The Choice







“That is a wonderful pose – just hold it for a few minutes...”


Ayesha and Dana smiled as they looked at the camera.  Ayesha was the older sister, and was wearing a white short sleeved dress with a light floral print, and a pair of peach coloured opera gloves.  A large gold necklace hung round her neck, while she also had on a pair of four inch heels.


Dana was lying on a long green couch, resting on one elbow as her head was against her sister.  The floral necklace she was wearing was hanging down her yellow blouse and peach cardigan, while her patterned skirt was held up by a wide black belt.  Her legs were in a pair of long silk stockings, that came just over the knee, and matching shoes.


Both of them tossed their heads so that their long dark hair fell over their shoulders, smiling again as the fashion photographer kept shooting his pictures.


“Right then,” he finally said, “we’re done for the day.  Thank you both – and have a nice evening.”


“So what do you want to do tonight,” Dana said as she sat up.


“Not sure yet – let’s head home and see how we feel once we have changed,” Ayesha said as they walked to the dressing room.




“It is so good to be home,” Dana said as Ayesha closed the door.   The two women were certainly more casually dressed – Ayesha in a short sleeved blouse and red leather skirt, Dana in a t-shirt and denim hot pants over dark leggings.


“Oh yeah – want to dig some takeaway menus out and we can decide on what we’re going to eat?”


“On it,” Dana said as she went into the kitchen, opening a drawer and taking out a selection of menus for the local establishments.  As she looked through them, she could see a local Thai restaurant that appealed to her.


“Hey Ayesha,” she said as she walked into the front room, “want to...”


“Very quietly,” the young man said as he looked at Dana, his hand clamped over Ayesha’s mouth and his free hand holding a gun that was aimed at her, “close the door, and put those menus down.”


“What the hell...”


“Choose – do as I say, or...”  He put the gun to Ayesha’s head, Dana seeing her sister’s eyes widen as she shook her head.


“All right,” she said as she put the menus down, “there, just don’t hurt her.”


“Good – now, sit down with your hands on your head,” he said quietly, watching as Dana did so before he pushed Ayesha over to join her.


“Now,” he said as he picked up a large bag and put it on a chair, “choose – one of you is going to be secured, the other is not.  Which of you is going to be free?”


Ayesha looked at her sister, and then said “Bind me.”




“Hush Dana – bind me.”


“Good,” the man said as he opened the bag and looked at Dana.  “You – tape or plastic?”


“I’m sorry, what are you...”




“Tape,” Dana whispered, as he took a roll of duct tape from the bag and threw it at her.  “Tape her wrists together behind her back.”


Dana swallowed and tore the end free from the roll, putting her sister’s hands together behind her back before she taped them together, winding it tightly round her wrists.


“Good – now around her arms and body.”


Dana taped Ayesha’s arms to her sides, and then knelt down, taping her ankles together and her legs above and below her knees as the intruder watched.  He was tall, thin, casually dressed save for the leather gloves on his hands, and smiled as Dana stood up.


“Good – now, tear off three strips, and put them over her mouth.”


“But she won’t be able to breathe...”


“Do you have a cold,” he said as he looked at Ayesha.  She shook her head as he said “Well then – tape her mouth.”


“I’m sorry, Ayesha,” Dana said as she tore a strip free from the roll, and then put it over her red lips, placing two more over the first one.


“Lie down,” the man said as he took Dana by the arm, Ayesha making herself as comfortable as she could as she looked at her sister.


“Wait here,” the man said as he took Dana out of the main room, before saying “Your room – which one?”


Dana pointed to a door, the man nodding as he took her inside, putting the bag he had brought on the bed.


“You need to dress for dinner,” he said as he pointed the gun at her, “choose a suitable outfit.”


“You want me to change?”


“I do – food will arrive, and you need to be dressed for it.  Pick something nice to wear, and put it on.”


Nodding, and wondering what he was planning to do, Dana went to her wardrobe, and took out an electric blue evening dress with short capped sleeves and a knee length skirt.  Turning her back to the intruder, she slipped her t-shirt off and pulled the dress over her head, and then removed her shorts and leggings, kicking them off as she turned to look at the intruder.


“Suitable footwear as well,” he said quietly, watching as Dana took a pair of three inch heels on and put them on.


“You look good,” he said quietly as Dana turned round, “now you must select a suitable outfit for your sister.”




“Come to her room,” he said as he took the bag in one hand, and her arm in the other, and walked her to the second bedroom.  He then watched as she selected a black cocktail dress, and heels, laying them on the bed.


“Excellent,” he said as he opened the bag, and took a length of thin white cord out, “now, hands behind your back please.”


“What are you going to do,” Dana said as she felt the man cross her wrists, and then the rope as it rubbed on her bare flesh while they were tightly bound together.  She let out a little gasp as the rope went between her arms, and then stood facing the wardrobe as she heard the intrude looking for something in the bag.


“Put your lips together.”




Ayesha turned and looked as the man walked back in, the bag in one hand and his other holding Dana’s arm.  Her eyes widened as she saw Dana was wearing a party dress and heels – as well as rope around her wrists behind her and a strip of white tape over her mouth.


The man made Dana sit at the table, and then placed her ankles against the chair legs, tying them in place before using more rope to secure her legs together above her knees.


“Now,” he said as he put the gun where both women could see them, and then took a knife from the bag, “I am going to cut you free, and I want you to change into the outfit I will bring through.  Wait there?”


“Whtsggnnn,” Ayesha said to Dana as the man left the room.


