A Change of Heart








The room was quiet, still, the heavy curtains drawn to keep out the light and any prying eyes.  It had a large bed, and a television sitting on a chest of drawers, while a door to the side led to an en suite bathroom.  It was a typical bedroom – in most ways.


As the door opened, he backed slowly in, his precious load in his arms.  He wore black – a sweater, leather jacket, pants, trainers, and a balaclava mask over his head only allowing his mouth and his blue eyes to be seen.  Carefully, he turned and laid the load gently on the bed, stroking her long black hair away from her eyes as he did so.


She was about six foot tall, thin, and dark of skin.  The grey jumper she was wearing fell loosely over her shoulders, while the leather of her brown knee length boots squeaked slightly as she moved her legs.  She had a pair of blue jeans on, the legs of which were tucked into the boots, and on her left wrist was a beaded bangle.


Under that bangle, her wrists were held together, the backs of the hands together, by a length of rope that went around and between her arms.  Her ankles were also secured together with rope, which also went around her feet and against the two inch heels of her boots.  Finally, her mouth was covered with several strips of silver tape, as she breathed in and out through her nose.


Smiling, he left her in the room, locking the door behind him as he went to fetch the equipment he needed.


I’m dreaming that I’m walking in some sort of fog – I have no idea where I’m going, and I can’t see more than an inch in front of me.  I can, however, hear something behind me, as I turn and try to look back.


There is nobody there, but when I turn again someone grabs me, and I feel my mouth and nose covered.  I can’t breathe, can’t breathe…


My eyes flutter open, as I feel my head throbbing, but when I try to move my hands to rub it I realise with a start I can’t do so – something is holding my hands together behind my back. 


I lie there, on my side, allowing my eyes to come into focus as I look at a strange room, and realize I’m lying on a bed.  My fingers can feel the rope now around my wrists, and looking down I see another band around my ankles and feet.  There’s also something pulling at my mouth, and when I try to talk it comes out as muffled moans – tape?  Someone’s taped over my mouth?


That’s enough to make me come to completely, as I sit up and look round.  Now I remember – I was in the nightclub, and went out to get a breath of fresh air when someone grabbed me, put a sweet smelling cloth over my mouth, and then – then I woke up here.


I hear a key turning, and look over to see the door opening, as a man dressed in black with a mask over his head comes in, carrying a plastic bag.  I try to say to him “Who are you?  What’s going on?” as I slide back up the bed.


“Hrrru?  Whstggnnn?”


I smile when I hear her trying to talk, and say “Hush, Margaret – just do as I say and you’ll be quite safe.  Now, sit still – I need to take a few photographs of you.”


I take a copy of today’s paper out of the bag and put it on her lap, positioning it so that the date is visible.  I can see the way she’s looking at me – frightened, not sure what’s going on, as I take out a digital camera and start to take pictures of her including the paper, and then of her silver covered mouth.


“Thank you,” I say politely as I take the paper away.  “Now, I’m going to take that tape off your mouth, and let you have some water.  If you scream, it goes straight back on again, understand?”


I look into her eyes, watching her as she slowly nods, and then reach up, picking the edge of the tape and then slowly peeling it away.  As I do so, she works her jaw, and then opens her mouth as f she is going to scream.


So I place my hand over her mouth, and take a gun from my jacket pocket, showing it to her.  “Don’t play games, Margaret – do you want to remain gagged throughout your stay?”


Oh this is good – her eyes are wide with fear as she looks at the gun, and then shakes her head.  “Good,” I then say as I remove my hand and take a bottle of water from the bag, opening it and putting a straw in.  “Sip slowly – it will help the headache go away.”


Shit – he’s armed?  I want to scream for help, but I don’t want to die. So I sip the water, and wait…


“Thank you,” she says when she finishes, “but who are you?  And why am I here?”


“Second thing first – I’ve kidnapped you, in case you had not realised, and you will be released when your father has paid the ransom for your release.  I will send him the photos in due course.  As to who I am – call me Mister Smith.”


“No first name?”


“No – now, do as you’re told, and don’t try anything stupid, and you will be just fine.  Understand?”


“I understand,” she says quietly.  “So what happens now?”


“Now, I need you to change – your clothes are going back with the photos and the ransom demand.  Lean forward while I untie your wrists.”


