Project: Dottie - Chapter 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen, dancing the Argentinean Tango, please welcome to the floor Dorothy Carr and Rick Johnson!”

As she walked onto the floor, her dress moving with her hips like a second skin and on the arm of Rick, Dottie felt alive, alert, renewed and reborn.  Rick took her by the arms, his white shirt showing through the low cut jacket, and smiled.

“Ready,” he whispered as the music started, and Dottie simply nodded.  With a smooth slide of his feet he was off, leading Dottie across the dance floor.   They moved as one, their bodies intertwined in grace and beauty as their legs snaked in and around each other, each step an expression of passion and desire that was read by those who could, and admired by those who could not.

As Dottie moved across the floor, she stared into Rick’s eyes, seeing his passionate look in return as he dipped her swiftly so that her head nearly touched the ground.  “Ready,” he whispered, and as she lifted her back and spun her across the floor she let out a gasp of delight and relief.

The music came to an end, and as they stopped on the final beat the audience burst out in applause.  They stood there for a moment, taking their bows before walking silently off the stage.  As they returned to the dressing room, that silence was quickly lifted.

“Well, I think that did the trick – this competition is in the bag.”

“I hope so, Rick,” Dottie said as she stepped behind the screen.  “Coming to watch my solo number?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Rick said as he changed into a more casual set of clothes.  He watched Dottie’s silhouette as she changed into her next outfit.  “Is everything all right – you seemed a little tense during the routine there.”

“Not really – I’ll tell you about it later,” she said as she stepped out, smoothing the skirt of her short black dress.  “It’s just a funny dream I had earlier –it’s still rattling round in my brain.”

“All right,” Rick said as he opened the door, “Go and sock it to them.”



The music started as Dottie walked slowly onto the stage, one step in front of the other.

“The name on everybody's lips is gonna be Roxie.
The lady rakin' in the chips is gonna be Roxie”

She closed her eyes and reached up as the male dancers came in behind her, embracing the head of one as the others crouched and started to simulate stroking her legs and back.   Any choreography that has been inspired by Fosse has the same elements – the sensuality of the movement and the strong rhythm and purpose of the music behind it.  As she moved her body against the men, other dancers coming in to mimic her movements she imagined herself as Roxie Hart, trying to gain the attention and approval of those newspaper men and other people who had looked at her situation.

From the wings, Rick watched as well, admiring her as she embraced the two male dancers who stood on either side of her, and wishing he had been one of them.  It was not a case of him being jealous of them – this was her solo number - but that he wanted to know how he could help her to understand what was happening between them.

Dottie closed her eyes as they embraced her and let herself move, for a short while, far away...




“Who the hell are you?”

She looked at the two men clad in leather, who had just walked into the laundry room.  The last thing Dottie had expected on wash day was for something like this to happen, yet there they were, looking at her.

“Shut up and just do as you’re told,” one of them said as the other walked over and grabbed her by the arm.  She could feel his tight grip on her upper arm, grabbing the cuff of the red top she was wearing, but knew there was no way she was going to be able to get free from it.  She gasped as she was turned suddenly round and forced to place her head on the top of the spinner.

“Don’t move,” the man ordered as Dottie felt her arms been pulled behind her.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a length of white

rope been passed over to the man holding her, and she moaned slightly as she felt it been passed around her wrists.

“Look, if it’s money you want then just take anything, I – ohhhh.”  The expression was not just coming from the way her wrists were been pulled tightly together – it was also the fact that as she was pushed against the spinner, she could feel the vibrations coming from the machine against her crotch, and it was not the most unpleasant of experiences.

“Heh – looks like this one gets into this,” the man said as he looked at Dottie.  As well as her blouse, she was wearing a pair of heeled shoes of the same colour, and a short black skirt that barely covered her behind.  She closed her eyes as the man standing behind her felt her bum, saying “yeah – this one could be fun.  Pass me the big length.”

“Listen, please, just leave me aloooone,” Dottie said as she watched a massive length of white rope pass in front of her eyes, pulling her bare lower arms tightly into her sides as the intruder passed it around her body again and again.  “Why, when we’re having so much fun,” the man said as he watched Dottie’s face, her eyes opening and closing as the ropes were pulled tighter and the machine continued to vibrate against her.

As she felt the ropes tightening further between her arms and body, she took a good look at the man next to her.  He was about six foot four, well built with his face covered by a stocking, but the gun in his hand showed that he meant business.  She barely noticed as some rope went over her shoulder, before being fed through the top loop under her breasts and taken back around her neck.

As she tried to wriggle her arms, she realised there was little or no movement available to her as the man behind her stood back.  “What do you reckon,” she heard him say as the movement continued, “shall we give her the special treatment?”

“Yeah – why not,” the man standing next to her said as he passed over another length of rope.  She glanced down and watched as he passed the rope around her waist, feeding the end through the central loop at the front and pulling tightly so that her wrists were forced against the small of her back, while the ends dropped down between her legs.

