First view


When we walked back into the house after the night out, the two men were waiting there – both dressed in black, with balaclavas covering their heads so that only their eyes and lips could be seen.  They also had black gloves on, and one of them was holding a gun in his hand.


They looked at both of us, before one of them said “sorry ladies – this is a robbery,” while the other one picked up a bag, and grabbed my housemate by the arm and marched her out of the room, taking her up the stairs as she asked what he was going to do.  I looked at the masked man who stayed with me, as he smiled and said “close the door please.”


I asked if he was going to hurt me, and he shook his head, so I closed the door and looked at him as he put the gun on the low table, where we both could see it.  I could see him looking me up and down – I was wearing a long sleeved sheer white top, a short cream leather skirt, and a pair of knee length boots in the same shade of leather, with my blonde hair in soft waves.


So, I asked him what he was going to do, and he told me – and told me not to be afraid, but to kneel in front of the chair, put my head on the cushion, and my hands behind my back.


I saw him open a second bag, and take out ropes, so I knew what was going to happen – and that I was going to be in his hands.  I walked slowly forward as he kept watch on me, and then knelt down, wondering what he would do first.


I felt rather than heard him kneel behind me, and then he crossed my wrists.  I was surprised by how firm, how gentle his grip was, as I felt the rope against my wrists, the gentle pressure as he pulled them together, and then the tightening as the rope went round and between my arms, locking my wrists together.


I could not see what he had done, but as I felt the last tug I wiggled my fingers, trying to find the knot - with no luck.  My wrists were tightly bound, but it was snug, and I had to admit it did not hurt.


I then felt his hands on my legs as he crossed my ankles, and then felt the rope bringing them together as well.  There was a soft squeaking sound, leather on leather, as he bound them as snugly and tightly as my wrists.


There was something else – as he took the rope between my legs, I felt his fingers stroking my legs, and I shivered involuntarily as he did that.  I could hear him giggle a little, and as I looked over my shoulder I asked what was so funny.


He looked at me, and said I must be slightly ticklish.  Well, I am, so I figured he had realised that and turned round again.  I felt the final tug, and then listened as he moved round, and then helped me to sit on the chair.  I stretched my legs out and looked at the white rope around my ankles, the leather compressed under the bands, and wondered what he was going to do next.


I admit it- I was excited and scared at the same time.  I felt as if I was in an old school crime program or film, as I saw the masked man taking more ropes out and sorting them on the coffee table, then turn his head and smile at me.


It was a nice smile, a smile that made me relax, as he walked over and wrapped a doubled length around my legs below my knees, and started to tie them together there.  I could see he was neat and meticulous – the rope was in stacked bands, and when he split the lengths and took them between my legs, they were held firmly together.


As he did this, his leather covered fingers stroked the backs of my legs, and I shifted slightly – partly because it tickled, but also because I felt a small electric shock running through me as he did that.  It was a new feeling, a different feeling, something – exciting.


He looked at me as he tied the rope off under my legs, smiled and asked if I was comfortable.  I was – another surprise, as I nodded and felt myself smiling at him.  Why did I do that?  He was tying me up, robbing me…


He stood up and picked a much longer length of rope from the table, and walked behind me, as I wriggled round – and then I saw the rope come down past my head, as he pulled it round me below my chest, and forced my arms into my sides as he did so.


He then wrapped the rope several times round me, above and below my chest, framing it in the bands as he pulled it gently tighter, forcing my arms more and more against me, and also…




The way the ropes felt as I tried to move, and the way my chest was been framed and forced up and out, my top stretching tight over it.  I looked down and wondered why it felt so good, why I was wondering what else he was going to do.


I felt him pulling the bands together behind my back, and then looked to the side as he fed the rope under the lower band on my right side.  It looked as if he was feeding a lace through a hole as he did so.  But why did he do that?


I soon found out as he pulled the rope up, pulling up the lower band on the side as the pressure increased, and then passed the rope round my neck at the back, before he fed the rope through on the other side.  Pulling it again, he tied it off, and I twisted round, feeling the ropes as they rubbed on me over the sheer, tightly stretched, material.


And my lord – if felt so different, and made those little shivers get stronger as well.  I was feeling flushed, slightly sweaty – and slightly damp as well, as he put his hands on my shoulders, and whispered in my ear “I trust you are enjoying this?”


The sane answer to that question is no, of course not, you’re tying me up and robbing me!  So why did I bite my lower lip and nod instead?


Why did I shiver in anticipation of what he might do next?


And why, when he leaned over and kissed me on the neck, did I gasp rather than shout no?  Why did that simple, gentle pressure make me sigh instead of scream?


I felt his hands as they started to massage my shoulders, feeling the tension ease away as I closed my eyes and wriggled round, and his fingers kneading the muscles, moving down and stroking my arms as he gently blew into my ears and kissed them…


This was wrong, I was helpless, unable to stop him…  Unable to…  Not wanting to…


I opened my eyes and looked down as his hands moved round and stroked gently over my chest, and then started to gently massage them between the bands of rope, his fingers kneading as those little shocks got stronger and stronger.


