Watching Me Watching You – Part 2









Tuesday 8th April
Trenton, NJ


Tommy the Fish didn’t like meeting his clients out in the open like this, but he had to admit that out in the middle of this old abandoned airstrip near Trenton New Jersey there was little chance of them being overheard or interrupted as they did their business.  He lit a cigarette and inhaled, feeling the breeze on his face through the open window.


He’d been waiting about 20 minutes before the White MKX he’d been told to expect turned up. On, off, On, off, On, off, the driver flashed her headlights three times.


On, off, On, off, Tommy flashed his lights in the counter sign.


The MKX approached slowly, cautiously, as always Tommy smiled to himself - the ‘ladies’ were taking little in the way of chances.  He got out and stood in front of the van, watching carefully.


When the white vehicle finally pulled up in front of him, three women got out. Miss Panther as always was unmistakable with her commanding height and presence. Miss Leopard he recognized from the brooch she wore on the lapel on her bottle green suit. The third brooch though he didn’t recognize…”a new Pussycat?” he asked himself quietly.  As always, they were impeccably turned out, their gold scarves complimenting the bottle green suits.


“Good Morning Tommy, so nice to see you again.” Miss Panther’s silky voice was unusually warm sounding to Tommy’s ears.


“I guess we did sorta establish a bond,” The Fish smiled as he thought back to the last time he’d been with Miss Panther.


“I’d sorta hoped I’d never here from youse ladies again.” Tommy shook his head. “I had hoped youse woulda quit after that last thing you did.  Youse did a good thing you know riddin’ New York of Maroni – a good way to go out, if ya will.”


“Why thank you Tommy, I must say it did feel good to be on the side of the Angels for once, but I am afraid we could not stay still for too long,”  She paused and then said “Oh by the way you know Miss Leopard, this other lady is Miss Jaguar she’s joined us for one very special job.”


The Fish nodded a greeting to both ladies, too discreet and respectful of his own life to enquire as to watch this special job was.


“Okayse I got watcha wanted,” Tommy returned straight to business. “These come from Anchorage Alaska, they are clean and as always serial numbers have been removed.”


“In the back of your van Tommy?” Miss Leopard asked.


“Yeah - it’s open.  Go round and check for yaself,”


Miss Leopard walked slowly to the back of Tommy’s van, her hips swinging as she took careful steps on her four-inch stiletto heels.  Tommy looked forward, trying to figure out who this new arrival was.


For a couple of minutes she inspected the merchandise, checking each gun had no obvious faults.


“As usual Tommy they look impeccable, would you mind awfully loading them into the back of our vehicle please?”


“Certainly Miss Leopard.”


Miss Panther smiled under her stocking mask. Tommy was beginning to learn that manners went a long way with the Pussycats.


“Your usual fee and a bonus are in the holdall.” Miss Panther oozed charm in her voice. “As always you leave first Tommy, and once we are sure there’s no trouble we will leave too…. As always we see you, or any other car tailing us, appropriate action will be taken.”


“Yeah I know,” suddenly Tommy’s knuckles hurt again.


“Oh and our best wishes to Annie.” Miss Panther added sunnily.


“Yeah I’ll tell her youse asked after her.” Tommy smiled into his van and started to drive away. For all their terrifying evil they was actually nice ladies underneath.




With Tommy’s van out of site Juliette pulled her stocking mask and short wig off and shook her own blonde hair out.


“Well Susan, that is the famous Tommy the Fish.” Juliette smoked as Susan similarly removed her nylon mask and wig.


Susan was surprised at the way the exchange had gone.  “You seem to be on very friendly terms for a notorious gang of robbers and a gun supplier?”


Diana smiled as they walked to the car.  “Well we have had cause in the past to be grateful for Tommy’s help in ways other than as our friendly neighbourhood gun runner.”


 The Union Bar and Grill, Hoboken, New Jersey.
1.30 pm


Tommy the Fish couldn’t settle his own mind down. “What business of yours is it what they do?,” he asked himself in his head. “So they brought in a specialist for a ‘special job’?  Why the hell does it bother you so much, Tommy?”


He needed a drink and he needed one now and the Union was close by. It wasn’t one of his normal haunts, he stayed out of Jersey whenever he could, but he knew a few of the local identities.


“Yer frettin like a father sending his daughter out on her first date Tom,” he told himself as he parked the car and walked towards the welcoming lights of the tavern.


“Hey Fish long time no see.” The barman extended a welcome hand.


“Hey Jimmy…likewise.”


“Youse still drinking yer beer with a whiskey chaser?”


“I am today Jimmy.”  Tommy sat and watched as the pitcher was drawn, and set down with a whisky next to it.  “Yer very good health, Jimmy,” he said as he raised his glass.


“Well, well, well, Mister Thomas Morgan…”


Tommy turned and his heart beat faster as he recognized the couple who’d been sitting quietly in a nearby booth.


“Hey,” Tommy said as he downed the amber nectar, and then picked up the beer.   “If it isn’t my favourite Feds…”


Janice Carter smiled, “Why Tommy it’s almost like you’re glad to see us.” She eased herself gingerly up on to the bar stool one side of Tommy.


“Hey Jimmy if dese two lowlifes didn’t introduce demselves, she’s Agent Carter, He’s Agent Ball, they’re federal agents.” He said in a voice loud enough for all the other customers to hear.  Simple survival tactic – if they’re going to talk to you, make it clear who needs to get outta the way.


“Hey Tommy be nice, we’re only visiting…not working. “Adam Ball eased himself onto the barstool the other side of Tommy.


“I heard you both got hurt in that crazy mess with Maroni.” Tommy asked quietly. “You both okay now?”


“Why Tommy that sounds almost like genuine concern.” Janet said quietly back.


“Yeah well I had a friend or two got caught up in dat mess as well.”


“We heard…how is Annie doing?”


“She’s fine Agent Carter….Thanks for actually asking.”


“If I can intrude on old home week…” Adam Ball interrupted, “we have a couple of questions we’ve askin’ people Fish…maybe we ought ask you as well?”


“Hey Ball youse got no manners, me and yer partner were havin’ a moment there…”


“In your dreams, Tommy,” Janice Carter said, but she was smiling as she did so.  “Listen, Tommy - What have you heard about a broad calls herself Madame X…big time Limey bad lady…we hear she’s in town to do some business.”


Tommy looked stumped for a moment, then turned to the male agent and smiled. “You know for maybe the very first time in my life I can actually face the law and with complete honesty say I aint gotta clue whadya talkin’ about.”


Janice Carter laughed lightly. “Imagine that Tommy Morgan telling the FBI the truth.”


“Agent Carter,” Tommy said as he shook his head, “I aint even heard of this Madame X broad - and that means she either don’t exist or she moves at a level that’s way above my head.”


“It was a longshot Tommy,” Ball said as he winced, “but as I said we’re askin’ a lot of people then you came in, we thought you might have heard her name mentioned in connection with a certain group of ladies we’re pretty sure you do know.”


Tommy shook his head and sipped his beer.  “I heard youse guys put dem outta business.  Those that aint dead have disappeared inta da smoke.”


“Not totally.” Adam Ball spoke softly, “We think they are lying low…playing possum.”


“How can a cat be a possum, Agent Ball?”


“Funny Tommy….Funny.” Janice Carter eased herself off the stool. “Just keep your ears open please and if you do actually hear something…well you know our number.”


“A nudder beer Jimmy.” Tommy turned back to face the bar after he watched the two Feds leave.


“Do you know the dame they’re after?”


“Not a clue,” Tommy said as he sat back.  “Okay.” He thought, “they bring in a specialist at the same time the Feds are bustin’ their chops about some British broad…Maybe I need to get Annie out of town?”


As he sipped his beer, however, he realised if they needed to get out of town, they would have warned him.  “Nah – let’s just pray it’s not anufer massacre,” he thought to himself.


7 pm
The Richmond Mansion.


“Madame has asked if we can perform a task.” Susan announced as she sat with the others. “Given the time limits of necessity forced upon us while we are in the bank, she wants us to find out the number of the box she wishes to obtain.”


“And how the hell are we supposed to get that?” Carina looked up from where she was laying on the sofa.


“Madame.” Susan paused for a second to regain her composure and not lose her temper. “Madame has ascertained that there is a data storage facility through whose systems this information maybe obtained.”


“The firewalls on systems like that are incredible…. not sure even I…” Heather came in from the kitchen eating a banana.


“Madame says if we can break in and use one of their own terminals, she can obtain the necessary passwords to enable downloading.”


“Well that makes sense…” Heather paused, “where is this place?”


“It’s a firm called Phantom Data Security – out in Norwalk.”


“Smart – not in the same town,” Sandy said as she came in.  Diana looked at both of them, and said “All right – what happened?”


“Subject for tomorrow,” Heather said quietly.  Susan produced some pictures of the street in the town.


“The firm is based on Selleck Street – by the river.  A shared facility, but relatively easy to get into.”


“What’s the outer perimeter like…how many alarms do I need bust to get Heather where she needs be?” Joanne looked up from one of the armchairs where she’d been sitting quietly.


“No external perimeter – an entrance lobby, but during the night it’s not manned.  The security guards roam the interior instead.  There is an office that opens onto an interior arboretum that Madame has identified as suitable.”


Carina sat up, as Susan saw a cloud almost pass over her.  “Hey – why, if your Madame has all this information, doesn’t she have some of your girls do this?”


“Because she’s trying to see how good we are.” Heather gave her opinion. “This is an examination she’s setting us.”


“Only because, as she puts it, she likes to see how the best cope.  Can you do it?”


“What do you think, sis?  Up for a midnight drive?”


“Sure,” Jo said as she got up, “Let me change into something more black and threatening.”


“I can lend you something,” Heather said as she took Susan to her room…


9 pm
on the I-95


“Everything ready in back,” Heather said as she drove north, Susan sitting next to her and Joanne behind.  All three were wearing black sweaters and pants, with woolly hats on their heads.


“All set – how much further?”


“Nearly there,” Heather said as she left the interstate, turning right and then down a road, before turning right again at St Johns Street and then Selleck Road.


“There it is,” Susan said as she looked at the photos, then at the star shaped building.  “We need to get inside and into an office on the ground floor.”


“Well then,” Heather said as she pulled a pair of leather gloves on, “Let’s go.  Sis?”


“Here ya go,” she said as she handed them a gun each, and stowed one in her jacket.  The three women nodded and got out, crossing the road and walking across the car park to the main entrance.


As they walked past, they looked as if they were heading to the marina at the side of the building, but they took careful note of the entrance lobby.


“One desk, unmanned as suggested.  Doors look as if they open from the inside, but I’m betting magnetic locks.”


“Steel Ruler?”


Jo nodded as Susan saw her produce a flexible steel ruler from her inside pocket, and they walked back over, pulling the ski masks down over their faces as they did so.   “You’ve got to be kidding me – that works?”


“Simple physics – if there is a big enough gap,” Jo whispered as she felt the two doors, and then edged the thin ruler between them at the bottom, moving it slowly up.  She stopped for a moment, and then brought the ruler up, smiling as the doors started to swing in.


The three masked woman walked in, the doors closing behind them as Jo made her way behind the reception desk, and looked up, pointing at the camera.  She worked on the keyboard for a few moments, before smiling and saying “Bingo – entrance hall camera neutralised.”


