Holy Night







As I watched the black car draw up, I smiled to myself – this had planned this for some time now, and the time was right to move tonight.  From my vantage point, I watched as the car remained stationary for a moment, and then the door opened, and the liveried chauffer walked round to open the rear passenger door.


She was still a beauty, even in the street light – six foot two tall, and wearing a long dark ermine coat over whatever designer outfit she was wearing.  The light cast reflections up from the damp pavement, as the chauffer raised an umbrella ad protected her from the light drizzle.


She certainly had moves – but as she made her way into the apartment block, I knew I would have plenty of time to admire the way she moved soon.  So I watched as she walked in, and then the chauffer went back, driving away as I got out and walked over.


As I said, I have had plenty of time to plan and assess – and that included obtaining an access card to allow me to open the front door.  Once inside, I walked casually to the elevator and rode the car to the penthouse floor, stepping out and walking to the doors at the far end of the corridor.


It was child’s play to open them, and slip inside, placing my bag down on the floor as I did so.  Music was playing, and as I looked through the door to the drawing room I saw her there, pouring herself a drink as she looked out of the window.  The coat had covered a black silk gown that fell in soft waves to the floor, hanging on her shoulders by thin gold straps.  Her red hair fell down her back, and she seemed deep in thought.


Which was fine by me – I slipped inside, walked across the room as she continued to look outside, unaware of someone else in the room.  Well, that soon changed as I put a gloved hand over her mouth, and pulled her towards me.  Smiling, I whispered into her ear “do exactly what I say, do not shout, do not scream.  Nod if you understand.”


I waited as she slowly moved her head up and down, and said “Good – what is your name?”




“Say it again,” I said as I removed my hand, and held her arms.


“Emily.  Please, what do you want?”


“All in good time Emily,” I said quietly, “allow me to do something.”   From my pocket, I took out a small roll of black electrical tape, and then held her wrists together as I used the tape to secure them.  I heard her soft breathing as I did this, and then her whisper of “who are you?”


“All in good time, Emily.” I replied.  “Now, I want you to lie down on that recliner, on your stomach.”


She walked over and managed to lie down, as I moved the hem of her dress to reveal the five inch heels she was wearing.  Crossing her ankles, I taped them together as well, and then made my way to the hallway as she said “if you want m jewellery, I’ll show you where they are…”


“If you want me to make sure you cannot talk, then keep doing so,” I said as I retrieved my bag, and made my way to the bedroom.  I spent some time there making my preparations, listening all the time to the sounds of her moving on the couch.


Once I had everything in place, I walked back into the drawing room and smiled as she looked at me.  “I think we’re ready for you now,” I said as I rolled her over and lifted her in my arms, feeling her struggling against me as I carried her to the bedroom.


“I want you to kneel,” I said as I sat her on the floor, waiting as she managed to do so and held her back erect.  Kneeling behind her, I started by kissing the back of her neck, and then down her back as I slowly pulled the zip down.


“Oh my god,” she said, “what are you…”


“Hush, or I make sure you say nothing,” I said quietly as I slipped her dress down, stroking her arms as I did so.  I felt her shiver, but kissed the back of her neck as I said “You are going to enjoy this.”


Reaching over, I picked up the first length of rope.  IT was red, made of silk in Japan, very expensive and specially obtained.  Smiling, I wrapped it round Emily’s arms and drew her elbows together, loving the exhalation of air as I did so.  She was supple, and her elbows touched with little effort as I passed the rope around and between her arms, securing them together.  After I tied the ropes off, I held her arms again and kissed her neck as she said “please, you mustn’t do this…”


“I said you needed to be quiet Emily,” I whispered into her ear, “so be quiet, or I will gag you.”


I had made sure the straps of her dress were below the elbow tie, so when I unwound the tape from her wrists and slipped the upper half off, it revealed her strapless black bra.  That was not my concern though – my concern was taking another length of the red rope, and securing her wrists tightly together as she made fists with her hands.


When that was done, I reached round and gently caressed her chest, kissing her neck and shoulders at the same time as she closed her eyes and breathed softly.  She seemed to be really enjoying this, as I began to press a little more firmly on her chest, caressing as my fingers started to play with her body. 


