Project: Dottie - Chapter 4






“Get in there and stand still!”

Dottie and Annie were pushed towards a large open area, on one side of which was a set designed to look like a bedroom, with a corner suite and a large four poster bed set up.  In other areas were other sets – a kitchen, the front room of a house, an office – and each of those they could see one or two women been bound and gagged in place.

Dottie was wearing a skin tight black catsuit, or something like it with trousers and a top that rose from the waist, barely covering her breasts as it went around her neck and left her back bare.  As for Annie, she had on a black strapless basque and dark stocking, with three inch heels on the feet of both women.

“Stand still,” the guard said as he walked behind Dottie, “We need to prepare you for show.”  Taking some white rope, he pulled her hands behind her back and started to tie them tightly together, as Annie was led towards the four poster bed and positioned by the bottom left corner.

“For show to who,” Dottie asked as she felt her arms been pulled into her side again, the rope digging into the bare skin of her arms as the man wound it above and below her breasts.  “The people who may want to buy you,” was all he said as he made her sit down and started to bind her ankles together.

She looked over at Annie, who had her arms guided round the pillar of the bed and was having a black arm binder securely strapped round them, a leather belt holding her waist in place around the wooden post.  “Rick, where are you,” she mumbled under her breath as she watched her legs been bound tightly above and below her knees, the moans of protest from Annie been silenced by a length of clear tape over her mouth.




In the reception area, Rick was standing with Danny and Dave, looking round the room at the small groups of people dressed to the nines.  He was not surprised to see both men and women there – he played on the fringes of this type of society, but he knew groups such as this one catered for all tastes.

“Keep calm,” he said as he saw Dave’s hand shaking slightly.  “We go in, locate the girls, and get out before the police arrive.  IT won’t be a problem.”

“You’ve seen the goons,” Danny said, looking pointedly at the bulky, smartly dressed men standing at the doors and around the walls.

“Which is why we will be discrete,” Rick said quietly.  “Finish your drink, we will go in soon.”



“Thnku,” Dottie mumbled through the pink heart shaped ball gag the guard had pulled into her mouth.  She lay back on the couch, raising her legs and placing them on the back in what she hoped would be a provocative pose – one most of the men would look at, giving her a chance to see Rick if he was there.

Annie stood at the bed, moaning as the last leather strap was used to secure her upper legs in place.  “All right,” a female voice called out, “everybody off the floor – the guests will be coming in a few minutes.”

The men left, leaving Dottie to call over “hgnnthrne” as small groups of extremely well dressed people started to come in.

The ropes around her chest had the effect of pulling the front of her catsuit to one side, revealing her breasts, so that as the groups approached their corner of the floor Dottie could only small and grunt as they looked.  She noticed one particular tall gentleman, looking at her quite intently, before he stepped to one side and spoke to one of the well dressed attendants that were milling round.

Looking over, she could see Annie been pinched and groped by a number of men in dinner jackets, and wanted to call out some words of encouragement.  As she turned her head again, however, she saw Rick, and raised her head to call out.

“Our apologies, ladies and gentlemen,” the attendant said as she came over, “but this item has been reserved for a special guest.  Please, enjoy the other exhibits on show.”  As Dottie was picked up by two of the guards, she called out “RKKKK!!!!” as loudly as she could.

“Dottie?” Rick said as he turned round, only to see a bound and gagged woman in a black catsuit been carried out of the room.  He looked at Danny, who nodded and went to talk to two other guests, all three men slipping off as he and Dave walked towards that set.



Dottie was taken into a private room, and laid out on the couch as the two guards started to untie her.

“A very special person had asked to see you privately,” the man said as he removed the ball gag.  “He asks that you put this on as well,” he said handing her a black bra.

“All right,” Dottie said quietly as she reached behind her neck, undoing the strap and allowing them to fall in front of her before she put on the bra.  Sitting herself back on the couch, she looked round the room, wondering who may have asked particularly for her.

There was a large bed on the far side of the room, so Dottie figured this was a “private chamber” that she had heard talked about before.  So when the two men that had caused both her and Annie such torment, she knew something different was going to happen.

“You, Mrs Carr, have caught the eye of a most illustrious client,” the taller of the two men said as he helped her to stand up, “so we must prepare you ourselves.  Stand up and stand still.”

As she stood there, feeling the rope around her wrists once again, Dottie allowed her mind to wonder away as a distraction...