“Right,” Heather said to Susan, “Where’s this office?”


“1-118 – turn right, and then two lefts.”


“Let’s go then,” Heather said as they walked down the darkened corridors, ears open for any sign of security guards.


“This is it,” Jo said as she looked at a plaque on the wall.  “Hold this,” she said as she gave a slim flashlight to Susan, “point it at the lock.”  From her pocket, she took out a small purse and opened it, taking some tools out as she started to work on the lock.


“I’ll go to the end of the corridor – make sure nobody is coming or working late,” Heather said as she walked off.


“Susan, for the love of the Goddess, hold that flashlight steady.” Jo hissed out the words. “I can’t pick this lock unless you do.”


Susan tried to concentrate, she still wasn’t totally sure what breaking into this office was supposed to accomplish, but Madame had told her to do as she was told.


“You not got that yet little sister.” Heather hissed as she came back to check on progress.


“If Susan will stop shaking…there”


The lock clicked and Joanne opened the door.


“That took you long enough.” Heather teased.


“I’d like to have seen you do better sis.”  Jo was smiling as she put her tools away and opened the door.


“Okay Susan put that flashlight out and have that pistol ready to use.” Heather warned.


Slowly the three black clad women proceeded to enter.


“Okay I can’t hear the watchman.” Jo put her ear up against the interior door.


“Susan you keep guard by the external door…Jo you keep an ear open for that guard…I’ll see if I can download that list of who holds which safety deposit boxes.”


Susan looked over her shoulder, the gun held lightly in her black leather gloved hand.  The mere fact that Heather was only trying to “see” if she could download the list worried her. She liked certainties in her life, working with Madame you always knew where you should be at any particular time.


“Okay let me see…” Heather’s gloved fingers flew over the keyboard. “Thank the Goddess that banks store data at outside facilities like this.” She talked as she worked. “If only the public really knew just insecure their data is in many ways…Okay this is it…How your Madame X got hold of these passwords Susan I’ll never know, but it makes this a piece of cake…” her voice trailed off as she inserted a data stick.


Jo suddenly held her hand up - she had heard the sound of footsteps approaching across the interior garden.  Heather immediately turned off the display and took up position beside Jo as Susan looked towards the internal door.


The light appeared under the door, and flashed from side to side, and then started to move on - only for it to return and the sound of the door opening to fill the room.


Susan took up position, standing between the exit door and the interior one, as it opened inward and a tall, well-built security guard came in.


"Freeze, mister," Susan said as she aimed the pistol at the guard.  He stood still for a moment, looking at the black clad and ski masked woman, before saying, "Give me a break," and reaching for his nightstick.


Only to find it was not there - just before Jo brought it down on the back of his knees, making him crumple to the floor before Heather gave him a swift kick to the abdomen.  Susan watched, covering them with the gun as they used his own handcuffs to secure his wrists behind his back, and then Jo brought the nightstick down on the back of his head, sending him sprawling.


"Right," Heather said as she switched the monitor back on, "All done.  Let's get going."


Susan checked outside before letting them out.  It had only taken them a minute to fell and secure the guard - perhaps she really had underestimated them?


“All clear,” Jo said as they walked into the hallway, pausing behind the desk to open the door and let the three of them out.  They walked across the parking lot, only removing their masks as they drove off in the car and back onto I-95.


As they drive back to the city, Susan revised her earlier thoughts - a nanny with an off the scale IQ, a sister with very nice breaking and entry skills, a mother and daughter with also extremely high IQ's.  A socialite markswoman.  She was beginning to get the picture that the Pussycats weren't quite who the public thought they were in real life.


Wednesday 9th April

8 pm
The Huntingdown Apartment


“All right,” Juliette said as the eight women sat round the table, “Let’s review where we are.”


She laid a number of pictures on the table.


“Bob Reedman, 49, bank manager.  His wife Carol, 48, teacher, and the kids.  Teddy, 19, Jaynie, 17, Bobby who is 13 and ten year old Kurt.”


The group studied the photos, and then looked to Jo.


“Jaynie’s the good girl type, in her room by ten each night, homework done, I bet she’s never even thought of sneaking out.” Joanne paused, “She I want for myself, the younger…”


“I’ll take them.” Susan said calmly. “You ladies might get your jollies with the adults so to speak, but I’ll make sure those kids come out of this as unharmed as possible…. That Okay?”


Each pussycat nodded an affirmative to the suddenly assertive Susan.


“The oldest son is the one that disturbs me.” Juliette spoke quietly, “Will he be at the house when we arrive? Will he come home later? Will he be high? Stoned people can do unpredictable things.”


“I’d rather we could get him as far away as possible that night.” Diana sighed as she spoke. “I smell trouble, and that kid is trouble.”


“I could always pop him and leave him in some alleyway to be found the next morning.” Carina said matter of factly.


Susan shook her head, the casualness with which Cari talked about killing frightened her to her core. She was hoping and praying that she not be put in a position where she had to use her weapon on this job.


“I’d rather you didn’t Darling.” Juliette smiled at her daughter.


“The beast will need her blood Mom…we don’t kill someone, Cari, Beast and baby are all going to be as moody as hell.”


Again Susan shook her head at the casualness with which Carina treated her own mental illness astounded her, when Juliette had told of Carina’s split personality that had been shocking enough, but when she outlined some of the horrors Carina had committed it had chilled her to the bone that the little blonde was capable of such evil.


“Let’s try keeping the body count down ladies…you remember the hornets nest we stirred up on the armoured truck heist.” Sandy tried to be a voice of sanity.


“Sandy’s right, “ Juliette nodded, beyond Carina making an example of the wife so hubby is scared into co-operation, we only kill actual threats…”


“Or the terminally stupid who can’t follow orders from a woman with a gun in her hand.” Abby interrupted.


“Or as you say Abby the stupid ones.”


“Let’s just try not to whack a cop again.” Diana added quietly.


“Amen to that.” Sandy nodded in agreement.


“So,” Susan said, “we take the family hostage on Friday night, and then raid the bank on the Saturday morning.”


Juliette nodded, and then said “Madame mentioned a diversion would make sure the police did not bother us.”


“Yeah,” Sandy said, “from what I gather, once we move in she’s going to set up a cover story for you – one that will keep the Watch off your backs.  She’s also arranging for the police to be otherwise occupied on Saturday morning – probably best you don’t ask too many questions about that.”


“Then I won’t,” Juliette said quietly.  “All right – we head to the Farm first thing Thursday evening, after you girls have finished school.  Friday final checks and preparations.  Everyone – thank you.”


“Good,” Susan said, and then “Why not tomorrow night?”


“Because,” Cari said, “we need to go shopping tomorrow.”



Thursday 10th April
10 am
St Angela’s


“Any idea what Tennant wants to see us about,”  Bobbi said to Carina as the Seniors filed into the classroom.


“Nope – all we were told was that the principal wanted to see us.”


“So who are you inviting to the prom, Judy?”


Judy McNally sat back and said “Ain’t telling – but I guarantee you will be ah-MAZED!”


“I’ve invited my cousin Joshua,” Bobbi said.  “Any port in a storm I guess.  You bringing Tommy?”


“I hope to,” Carina said as the door opened, and the girls stood up.


“Sit ladies,” Miss Tennant said as she came in, “There are some things I wish to discuss with you.”  She sat at the desk as the girls sat down.


“Last week, I asked you to nominate possible candidates for Head Girl for next year.  Do you have names for me?”


“We do,” Judy said.  “We nominate Katherine des Moines, Suzanne Carter – and Joanne Smith.”


Miss Tennant nodded.  “I approve your suggestions, and will give them due consideration.  Let us move onto the Graduation Prom.  Judy, how goes the preparations?”


“We have the band secured, and the invitations printed Miss Tennant.”


“Excellent – which makes what I am about to say all the more important.  I have spoken to my friend, the principal of Sacred Heart.  After the – unfortunate incident with the flour bombs, we have kept each other informed of issues.


“With respect, Miss Tennant. We could not be held responsible for their trespass, and had nothing to with the flour bombing.”


“I agree – given you were all at your assigned charity work.  But let me make it perfectly clear – there will be no trouble at this event, and any girl who is caught brawling at any time between now and graduation will not graduate.  Am I perfectly clear on that?”


“Perfectly,” Judy said, “Thank you Miss Tennant.”


“Thank you ladies,” the principal said as she left the room.  The door closed, and a few seconds passed before Judy said “Shit – we need to keep the nuns out of this.  Any ideas how?”



1 pm
FBI Field Office


“So let me get this straight,” Tom Callaghan said as he looked at Janice Carter, “because two women hold up a convenience store last Saturday, you think the obvious conclusion is the Pussycat Gang is back in operation?”


“I know it sounds crazy, all of you,” Janice said as she looked at the rest of the task force, “but it follows.  We hear of this big time British crime dame visiting New York.  We also know we didn’t get all the gang in the shootout, at least three got away.”


“True – but the evidence we found at Maroni’s place said he was bankrolling them, and Maroni is still, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, very dead.”


“I know what the evidence says,” Carter replied, “but first we get this report, then two women, one with a British accent and one with a posh East side accent knock over a convenience store.  For peanuts.”


“No – to show they can do it.  If this Madame X is really here, and she has contacted one or more of the surviving gang members, they would test each other out.  What better way than a Saturday Night Special?”


Callahan looked at Ball, who raised his eyebrow in mute comment.


“They’d gamble that we’d never suspect them of doing something so simple!”


“Janice, I said you had seventy two hours – I’ve allowed you twice that, and you have nothing but your own suspicions.  I’m sorry, we can’t go on that alone – drop it.”




“That’s an order, Agent Carter.”


Janice looked round the room.  “God help us if I’m right,” she said as she left the room, Adam Ball following her.


“Janice, hold up.”


“Some fucking use you were in there, Ball.  Do you even believe me?”


“I believe you want them captured or dead – all of them, but Tom’s right – you have no evidence.”


“Adam,” Janice said, “If they strike again, don’t tell me I was right – just remember today, all right?”



6 pm
Saks Department Store, Fifth Avenue


Joanne brought another selection of dresses other to the private changing room, knocking twice as Abigail opened the door and let her in.


“I swear, the disadvantages of being my size never come home until something like this,” Carina said as she took the gowns from Joanne and hung them on the rack.


“So have you asked Tommy yet,” Abby said as she sat on a tall stool.


“Yeah – he said he would be honoured to, provided he can get a new tux in time.  He’s grown again, apparently.”


“Still got a way to go to be as tall as The House,” Jo said with a laugh.


“Nobody is as tall as him,” Abby said with a laugh as Cari held a blue gown to her body, and then put it back on the rack.


“Not going to ask our advice?”


“Not needed  - it made me look like a blueberry muffin,” Cari said as she picked another gown off the rack.


“House has asked me to be his date for his senior Prom.”Abby stated, “But I’m not sure if I should go.”


“Why not?” Jo looked up from her mobile.


“You saw what happened in London…. This is supposed to be about him,, and his schoolmates…. Not a personal appearance by Abigail de Ros.”


“Surprised he wants to let you anywhere near all those horny Harkerians,” Cari commented as she discarded yet another gown.


