Mutton as Lamb








Every one of us has their own way of working in this business, and their own peculiarities in terms of taste and so on.? It?s not as if we?re clowns, and have our make-up recorded on an egg in the stores ? but if you get known enough in the trade, people can tell who did a job from the reports.


Now, me ? I am known for targeting homes where the female in residence is older.? Like many others, I take care to ensure they are well secured and silenced while I am about my work ? not exactly MILF, but more MILT ? Mothers I Like to Tie.


What can make it even more fun is if I enter the house, and find said lady is trying to recover their youth by dressing in a way they think can help them regain their youth.? Now, sometimes, that works, sometimes it doesn?t, but...? Well, better if I give a few examples.


Take the woman I called on a few months ago in South London.? I make sure I plan for my visits, and arrive at a suitable time, but in this case I got lucky.? She had just got back from a visit, and had left her front door open ? so I walked in, closed it behind me, and walked into her front room, taking her totally by surprise as she sat on the couch.


And she was certainly dressed in a style a few decades below her age ? she was in her early sixties, but was wearing a leopard print pinafore dress over a black roll neck sweater, tights and knee length black leather boots with a block heel.


Now, I always have a little something with me to persuade them to be quiet ? usually a .38 which looks good in my hand, and certainly in this case it helped keep the woman quiet ? all she did was run her fingers through her greying blonde hair as she looked at me.


I spoke quietly but firmly, telling her to kneel in front of the brown upholstered couch she was sitting on, put her head on the seat cushion, and her hands behind her bag.? In my free hand was a holdall with my supplies, so as she did this I put the bag down, took out some rope and then tied her wrists together behind her back, making sure I cinched the binding by passing the cords between her arms.


I then made her sit up, and wrapped some rope around her upper body, trapping her arms against her side as the two bands framed her chest.? That made her dress stretch over her body, but it wasn?t revealing ? a fact I am sure she and I were grateful for.


I then took a roll of silver duct tape from my bag, tore off several strips and pressed them down over her mouth.? It wasn?t the most effective of gags, true, but she had been very cooperative, and the look in her eyes was enough to tell me she was not going to cause any trouble.


I helper her to stand up and then lie on the comfortable couch, before using more rope to bind her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.? I got a little thrill as I heard the rope rubbing on her leather boots, as well as her legs rubbing against each other, before I left her and proceeded to search the rest of the house for valuables.


When I came back, she had certainly been trying to move ? the skirt of her dress had risen a little too high.? She watched as I walked forward, shaking her head and moaning in fear, but relaxed as I did nothing more than pull her dress down.


And that was when I would have gone ? had I not heard someone gasping behind me, and I turned round to see a dark haired girl in her twenties standing behind me.? Now, I said I preferred the older lady in the house ? but age is not a barrier to what I need to do.


And besides, this girl was the opposite to the other woman ? while she was lying on the couch, twisting round in her younger person?s clothes, the new arrival was wearing a pink cardigan over a grey blouse and black skirt, black tights and heels, with a black silk bow in her hair and wearing a pair of granny specs.


She was suitably astonished, and I took full advantage of that, holding her arm as she stuttered and tried to say something.? I had plenty of rope, so I sat her in an armchair, and tied her wrists together in front of herself, and then some rope around her upper body to hold her arms in place.? More rope around her ankles and her legs below her knees, and then a length of rope from her wrists to her legs so that they were held in place.


She didn?t even do more than whimper as I taped her mouth over, and then removed her glasses, folding them and placing them to the side before I left both of them to enjoy some personal time together.


It was a good haul that day, a nice pleasant visit with no long lasting harm beyond some time bound and gagged.? It was also a pleasant afternoon visit, but I can visit at any time of the day or night, and often it can be the evening visits that prove the most illuminating.


Come with me to Birmingham, and a December evening as I manage to unlock the kitchen door of a nice semi detached villa and walk in.? It was furnished in country style ? you know, dark wood cabinets, hidden hood over the hob, things like that.


Now, the kitchen light was off, but the light in the corridor wasn?t, and I could hear music up the staircase, so I slowly walked up, trying to make as little noise as possible, and looked in one of the bedrooms.


She was, by my reckoning, in her late forties, with long brown hair that had streaks of grey running through it as it lay over her shoulders.? The black jersey dress she had on was certainly figure hugging, and short, given it barely managed to over her bottom as she looked in her wardrobe.


