My Hobby







I guess it started with my sister – or to be exact, her Barbie doll collection.  She was two years younger than me, so as a thirteen year old I would look at her dolls, and imagine what it would be like if they were captives like the women in my comic books.


The first time I actually did it, I took one of her dolls which was dressed in a pink jumper, peach skirt with white trim, and white plastic shoes.  I sat her next to wooden leg of a chair, and took a ball of string before I tied the doll’s upper body to the chair leg.  I took it from the waist to the neck of the doll, around the body as well as the body and arms, and knotted it off, then tied the doll’s ankles together as well.


I took a picture – one that gave me a great deal of enjoyment, before I untied the doll and returned it.  But that was by no means the last time…



One I really remember is when Mum and Dad took little sis out, so I had the run of the house – and I took six of her dolls, along with a roll of gold string I had bought, and some coloured tape.  The first was a dark-haired doll, with the hair in pigtails, wearing a sleeveless and hooded pink top, a dark grey ra-ra skirt, and those long pink plastic boots you got with those dolls.  The second had on a pink and silver glittery top and tiger print pants, with blonde hair, and the third a golf cap, a long sleeved crop top in white with red and black striped sleeves, and a denim skirt.


Not that it mattered – I took the arms of each doll behind their backs, tied their wrists together with the gold string, and then tied their ankles as well, before I put black tape over the mouth of the first two, and red tape over the mouth of the third, and left them kneeling in a row.


The next one had long blonde hair, a blue halter top and a pink leopard print skirt – but she had her wrists and ankles tied as well, and I wound blue tape round her head, keeping it off the hair, before she joined the first three.  Next was another blonde doll, with an off the shoulder pink and silver top and a short grey party skirt, and finally a dark haired one with a pink and silver part smock top and light grey leggings.  But they were both tied, gagged with black tape, and then added to the row as I threatened to sell them all to the highest bidder…



Well, this carried on for a few months, before I took my hobby to the next stage -  thanks not just to my sister’s dolls, but my sister as well…


I had one of her dolls, and one of the smaller ones (I was pretending they were sisters) sat on toy wooden chairs in front of an old cage.  The smaller of the two was in a seat with arm rests, and I had used twine to tie her wrists and arms to the back of the chair, and her ankles and legs to the front of the chair, then used a strip of black cloth to simulate a cleave gag, the material holding the blond hair to the doll’s head. 


As for ‘big sister” she was on a stool, her wrists tied to the back of the stool, her legs and ankles tied together and to the front, with a cleave gag as well.  I was being the evil kidnapper, taunting them, when I heard my sister say “so this is what is happening to my dolls!”


I turned round and blushed as I saw her with her friend Becky.  My sister was wearing a brown poncho over a red jumper, a blue denim skirt, and red socks under a pair of brown leather boots.  As for Becky, she had on a red long sleeved blouse and white skirt, white patterned socks visible over the top of her brown Ugg boots.


Becky was looking at the dolls, as she walked over and said “I wonder what that feels like.”


“What what fells like,” my sister said, and then she nodded.  “Oh – I don’t know, why do you ask?”


Becky then looked at me, and said “will you tie my wrists together please?  Behind my back as well?”


You know, I had never thought of doing that, but I cut a length of twine from my ball, went behind Becky and tied her wrists together, keeping the twine over the cuffs of her blouse.  As she twisted round, my sister came and had a look, then said “will you do that to me as well?”


I couldn’t believe it – my hands were shaking as I tied her wrists as well, and they walked round.  Then they sat down, and I used more twine to bind their ankles together – but nothing more.  I was exhilarated at this – and they seemed happy as well…


I didn’t gag them that time, but there were a few times after that when we would “play kidnap” as they put it.  And over time, I got more adventurous in how I secured them.


Let me give you an example – a couple of months later, my sister came into my room as I was trying to do my homework, wearing a red jumper with different coloured stripes at the bottom, and a garland of flowers pattern at the neck, light tan jeans and blue socks with brown toes.


“Hey bro – can we play a game,” she said as she stood by me.


“I need to finish this, sis – can we do this later?”


“No – I have a challenge for you.  Stop me getting away without using twine or string.”


Well, that was a challenge – I had a white chair, made of plastic and metal, so I told her to sit down and went to my cupboard.  Taking a cloth belt from one of my dressing gowns, I knelt down and took her hands behind the chair back, then tied her wrists together so she could not move her arms.


Taking two more belts from the robes in my wardrobe, I then tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair, before I said “don’t move” and went to her room.


“Very funny – hey, what are you doing in there!”


“Getting something,” I said as I came back, and tied a grey wool scarf round her head as a blindfold, then used a white scarf with black flowers as a loose cleave gag, my sister closing her lips over it.


“There – you were saying?”


“Heellrrhtewswennn,” she mumbled as she moved her head round, and I went back to my homework…

It wasn’t long before I progressed from that sort of thing, as my sister grew up and started to try different things, to discovering how useful tape could be for my – interests.   My sister was a teenager now, and came into the room wearing a pink vest top, denim shorts over black leggings, and black sandals, he hair pulled back into a ponytail.


“Can you give me a chance to vent without anyone hearing?  I just broke up with that idiot of a boyfriend!”


Well, I knew that tone of voice, so I picked up a roll of black tape, and told her to turn round with her hands behind her back.  She looked over her shoulder as I taped her wrists together, and then told her to sit on the floor, and bend her legs.


As she did so, I taped her ankles together, and then her legs below and above her knees – and then I pressed some strips of the black tape over her mouth, keeping her lips sealed so that she could struggle and bitch to her heart’s content.



Mind you, I had other things to distract me as well – such as Becky.  We were going out together by that time, and she liked me to make sure she was secure from time to time as well.  I remember one time in particular, when she was fifteen.  She came round, wearing a grey jumper and skin tight white jeans, and we sat and talked for a while – and then she asked me to tie her up.


I took a roll of silver duct tape, and secured her wrists together behind her back, before I took her shoes and socks off and taped her ankles together as well.  She also wanted to be quiet – which I achieved with the help of several strips of tape over her mouth – before she lay face down on the bed.


So she was surprised when I bent her ankles back, and tied some string between her legs and around the tape, then I ran it out and did the same between her arms at her wrists, so that her legs were held in a bent position.  Oh, the look she gave me when I did that – and especially when I produced an electric toothbrush, and ran it over the bare soles of her feet…




She forgave me of course, and I still have my hobby – although these days, I have my own very personal dolls as well.  I’m looking at one of them now by our she lies on the sun lounger, wearing a pink coral top and blue shorts.  Her wrists are tied together above her head with orange rope, and to the white metal at the top, and her waist is held to the blue slats by darker blue rope.  White rope is tied round her ankles, and then to the metal at the bottom of the lounger.


Brushing her hair out of the way, I ask my ten year old daughter is she is all right, and she nods before I tie a rolled up blue scarf between her lips as a gag.  That’s when I hear the other little doll in my life call out, as she says “Daddy! Mummy’s ready!”


I go in to see Becky lying face down on the floor, wearing a white sweatshirt and blue jeans.  Her wrists are tied together behind her back, her ankles secured and they are tied to her wrists, as my dark haired younger daughter lies on the floor face down.


Her mother watches as I take Becky Jr’s arms behind her back and tie her wrists together with white rope, then her ankles, and then ankles to wrists, making sure her orange sun dress is still in place, before I use some soft tape to keep them both quiet – and then switch on the electric toothbrush as the wriggle their uncovered toes.


After all, a family must have some hobbies…







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