The Fratton Diamonds








November 7th 2016
3.30 pm
St Angela’s Academy for Young Ladies


“Well, that’s the first day of the whole year over,” Ally Rochermann said as she and Abigail de Ros left their classroom.  The fourteen year olds were wearing their new uniforms, the jackets over the V-necked tops, as they both put their satchels over their shoulders.


“Thank goodness,” Abby said with a sigh as she looked round,” How is Nell settling in at the Nunnery?”


“We agree not to talk about it,” Ally said with a sigh as two of the Seniors walked past, glancing at the tall Freshman as they did so.


“That was tough,” Letty Kinman said as she came out.


“Heading home,” Abby asked.


“Can’t – athletics training,” Letty said with a smile, “see you both tomorrow?”


“See you,” Ally said as they both saw the diminutive Carina Huntingdown walking towards them.  “You getting the bus today, Abby?”


“Nope – Aunt Juliette is coming to pick us up,” Abby said before a blonde Senior deliberately bumped into her.


“Hey,” Carina said as she stood with her hands on her hips, “got a problem with your eyesight, Fratton?”


Kennedy Fratton turned and looked at Abby.  “Oh sorry – didn’t see you standing side on, de Ros,” she sneered, “maybe you need a warning notice round you?”


“OH for the love of…  Lay off, Fratton,” Ally said as she looked at her.


“Make me, Rochermann,” she sneered before she walked off, Abby and Carina watching her closely.


“Come on,” Cari finally said as she took Abby’s arm, “Mom wants us to have a chat over the holidays tonight…”




7 pm
The Huntingdown Apartment


“That was delicious, thank you Aunt Juliette,” Abby said as she pushed her plate away.  She and Carina had changed into sweatshirts and jeans, a contrast to Juliette in her designer pants and silk sweater, and her mother Diana de Ros in her black jersey dress.


“Thank you,” Juliette said with a smile as she collected the plates, Carina getting up from the table to answer the doorbell, then coming back with Sandy Richmond and her nanny, Heather Smith.  While Heather was wearing a black leather jacket over a blue jumper and jeans, Sandy was wearing a grey blouse and skirt – and a scowl on her face that made both Juliette and Diana look at each other.


“Perhaps we should sit in the lounge,” Juliette said as the others stood up and they walked in, Sandy throwing herself into a chair and throwing her head back before she groaned.


“Let me guess – George and Alison,” Juliette said as she sat down.


“Got it in one,” Heather said as she shook her head, “Little Sandy and George were telling us about their apartment, and the wedding photos, and – well, you can see the result.”


“I swear,” Sandy literally growled under her breath, “one day, one bloody day…”


“I think you need a release, Sandy,” Juliette said as she sat down, “and I may just have one for you.”


“Oh,” Cari said as she sat up, “so soon after the last one?”


“Well,” Juliette said with a smile, “this one is very special.”


“Oh – and why?”


“If I was to tell you I had information on a large jewel shipment to a well know merchant for mounting?”


Abby sat up as she said “tell me it’s the firm Kennedy Fratton’s parents run…”



8 pm
The Calabria Bar


Annie walked to where Tommy the Fish was sitting at the bar, looking at the paper as he nursed his beer.


“Refill, Tommy?”


“Yeah,” Tommy said as he looked at his ring finger.


“How does it feel?”


“Hurts when the weather’s damp?”


Annie looked at the mangled knuckle, and said “how did that happen again?”


“Failed to get out of the way of a large box of fish,” Tommy said with a smile, “I’ll have this to remind me for the rest of my days, I guess.”  The memory of those pliers was always going to stay with him, that much was true.


“Hey,” Annie said as she poured the beer, “Did you read about those broads in the paper?”


“What broads, Annie?”


“The Pussycat Gang – killed the family of a banker because he refused to tell them the combination to the home safe?”