“He told me half the boys at his school have posters of me….” Abby said with a smile.  “Maybe I should get him to compare notes with McNally.”


“Not if you still want to go out with him - This one?” Jo held a dress up against herself.


Both of her friends shook their heads.


“Why don’t you just go down to Complete Style Cari, and get Mary to find you something in the ‘wardrobe’?” Abby asked.


“Because I’d have to return it.” Carina paused. “I want to have this dress forever.”


“I still think that black slinky number was ‘The One’,” Jo commented. “Wear it with long gloves and your Mom’s diamonds you’d look a million dollars.’


Carina put the latest gown back, and took the first one off the end.  It had a strap over the left shoulder, with a shaped bodice, and was made of black silk with a slit from the waist down one side.


“I have to admit I agree with Jo,” Abby said as she looked at her friend, “You’ve tried on what…. 25 dresses since that one, none look half as good on you Cari.”


“Hmmm – yeah, you’re right, this one,” Cari said, and then she saw Jo looking down at her mobile again.


“No one asked you to a prom Jo?” Carina suddenly realized her friend might be feeling slightly envious.




“Well next year it’ll be you trying gowns on.” Carina put an arm round her friend.


“I know,” Jo sighed.


“It’s not easy being Jo Smith is it?” Abby asked with a moment of insight. “Carina and I get to model, we get to do all kinds of things that being a nanny’s sister you can’t do without breaking your cover.”


Jo nodded. “I have all that money hidden away, but unlike you two I have to question if I can afford a new pair of jeans from my allowance.”


“I know it’s not fair.” Carina hugged Jo.


“I’ve got my driving license, but I can’t buy a car because Heather ‘can’t afford’ to lend me the money…. At times I think I was better off as Megan.”


“You said yourself, Megan would be in prison by now.”


“I know Cari,” Jo said quietly, “It just gets frustrating at times.”


Abby came over and gave her friend a big hug.


“It’s like I said in London, I feel like I just get to tag along with you two.” Jo paused. “I’m just dreaming of the day I can finally be able to do just what I want I guess.”


“We all dream of that.” Carina whispered in her friend’s ear.


“Group hug.” Abigail announced as all three girls held each other close.


“Ms Huntingdown?”


The girls looked at the assistant, standing there with her hands clasped in front of her.


“This one,” Carina said as she held up the black gown.  “Do you have some opera gloves that may go with it?”


“I think we can find something suitable,” the assistant said as she took the dress.  “Allow me to enquire for you.”



8 pm
The Richmond Mansion


“All right, off to sleep now.  Pleasant dreams.”


Heather turned off the main light in George’s room and walked down the corridor, looking in on little Sandy as she slept cuddling her teddy bear.  Smiling, she was about to go back downstairs when she looked in Jo’s room, and stopped.


Joanne was standing in front of a mirror, looking at herself.  She had a critical look on her face, as she slowly turned and checked herself out from each angle.

"Hey Sis - what on earth ARE you doing?" Heather laughed as she came in.

"Trying to give myself a pep talk Sister dear."  Joanne continued to look at herself in the mirror, slowly shaking her head.

"A pep talk….. Why?"


"I've been dress shopping with Carina and Abby."


"Okay,” Heather said as she sat down, seeing where this may be heading.  “Did Carina find herself a dress for the prom?"




"Why the long face then little sister?"


Jo sighed and turned to look at Heather.  "Don't you get sick of the fact we are the 'poor relations'?"

Heather looked thoughtfully. "Sometimes…. I'd rather be the poor Pussycat though then serving a life sentence."

"Oh I know that….. But?"


"Jo, we play the hand we are dealt with…. I've got to deal with more than just being poor, I can't even publicly tell the world about the woman I love."


Jo realised the truth of that as Heather stood up, and said simply "Life sucks!"

"Big time." Heather said as she put her arm round her little sister’s waist.

"I'd just like to sometime be the centre of attention like Cari or Abs."




“A little – is that so wrong?”


“I understand, Jo, but it’s for the best – which reminds me.”  Heather hugged her sister before she said,  "I have something important to ask you."

Jo turned and looked at Heather.  "Now I know that voice….. Should I sit down?"

Shaking her head, Heather said "What if Sandy and I were to move to London….."

Jo looked into her sister’s eyes.  "Goddess, you’re serious - you mean permanently?"


"Yes,” Heather said quietly.  “Her, me, the kids - Would you want to come?"


"You mean quit St Angela's?"


“If it’s a question of a school, there are excellent American schools out there…”


“It’s not that,” Jo said as she sat down, “but it would mean leaving my best friends behind, the people who have rescued me, breaking up the gang – I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet.”


“I know and I understand,” Heather said as she sat down, “Nothing is decided yet, but – well, give it a little thought, will you?”


“I’ll think about it,” Jo said quietly, “but…”


“That’s all I ask,” Heather said as she went to leave the room.  “Don’t forget though – they’re always family, wherever we are.”





Friday 11th April
10 am
The Farm


“Here we are,” Cari said as her mother stopped outside the main building, “Our home away from home.”


“Very nice,” Susan said as she stepped out of the car, “discrete, out of the way.  Madame has a similar place in the Cotswolds, but I have never visited there personally.”


“We find it a useful base of operations,” Juliette said as she opened the trunk, Carina removing the bags, “and it is comfortable inside.  Let’s get in there and get the coffee brewing – the others will be here shortly, once they had dropped off Sandy and Heather.”


10 am
Ridgeway Shopping Centre


Heather and Sandy sat in the café area, watching the cars as they pulled into the mall parking lot and assessing each one.


“Would be better if we got one big one and a small one this time – we need to arrive as a team,” Sandy said as she looked round.


“Agreed,” Heather said, “and I think we see out big prize already.”  She nodded towards a large black van-like vehicle that pulled up, the female driver jumping out to open the side door as six children jumped out.


“OH yes,” Sandy said as the woman slammed the door to, and ran off after the kids, “perfect.  See you later.”


She put her cup down and walked off, Heather watching as five minutes later Sandy drove the vehicle out of the lot.  She sipped her coffee, looking round for the perfect vehicle to accompany it.



11 am
The Farm


Heather drove the Mazda into the barn and turned the engine off, Susan waiting until she walked out before closing the doors.


“I’ll work on them after a coffee,” she said as she walked into the house.  Joanne was sitting there, her hair under a blue headscarf as she put on a pair of glasses.


“Diana, Cari and I are going into Greenwich to do the final checks,” she said as she grabbed an old green jacket.  “Wish us luck.”


“Good luck, sis,” Heather said as she gave Jo a hug, and she went out to join the others in Diana’s car.


1 pm
Gray Oaks Lane


“Everything looks as if it is unchanged,” Diana said as she sat with Joanne in the car, while Carina knocked on a couple of the doors, asking some innocent survey questions.  She eventually, walked back and got into the rear seat, saying “All good little spies.  Want to drive to the bank?”


Diana started the car and drove down the lane, soon heading south into Greenwich before she pulled in opposite the bank.


“What’s that coffee shop like,” Cari said as she looked over the road.


“No idea – never went into it.”


“Perfect – time we put that fear of yours about being recognised to the test,” Cari said as she unbuckled.  “Come on – I’m starving.”




“She’s right,” Diana said as she handed Jo some sunglasses.  “Come on.”


“All right,” Jo said as she got out of the car, and walked across the street.


“Hello,” the woman behind the counter said, “’what can I get you?”


“Cappuccino, latte and large black coffee,” Carina said as Jo and Diana sat at a window table, looking over the road at the bank.


“I don’t like this, I really don’t like this,” Jo said.


“Relax, my dear,” Diana said as Carina joined them.  “Just concentrate on watching the bank.”




They sat for an hour, sipping their coffees and eating some Panini’s Cari had ordered, as Bob Redman came out, walked over to grab some lunch from the café, and walked back again. 


“All right,” Diana eventually said, “I have no concerns.  Let’s…”




Joanne turned suddenly to see Joe Markham standing next to them, staring at her.  He was unshaven, and looked as if he had not changed clothes for a while.


“I’m sorry sir,” she said quietly, “Who’s Megan?  My name is Joanne – Joanne Smith.”


“But it is you Megan – I’d know you anywhere.  Where have you been?”


“Sir,” Diana said as she stood up, “I don’t know who you are, but this is my niece and her friend, and neither of them are called Megan.  Please, allow us to leave.”


“I can’t – I’ve been looking for you for so long…”


“Joe – Joe, come and sit down.  That’s not Megan – she’s blonde, not a brunette.  Come on, I’ll get you a coffee.”


The trio watched as the waitress walked Joe Markham to a table, and sat him down.  “I’m sorry,” she said as she came back over, “Joe means no harm – he lost his wife in a robbery a year back, and his daughter disappeared.  He just gets upset at times.”


“I understand,” Diana said quietly, “perhaps eh should seek professional help – grief counselling…”


“We ask him to, but it’s his choice.  Please, leave him with us.”


“Of course,” Diana said as they walked back to the car, and drove off.


“Shit,” Cari finally said, “That was bloody close.”


“Are you all right,” Diana said to Jo.


“I’m fine – he just surprised me,” Jo said quietly.  She needed to talk to Heather – if moving to the UK meant losing her father, it might be worth it.


“Let’s head back – Heather should have finished with the vehicles, and we need to eat, then change.”


7.30 pm
The Farm


Susan sat at the dresser, carefully applying the deep red lipstick to her mouth and ensuring it was as perfect as she suspected Juliette demanded.  Dabbing some tissue on her lips, she then stood up and walked to the bed, picking up first the cream silk camisole and putting it on, before slipping the red knee length skirt up and fastening it around her waist.  She had already put on the new black hose, and felt the slight breeze from the air as it travelled through the slit at the back.


She then picked up the soft black leather shoes, an examined them carefully, before slipping them on and standing up.  Even with four-inch heels, they felt incredibly comfortable, and Susan made a mental note to ask where they had come from.


The fitted jacket was next, slipping on to her upper body as she fastened the buttons up the front.  The shoulders were slightly padded, but as she looked at herself in the mirror she felt strangely empowered.  “I can understand this now,” she said as she picked up the red scarf, and folded it before tying it round her neck like a cravat.


She examined the gold and jewelled brooch, before pinning it to her jacket lapel, and picking up the black wig.  She looked at her own hair, fixed in a bun, and then placed the wig on top, making sure it was positioned correctly.


“Quite a change, isn’t it?”


Susan turned to see Carina standing in the doorway, already dressed and wearing her wig.  She had higher heeled shoes on, and for a moment Susan forgot an hour or so ago she had been joking with the other two teenagers.


“Your glasses?”


“Contact lenses,” Carina said as she came in.  “Listen, there’s something I need to say.”


“What,” Susan asked as the young girl sat on the bed.


"Susan, darling - you are going to see things in the next few hours I know are going to shock you… I beg your forgiveness, as I beg the forgiveness of the Goddess."  Carina looked long and hard at the English girl.

"Why do you do it Carina?" Susan asked quietly.

"I don't know." Carina looked tearful. "I know it's wrong, I know it's evil… but somewhere inside me I get this craziness and I have this 'desire' to hurt and torture."

"But you’re going to be a mother in the autumn…”  Susan sat next to Cari and looked at her.  “I just don't get how someone bringing a life into this world can enjoy ending others so much."

