Lie Down








“Lie Down.”


Two little words, simple, neat, definitive, yet as they are said there is so much meaning behind them that is so specific to the context in which they were said.  And in this context, the meaning was filled with menace, even if the words were softly spoken.


“It’s all right, dear, do as he says” I whisper as I look over to my daughter.  Well, actually she is my step daughter – I married her mother two years ago, five years after her father died.  I had been working for her at the time as her personal assistant, and – well, we grew closer together over that time.  And now, I thought of Janine as if she was truly my biological daughter, even though she looked nothing like me.


She’s twenty two, and had come into the room having been at her own position of work.  She was dressed for the role she played as a bartender – a short sleeved black top that hugged her upper body, a short and tight grey skirt with a large black check, dark tights, and over the knee black leather boots.  She had a thin choker round her neck, and a scared expression on her face as she looked at the other two men standing in the room.


They were smartly dressed – Saville Row suits, cotton shirts, silk ties, highly polished shoes, and black leather gloves as well as dark glasses.  They had arrived at our home an hour ago – and right now, two of them were upstairs with my wife, while the other two were standing there as I sat with my hands on my lap.


“Lie down on your stomach,” one of the men said again as he looked at Janine, my daughter nodding as she slowly lay and stretched herself out.  I had to watch as he crossed her wrists behind her back, and started to secure them together, taking the rope he was using around and between her limbs as he did so.


I prayed he would not hurt her – and that they would not hurt Geraldine upstairs…



“What are your – friends doing with my family,” I said as I sat at the edge of the bed, looking at the two men standing in front of me.  I was still wearing the red dress I had worn to the awards lunch – red linen, with a scoop neck, elbow length sleeves and a knee length skirt split at the side over a shorter one.  My outfit was completed by black heels, while I had my light brown hair falling down in soft waves.  I had toyed with the idea of going to the hairdresser and getting it coloured, but I had decided that perhaps it was time to show my age.


So Eleanor and I had come back from the lunch, walked into the house – and there they were.  Four men, impeccably dressed, very softly and well spoken – and two of them carrying guns which they aimed at my wife and me.  We looked at each other, wondering what was going on before one of them said we should do what they say, and then he took me by the arm and walked up the stairs with me and one of the other – visitors.


It was as I was walked up that I heard the front door of the house open and close, and I had to stop myself from sighing at what Janine was walking into...


“That’s right – pose.”


My mind was brought back to the moment in time we were currently in, as I sat on the footstool, my ankles crossed and my hands on my knees, and looked into the camera as my picture was taken.  They then made my hold a copy of today’s Times for another picture, before it was taken away from me, and the second man guided my hands behind my back.  I looked on as he was handed a length of cream coloured cord, and then felt it rubbing on my wrists as he secured them together.


I felt it rubbing on them, and wondered what was happening to my wife and Janine…


Janine turned her head and looked at me as the man crossed her ankles, and started to bind them tightly together in the same way as her wrists, doubling the rope over and passing it round them before he pulled the ends through the loop and back, then made neat bands as he forced her ankles together, the sound of squeaking a new thing as her legs rubbed together and the rope rubbed on them.


It was a fascinating sight, as I watched them slowly immobilising my daughter, praying they were not hurting her as he pulled the rope between her legs and tied the ends off.  He then made her sit up, as she looked at me and said “what’s going on, Eleanor?”


“I don’t know – your mother is upstairs with two more of them,” I said quietly as I felt my hands been taken behind my back, and rope forcing my wrists together.  I had had such a wonderful day so far as well – a trip to the hairdresser and a new dress, with a white bohemian peasant style top and a cream skirt, a thin black belt round my waist, and black heels.


I can feel the rope rubbing on my wrists, and then on my arms as he passes a longer length round my upper body, pulling it tight under my chest and then taking it around above and below my breasts.  I can feel how tight it is, and I can imagine how it looks, because the same thing is been done to Janine as I watch, her breasts framed in the two bands of rope as the other intruder secures the ends behind her back.


It is a strange feeling – tight, a little uncomfortable, but also soft and it definitely made sure I was not able to move my arms or my whole upper body.  It rubbed on my bare arms as I twisted round, and I could see looking at Janine she was confused about what was happening as well.  I wondered if Geraldine was having the same thing done to her…



I twisted my upper body round as he secured the ropes behind my back – the two bands framing my chest, and then the rope taken under one arm, up and around the back of my neck, and under the other arm.  While he had done this, the man with him had questioned me about where Eleanor and I kept our jewellery.