Tommy nodded – the manager’s wife, his fifteen year old daughter, and his seven year old daughter, all hogtied in the basement of the house, and then one by one shot in the back of the head.  Only the father and their son survived – and both of them were in a secure hospital…


“Yeah, not good,” he said quietly, knowing he had supplied the weapons – and that a new message could come at any moment…


8.30 pm
The Huntingdown Apartment


“Really?”  The glee in Abby’s eyes was plain to all as Diana said “you need to control that, ma Cherie, at least for a few days. After all, you will see her at school.”


“Oh I can do that,” Abby said as she turned to look at her mother, her face a mask.  “I am, after all, learning from the best.”


“And that is?”


“The pupil succeeds the master,” Cari said with a smile.


“Okay, both of you – focus,” Heather laughed as she opened a laptop, and typed some commands.  “So – the Fratton Family.  Carl Fratton, 45, and his wife Jacqueline.”  She put up on her screen a picture of a tall man with short greying hair, wearing a dinner jacket, white shirt and bow tie, and a blonde haired woman standing next to him wearing an evening dress.  “She’s 43, maiden name Kennedy.”


“Any relation?”


“Distant cousin – both of them have been in the business of gem trading for years. Built their business up from scratch, and in the meantime found some time for fun – the result of which is…”


“The queen bitch,” Abby said as she looked at the picture of Kennedy.  “If we do this, she’s mine.”


“We can discuss later,” Juliette said as she pushed her glasses back onto her forehead.  “Any other personnel to take into account?”


“The housekeeper,” Heather said as the photo moved to a grey haired, shorter woman.  “Ellen Greaves, single, worked for them for the last ten years.  God fearing woman – goes to St Marks on a regular basis.”


“Such a pity,” Diana said with a smile, “that there is a real chance she may be with her Lord.”


“So,” Sandy said quietly, “when do we go?”


“Sunday night,” Juliette said as she removed her glasses, “so this week, we need to establish our info.  Sandy, Diana?”


“Routes from farm to home to work to farm, and vehicle procurement?”


“Exactly.  Cary, Abby, we need to know everything there is to find out about their daughter and her plans for the weekend.”


“How, Mom,” Cari said quietly, “she doesn’t exactly talk to me, and Abby…”


“Is going to provoke her,” Abby said quietly, “with your help.  I’ll explain later.”


“Heather – can you put those skills of yours to use on security systems at their home and place of work?”


“Possibly,” Heather said with a smile, “if my employer will allow me some time to research.”


“Possibly – but you may have to make up for it later,” Sandy said with a smile as Diana rolled her eyes.  “I’ll let George know he can have the kids again this weekend if he wants.”  The growl as she said that made both Juliette and Diana look over.


“Focus, Sandy,” Juliette said quietly, “make that anger work for you.  In the meantime, I need to place a personal ad…”


November 9th 2016
11 am
Long Island


“Dis is a bad idea,” Tommy said as he drove down the road, and then turned onto the dirt track.  He had seen the advert the previous morning, and part of him had wanted to refuse.


And then part of him – the part round his finger – reminded him these clients were not to be messed with, so as he approached the open doors of the barn he knew what was needed – and on this occasion, it was to meet two ladies.


As he brought the car to a halt, he waited for a moment and looked through the dirty windshield.  It was a large barn, very few places to hide – but as he got out and closed the door, he heard the click on the concrete floor, and slowly turned round.


There they were – amazingly dressed, in dark jackets and skirts, dark stockings, stiletto heels – and their stockings pulled down over their heads, pressing their short black hair down and tucked into the black scarves.


“Ladies,” he said quietly as he tapped his head, “I got your message, got your order.”


“Excellent, Tommy,” Miss Panther purred, “Miss Leopard?”


The second woman walked slowly forward, her gaze never leaving Tommy as she approached his car while he pooped the trunk open.


“Nervous, Tommy?”


“Yeah – after last time…”


“You will know better,” Miss Leopard said as she stroked his cheek with her gloved hand.  “Excellent, Tommy – kindly transfer the bag to the other car.  Your payment awaits within.”


