Confessions of a Simple Man









I’m just an ordinary guy – nothing special, not really, but when I was a younger man, freshly turned eighteen, I realised there was something different about the way I related to women.


It was just in the way I looked at them at first, and thought about them, but – look, I’ll be honest right from the start.  I fantasised about tying them up, and wondered how they would react if I did so, what I would do with them.  This was in the early seventies as well, the time of short skirts or tight shorts, and the most alluring look of women.


I was lucky however – over the course of one summer, I met four women, each of whom taught me all I needed to know.  Although again, if I am being honest, I had known the first of them most of my life.


Tammy and I had gone through school together, and it was getting close to our graduation when we went out for a day in the woods.  I remember she had long blonde hair, which curled on her shoulders, and she had one a grey mini dress, with a black Peter Pan collar and long sleeves, and a wide black leather belt around her waist.  The dress had buttons up the front, and she also had on a pair of skin tight black suede boots.


We’d been to the cinema the night before to see Three Days of the Condor, and I had watched with interest the scene where Robert Redford kept Faye Dunaway captive in her bathroom.  I had on a fleece lined bomber jacket and jeans with a checked shirt, as we walked through the trees, and eventually came out in a small clearing.


“It’s a beautiful day,” she said as she looked at me, “and I wanted to thank you for spending it with me.”  Smiling, she then said something surprising.


“I enjoyed the film last night – and I saw the way you were watching when that woman was held hostage.  I’ve been thinking about it as well...”


I looked at her as she sat down on a log, and looked back at me.


“Would you...  Would you do the same to me?  I brought some things in my bag, and I trust you not to do anything...  anything you shouldn’t do.”


Well, I was slightly taken aback, but she opened the large shoulder bag she had, took out  a man’s tie and handed it to me, and then held her hands out, her wrists together.


I felt as if I was in a dream, as I tied her wrists together with the tie, and then looked in her bag, taking out a second tie and using it to bind her ankles together.  As she smiled, she looked up and showed me a small branch on the tree behind the log.


Raising her hands up, she watched as I took a third tie out, and used it to secure her wrists to the branch.  Two other things were in the bag – a large bath sponge and a blue cotton belt from a bath robe.


I squeezed on the sponge, and then put it in her open mouth, and used the belt to keep it there by tying it round her head.  She mumbled “Fknuuu” as she sat still, twisting round slightly as I sat and watched, in case anyone came along.


We got lucky – after half an hour, I untied her and removed the gag, watching as she put the things back into her bag, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said “thank you” before we headed off.


It wasn’t a sexual thing – not that time anyway – but it gave both of us a great deal of enjoyment to do that.




The other big influence on my life that summer was Mrs Janney, my next door neighbour.  She was in her early forties, and always smartly dressed, given she worked in a local office.  She was, however, very much in fashion, and had started to wear mini-skirts as well – which really suited her, as she had fantastic legs, especially when she wore hose.


One day, I was walking down the street, coming home when I saw her pull into the driveway of her house.  As she got out, I saw she was wearing a chocolate brown blouse with long sleeves, and a brown mini skirt, along with dark hose and a pair of black leather pumps.


She beckoned me over, and asked me if I would help her to lift some boxes down from the garage – apparently, her husband had gone on an overnight business trip, and she wanted to sort them out.


Well, I had no objections, so I came in and went up the staircase with her, pulling down the door for the attic and climbing up before I handed down a few cardboard boxes.


When I came back down, I saw she was in her bedroom, and one of the boxes had been emptied out, with photographs scattered round.  When I looked at the photos, they were of Mrs Janney – but she was in some very skimpy outfits, and I could clearly see she was tied up in some of them.


She glanced up at me, and said very quietly “My husband used to take these photos when I posed for him, but that was when I was much younger and more beautiful.”


I blurted something out about how I thought she still was beautiful, which made her smile as she looked at me.  “Would you like them,” she said as she looked at me, “for yourself only?”


Well, I wasn’t going to refuse the offer, but then she said “have you ever tied anyone up?”


I nodded, and told her about Tammy as she looked at me, her brown hair falling in soft waves down her head.


“I meant have you ever really tied someone up – would you like to?”


I nodded without saying anything, as she looked at me and then stood up.  Her skirt only came halfway down her thighs, as she opened a cupboard and took out a bag of ropes.  Laying some out on the bed, she handed one length to me and told me to double it over.


“Now,” she said as she pulled a white folding chair away from her dressing table, and sat down, putting her arms over the back of the chair and crossing her wrists, “pass that round my wrists, put the ends through the centre loop, and pull it back across the rope.”


As I did so, I saw the rope tighten on her arms, and heard her sigh as she said “that’s good – now, wrap it round twice more, keeping it tight, and then feed the ends through the loop.  Once you’ve done that, separate them, pull them between my wrists, and then tie the ends together at the top with a reef knot.”


