Desire in Distress






I needed an escort for the party, and I had used the agency many times in the past – they offered a professional service, and I had never had any complaints about what they did.  As a lady of a – certain age – then I am expected to be at these events with an appropriate person on my arm.


Earlier that day, the agency had called and said my usual escort was unavailable, and I could cancel if I wished, or they had a suitable replacement available.  Well, as I said, I trusted them, so I agreed so long as he presented himself at the usual time.


So that was the situation, as I sat in front of my dressing table, adding the finishing touches to my make up.  My hair was styled and swept back, the tiny hints of grey acting as highlights on the ash blonde locks.


I was wearing a designer dress, made from white cotton.  It had a wrap effect at the front, with two twisted straps over the shoulders, and long sleeves that were arranged so that my shoulders could be seen.  I had debated for some time what shoes to wear, but in the end I went for a pair designer boots made from white leather, a lace pattern punched into the soft material, that came to just below my knees, the white zip fastener up the inside.


I stood up and walked to the side, the front of my dress allowing my legs to move easily as the wrap moved to each side, and stood in front of a chest of drawers.  Opening a long and slim black case, I took out a long length of pearls – a gift from my late husband – and fastened them around my neck, before I heard the doorbell.


As I walked to the door, I wondered what the replacement was going to be like – but as I opened it, I was not disappointed.  He was a tall, fair haired man, impeccably attired – a black dinner suit, white shirt with a wing collar, black bow tie, highly polished shoes.  He looked at me and smiled as he said “good evening Madame – my name is Charles.  I understand you wish me to act as your partner tonight?”


Well, my fears were assuaged at that point, as I nodded and stood to one side, allowing him to come in as I closed the door.  “I have a limousine waiting downstairs, if you are ready,” he said with a smile. 


I nodded as I went to collect my coat, but he said “allow me” as he held it in his hands, allowing me to put it on before he held the door open for me.  I smiled as we walked out, him closing the door and waiting as I locked it before he walked me to the lift, and then out into the car.


I do have to say, looking back as I am now, Charles was a most gracious escort.  We talked of art and music on our way to the event, and throughout the evening he was attentive, while not been overwhelming.  He listened to all the conversations, made sure I had a drink when I needed one, and even held a plate with canapes that I was able to nibble on. 


The perfect gentleman, in other words, and as the clock struck ten he held my coat again as I slipped it on, and then escorted me out to where the limousine was waiting.


“Are you in a position to join me for a nightcap,” I asked as I sat opposite him, smiling – yes, I was flirting, but at my age that is a nice thing to do from time to time.  Charles smiled as he said “I can join you if you desire Madame - my instructions are to ensure your pleasure for the evening is complete.”


I had no idea what he actually meant by that, not at that time, but that was to come later.  For now, I smiled and nodded as the driver returned us to my apartment block.  As we arrived outside the lobby, Charles fetched a small holdall from under the seat.


“May I ask…”


“Oh – I had to fly into town for this event, Madame, so I am staying locally and did not have sufficient time to leave my belongings there.  I trust it would not be an imposition if I was to bring this in with me?”


Well, I had no objections, so he stepped out when the driver opened the door and held my hand as we walked back into the building.  The concierge smiled and nodded as we Meade our way into the elevator, and then Charles waited as I unlocked the door and we walked in.


“What would you like,” I said as he took my coat and hung it up.


“If you have it, a brandy,” Charles said quietly, so we made our way into the main room of my apartment, Charles sitting and setting his bag on the floor as I opened the drinks cabinet and poured a fine brandy into two glasses.  I handed one to him, and then lay myself on a chaise longue, looking at him as I smiled.


“So may I ask,” Charles said as he swirled the brandy in the glass, “is there a more permanent partner?”


“That is a very forward question,” I said with a smile as I ran my finger across my pearls.  “Why do you ask?”


“Because it strikes me a woman of your grace and beauty would have an admirer?”


