The Perils of Yasmin







Day 1


Yasmin stood in the entrance to the mansion house, smiling as she looked up into the summer sky.  Her job as an assistant to this photographer had only existed really for a week now, but she felt she was at home here – especially as he specialised in fashion for the Islamic woman.


She was fashionably dressed herself, wearing a leopard print long sleeved top, camel leggings with a hijab in the same colour around her head and neck, and knee length brown suede boots with a stacked heel.  Putting her hand on her head as she felt the sun on her face, she smiled once more, and then headed back inside.


“Yasmin, fetch me the lens bag will you,” her boss said as he looked at the three models in front of him.  The one on the left was wearing an orange off the shoulder top, a black belt around her waist, and black pants with red shoes.  The other model on the right had long brown hair as well, and was wearing an orange maxi dress in the same shade as the first model, with cork wedge sandals. 


Between them was the person Yasmin was looking after – she wore a black jumper with a sheer overcoat, decorated with peacock favours at the translucent lower half, which almost reached the floor.  On her legs were a pair of tight leggings with an orange leaf print, and over the knee black suede boots.  Finally, a fawn shawl was tied over her head and round her neck, as they posed and smiled for the camera.


“That’s great – wonderful – all right, all three of you can take five.  Yasmin – find out what’s happened to lunch for them, will you?”


“On it boss,” she said as she walked out of the building, the two models taking the third by the arms as they walked back to their caravan…




As Yasmin held the three salad boxes in one arm, a bag with the bottles of water in the other, she opened the caravan door and walked in, saying “I think I’ve got what you…”


“Shit – get her in here.”


Yasmin stared at the models as the one in the maxi dress walked over and grabbed her, hustling her in as the door was closed – but it was the third one, the one she was specifically told to look after, that had grabbed her attention. 


“GTHHTHLLPPP!” she called out, her voice muffled by the white scarf which was pulled between her lips, and tied round her head.  Her arms were behind her back as she lay on her side on the couch, and Yasmin could see the bands of rope around her arms and chest, her waist, her legs, her ankles.


“What are we going to do with her Xandra,” the second model said as she looked up.


Ain’t got no choice – we need to make sure she stays here.  Give me that second scarf.”


“Look, I’m just the intern here – whatever games you three are playing…”


“It’s not a game,” Xandra said as she grabbed the scarf, “now open that big mouth of yours.”  Yasmin was shocked as she pulled the scarf between her lips, forcing her tongue down as it was tied tightly round her head, and then she was forced to kneel on the floor.


Whtssghnnn?” Yasmin tried to speak as her arms were yanked behind her back and held together, while Xandra grabbed a length of rope and tied them firmly together.  Had she walked into a robbery?  Or a kidnapping?  She looked over to the couch, and saw the model shaking her head as Xandra pulled the rope tighter, and then started to bind her ankles together.  It was a strange feeling – she was scared, and even more scared as her ankles were forced together, before more rope was passed round her arms and body – but there was something else as well.


She could not describe it as she wriggled round, before she was made to lie on her side on the floor.  “Right Milly – let’s get out of here.”


Milly left an envelope on the table, before the two of them picked their captive up and headed out of the caravan, Yasmin struggling to try to free herself as the ropes rubbed on her body.  She looked down to her ankles, the band of rope compressing the brown suede, but they were not giving as well, and eventually she had to stop.


“Right ladies – we’re ready to…  What the fu…”


“HLLPMMMM,” Yasmin called out as the photographer helped her to sit up, and removed the scarf from her mouth.  She noticed the darker damp patch where it had been in her mouth, as she said “on the table…”




Day 2


“Well, no – I lasted a month after that, but in the end I had to change job,” Yasmin said as she sat on the other side of the table in the coffee bar.


“Well, if nothing else you picked up a great fashion sense,” her mother said as she looked at the young woman.  She was wearing a burnt orange jumper in a Fair Isle style, a light camel coloured hijab on her head, but she was also wearing tight leather trousers, the legs tucked into over the knee black leather boots.  A large black felt hat sat on the table, while a pair of large glasses were perched on her head.


“I have, haven’t I,” Yasmin said with a smile.  “It certainly seems to help with the new job, anyway.”


“Oh yeah – the receptionist at the accountant’s office.  The only problem with that is the fact you have to be in the office this afternoon.”


“I know,” Yasmin said with a sigh, “but we all have to take turns.”  Glancing at her watch, she stood up and moved the glasses down to sit on her nose, leaving some money on the table and putting the hat on her head.  “On which note, I need to get going.  See you on Saturday?”


“Sure,” her friend said as Yasmin smiled and walked off, her body swaying as she left the café and walked down the street to her office.  It was a beautiful day, and she felt nothing was going to make this a bad one.