Her legs were in a pair of sheer, shiny hose, and over her lower legs she was wearing a pair of black fabric boots that were studded with sequins, making it look as if there was a galaxy of small stars shining under the ceiling light.? They had a four inch stiletto heel as well, so I had to make sure she didn?t use them on me, as I walked behind her, and then put one arm around her waist and my free hand over her mouth.


Oh my lord did she struggle!? She reached up and tried to pull my hand away, and I was glad I had thick leather gloves on, because her fingernails could have caused some serious damage.? She also, as I figured she might, tried to stab her heels into my feet, but I managed to keep them out of the way as I made her walk to her bed and lie face down on it ? long enough for me to take my little persuader from my jacket pocket as I sat across her back and show it to her.


Well, the sight of the metal barrel soon made her stop struggling, as I made her hold her hands above her head, took some rope from my other pocket, and bound her wrist tightly together, before tied them to the metal headboard.? Now she may not have hurt me much, but she had tried to escape, so I figured that deserved a little punishment ? which led me to tie some rope around her waist, and then pull it up and between her legs, making her already short skirt ride up as it pressed on her ? well, her very sensitive parts.? Tying it off, I then went back to my bag, got some more rope out, crossed and secured her ankles together, and then secured her legs below and above her knees.


Well, the language that was coming out of her mouth while I was doing that was most unladylike ? so I had to put a stop to that, didn?t I?? A pair of panties from her drawer was the first thing to use, and then one of her quite frankly large collection of scarves pulled between her lips helped to teach her the benefits of silence.


She took it as a begrudging lesson though ? so when I pulled her ankles back, and secured them to the rope coming up from between her legs, it provided as she tried to escape enough of a distraction to grab her attention, as I helped myself to her things.


So much of a distraction, in fact, she was moaning for other reasons by the time I left the house, and got out of the front door.? No idea how long she was left like that, but I?m sure it proved more entertaining in the end than any party she had planned to go to.


That?s one of the things I get out of this line of work, you see ? a sense of fulfilment at a job well done, and if the woman is nice and helpful, well I will reward her.? But you still find those who want to recapture that lost youth ? and one night comes to mind which made that clear for two people.


This was in Newcastle, party capital of the North East, and it was spring ? the time of fresh new life and budding beauty.?? The woman I was planning to visit ran a high class jewellery store in the main Georgian arcade ? late forties, always conservatively dressed, with hair that for some reason she dyed ginger red.? Anyway, the evening I chose to visit wasn?t particularly special, an ordinary May evening in every respect.? They lived in a place called Gosforth, to the north of the city, in a semi-detached which I had no problem getting into with my toolkit.


It was only when I walked into the front room that I realised something was very different.? The lady of the house was there, and I heard her call out ?You nearly ready Mum??


?I need a few more minutes,? I heard an older woman call down ? which told me there would be two women for me to restrain later.? Well, I had come prepared for such eventualities, and I put my bag quietly down, pausing only to put a length of rope in my jacket pocket and take out my little friend.


Feeling ready, I walked in ? but what I saw was not a mousy shop owner who was likely to meekly do whatever I said.


Oh it was the same woman, with the same ginger hair ? but her outfit was anything but ordinary.? She was wearing a shocking pink vest and black leather trousers, but over the legs of the trousers were a pair of thigh length pink leather boots, the white laces at the front running from foot to top and tied off in a double bow.? The heels on the boots were real killers as well ? but fortunately, in this case the sight of me holding a gun and pointing it at her was enough for her to keep nice and quiet.


I motioned to the drapes at the window, and suggested she may wish to close them, but as she walked over I could hear footsteps on the stairs ? so I stood by the doorway and watched as her mother came in, looked at her at the window and asked what was wrong.


Ah yes, her mother ? you could tell from the face, even if she had long white hair, but she was dressed in black ? black sweater, black leather pants, and black thigh high patent leather boots with a zip up the back of the leg and three inch heels.? As she turned and saw me, she almost fainted, but instead walked over to join her daughter as I looked at them.


So there we were ? two women, one in her late forties, the other probably seventy, dressed like young clubbers.? Well, there was only one possible thing I could do with these fetish fans ? go all the way.


I handed the daughter my length of rope, and told her to tie her mother?s wrists together behind her back, hands palm to palm, and to make sure she made it tight.? Now, I guess they had expected this, what with the armed intruder holding a gun in front of them, so I watched as she doubled the rope over and secured them together.


