Not a Robbery











It would have been about seven in the evening when I got back to my flat from work.  I had put on a white open necked blouse and a fawn miniskirt, with black leggings and my over the knee black leather boots.  At any rate, I walked in, took off my coat and hung it up, and went into the front room – which was when I was grabbed from behind.


All I knew was I could taste and smell the latex on the glove that was over the hand over my mouth, as I heard this very soft voice behind me telling me not to struggle, and that everything would be all right.  I wasn’t sure what to believe, as I screamed into the hand, but that just made him press it more tightly against me, and my head was forced back onto a very large chest.


“Don’t scream.” He said again, before he held something in his hand up to my mouth.  I recognised it – it was a pair of my panties, and for a moment I wondered how long he had been in the house.  At any rate, he took his hand away, I started to scream – and then tasted the silk as he forced the panties into my mouth, and covered my lips with his other hand.


“Now then,” he said quietly, “Do not spit those out.  If you do, I will push them back in, and I will glue your lips together, all right?”


Something in his voice convinced me he meant it, so I nodded and stood still as he removed his hand.  I then saw some rope as it went round my body, and forced my arms into my side, the bands going above and below my chest as it forced my breasts out, and my blouse started to pop open.


I hoped he would realise, as he folded my arms behind my back and used some more rope to bind my wrists tightly together, but that only seemed to encourage him more, as he pulled my blouse open and to the sides, exposing my white bra.


Npplsddnt,” I mumbled as his hands caressed and massaged my chest, making them feel so much more firm, so much nicer…


I wanted to stop him, honestly I did, but my body rebelled against my brain, and I found myself moaning at his touch.  He then unfastened my skirt and pulled it down, leaving it on the floor as he made me step over it and into the front room, and then made me lie down on my back on the long couch in the front room.


As he eased the cups of my bra down, and started to gently kiss my bare flesh, I felt little electric shocks running through me, especially when his lips sucked gently on my nipples.   I closed my eyes, not really noticing as he crossed and lashed my ankles tightly together, then kissed my chest again, my muffled squeals masking the squeak of rope against leather.


More rope went around my legs below my knees, before he picked up a roll of white tape, tore off a strip and pressed it down over my mouth and jaw.  I moaned, more quietly this time as his lips worked their magic on me – and then his hand went between my legs.


“HMGDDDD” I moaned as I looked down, watching him as he gently pulled my leggings down, and then…


I can’t really describe what happened next, save that it made me scream into the panties and tape, and it made me writhe under him.  I think that was exactly what he wanted, as he continued to kiss me there, his tongue playing with me as I found myself unable to stop what was coming, unable to stop myself from arching my back and screaming in pleasure.


Eventually, he stopped and looked at me as I panted for breath, and then he left me lying there, going to do something else.


Which was where my flatmate, Candice, found me when she came in ten minutes later.  She walked into the door, and let her white coat fall from her hand as she saw me lying there – semi-naked and glowing.


“Shit, Queenie, what happened,” she said as she ran forward, and looked at me.  I looked back at her, my lisp in a stupid grin, and then saw the man standing behind her, smiling as well.


She never stood a chance, as he grabbed her and forced her to stand – no mean feat, given Candice is six foot two, a gifted athlete with light brown skin and spiked dyed hair.  She was wearing a grey sweater over a white blouse, blue jeans and knee length tight burgundy red leather boots with a three inch heel.


“Do exactly as I say,” the man whispered, “or your flatmate there gets another experience like the one she just had.”


Right there and then, I would have said yes, but instead I watched as he pulled Candice back to a high backed chair and sat her in it, pulling her arms behind the back of the chair and I presume tying her wrists together at the back of the chair.


He then lifted her jersey up and over her head, pulling it down behind her before he lashed her chest and upper body to the chair back, framing her breasts in rope before he opened the front of her blouse and pulled it back.  I was shocked to see she wasn’t wearing a bra – although the way this intruder had tied the ropes, it made a very nice bra on its own.


Now she had been too shocked to say anything up to this point, but the touch of his hands on her bare flesh sure made her shout - and gave him the opportunity to stuff another pair of my knickers in her mouth, before he put some tape over it.


I could clearly see the impression of her lips under the tape, and the little o they made as he started to caress her chest with his hands, then walked in front of her and kissed them.  He then tied her ankles and knees to the front legs of the chair, and started to kiss and suck on her breasts again, making her moan and move around as he did so.