“Why…  What…”


“I think I told you to be quiet,” I said as I pulled her dress down her legs, smiling as I saw the thin black bikini briefs she was wearing, tied at each side.  It only took me a moment to remove them, fold them, and then hold them in front of her in my gloved hand.


“No…”  She whispered as she clamped her mouth shut, but I squeezed her bottom hard – making her yelp and letting me push them in.


“Keep them in there, understand,” I whispered, and as Emily nodded I unfastened and removed her bra, feeling her hard nipples in my gloved fingers as they were exposed to the cold air.


“Now, where was I,” I whispered as I continued to caress her chest, feeling her push herself into my hands in spite of her muffled protests, and her breasts enlarging, growing firmer.  I sunk my fingers in as well, and her protests turned into something else – moans of pleasure.


“You like this don’t you,” I whispered, and smiled as she started to nod.  So I moved round and knelt in front of her, smiling as I began to kiss her chest, and my tongue explored the feel of her nipples.


“Hmmgddd,” she mumbled as I closed my lips over one side and slowly, slowly sucked on her, then repeated the process on the other side.  She was panting now, short nasal breaths as I reached my hand down between her knees, and stroked over her damp and warm clit as I continued to kiss her.




“What comes naturally,” I said quietly as I eased one finger past her petals, felling her jolt as I did so, and started to move it in and out as I kissed her chest.  She almost fainted at that – which was my cue to lie her on her back, and continue to kiss and caress her chest with my mouth while using my finger down below.


After a while, I put my finger to my mouth and sucked it, before I said “hmmm – tastes so good.  I may have to have some more.”


“Whtddummn HMGDDDSS” Emily said as I started to kiss her clit, using my tongue as she immediately raised her hips and started to grind against my face.  That just encouraged me more, as I used my tongue over and in her, lapping up her juices as she started to shake and an orgasm overwhelmed her.


As she calmed down, I got her onto her knees again, and took the longest length of the soft, strong red rope.  She gasped again as I wrapped the rope around her below her chest, forcing her arms against her back as I fed the ends through the middle and pulled back.  I kissed her neck again, and passed the rope around her again, this time above her chest.  Repeating this several times, each time with a kiss, I then tied the bands together behind her back, before feeding the rope under one arm, pulling it up and forcing the lower band up as well, then around the back of her neck, lifting her hair out of the way before I passed it over her shoulder, and other her arm again.


Tying the ropes off, I walked round and looked at her, her chest forced out and framed above, below and at the sides.  I had in my hand a further, short length of the red rope, which I used to pull the bands together between her breasts as well, hearing her moans and gasps as I did so.


“One more thing to do,” I said quietly as she looked at me, her body now glistening with sweat, as I walked behind her and tied a length of the rope round the band at the base of her neck.  Pulling gently down, I fed it round her elbows, and then her wrists, tying it off there.


Walking in front of her, I said “did you enjoy what I did earlier Emily?”


“Yssss,” she mumbled, and then as I pulled out the soaking wet panties she said “yes…  Please…”


“Of course you may reward me,” I said quietly as I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the ground, stepping out of them as she saw the bulge under my boxers.  “Pull them down, and then I want you to kiss what you see there.”


She looked at me, and then nodded as she used her teeth to pull my boxers down.  “That’s right,” I said quietly as she saw my engorged member, and started to kiss it, her soft lips moving up and down it as she did so.  That made me respond as well, as I said “you know what I want you to do now, don’t you Emily?”


“Yes – but do I have to?”


“Yes you do – and if you do a good job, who knows what might happen next?”


She looked at me, and then gently kissed the tip as I held it in my hand.


“That’s right – keep going.”


Emily slowly opened her mouth and placed her lips over my cock, feeling the throbbing I could sense as she pulled her mouth back, her lips popping softly. Taking hold of her head in my hands, I waited as she slowly opened her mouth again and closed it over my cock, this time taking it further in as she used her tongue to stroke and lick the base.


That had an instant effect on me, making it grown even lager as she moved her head to and fro, her tongue playing with me as it enlarged in her mouth.  I could feel the throbbing myself now, as she gently sucked and licked, her lips forming a perfect seal as I grew larger inside her.


I could also feel the throbbing increasing, and another feeling as I began to smile and pant with her, stroking her hair as she sucked harder, and continued to bring me on,  moaning herself as she used her tongue to start to push my cock out, and then suck it back on again.


