”


“But good, right?”


“Yeah, it was fantastic,” Jan said as Heather started a fresh pot of coffee.  “Moved back into your place Paulie?”


“We have – it’ll take a while to get used to the city again,” Paulie said.  The two women were wearing checked blouses and Capri pants with high heeled sandals.




Katy and Little Sandy ran in and wrapped their arms round their mother’s waists as George said “Did you drive fast mom?”


“Yes I did George – but safely,” Sandy said as she kissed her daughter.  “Did you behave yourselves for grandma?”


“We did – she let us stay up late last night!”


“Well, given you had the day off school, I felt that was all right.”


“Have you seen George,” Sandy said as she accepted a mug of coffee.


“He joined us for lunch yesterday along with Alex, Gus and Paulie.  He seemed a bit happier, and the girls loved playing with Jennifer.”


“Good – now we help him as much as we can…”


Sandy’s words were interrupted by Jan’s cell phone going off. 




“Adam?  I got back half an hour ago, what’s happened?”


The other women looked at her as Jan turned away.


“Right – I’ll be there in half an hour,” she said as she ended the call.




“I need to go to work,” Jan said as she picked her coat up.  “I’ll call Mom and get her to come and collect Katy if I’m delayed.”


“What’s happened,” Heather said as she looked at her friend.


“They’ve struck again – I’ll call later.”





1.30 pm

The Village


“Hey,” Caroline said as she came into the apartment, “how was your weekend, Ama?”


“It was good thank you – Nick and I went to see the pre-season friendly with Pepsi.  How was your climbing?”


“Exhausting – but we got the practice we needed.”  They both looked round as Annie came up the stairs.


“Well, that was a fun weekend,” she said as she put her bag down, “any messages for me?”


“Miss Tennant rang – she says well done, and she will see you and Coach Harper tomorrow.”


“Well, it can wait until tomorrow – I just want to slob out tonight.  Who fancies Chinese later?”


“That sounds good,” Ama said as she stretched. 



2.30 pm

FBI Field Office


“Hey,” Adam said as Jan came in, “sorry about this, but it’s – well, it redefines what they do.”


“Everyone’s in – you too Jeanne?”


“Tom called me and asked me to come in – how was the overnight stop?”


“We needed it,” Jan said as Tom came into the room.


“All right folks, listen up,” Tom called out.  “At approximately ten o’clock last night, members of the Pussycat Gang took over the apartment residence of Alan Kennedy, general manager of the Philadelphia branch of the Penn City National Bank, and held him and his family hostage.  At seven thirty this morning, they took over said branch, and emptied the vault.  Conservative estimates put the haul from there at thirteen to fifteen million dollars.”


“The apartment residence?  How the hell did they manage that one without being detected?”


“Therein lies a tale.  When they could not contact the building superintendant at the Carlton Building, where their apartment is, they got the concierge to open his apartment.  He was found in his bathroom, shot in the head.”


“They killed him?”  Adam looked at Tom.  “They took control of the building?”


“It is beginning to appear that way,” Tom said, “police are doing an apartment by apartment check.  So far,” he said as he looked at a list, “they’ve found a couple on the eleventh floor who were both assaulted, then shot before their apartment was robbed.”


“How about the bank and the Kennedy’s?”


“Zoe Kennedy, his wife, was killed at the apartment.  All the indications suggest Miss Lynx.  At the bank, a security guard was gunned down, and one of the staff killed at point blank range.  Kennedy’s children are shaken up, scared, but unharmed beyond being bound and gagged all night.  Seems one of the she-bitches kept the two younger ones separate – the daughter got off lightly.”


“So they were their usual cold hearted bitch selves?”


"Oh this one was sheer viciousness, we still can't accurately say how many people are dead because some are missing." Tom Callaghan said quietly. "They excelled themselves in their ruthless disregard for human life."


“Tom – call from Philly?”


“Don’t move,” Tom said as he went out, and returned a few minutes later.


“All right – we found the bodies of the night doorman and concierge.  Shot in the stomach and head, and left in a locked utility closet.  We also found another of the residents of the eleventh floor – Miss Candy Deans.  She’s on her way to hospital now.  Her apartment was ransacked as well.”


“Are you saying they robbed other apartments?”


“Starting to look that way,” Tom said.

"The usual lack of clues?" asked Janice.

"Pretty much." Tom shook his head. "We've found the first getaway cars, but we have no clue what they switched to."

"Prints?" Adam asked hopefully.

"Not one, just as always.  Jan, Adam,  I need you both in Philly tomorrow, liaise with the local office, find out what they know.  Jeanne, I need you there as well - the dead couple had a collection of sketches that appear to have gone missing."