“Yes. Ma’am,” Tommy said as he walked to his car, lifting the bag and going slowly to the Daimler before he placed the bag in the trunk, and removed the briefcase.


“Leave first – and Tommy?”


“Don’t dawdle?”




Tommy walked quickly back to his car and got in, driving off without looking back as Juliette and Diana removed the stocking masks.


“I need to get these to the Farm,” Diana said quietly, “you?”


“Going back to see what the girls found out…”




12.30 pm
The Refectory
St Angela’s Academy for Young Ladies


“Hey, Rochermann!”


Ally stopped with Abby and turned round as Kennedy Fratton walked towards them.


“Take a walk, Stick,” Fratton said as she stopped in front of both of them.


“What’s your problem, Fratton,” Ally said quietly.


“You didn’t answer my invite to join us on Sunday at the PictureHouse.”


“You inviting Abby?”


Kennedy looked at Abby, and sneered “why would I do that?”


“Then I’m not coming.”


“Your loss – we’re going to eat out after, so we won’t get to our homes until after ten.”


“I think I’ll manage,” Ally whispered as Kennedy walked off, Cari coming from the other direction.


“What did Fratton want?”


“To mock me,” Abby said quietly, “come on, let’s eat…”



November 11th 2016
2 pm
The Farm


“I thought Alex was particularly inspiring this morning,” Cari said as she sat next to her mother while the car came to a halt.


“He was – he’s going to be missed when he goes on his sabbatical,” Juliette said as they both got out of their car, wearing sweaters and jeans as well as trainers.  “But right now, we need to think of other matters.”


“Hey,” Sandy said as she came out of the barn, “Heather and I have just done tuning and swapping the plates on the cars.  Ready for something to eat?”


“I guess so,” Juliette said as Heather came out as well, wiping her hands on a rag. “Diana and Abby are coming a little later.  Apparently, Guy is in town.”


“Oh deep joy,” Sandy said with a laugh.




4 pm


“So how is your grandfather,” Cari said as she and Abby sat at the kitchen table.


“Grandpa? He…  He was Grandpa,” Abby said with a sigh.  “Mother certainly seemed to be pleased to see him, but there was something in her voice…”


“Do you think he has a new – friend?”


“I think he has – and probably another older teenager,” Abby said with a sigh as Diana came in.


“Have you finished preparing the vegetables, Abigail,” she said quietly as she fished a large pot from the cupboard.


“All ready Mama – the chicken?”


Diana smiled as she drew a tray of chicken legs from the ice box.  “Bon – let us begin to cook.  We will need the fuel later…”


“The plans for their security system?”


“Indeed,” Heather said as she looked at Juliette, “it seems straightforward enough, but I keep wondering if they have something hidden.”




“And other things…”


“You worried about Abigail as well?”


Heather nodded as she looked up at Sandy.  “Yeah –this is as personal to her as the first time as to us.  Someone needs to keep an eye on her, and that someone has to be Carina.”


“Do you think she will?”




7.30 pm
The Farm


As Carina collected up the dirty plates, Juliette looked at her daughter, and she saw something in her eye.  There was a different look there, one she had seen on previous visits – and looking at the others, she could see they had seen it too.


“All right,” Juliette said as she stood up, “we meet in forty five minutes, ready for work.”


One by one they stood up, one by one they climbed the stairs, Carina smiling as she went into the bedroom and watched Abby strip off.


“I am really looking forward to tonight,” she said as she picked up the padded object they called The Thing, “help me strap this on will you?”


“Sure,” Cari said as she helped her friend to position the device and then fasten it into place, looking at the way it altered the thin body to that of a fully endowed woman.




“Yeah,” her friend said as Abby started to pull on the dark stockings.


“Are you – you know – ready for this?”


“I am,” Cari said as she pulled her stockings on, and then sat at the table to start to apply her make up.  “Why?”