And dammit, I could feel the dampness between my legs as well as I squirmed round, I wanted him to do that to me again so badly…




I looked over at Candice, as he slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, before burying his head between her legs.  She closed her eyes and bucked as much as she could, as I heard her increased moans and screams before she finally slumped forward. 


“There now,” he said as he stood up, “one more thing, and then I will leave you.”


I wondered what he meant, before he returned and knelt in front of Candice.  I heard a buzzing, and then her moans as he tore something off the roll of tape, and then he came over to me, switching on the electric toothbrush before he taped it against my crotch.


IT was hours before Candice managed to free her arms and untie herself – hours spent in equal fear and pleasure.  It was only when we were free and checked that we realised nothing was missing from the house.


Absolutely nothing...



I had an afternoon free from lectures, and if truth be told I had a little bit of a hangover, so I headed back to my digs after having lunch with a friend.  It was a cold day, and the white scarf I had round my neck kept out most of the chill, but it was the thick leopard print cardigan I had on over my striped long sleeved top that really helped. 


The rest of my outfit was a pair of lilac coloured pants, tucked into knee length tan leather boots.  The walk home was nothing special – through the town centre, up the hill and into the student area, and then in my front door.


The house was empty – Tom and Jilly, my two housemates, had lectures all day – so I put my bag down, unwrapped my scarf and draped it over the banister at the bottom of the stairs, before I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.


A cup of strong coffee in my hand, I went up the stairs and sat at my table, looking at the essay I had to write on the works of S Hunter Thompson.  Not the easiest of subjects to get started on.




The strange voice made me freeze – and then I tasted the latex gloved hand that was pressed over my lips.  “Do not say a word,” the voice said, “do only what I tell you, do you understand?”


I nodded, wondering how the hell this intruder had got in without me hearing them.


“Good,” he said without removing his hand.  “Put your pen down, take your cardigan off, and then put your hands above your head, palms pressed together.”


I was too terrified not to do as he asked, as I placed my pen on the table, slipped my cardigan down my arms so that it fell on the chair seat, and then raised my arms.  I could feel something pulling my wrists together, and when I looked up I saw he had wrapped some rope around and between my arms.


“Stand up,” he said quietly, “and lie on your bed – keep those hands above your head.”


I slowly got out of my seat, walked over and lay down on my bed, looking up at him as he tied my bound wrists to the headboard.  He was tall, good looking, and didn’t wear a mask – but here he was, holding my left ankle as he pulled it to the side, and tied it with more rope to the leg of the bed, following suit with the other one.


Walking to my chest of drawers, he opened the top drawer and took out a pair of my panties, wadding them in his hand as he walked back.  “No, please,” I whispered as he stood over me, and stroked my light brown hair away from my face.


Shh,” he said, “open wide and I promise you will not be hurt.”  I slowly opened my mouth, as he pushed the panties in and then closed my mouth, his finger pushing my jaw up before he lightly kissed my laps.


Whtrudng,” I mumbled as he took a roll of white tape from his pocket, and tore several strips off, smoothing them over my mouth and muffling me even more.  I thought her was going to search for my jewellery then – what little I had.


I was wrong – he leaned over and started to gently kiss my neck, as his hands caressed my chest, gently kneading my breasts with his fingers.  I wanted him to stop, and would have told him, but the gag muffled everything, as he slowly pulled my top up, and eased the cups of my bra off.


That was when I felt his lips on my breasts, gently kissing them as he cupped them in his hands, squeezing them as he sucked on and around my nipples.  Nobody had ever done that to me before, and the feelings he was generating inside me were new, wild, different – and dammit, exciting.


He had tied my legs very slightly apart, but still tightly, so that I could barely move them – and I wanted to so much, as his attentions hardened my nipples, and I felt warmth inside me, especially between my legs.  To my horror, I found myself raising my back, letting him get more of my flesh between his lips as his tongue stroked over them…


OH lord, his tongue, it seemed to find the most sensitive areas on me, as he moved down and started to kiss my belly, that tongue tracing over every crevice of my belly button.  I barely noticed as he unfastened my pants, and gently pulled them down to my knees, my own panties following after, until I felt his finger tracing up between my legs.


I had not realised how damp I was there, how sensitive, until the shocks ran through me, and I gasped into the silk and tape.  That was when he looked at me, and then he put his head between my legs, gently kissing and using his tongue…



Oh god, using his tongue….


