I Saw Her Standing There...









“Well she was just seventeen, if you know what I mean...”


With the sound of the Beatles playing in the background, and the soft lighting, this particular boutique is one of my favourites.  I love the styles of the past, as evidenced by the sleeveless blue denim dress I was wearing, a pair of black leggings underneath and wedge heeled sandals on my feet.  I also had a Palestinian style scarf tied loosely round my neck.


I’d just come in to have a look round, to see if anything caught my eye, not expecting to see anything that I would want to obtain – but that was when she came in, and I could not take my eyes off her.


She was at least six foot tall, with light brown hair that fell down her back, and wore a pale cream short dress with short sleeves and a round neck.  A wide black fabric belt was around her waist, held in place by an ornate clasp at the front, but it was her legs – like matchsticks, the sort of legs that old pulp novels would describe as going all the way to her shoulders, enclosed in a pair of very sexy black over the knee fabric boots with a three inch heel.


I watched her as she started to look through a rack of dresses, my mind working overtime as I did so.  I wanted to meet this beauty, but I wasn’t sure if she would notice someone like me – she had such an air of superiority about her.


Eventually, she made her selections and went over to the counter, and I watched as she paid with a platinum card, and then collected her bag.  Quickly, I followed her out of the store as we walked along the tree lined street, keeping pace but hanging back enough to not give her any suspicions.


As she walked, I could see her bottom swaying under the dress, enticing me to the thoughts I was beginning to have, as she walked into the entrance to an underground car park.  Following her in, I wondered if I dared do this.  It had been some time since such an opportunity had arisen, after all, and I was sorely out of practice.


The urge was growing strong, however, so I walked a little more quickly as she approached a Lotus, looking in her bag for her keys.  As she came up to the car, I walked behind her and reached up, using my hand to pinch a particular nerve cluster near her neck.


The effect was instant, as her eyes opened wide and then closed before she fell back into my arms.  For a tell girl, she was actually pleasantly light, as I supported her on one side and picked up the car keys, which had fallen to the ground.  The car was a two seater, which meant no real trunk, but there was enough room in there to deposit her bags – and it would only take me a few minutes to drive to where my station wagon was.  So I sat her in the passenger seat, and set off as quickly as I could.




My own car was ten minutes away, and she remained out for the journey as I pulled up beside it.  I knew I would not have much time, however, so I went to my car and popped the trunk.  Looking inside, I found a roll of black electrical tape, which I picked up and then went back to the Lotus.  Opening the passenger door, I leaned her forward and taped her wrists together behind her back, and then sat her back, before smoothing several strips over her mouth and closed eyes.


I then lifted her legs out, and taped her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees.  I knew I was probably ruining the boots, but that was a minor problem, as I lifted her and carried her to my car, placing her in the trunk before I closed the lid.  Throwing the keys to the Lotus inside, I closed the door and removed my own gloves, before getting behind the wheel of my car and driving off, thinking over what I was going to do...



I live in a nice little cottage near a lake, out in the country, secluded, secure – perfect for a woman of my tastes.  As I pulled into my garage, and turned the engine off, I could hear the muffled calls and the banging on the trunk lid – evidence she had woken up.


So I got out of the car, slipped on my gloves again, and popped the lid of the trunk.  She was indeed awake, as she turned her head up and said “whthllssgngnnn?”


“Hush,” I said as I stroked her cheek, “remain calm.  I am not going to hurt you, but you must trust me and do as I say.”




Quiet, or I may put you to sleep again.”


That made her stop, as I lifted her out and carried her gently through the house.  As I walked through, my housekeeper stopped and nodded to me, I nodding back in acknowledgement as I took her into a room, and laid her down on a bed.


“There now,” I said as I looked at her, “do not move.”


As she sat there, staring straight ahead, I removed my scarf, and then unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the floor as I kicked my sandals off.  My leggings came down next, before I walked to my wardrobe and opened it, taking out a black leather catsuit and slipping my body into it, the zip pulled almost to the top, but not quite.  I then walked round, and gently pulled back the hair of my guest, using a black elastic band to hold it in a pigtail.


Whtrudnngg,” she mumbled as I stroke her cheek with the back of my gloved hand.


“You will find out soon enough,” I whispered into her ear before I reached round and started to gently caress her chest, her wriggles as she tried to stop me only making it more exciting as her breasts rubbed on the palms of my hands.


“I think you may be getting a little warm,” I then whispered into her ear, reaching round and unclasping her belt before removing it, “I can help with that, don’t move.”


I watched as she stayed still, relishing the fear and uncertainty I could sense on her fidgeting fingers, while I gently placed the belt on a chair, and went back to the wardrobe, returning with several lengths of red silk rope.  Laying them gently on the mattress, I knelt behind my guest, and said “Just relax – you will enjoy this.”


Plssltmmggg,” she whimpered, and I saw the start of a tear try to escape from the tape blindfold.  “Don’t cry,” I whispered as I caressed her again, her struggles making her breasts firm even more under my hands, “I promise you everything will be all right...”