“You just seem – different.”


“I am.”


Abby looked at her friend, and whispered “you are – Cari, what is going on?”


“There…  There’s part of me I keep hidden Abby, but when I am Miss Lynx, that part comes right to the front, and somehow it feels right for that to happen.”


“What, are you saying…”


“That there are two of me?  I think there is Abby,” Cari said quietly, “and that’s the person who is talking to you now.  I know Mom and Aunt Diana have called me The Beast – it seems to fit, doesn’t it?”


Abby slowly nodded as she came over, and started to apply the lipstick.  “We need to talk about this later.”


“And we will – but we need to finish getting ready…”



8.15 pm
The Farm


As Sandy walked down that stairs, and pulled the soft black leather gloves onto her hands, she looked at the other five, Cari’s green eyes shining, and Abby looking completely different as she smiled.  The Thing made her look like a beautiful young woman, alongside the deep red lipstick and subtle make up.


All six women were identically dressed, wearing black fitted blazers with camisole tops underneath, and knee length skirts, with dark stockings and heels – they looked identical, especially with the short black wigs on their heads.  Juliette and Diana had black scarves tied round their necks as cravats, Heather and Sandy with their scarves tied in front, the ends over their tops, while the ends of Cari and Abby’s scarf were on the side.


They also had a cat shaped brooch each on the lapels of their jackets, Juliette looking at each of them before she said “Okay – inspection.”


They looked at each other, making sure they were identically dressed and nothing that could identify them as individuals, before Juliette put on a pair of dark glasses.


“All right – let’s go to work.”


10 pm
The Fratton Residence
Greenwich Village


Ellen Greaves walked across the hallway of the brownstone, wearing a white apron over the grey dress coat, and knocked on the door to the front room.




As she walked in, she saw Carl and Jacqueline Fratton sitting in leather armchairs.  Jacqueline was wearing a white silk V-necked sweater and grey slacks, while Carl had a grey cardigan on over a blue shirt, and dark trousers.


“When can I expect Miss Kennedy home, Madame,” Ellen asked as she stood in the doorway.


Glancing at the clock, Jacqueline said “I do not think she will be back for another hour or so, Ellen – you may retire for the night.”


The sound of the knocking on the door made all three look over, as Carl said “she’s forgotten her keys again, hasn’t she?”


“I will go and see,” Ellen said as she left the room, Jacqueline shaking her head as she heard “Good Evening, Miss…”


The silence that followed was accompanied by the sound of footsteps – several sets on the floor of the hallway, and then the sound of the door closing.


“Have you brought friends home, Kennedy,” Jacqueline asked as she and Carl stood up, only to see Ellen walking backwards into the room – and then the end of the shotgun in her mouth, the gloved hands holding the stock, and the first of six women, identically dressed, identical looking, three armed with sawn off shotguns.


Carl stared at them, and then turned before one of them said “touch that panic button, you little mother fucker, and your housekeeper dies, then you die.  Just stand perfectly, completely still.”


“Who…  Who are you,” Jacqueline whispered.


“My name is Miss Panther – and we are the Pussycat Gang,” the woman who had spoken almost purred, “and tonight, Mister and Mrs Fratton, is our lucky night.”


“Not so lucky for you, though,” the tallest of the women said.


“Patience, Miss Tigress.  Miss Puma, Miss Leopard – secure them.  Miss Cheetah, make sure those intrusive security recordings are dealt with.”


“Of course, Miss Panther,” one of them said as she put down the bag she was carrying, two other opening and taking lengths of rope out as Ellen stared at the Pussycat in front of her.


“We are going to have so much fun,” she said with a smile…


“I’ve heard of you bitches,” Jacqueline said quietly.


“Good – then you know what we are capable of – and if you didn’t,” Miss Lynx said as another masked woman pulled the older woman’s wrists behind her back and started to bind them tightly together with rope.  She glanced over at Carl as his own wrists were secured behind her back, as the masked intruder came back in.