I closed my eyes, releasing myself to whatever it was he was doing to me, and letting nature take its sweet, majestic, beautiful, arousing, delirious course…




When he had finished, I opened my eyes and looked at him, as he planted one last kiss on my gagged lips, and left me there.  It was hours before my flatmates came back and found me, but when we checked nothing had been stolen.


Except, perhaps, my innocence…





When you get to a certain age, as I have, you begin both to appreciate things, and at the same time miss some of the things and experiences of your youth.  That was brought home to me the night he entered my house.


I had just returned from a day of business some distance away, and was sitting with a large drink in my hand, watching the evening news.  My outfit for that day was a long sleeved, pale cream blouse with a black print on it, a knee length skirt and a pair of brown/grey suede knee length boots.


No I hadn’t taken them off – and given what did happen, it actually helped that I was wearing them.


Anyway, I heard and saw nothing, until I saw him standing next to me out of the corner of my eye.  Tall, strong looking, and a smile as he said “Good evening – please, do not scream.  I am not going to harm you.”


Well, I was intrigued to know how he got in without making a sound, but more so by his casual approach – as if he knew I was going to obey his every word.


“And if I do scream,” I said casually.


“Then I will be forced to silence you more roughly than I had planned – and you are too beautiful a woman to want to hurt that way.”


I saw the gun in his hand, and nodded to show I understood.


“Good – finish your drink, and then I want you to do something for me.”


“And what would that be?”


“Put this in your mouth,” he said as he showed me a pair of my silk panties.  I knew then he was a robber, so I finished my drink, took the panties, folded them and placed them in my mouth, watching him the whole time.


I saw then that he had selected one of my best scarves – a $250 Hermes print one – and rolled it into a band, with a knot tied in the middle.  He pulled that knot into my already stuffed mouth, and tied the band tightly round my head, making sure my light grey hair was not trapped underneath.


“Now,” he said as he looked at me, “stand up, and take your skirt and blouse off.”


Slowly, I stood up and did as he asked, watching his eyes as I revealed my black bra and thong.  I was about to sit down and remove my boots when her said “no – keep them on, and put your arms by your side.”


I did as he asked, watching him as he walked behind me, pulling some sort of cord from his pocket as he did so.  I could feel him wrapping the cord around my arms, and pulling them together so that my elbows touched – I’ve never been so glad for yoga classes.


The rope then went round my wrists, forcing them together as my palms touched and I entwined my fingers together.  I looked at the way my chest was forced out, and wondered if her was binding me this way to humiliate me.


That thought was increased as he wound rope above, below and between my breasts, creating what could only be described as a rope bra to force my breasts still further out.  Looking to the recliner, I began to think that was where I was going to end up.


And then his lips touched my neck and shoulders, and his hands embraced and caressed my chest.  “A mature and beautiful woman such as yourself needs to be appreciated and adored,” he whispered into my ear, before he returned to the kissing and caressing and the wonderful feeling he was generating in me…


I could not believe what he was doing, as I said “mgswhtrudngtm?”


“Reminding you of who you are,” he said quietly, “but you need to be quiet.  Can I trust you to be quiet?”


Ahhhhh” I gasped as his fingers caressed my nipples.


“Good – because I want you to give full voice through the gag,” he said as he eased the cups of my bra down, and began to kiss my flesh, making me shiver as his tongue and lips worked on them, drew my nipples out, and made me moan even more into my very expensive, but very effective gag.


“Kneel,” he whispered to me, and I dropped to my knees, him falling with me as he continued to kiss my chest, sucking gently on my nipples as I closed my eyes.  I could feel him pulling my panties down, but did nothing to stop him, even when he stroked up my clit and I felt the dampness, and the warmth.


He then pushed me onto my back, his hand moving across my belly, and then his lips, making my squirm and squeal as he bent my left leg, and then tied my booted ankle to my bare thigh.  I could not move it an inch – and when he repeated it on the other side, I found all I could do was spread my legs apart, as he started to work his way down my body, from my neck, across my breasts, my belly, his hands stroking the inside of my thigh…


And then he put his head between my legs, and kissed my clit, using his tongue to tease the dampness I was feeling, and then working it into my passage.  I gasped loudly, finding myself pushing back against him as he worked on me, driving me inexorably to an orgasm like I had not felt in years, as I screamed and ground against his face.


He just kept going, teasing me, arousing me, finding all those spots I had forgotten about, until I suddenly arched my back and exploded on him, letting the juices flow as he greedily lapped them up, continuing to prolong my orgasm as long as possible.