"It's not explainable…. It's not reasonable…. I guess it's just a pure passion, I get the hugest sexual highs, I like feeling that power, and I like feeling that bad…. I don't know how else to explain it."

Susan nodded – somehow, despite everything, she knew Carina understood who and what she was.  She prayed she would never have that burden.


"Carina, I just ask one thing…. Let me get those boys out of sight first before you cut loose as the expression goes, this night is going to traumatize them for life anyway…. but if I can I don't want to make it worse."

"You are a good person Susan." Carina hugged the Englishwoman, "I wish I could be as well."

"When you are you… the real you, then Carina you are a good girl, you are kind, loving, your friends adore you…. I guess it's just like your Mum says, there is something inside you that refuses to be tamed."


“Yeah – well, it’s nearly time.”


“Where are Jo and Abby anyway?”


“Jo’s helping Abby with The Thing.”


“The Thing?”


“You’ll see,” Cari said with a chuckle as they stood up.”


Walking to the main room downstairs, Susan saw Juliette, Diana, Sandy and Heather talking as they put on their leather gloves.


“For you,” Diana said as she handed Susan a pair of gloves and a pair of dark glasses.  Susan slipped the gloves on as Abby and Jo came down.


“How…”  Susan stared at the fully breasted, lithe body of Abby as she walked over from the stairs, smiling under her black hair.


“The Thing – we’ll explain later,” Cari said as she stood with the others.


"Susan,” Juliette said, “you travel in the car with Diana, Carina, and Me please.  The others go in the SUV with Sandy."

"Okay Juliette."

"Can I see please?"

Susan did a slow pirouette as Juliette looked closely at her appearance.

"There's a strand of hair escaping Susan."

"Oh sorry Juliette." Susan tucked the errant piece back under her black wig. "Otherwise though?"

"You pass inspection…. You look like a Pussycat Darling."

Susan smiled; praise from Juliette was as welcome as praise from Madame since neither gave compliments gratuitously.

"Okay ladies…. LADIES!" Juliette called everyone to attention. "It's time we were leaving, usual checks…"

Each woman mentally checked herself.

"No personal items…no jewellery…no odd scraps of paper with your names on it…"

"Darling we are professionals at this." Sandy smiled.

"I know but it just takes one tiny mistake and we all end up in prison for the rest of our lives…. And I for one intend to grow old in freedom enjoying the company of my friends, my daughter, and my Grandchild."

Carina smiled broadly at her mother.

"So check again, and then again ladies…. NO MISTAKES!"


it occurred to Susan as she watched that minute by minute as they prepared themselves, the facade of dilettante amateurism slipped away to be replaced by the reality that this was a highly professional, and highly dangerous gang of ruthless criminals. The teenage chatter vanished from Carina, Jo and Abby, to be replaced by a colder, harder persona. Juliette, Diana, and Sandy shed their skins of respectability, checking and loading weapons. Heather became tougher, less friendly, cross checking everything was in place and was right.


They checked everything one last time before Juliette said “Glasses on ladies – time to go to work.”


Nodding to each other, the group moved as one to the waiting cars, each slipping into the character like a well worn coat and carrying the bags between them.  Even Susan had a sense of anticipation, as they moved off into the night…



10 pm
Gray Oaks Road, Greenwich CT


The cars pulled into the driveway outside the Reedman house, as Juliette looked at the lit rooms.


“Right ladies – mask up.”


As Susan pulled the nylon stocking down over her head, she realised she was feeling moist in her panties.  Glancing at the others, she saw Abby sigh and close her eyes, and Heather grin.


“Yup – we do as well,” Jo said as she tucked the stocking under her blue scarf.  Heather handed out the guns, and then said “Let’s do this.”


They all got out of the cars and walked to the door, Sandy and Diana groaning as they pumped the guns, and looked to Juliette…





“All right boys – ten more minutes and then I need you in your beds.”


“Sure mum,” Bobby Reedman said as he lay on his stomach in front of the television, watching the film with his ten year old brother Kurt by his side.  Both boys were wearing pyjamas, with a nearly empty bowl of popcorn between them.


“Go easy Carol,” Bob Reedman said as his wife walked into the kitchen, “They don’t have school tomorrow.”  Carol was wearing a white blouse and red skirt, while Bob was in an old jumper and jeans.


“I know – but Jaynie is already in her room, and lord alone knows where Teddy is.”


“He’s about the only one who does,” Bob said as he stood up.  “Come on boys, time you were…”


His sentence hung in the air as the front door was thrown open, and six women walked in, masked with nylon stockings over their heads and carrying sawn off shotguns.


“Shit – Carol, run,” Bob cried out, only to be stopped as the kitchen door opened and two more women came in, forcing Bob and Carol into the front room.  Bobby and Kurt were staring, open mouthed at the group as two of them walked up the stairs.


Jaynie Reedman was sitting on her bed, her headphones on and music filling her ear as the door to her room was thrown open.  She opened her mouth to scream as one of the women said “Don’t make a fucking sound, dahlin, or I shoot you dead right now.”  Her accent took Jaynie by surprise, allowing the other masked woman to rip her headphones off and force her out of the room, making her go down the stairs n front of them.


“Mum, Dad, what’s going on,” she said as she walked over, Carol hugging the boys as the eight women looked at them.


“Good evening, Mr Reedman,” the woman directly in front of them said, “My name is Miss Panther, and we are the Pussycat Gang.  Now, all of you listen very very carefully…”




In the street outside, two middle aged women crossed to in front of the Reedman house, curious as to why a truck had pulled up, and a tall, dark haired woman was directing her staff round.


“Excuse me,” one of them said as she approached, “Would you mind telling me what is going on?”


“I’m sorry,” the woman replied as she looked at them, “Who are you?”


“We’re the local neighbourhood watch.”


“Oh?  Well then the police will have informed you of this.”


The two women looked at each other, and said “Of what?”


“Ah – local inefficiencies.  We are installing a new security system for the Reedman family, and it has to be done at night to get the calibration right.  We asked them to inform you not to be worried, and to stay in your homes.  The extra cars are for our representatives, who will be staying with the Reedman family tonight to monitor the new equipment.”


The two women looked at each other before the dark haired woman showed them the permit.  As they scrutinised it, they eventually said “Oh – all right then, we’ll leave you to it.”


“Thank you,” the woman said with a smile, “be sure to inform the others…”


“All good?”


“All good, Penny – finish off and move out.”


“You got it Dominique…”





“I thought I said to be quiet,” Miss Panther repeated quietly as the family sat no the couch, their hands on their heads as Miss Bobcat disabled the alarm and disconnected the phones.


“Please, I’ll do anything, please…”


“Oh for fuck’s sake, stop snivelling,” Miss Leopard said from behind Bob Reedman.


“Miss Cheetah, Miss Jaguar – take the two boys upstairs and make sure they stay out of the way.”


“No – I want mummy,” Kurt said as he hung onto his mother’s waist, while Bobby was gripping his father’s arm.


Miss Jaguar and Miss Cheetah tried to separate the two younger boys from the rest of the family in as unthreatening manner as possible, but the mere presence of the guns, and their dramatic masked appearances made it difficult.  Eventually, however, their mother said “Go with the women boys – I want you to be safe.”


“Let’s go upstairs,” Miss Panther said as she held Bobby’s arm, and Miss Jaguar’s Kurt’s, and they walked up the staircase to the second floor.


“Right, you three shits,” Miss Panther said in a low voice, “Get those fucking hands behind your backs…”


"Is this your bedroom boys?" Miss Jaguar said as she indicated a door.


"No it's this one." the younger boy replied, his voice trembling.


"Okay inside please." Miss Cheetah gestured with her gun, then wished she hadn't when she saw the panicked expressions.  Miss Jaguar smiled at them as she opened the door handle.


"Okay boys come in here please."


The room had two beds, side by side, and the usual arrangement of wardrobes, chest of drawers and bookcases.  A TV and DVD player sat in front of the beds, and a desk was to one side.  Kurt and Bobby stood in the middle of the room, holding each other as they looked at the tall, masked and armed women.


Miss Jaguar smiled and said “It’s all right boys – I know this is scary, but you won’t be hurt if you do as we say.”


“What are you going to do to us,” Bobby said in a trembling voice.


"Well, we need your daddy to do something for us tomorrow, so we’re going to be staying the night.  But you both need to be kept safe, because it won’t be a good idea to go wandering around.  So - for your own… ummmm…. safety, we need to keep you both tied up, gagged and blindfolded in your room.  My friend here is going to help me... We are not going to hurt you as I said, but we need you to be quiet and behave yourselves…. Do you understand that?"


Each boy nodded in turn.


"We’ll make you as comfortable as possible so that you can both sleep, all right?”


“Will it hurt?”


“Not if you do as we say.  Bobby, do you have some clean socks?”


“Yes ma’am.”


“Good – can you fetch three pairs for me?  While he does that, Kurt, you sit on your bed, and Miss Cheetah will tie your ankles and legs.”


“Ooo. Okay,” Kurt said as he sat on his bed, watching as Miss Cheetah put her gun down, took some rope and started to tie his ankles tightly together, As Bobby brought the socks over, she then tied his legs together below his knees.


“Thank you Bobby,” Miss Jaguar said, “now, give your brother one pair, me one pair, and you keep the third set.”


“What do you want us to do with them?”


“I want you both to put them over your hands, and then your wrists won’t be marked by the ropes.  Once you’ve done that, stand in front of Kurt, and I’ll take care of you while Miss Cheetah takes care of your brother.”


They worked together, crossing the wrists of the boys behind their back and securing them with rope, before passing it around their waists to keep them in place.  Two more bands went around their arms and stomach, and then their upper arms and shoulders, making sure they were well secured and cinched.


“Right Bobby – I want you to lie down on your bed, and Kurt you lie down on yours.”  Miss Jaguar waited until Bobby was lying down before she started to secure his ankles and legs, while Miss Cheetah made sure Kurt was resting his head on the pillows.


“We really won’t be able to move, will we,” he said as the two masked women tied the ankles of the boys to the bottom of their beds.


“As I said, boys, it’s best you stay here.  Now, I need you both to open your mouths as wide as you can – it’s time for you to stop talking.”


“Before you do,” Bobby said, “can you do something for us?”




“I know you said you had to blindfold us, but can we watch some television for a little while first?”


Miss Jaguar looked at Miss Cheetah.  “OF course,” she eventually said, “It will give me a chance to tell your parents and sister what brave boys you are.  We’ll make it nice and loud as well.


“Thank you,” Kurt said as he looked at Bobby.  They watched nervously as Miss Jaguar took the third pair of socks and wadded each of them up, before pushing them into their mouths, and then covering their lips with several strips of duct tape. 


“Now, stay calm and you’ll be fine,” Miss Cheetah said as she turned the television on and the volume up.  “Miss Jaguar will stay with you for a little while.”



As Miss Cheetah walked down the stairs, she smiled as she saw Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress binding Jaynie tightly around her arms and chest, the young girl looking at them over a tape gag that hid some large cloth underneath.  Miss Puma and Miss Panther were binding Carol Reedman to a wooden chair, while Miss Panther and Miss Lynx stood over Bob Reedman, knelling on the floor with his hands on his head.