“Change?  You mean strip in front of you?”


“Well, yes – of course, I could always strip you…”


“No – no, I’ll do it,” she says as she leans forward, and I untie her wrists.  Poor girl – she doesn’t know what else I plan yet.


“Good – now take your top off, and put this on.”  I take from a drawer a white vest top and a pair of shorts, and hand the top to her, watching as she removes the jumper and reveals her white bra underneath.


She watches me as well, as she slips the top on and then allows me to untie her ankles.  Unzipping the boots, she lays them on the floor and then removes her jeans.


“Tights as well,” I say as she rolls down her dark tights, and leaves them with the rest of her clothes, pulling the shorts on as she sits on the bed.


I don’t like this at all – stripping in front of a man who keeps smiling through that mask!  But what choice do I have?  At least he’s letting me put some more…  What does he need that much rope for?”


“What do you need that for,” she says as she holds herself, looking at the rope in my hand.


“I need to secure you while I send the demand,” I reply honestly, although she does not need to know the rest of it – not yet anyway.  “Lie face down, and put your hands behind your back.”


I watch as she slowly complies, watching me with her head on the pillow as I put her hands together, back to back, and then tie them tightly, the white rope sitting on her dark skin.  As I pass the rope between her arms, she grunts slightly, but says nothing until she feels the next length of rope going around her arms below her elbows, making them almost touch as I secure them.


“What are you doing,” she says as I cinch that band, and then walk to the bottom of the bed, crossing her ankles and then tying them tightly together as well.  I feel her shiver as I run my gloved hands up her legs, and then tie them together below her knees as well.


“God that’s tight,” she says as I finish cinching that rope between her legs, and then give her bottom a little smack, making her yelp.


“Right – I need you to keep quiet now as I send the ransom demand,” I say as I look in the bag, and take out two things.


Her eyes widen beautifully as I wad a pair of panties, and then she clamps her mouth shut.  I love it when they do that, as all I have to do is hold their nose closed, and when they open their mouths – in they go.


“Keep them in there,” I say as I cover her mouth with one hand, and then take the pre-knotted silk scarf out with the other, pushing the extra wad in and then tying it tightly round her head, trapping her hair as I do so.


“There,” I say as I stand up, and let her roll onto her side.  “I’ll be back shortly, stay right there.”


Ufkngg…” is all I say as I watch him collect my clothes, boots and his bag, and then walk out, the door locking from the other side.  I try and twist my hands round, but the rope is so bloody tight – and my arms are locked together behind my back, forcing my chest out.  If I had not had the top on, my bra would be struggling.


As for my legs, I pull them up and down, but with my ankles crossed like that, no freaking way I can go anywhere.


And where the hell did he get my panties from?  I can feel the cotton on my tongue, and then the silk between my teeth.  Shit – I can’t really say anything now, and it’s really starting to scare me.  What the hell is he likely to do to me like this?


My fingers are useless, I can’t reach anything.  I really am his prisoner now, as I feel the tears starting to come, and I try to stop myself.


The worst thing is the unknown.


When I unlock the door and walk back in, she looks up at me, the stains on the side of her face clear to me.


“I’ve delivered the package and spoken to your father – he is most anxious to ensure you come back home safely, so your stay will not be that long, I think.” 


I put my gloved hand on her leg and stroke it down, looking at her reaction as she tries to pull it away.


“You really are a beautiful woman, Margaret – a very beautiful woman.”


She looks up at me, unsure if I mean what I am saying.  “You need to relax – nothing bad is going to happen to you,” I then say as I sit her up, and stroke the back of my gloved hand down her cheek.


There’s a strange look in his eyes – what is he intending to do to me?  I’m scared enough as it is…


Kneeling behind her, I start to gently massage her shoulders, saying “Relax, Margaret – you need to let the tension out of you, or you will not be able to get through this time.”


As I work on her shoulders, I can feel the tension in her muscles popping away.  I can tell she wants to fight this, but she is visibly relaxing as well.


Who the hell is this guy – a trained masseuse?”


I then stroke my hands down her arms, as I say “Just allow yourself to be yourself,” and gently kiss her neck.  As I expected, she tried to twist her body away – so I grip her arms tightly and start to place gentle kisses on her neck, hearing her moans as I do so.