When I finally  collapsed exhausted, he said “thank you,” and then he left me. 


My housekeeper found me the next morning, asleep on the floor, and released me, but I told her not to call the police – when I checked, nothing had been stolen.


But he had left me with so much more…




I’m an attractive woman, but no means am I a slim one – and I’m very happy with that.  If people cannot live with me like that, it’s their problem.


So when I went on a conference, and spent the evening before the opening session in the bar, I was quite happy to chat with some of the other delegates, and have a couple of drinks.  I remember I was wearing a knee length grey jersey dress with a wrap round top, showing the top of my black strapless bra underneath, and a pair of sensible black boots.


Nothing fancy, not exactly ‘come and get me boys’ wear – so of course I had no idea I was being watched and sized up.  Not at the point, anyway.


Anyway, I went back to my room, and was about to take those boots off when there was a knock on the door.  Any other time, I would have said something, but this one time I went and answered it.


There was a tall, well built man there, who pushed me back into the room and against the wall, his hand over my mouth as he said “No screams – I’m not going to hurt you, just play a little.”


He took a small handkerchief from his pocket, and removed his hand but before I had a chance to scream he pushed the cloth into my mouth, and then produced a roll of some sort of white tape.  “Stay still,” he then said as he wrapped the tape round my head, and sealed my mouth, meaning I could only moan as he took me back to the bed, and made me lie face down.


I felt him pulling down the zip at my neck, and then slowly pulling my dress down, before he folded my arms together behind my back.  With my head pressed down into the pillow, I could only hear the tape ripping, and then the tightness on my skin as he wound it from elbow to elbow, forcing my forearms together.


That was when he rolled me over, and smiled at me a she pulled my dress off, and then started to kiss my neck, his hand moving between my legs and stroking me.  I was petrified he was going to rape me, but his touch was so soft, his kisses so gentle, I was getting very confused.


Even more so when he started to massage my chest – I do have a fairly large one, and boys have played with it in the past, but his touch was different.  As if he knew exactly where and how to touch me to get me to relax, to move with him, to feel the response within me as he aroused me.


Who was he?  What was she going to do?  How the hell do I stop myself moving with him, moaning into the cloth and tape as he made my breasts swell, my nipples harden?


“Don’t resist,” he said as he looked at me, and slowly removed my bra, “accept and enjoy.”


I actually nodded as he said that, and I felt his lisp on my flesh, his tongue running over my nipples as little waves of pleasure started to wash over me.


And those waves started to get bigger and bigger as he nibbled on my nipples, and I started to bend my legs, the heels of my boots pushing into the mattress.


That was when he took my left ankle, and pulled it to the side of the bed, using some  cord to tie it to the leg at the bottom of the bed.  My right leg was bound the same way, as he then started to kiss the inside of my thighs, working up before he knelt between my legs, and started to massage my breasts as he kissed my neck.


I really was worried then her was going to rape me, especially when he pulled my panties down, but he made no move on his own pants.  Instead, he moved himself down, and started to use his lips and tongue between my legs in a way nobody had ever done to me before.


I screamed in delight as I felt my moistness, the sensations as he used his tongue on me in ways I did not think possible…


All too soon, it was over, and he looked at me, before he cut the tape away from my head, replacing it with a single strip over my mouth and placing the telephone next to me.


“I’m sure you can call for help – when you’re ready,” he said, and then he left me, exhausted, satisfied – and nothing else taken from me.





This really was my first time – well, my first time of experiencing what I did, in so many ways, and I could have not felt anything at all, if I hadn’t left my file at home.


I’m eighteen, and in the last few weeks of my A-level course.  I’d left Mum at home that morning, and gone into the college as usual, wearing my brown wool short sleeved wrap round cardi over a long sleeved white top, blue jeans and mid-length dark brown boots with a lace detail on the front.  A long striped woollen scarf was wrapped round my neck, and a brown leather belt helped keep my top closed.


Anyway – I got to college, and then realised at half ten I didn’t half the file I needed for my twelve o’clock class.  So I left the college, and walked the ten minutes to my house.


When I walked in, there was no sign of Mum, so I just assumed she had gone to the shops, and went to my room to pick up the file.  As I was passing my parent’s room, however, I heard a low moan, so I looked in to see if it was Mum, and she was all right.


