Not A Robbery – Secure Community









Number 1 – Ashley


We picked this community to live in precisely because it was a gated and secure one – we felt safe here, we felt that nothing extraordinary was going to happen.  Then a month ago, there was that Wednesday – and only afterwards did the wives realise what had happened to all of us.


I was the first – I’m in my late thirties, and work for a retro fashion store.  I actually had planned to go into work that afternoon, and so was in the outfit I had chosen to wear that day.  And on that particular cold winter’s day, it was a sleeveless mini dress with a lilac, purple and white floral repeated pattern, a lilac hem to the skirt and a round collar that left my shoulders exposed.  I was also wearing a pair of white stack heeled leather go-go boots, and my long light brown hair was held back by a white scarf.  I’m also a bit short sighted, so I had on my large glasses.


Anyway, I was about to head off to work when Prity from next door came in to borrow some sugar.  We got talking for a little bit, and then she slipped back out again, while I went to get my purse – and that must have been when he got in.  I have no idea how he managed to get past the gate security – but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Prity left, I got my purse and I went to collect the car keys from the kitchen – and that was when he grabbed me.  He was bigger and stronger than me – I had the back of my head against his chest as his large hand clamped over my mouth, and his arm went round my waist.


He lifted me off the ground and carried me into the front room of the house, ignoring my attempts to kick him as he did so, and then he said the most extraordinary thing.


“Stop struggling – I’m not going to hurt you unless you make me.”




Then he did just that, as I fell onto the floor.  Picking myself up, I looked at him – tall, and definitely strong, with a smile that I may have found attractive.


“Hello,” he said as he reached into his pocket, and brought out a roll of white tape, “just do exactly what I tell you, and everything will be just fine.”


“How did you get past the gate?  And what are you going to do?”


“Not saying, and I’ll show you,” he said as he took hold of my arm.  “Please, kneel down in front of the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Just… Just take what you want, I won’t give you any trouble,” I said as I slowly knelt down, and put my hands behind my back.  I felt him holding my wrists together, and then the tape as he wrapped it tightly round them.


I tried moving them apart, but the tape held firm, especially when he wrapped it round my waist and held them against my back.  I tried to pull them free, but it was no use – especially when he taped my arms to my side above and below my chest.


“That’s tight,” I said, and then I gasped as he reached round and very gently, very delicately, squeezed my chest.


“What are you doing,” I said quietly, both surprised and faintly excited by his actions.  He said nothing, as he slowly removed my glasses, folded them and placed them on the coffee table, before he squeezed my chest again.


“This…. This is wrong,” I said quietly as I struggled, which only made his hands rub more over my chest, which made the feeling I was starting to have increase, so I struggled more…


Why the hell I didn’t realize I was walking into a self fulfilling prophecy, I have no idea, but I began to moan slightly at this touch, and as he began to gently knead my breasts I felt them firming, and my nipples harden under his guidance.


“Oh f….  Please, stop, you don’t know what you’re doing to me…”


“Yes I do – open wide.”


Whymmmffffffff,” I said as he pushed a folded cloth into my mouth, and then wound the tape round my head, sealing the cloth inside so that all I could say was a low whimper.  A whimper which got louder as he reached under my skirt and slowly pulled my panties down, easing them off my legs before he started to tease my with his fingers.


I was getting scared now, especially when he made me sit on the floor and bent my left leg, taping my ankle to my thigh on both sides.  There I was, sitting with my legs bent and secured, my panties off, and then the legs spread wide, as he started to kiss my neck and use his hand to gently stroke my clit.


And then he stopped using his hand, as he made me lie down, and pushed my legs apart.  I was shaking now with fear, as I thought he was going to rape me, but instead  - instead he kissed me on my mound, and then down the middle, his tongue gently licking me as he did so.