Looking out of the porthole, Dottie could see the ocean rolling away.  She was dressed for the sea, in a striped polo shirt and white skirt, but she was tired, bored, looking for something.

Turning back to the bed, she saw a package with a note on it.  Opening the envelope, she read “Put this one – David.” Intrigued, she opened the box and took out as heer, see through body stocking, a black corset and velvet opera gloves, as well as a pair of leather shoes with heels so high they made her stare in wonder.

“What the hell is this,” she said as the door opened and David walked in.  “Do you like my present,” he said as he smiled at her.

“Like it – this leaves nothing to the imagination,” Dottie replied, “and these shoes would cripple me.  What are you planning to do to me?”

“Oh, you haven’t even tried it on,” he said as he walked forward.  “Let me help you.”  As he came in, he deposited a large canvas bag on the bed and advanced, making Dottie back up against eh cabin wall. 

Taking the clothes from her hand, he kissed Dottie as he pulled her shirt up and over her head, throwing it on the bed as he unclasped and removed her bra.  She responded by kissing him back, not fighting as he unzipped her skirt and allowed it to drop on the floor, hooking his fingers through the waistband of her panties and pulling them down as he kissed his way down her body.

“Oh, that’s good,” Dottie moaned as his lips touched her crotch, moving her legs into the bodysuit as he gently pulled the sheer fabric up her legs, his body rising as he pulled the bodice up and allowed Dottie to put her arms through, turning her round as he pulled the back up and kissed her shoulders.

“Put the gloves on,” he said as he opened the back and drew out a length of rope.  Dottie picked up the gloves and worked them onto her arms, feeling the rope go around her waist and down between her legs.  As it was pulled tightly, the cords sinking into her crotch, she moaned again as the rope rubbed against her, the motion of the boat making it feel even better.

“Nice?” David said as he fastened the corset around her waist, and then a collar around her neck.  “Yes, Master,” she moaned as he helped her to step into the shoes, and then took her by the hand, eliding her out of the cabin and up onto the sun drenched deck.

Leading her over to the mast, he put the canvas bag back on the floor and removed another length of rope, passing her arms around the wooden pole and securing her wrists, the tape pulling into the velvet of the gloves both around them and then her arms below her elbows.  Dottie moaned louder with each pull, the rope in her crotch rubbing as well.

“What are you going to do to me,” she said again as the rope went around her upper body, pulling her firmly against the pole even as it stretched the sheer fabric over her bare breasts, her nipples becoming more and more erect as he did so.  Her legs were next, secured to the pole at her ankle, knees and thighs, so that she could not move more than an inch.

Each movement she did make, however, was brining more and more pleasure to her, so that as he fastened the ball gag in place all she could do was close her eyes, moan and writhe as his hands enclosed her breasts, massaging and kneading as he said “Now, at last, I have you where I want you, Dorothy Carr...”



“Now, at last, I have you where I want you, Dorothy Carr.”

Dorothy opened her eyes and looked round.  She was lying face down on the bed, her arms well secured behind her back and rope around her chest and shoulders.  Looking back, she could see her legs were spread apart, the ropes holding her ankles firmly in place, and her catsuit had been stripped off.

That wasn’t the most worrying thing however – she recognised the voice, one she had hoped and prayed she would never, ever hear again.  She turned her head and looked up, her smile fading as she recognised the tall, well dressed Arabian man standing in front of her.

“No,” she whispered, “IT can’t be.”

“But it is,” the sheikh said, “and this time there is nobody to come to your rescue, Dorothy.  I owe you so much, and now the time has come to repay your kindnesses to me.”



“Did you find her?”

Rick looked at Danny as he walked back to him, a small group of men with Dave as he talked to one of the assistants.

“Yeah – she’s in a private room in the back.  We may need to find a way in, however.”

“I’m working on that,” he said as he watched Annie been released from the bed by two of the armed guards, her struggling quite evident as she was carried away.  Dave walked back over as she was taken out of the door.

“We’re in – I’ll be given a pass code in a few minutes that will get the six of us in.  What about Dorothy?”

“We’ll take care of your wife first – hopefully Dottie is in no real danger.”



“OH GOD – it really is you.  I thought you...”

“You thought I’d died or been captured,” the sheikh said as he knelt by the end of the bed, before lifting Dottie’s head by the chin and kissing her, not gently but violently.  “As you can see, such is not the case, and this time there will be no escape for you.”