“We’ll book the tickets now,” Adam said as he looked at the two women.


“Hell of a first day at the coalface,” Jeanne said as the room emptied.


“Welcome to the hothouse,” Jan said.



3.30 pm

Lennox Hill, Maternity Unit


“Hey gorgeous,” Tommy said as he looked at his daughter, “how are youse today?”


“Tommy, let her be,” Annie said as she smiled at them, “I only just got her settled.”


“I knows, I knows – it’s just a little miracle,” he said as the nurse brought in a large bunch of flowers.


“Now who sent these,” Annie said as the nurse put them on the side.


“There’s a card and a present as well,” she said as she handed them to Tommy.  He handed his wife the card and opened the parcel, taking out a toy tiger.


“I think I knows who they are from,” Annie said as she looked at the card, and handed it to Tommy.


“Congratulations – the ladies.”


“Dats nice of dem,” Tommy said with a smile, “real nice…”


8 pm

The Huntingdown Apartment


“The Honoured Father thanks you in advance, Juliette,” Catherine said on the laptop screen, “payment will be arranged on receipt of the goods, which are in transit now.”


“Heather and Dominique have asked me to pass on their thanks for the challenge, and to thank Helen for her information.  Heather said it proved most invaluable.”


“I will pass those on,” Catherine said as she smiled, and then turned her head.  “Forgive me, Juliette, but Marina was wondering if she could have a word?”


“Of course,” Juliette said as Catherine moved, and she saw Marina sitting down, a grey jacket over her light pink blouse.


“Hello Juliette,” she said with a smile, “I was wondering if you could do me a teensy weensy favour?”


“If I can – what is it?”


“Can you make sure Susan gets a parcel we’re sending by courier to your office?  I want it to be a surprise for her.”


“No problem.”


“Thanks,” Marina said as she stood up, and Catherine returned.


“Before I forget, Cathy, you’re going to get an invite to a July wedding in LA.  I hope you get to make it there.”


“I will make every effort to do so,” Cathy said with a smile, “but I must leave you for now.  The world of commerce awaits.”


“Talk to you soon Cathy,” Juliette said as she ended the call, and switched the laptop to normal mode, smiling as she connected with Carina on Skype.


“Hey – Judith all right?”


“She’s fine Mom – we got back to Yale in time to prep for the exam tomorrow.”


“Well, good luck with that – now you get some sleep, and we’ll talk tomorrow night.”


“You too mom,” Carina said as she ended the call.


Closing the laptop, Juliette walked down the stairs to where Klaus and Ingrid were sitting.


“All done?” Klaus handed her a glass of wine as she sat down.


“All done.  Now I can relax…”



Tuesday 21st April

9 am

The Carlton Building, Philadelphia


“Agent Carter and Ball, FBI, and Inspector Marais from Interpol,” Jan said as she flashed her badge at the officer standing guard at the building entrance.


“You the Pussycat Gang experts?”


“I’m afraid so,” Adam said quietly, “Ms Marais here is an art theft expert, which is why she has accompanied us today.”


“What they did in here…”


“We know,” Jan said as he let them in.  She had chosen a grey trouser suit with a white silk blouse, to match Adam’s business dress approach, while Jeanne was wearing a grey jersey knee length dress with suede boots and a leather jacket.


“Lieutenant Davis?”


The detective looked over from the desk and came forward, his hand extended.  “Thanks for coming up,” he said, “the local office said you two are the experts when it comes to these bitches.”


“What do you know so far?”


“Well,” Davis said as he rubbed the back of his head, “near as we can tell it started Sunday evening – some of them forced the doorman and the night concierge into a closet back there, and they were shot at point blank range.”


“Died instantly?”


“As far as we can tell.  The security men have also disappeared – we haven’t find sight or sound of them yet.  What we do know is two men took the place of both the doorman and the night concierge, and manned the entrance for the night.”


“Two men?”  Jan looked at Adam and Jeanne, and said “Are you sure?  The Pussycats are all female.”


“Well, the residents described them both – we have APBs out, but nothing in yet.  My guess, given by the time we arrived on the Monday morning the security system had been wiped, is two of them also manned the security cameras and the lifts.”


“We know they have some tech experts – so they controlled the entrance and the lifts.”


Davis nodded as he walked with them to the lifts, and they travelled to the twelfth floor.  The uniformed officer nodded as he opened the door to Apartment 12A, and they walked in.


“According to the Kennedy’s, at about ten o’clock Sunday night two masked woman and a man came in through the doors to their terrace, and held them all at gunpoint.”