I screamed when he did that – and then he did it again.  And again.  And again.  And each time he did it, I felt it more strongly, the shock of realization that this was arousing me, making me flush, turning me on…


I began to pant and sweat as his tongue continued to tease, and then to probe me, something no man had ever done to me before – but by God it felt so bloody good when he did it, I did not want him to stop, I wanted him to keep going, even when a wave of euphoria washed over me


And then another, and another, as I shook and screamed into the cloth and tape.  I had no control any more, as I had the most fantastic orgasm, before I collapsed against the chair.


He stood up and smiled as he placed a large cushion on the floor, and then laid me down, pulling my legs back and tying my ankles with two ropes to my wrists, before he stroked my hair away from my sweat covered head.


“Rest now,” he said, “I have other house calls to make, starting with your next door neighbour”


I watched him walk out, and wondered if I would warn the others, especially Prity.  But I was too exhausted from what I had experienced, as my eyes closed and I fell asleep…



Number 2: Prity


When I came back from Ashley’s place, I put the sugar in the kitchen and made a fresh pot of coffee, then went to have a look out onto the quiet road.  Her garage was closed, but nothing unusual in that – they’re all programmed to close as soon as the car leaves, so I sat down and flipped through my paper.


I was casually dressed that day, in an old red and white checked top, black jeans and short brown boots.  My husband was away on a business trip, so I did not feel I had to wear the full apparel of a wife while he was elsewhere.


Looking out of the window again, I saw Morag carrying her shopping into her house.  I waved to her, and she waved back, before I went to pour my coffee and then headed upstairs.  I had some clean laundry there to put away, and then my plan was to catch up on some reading for the evening class I take.


So I went into my bedroom, and sat down, sipping my coffee from time to time and reading about Monet.  I had no idea of what was going on next door, or indeed of anything much, until I heard that soft cough and looked up.


He was big all right – and fast, because before I had a chance to scream he had his hand over my mouth, and was looking into my eyes.


“Hello,” he said quietly, “now, be a good girl and don’t make any noises, I’m not going to harm or hurt you.”


I looked up at him, wide eyed, fearing what his intentions were, as he stared into my eyes.  His stare was almost hypnotic as he looked at me, and then said “If you promise not to scream, I will take my hand away.”  I nodded, and he did just that, looking at me.


“What do you want,” I finally got out.


“To make you happy,” he said quietly, “lie down, rest your head on the pillows, and put your hands above your head.”  As he said this, he produced some lengths of rope from his back pocket, and smiled again.


“Just take my purse – it’s downstairs,” I said as I looked at him.


“I don’t want your money my dear – now, lie down and put your hands above your head.”


I slid down and raised my hands, watching as he took my left wrist and tied one end of a piece of rope to it, and then stretched it out, tying it to the top corner of the bed.  He then walked slowly round, watching me the whole time, and tied my other wrist to the top of the bed.


As I pulled on them, he then slipped my boots off, as well as the socks I was wearing, and tied my ankles to the bottom corners of the bed, leaving me spread-eagled and secured tightly.


“If it’s not money, then…  Oh no, please, not that!”


“Not what,” he said as he folded my socks into a pad.  “I have no desire to physically take you, I only wish to show you happiness.  Your neighbour next door has already discovered this – and so will the rest of the wives on this street.”


“What are you going to dooooooo,” I said as I felt his lips on my neck, and the soft gasp escaped my mouth.  I turned my head to look at him, seeing his smile as he said “Was that good?”


To my surprise, I nodded and let him kiss me again – I had missed the feel of my husband’s lips these last few days, and it was as if he knew this and wanted to remind me.  As he gently kissed me, his hands stroked over my stomach, and I felt the warmth in me that generated as well.


He then started to slowly unbutton my blouse, moving it to the sides before his hand stroked over my bare midriff, and then he leaned over and kissed my belly button, his tongue playing with the ridges.  How did he know the way that would make me feel?


As I gasped, he ran his hands down my side, and then started to kiss my throat as his hands traced over my breasts.  I shook a little at this, but that made him press a little harder, which made me want him to carry on.