“Be still, be happy,” I whispered as I slowly unzipped her dress, pulling it down so that her teal coloured bra was uncovered.  As I reached round and caressed her chest again, her pleas became more muted, and I could feel her nipples under the silk getting firmer.


“See – it’s only natural,” I whispered as I moved her ponytail to one side, and kissed the back of her neck, gently, slowly, moving down her back as she arched it in response.


“Is that so bad,” I whispered as I stroked my gloved hands down her arms, smiling as she shook her head, and then picking up the first length of rope.  I gently wrapped it around her arms, pulling them together so that her elbows touched and then securing them, the bands going around and between her arms, her shoulders pulled back and her chest forced out.


Whtshpnnggg,” she moaned as I reached around again, and caressed her chest, my fingers gently kneading her breasts as she let her head fall to one side.


“Enjoy,” I said quietly as I took some scissors, and cut the tape around her wrists, taking her dress down to her waist before using a second length of rope and binding her wrists together.  I saw the way she made fists with her hands as I did so, so cute and helpless, and then her hands shoot open as I pinched her elbows.


“We need to lose this,” I whispered into her ear as I unclasped her bra, and then cut through the shoulder straps, “but don’t worry, I have a replacement in mind.”


She gasped again as the bra came off, and then I wrapped a long, long length of rope around her body, pulling her arms against her back as I tightened it under her chest, and then took it above, under, above, under, above, each time pulling it tighter as the band settled on her breasts.  That was tightened still further as I pulled the bands together, my lovely knot settled between her shoulder blades, and then fed the ends over her left shoulder, under the lower band and back up, then tied off behind her back.


“See, I told you I had a replacement in mind,” I whispered in her ear before I kissed it again, my fingers gently pinching her nipples as she moaned.


Yes, moaned rather than pleaded – it appeared she had accepted her fate in this aspect, as I kissed the side of her neck and then laid her down on her back, easing her dress off as she writhed under me.


I sat across her legs, getting pleasure from the way she was rubbing against me while I massaged her chest, whispering sweet nothings as she moved her head from side to side, the ropes forcing her breasts out, so prominent, so tempting to me...


I leaned down and kissed her nipples, loving her muted gasp as I did so, and then looked at her teal panties, seeing the dark stain in the middle.


“Stay still,” I said as I fed more of the rope under her waist and then fed the ends through the loop, pulling it gently before I knelt up, and then said “roll over.”


She complied, a good first step, as I pulled the rope between her legs, and moved it to and fro, loving the way she squirmed underneath me, and then bound it to her elbows, saying as I did so “this feels good, doesn’t it?”


I could see the hesitation as she lay there, and then she turned her head and slowly nodded.


“Good,” I said then as I cut the tape on her legs, and bound them tightly together with the rope, then moved down and cut the tape from her ankles, before retying them, and pulling them back, securing them to her crotch rope.


“I need to take care of some things,” I whispered into her ear as I rolled her onto her side, “lie still, relax, and consider how this makes you feel.  I shall not be long.”


As I walked off, I turned and noticed how she started to move the rope between her legs, before leaving, closing and locking the door behind me.




I turned to see my housekeeper standing there, her head bowed, her hands clasped in front of her.


“Mistress, have I displeased you?”


“OF course not,” I said as I looked at her, “what gave you that idea?”


She looked to the locked door without saying a word.


“Ah – no, you have not displeased me.  I will explain in due course, and I will require your help later.  For now, prepare food for all of us, and inform me when it is ready.”


“Yes mistress,” she said with a smile as she turned and walked away...



Ninety minutes later, I unlocked the door, standing to the side as my housekeeper wheeled a trolley in.  On the trolley was a plate of food, with water in bottles.


She raised her head and moaned, and as I untied her ankles and let her legs fall down I could see the sweat on her back, which I kissed gently.  I then untied the crotch rope, seeing the dampness on it and her panties as I and my housekeeper helped her to sit up.


“I am going to remove the tape from your mouth so that you can eat – do not make any loud noises, as nobody else will hear you.  Do you understand?”


She nodded slowly as I peeled the tape away, and my housekeeper gently used a moist wipe to clear away the residue.


“Where... Where am I,” she whispered.


“With me,” I said quietly, “now, open your mouth.”




“Are you hungry?”


She nodded, and then opened her mouth, as my housekeeper placed a forkful of the Spaghetti Alfredo in her mouth.  I watched as she slowly chewed, her chest rising and falling in the rope bra, and then swallowed.


“That tastes good – who made it?”


“Not important for now – open your mouth again.”


I watched as my guest was fed, and then allowed to drink some water before she wiped her mouth.


“Please,” she said as she looked round, “I want to go home.”


“Do you not like what has happened?”


“It’s not that – but you kidnapped me.  I want to be let free...”


“That’s what we’re going to do – in a way,” I whispered into her ear as I began to caress her chest in my hands.  I smiled at her sigh, her moan, as she said “But...  Please...”


“Hush,” I said, motioning to my housekeeper.  She smiled as she walked forward and knelt down, starting to caress my guest with her own hands as I kissed her neck and her back.