In the boys’ room she had been the nanny again, but as she stood watching she felt the pleasure between her loins that told her how much this turned her on – the control, the menace, the adrenaline rush.


“Where are my sons,” Bob Reedman said as he looked at her.


“Miss Jaguar is making sure they stay out of harm’s way,” she purred in response.  “What of the other members of the family?”


“We were just explaining the rules,” Miss Lynx said as she caressed the sawn off shotgun, “and Daddy here was about to tell us that he agreed with every single one of them, weren’t you?”


“Yes, yes, just don’t hurt them,” he said as he looked at Carol and Jaynie.


“Hurt them?  All we did was keep your cocksucking little whore of a daughter quiet when she threatened to scream, and as for you assfuck of a wife…”




“Manners,” Miss Leopard said as she slapped Carol across the face with her gloved hand.  “Speak when you are spoken to, cunt.”


“Carol, please – they are killers…”


“Listen to your man, bitch – he speaks the truth,” Miss Lynx said as she walked over, and lifted Carol’s skirt with the barrel of her gun.  “Ooh – sexy panties.  Gag her with them.”


Jaynie was watching, her own pleated skirt and t-shirt damp with sweat and something else – something she had never experienced before.  “I know, sugah,” Miss Bobcat whispered as she put her hand between her legs, “I feel the same way.  It’s so deliciously hot, isn’t it?"


As Miss Puma produced a pair of scissors and lifted her mother’s skirt, she shivered in what she realised was excitement, as Carol’s panties were cut away and stuffed into her mouth, before it was taped over.


“Ufkngngbstrdss” she screamed out, earning another slap from Miss Leopard.


“Now, Bob,” Miss Panther, said as she stroked the husband’s cheeks with her gloved hand, “why don’t you tell us where your safe is, hmmm?”




“I thought we told you to be quiet, cocksucking little whore,” Miss Lynx said as she hit Carol in the stomach with her gun, malign her groan and fall slightly forward.


“All right – I’ll show you,” Bob said as his hands were bound tightly behind his back by Miss Cheetah.


“Excellent – Miss Leopard, Miss Puma, take Bob here where he needs to go.  Miss Cheetah, will you help Miss Lynx to keep an eye on his wife for a moment?”


“What’s wrong, bitch,” Miss Tigress said as she looked at Jaynie, who was sobbing as she sat there, “Never seen a man dominated by a woman before…”


“Hey – what’s happening here man?”


The armed women turned as one and pointed their shotguns to the door, where two people were standing.  One was a young Hispanic girl, who Miss Bobcat recognised – the other was Teddy Reedman, the oldest son.


“Hey Teddy,” Malinda Torres giggled as she looked round, “You’re been robbed by masked women.”


“That’s right,” Miss Panther said as she armed her shotgun, and pointed it at them, “and if you two bastards don’t close the door, nice and quietly, and then do exactly what you’re told, you’re both going to be fucked.”


“That’s all right, Miss Panther,” Miss Bobcat said as she stood up, “If you will allow me and Miss Tigress to take care of these new arrivals, ah’m sure we can make them – comfortable.”


“What have you got in mind, sweet thing,” Teddy said as he walked down the stairs, and looked at Miss Tigress.  “I could sure entertain the notion of spending time with you.”


“Sorry,” Miss Tigress said as her knee rose sharply and connected with his groin, “my dance card is full.  Now, fuck angel, get the fuck over here with your man – you’re about to go on one hell of a trip.”




Miss Jaguar watched as Kurt slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep.  Going to the wardrobe, she found a brown woollen scarf, and used it to blindfold him, tying the ends together at the side of his head.


“Time for you as well,” she said to Bobby, who nodded as she fetched a white scarf and tied it tightly over his eyes as well.  He rolled over onto his side, breathing through his nose as she watched both of them for a while longer.


She heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, and then the door opened.


“Miss Jaguar, dahlin, would you help us a moment please?”


She nodded as she left the room, and walked into the next room along, where Miss Tigress had dropped Teddy on the bed.


“I see the oldest son is home – who’s she?”


“His bit on the side,” Miss Bobcat said as she stroked her gloved hand down Malinda’s face, the fear plain to be seen.  “Would you mind awfully helping me to make sure she cannot possibly move?”


“It would be a pleasure,” she said as she took some rope and folded the young girl’s arms behind her back, while Miss Tigress began to tape Teddy Reedman up…


“Miss Tigress, Miss Bobcat – you’re needed downstairs,” Miss Leopard said as she came into the room, “We’ll take care of these two.”





“Miss Puma?”


“We have a slight problem, Miss Panther – Bob here refuses to tell us the combination of his inner safe.”


“I can’t – I have confidential information in there.”


“I thought we had established there was no such word as cannot, Mr Reedman.  Miss Lynx?”


“As you wish, Miss Panther,” the other woman said as she knelt in front of Carol, smiling sweetly as she slowly started to unbutton her blouse.  “Whtrudng,” she mumbled as the front was pulled open, and she felt the gloved hands enveloping and caressing her chest.


“You wished to see us Miss Panther?”


“Yes,” she sad to Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress, “take the little bitch to her room, and – entertain her.”


“With pleasure, sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as they forced Jaynie to her bound feet and made her jump to the stairs, then up them one at a time, as Miss Lynx looked into Carol’s eyes.


“You’re enjoying this as much as I am, aren’t you,” she purred, feeling the heat between her legs as she cut through Carol’s bra, pinching her nipples and making her squeal.



“So how shall we entertain her, Dahlin,” Miss Bobcat said as Miss Tigress pushed Jaynie on the bed.


“Well,” Miss Tigress said as she sat next to Jaynie, stroking her side with the gun, “we could see what really turns her on.  What do you think?”


“Let’s see what little miss prim and proper has in her wardrobe,” Miss Bobcat said as she walked over to the double doors and opened them. “Oh very Sunday School – good way to hide the fact you’re a cockteaser, bitch.”


As she moved aside the dresses and pant suits, however, Miss Tigress noticed that Jaynie was getting more and more nervous.  The reason became clear as Miss Bobcat said “Why, little miss, what do we have here,” and brought out a top and skirt.


The top was made of black spandex, and looked as if it would barely cover her chest, while the skirt was black leather and only about four inches wide.


“What else have you been keeping hidden from Mummy and Daddy, whore,” Miss Bobcat said as she went back in, and returned with a pair of five inch stiletto heeled shoes, as well as a pair of black fishnet stockings and a garter belt.


“OH yes,” Miss Tigress said as Jaynie lowered her head, “We can have fun with those.  I’m going to untie you, and if you make one fucking wrong move, you die.  I want you to strip and put on your clothes, little girl – let’s show mummy and daddy.”





Malinda groaned as the rope bit deep between her legs, unable to move as she was hogtied by Miss Jaguar.  Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma had tied Teddy spread-eagled to his bed, and were caressing his sac with their hands as he giggled hysterically.


“You may leave them with us, go and join the others,” Mss Puma said, as Miss Jaguar left the room and walked down.  She saw Miss Lynx there, her hands squeezing the breasts of Carol Reedman as her husband said, “No, I cannot, they will kill me.”


“Then I will hurt her,” Miss Lynx said as she produced two small clamps and fastened them over Carol’s breasts, covering them with duct tape before she said “Candles?”


“None – try these.”  Miss Panther tossed a box of long matches over, Miss Lynx smiling as she caught them.


Miss Jaguar watched, aware of her own arousal as Miss Lynx lit a match, and held it over the tape on Carol’s left breasts, smiling as she screamed in agony.


“ALL RIGHT.”  Bob gave the combination, and then shivered at his wife’s screams as her other breast was subjected to the heat.


“Would you go and confirm that works please, Miss Jaguar?  Second room on the right down the corridor.”


As she walked away, she noticed the daughter coming down with Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress – but she looked very different.  Her hair was pulled back in a severe pony tail, and the heels she was wearing were even higher than her own.  The black skirt and top hid nothing, even without the rope around era arms and body stretching the top so much she could see her nipples.


“Jaynie?  My god, what did you make her wear?”


“Why, her own clothes, daddy dearest – isn’t that right whore,” Miss Bobcat said as she pushed her forward.  Her lips were ruby red, and her eyes had blue eye shadow above and below them.


“Not the little angel you thought she was, are you,” Miss Tigress said as she walked Jaynie in front of her mother.  Carol looked up in pain, and the tears started again as she said “ssshrt?”


Jaynie nodded, before she was turned and forced to kneel in front of her father, who was sat in an armchair.  “Time you showed Daddy what you’re really good at,” Miss Bobcat said, “Just like we told you.”


“Please,” Jaynie pleaded, “Don’t make me do this…”


“Simple choice, your fucking cockteasing whore – do your father or die.”  Miss Bobcat pumped her shotgun and pointed it at Jaynie’s head.


“It’s all right, Jaynie,” Bob said as Carol looked mutely on, “Do it.  I don’t want you to die.”


Jaynie nodded as she shuffled forward, and used her teeth to pull the zip of her father’s pants down, and then used her nose to open his y-fronts, his cock emerging as she did so.




“I’m sorry, Carol,” Bob said as Jaynie looked at the armed women, before she licked the tip of his member and then gently kissed it.


“Keep going,” Miss Bobcat said, pressing the gun against her head as Jaynie started to use her mouth on her father, Bob fighting the urge, the overpowering urge to respond to such teasing.



In the girl’s bedroom, Miss Cheetah was searching through Jaynie’s internet history, chuckling to herself as she looked at the pictures, read the stories, realised just how dirty the girl’s mind was…



“Plsllsssdntmkhrdths,” Carol moaned, the clips making her tits feel like red hot weights, as Jaynie continued to arouse her father, her mouth now round the base of his cock as he started to moan and closed his eyes.  He knew he could not fight it any longer, as his daughter felt the pulsing against her tongue, and the wetness between her legs.


“The little whore’s starting to come as well,” Miss Bobcat said as she used her finger between Jaynie’s legs, her squeals of delight reaching the ears of Miss Jaguar as she came back in.  She was glad the two younger boys were not here to see this, and hear Miss Bobcat say “I think you’re nice and juicy and ready, dahlin, let go of him and spread them.”


As she and Miss Tigress pulled Jaynie back and held her, spreading her legs apart, Jaynie gasped and said “Christ, Daddy, you have an enormous cock, and it felt so good in my mouth.  You don’t know how much I’ve dreamed of that.”




“Go on, daddy dearest, put that big fucking throbbing cock in me and make me scream.   I’m so fucking sick of being Miss Nice – make me squeal like a bloody pig.”


“Jaynie, what’s got into you?”


“You are going to, motherfucker,” Miss Lynx said as she placed her gun against Bob’s head and said “Go on, Daddy – she your little whore angel how much you love her.”


“Oh yes, fuck me daddy dearest, I’ve written so many stories of how it will feel.”


Carol was too shocked at the change in Jaynie, as she spread her legs without the help of her two captors, thrust her chest out and said “Put your face right there, let me rub against you…”


Miss Lynx pushed Bob to the ground and then forward, forcing his head against the tightly stretched latex top as Jaynie screamed “OH YES!!!  THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!  MORE!!!  MORE!!!”  She twisted her body from side to side, making her father almost choke as he felt her flesh against him.