So he did, kissing my neck as his hands caressed and massaged me, making me groan a little and arch my back as he did so.  It felt so good, and yet it was wrong, and yet it was wonderful…


“Does that feel good,” he whispered as he looked at me, his hands encircling and caressing my chest, and all I could do was nod with my eyes closed.  I didn’t even object as he slipped the bra up and over my chest, and I felt his lips gently kissing me there, and then sucking gently on my nipples.  It just felt so wonderful…


“Open wide.”




“I don’t want you to warn the others I am coming – so open wide please.”


“Yes, sir,” I moaned, and as I opened my mouth I felt silk pushed into the space, closing my lips over it as it pressed my tongue down.   I didn’t even know what it was, and I didn’t care, as he started to kiss my chest again, and I moaned softly.


His lips then lightly brushed over mine, and I felt something press down on them, pulling at the skin around them.  I opened my eyes to see him holding some paper, and as I glanced in the wardrobe mirror I saw the brown fabric strip covering my mouth.


He then returned to my chest, making me groan and writhe round with his gentle kisses and nibbles. I did not even notice as he unzipped and eased my pants down, merely enjoying the pressure as he traced his finger up the panties covering my most personal area.


I then felt it again, but this time skin to skin, and the shock that ran through me made me moan even more.  I opened my eyes and looked down, to see my pants and panties at my knees, as he stroked his hand between my legs.


“You are warm,” he said quietly, “but I can make you warmer.”  Then he kissed me – first on my gagged lips, then my chest, then my belly button, and then…


I don’t remember much of the next few minutes, except for the intense waves of pleasure, and the fact that it drained me completely and totally.  The next thing I remember clearly is him wiping my sweat covered face, and a feeling of intense peace – even when he tied some more rope around my waist and brought it back through my legs, tying it just below my belly button.


“Rest now – I have more calls to make,” he said as he left me there, wondering what had just happened…


Number 3 – Morag


Looking back on the day, the one thing I’m most glad of was the fact my little girl wasn’t at home.  I shudder to think – no, I don’t think he would have, but she would have been kept out of the way somewhere.


I’d dropped her off at a friend’s house, and gone shopping, waving to Prity when I got back and carried my bags into the house.  I had my long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail, and had my glasses on because I was driving, and a blue open blouse over a round necked top, brown three quarter trousers and brown sandals.


It only took me a few minutes to put my groceries away, and I put the kettle on when there was a knock on the front door.  I walked to it and opened it to see Laura standing there, dressed for a cleaning day.  She’d run out of cloths, so I fetched a packet from my store cupboard and handed them to her.


She smiled and waved as she walked off, her red scarf blowing slightly in the breeze, as I closed the door.  I could hear the kettle turning off itself off, and turned round, looking forward to the drink, when the doorbell rang again.


“Forget something else,” I said as I opened the door, but that was when things moved quickly.  I saw the big man standing there, and the next thing I knew I was standing against the wall, his hand over my mouth as he calmly closed the door.


“There’s nobody else home, is there,” he said as he looked at me.  For a moment I thought of lying, but instead I slowly shook my head under his hand.


“Be calm, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said as he looked at me, “just do whatever I tell you to do, all right?”


I nodded slowly as he smiled at me, and then took his hand away.  “Good – now, into your front room,” he said quietly, “and lie face down on the long couch I can see there.”


Nodding, I walked slowly in with him behind me, and lay down, watching him as he closed the drapes over the windows, and then walked over, gently stroking my arms as he removed my blouse and placed it on the floor.  He then crossed my wrists in the small of my back, and held them as he opened a bag and took out some thin cord.


“If it’s money you want, my purse is in the kitchen,” I said as I felt the cord pull my wrists together.  He then crossed and tied my ankles, before he made me sit up and sat behind me.


“I don’t want your money,” he said as his hands stroked down my arms, “In fact, I want to give you something.”