“What are you going to dooOOOOO,” she squealed as she felt the man behind her pull the ropes between her legs, forcing the cords against her panties as the hem of her skirt was pulled upwards, and digging against her crotch as he pulled tighter, securing the ends to the ropes around her wrists.  She tried moving, only to feel the rope rubbing against her as the vibrations continued from the spinner, and let out a small groan as she closed her eyes.

“Hey she really is getting into it,” she heard him say as she felt the cord rubbing between her legs, and the machine vibrating against her body.  “You go and start searching the house – I’ll make sure she is kept busy for a while.”

“Wha... What are you going to do to me,” Dottie said as she watched the man coming over and standing behind her.  “Oh, just make sure you are happy and satisfied,” he said as he reached round and caressed her breasts in his gloved hands.  A feeling like an electric shock ran through Dottie as he stroked her nipples – she had not realised how hard they had become, or how pronounced her breasts were with the rope around and under them.

Despite her own fears, she continued to moan as he moved down her body, stroking her as he did so, until his hands moved between her legs and touched the lips of her vagina.   Even through the cotton of her panties, she could feel his stroke, and with the rope rubbing as she moved her hips she knew she was starting to be turned on by this – even if she was also repulsed by the idea of this masked stranger doing it.

“You’re wonderfully moist there,” the man said as he continued to stroke own Dottie’s legs, so that as she closed her eyes and moaned to his caress she did not notice as her legs were pulled together above her knees, the rope adding to the sensations that were starting to run through her.  Even as he helped her to kneel and she felt him cross her ankles, the rope going around her legs to hold them together, she continued to feel herself becoming more and more aroused.

“We have a few moments to ourselves,” he said as he knelt behind her, his hands covering her nipples again as she felt him press his body up behind her.  She could feel how he was getting excited as well, and as his hands moved around her chest and crotch she started to moan more and more loudly.

“Please,” she said softly as she bucked at his movement, “what are you going to do to me.  I don’t want to be raped, and yet...”

“And yet you want me,” he said as he nuzzled into her neck.  “Well, lady, how can I deny you?”  Standing up, he walked round and stood in front of her, his hands on the buckle of the belt around his waist.  Dottie looked up, knowing what he was thinking, and simply nodded.

As he unbuckled the belt, and allowed his pants to drop to the floor, she looked at the size of his member as he held it in front of her mouth.  He allowed her lips to stroke the tip, as Dottie closed her eyes and steeled herself for what was to come.  She squirmed, the rope pulling into her crotch and arousing her even more as she slowly opened her mouth and allowed him to place the tip of his penis on her lips.

“Take it in,” he demanded, and as Dottie slowly sucked it into her mouth she felt the throbbing that was already building within him.  Slowly pulling him in and out, the movement made her slowly rock back and forth, the cords rubbing between her legs and making the warm feeling grow stronger and stronger within her a she felt the throbbing grow stronger and stronger.

Her tongue caressed his member, making him gasp slightly as he held onto her head, forcing himself further in as Dottie started to suck harder and harder.  She could feel him beginning to build within her as she sucked, and increased the intensity of her movement as he pressed further into her throat, eventually brushing the back of her throat as she felt him building to a climax.

Eventually he came, the hot liquid spurting down her throat as she sucked him dry, trying to swallow as much as she could.  As he withdrew, he took a pair of panties that was a nearby basket and wiped Dottie’s mouth.

There was a roll of white tape lying nearby, and Dottie watched as he picked it up and tore a long strip off.  “Purse your lips,” he said, and Dottie moaned again as he pressed the tape firmly over her mouth and jaw, smoothing the material to press it down.  Three more strips followed before he helped Dottie to stand on her feet.

“Let me make you comfortable,” he said as she picked her up and sat her on top of the spinner and washing machine.  She could now feel the vibrations against her bottom as she sat there, and the way it made the rope move made her moan, groan and sway with the rhythm...



As the orchestra came to a climax, Dottie threw her arms up and down against the crotches of the two men behind her, bringing another round of rapturous applause as she stood there, panting.  She smiled at Rick, who had a thoughtful look on his face as he clapped with everyone else.




“So, these dreams are getting more and more real, are they?”

Dottie looked up at Rick as she sat on the bed in his apartment, having left the competition as winners.  She had changed into a simple red pinafore dress, the hem coming down her thighs, and matching shoes.

“Yeah – I feel as if I need a break, some way of getting these feelings out of me.  Maybe it is stress, maybe it is the events of the last few weeks, or maybe...”

“Maybe I need to take your mind off things,” Rick said as he fastened her wrists together in front of her in a pair of steel handcuffs.  “Listen – do you have any plans for the weekend?”

“Not sure yet – why,” Dottie said with a smile as she looked at him.  “Do you have a suggestion?”

“Let me think about it – I may have to postpone some other plans,” he said as he passed a doubled over length of rope around her ankles and started to tie them together.  “Right now, my little captive, I need to make sure you cannot get away.  Open wide now.”

“All right,” Dottie said as she allowed Rick to pull a white scarf into her mouth, filling it with the taste of silk as he secured it at the back of her neck.  She watched as he unwound a number of skeins of rope, wondering what exactly he would do with them...