Well, that made me smile, so I put my glass on the floor, and lifted my head to look at him, one hand under my chin as the clasp on my pearls worked loose, and they fell onto my left hand.  “You do flatter me – is there anything else you wish to do, Charles?”


“Two things, if I may,” he said as he knelt next to me, and to my surprise he gently kissed me on my lips – properly kissed me, so I returned the favour.  When he broke off, I smiled and said “you stole a kiss – what else do you wish to steal?”




He was still smiling, as he looked at me, but now I could see he had a very real gun in his hand, as I looked back at him and said “you are a thief?”


“As well as an escort,” Charles replied with a smile, “and I meant it when I said I have been employed to ensure you are fully and completely pleasured.  But you must do as I say – and I promise you, no harm will come to you if you do that.”


I actually believed him, he was calm, collected, and for some stupid reason – whether the brandy, or whatever, I knew I had to do as he said, so I whispered “and what are you going to do first?”


“First,” he said as he reached into his bag, and took out a smaller velvet one, “you can put those wonderful pearls, and your other jewellery, in here.”  He watched as I put the pearls into the bag – well, he had the gun – and then unfastened the gold necklace I was wearing, and put that in as well - followed by my rings.


“Thank you,” he said quietly, “and now, I must ask you to turn your back to me for a moment, and put your hands behind your back.”


“And then what are you going to do,” I asked as I did what he had said, and then I felt his gentle grip as he moved my wrists together.  “Stupid question,” I said quietly before I felt a soft rope placed round my wrists, and then gently pulled so that they were forced together.


“Japanese silk rope,” Charles whispered into my ear, “soft, and strong, to protect your porcelain skin.”


“Do robbers use words like that,” I said quietly as he wound the rope around and between my wrists, making sure they were secured together.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a little apprehensive, but it didn’t hurt, despite the fact it was so tight.


Charles – I now realised that might not have bene his real name, but still – Charles had put my hands together palm to palm, so I drummed my fingers as he tied the rope off, and said “there – I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


“I will cope,” I said quietly, as he held my upper arms, and then stroked his hands gently down, before he said “with regret, I now need to make sure your upper arms are – properly secured.”


I remained quiet, as I heard him behind me, and then saw the doubled over band of red rope as he took it over my head and down, before it was pulled tight under my chest.  A most strange feeling as well, as my arms were forced against my body, and then he took it round my again, above my chest this time.  I felt the rope rubbing on my bare arms, but it was soft, not hard or abrasive – and as my arms were further forced against my body, I also felt it rubbing against the top of my chest.


He certainly knew what he was doing, as he took the incredibly long length of rope around my body several times, above and below my chest, and looked at the way it was forcing my breasts out, the material of my dress stretching over them as the twisted shoulder straps slipped down and sat on top of the upper band of red rope.  I felt him tightening the ropes behind me and wriggled round, finding I had to stifle a gasp at the way the ropes felt as I wriggled in them.


It was an unexpected feeling, and while not unpleasant, I did wonder what Charles was thinking of how I looked – I was certainly a little confused about myself now…


“Forgive me, but this is necessary?”


His voice took me out of my deep thought, as I felt him feed the rope under my left arm, his hands stroking over my chest as he did so – and then he pulled the rope up, making the bands even tighter on my chest as he took the rope up and around the back of my neck.  This time, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he took the rope under my other arm, the pressure equalized on my chest as the bands were tightened there too, and then #I felt him tie off the ropes behind me.


“That… that is tight,” I whispered as I tried to move my arms, but could only wriggle round, the ropes rubbing on my chest above and below.  “Does it have to be so tight?”


“It doesn’t hurt, does it?”


I had to shake my head in response as he held my arms again, and this time a shiver ran through me.  “Good – I have no desire to hurt you, Madame, even as I go about my work.”


“I’m helpless – I could not stop you even if I…”


I did not finish my words, as he sat in front of me, took my head gently in his large hands, and then kissed me again.  My eyes shot open in surprise, but I could not stop myself as I slowly closed them again and returned the kiss – there was a genuine gentleness and passion in what he was doing, and I was surprised to find myself responding in kind.