“Truly a work of art, Miss Leopard.”


“Why thank you, Miss Puma, I thought so as well.”


The two masked women looked at Malinda, who was lying across the bed, her mouth clamped over Teddy’s cock and her neck tied to his legs with rope.  Teddy himself had a cloth stuffed into his mouth, and then taped over with duct tape, but his eyes were wide as he came again into Malinda’s mouth.


“Well, I think they can be trusted not to move until we need them to,” Miss Puma said as the two women left the room, passing Miss Cheetah as she came out.


“Quite an adventurous young daughter they have,” she said with a smile as they heard the noises from downstairs.  Coming down the stairs, they stood with Miss Jaguar as Miss Lynx pulled Bob back, and Jaynie said “For fuck’s sake, drive into me, you bastard.  I need you in here.”


“So I see,” Miss Puma said as they watched, feeling the burning within them as Bob pleaded “No, please…”


“Would you rather I shot your cunt of a wife instead?”


Bob looked at the two most important women in his life as the cold metal pressed against his forehead.  “Please – cover her eyes,” he pleaded, but there was no answer, as he slowly stood, his pants pulled down by Miss Lynx.


“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry,” he whispered as Jaynie looked at his large, throbbing cock, and screamed “FUCK ME!!!”


Jaynie used her own hand to part her own pussy lips; rubbing on her own clit as she positioned herself over her fathers engorged cock. Slowly she lowered herself down onto his throbbing penis.


“Fuck me daddy…. Fuck me hard!.... Pop my cherry and take me.”


She then screamed as she felt his cock slide into her damp passage, tearing through her hymen as she felt the throbbing inside her for the first time, feeling her body grip her father tightly as she wrapped her legs round him and drew him closer, pressing his lips to hers as she pushed up.


She felt the throbbing, felt the burning, and wanted it – wanted it so bad she was lost to the other women in the room, as her father started to move in and out, crying as he felt his own pleasure growing alongside hers, praying that it would end…


Miss Jaguar had to supress a moan of her own as she watched, but as she glanced to the side she saw the other women touching themselves between their legs, and suddenly she understood fully.


“OH FUCK YES!!!” Jaynie screamed as she pulled her father further into herself, “fuck my fucking brains out, big man!!  I never dreamed this would be so good!!!”


The burning was fierce inside her, as she felt her father bulging, pressing against places she never knew, never dreamed had existed before, the shocks running through her both pain and pleasure – until she gasped as a huge shock ran through her entire body, making her grip even more tightly as she arched her back, and at the same time felt the hot flow inside her as her father exploded into her.


Carol had closed her eyes, unable to take what had happened as Jaynie finally let go, not resisting as Miss Bobcat stuffed a large sponge into her mouth, and then pressed a length of tape over it.


Miss Jaguar screamed into herself, only to see Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma do the same.  All three exchanged a look, all three nodded – all three understood.




“you know,” Miss Lynx said as she stood up and walked over to Carol, “I’m getting a little fucking pissed off with your tone towards us.”  She pushed Carol onto her back, moving her skirt out of the way as she stroked the tip of her gun barrel between her legs.


“What….  What are you doing?”


“Having fun,” Miss Lynx said as she rubbed the gun between Carol’s legs, the older woman watching with her eyes wide as she did so.



Miss Bobcat and Miss Tigress blindfolded the father and daughter, both now gagged and their legs bound securely.


“Plssttppp” Carol pleaded as she felt herself starting to cum, the barrel of the gun pushed into her passage.  It felt cold, it felt alien – and it was starting to feel wonderful as well.




“Yes you will,” Miss Panther said, “I know you will Bob.”


“Does that feel good you fucking whore mother,” Miss Lynx whispered as Miss Jaguar saw how excited the others were getting.  She was also feeling more alive, more aroused than she ever had been, as she understood what she had been told about before.


Carol finally arched her back and then collapsed as Miss Lynx drew the gun barrel out and looked at it.


“Hmmm – I hope that has not damaged it,” she said as she pressed the gun against Carol’s head, and let off a single barrel.


“No – I guess it hasn’t” she said with a smile as she gasped, the muted screams from Bob and Jaynie driving her over her own edge.


“Get these two to their beds,” Miss Panther said, “and cover her up.  We don’t want to scare the children too much.”



Saturday 12th April
7 am
Gray Oaks Lane


“Finished in the toilet?”


Bobby nodded as Miss Jaguar brought him back into the room, Kurt already sitting on his bed with his hands tied in front of him, and his mouth covered with a fresh length of tape.  Bobby allowed Miss Cheetah to cross and tie his wrists together in front of him, and then opened his mouth as she pushed the sock back in, and pressed the tape over his lips.


“We’re going to blindfold you both now, and then take you downstairs.  When we get there, We’ll sit you both in a dining chair and secure you to it, and the rest of your family will join you.  I’ll be staying with my friend Miss Puma, while my other friends take Daddy to work.  Then we’ll leave you to be rescued, all right?”


The two boys nodded as the scarves were tied tightly over their eyes, and they were walked out of their room, down the stairs and past the white sheet covering their mother.  Once in the kitchen, they were helped to sit down in a chair, before their waists were tied to the back, and their legs secured at the ankles and knees.


Jaynie was already there, staring into the front room in her outfit from last night.  Miss Bobcat had tied her tightly to the chair, her legs spread and secured to the rear legs, while a knotted crotch rope had been tied between her legs, making her groan into her gag as she tried to move.


“ah think your friends are going to love the stories of you, dahlin,” Miss Bobcat whispered into her ear as Jaynie saw Teddy and Malinda been walked in.






“Enough talking,” the two masked women said as they lashed the older two tightly to the chairs, and then blindfolded all three of them as Miss Panther and Miss Lynx escorted down their father.  He was showered, shaved and dressed, but the pain was clear in his eyes as he looked at his family.


“Be… Be brave, all of you,” he said as Miss Puma and Miss Cheetah stood behind then in the kitchen.


“Check outside.”


Miss Tigress walked to the front door and looked out.  “all clear,” she said as she looked back in.


“Wait for our call,” Miss Panther said to the other two, as they frog marched Bob out of the house, the kids calling through their gags after him and for their mother.


“Mummy’s gone with him,” Miss cheetah lied, “so be still and be brave.”


"Okay Bob - we are now going to drive to your bank where we will make a nice large withdrawal." Miss Panther told him as he was thrown onto the floor in the back of the SUV.

"Comfortable cocksucker?" Miss Lynx laughed lightly as she climbed in after him.

"Okay we need take these stockings off first ladies…. Hood him Miss Lynx"

Quickly a black nylon hood was thrust over the manager’s head and his world went dark as it was tightened.

Looking round, each of the women pulled the stocking back off her head and put the nylons into their pocket.

"Your dark glasses Miss Jaguar." Miss Leopard indicated with her hand that the British bandit should put them on.

"Can you feel that Bob?" Miss Lynx asked as Miss Jaguar climbed in the back seat with her. "That's the barrel of my gun…one false move…one sound…any trouble I'll kill you just like I killed your bitch of a wife."

"Can you feel this one as well?" Miss Jaguar held her gun similarly to the mans head…"Well can you bastard?" she asked assertively.

"Yes!" he screamed…"Just don't hurt me."

In the front passenger seat Miss Panther smiled to herself - the new girl was learning the value of terror as a weapon.



Patriot National Bank
8 am


“Here we are Bob,” Miss Panther said as they drew up in the bank car park, “Nice and early for work.  Sit him up.”


Bob felt himself being raised as he heard the women talking, and then the hood was pulled off his head.  He looked at them standing round him, staring back at him through the stockings masks.


The bitches had taken so much already – Miss Panther, Miss Lynx, Miss Leopard, Miss Bobcat, Miss Tigress and Miss Jaguar.  Of them, Miss Jaguar had spent the least amount of time with him, instead keeping his two youngest boys bound and gagged in their room.  He hoped he would live to explain things to them…


“Let’s go,” Miss Panther said as they stepped out, Miss Jaguar holding the door as Bob got out and then pointing the shotgun at him.  All of them dressed identically, dark black tailored jackets that fitted them like gloves, as much as their black leather gloves did.  Knee length skirts, with a slit up the back, seamed hose and four-inch heels – five in the case of the psycho bitch Miss Lynx.  He could still hear his wife’s screams…


He was forced to the staff entrance to the bank, Miss Jaguar pressing the sawn off shotgun to his head as he opened the door, and then disabled the alarm.


“How long,” Miss Panther said as she looked at the clock no the wall.


“It opens at 8,30 – once all the staff are here.”


“Very well then,” Miss Panther said.  “Ladies – positions!”


Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat moved to the rear door, Miss Leopard to the main door.


"Hey Bob, just remember -  you get outta this alive, you have a hot slutty daughter who's dreamed of screwing her daddy to go home to." Miss Lynx laughed evilly.

"Yeah buy her the sluttiest possible clothes dahlin, real tight, real sexy, she'll keep you warm in bed at night." Miss Bobcat laughed at the thought. "That girl of yours has all the makings of a first class whore."


“Why did you make her do that?”


“Make her?  Lover, you really should check your family’s internet history.”


The six women laughed as Bob realised that, in truth, they had not had to force Jaynie to act that way.


“Quiet,” Miss Tigress said as she raised her shotgun and heard the rear door open.  A young, fair haired man came in and saw Bob standing there with two armed and masked women either side of him.”


“Freeze, mother fucker,” he heard a voice beside him say as a gun was pressed against  him.  “Be a real good boy and walk into the centre of the room, then lie down and put your hands behind your back – or you get a new hole in your back.”


“Do as they say,” Bob advised the desk clerk as eh walked in, lying down as Miss Bobcat took a roll of duct tape and started to tie him up.  As she did so, a second bank worker came in – a tall thin blonde, wearing a grey jacket and skirt with matching heels.  She saw the two men, and screamed as she felt the gun against her back.


"Put your fuckin' hands in the air bitch!" Miss Tigress screamed out her orders to the delicate blonde woman,

“Please…Please don't kill me." the blonde started sobbing.

"Get over there and lay face down on the fucking floor."

The blonde started moving slowly.

"Quicker bitch!" Miss Tigress held the barrel of her shotgun to the woman's head.

"Sorry, sorry." the woman cried as she ran and layer face down.

"Tape her." Miss Tigress indicated to one of her colleagues.  Miss Lynx came over and started to bind her with duct tape, as the young man had his tie stuffed in his mouth, and then tape wrapped round his head.

Miss Jaguar smiled, a smile that came and went underneath the nylon covering her face. Whatever her previous reservations the Pussycats were all business inside a bank. They were menacing, dangerous, if she worked at this bank she'd be pretty unhappy right about now.

Miss Tigress took up her position by the door again her shotgun held upright as she waited for the next arrival.

"You better be fucking right about this lock opening on time motherfucker." Miss Panther glanced at the clock. "Just remember we have those lovely kids of yours hostage, you ever want to see them again, just don't give us any shit.'

"That's right Mister manager." Miss Jaguar grabbed him by his hair and rubbed her shotgun cross his face. "Oh shit" she laughed at herself "This shit rubs off onto you."


The staff continued to arrive, alone or in pairs, only to be forced to the floor and taped so that they could not interfere. 