“Security taken care of,” she said quietly, smiling under the stretched nylon as she took more rope from the bag and walked behind Ellen, pulling her wrists behind her back and lashing them tightly together.


“What do you want,” Carl said as he was forced down onto his knees, Miss Leopard whispering into his ear “to relieve you of a great burden, in oh so many ways.”


“So I have a question,” Miss Cheetah said as she looked at Jacqueline, “when is that ass kisser you call a daughter due home…”


“You touch one hair on her…”


The slap on her cheek from the gloved hand took her by surprise, as Miss Cheetah said “manners – obviously something she learned from you, given your disrespect.”


“Patience, Miss Cheetah,” Miss Leopard said as Miss Lynx removed the gun from the housekeeper’s mouth, before Miss Cheetah pushed a red rubber ball in and wrapped silver tape tightly round the older woman’s mouth, “patience.  Why don’t you and Miss Leopard take the housekeeper to her room, while I have a word with the parents before the girl comes home…”



10.45 pm


“You sure your parents won’t mind me staying tonight,” Selena Kyle said as she and Kennedy Fratton walked down the sidewalk.  Both girls were wearing leather jackets over tight t-shirts and jeans, black ankle boots on their feet.


“Sure – it’s that or you taking the subway uptown at this time of night,” Kennedy said in reply to the brunette as they approached her door.  “And I know which I’d prefer you did.”


“Can I ask a question?”


“Go on.”


“Abigail de Ros – why do you pick on her?”


“Nobody should be that tall or that good looking at that young an age,” Kennedy said as she fished her door keys out of her handbag. 


“So you’re jealous?”


“Of the Stick?  Only because her mother is worth five times my parents,” Kennedy said as she went to put the key in the lock – only to find the door opening.


“Mom?  Pops?”


As she and Selena walked in, they didn’t see the woman standing by the door – but they heard her closing the door, and as they turned round Selena saw her, the dark stocking pulled down over her head and pressing her short dark hair down, and said “shit…”


“Very good choice of words, fuckface,” the woman growled as tow identically dressed women walked out, lengths of rope in their hands.  “Both of you, hands behind your back, and don’t make a move or a sound.”


“Actually, do” the taller of the two women said as she walked behind Kennedy and pulled her hands behind her back, the young woman feeling the rope as it was pulled tighter round her wrists, “I’d so love to chastise you.”


“I thought Halloween was last week,” Selena growled as her own wrists were secured.


“That is a myth – we are very real, you little cocksucker,” another masked woman said as she came out of the main room.  “Allow me to introduce myself – I am Miss Panther, the woman watching you is Miss Leopard, and behind you are Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress.  Perhaps you have heard of us.”


“Oh god – MOM!”




“What have you done to her,” Kennedy said as ropes were wrapped round her upper arms and body, forcing her arms into her sides and her chest out as they were pulled tighter and tighter.  She glanced over at Selena as she was secured in the same way, before the two girls were pushed into the front room.


“Oh god – Mom?”




“Sounds as if the daughter is home,” Miss Puma said as she looked at Ellen.  The older woman was kneeling naked on the floor, the remains of her dress coat and underwear scattered round the floor where it had been cut away with the shears being held by Miss Cheetah.  She now had rope wound tightly round her arms and body, the bands compressing her flesh as it rubbed on her breasts from all sides.


Her ankles, as well as her legs above and below her knees, had been secured and cinched with more rope – and one more length that went from between her breasts and between her legs, suck deeply between the lips of her clit as it rubbed with each twist she made.


And Ellen was twisting round, as Miss Cheetah reached round and squeezed her breasts, her gloved fingers pinching her nipples as Ellen closed her eyes and moaned.  “It does appear that way,” Miss Cheetah whispered, “but I think this lady is enjoying this sensation too much, aren’t you?”