I gasped some more, and said I may end up screaming if he kept doing that.  I heard his soft laugh, and said he could do something about that as he removed his hands and stepped back, then put his gloved hand in front of me.  I looked down and saw the folded white silk square there, and heard the noises upstairs that suggested my friend was having a similar experience.


Nodding, I opened my mouth and felt the smooth material on my tongue as he pushed it in, then closed my lips over it as I heard a soft, squelchy sound of something been peeled, then felt the tug on my skin as he pressed a long, wide strip of white tape over my mouth, smoothing it to the contours of my face.  It stuck firm, stretched as I moved my mouth, and then moaned as he began to massage my chest again.


It felt so good….


The fact I now had cloth and tape keeping me quiet actually mean tie could give more voice to myself, as I groaned more, and that seemed to encourage him more as he gently pulled my top up, exposing my white bra as he did so, and then firmly pressed down on my breasts – my firming breasts – again and used his fingers to begin to play a melody on them.  A melody I was adding to with my sighs and groans as I twisted round.


There was something else however, a fire within me that was sparking, a warmth inside me and between my legs that was different from any other feeling I had ever had.  And as he slipped his gloved hands into my bra cups, the shocks as he ran his fingers over my hard nipples…


I looked at him as he walked round in front of me, and eased my bar up under the ropes, revealing my firm breasts, my erect nipples, and I nodded as he leaned over, enclosing my left nipple in his lips as his tongue ran over it, and he kissed and sucked at the same time, making me groan out loud as I felt the dampness between my legs.


He moved from side to side, gently kissing, gently teasing me as I wriggled round and closed my eyes, twisting my legs round as he did so.  It felt so good, so right, so amazing…


I felt his hand slip down my legs as I twisted round, and then under my skirt as I felt his hand stroke up and across – making me shriek and shiver at the same time, as he continued to kiss and tease me, his finger stroking gently, then slipping under my hose with his hand as he eased them down to my bound legs.


I pushed myself up involuntarily as he did this, and then eased my panties down as well, his finger searching, probing as I felt him slip inside me, and then withdraw as I arched my back in response.  He slipped his hands round my waist, and then unfastened my skirt before he let it drop to the floor, then his lips travelled down my stomach, gently kissing as he did so, before I felt his lips on my slit…


I groaned loudly at that, especially as he started to use his tongue in a way nobody had ever used it on me before, and my groans got louder.  I wanted this man to do anything he wanted to me, in spite of the way I was, how he had made me…


I wriggled round as he kissed me there, the fire growing stronger between my legs, as he tasted the juices that were flowing, and looked at me, before he stood up and unfastened his pants, letting them and his boxers drop to the floor as I saw his erect, large, strong cock.  I nodded as he took from his jacket pocket a silver square, opening it and slipping the contents on, before he straddled me on the chair and gently slipped himself inside.


I gripped him as hard as I could as I felt him in my passage, moving to and fro as my excitement grew, and I could feel his excitement growing inside me as well.  It felt so wonderful as I moved in synch with him, grinding against him as the pulsing grew stronger and stronger…


Eventually, the release came for both of us as I screamed in pleasure into my gag, and then slumped into the chair as he gently pulled out, removed the condom and pulled his trousers up.  He then helped me to lie on the floor, pulling my ankles back and tying them to my chest ropes before he gently kissed me on the cheek, and collected his bag.  I lay there, exhausted, sated, and hoping my friend had had just as wonderful a time… 


Second view


When we walked back into the house after the night out, the two men were waiting there – both dressed in black, with balaclavas covering their heads so that only their eyes and lips could be seen.  They also had black gloves on, and one of them was holding a gun in his hand.


They looked at both of us, before one of them said “sorry ladies – this is a robbery,” while the other one picked up a bag, and grabbed me by the arm, marching me out of the room and up the stairs as I asked what he was going to do.


I also heard my housemate been told to close the door, as he forced me up the stairs, and said I was to do exactly what he said, or – and I quote – I would not enjoy what happened.


He made me walk into my bedroom, and pushed me onto my bed, making me fall onto my stomach as he did so, before he dropped the bag.  Looking over, I saw him take out a length of rope, and then he pulled my hands behind my back, crossing my wrists as he used the rope to tie them tightly together. 


IT hurt as he did it, wrapping the rope tightly round and between my wrists.  I was wearing a black dress, fastened at the front with a zip, dark tights and knee length black leather boots – which I hoped would hit him as I kicked my legs up and down, telling him to stop.


He gave the rope round my wrists one more yank, and then whispered in my war exactly what he would do if I tried to kick him again – and it was not a pleasant idea.  Just to make sure, however, he grabbed my ankles and crossed them before using more rope to tie them tightly together, the leather squeaking as he did so.