“What do you mean,” Dottie said as she watched him take off his jacket and walk over to the bed, climbing on it and sitting astride her waist.

“Exactly what I say,” the man replied as he reached around her, passing his hand sunder her body and gently massaging her breasts as he did so.   Dottie started to twist round, but she could not deny the way her body was responding to his touch.

Do you remember the time in the desert, when you dressed in nothing but the veil at my command,” he said in her ear before kissing her neck, sending a shock through her.  Dottie nodded – she had been forced to stand in a silver waistband, a sword and a veil, as he looked over her.  That time, however, she had been under the watchful eye of an American agent.  This time...

“This time,” the sheikh said as he kept kneading her beasts, her nipples hardening under his touch, “there is no such escape for you.”  His hands moved down her body, and as he brushed against her vagina Dottie said “oh god – please, don’t do this to me.”

Your voice says no,” he whispered into her ear, “but your body says yes.  Which should I listen to – your voice or your movement,” he said as his finger felt the moisture between her legs, Dottie backing slightly as he worked just inside the lips.  Reaching into his trouser pocket eh pulled out a chiffon scarf and folded in into a pad, before reaching over and pushing it into his captive’s open mouth.

“Mgggggg,” Dottie moaned as he resumed his movements, her body shaking slightly as it responded to his touch.  “NGGGGGGD” was her scream as she felt herself responding to his massage, the touch of his lips, the feel of his body against hers, “PLSDNTDTS.”

“Oh, but I will,” he said as he raised himself up, and Dottie heard the sound of a zip been pulled down.  “hmgdhmgdhmgdhmgd,” she mumbled to herself as she felt him lean back down, and felt his member erect and firm at the back of her legs as he continued to massage her, “plsdntfckm, plsdntfkm, plsssssmmmmdmsmdmsdmsdsmddsm.”  Her body was responding to the movement of his now, writhing as he manoeuvred himself into position behind her and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“You are a woman of mature years,” he said as she felt his more and more erect cock between her legs, “just the sort I love.  I never thought I would be in the place again to do this for you – we have been thwarted so many times before.”

Dottie closed her eyes, trying not to respond, but as she felt him slip between her legs and enter her body she opened her eyes wide and screamed “MMSDAMDASMSFMSDADAMFFMDSFMGDDDDD” at the sensation, his cock expanding and filling her passage as he started to move backwards and forwards, her own body responding in time as well.

As she felt the throbbing between her legs, both from her and from him as he started to moan, she moaned in turn, her voice changing as she screamed “Plsdttm, fckm” as she felt him starting to cum within her.  IT was horrible, wonderful, unpleasant, mesmerising – her emotions were in a tight, tangled bundle as she felt the throbbing increase, the thrusting getting stronger, the desire growing until she and he could take it no more....





Annie looked up as the door to the room opened her eyes wide with fear, then surprise, then delight as she said “DVEEEE” through the panel gag that covered her mouth.

“I’m sorry we took so long to get to you, Annie,” he said as he and one of the other men ran over and started to untie her, Rick watching from the doorway.  “Which door is it?” he said as he turned and looked at Danny.

“Second one down on the left,” his nephew replied, but as he looked out Rick stepped out and closed the door to, watching the tall Arabian gentleman stepping out of the door.

“Thank you, Mrs Carr,” he heard him say as he looked into the open door, “I look forward to more times such as these in our new home.”  He pulled the front of his expensive suit jacket down as he turned and walked down the corridor, leaving the door open.

Turning back, he looked at Dave as he helped his wife to stand up.  “Give me five minutes,” he said as he slipped out of the room, and stepped through the open door.

“Dottie,” he said as he saw the body lying face down on the bed.  Dottie looked up at him, her hair lank and sweat pouring from her skin, as she weakly said “Rck?  Hlpm.”  He rushed over, releasing her legs and helping her to stand up as he looked at her body.

“Can you walk?” he said, and Dottie nodded weakly, stumbling as he held her and half walked, half carried her to the door.  “Danny,” he called out,” we need a way out of here.  Ask our friends to help.”

Nodding, the young man turned back into the room, and the other three men walked to the exit doors he helped Dave to carry Annie between them.  “What happened to her?” he said as he saw Dottie, half unconscious as Rick held her up.

“I shudder to think,” Rick said quietly, “but we need to get both of them to a hospital, fast.  The police are going to be here any minute, and I don’t want to be around.”