“What,” I said with a shiver as his hands stroked over my stomach.


“Allow me to show you,” he said as he gently lifted my top up and over my head, and then started to massage my chest, his lips on my neck.  I wanted to scream and say no – but something, something was stopping me.  I did not want this to happen, and yet this was something I hadn’t felt since that bastard ran off with his secretary…


“Is there something wrong,” he whispered in my ear as his fingers sank into my chest, and I moaned softy, saying “You…  You can’t do this to me…”


Shhh,” was the only thing he said as she stopped for a moment, and then I felt my arms being pulled into my side, looking at the rope as he wrapped it round me and forced my already firm chest out, my arms held tightly in place before he tied it off behind my back.


“How long has it been,” he said as he resumed the gentle massage of my chest, and I closed my eyes, moaning “too long” as I sighed.


“then let me remind you,” he whispered as he lay me down, and then eased my bra up and over my chest, his fingers stroking over my nipples and gently squeezing before his lips enclosed and kissed each teat in turn.


“Oh shit,” I whispered as I felt them perk up, and he continued to work them, his hands gently moving over and on them, his lips gently sucking, his tongue stroking over them.  There was no way I could not respond to that, physically or mentally never mind emotionally.


“Oh fuck keep doing that,” I moaned as I wriggled round, closing my eyes as he stopped for a few moments and tied my legs together below my knees before he returned to them.  As I wriggled round, my legs rubbing, I felt warm, I felt aroused, and I wondered what he would do next.


The answer came when he started to kiss my belly, and I felt his hand gently moving between my legs.  “Don’t” I whispered, “or I cannot stop myself from screaming…”


I saw him nod, and then take a clean white hankie from the bag.  I nodded in return, and opened my mouth, feeling the cloth over my tongue before he kissed my lips and pressed gently between my legs.


MMmmmmmmmmmmm” I said as I kissed him back, and then watched as he tore a strip of white tape from a roll and pressed it firmly over my mouth.  I then felt his lips on my stomach again, and wriggled and moaned, not realising he had opened my pants up and pulled them down to my knees – until, that is, he pulled my panties down as well, and I felt his lips on there.


Only one man had kissed me there before, and for a moment the pain of his betrayal came back as I tried to move away – but he just held my hips, and kept gently kissing me there, his hands moving down my legs as he did so.


I moaned out and raised my hips, turning slightly as I tried to give him as much access as the ropes would allow.  Don’t think that of me – I realised there was a need, a desire I had pushed deep down, and somehow he knew of it, and was feeding it in his own way.


And dear god how strong was that desire?  As his lips stroked me, his tongue licked over my mound, and I screamed in delight, lifting my lips up and forcing my legs slightly apart.  That was all the signal he needed, as his tongue gently pushed in and started to taste of my juices, licking me and making me groan and writhe even more.


He never gave up, gently moving his lips up and down my body, sensing exactly where to touch and kiss and then when to use his tongue to make me feel special and wanted.  As he worked his way in, I felt the pleasure rolling over me, building in me, the cloth and tape meaning only my moans got louder and louder as I practically begged for him to take me.


But he didn’t – he kept teasing, licking, devouring me until an orgasm such as I had never felt washed and crashed over me, making me arch my back and then collapse in a sweat covered flop.


Opening my eyes, I looked at him through the mist and mumbled “Fnkufrrmgft.”


“It was a pleasure and an honour- and I hope it is not so long until you experience it again,” he whispered as he rolled me onto my side and tied my ankles to the ropes around my chest.  Turning the radio on, he looked at me and said “Half way now,” before he left me.


Now, of course I know what he meant, but then…



Number 4 - Laura


I’d been spending the day cleaning, so I wasn’t exactly dressed glamorously.  In fact, I was the exact opposite – an old white v-necked sweater with my sleeves pushed up to my elbows, grey jogging pants, trainers and a red scarf tied over my hair.