As I did this, she tried moving her wrists, and then turned her head and looked over her shoulder.


“Very good – now, do the same to my ankles,” she said as she crossed her ankles.  I knelt by her side, and used a second length of rope, binding them together as she watched me.  As I did so, my hands brushed over her hose, and I felt a little shock running through me.


“Hmmm good,” she said as she looked at me, her pendant hanging down on her lap.  “Now, tie them to the leg,” she said as she moved her bound ankles over, and I used a short length to tie them to the leg of the chair.


I asked her if she would be safe like that, and as she twisted round she said “Possibly not – take a longer length, then tie one end to the chair where the back meets the seat.”


Once I had done that, she told me how to wrap it round her body and the chair back, making her sit up and securing the two together – and as a result, stretching her blouse over her chest so that her cleavage was visible.


She looked at me, and then said “You like seeing women tied up, don’t you?  I can see it excites you.”


I could only nod as she said “well, always remember, you must not take advantage of them or do anything that they say you cannot do.”


As I nodded, she said “so I want you to do one thing for me, and then you can watch.  Take the headscarf, roll it up and tie a knot in it.”


She had placed a large black headscarf on the bed, so I folded it along the diagonal, rolled it up and then tied the knot.  “Now, put the knot between my teeth, take the scarf round my head and tie the ends together at the back of my neck.  Then you can go and fetch yourself a drink while I try and get free.”


So I pulled the knot into her mouth, watching as she closed her lips over the band, and then used a double knot to hold the ends together.  “Cmmbknthrrteemntsfednt,” she said as she looked at the clock, and I nodded before I went down the stairs.


I made a small pit stop in the smallest room, and then went to the kitchen, opening a bottle of Coca Cola and sitting at the table as I waited.  I was about to go up when she came down, and smiled as she looked at me.


“Thank you – I hope you have learned an important lesson today.”


I agreed, but then said perhaps she could teach me more.  And for the rest of that summer, she did...





I had to put any ideas of doing that to one side when I went to college, as I got to know new people and new things.  Towards the end of my second year, I had started to date a girl called Olive.  She was a natural blonde, slim and well built, and more to the point she knew I had an interest in certain magazines.  Just how much she shared that I discovered one night as we walked home from a party.


She was wearing a light lilac mini dress, the long sleeves puffed at the wrists, dark purple bands above the elbows and a matching joker, as well as long tight boots made of black patent leather.  They had a low heel, but in the cool evening air I could see the reflection of the street lights in them.


When we got back to my room, I closed and locked the door and then we sat down, kissing each other for a while before Olive stopped and looked at me.


“Will you do something for me?  Will you tie me up, and then make me cum?”


I said I would, if that was she wanted, and then went to my wardrobe, where I had stored some ropes.  I asked her if she had ever been tied up.


“No – but I’ve seen some of your books, and I think you know how to do it,” she said as I took her arms behind her back, crossed her wrists and then secured them together with a length of rope.


I had tied her up a few times, but somehow this was different, so I took another length of rope, and passed it round her arms, pulling her elbows together behind her back as she gave a little gasp, and her chest was forced forward, her cleavage visible in the front of her dress.


“Hmmm that’s different,” she said as she wriggled round, and then she looked at me and reached up, our lips meeting as we kissed, our tongues entwining.


As we did so, I unfastened the zip at the front of her dress, her breasts bursting out as I realised she didn’t have a bra on.  “Go on,” she said as she looked at me, “make them secure as well.”


I’d tied some ropes round her breasts before, so I took the long length of rope and tied it round her arms, above and below her chest, and then made a rope bra, so that her breasts were forced up and out.  She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as I reached round and started to massage them, feeling her flesh firm up and hearing her sighs as I did so. 


I then laid her on her back, and wrapped some rope around one ankle, then pulled it to the side and tied it to the bottom of the bed, before I secured her other ankle in the same way.  I then made my way up, kissing her legs and then her belly, before I looked at her.


“Do it – keep me quiet,” she whispered, as I took a  hankie and pushed it into her mouth, and then smoothed a length of sticking plaster over her lips, before I started to suck and nibble on her breasts.


I could hear her getting more and more excited as she moved under me, and then I lifted her skirt up, and moved down.  As she looked at me, my finger stroking up her, she groaned and said “Hmggddd – fkmmm.”


I asked her if she knew what she was saying, but she nodded and said “eWwnttuttfkmm!”


So I removed my pants, and – well, I think you can guess the rest, as she had the most fantastic orgasm of all time, and I – well, it was actually my first time, so I’m glad I didn’t make a complete pig’s ear of it.


We made love like that a few times after that, but then she met someone else, but I knew then, if a woman I was with wanted it, I could do this for her.  What I didn’t know at the time was there were other things they could do for me.