“that’s right, Margaret,” I whisper into her ear as I start to gently caress her chest in my hands, “Let yourself be what you desire to be…”



What I desire to be is out of this place, as I try not to let him kiss my neck.  He’s too bloody string however – his grip on my arms tight as he holds me in place, and yet so gentle as he brings his hands round and…


Holy shit – he’s groping me?  I wriggle like mad now, but he holds me firm – in fact, I feel his grip even more tightly, as I realise to my horror all I’m doing is forcing my breasts up against his hands, and his touch is even firmer than I want it to be.


His touch…  His firm touch as his fingers dance over the top and my breasts, and I feel my nipples hardening.  What the hell is he doing to me?


Whatever it is, I don’t want it, and I’m damned if I’m…  OH hell, what did he just do?”


“Stop struggling Margaret,” I say as I lift her top up, and over her head, pulling down to her elbows as my hands trace around her belly button, “or I will make you even more secure.”


I say this to warn her, and yet she still struggles in my arms, trying to get out of my grasp, so I select a long length of rope, double it and pass it round her below her chest, pulling it tight before I take the rope around above and below her breasts, smiling at the way her chest is forced even more out, the shape of her nipples visible as I tie the rope off.


“There,” I say as I start once again to play with her chest, my hands slipping under the cups of her bra and easing them down to expose her chest, “That’s better.  Those pesky arms can’t push back against me now, can they?”


I start to run my gloved fingers around her nipples, her muffled gasps and groans only egging me on.



Oh…  My…. GOD!  My nipples feel as if they are on fire, burning from the friction of the leather as he runs his fingers over them.  I’ve never felt anything like this, ever – the closest a boy had ever got to that was a quick fumble behind the bike sheds at school, and nothing more.


I really don’t know what to feel – I’m scared out of my fucking wits here, and yet the way it’s making me feel…  I want him to keep doing this, and I want him to stop at the same time.  How on earth can that be?


Closing my eyes, I’m wishing for this to end, before he 


For some reason, he’s made me lie on the bed, my hands and arms digging into my back.  As he kneels across my body, and looks at me, I whisper “No, please no…”




“Hush,” I say quietly as I put my hands on her bare breasts and start to rock to and fro, my hands caressing and moving in a circular motion as I do so.  She stares back at me, eyes so full of delicious fear as she moans once again – no woman can hope to resist being treated in this way, and she is no exception.


I feel her nipples hardening under my caress, and smile at her as I lean forward, and start to kiss her breasts, my tongue licking and playing with each of her nipples in turn.  I’m pinning her legs down, so she cannot try and move, as she lets out the most erotic of screams into her gag.





There are a series of little electric shocks running through my body with each of those kisses on my chest, and I’m dimly aware of something else – a warmth that is spreading through my body, but where the hell is it coming from?


I’ve never, ever felt this before, this sensation as he continues to kiss, suck and lick, my nipples feeling like rocks and my breasts like mountains under the influence of his mouth, hands and the rope.  I can’t help the moaning now, as he stops and looks at me, and then moves down, starting to kiss my belly as his hands reach under and start to massage my bottom.


As I look down, I can see where the warmth has started as well – there’s a small damp patch on the shorts, between my legs.  I can feel that warmth growing  with each kiss and caress, and…


What the hell’s happening to me?  I should be fighting him, using my knees on his ball sac to make his top, and…


I don’t want him to.  Lord help me, I don’t want him to, and I want him to, and…



“Stop struggling, Margaret,” I say as I look at you.  “If I was going to rape you, I would not be doing this.  I want you to feel something far different”


I gently stroke my finger up between her legs, watching her reaction.


Holy….  I arch my back at the touch, wondering when I became so sensitive there, the shocks running up and down my spine.


Heh – you like that don’t you,” I say as I look at you, smiling as you nod and look at me.




“Showed you how pleasurable it can be when you cannot stop someone,” I say quietly as I slowly pull the shorts and your panties down, and then…


No, no, stop, please stop, don’t kiss me there, don’t kiss meememmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Oh god, do that again, do that again to me.  I’ve never felt anything like it and I want it more.  I start to moan more and more as his lips touch those between my legs, scream in pleasure as his tongue plays with me, push myself into his face as his tongue probes, and I feel the dampness growing at his gentle pleasuring.


Nobody ever told me this would be so good, that a man could do something like this to me and I would enjoy it so soooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….