“So, how does that feel now, Dottie?”

Dottie grunted as she looked up at Rick, her hands over her crotch as she lay effectively immobilised on the bed.  There were bands of rope around her upper body, holding her upper arms and elbows into her side and the metal cuffs down against her lap.  Her legs were held together above and below her knees, and her feet were also secured together more firmly, the rope going over the leather and under the soles of her shoes.

A long rope ran from around her neck down through the bands to her ankles, passing over her body as it did so.  Dottie could press down on the rope feeling it rub against her legs, but not a lot else.

“How long,” Rick said as he looked at the watch.  “Frtmints” Dottie mumbled as he set the timer.  “All right then – go,” he said before he sat down to watch, enjoying the sight as Dottie slowly started to try and sit herself up and free herself from her bonds.  Escaping had become a thing Rick wanted to teach her, and Dottie wanted to learn, after the last time someone had tried to take her away.

It also followed on from her dream – she wanted to be like Maid Dottie, strong enough to stand up to any dastardly villain.  As she managed to bring her legs slightly up and start to pick at the rope above her knees, Rick nodded in encouragement, watching the woman he had grown to love grow in herself...




“Dottie, keep this weekend free, will you?”

It was two days later and Dottie had met up with Rick again for a practice session.  She turned to look at him, her foot still on the chair where she was trying to fix her sandal on, and smiled.

Why, what have you got planned,” she said smiling.  The pink sweater and leggings she was wearing hugged every curve of her body – perfect for dancing.

“That would be telling,” Rick said as he took her by the hand.  “For now, we have the Tarantella to practice.  If you are ready?”



That night, as she lay on her bed, Dottie kept wondering what Rick may have planned.  As her eyes closed, her imagination started to take over.



She walked into the bedroom and looked at him, lying on the bed as if nothing else mattered.  Her preparations had been immaculate – the way her hair had been curled and put up, the red lipstick that covered her lips, the sheer lack dressing gown she was wearing, and what was underneath – everything was designed to arouse this man, and she knew it was going to work.

“Well, we do look beautiful tonight,” he said as he handed her a glass of champagne.  She sat on the edge of the bed, her stocking clad legs making the front of the gown fall over them as she lifted them up, and touched her glass against his.

“I hope you approve,” she said as she leaned back against the pillows and looked at him.  “I want this to be a memorable night for both of us.”

“I am sure it will be,” he said as he put his glass to one side.  “Are you ready?”

“I am,” she said as she lay back.  “You may do what you wish to do.”

He leaned over and kissed her, gently at first on the lips as she responded in kind, then more deeply and passionately as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  He slowly unfastened the front of her gown, opening it to reveal the lace bustier Dottie was wearing, the material coming just over her breasts as the thin straps went over her shoulders and down to the small of her back.

“Do you like what you see,” Dottie said as she fluttered her eyelashes, and the man simply nodded, taking her in his arms and kissing her again.  Dottie responded in kind, returning his passion as he took hold of her arms and gently pulled them behind her back.

“What are you doing,” she giggled as he turned her over onto her back and sat across her.  “Wait and see,” he whispered, and Dottie closed her eyes, expecting a surprise.  That was what she got as he gently closed the hasps on the cuffs around her wrists, securing them together.

“Mmmm,” she sighed as he got off her back and reached down to secure her ankles in a second pair of cuffs.  She opened her eyes and looked at him as he turned her over, brushing her hair out of her face as he did so.

“Comfy,” he asked, and Dottie nodded, purring “Yes, I am.  What are you going to do now?”

“Wait and see,” he said again before coming down and kissing her on the lips, taking her tongue into his mouth as he worked her mouth.  Releasing her, he smiled as he picked up a small red sponge ball, pressing it against her lips.  Dottie opened wide, allowing him to push the sponge between her lips and into her mouth, before watching him take a white silk cloth and pull it between her lips, holding the bal there as he bound the ends together under her hair at the nape of her neck.  A second, wider scarf went over that, covering her mouth and jaw and reducing all she could say to a low hum.

He rolled Dottie back onto her stomach, her head resting no the scented pillows as he picked up a length of thick rope.  She felt her arms been pulled together behind her back, forcing her breasts to strain against the top of her bustier.  It was a wonderful, exhilarating feeling as she tried to stop them from bursting out, but the most exciting thing was wondering what he was going to do to her.

“Ready,” he whispered into her ear, and Dottie nodded as she closed her eyes.  She felt the rope go around her waist, as he held her wrists against her bottom, and then the exhilaration of the rubbing against her as he pulled the rope tightly through her legs, pressing hard on her vagina a she brought the ends up towards her elbows.  She moaned loudly, the abrasion as she twisted round continuing to arouse her, as he secured the end to her elbows and started to pull down on the front of her body...


The sound of the telephone ringing made Dottie open her eyes.  She gasped, before picking up the receiver.


“Dottie?  Meet me in the studio at 10 tomorrow – and be prepared to be away for a few days.”

She replaced the receiver and smiled, wondering what Rick had in store for her...




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