Well it was  - she was lying on the bed, her blouse open and her trousers down to her bound ankles, with her bra below her chest and her panties down as well.  A rolled up scarf was between her lips, and she looked as if someone had made her delirious.


She opened her eyes and looked at me, slowly shaking her head and trying to say something.  I decided to back out and call the police – only for this hand to be clamped on my shoulder and a male voice to say “No.”


“Who… Who are you,” I whispered as Mum looked at me.


“Come with me,” the voice said, “and show me where your room is.”  Well, Mum just lay there, as I went in front of him to my room, and we went in, the door closing behind me.


“Do not be afraid,” he said, “remove your scarf and your cardigan.”


“What are you going to do to me,” I whispered back.


“As I say, do not be afraid – remove your cardigan and scarf.”


Well, I felt as if I had no choice – I unbuckled my belt and took it off, and then slipped my cardigan off, letting it drop to the floor with my scarf.  I then felt him take my hands behind my back, and the back of my hands press against each other, before some sort of cord was wrapped around my wrists, securing them together.


“Please,” I said as I wriggled my fingers, “I don’t have much for you to steal..”


“That was what your mother said,” the voice continued, as I felt his hands stroke down my arms, “and I will tell you what I told her – be quiet.”


I gasped as I left my arms being pulled together behind my back, and then saw how my chest was forced out as my elbows touched, held in place with more rope.


Wh…. What are you doing,” I whispered as I felt his hands on my stomach, and then his lips softly touch my neck.  I twisted my head out of the way and said “no…” afraid of what was to come next.


“I said you needed to be quiet,” the voice said behind me, “Where do you keep your panties?”


“Second… Second drawer down, why,” I said as I saw the man for the first time – tall, good looking, in a shirt and jeans.  He walked over, opened the drawer and took  pair out, folding them as he came back and said “Open wide.”


“No…  I won’t be able to speak…”


“That’s the idea,” he said quietly, “now, open wide.”


I was petrified, but I opened my mouth anyway, watching his eyes as he pushed the panties in.  “You can close your mouth now,” he said as he went to my wardrobe, opened it and took out a red scarf, which he rolled into a band.  Coming behind me, he pressed the band against my lips, and I opened them slightly, allowing him to pull the gag between them before he knotted it under my long brown hair.


I shivered and moaned into the silk and cloth as he then started kissing my neck again – I’d been kissed by boys, of course, but this was different, especially when he started to lull my top up and expose my belly.  I felt his hand stroking over that, and then moving up, as he started to caress my breasts, and I felt his fingers moving through my bra.


Nobody had ever touched me there like that before, and I muttered “hmgd” as I felt him gently massaging, my body responding as I started to feel a thrill of pleasure such as I had never experienced before.  It only grew as he squeezed more firmly, and then eased my bra up and off my chest, and I felt his fingers on my flesh, felt them firm and harden under his touch, felt his lips on my neck again.


IT was so wrong, and yet it felt so right, as he said in my ear “Lie on the bed.”


I did as he asked, watching as he took some more rope and tied my ankles tightly together, and then my legs below my knees.  Strangely, that made me feel more safe – I had feared he was going to rape me, by my pants were still on.


Feeling damp, though, as he leaned over me and started to run his fingers over my breasts, and I moaned – then screamed as he kissed my breasts, and started to suck on my nipples, his tongue stroking over them.


IT was like a shock through me, and it felt…



IT felt….



IT felt fucking fantastic! I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt my body respond to this, felt the dampness and the warmth between my legs, and allowed him to turn me on.  I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I knew I wanted it to go on!


I wriggled round as my legs rubbed against each other, and I felt something growing stronger between my legs, a desire to do something, an itch that needed to be scratched somehow, as he continued to kiss and lick my chest, my breasts, my belly, and his hand slipped between my….


Oh Jesus Mary Mother of God!  I felt his hand stroke up between my legs, and that itch just went crazy.  I looked at him and moaned even more, only to see him nod as he unfastened my jeans and pulled them down, then ran his finger up the damp cotton against my crotch.


I screamed again into the gag and arched my back, not noticing as he pulled my knickers down, but absolutely feeling it as he touched my clit with his lips, and stroked his finger up my bare flesh.


I cannot find the words to describe what happened next, as he showed me what an orgasm was, and taught me the wonders of being treated in that way.


What I can say is this – he left me on my bed, panting, shaking, sweating, and yet more complete than I had ever felt.  Sometime later, my mum hopped in from her room, and we looked at each other, nodding in complete understanding.







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