As she unlocked the office door, Yasmin walked in and closed the door behind herself, placing her hat and bag on the desk as she looked round.  The partners and other staff were at a meeting, and she had to man the desk.


So when the door opened behind her, she turned and smiled – and then frowned as she saw the two men, scarves tied over the lower half of their faces, and one of them pointing a gun at her.


“Don’t say a word,” he growled as the second man closed and locked the door.  “Sit down, hands on your head and do nothing.”


“Okay,” Yasmin said quietly as she sat down, putting her palms onto her scarf as she watched the second man open a bag, and take out several lengths of white rope.  “You…  You don’t have to tie me up, I’ll do whatever you say,” she said quietly – wondering why she was not only scared, but like in the caravan, a little excited?


“Put your hands, slowly, behind your back.”


“All…  all right,” Yasmin said quietly as she slowly lowered her arms and moved them around the chair back – she was sat in a black typist’s chair, and tried not to shoe anything as she felt him cross her wrists, and then start to bind them tightly together with the rope.  He wound it around and between her arms, and then secured the ends round the base of her back support, so that she could hardly move them at all.


“Safe combination.”


“I…  I don’t know it, only the partners know it…”


“Guess we do this the old fashioned way then – make sure she cannot get off that chair.”


“Got it boss,” the man behind Yasmin said as she saw along length of white rope pass over her body, and then compress her arms to her body, the band sitting under her chest as she gasped.  He wound it round her, framing her chest as she felt her jumper stretch over it, her arms forced against her body – and then even more so as the bands were cinched between her arms and body with shorter lengths of rope.  When he had finished, she could barely move at all.  The other man had gone into the inner office, as she watched her binder kneel down at her feet, and say cross your ankles.”


“Cross your ankles?”


He laughed – and then crossed her ankles and started to bind them together.  She watched as he wrapped the doubled over cord round them, pulling the rope through the loop and then back, pulling them together as she heard a soft squeaking sound.  It took her a few minutes to realise it was her own boots rubbing together, as the rope went around and between her ankles, before he pulled one last time and tied the ends off.


“I’m going to secure your legs as well,” he said as he produced another length of rope, “I apologise in advance for the way I may touch your legs.”


“Are you of my faith?”


He looked up, his blue eyes shining, and said “no comment” as he wrapped the rope around her legs below her knees, and pulled them together.  She gasped again as she felt her legs being secured, trying to move them as the leather squeaked more, and wondering…


She should be scared, but why did she feel so excited?  Surely it was wrong that it seemed almost – pleasurable?  She twisted her upper body, surprised at how snug the ropes felt on her, and wondering what it would have been like is she had been wearing a blouse or a thinner jumper…


“Penny for them?”


She watched as he stood up, twisting her arms and legs before she said “I…  I will not be going anywhere now.”


“Would you want to?”


She looked at him, blushing slightly as she slowly shook her head.


“I did wonder,” he said with a smile, “but I need you to be quiet now.  The good news is, with your scarf, this is not going to cause any permanent damage.”


“What would nothhmmghhddd…”


Yasmin closed her lips as he stuck the end of the roll of silver tape to her cheek, and then wound it tightly round her head, her voice getting increasingly muffled with each pass round, before he tore the tape free and smoothed it down.  She wondered how the tape looked on her, as the other man came back in.


“I got the safe open – can she raise the alarm?”


“Not really, no,” her binder said as he pulled the phone free from the socket, and unplugged her computer.  She watched as they left her in the office, and then she started to struggle, trying to find some way to loosen the ropes holding her tot the chair.


It was difficult, however, they were tight, and the knots out of reach of her fingers, and what was worse she was starting to seat a little.  On the other hand, the rope were rubbing on her, and she could not deny the way they made her feel, even with a thick jumper on.


The sweat was also on her face, and as she twisted her mouth she began to feel the band of tape loosen a little.  She wondered if that was a way out as well, as she tried to use her tongue to push the tape away from her mouth, twisting her jaw at the same time as she kept twisting her body.  The leather squeaking on her boots and trousers only seemed to be encouraging her to keep going, as she started to feel slightly faint, slightly giddy…


After what seemed an eternity, she managed to get the tape band away from her mouth, stopping and taking several deep breaths before she started to call out “HELP!  SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!”




Day 3


“It must have been terrifying for you, Yasmin dear?”


“It was,” Yasmin said as she sipped her coffee and then put her cup down.  Another month had passed, and she was visiting the home of her older sister, Ayesha.  She was more conservatively dressed, her camel coat on the stand as the matching hijab preserved her modesty, the ends lying over her leopard print blouse.  She was also wearing a long brown skirt that came to just below her knees, and high chocolate brown leather boots.