I was in Grad School when I was dating Cherie.  Her name was strangely appropriate, given she was a bright and bubbly brunette, but she modelled her look on Cher – the day I have in mind, she was wearing a black mini dress, with long bell sleeves, and a patterned bodice tied under her chest.  The dress also had long tassels on the sleeves and from the waist down, while she also had on purple tights and red suede lace up boots with leather soles.


She was a real bondage freak, and we had made love a few times, but this time she said she wanted to do something just for me.  So I nodded, and started by folding her arms behind her back, using some soft rope form the collection I now had to tie her wrists to her elbows, and then her upper arms to her body.


She also had a Native American necklace and headband on, but as she smiled while I tied the ropes off, she said “I want you to tie one round my waist, and then pull it back between my legs – nice and tight.”


I asked if she was sure, and when she nodded I did as she asked, loving her gasp of “oh God” as the rope lifted her skirt up and pressed down on her tights, while I tied it to her forearms.  I then helped her to kneel, before I tied he rankles, her legs below her knees and her thighs, cinching each band between her legs.


“Hmmm that’s nice,” she said as she wriggled round, and then dropped to her knees.  “Let me do something for you now,” she said as she shuffled in front of me, and used her teeth to pull the zip down on my pants.


I swear, I had no idea what was about to happen, as my cock popped out, but Cherie did, as she gently kissed the end, and then put her lips over it, the tip of her tongue stroking on the tip of my cock.  Well, my body did exactly what you would think it would do – and as she began to put her lips over it, I felt her tongue on my rapidly hardening member, as I closed my eyes and she worked on me, taking me gently close to and then coming back from the edge, my hands eventually holding her head as I felt my cock fill her mouth, the tip on the back of her throat.


I was throbbing like mad – and then I exploded in her mouth, feeling her suck every large drop down.  What I hadn’t realised was she was using her arms to rub the rope on herself as well, so that as I came, she had a massive orgasm as well, which made her suck harder, and – well, you get the picture.


As she pulled her mouth away, she panted and said “thank you – now gag me.”  So I pushed a scarf into her mouth, and used one of her belts t keep it in place, while I pushed her onto her back and used the rope myself...



The seventies ended, of course, but I kept my interests up, just with different outfits.  I went into a teaching career, and taught High School English, but in the quiet of my home, I did entertain a few ladies.


Then, in 1988 or thereabouts, the school had a seventies night, and a colleague of mine called Elaine came in a white lace mini dress, the skirt barely covering her bottom and a white belt round her waist, and over the knee skin tight red leather boots.  She looked amazing, with her long blonde hair, while I was wearing a pair of bellbottom jeans, a denim waistcoat and a striped shirt with stack heeled shoes.


When the party was winding down, I went and complimented Elaine on her outfit.  She thanked me, and then whispered she had heard I had “some experience in tying people up.”  I blushed and nodded silently, as she asked me to accompany her home – there was something she wanted me to do, and she promised nobody would ever know.


Well, I am a gentleman, so I followed her back to her apartment, and watched as she produced a bag with coils of rope inside.  She told me she loved been tied up, but needed someone to do this so that she spent the night secured, and unable to stop herself from responding to something in particular.  So she put her hands behind her back, the back of her hands together, and told me to do my worst – but to include a crotch rope in what I did.


So I started by tying her wrists snugly together, and then wrapping the rope round her waist, to lock them in place before I let the ends drop to the floor.  A rope harness around her chest was next, the bands sitting above and below and then cinched by going under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


I then took the rope between her legs, pulling it up before I tied the ends between her breasts.  “Oh yes – perfect,” she sighed as she wriggled round, before I made her lie on her bed, and tied her legs together at her ankles, above and below her knees, and round her thighs.


Each band was cinched as well, before she said “Look in the top drawer.  There’s a device in there I want you to put under the crotch rope, in my panties.”


Well, you can guess what it was, so I slipped the vibe snugly into place, before I took a pair of panties and pushed them into her mouth, and then used a long white scarf as a cleave gag to keep it in place. 


I asked how she was going to get free, and she mumbled something to me, so I presumed it was in hand.  Instead, I pulled on the crotch rope as the buzzing sound filled the room, and left her to enjoy the rest of her evening, the only other sound her moans and the rope and leather rubbing on leather and rope...




And so, over the years, I have advertised my services as a binder of discretion.   You won’t see me in the trade pages, but if you know where to look, you can find me, and I will come and do what you want me to do.  Just last week, I had a request to call on a nineteen year old girl.


At least, I assumed it was a girl, but when she answered the door I have to confess at first I thought it was a cross dressing Ozzy Osbourne.  She had long stringy brown hair, and those tinted lens glasses the aged rocker wears, but she also had on a brown velvet mini dress with a cream and red embroidered front, and knee length lace up tan leather boots.


She sat on the table as I looked at her, and told me she wanted to be tied in a way that every movement was going to make her more aroused.  To me, that means tight tight ropes and knots in various places, so I obliged – but I’ll leave it to your imagination how I did it.


Let’s just say, she was very satisfied...







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