It was tight – I could not move them apart, as he grabbed more rope, and tied my legs together below my knees, his hands stroking and slapping my legs and bottom in equal turns as he did so.  I screamed at him to stop this – and then he turned me over, and I saw the look in his eyes as he stared at me.  A look that scared the hell out of me – especially as he reached under the skirt of my dress, pulled my hose and panties down, and then literally ripped my panties off and balled them up as he sniffed them.


Now I really was scared, as he held the silk in his hand, and ordered me to open my mouth.  No fucking way was I going to do that, as I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head, desperate to stop him from doing what I thought he was going to do.  A smart move on my part, right?


Until he sat astride me, and pinched my nose shut with his free hand.  I glared at him and shook my head, but it was so painful, so tight, and I was struggling to breath.  Which was probably the idea, as eventually I had to open my mouth to take in a big gulp of air – and as it turned out, my panties as he stuffed them in and then held his gloved hand over my mouth.


He growled – literally growled that if I spat them out, he would stuff my mouth with three pairs, so I nodded out of fear more than anything as he got off and made me sit up, then would white tape tightly round my head.  It covered my mouth, further silencing me, even as I felt like retching at the taste of my sweat and – other things on my panties.  The tape pressed in on my cheeks, and I had to calm myself to be able to breath.


Not very easy, when the next thing he did was to pull the zip down in front of me, and pull my dress down so that my upper body was exposed.  Why on earth had I chosen to go commando up top that day?  I could see my chest, and then feel it as he reached round and roughly groped my bare breasts with his large gloved hands.


All I could do was shake my head and moan out as I felt my body responding in spite of itself – and then he stopped.  I hoped, I prayed it was because he was going – but it wasn’t.  It was because he had found a much longer length of rope, which he passed round me and pulled tight, the cords rubbing on my bare stomach as my arms were forced into my sides.


He kept passing it round again and again, tighter each time, the ropes rubbing me as my chest was forced up and out, looking larger than ever.  But that wasn’t the worst of it – even when he did something behind me that made the bands even tighter.  That was when he threw the ropes over one shoulder and passed it under the lower band between my breasts, then back up.


It was as if a circle of fire was encircling each breast, and I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take.  But I wasn’t going anywhere.


And what was worse, he wasn’t either – as he reached round and began to grope me again.  As he did this, I felt something else – something in any other circumstance would have been a nice, warm, wonderful feeling, but given I had been bound and gagged by a masked brute, I really did not want to feel it.


But it was there, and despite my mental screams to stop it was responding as I twisted round.  The ropes surrounding and rubbing on my beasts just seemed to be adding to the stimulation, as I squirmed round – and that seemed to encourage him even more as he squeezed harder and I moaned harder.


It was like a vicious circle – and it got even worse when he pinched my nipples between his gloved fingers, making me scream out in pain and…


And in ecstasy?  I’m not a sadist, so why was this doing this to me?  He heard me, however, and pushed me down on my back, as is tared up at him while he sat across my legs – and then leaned down, encircling my nipple with his lips, sucking and – biting?




And yet it was making me even more aroused – and I didn’t want it to, but it was.  My mind was swimming in a morass of contradictory feelings, and I could feel the rational part of me sinking slowly under the waves as he kept been so rough with me, and I wanted it.


Dear god, I wanted him to continue, as he kissed my breasts and sucked on them, and I felt his hand between my legs, his finger slipping past the damp and supple petals as he touched the most precious of spots, making me groan, arch my back, squirm despite myself…


He moved his finger in and out as his lips sucked on me, and I wondered how long it was going to take, especially when I looked and saw the bulge in his pants.  I didn’t have to wait too long, as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, looking at me with pure animal lust in his eyes.


And I wanted it.  At that moment, as horrifying and sad as it is to say this, I wanted it so badly.


I as so lost in the passion and emotions, and – yes, the relief as he slipped a condom on, and then pushed himself in.  I screamed into the gag as I arched my back, and then he started to thrust in and out.  And I – I moved in time with him as I felt the fire growing as he grew inside me.


Filled me.


Throbbed and stroked on my clit, on my g-spots, on those things that made me shake and scream in pure animal pleasure, as I thrust my hips up towards him, and we took each other to the edge, and then crashing over it…


Eventually, the release came for both of us as I screamed in pleasure into my gag, and then slumped onto the bed as he pulled himself out, his and my fluids intermingling as they dripped from my body.  I gasped into the gag and watched as he got up and pulled his pants up, and then rolled me onto my side, pulling my ankles back and tying them to my chest ropes so that fi I moved, the ropes rubbed on my already sweaty and sensitive body.  Smacking my bottom, he left me in the room, and I lay there, exhausted, sated, ashamed, and hoping my friend had not had just as conflicted a time…






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