Ellen could only moan as Miss Puma knelt down and put a gloved finger up between her legs.  “Oh yes, I can see she is enjoying this,” she said with a smile, “why don’t you continue while I have a look round up here?”




Kennedy stared at her mother and father as they knelt on the floor, their arms held tightly to their sides with bands of rope as they looked up, Carl’s socks stuffed into their mouths. 


“What are you going to do to us,” Selena asked as their jackets were pulled back and down, hanging from the bands of rope behind them.


“Us?  We’re going to take your daddy dearest to work later,” Miss Lynx said with a smile as she stroked Kennedy’s cheek, “but that is for later.  For now, we are going to have so much fun, just us…”




“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Miss Leopard said as she walked over and slapped Jacqueline on the cheek, “your job is to do what the fuck we tell you, got that arsefucker?”


“Please, don’t hurt them…”


“Concern?”  The one they called Miss Tigress walked round and looked at Kennedy.  “Our research shows you have no concern for anyone?”


“What fucking research?”  The gloved hand made her wince as it slapped Kennedy’s cheek, before Miss Tigress said “we always, ALWAYS know everything about those we choose to visit, you little shit.”


“And just for that,” Miss Lynx said with a smile, “you get the first of today’s special surprises.”  Kennedy looked at her, then groaned as she was hit with force in the stomach, falling to her knees as Selena felt the pressure against her back and knelt next to her.  As their jackets were pulled down their arms, they felt the ropes that encircled their bodies, pulled tighter with each pass as their arms were forced into their sides, their tops stretched over their chests…


“Please, don’t hurt us…”


“Hurt you,” Miss Lynx said as she looked down on Kennedy, while the ropes were made even tighter, “why, you little cocksucker, we’re going to show you the true meaning of pleasure.


“For me…”






Ellen closed her eyes and screamed into her gag as Miss Cheetah slipped the vibrator into her passage under the crotch rope, and then pinched down hard on her hard, firm, bare nipples, making her squeal even more as she squirmed round.


“Well now,” the masked intruder said as she looked down, and saw the trickle of blood between Ellen’s legs, “don’t tell me you were a virgin?”  As Ellen slowly nodded, Miss Cheetah smiled as she said “well, you get to experience something new, and you can take that off your bucket list, true?”


Ellen nodded – this was so new to her, and despite the fear, she found it so liberating…




“Phllssdhnthrtthmmm,” Carl called out as he saw Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress kneel behind his bound daughter and her friend, their gloved hands ripping their tops away and then caressing their breasts.


“I told you, dipshit,” Miss Leopard growled as she slapped him again, “we are in charge, and you have no say in the matter.”


“Please…”  As Kennedy closed her eyes, Miss Tigress said “of course…”


“Miss Lynx, Miss Tigress – why don’t you take the girls upstairs, make them feel happy.”


“Of course, Miss Panther,” Miss Lynx said as they forced Kennedy and Selena to their feet, and made them jump out of the room.




“None of your business – I can see you have other things on your mind,” Miss Panther said as she squatted down and put her hand between Carl’s legs.  “Oh yes – you getting turned on by what was being done to your fuck buddy?”


Jacqueline looked over and mumbled “Chrlll?”  She then watched as her husband was made to stand up, Miss Panther unzipping and pulling his pants down so that she could see how engorged his cock was.




“Don’t be sorry – you are a man, you have needs – and as such, they should be met by your cocksucking whore of a wife.”


“NNNNN” Jacqueline shook her head as Carl was made to stand in front of her, and Miss Leopard yanked the sock from her mouth.


“Yes, or perhaps you wish to die now,” Miss Leopard continued as she pressed the end of a sawn off shotgun to her head, Jacqueline crying as she started to take Carl in her mouth.




“Hghhdddd,” Selena groaned as Miss Lynx pulled on the rope between her legs, the cords sinking between the lips of her clit as she shook.  She was now hogtied on the floor, watching as Miss Tigress pulled the bound ankles of Kennedy back and secured them to the ropes round her chest.  Both girls were now naked, the remains of their clothes scattered around the floor.