Well, I was not in a position to argue with him, so I told him where the easily accessible things were, as I wondered what their intentions were towards the three of us.  I figured we were going to be immobilised and unable to raise the alarm, especially as I looked down and saw that he was starting to bind my ankles tightly together, the rope once again going around and between my legs.  It was strong, tight but soft at the same time, and I was marvelling at how that was possible.


He then repeated the process below my knees, as his ‘friend’ came over with a pair of my panties, which he was folding into a pad.  I wondered what he was going to do with that – and then he told me…


I twisted round on the seat as the man bound my legs together below my knees, my ankles already tightly secur4ed together.  I glanced over at Janine as she twisted round as well, the leather squeaking on her boots as she struggled in the seat.


The two men were now talking quietly to each other, as I said “are you scared Janine?”


“I don’t think scared is the right word,” Janine said quietly, “more worried about my mother.”


“So am I – and they still haven’t…”  I then looked in the doorway as the other two men appeared, Geraldine walking with them.  Only there was a pad of white tape covering her mouth and jaw, and I could tell something was in her mouth behind it.


There was something else – the way the ropes encircled and framed her upper body, holding her arms to her sides, made me feel a little strange – and I could see by the look in her eyes she was feeling the same when she looked at me.


“Mother?  What did they do to you?”


Janine tries to stand up, but a hand on her shoulder forces her back down again onto the seat as I see what is in the hands of the other man, and whisper “no, please…”


“Open your mouths, both of you.”


“Eleanor, what do theyhhmhghhdddnhhh…?”  I do not know what to do as he stuffs a pair of my panties into Janine’s mouth, Geraldine shaking her head and moaning as she watches them press white tape over our daughter’s mouth, and then looks at me.


“Your turn lady,” the man who is obviously the leader says as he walks towards me, “open your mouth nice and wide…”


I really feel as if I have no choice, as I feel the silk on my tongue, and just give thanks for the fact they are clean, before the tape tugs on the skin around my mouth as well.  Both of us are then thrown over the shoulders of one of the men, Geraldine over the shoulder of a third, as we are carried out of the house, struggling and trying to call for help before we are placed in the back of a grey van.  We look at each other as the van moves off, wondering what was happening…




I grunt as I am dropped onto one side of the bed, Eleanor dropped on the other, before I see Janine been carried to a different room.  I looked at my wife and twist round, my red dress now sticking to my body as she looks at me.


“Whtshghnhnn” she says as she looks at me, her white dress stretched tightly over her chest as she looks at me.


“Rhnsshmm – thrrrhbbhnthebhshnhss” I mumble as I look at her, and then smile under the tape.  “Chmhhrrr.”


Eleanor looks at me, and then wriggles over as she looks into my eyes.  “Wthhshshtt,” she says as she looks at me.


“Hlffuh,” I say quietly before I press my taped lips on hers, Eleanor kissing me back as we try to enjoy each other’s company.  If we were going to be held hostage, then we had to pass the time in as pleasurable a way as possible…


It was an hour later when the door to the room opened, and two of the men came in, one pushing a trolley as the other peeled the tape away from my mouth and removed the panties from inside.


“Where is my daughter,” I say when I have the chance.


“In another room, safe,” the man said.


“We want to see her,” Eleanor says as she looks at him.


“In good time – for now, eat, drink, and change,” he says as the two men untie us, and leave the room, a lock turning after the door is closed.




I look at Geraldine as she walks over to the trolley the men have left, uncovering some food and bottles of water.  She then looks on the lower shelf of the trolley, and took out two baby doll nighties.


“Are they serious?”


“I guess they are – and I do need to get out of this dress.  I am rather – sweaty,” Geraldine said – and I had to admit, I was a little the worse for the struggle as well.  “So we eat, we drink, and then we see…”


I have to admit, Geraldine was right – I was hungry, and my mouth was dry, so I ate and drank, and then I stripped out of the dress I was wearing, seeing the sweat stains all over it, before I put on the electric blue nightie.  It had thin spaghetti straps, and barely covered my bottom and crotch – but then, neither did the black one Geraldine was wearing.