The shocks are travelling up and down me as I writhe under his teasing.  I don’t care if he kidnapped me, made it so that I could not stop him, it feels so flaming good…


So so good, that I scream into the gag again and again as my body convulses, as I feel the pleasure of an orgasm so strong it makes me buck even more, and I slump to the bed, looking up at him, unsure of what he will do next…


“There,” I say as I get off the bed and wipe my face, “you’re more relaxed now, aren’t you Margaret?”


She looks up at me and nods wearily as I kiss her forehead.


“Good – now, you relax.  I will return shortly.”  I walk out of the room, locking the door behind me, as I go to see if I have had a response to the demand.


I really cannot move – and I don’t want to, as the warmth and the shocks slowly ebb away, and I fall into a sleep fuelled equally by exhaustion and pleasure…





When I wake up, I find that I have been untied and the gag removed, as my captor stands over me.  He has replaced my shorts and top, but my underwear has gone.


“Good morning, Margaret,” I say as I look at her, “Your father has agreed to pay the ransom, and I will leave shortly to take delivery, which means I must leave you here for a while.  I want you to go and shower and change into the outfit in the bathroom, and then come back in – I need to ask some questions.”


I watched her as she nodded slowly, and then stood up, walking to the bathroom while I heard the water running…


The warm water felt so good on me, and made me feel more awake.  Once I had towelled myself off, I looked at the outfit hanging up.  It was a white sleeveless blouse and a black leather mini skirt, while some dark hose and a pair of long black felt boots were waiting as well.


I didn’t wonder how he knew my size – I put on the clothes and went out.


“Do you like the outfit, Margaret,” I say as you walk back, smiling as you nod.


“As I say, I must leave you, and I could just lock you in the room – or I could make it difficult for you, and also make it – pleasurable.  Which will it be?”


I watch her carefully, smiling as she says “Will the latter be like last night?”


I had not given her a bra or panties to wear, so I said “a bit, but you are in control.  Would you like to see how?”


My smile grows broader as she nods and turns her back, crossing her wrists for me.


I can’t fucking believe this – a day ago I would have fought like a wildcat, but now I’m letting him tie my arms like a meek little kitten, as the ropes caress and make me look even more attractive.  As I watch my chest being forced out, I wonder what else he is going to do.


He then ties some rope around my waist, but lets the ends drop to the floor.  For a moment, I wonder why – and then find out a she pulls them back between my legs, and they are forced against my crotch, that very very sensitive spot…


Ohhh,” I hear myself call out, and then he ties the ropes to my wrists.  As I move them, it moves the rope, and suddenly the warmth is there, the shocks begin as I realise what he meant.


“Walk round, and then sit on the bed,” I say, smiling a is see you wriggle as you walk, and realise what you must be feeling with the rope sliding between the petals of your passage.


Eventually, however, you do sit down and watch, biting your bottom lip as I bind your ankles and legs together, then make you lie on your stomach as I pull your ankles back and secure them to your chest ropes.


“Oh my sweet god,” you whimper as you try to move, and then look at me, saying “Please, help me to be quiet…”


Did I just say that?  I must have, as he folds a scarf and pushes it into my mouth, then presses a length of white tape over my lips, before he leaves me.


I roll onto my side, watching the door as I move my hands to and fro, gasping as I feel my body heating, responding, and I keep going, I keep going…


Sweet Jesus, that feels so bloody good!  I know I want this, I know I want him – but will he?  Can he?


I watch as he leaves, anxiously waiting for his return…



When he come back, I feel so horny, I want it so much I call out “FKKMMMM”


“I’m sorry, Margaret,” I say as I look at her, “did you just ask me to make love to you?”


I smile even more as she nods at me, and turns over, wriggling her fingers at me.  I untie her ankles, at least from her chest ropes, and then roll her onto her back, easing my finger under the crotch rope and playing with her as she closed her eyes and moaned out.


“IS that what you want,” I said quietly, and she opened her eyes, nodding like mad and saying “ewwntuthr.”


“Very well then,” I say quietly as I strip my pants off, and then roll her onto her stomach, raising her legs as I position myself and then take her doggy style, her back arching as I grab and hold her.







I returned her once the ransom was paid, of course – and then I met her not as her captor, but as her lover.  And we have been married for twenty years now…









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