“That the last of them, cockface,” Miss Panther said as a well built older woman had her had wrapped with tape.  Bob nodded as they heard the vault unlock.


“Right on time,” Miss Panther said as she looked at the clock.  Miss Bobcat, Miss Leopard, with me.  The rest of you, stand guard.”


As Miss Panther, Miss Bobcat and Miss Leopard walked into the vault with Bob, Miss Tigress and Miss Lynx walked up and down the line of taped and gagged employees, while Miss Jaguar kept watch.


“Stop snivelling or we shoot you now,” Miss Tigress said as she and Miss Lynx stood with their backs to the main entrance.


It was instinct that made Miss Jaguar look as a door opened slightly, and a security guard walked in.  “Shit – a late arrival,” she thought to herself, but before she could give a warning he drew his pistol from his holster and aimed it at Miss Lynx.


It was instinct that made her move, and it was instinct that took over as with a fluid movement she pumped the shotgun, took position and fired it straight at the guard.  She watched as the bullet went through his abdomen and exploded out of his spine, throwing him back against the wall as he slid down, his head rolling to one side, his eyes vacant.


“EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”  Miss Lynx fired a shot into the air as the staff screamed into their gags, and Miss Panther came out.


“Everything cool?”


“Yeah – Miss Jaguar saw a problem, and dealt with it.  And if anyone makes another sound, they will be next.”  Miss Lynx walked over and gently raised the gun, saying “You did the right thing, Miss Jaguar – now focus.”


The newest member nodded as she returned to her position, watching over the door.


Inside the vault, Miss Leopard was loading bound stacks of notes into leather holdalls, while Miss Bobcat was in an interior cage, opening a selection of safety deposit boxes, tipping the contents of each one into an individual sack and labelling them. 


“Time’s almost up,” Miss Panther said, “Done?”


“Done,” Miss Bobcat said as she placed the sacks into a holdall.  Miss Leopard nodded as she closed the last bag, taking four as Miss Bobcat took the rest.


“Tape him up,” Miss Panther said as she pushed Bob over to Miss Lynx and Miss Tigress.  “Help them with the bags,” she said to Miss Jaguar, taking her gun as she picked up the holdalls and made her way with them to the exit.


“Thank you all for your co-operation,” she shouted out as they returned for the remaining bags.  “Nobody move for thirty minutes – let’s go ladies.”


“Say hi to your slut daughter from us,” Miss Tigress said to Bob as she gagged him, and the gang walked out to the waiting SUV.  Getting inside, they removed their stockings and put on their glasses, as Diana drove off.


“Well done everyone, especially you Susan.”


Susan nodded as they headed for the interstate, but said nothing…


8.45 am
Gray Oaks Lane


Miss Puma checked the knots again on the family, and then indicated to Miss Cheetah to follow her into the front room, where she talked in a low whisper.


“I’m sorry – we haven’t had much of a chance to talk about the other day, lover.”


“I know – you didn’t even tell me about what happened between you and your mother.  Does she suspect?”


Looking to make sure the blindfolds were still in place, Sandy took off her stocking mask and sat down, Heather sitting next to her.


“I told her I had been thinking of moving to the UK for a while, and that you had been offered a job there as well.  I had to apologise for not talking to her before about it, but I said it was something I had been thinking about for some time.”


“Sounds close enough to the truth – what did she say?”


“What didn’t she say?  She went on about how the Richmond family had always been in New York, how she felt little Sandy and George needed to be with her family, especially with the new arrival…”


“I bet she hasn’t been to see the baby yet.”


Sandy smiled and shook her head.  “OF course not – it’s not a Richmond.”


“I swear, Sandy, I just want to tell her the truth, and damn the consequences.”


“I know,” Sandy said as she tenderly kissed Heather.  “I heard you last night, with the two younger boys and Susan.  I know art is your passion, but you were both so good with them…”


“I could never leave you, or the kids.  But on the other hand, I cannot live a lie much longer.”


“So what do we do?”


Heather sat for a moment.  “Let me call Amy – ask if I can work on a project short term and see if I am up to it.  Get her to accept I need to test myself, and defer a final decision.  Then we can make a final decision later in the year, and be here for the others.”


“You would do that for me?”


Heather nodded as her cell phone buzzed.  “They’re done,” she said as she looked at the screen, and the two women stood up, kissing each other before they walked over.


“We’re going now,” Miss Cheetah said, “I’m sure daddy will be back soon.  Stay calm, and you’ll all be just fine.”


As they walked out, putting their sunglasses on, they saw a couple of curtains twitching.  Smiling, they popped the trunk of the car, putting their holdalls inside before closing the lid and getting into the car.  Reversing out, they drove down the road, turning right and not going through the town…


12 noon
The Farm


“That is better!”  Carina threw herself into a chair, having changed into her preferred jeans and top.  “We did it again!”


Susan was sitting in a chair, still in her outfit, looking at her hands as Sandy and Heather came in.


“How did it go?”


“Mission accomplished,” Diana said as she walked in, “but we had another casualty.”


“Who was stupid?”


“A security guard,” Abby said, now her normal thin self, “but Susan took care of it.”


“Susan?”  Heather looked at the young woman, and sat next to her.  “First time, isn’t it?”


“I killed a man,” she said quietly, “I killed him in cold blood, without thinking.  Madame… Madame will fire me…”


"I'm pretty sure Madame will understand Susan…"

"You saved my life. " Carina got out of her chair, walked over and hugged the shaking British girl.

"But I killed someone…. I am a killer…." Susan started sobbing, the bloody mess she had made of the man imprinted on her brain

"As I said, you saved my life."

"Susan if Madame doesn't understand know you'll always have a home her with us if you want it."

"Yes Susan….. You make an incredible Pussycat."  Heather also put her arms round the sobbing woman, as Juliette walked in.


“How did you leave the kids?”


“As you left them.”


“And you two?”


Sandy looked at Heather, as she said “We came to a decision – but we’ll tell you later.  We need to get back to our homes and deliver to Madame what she wanted.”


“Come with me,” Juliette said as she took Susan’s hand, “Let’s get you changed.”


The National Patriot Bank




The police officer turned to see Adam Ball and Janice Carter approaching, holding their badges out.


“Agents – you with the task force?”


They nodded as Janice said “We need to see the crime scene.”


“It’s not pretty…”


“It never is with this lot – may we?”


The officer lifted the tape, and as they walked in the front the first thing they saw was the tissue and blood against the wall to their right.  Forensics teams were examining minutely the floor and work area, as Carter and Ball put on gloves and walked into the vault.


Tom Callaghan looked up as they came in.  “Don’t say it Janice,” he said as he looked at her face, “Don’t fucking say it.”


“I’m not going to,” Janice said as she looked round, “but it was, wasn’t it?”


Callahan nodded.  “They took the family hostage last night – Reedman, his wife, daughter and the two younger boys.  His oldest son and his girlfriend were taken when they came in.  The boys were held hostage in their room all night, so they missed the worst of the scene – the police had to untie them from the chair and walk them blindfold from the house so that they did not see their mother.”


“The bitches have developed a conscience?”


“Not sure – according to Reedman, there were eight of them.”


“Eight?  Christ, they have a new recruit?”


“Might be – she had a British accent, and went by the name of Miss Jaguar.  According to the staff, she was the one who killed the security guard here, before he could give a warning.”


The two agents looked at the mess on the wall outside, and then looked round the vault.


“So what happened at the house?”


“What didn’t happen?  The Brit and one of the others took the two youngest and kept them out of the way.  We should be thankful for that – from what Reedman said, they tortured and abused all the others in some way.  Mrs Reedman was the unlucky one.”




“Shotgun to the head.  The family are in hospital, along with Malinda Torres, the girlfriend.  The kids don’t know about their mother yet…”


Tom Callaghan was not given to emotion, but he kicked out at a chair and shouted, “FUCK!  If I had listened to you…”


“Past history – what did they get away with?”


“Cash – about three point five million.  They also took the contents of a dozen security boxes – pulled at random by the looks of it.  We’re waiting for the bank auditors to come and identify the owners so that we can talk to them.”


“Safety deposit boxes?  That’s a new twist – unless our British visitor asked them to get the contents of one or more.  We need to interview the owners once they are identified – what’s the holdup?”


“Their offsite security server – someone introduced a virus.  Apparently they had intruders, and forgot to tell anyone, in case their reputation was ruined.”


Janice Carter looked at Adam Ball, before she sat down and started laughing.


“Janice, it’s hardly the time to…”


“Sorry, sorry – it’s the genius of it.  They’ve done it again, haven’t they?  Played us for damn fool suckers.  Come on Adam – we need to talk to Reedman and the older kids.  Let’s leave the youngsters out of it for now, eh?”


As they left the bank, Janice stopped and looked at the officer.  “The Reedman house – does it have a neighbourhood watch group?”


“They do - or did,” the officer said.  “Seems a group claimed they were installing a new security system last night, and needed to stay overnight to calibrate it, so when they saw people leaving with Bob Reedman today…”


“They thought they were the experts?”


The officer nodded.  “It was only when we got to the house to rescue the family they realised what had happened.  A LOT of red faces.”


“They’re not the only ones,” Janice said as she and Adam walked to the car.  They sat in silence, before Adam said “thanks.”


“For what?”


“For not saying I told you so.”


Janice nodded.  “I want them, Adam – I want to look each of them in the eye and take their masks off, then see them stand trial.  Come on – we’ve got a job to do.”


As Adam started the car, Janice suddenly said “Shit.”




“What do we know about this Madame X?”


“Big time crime boss, suspected to have some interests over…  Oh, now I see what you’re getting at.  If the Pussycats are back in business, and they’ve hooked up with someone like her…”


“Yeah – another headache for us.  Come on, Adam – let’s get this over with.”


“I should have listened to you,” Ball said as he drove off, “I should have listened…”



7 pm
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel


The group looked up as one as the door opened, and Susan walked in, carrying a black canvas bag with her.


“Welcome back, Susan,” Madame X said as she stood up.  “Is that what we need?”


“It is, Madame,” Susan said quietly as she handed Maddie and Penny the bag.  Looking inside, they nodded and said “Well done – how was it?”


“Different, very…”  Susan collapsed into a chair, burying her head in her hands as she started crying.


“Dominique, please remain.  The rest of you, leave us for a moment.”


“Out,” Penny said as she opened the door, looking at Madame before she left Susan and Dominique with her.


“I have already heard what happened,” Madame said as she sat next to Susan, “but I want to hear it from you as well.”


“I’m sorry Madame, I’m so sorry,” Susan blurted out between sobs, “I did not know what I was doing until…”


“Take a deep breath, Susan,” Dominique said quietly, “and tell us in your own words.”


Nodding, Susan said “I was standing guard over the staff – when I saw the guard out of the corner of my eye reach for his gun.  I…  I must have acted on pure instinct as I fired at him, and he dropped like a rag doll.


“I’ve never killed anyone before, and I know you personally do not advocate it. I took great care to keep the younger boys unaware of what had happened – and then to do that…”


“It’s all right,” Madame said quietly, “Continue.”


Susan looked at Dominique, then Madame before she said “You’ll want me to resign – you will have my letter in the morning.”




Susan looked at Madame, before saying “But I murdered someone today.”