Ayesha had always been an icon in her sister’s eyes, because of her own fashion sense.  And today was no exception – the black scarf framing her face and hanging down the front of her top.  The top was made of black and red silk, the black from the top and becoming a pattern over the pink lower half.  Her long skirt was just above her knees at the front, and reached the floor at the back, the matching pink shade also visible on her leggings, and the long black fabric boots over her lower legs.


“I was finally found after I called out for half an hour – they took me to hospital, and I was released.”


“But you stayed with this job?”


“Of course – it’s a good job,” Yasmin said with a smile.  Ayesha looked at her, and then said “but how did you feel?”


“How did I feel?”  Yasmin looked into the distance for a second, before she said “Ayesha, if I tell you something, do you promise not to shout at me or judge me?”


“Okay, now you have me intrigued,” Ayesha said as she sat forward, “what?”


“Well – I was excited as well.  Somehow, it made me feel – different?”


Ayesha looked at her sister, and said quietly “are you telling me you were aroused?”


“I think I was – but it seems so wrong to be…”


“Hold that thought,” her sister said as the doorbell rang, and she stood up, “let me see who this is first.”  As she left the room, Yasmin sat back, afraid she had said too much as she heard Ayesha say “Yes, can I…”


And then nothing.  She stood up, walking to the door, and then stepped back as Ayesha came in – and she saw why she had not been able to say anything.  There was a wide strip of brown sticking plaster over her mouth, and her hands were behind her back.  There was someone else with her as well – a woman, dressed in denim and with a balaclava over her head, as she said over her shoulder “looks like she’s not alone – get in here.”


As Ayesha was pushed in, a second denim clad and masked woman came in, walking quickly behind Yasmin and pulling her arms behind her back as she felt rope around her wrists.  This time, she had to try and hide her excitement, as she said “who are you, and why are you tying us up?”


“You need to be quiet,” the first woman said as she took a roll of sticking plaster form her pocket, tore a strip off and pressed it over Yasmin’s mouth, both women looking at each other as the rope was pulled tighter round her wrists.  “Watch them while I get the bag.”


“Got it,” the second woman said as Yasmin wondered what was coming next – and then saw the first woman return with a large bag, opening it and taking out more rope as Ayesha said “Hmgghhdnnnn…”


Eyesshshsclmmdhn,” Yasmin said as her binder took a long length of rope and opened it up.  Jhhslththmdths.”  Ayesha nodded as both of them felt the rope as it was wrapped round them, and then pulled tight, Yasmin feeling her top stretch over her chest again as the rope went above and below.


She watched her sister’s face, turning from a look of concern to one of surprise as the ropes pulled her arms into her sides, and then as it was fed under one arm, up and round the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  She then glanced down and saw the way her own chest was, as she struggled and sighed,




“Sit down, both of you,” their captor said as they were made to sit on a couch, looking down as their ankles were crossed and secured together, and then their skirts were folded back as their legs were secured below their knees.  Ayesha was shaking her head as this was done, but Yasmin juts watched as the rope went around and between her legs, and the skirt was folded back.


“Search upstairs.”


As her binder left, Yasmin could see the look in the masked intruder’s eyes – one of interest, as she blushed and twisted round.  Ayesha could see her as well, her head to the side as she mumbled “hrruhllrht?”


“Oh I think she enjoys this, don’t you,” the captor said as Yasmin blushed and nodded.  She walked behind her, Ayesha watching as she put her arms round her sister, and then shaking her head and struggling as Yasmin felt the gloved hands on her chest, gently kneading and massaging.


This, she knew was wrong, it should not be happening, but as she closed her eyes she felt her body responding, and she struggled, her boots squeaking as she softly moaned in reply to the massage.  This was different, and yes it was wrong, but it felt so nice, so right, for this to be done to her…




She opened her eyes and looked at Ayesha, shaking her head as she said “Whddhnthfachsss” as she felt a dampness, a warmth, and felt herself submitting totally.


“Having fun?”


“Yeah – try yourself.”


She heard Ayesha call out, and then softly moan, and as she opened her eyes she saw the second intruder massaging Ayesha’s chest, her sister shaking and groaning in response.  This made her feel even more aroused…


“Damn – this is one hot modest woman.”


Yasmin was groaning more now as she moved in response to the massage – and then wondered why it was arousing her so much.


“I think we need to offer you both some distraction as we go.”


Whtsshumhnnn,” Yasmin mumbled as she felt a hand between her legs, under her skirt, heard a buzzing noise – and then opened her eyes wide as something was slipped into her panties, rubbing on her as the buzzing continued.