“Oh god, that’s so wrong, but it feels so good...”


“Do you wish me to remove the blindfold?”


She nodded slowly, before I said “if I do, I must do other things first, so do you still wish it?”




Nodding, I took the scissors and cut at the sides of her damp panties, sniffing them before I made a wad and said “open your mouth.”


“Please, be gentle...”


“I am – now open your mouth.”


As she did so, I pushed the cloth in, and pressed on her jaw to make her close her lips over it.  Getting off the bed, I returned to the wardrobe, and took out a wide roll of white medical tape, which I wrapped tightly round her head, while my housekeeper continued to caress and kiss her chest.


Slowly, carefully, I removed the black tape blindfold, and as she blinked the first thing she saw was my housekeeper, in her black leather dress, her black hair cut short, her face lit up by the smile as she continued to kiss her body.


I then walked in front of her, and her eyes widened as she recognised me, even in my new attire. 


“Welcome,” I said quietly as she closed her eyes and moaned again, “my housekeeper is going to untie your legs, and remove your boots.  Do not resist.”


She nodded and watched as the ropes were removed from her legs, and then her boots were slowly pulled down, the hands stroking her soft skin as she moaned even more.  As she rebound her legs below her knees, taking the rope between them to tighten it still more, my housekeeper smiled and said “thank you for this mistress.”


“Continue,” I said with a smile as she untied my guest’s ankles, removed the boots and the ankle socks she was wearing, and then re-tied her ankles.  As she did so, I say her squirm as the fingers ran over the soles of her feet, so I said “Lie down.”


As she did so, my housekeeper smiled at me, before she began to suck the toes of my guest, her moans increasing with each touch of the red lips on her digits.


“I thought as much,” I said quietly, “you’re a submissive, aren’t you?”


Her eyes narrowed and then she slowly nodded as I said “Good – would you care to spend the night with her?”


“May I mistress,” my housekeeper said “in the usual manner?”


“You may – go and prepare,” I said quietly, my housekeeper rising and bowing as she went out backwards.




“Are you commenting on her response to me, or are you talking to me?”


She looked at the door, and then at me, before she said “eddntknwww.”


“Good – you and she will spend the night together, but first I need to properly prepare you.”


She watched as I picked up another length of rope, as well as a white object, lozenge shaped, about four inches long.  Smiling, I reached down and kissed her clit, making her shiver before I inserted the object into her passage, and then tied the crotch rope back into place.


“I am ready, mistress.”


I turned to see my housekeeper, standing naked save for the crotch rope she had tied between her own legs.  She handed me a small box, and then stood in front of the bed, smiling as she moved her hands behind her back, and I began to bind her.


Fifteen minutes later, she and my guest were kneeling on the bed, facing each other as I secured their upper bodies together.  My housekeeper was bound in the same way as my guest, and I had tied ropes around their waists and their shoulders to hold them together.  Their legs were also secured to each other above their knees.


“Now, lie down,” I said, the two of them falling to the side as I adjusted their legs, and put cushions under their heads.  My housekeeper was also tape gagged, and as they looked at each other their eyes connected in a real way.


“I require sleep now,” I said as I walked away, “but you have both performed well today, and you deserve a reward.”  I started the vibrators nestling in their passages, both women squirming as their taped lips brushed, and I turned the lights off...






The next morning, I came in, wearing a silk kimono, and saw them lying there, their eyes closed, smiles under the tape.  I smiled in turn as I untied them from each other, and then released my housekeeper.  She started to wake as I did so, and stood up, her hands clasped in front of herself.


“Go – shower, change and start to prepare breakfast,” I said as the guest started to stir.  “I will see you later.”


As she walked out, the other girl looked at me and said “plssmmetlk?”


“What is it,” I said as I peeled the tape away, and removed her damp panties.


“Last night, I was not sure what I was saying,” she gasped as the vibrator continued to work.  “Are you her mistress?”


“I am – she came some time ago, like you, and remains with me.”


“Of her own....  Ahh..... Her own free will?”


“Indeed – she is allowed to come and go as she pleases, but she is mine.  Why do you ask?”


My guest looked at me, and said “you were right – I am a submissive, and I seek a caring mistress.”


“Is there something you wish to say?”


“May I serve you?”


Smiling, I removed my kimono, revealing my body as I said “if that is what you desire, then show me.”


Nodding, she said “will you help me kneel please, mistress?”


“Of course,” I said as I helped her to her knees, and she started to kiss my neck and chest, showing her pleasure...




We now live in the shack as a threesome – she moved her things in, and is my secretary, taking care of my correspondence as I write my novels and travel.  With my Housekeeper, they serve me willingly, and serve each other.  I allow them this in my absence, and as a reward in my presence, but I am their mistress, and they never forget that.


There is complete trust, complete joy in their service and devotion, and I reward them for that – as is right and proper.  In fact, as I type this, they are facing each other, in their leather dresses, their arms round each other, their panel gagged mouths touching as they force the double headed dildo deeper into each other, the ropes holding them securely, lost in their love and devotion.







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