We looked at each other, then giggled for no reason whatsoever as the door opened, and the two men came back in, carrying lengths of rope and a plastic bag.  “Guess we’re going to be secured for the night,” Geraldine said as one of the men took her hands behind her back, and the other took mine behind me before I felt the rope pulled tightly round my wrists.


It felt softer somehow, as he passed the rope round my arms and chest, forcing them into my sides again as the bands framed my breasts, stretching the nightie over them as I looked at Geraldine.


Eleanor looked amazing as the ropes secured her, the electric blue stretched so tight – and I hoped despite everything I was looking as good to her as I felt the ropes hugging my body.  I knew we were being held for ransom – all three of us – but my primary concern was for Eleanor and Janine, not for myself.


I felt the tug behind me as the bands were brought together there, and then the touch of his hands as he fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of my neck, and then under the other arm, so that it felt – snug.  I then watched as the man with Eleanor stood in front of her with something in his hand.


What that something was I saw as my binder stood in front of me, with a compressed yellow sponge in his hand.  “Time to be quiet” I thought as I opened my mouth, and he pushed the sponge in past my teeth.  I could feel it expand in there, pushing my cheeks out and pressing my tongue down, while at the same time I heard a soft peeling sound.


It was the white tape that he then wound tightly round my head to keep that sponge in – and as I looked at Eleanor, I could see she also had a band of white encircling her head.  But the man was holding another length of rope, and he was tying it between her breasts, forcing the two bands together there before he dropped it on the floor.


I had a horrible feeling about what was coming as my binder did the same thing to me, and then walked behind me.  I looked down to see his hand appear between my legs, and then take the rope back as it rose up, hiking the already short skirt of my nightdress up – and pressing hard on my panties as it rubbed on them, while he secured the other ends of the rope behind me.


Eleanor’s eyes were wide open as well, before I felt his gloved hands on me and he whispered “come and see your daughter.”


I looked at Eleanor before I was forced to move, that rope rubbing on me as we walked out of the room and down a corridor into another room, where I said ”Hmghhhdd” through the sponge and tape.


Janine was lying on her side on a bed, wearing a pair of black silk pyjamas – but that only meant we could both see the white rope round her arms and chest, her ankles and legs, and going between her legs as she twisted round.  The white tape round her head told its own story – but there was also a buzzing sound, and as Eleanor and I looked at each other, we knew what else had been added.


“Phllsshhsshbhbbe” I mumbled – but that only made them laugh as we were taken back to our rooms, and made to kneel down.


I could see Geraldine was upset about what they had done to our daughter – but we were in no position to complain as we were made to kneel facing each other.  I wondered what they were going to do next – and I got my answer when his hands came round and began to roughly massage my breasts, held out between the tight bands of rope.


I looked at Geraldine, her eyes wide as the man behind her groped her chest as well, and then closed my eyes as I began to moan – partly at what he was doing, and partly because as I struggled, the rope moved between my legs, and that was making me feel aroused as well.  It was obvious why they were doing this, and equally obvious nothing we could do was going to stop them.


But do you know something?  It was taking my mind off our situation, and something in me was saying that was a good thing.  It was saying you can’t stop them – but maybe that was all they were going to do, to distract you, put you off trying to escape, make you…




Eleanor closed her eyes, and she was allowing herself to slip into whatever he was doing to her led her into.  But I was determined to be strong, to not allow him, to…


And then the rope that was rubbing on me as I twisted round started working on me, as I felt the dampness, the tingling, the desire, and I closed my eyes as well…



When my body started shaking, I realised I had been lifted onto the bed, my ankles secured and my legs secured below my knees, while the man bent my legs and was securing my ankles to – well, that rope between my legs.


I looked over at Geraldine to see her looking at me, the rope grey as it went between her legs as she grunted, and then the lights went off.  We shuffled towards each other, gag kissing as we moved the rope on ourselves.


We made the best of our situation, as our eyes slowly closed…






It was the gentle buzzing in my ears that made me start to wake up – that and the way it felt against my crotch was strange.  Opening my eyes, I expected to see the room – and I did see a room.


Our bedroom, and Eleanor was opposite me, moaning softly as she twisted round and onto her back – and I could see the black device the rope between her legs was tied round now, pressing on her.




I rolled over to see Janine lying on the floor, looking at me before her body had started to shake again.  We had obviously been returned – but were still captives until my cleaner came in.


So why did it feel so good to be like this?









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