I then made them both turn round as I took a second length of rope from my pocket, and bound the daughter?s wrists together ? and then told them not to move as I fetched my bag from the hallway, opened it, and took out two more lengths.


Their gasps as I forced their elbows together with the new lengths of rope were quite nice, especially from the mother as I passed the rope around and between her arms.? I then passed more rope around their arms and upper bodies, framing their chests in the bands before I made sure it was cinched ? for the mother, with the rope under her arms and around the back of their neck, and for her daughter as a rope bra, the rope going between hr breast and around the lower band.


They were starting to pant a little at this point, as I made them kneel on the floor and cross their ankles, using more rope to secure them together, and then to bind their legs below their knees as well as around their thighs.


As they struggled, the rope rubbed on the leather, and the sound was like music to my ears.? So when I tied crotch ropes on both of them, and heard the gasps as the leather was pressed on them, it was even more wonderful ? but I knew I had to make sure they could not make any noise while I looked around.


So I made them both, at gunpoint, open their mouths and pushed a sponge into their mouths, making sure their teeth and lips closed over the stuffing, and then took from the bag a roll of white medical tape ? which I wrapped tightly round their heads, sealing the sponge in and covering the lips of both of them.


I then made them both lie on the brown carpet, and hogtied them, leaving them in the darkened room while I had a look round the house.


I did find a lot of nice things ? but when I was in the daughter?s room, I found two other things that I thought would add to their enjoyment after I left.? So when I went down, and checked the ropes, I slipped a little vibrator into the pants of each of them, under the crotch rope, and left them squirming, the leather rubbing on the ropes and their legs as they were teased....


I certainly left them to be happy that time ? and in a way they deserved it, for thinking they could carry off the look of a twenty year old at twice or three times that age.


Of course, these days the lines of fashion get blurred so much that for the older woman, they may often find the clothes they wore as a young woman are back in fashion again.? Not so true of the last tale ? those clothes are always an eclectic branch of fashion anyway ? but...


When I was a kid in the eighties, the Laura Ashley country girl look was in.? You know, lace and frilly blouses, dresses and skirts that looked as if they were made from floral curtains, things like that.


Well, the house I visited last week had as the lady of the house a woman in her early sixties, who was the head of HR for a medium sized local firm.? She was about five four, and when I had observed her grey hair was cut in an untidy bob.


Anyway, I arrived when she was not home, so I left my supply bag on the floor in the front room, behind the door, and started my search upstairs.? I managed to find her valuables, and place them in a number of bags which I carried downstairs and placed in the side of my bag ? then I heard the key turn in the front door, and the door itself open and close.


Hiding behind the door, I saw the lady of the house walk in, wearing a very fetching pair of brown glasses.? She was wearing a green cardigan over a white lace top, and a knee length purple skirt with a floral pattern, the edge of a black and white polka dot underskirt peeking out from under ? but she then had on a pair of black tights with a lighter check, and mid length brown mock croc leather boots.


A real mixture of new and old ? but she was the lady of the house, so I clasped my hand over her mouth and pulled her against me, telling her not to scream and not to struggle.


This time I did not need my little friend, her nodding and mumbles under my gloved hand telling me all I needed to know.? There was an old wooden rocking chair nearby, so I told her to sit in the chair, rest her hands on the arm rests, and not to move.


I used a ball of twine to tie her wrists down to the armrests, as well as her arms at the elbows, and then tied her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees, before I used a rolled up scarf as a cleave gag, and left her there while I made my way out of the house.? She had done all I asked of her, so a simple restraint just to give me enough time to get away.


So here I am now, paying another visit ? this time in Chinatown, as I look down on the dark haired Chinese grandmother in the office of the restaurant.? She is wearing a peach silk long sleeved collarless blouse, faded blue jeans and straight black leather boots, but her blouse is stretched over her chest by the ropes above and below her breasts, the bands pulled together behind her with the rope that also holds her bound wrists up her back.? There were also bands of rope around her ankles, and her legs below her knees, as she looks at me over the white tape that I have pressed down over her mouth.


The safe door is open, and the contents in my bag, but I smile as I pick that up and put it over my shoulder.? As I walk out, the breeze from the closign door make my skirt brush against my legs, as I walkd down the stairs and into the street.


Maybe hittiing small businesses will add extra excitement ? after all, who would suspect a young well dressed woman of doing this?








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