“Around for what,” a male voice said, and as Rick turned he saw the two men standing there, guns in their hands.

“Ahmed Bin Hassan, I presume,” he said to the taller man, who bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement.  “I do not believe I have had the pleasure?”

“You haven’t and the pleasure is all the greater for me for that.  The Police are on their way – I reckon you have five minutes before the sirens can be heard.  So you have a choice – stand here and try and stop me, or get out of your coming predicament the best way you can.  Which is it going to be?”

The taller man looked to his smaller companion, who looked at the group and then nodded.  “Pray we never meet again,” Hassan said as he turned and walked away.  “I don’t want to,” Rick said as he turned and carried the now unconscious Dottie.  “Let’s get out of here – now!!!!”

The party half stumbled, half ran into a van parked outside, and as they drove down the lane leading to the main road Rick cradled Dottie in his arms, removing the cloth from her mouth and saying “Hold on, baby, hold on...”



Dottie looked around the empty gym hall, wondering how long she had been here.  Hours?  Days?  Weeks?  She genuinely could not remember – she could not even remember how they had brought her here.

She was in her cheerleader outfit – the sleeveless red dress with the black and white diagonal detail at the waist, the material nestling her large chest, and a pair of black pantyhose.  Apart from that, the only thing on her were the white cords that held her wrists together behind her back, and her ankles together as she sat there, and the thick white scarf that had been pulled between her lips, stifling her calls as she sat there.

Looking round again, she wondered why nobody was coming to her aid, or even looking for her.  IT had been such a long time, such a long...

The door to the gym opened, and she saw a woman walk in in a short sleeved white blouse, pleated skirt and flat shoes.  She walked slowly towards her, her face blurred and distorted.

“Dinwu,” Dottie mumbled through her gag, but even as she came closer the face was still obscured.  She knelt next to her, stroking her cheek as she said quietly “Dottie?  It’s time to wake up Dottie, wake up...”  As she talked, her face became clearer, and a white light seemed to come from behind her, enveloping and blinding her as she felt her cheek been stroked gently....



“Dottie?  Oh thank God – you had us worried there.”

Dottie opened her eyes and stared at the plain white ceiling, before turning her head and seeing Annie sitting there, a hospital gown over her body and a smile on her lips.

“Annie?” she croaked.  “We... We were rescued then?”

“Yes, we were – and Rick will tell you the story later.  He’s been by your bedside for the last three days, as has your son – I sent them off to get some rest.”

“Water,” Dottie whispered, and Annie held the glass as she drank through a straw.  “Three days – has it been that long?”

“It has – but you rest now.”  Annie stood up and walked to the door.  “I... I don’t want to be alone,” Dottie said quietly.

“You won’t be – you were there for me, now I’m there for you.  Let me call the nurse, and then I’ll come back.”  Annie slipped out, leaving Dottie to lie there, a small tear rolling down her cheek.







Four weeks later

As the car door was opened, Dottie stepped nervously out, afraid that she was going out too soon.  As she moved her legs out, the heels of her strappy sandals hitting the pavement, she felt the bite of the wind through her black leggings and almost went back into the car.  Physicaally she was recovering remarkably well from her ordeal, but it was the mental scars that had been re-opened - they hurt the most.

“Take my hand,” Rick said as he stood beside her, helping her to get out of the car.  Dottie was wearing a black silk jacket over a white wrap top with black trim, and carrying a small black clutch bag with her.

“I feel so nervous,” she said as the car door was closed and she walked on Rick’s arm towards the theatre door.

“Understandable – you have been through a terrible ordeal, but you need to get out again.  Your son said as much, so we are going to see this show tonight.”

“Thanks,” Dottie said with a smile as they went into the theatre.  “Just the show and then the meal right?”

“Right – I will wait for anything else until you are ready.”

“Thank you,” Dottie said as he turned and kissed Rick.  He was the man for her at the moment, especially after everything that had happened.  What is more, the time would come soon.

She had dreamt last night, the first dream for weeks without him in it.  Instead, she was been held hostage in an apartment, wearing a black cocktail dress as she lay on the bed, bound and gagged over her mouth.  It had not repulsed her, made her wake up screaming – instead she had enjoyed it, enjoyed the warm feeling as she had dreamt of herself writhing round.

“Soon, Rick, Soon,” she said with a smile as they made their way through the lobby...




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