I nearly lost time of how long we kissed for, before I felt him move his head back, and heard him say “as I said, Madame, you are a truly beautiful woman, and I have no intention of doing anything to cause you harm – my aim is to give you great pleasure.”


“By tying me up?”


“Ah- but can you deny the change in the way you feel after I have secured your upper body?”


He surprised me with that comment, but as I looked at him, I had to admit he had a point, as I wriggled round again – and noticed the way my breasts were bouncing in the ropes that were framing them.  It was making me feel – different, that much was true, as I slowly nodded and said “what have you done?”


“May I tell you a great secret, Madame,” Charles said as he put his hand on my cheek.




“Yes, I have bound your upper body, restricted your movement – and I will do more later – but many of the women I visit in this way tell me that they find this – liberating.”


“In what way,” I whispered as I looked at him.


“You said earlier you could do nothing to stop me, and that is right – and yet, when I kissed you, you responded in kind.  Why?”


I thought for a moment, before I said “I do not know – it just seemed to be the right thing to do.”


“Indeed – the mores that may have stopped you from doing so do not apply in this situation, do they?”  He looked at me, speaking calmly, evenly, and smiled – and something inside me melted, made me feel like a young woman again as I nodded and said “you have a point – so what else are you going to do?”


“this, first,” he whispered as he leaned forward and kissed me again, this time allowing his lips to part slightly as I felt the top of his tongue on my lips, his hands stroking over my back.  I should have pushed myself away, I know that now – but instead I allowed my lips to part as well, the tips of our tongues touching as I pushed myself towards him.


And that was the beginning – as slowly, gently, our lips parted while we kissed, and he held me, our tongues gently entwining as he continued his embrace.  It should not have felt right, and yet it did, knowing I was in his strong arms and he was almost protecting me…


He then move down and kissed my neck, as I closed my eyes and smiled at the gentle touch – then the kisses on my shoulders, as he stroked his hands down my back, feeling his touch on my dress, on my bare skin…


It took me a few minutes to realise he had actually unzipped my dress, and was now easing it down me, under the bands of rope as I felt them on my bare flesh.  You see, the dress was warm, it was a warm night, and so I was not wearing anything underneath. Only the boots on my lower legs…


“What are you doing,” I said quietly as I felt him move my dress down to my waist – he could not take it off, given my wrists were tied, but it hung loosely round my waist now, the sweat gleaming on my naked upper body.


“Exploring your beauty, Madame,” Charles said quietly as he looked at me, and then leaned over, his lips touching the tops of my breasts as I gasped again – and then he laid me down on the chaise longue, my wrists trapped on my sides as he gently ran his hands over my breasts, over my nipples…


Oh dear god – the shocks that started to run through me when he touched my nipples.  How in the name of all that is good did they become so sensitive to the touch?  And more to the point, why was I objecting to so skilled a man doing this to me?  If he had not tied me up before starting, I would not have objected.


And yes, I knew he was going to rob me.  Yes, I knew he was doing something without me first giving consent.  And yet…


And yet…


I then closed my mouth to stop the scream as I felt his lips encircling my nipples, one by one, gently kissing as his tongue ran over the tip.  Did he know what this was doing to me?  Had he any idea what my body was doing in response to this?  I mean, he knew I was involuntarily pushing my body up now to meet him, but the fire that was starting to smoulder inside me, the dampness I was starting to feel…


“I trust you are enjoying this, Madame,” Charles said as I raised my head and looked at him, wondering what I should say.  He smiled, and said “I will take your silence as agreement” before he lifted me up in his arms, and started to carry me across the room.  As he did so, I raised my head up and started to kiss him again, not caring where he was taking me by this time, only that he was taking me…


“Your bedroom?”


I nodded as he carried me in, and then laid me on the bed, me watching as he removed his dinner jacket, and his bow tie, before he unbuttoned and removed his shirt.  He was indeed well built, as he rolled me onto my back and then straddled me, smiling as he put his hand son my breasts and started knead them with his strong, long fingers.