NNHHHh DHNTTSHTTHHHhhhmhgghddd,” she heard Ayesha say as another buzzing noise started, the two women looking at each other and squirming like mad as the two masked women left…



Day 4


Yasmin looked at herself in the mirror, wondering how she was going to spend her day.  She had moved to this new flat in part to forget what had happened in the last few weeks, and in part to try and work out just what and who she was, especially after the afternoon with her sister…


She put on the green blazer that matched her jumper, and brushed down her over the knee black skirt.  She was especially fond of the black and silver snakeskin pattern boots she was wearing, her black tights keeping her legs warm as she adjusted the taupe hijab.




“Sounds good,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, her new flatmate smiling as she handed a mug over.  Priya was a tall, thin woman who wore large black glasses, and today was wearing a grey flecked top and long skirt, with black leather boots.  A brown ridged scarf covered her head and neck as well, as she said “so, any plans for after the event today?”


“No – I may just come back and vegetate,” Yasmin said with a smile.  Taking a sip of her coffee, she smiled and said “what about you?”


“Nah – I guess I…  What the…”


Both woman looked to the door as a young man walked in, and looked at both of them.  He was wearing a black leather jacket, dark jeans, a white t-shirt and trainers – but as Yasmin saw the ropes sticking out from the bag in his hand, and the knife in his hand, she said quietly “oh no – not again?”


“No idea what you’re talking about,” the man said quietly, “but you two need to do as I say.  I just want your valuables, nothing else – but I need to keep you both out of the way.”  Looking at both woman, he put the bag down and handed a length of cord to Yasmin.  “You – you’re going to tie your friend up, and then I’ll tie you up.”


“Oh god – no, please…”


“It’s all right, Priya,” Yasmin said quietly, “we need to do as he says.  IT’s not the first time this has happened to me – let me do this, I promise you I won’t hurt you.”


The other woman nodded as Yasmin walked behind her, guiding her hands behind her back as she tried to remember what had been done to her.  Doubling the rope, she wrapped it round Priya’s wrists and pulled them together, wrapping it around and between her arms as she said “Just relax, and tell me if it hurts.”


“No – no it doesn’t hurt,” Priya said quietly, “how many times?”




“How many times have you been tied up?”


“A few – what about you?”


“When I was a little girl – my mother and I were tied up when we were robbed,” Priya whispered as Yasmin tied the ropes off.  She wriggled her fingers and said “you’re good.”


“I try to be,” Yasmin said as the man handed her more rope, and said “tie her arms to her side.”


“Again relax, let me do this,” Yasmin said as she doubled the rope over, and wrapped it round Priya’s stomach, pulling it tight as her flatmate sighed, and then wrapping it round above and below her chest as she made sure they were secured.


As she was handed too smaller lengths, Yasmin tightened the bands between Priya’s arms and chest, hearing her gasp as her hands brushed over her chest.


“Sorry – I know how that can feel,” she whispered, as Priya said “it’s… it’s all right, it just felt different…”


The man nodded as he waved the knife, saying “bedroom, now.”  The trip walked into Yasmin’s bedroom, as he ordered Priya to sit on the bed, and Yasmin to tie her ankles and legs.


Yasmin knelt slowly down, her skirt rising as she wrapped the rope around Priya’s ankles and started to secure them together, looking up and smiling as she did so.  Priya smiled back, watching as her ankles were tightly tied together, and then her legs below her knees, while the man opened a drawer.


“Right – you,” he said to Priya, “open your mouth.”  She looked at the panties in his hand, and then at Yasmin, as she said “only if you do it.”


“Okay then,” Yasmin said as she took the panties, and folded them, then pushed them into Priya’s mouth before she was handed a long white scarf, and told to use it as a cleave gag.


Priya felt the band pressing on her cheeks as it was tied tightly round her mouth, and then watched as the man started to bind Yasmin in the same way as her. She struggled, listening to the squeak of leather on leather, feeling the ropes as they rubbed on her – and wondering why she felt so strange as she watched Yasmin been bound in the same way as her.


Yasmin was experiencing similar feelings, but also new ones as the ropes were tied round her.  As she was made to sit next to Priya, she struggled as well, but could see Priya’s eyes fixed on her chest as she whispered “are you all right?”


Hdhntknhhh,” Priya said quietly as she struggled as well, Yasmin smiling as her legs were secured, and then she was gagged as well before they were made to lie on their sides on the bed, facing each other as the man pulled their ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes.


They stared at each other as he searched the bedroom, and then left, Priya smiling over the gag as she said “shnnehsshhhsmfhn?”






Yasmin looked at Priya, as she whispered “whtddhdushhh?”


Uhhfhnlluhebuhhtefhl,” Priya said as she shuffled over, looking at Yasmin before she gently kissed her lips.  Yasmin stared back, and then returned the kiss, realising what Priya had been saying – and what this would mean for the future…







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