“Ednttknn,” Dana mumbled as the man laid the dress and shoes on a chair, and then cut the tape bands away from her sister.  Ayesha reached up to remove the tape from her mouth, but then saw him shake his head as he said “no – that stays.  Get changed.”


Standing up and rubbing her wrists, Ayesha unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, and then the skirt, before she slipped the dress on and put on the shoes.


She then offered no resistance as her wrists were taken behind her back, and the thin rope used to lash them tightly together, before she was walked over to the chair next to Dana and sat down.  She watched as her legs were tied together above her knees, and then her ankles to the chair legs, before he made them face each other.


Picking up the menus Dana had left on the coffee table, he held them up in front of Ayesha and said “choose.”


Looking at them, she nodded to the Thai menu, the intruder smiling as he picked up their telephone.


“Thai banquet for three please,” he said as he looked in Ayesha’s purse, and removed her credit card.  “I’m phoning for my girlfriend...”






“There,” he said as he laid the last of the dishes out on the table, Ayesha and Dana looking on as they sat at the other side, “if I remove the tape, will you both stay quiet?”


The two girls looked at each other and nodded as he came round and peeled the gags away.


“Very well,” he said to Ayesha, “choose what you would like to eat.”


“And how am I meant to eat?”


“Hush,” the man said as he leaned her forward, and untied her wrists, before he used a longer length of rope to tie her waist to the chair.  “Now, what do you want to eat?”


Ayesha looked at him, and then said “well, if you insist...”


He placed several food items on a plate in front of her, and then did the same for Dana, before he sat opposite and watched them pick up the chopsticks and eat.


“May I ask a question?”


“Of course,” the man said as he looked at Ayesha.


“Why are you doing this to us?”


“Oh, that will become clear in due course,” he said with a smile.  “For now, enjoy your food.”


“But we have no money, and our valuables...”


“I took them before you arrived,” the man said quietly, “but when I realised who lived here, I had to be sure they were properly thanked for their generosity – and for their work over the years.  Now, eat – and do have a drink as well.  You cannot be sure how long it will be before you can do so again.”


The two girls looked at each other, before Dana said “and what are you going to do when we have finished?”


“You will see – let the anticipation...  Excite you,” he said quietly, not taking his eyes off either of them as he did so.


“Will you not eat?”


“In time – I do not mind waiting,” he said quietly as he sipped his wine.  The two women slowly ate, wondering what it was he was planning....




Eventually, he stood up and untied both of them from the chair, letting them stand up and rub their wrists.


“Do either of you need to take a comfort break,” he said, “be assured, the telephone is disconnected, and I have your cell phones.”


Both girls nodded as he walked them to the bathroom, and then to Ayesha’s bedroom.


“I must now thank you properly for a pleasant evening,” he said as he looked at them.  “Lie face down on the bed, both of you, and put your hands behind your backs.”


“You don’t have to...”


“Shhh – lie down, choose which side.”


Dana nodded and lay on the left side of the bed, Ayesha on the right as they felt the man cross and bind their wrists behind their backs.  IT felt like thicker rope this time, as they then felt him cross and bind their ankles together in the same way.


Looking over her shoulder, Dana could see it was indeed slightly thicker rope, going around and between their limbs as the man secured their legs below their knees in the same way, and then made them sit up facing each other.


“One of you must choose first, which will it be?”


“I will,” Dana said as she looked at Ayesha.


“Very well – scarf or panties?”




“Hush – scarf or panties?”


“Scarf,” Dana whispered, and then gasped as she felt his lips on her shoulder – the gap enough for him to push a folded scarf into her mouth, and then wrap the white tape around her head, trapping her long dark hair against her as he did so.


“Oh god- are you going to use panties on me?” Ayesha said as she watched him wrap a length of rope around her sister’s arms and body, forcing her chest out as the two bands sat above and below it.


“What do you think,” he said as he gave the rope another tug, “take the rope between your sister’s breasts or not?”


“Don’t,” Ayesha pleaded, relaxing as he took the rope under her arm and around the back of her neck instead.  He then walked behind her and said “Scarf or panties?”


“I have the same choice?”


“You do – which will  it be?”


“Panties,” Ayesha said, Dana staring at her as she opened her mouth and allowed him to force the silk wad in.  As he wound the tape round her head, a feeling of submissive pleasure ran through Ayesha’s body, as he then tied her arms to her side.


“Yes, I thought you were,” the man said as he tied the ropes off, and then started to use his hands on Ayesha’s chest, massaging and groping her as she felt her breasts firm up, her nipples harden as Dana watched wide eyed.


“OH your turn is coming, little sister,” the man said as he took yet more rope, and tied it round her sister’s waist, then took it between her legs and pulled up, making Ayesha give a muffled yelp as he did so, and then a moan as he tied the rope to her wrists.


“Now, your turn,” he said as he moved behind Dana, the younger woman fighting his touch at first, before the animal instincts kicked in and she pressed against him, grinding as he made her feel so good...


The rope between her own legs pressed hard on her damp crotch, making her moan even more as he walked back to the bag.


“Choose,” he said behind Dana, “left or right?”


“Lfttt,” she moaned out as she twisted, the rope rubbing on her as she tried to get free – and then she heard the bussing, and felt it inside her as he forced the vibrator under the crotch rope in her panties.




Ayesha fell to her side as the vibrator went to work on her, and she felt her ankles been pulled back, rope attaching them to her chest as Dana suffered the same fate.  The two women looked at each other before they screamed as an orgasm washed over them.


“Now,” the man said as he stood at the end of the bed, looking at them, “enjoy your choices – because I will choose later...”







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