“Yes, you killed someone – and you did it instinctively.  But you did it to protect others, and to stop one of your colleagues from injury or worse.  Susan, there is a reason I insist on you all being trained and proficient – it is to remind you that a gun is not a toy, but a weapon, and if it Is to be used it must be used for a serious purpose.


“All of us, when we carry a gun, know that one day we may have to use it for the intended purpose - to wound or kill.   We constantly hope, pray, persuade ourselves that day will never come, but eventually it will – and we need to know how we react when it comes.  Today it was your day, Susan, and although someone died, you did it to protect others.”


“So…  So I’m not fired?”  Susan looked at the two women, seeing them in a new light.


"Susan,” Madame X said quietly, “you've participated in several robberies before, it's by the merest chance you've never had to shoot anyone. Even I pray I will never have to, but just last Saturday when Juliette Huntingdown and I had our… ummm… little bit of fun, I knew in my head that at any second I might have to use that weapon in my hands.”


"The jobs I've done for you Madame have always gone so smoothly…."


"But, " Madame interrupted, "you always have to allow in your mind for the fact that someone might turn brave…"


"Or stupid." Dominique added quietly.


"When we threaten to kill someone we must always in the back of our mind be prepared to carry out that threat."


"I know Madame, I guess I was just deluding myself…"


"No, Susan, you were just being a normal person, I'm afraid that sometimes this almost seems like a game…. Today you learned that what we do is very real and that it can have deadly consequences."




She looked at Dominique, as the enforcer held her hands.


“I’ve been on so many robberies, both before I joined this organization, and after, as well as the duties I perform for Madame.  I always try to avoid shooting to kill, but when I have no choice, I do so quickly, neatly, so there is no suffering.  The first time was much like you – I was cornered, and had to shoot my way out.  It was messy, it was bloody, but it was necessary.


“Susan,” Dominique said quietly, “if you had shown no emotion, you would have been asked to leave.  But you felt the death and you are mourning – which means you know the consequence and the price.  Now, when you carry a weapon, you know what can happen, and you know what needs to be done.”


Susan nodded as she looked at Madame.  “I understand, a little – but have you ever killed anyone Madame?”


Madame sat back for a moment.  “Once, long ago, I had a man’s life in my hands – a man who had done me terrible wrongs.  I wanted to kill him, but the opportunity passed.  So no, I have not, but I know what it means.  Dominique, on the other hand, does.”


Susan looked at Dominique, who said, “Each time I need time to recover, as you do.  Today, Susan, you did what needed to be done.  I will spend time with you now – it is time you joined my team.”


Susan looked at Madame, who nodded slowly.  “I think it is time you developed some necessary skills for leadership, Susan – you will take a vacation with Curt, and then act as Dominique’s representative here.”  Pouring s whisky, she handed it to Susan, saying “Drink – you have earned it.”


As Susan sipped the liquor, Madame said "So what lessons have you learned from your time as a Pussycat Susan?"

"Well for starters to never judge a book by its cover Madame… when I first met them all I couldn't comprehend how they possibly be the Pussycats, they live jumbled, complicated personal lives…"

"They live real lives, Susan." Madame interrupted.

"Well I quickly saw that behind the chaos there really is something profoundly different."

"That they do actually know what they are doing?"

"Yes Madame…. it's hard to explain, but they try very, very hard to keep their two lives completely separate…. Does that make sense?"

"Yes it does Susan…. It's what keeps them safe, who is going to suspect seeing their real lives that they are the Pussycats?"

"Well I certainly didn't at first."  She sipped the drink again, and then looked round.


"Why do they do the terrible things in the house?" Susan quietly asked her employer.

"To create terror, to make sure that everyone is terrified of a visit from them."

"Some of what Carina did was so vile."

"As you've said yourself Susan though, Carina is not in charge of herself always, that thing that drives her.  It's terrifyingly sad in many ways and I'm amazed that her mother and friends cope as they do."

"But it wasn't just Carina…"

"No, I think Juliette long ago decided that the use of fear as a weapon gave her gang added power and strength… I can't condone it, but I do understand her reasoning.”


There was a knock on the door, and Madeline came in.  “Madame, the information checks out – we will be ready to move in the morning.  Is Susan…”


“She will be fine,” Madame said quietly, “I will join you shortly.  Susan, rest now.  Madeline, extend an invitation to Juliette Huntingdown to join me for dinner tomorrow – somewhere discrete.”



Sunday 13th April
The Huntingdown Apartment
9 am


“There you are,” Juliette said as Carina walked into the room, wearing a black t-shirt and leggings, “Sleep well?”


“Like a log,” Cari said as she poured herself some coffee.  “What are you doing?”


“Waiting for some photos to be delivered,” Juliette said as she looked at her phone.  “And they just arrived – I’ll be back in a minute.”


Cari nodded as her mother left the apartment, looking at the paper as she sipped her coffee.  The phone rang, and as she picked it up she heard her mother say “Cari, darling, will you come down to the lobby for a moment?”


“Coming,” she said as she found a pair of slippers, grabbed the keys and walked to the lift.  As she got out, she saw her mother standing by the door, looking into the street.


“What’s up,” she said as she looked out, only to see a grey Maserati Quattroporte GTS pull up outside.  The driver got out, walked into the lobby and said “Miss Huntingdown?”


“Which one,” Juliette said quietly.  The man checked his clipboard, and said “Miss Carina Huntingdown?”


Carina stared at him, at the car, and then at her mother, before saying “that’s me.”


“Sign here,” the man said as he handed Carina the clipboard and a pen, watching as she signed and then tore a copy off.  “Here you go,” he said as he handed her the form and the key, and then walked off.


Carina was still in shock, as Juliette said “all yours darling.”


"But Mom isn't this just a bit…" Carina lowered her voice to a whisper… "Just a bit too flashy?"

"No it's an appropriate gift for a darling daughter who has worked her socks off for four years to get into Yale…. and anyway Jo told me what you were saying about wanting something sportier, and I have to admit your Honda's not exactly glamorous.

"But I'm gonna look grotesque driving this when I get big with the baby?"

"Well we simply chose outfits that show how beautiful you are, even expectant mothers can nowadays look good you know?"

Carina giggled. "Mom you didn't need to do this you know… but I have to admit this is a dream car.  Can I take it for a spin?”


“Dressed like that?  No – Gerald, park my daughter’s car in the garage and let me have the key back, will you?”



9 pm
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel


“That was a delicious meal – thank you for inviting me.”


“The pleasure is mine, Juliette,” Madame said as they stood up, leaving their napkins on the table, “May I offer you a drink?”


“Single malt, straight up.”


Madame X poured the whisky, and a brandy for herself, and indicated the deep armchairs.  As they both sat down, she raised her glass and said “To your future success.”


“And to yours,” Juliette replied as she raised her own glass.  After they had both drank, she said “How is Susan?”


“She will recover – Dominique has taken her under her wing.”




“Ah yes – you have not met her.  She is my head of security – she helped provide cover for you yesterday.  Susan will work with her and I am sure she is the better for it.”


“Good,” Juliette said as she nursed her glass.  “May I ask a question?”


Madame nodded as Juliette first said “Would it be impertinent to call you Shirley?”


“No – I believe you have earned the right to be one of the few, Juliette.  As I said before, I think we are very similar.”


“Then how did you become the person you are?”


Madame X sat back for a moment.  “I left home when I was eighteen to go to university.  I never made it – one the way there, I was kidnapped, and my car blown up.  It was made to look like an accident, and I was believed dead.  Instead, a man who made me call him Master – a rival of my father, had kidnapped me.  I met Madeline there.  I…  I do not like to dwell not what he made us do.”


“So how did you break away in the end,” Juliette asked quietly.


“He took me, Madeline, and two others – a woman and a man – to Paris for a job.  When we executed it, we discovered we were never meant to have succeeded.  We were a diversion, while the Master hijacked a school bus, and kidnapped twenty children of the most prominent people in Paris.  The oldest was only seven, the youngest five.”


Juliette sat up for a moment.  “Not the Ecole Rue de la Marseilles bus?”


“You know of the case?”


“My friend Diana – one of her nieces were on the bus.”


“Ah – I should have realised.  Anyway, we decided, the four of us, to escape, after alerting the authorities to where the children were.  We stayed in Paris for a while, before the opportunity arose to return home.  By the time I did, my mother had died of grief, and my father was dying of cancer.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Do not be, Juliette – I was with him at the end, and he was at peace.  At any rate, I had discovered a flair for criminal organisation, so with Madeline, Sandra and Robert, we formed a gang, and from that grew my organisation.”


“Robert – was he…”


“He was my lover – but he died, in 2000, protecting me from Master.  I still have the scars of those days, here,” she said touching her back, “and here,” touching her heart.  “Since then I have worked hard to obtain the position I have now.  Would you care for another drink?”


“Thank you,” Juliette said as she handed over her glass.  “So now you are in charge of – a corporation, I guess you would say.”


“You would,” Madame said as she handed the recharged glass back.  “But what of you, Juliette – what happened to you?  And to the others of your remarkable group?”


“That is a question,” Juliette said as she sipped her drink.  “For me…  Eighteen years ago, I was raped in a hotel in Los Angeles.  It was a brutal, degrading affair, and it left me scarred in all sorts of ways.  It also left me with the greatest gift a woman could ever have.”




Juliette nodded, as she held her glass.  “Ever since then, I have kept total control of my life, kept focused, held that anger inside me.  Diana had already moved to New York – we had met in Paris some years before as fellow models, and she was resident here for a while with her husband.  She and others helped me through the pregnancy and the birth.”


Taking another sip Juliette said “After Cari was born, she moved back to France – and then returned a couple of years later with Abby.  Her husband had – died in a car crash.”


“Did he lose control of the car and drive off a cliff?”


Juliette nodded.  “Of course, the bullet in his brain from Diana did not help his concentration – he had raped a young girl, got her pregnant, abandoned her.”


“I had surmised as much – forgive me, but I have looked into you, her and Miss Alexandra Richmond very carefully.  Tell me, does her mother know?”


“About Heather?  No – but I fear she will soon enough.  I had known Sandy for years – she had done a little modelling as well, before she married and had her children.  Then there was a messy divorce – not her fault, but she was the one who paid the heaviest price.


“So there we were – three very damaged women, and then – something broke.  One of us was insulted, we swore to take revenge, and that was the start.”


Madame X nodded as she sat back.  “Forgive me if I pry – but remember I said when we first met, I believed we were very much alike?”


“I do remember, and I did not believe it at the time.  Now – I can believe it.”


Madame nodded slowly.  “We have both had our lives altered irrevocably by cruel, heartless men.  We have had to face great suffering and hardship, and have only a few rally close friends who know everything about us.  We both have come through – and we could so easily have taken each other’s paths.


“Tell me – did you ever catch the man who did it to you?”


Juliette nodded.  “Very recently – you may have heard about it.”




Madame watched as Juliette nodded again.  “You did the city a great service that day – but did you kill him?”


“No – that I did not do. What about you?”


“I did not, but he died.  I think they both paid the price for what they did, don’t you?”


She out her glass down and stood, extending her hands.  “I hope this can be the beginning of a true friendship, Juliette.”


“I would like that, Shirley,” Juliette said as she stood and took the proffered hands, “I would like that very much.”






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