It was a glorious feeling, as I knew how large and strong I was getting.  Emily also seemed to be losing herself in the pleasure, as she sucked harder, drawing me in and out.


It was all I could do to maintain control, but I managed to do so – for a while.  Eventually, however, I could not contain myself any longer, and I heard her squeal as I suddenly came into her mouth, releasing as I held her head and she had to swallow.


Which she did, until I felt myself finish, and released her head.  As she moved back, a thin lien of cum slipped down from her mouth, so I picked up the panties and gently wiped her chin, before holding them in front of her mouth.  She looked at me, and without a word opened wide to receive the gift I had for her.  Once I had the damp panties back in her mouth, she closed her lips, as I stepped out of my trousers and boxers and walked to my bag.


I came back with two things – a black silk square, and a roll of white micorpore tape.  I put the tape down, rolled the square into a band, and used it as a cleave gag, her glistening red lips closing over the cloth as I tied it tightly round her head.  The tape was next, the end coming loose before Is tuck it to her cheek and wrapped it tightly round her head, covering the cleave gag and pressing her hair against the back of her neck.


Once I had that sealed, I walked behind her and cut the tape from her ankles, helping her to stand before I walked her towards her bed.  She sat without any prompting from me, as I went back to my bag and took out more of the red silk ropes.


I gently helped her to lie down, her head on two large pillows as her arms were pressed into the mattress, and as she raised her head she watched as I tied one of the ropes around her left ankle, then pulled it to the side before securing it to one side of the foot of the bed.  Her other ankle was soon secured in the same way, as I stripped off, and started to stroke my hands up the inside of her legs.


“Hmmmgdddnwhtt,” she moaned, as she felt my hand stroke over her clit and she shivered.  It was damp, warm, sensitive – and as I kissed it again she started to buck a little.


She looked at me as I knelt on the bed between her legs, and then closed her eyes as I started to massage her chest again, my fingers dancing over her nipples as she groaned and moved around.  Her writhing meant she rubbed over me, and especially my rapidly recovering cock – a fact she realised as she stroked against it with her thigh, and then looked at me.


I moved up and kissed her taped lips, then started to move down, kissing her neck and shoulders, then her breasts – and paying special attention to her very sensitive nipples, making her squeal out as I sucked on and licked them.  From there I moved down, kissing her belly, her clit, and then her legs as she said “ksskmmgnnthr.”


Moving back up, I tasted her warm juices once more as I kissed her petals, feeling them part at the slightest touch, and then I looked at her, and she looked at me.  She knew what was coming, she knew she could do nothing to stop me – and she nodded to confirm that before I slipped into her, feeling her tight grip on me as I did so.


I started to try and move out, but she moved with him, pushing her hips up as she gripped me inside.  Pushing down again, she grunted and closed her eyes as we moved as one, her grip tightening on me as I felt my member engorge and fill her, pressing on the walls of her passage as she pushed along with me.


Our movements were rhythmic, but increased in range and velocity, as I felt again that wonderful throbbing.  I wanted her to know the same sort of pleasure I was feeling, however, so I brought her along with me, as her pants grew shorter, her moans louder…


I watched carefully, waiting, waiting for the right moment – and then Emily opened her eyes wide, arching her back and screaming into the gag as I felt her cum.  I let myself go at the same time, thrusting into her as I gave all I had into her, and she let herself sink into the oceans of pleasure…




Once I knew she was satisfied, I slipped out, and untied her ankles from the foot of the bed – only to cross and secure them together with one length of the rope, and then to bind her legs together below her knees with the second length, each one taken between her legs as well.  She looked at me as I stroked her hair, and then rolled her onto her side, pulling her legs back as I tied her ankles to the chest ropes.


Finding a sheet, I covered her, and watched as she slowly drifted off to sleep…








When she opened her eyes, she tried to speak, and then sniffed as the aroma of fresh pastries and coffee filled the room.  Looking up, she saw me as I came in, and used some medical scissors to cut the tape at the side of her hair, peeling it away and then removing the scarf cleave gag.  Finally, I eased the very wet and fragrant panties from her mouth as she looked at me.


“Merry Christmas Emily.”


“Merry Christmas,” she said as she looked at me, “and thank you for my present.  Can you untie me – I really need to go to the toilet, and then we can eat…”







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