“From the terrace?”


Davis nodded as he said “they were herded together in here, and then the rest of the gang appeared.  Eight in all held them hostage – the man disappeared, and we think he may have been one of the two downstairs.”


“How did they get on the terrace?”


“No idea – we checked the roof, and there’s no trace of anything.  Anyway, the younger kids, Andrew and Dawn, were taken to a bedroom all night.  They said the masked woman who tied and gagged them called herself Miss Cheetah.”


“That’s one of them all right,” Adam said, “but she stayed with them?”


“As far as they know – they eventually fell asleep, but she was there when they woke up.  As for Kennedy, his wife and elder daughter, they were held in here – at first.”


Jeanne looked at the couch, the blood stained splatter on the back, and grimaced.


“Kennedy himself was eventually trussed in his room, and Sharon the older daughter was taken to her room.  His wife – well, you’ve seen the autopsy report?”


“It wouldn’t be the Pussycats without that,” Jan said quietly.  “We understand this was not the only apartment robbed however?”


“No – the superintendant was shot and killed in his apartment on the first floor.  Downstairs, a middle aged couple were robbed and then killed – we understand a collection of Picasso sketches was taken from there.  A neighbor of theirs was also robbed – she’s in hospital, traumatized, but she has managed to say that the man manning the desk violated and raped her.”


“In her apartment?”


“No – they took her down to him.  Then there’s the ninth floor – a gem dealer and another bank manager.  They were bound, gagged, robbed, and – well, he was beaten to a pulp and tortured, while she was left so that if she moved, she died.”


“Christ…”  Jan walked to the other side of the room and shook her head.


“We’re also missing the next door neighbor of the Kennedy’s – he’s vanished into thin air.”


“And they did all this without arousing one hint of suspicion,” Jeanne said quietly.


“Not one – the first anyone here knew was when the officers arrived to look for Kennedy’s family.  Have you been to the bank yet?”


“Going there next – thanks Lieutenant, can you give us a few minutes?”


“Take all the time you need,” he said as he left the three alone in the apartment.


“Men – they must have drafted in experts from somewhere.”


“Yeah – wonder if some of this was to order – maybe drafted in local talent as well?”


Adam turned and looked at the young French woman.


"Do you still stick to your theory as to a larger group with police and security involvement Jeanne?"

"Very much so, doesn't this feel almost military to you Adam?"

"I must admit it does in a way.  Meticulously planned, innocents kept out of the way – but what he said about the other apartments…"


“We’d better get to the bank, then the field office – I want to talk to the kids later,” Jan said as they walked back to the lift.


“I wonder what happened to the security guys, anyway,” Adam said as the lift went down, and then stopped suddenly.


“Sorry agents,” they heard Lieutenant Davis say over the intercom, “we’re going to have to let you off on the third floor and you’ll need to walk the rest of the way.”




“We just found the three missing men…”





11 am

Dr. Reichmann’s Surgery


“All looks good Karen,” Helen said as Karen Boyd fastened her top, “nice and healthy, and the baby is doing well too.”


“I’m glad to hear it,” Karen said as she sat down.


“So rest as much as possible from now on, and when the time comes, I’ll come up and see you.  Doctors make the worst patients by all accounts.”


“So Ken keeps saying,” Karen said as she picked up her bag.  “Same time next week?”


“Unless you’re doing a Carina, sure – what are your plans for today?”


“I’m meeting someone for lunch – after I run an errand,” Karen said as she walked out of the surgery, her smock top covering her bump, and went onto the street.  Rose was waiting for her, smiling weakly a sshe stood in her jacket and dress.


“Thanks for meeting me,” Karen said as she put her arm round Rose’s shoulder, “ready?”


“Yeah – I know I need to do this, and thanks for agreeing to come with me.”


“No problem – I’m glad to do it,” she said as they walked a couple of blocks, and then turned down a side street, slipping into a small church hall that was a short distance down the hall.  As they went in, Rose looked at the circle of chairs, some of which has people sitting in them, before she and Karen helped themselves to a coffee and sat on two empty chairs.


“Okay everyone,” the grey haired man sat to one side said, “Let’s get started.”  He then read from a sheet of paper, the others listening until he said “who would like to go first?”


Rose raised her hand, and said “I know I’m a visitor, but may I?”


“Go right ahead,” he said as Karen put her hand on Rose’s shoulder.


“Hello everyone,” she said quietly, “my name’s Rose, and I’m an alcoholic.”


“Hello Rose,” the others said as Karen smiled.







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