Apart from their panties – which were now stuffed into their mouths, silver tape wrapped round their heads.


Miss Tigress smiled as she picked up a hair brush, and looked at Kennedy as she struggled on the bed.  “You are a very naughty, nasty fuck,” she said quietly, “and you need to be punished.”


“WhtuhhhNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” Kennedy screamed as the wooden back of the brush was brought down on her bottom, Miss Tigress grinning as blow after blow came down on her bare buttocks.  She felt each blow, felt the pain as it hit her bottom, the shock running through her as she tried to move out of the way, the ropes rubbing on her…


The pain…


The ropes…


The rubbing…


The Pain…


The Pleasure…



“OGHDDDNHHHH,” Kennedy said as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, the orgasm rushing through her as Miss Tigress groaned as well.




“Oh very much so,” Miss Tigress sighed as Miss Lynx pulled hard on the rope, making Selena scream as well.  “You?”


“This is too easy – maybe later…”




Ellen groaned as she looked at the two women, standing in front of her sweat coated body as she knelt on the floor.


“What do you think,” Miss Puma said as she looked at Miss Cheetah.


“She has had an eventful evening,” Miss Cheetah said, “and it is important that eventful evenings go off with a bang.”


“I do so agree,” Miss Puma said as she held the pillows in front of Ellen’s face, Miss Cheetah smiling as she placed the end of the sawn off shotgun against them, and then pulled the trigger.


“Who did she remind you of?”


“My mother,” Miss Cheetah whispered as the body fell to the floor.  “Come – it’s getting time to move to the next stage.”


“What about the girls?”




“Night night,” Miss Tigress said as she brought the hockey stick down on Kennedy’s head, the girl’s eyes closing before she brought it down on Selena’s head as well, both girls looking on as Miss Leopard looked in.


“Come – we are taking the parents for a ride…”



November 12th 2016
4 am
Fratton Jewellers
Hudson Street


The security guard looked up as the front door opened, and Carl and Jacqueline Fratton walked in. 


“Mister Fratton, Mrs Fratton – why…”  He then saw that they had ropes around their upper arms, silver tape over their mouths – and the blinding light as Miss Cheetah fired a round from the sawn-off shotgun into his stomach.


“I’ll get the records,” she said as the other five masked woman pushed the Frattons in front of them, making them walk to the vault as Miss Cheetah typed on the keyboard.


“Miss Puma, when Miss Cheetah has done her work, assist her in clearing the displays,” Miss Panther said as they went into the vault.  “Now, Mister Fratton – the combination for the safe, please.”




“You really don’t get it, do you you stupid fuck,” Miss Leopard growled, “you’re already there.  Now, the safe combination.”


Carl shook his head as Jacqueline started crying.


“Oh, are you scared,” Miss Lynx said as she stroked the bound and gagged woman’s cheek.  As Jacqueline slowly nodded, Miss Tigress walked behind her, while Miss Lynx took a cloth packet from the bag, and opened it to reveal a set of medical instruments. 


Taking a thin scalpel out, she smiled as she cut down through Jacqueline’s jumper, pulling it to the sides before she cut her bra away as well.




“Persuading you to cooperate,” Miss Lynx said with a smile before she grabbed Jacqueline’s breasts, smiling as she groped and squeezed them while the others watched.  There was a gleam in her eye, as she grinned and squeezed harder.




Carl watched as he felt his body responding as well, and then Miss Tigress reaching round and stroking his crotch as Miss Lynx smiled.


“Are you going to tell us the combination, Mister Fratton?”




“Then you are responsible for this,” Miss Lynx said as she took from the bag a lighter, and flicked it open, the flame burning as she looked at Jacqueline.  “And you are ready.”


“NnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she screamed as Miss Lynx put the flame on her left nipple, and she tried to pull back - only to feel the shotgun against her head as Miss Leopard said “no – do not move.”