“Oh my god,” ~I said out loud as I felt the way my breasts were responding, “Do you have any idea what this is doing to me?”


“I do have a small idea, Madame,” Charles said with a smile as I felt him massaging and holding my breasts, and then he said “I may have to make sure you cannot raise the alarm – it would be such a shame if I had to stop because we were interrupted.  You understand, don’t you?”


I nodded as he reached into his trouser pocket – but as he did so, I looked between his legs, and saw the bulge.  He saw the look in my eyes as well, as he said “do you find what you see fascinating?”


I had to nod as I watched him folding a large, and clean, white handkerchief into a pad, before he said “open your mouth Madame – and once I place this in here, do not try to push it out.  Understand?”


I nodded slowly as I opened my mouth, tasting the cotton on my tongue as he pushed it in, and as I closed my lips over it he kissed them again – and then moved down my body, kissing my neck as he ran his hands down my arms.


My chest as he gently stroked over my hips.


My belly button as his hands went between my legs, and I felt his touch, felt the dampness as he stroked his hand up the inside of my thigh, felt the gentle pressure as he spread my legs apart, my skirt falling to the sides underneath as he moved his own head down.


No-one, not even my dear departed husband, had ever used their lips between my legs, and that most private and sacred of places on my body – but as he did so, I put my head back, closing my eyes and moaning as I wondered why I had never let anyone do that before.  It was the most amazing and arousing sensation, as I lifted my head and looked down to see his eyes as he looked up at me.


“You taste amazing, Madame,” he said quietly as he lowered his head and kissed me again, and then #I heard him unfastening his pants, heard the sound of him pulling them down, and #I looked up to see his manhood in all of its glory.


“I hope you are ready,” he said quietly as he looked at me.  All right was a relative term, if truth be told, but he had said it himself – by restraining me, he really had freed me, and as much as I wished this had not happened, I slowly nodded.


He was gentle as he entered me, long forgotten muscles responding and gripping him as I lifted my hips up to meet him, and felt his lips on my neck again. I started to move in time with him, up as he pushed forward, drawing him into me as I felt him thrumming in there, felt the pressure as I felt my own fires starting to increase.


I know how this must sound as well.  This man was raping me, forcing himself on me in the strictest sense of the law, and yet he was being so gentle, so loving, and I cannot deny what it was stirring within me as he we worked each other onwards.  I wanted it, despite any protests I may or could have made, I really did want to be treated and fulfilled in that way.


I started to pant, my mouth dry as the cloth inside soaked up three saliva, but I could feel the sweat on my body, and see the glistening on his skin as well as he grew larger inside me, finding all those long forgotten sweet spots, making me groan more and more as we worked together, took each other closer, closer to the edge…


And then it happened.  My eyes shot open as I threw me head back and screamed, my muted calls escaping as my body started to shake, and I felt his hot seed flowing into me at the same time.  I heard his grunt as well as he held me, his strong arms holding me close to him, and then he slowly lowered me, his soft kisses on my upper body as he slipped out of me.  I was exhausted, sated, not sure of what was happening, as I watched him dress through misty eyes.


“And now, ~I regret to say, I must make you truly secure,” he said quietly as he left the room for a moment, returning with his bag.   He removed from it a wide roll of white tape, tearing a long strip off and then gently kissing my lips before he smoothed the tape down over it.  It clinged to my skin, to the shape of my face, and meant I had no chance of pushing the soaking wet cloth in my mouth out.


I then looked down as he crossed and bound my ankles tightly together with more of the red rope, and then secured my legs below my knees, before he gently rolled me onto my back, pulling my ankles back and tying them to my chest ropes.  It was tight, it was snug – it was secure.


I watched as he found and put my jewellery into his bag, before he knelt and stroked my hair back.  “I will ensure someone knows of your predicament,” he said quietly, “thank you for the evening Madame – I trust you are fully satisfied?”


I had to nod, honestly – I was satisfied, despite the way it had happened, as I watched him kiss my forehead, and then leave me alone to my situation…







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