She could feel the burning on her left breast – and then her right as Miss Lynx moved from side to side, the pain increasing as she looked over at her husband.




“HLRRHHTTT!!  Hlrrht, jhstshtphppp…”


Miss Panther reached down and yanked the tape away, before she said “combination.”


“Just get her to stop.”


“She stops,” Miss Panther said with a smile, “when the door is open.  Combination.”


As he reeled off the sequence, Miss Leopard turned the dials, then nodded as the safe door swung open.  “Miss Panther – with me.  Miss Lynx?”


“I know,” the woman said as she stopped the flame, Carl watching as she smiled and said “do you want it to stop hurting?”




The masked woman smiled as Carl shook, Miss Tigress seeing the damp patch on his pants as she stood up, and looked at Miss Lynx.




Jacqueline’s eyes opened wode as she screamed, looking at her breasts and the borne skin round the red mass where her nipples had been, then down to the ground, then at the bloody scalpel in the masked woman’s hand as she closed her eyes and reached under her skirt.


“You bloody psycho – do you get off on this?”


“Yes I do, Mister Fratton,” Miss Lynx said as she looked over, “and do you know what else I get off on?”




“People dying.”


Carl watched as Miss Tigress took a handgun and pulled the safety back, then placed it to the back of his wife’s head as Miss Lynx stood to the side.  She screamed out as the bullet went through Jacqueline’s head, the blood and brain matter scattering over the floor as she fell forward.




“Oh shut the fuck up,” Miss Lynx said as she put the end of the sawn off shotgun to his forehead, and pulled the trigger, both women groaning as he fell to the side.


“Are you ladies able to help?”


“We are now,” Miss Tigress said with a grin as they walked into the vault, and started to load the gems into bags…






8 am
FBI Field Office
New York


Adam Ball looked over as the doors opened, and Janice Carter came in, wearing a black trouser suit with a white blouse underneath.  “Hey – did you get the call as well?”


“Yeah – any idea why we have been called in?”


She looked at the ex-Marine and said “not a clue – where were you?”


“At home, talking to my mother.  You?”


“I woke her up,” Tom Callaghan said as he came into the office, “the bitches struck again.”


“The Pussycat Gang?  Where?”


“A jewel trader in midtown – three dead at the site, one at the home of the business owners.  Two young woman found beaten unconscious, but alive.”


“How do you know it was them?”


“Given the girls had been assaulted sexually, and the bloodshed – it’s a good guess.  Get moving.”



The Farm


“Everything in the bags?”


“Yes Mom,” Carina said as she and Abigail came down.


“We saw what you did to the parents,” Diana said as she stood at the stove, “release?”


“In so many ways,” Abigail said with a smile as she sat down.  “Cari – can we talk?”


“Yeah,” Carina said as Sandy and Heather came in.  “Yeah – the Beast came out last night, didn’t she?”


“You think?  So what happens?”


“It’s – difficult to describe, it’s like I go to the back of my mind and she comes out.  But I’d never hurt any of you – you know that, right?”


The others all nodded as she said “I’m starving – let’s eat.”



9 am
Fratton Jewellers


“Fucking hell…”


Adam looked at the blood stained scene as the police officer came over.


“Three bodies, agent – Mister and Mrs Fratton were left here, he was shot in the front of the head, his wife – in the back of the head and she was tortured.”


“The third body?”


“Security guard, shot in the stomach – and the security records have been wiped.”


“What about at the home,” Janice asked as she used a pen to move some cloth.


“Housekeeper killed.  Kennedy Fratton – their daughter - and a friend were unconscious, assaulted, but still alive – they are in hospital now.”


“If this is what happened here,” Adam said quietly, “what the hell happened there?”


“Let’s see what they say,” Janice whispered as she looked round, “CSI reports?”


“We’ll forward any findings to you – how many times haver they struck now?”


“Once is too often,” Adam said quietly...









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