Well, it was over my hair at the start, at any rate.  Like I said, I’d been in the house all day, except when I nipped next door when I discovered I was out of cleaning cloths.  So I hadn’t seen anyone else, or heard anyone else.


So I’d finally got the dusting and hovering out of the way downstairs, and was enjoying a short break before I moved things upstairs.  The coffee was just brewed, and I was sitting at the kitchen table when I heard the front door bell ring.


When I went to answer, I saw Beryl from number 5 there – she’s called round to remind me of the coffee morning tomorrow.  We stood talking for a few minutes, before she walked off and I closed the door, intending to return to the coffee and magazine.


And that’s what I did – I returned to the table, sat down, looked at the magazine, turned a page while I was drinking my coffee, read a bit more, put my coffee down, turned the page, screamed into the large hand that suddenly covered my mouth…


Sounds a bit trite when I put it that way, doesn’t it?  But it was that sudden – one minute I’m reading, the next someone behind me has pulled my head back while I tried to pull his hand away.  I knew it was a he – it was a man’s hand, and a man’s voice who told me to calm down and stop struggling.


After a few minutes, I realised he was not going to let go, so I stopped fighting and sat there, panting heavily into his hand.  Eventually, he said he wasn’t going to harm me, and I was to do as he said.


I nodded slowly, and then when he said to put my hands together above my head I did what he said.  Looking up, I saw a length of cord being wrapped around my wrists, pulling them together palm to palm as he secured them, and then he pulled my hands back behind my head, securing them to the chair back behind me.


I tried pulling them up, but he had secured them fast, and then he pulled the chair back.  I heard him kneel at the side, and then saw him guide my ankle to the leg of the chair, tying it tightly to the wood and then again just below my knee.  He went behind me and did the same to my other leg, so that I was secured in place, only really able to wriggle from side to side.


When he had pulled my wrists back, the hem of my top had been pulled up as well, revealing my belly button.  It was this he then reached round from behind and stroked with his gloved finger, tracing round it as he whispered into my ear how beautiful he thought I looked.


Well, that was when the anger took over, and I started shouting and screaming – only for him to clamp his large hand over my mouth again, as with his other hand he pulled my scarf off and folded it into a wad.


I tried protesting, I tried to stop him - but he still managed to push the folded cloth into my mouth, and hold it in place while he covered my mouth.  I then heard this funny sound, as if something was being peeled away, and then he stuck something over my mouth to keep my scarf in there.  Whatever it was, it stuck firm, and I was reduced to muffled yelps as he continued to stroke my stomach.


That was bad enough, but then I felt him lift my top up, as his hands moved up and held my breasts.  I was terrified at that point of what might happen, and I started to wriggle round – but he had his hands on my chest, and as I wriggled they moved, and as they moved he started to hold them more firmly – and that confused me even more!


IT’s not that he was rough – quite the opposite, he kept whispering and talking to me, even as he lifted my top up and then tied rope above and below my chest, holding me to the chair back.  Even as he started to massage my chest, he whispered sweet words into my ear, trying to calm me and relax me – but he was assaulting me!  I wanted to be angry, I wanted him to stop, I wanted him to…


I wanted him to stop, I truly did, but the feelings that were coursing through me clouded my mind – especially when he slipped my bra up and started to play with my firm flesh, my bare nipples like little toys in his hands and fingers as he played with them.  I was unable to stop my body responding, my physical desires slowly eroding away at my emotional resistance.


Then he kissed my neck, each little kiss accompanied by a gentle squeeze, and I could only sigh into the scarf and covering.  I must have relaxed physically as well, because I remember slumping slightly, and then seeing him properly for the first time as he sat in front of me on my lap.  He was tall, dark haired, and smiled – right before he leaned down and gently kissed my erect nipples, his tongue stroking over them as I groaned and wriggled more.


I wanted him to have me then, and pushed myself forward as far as I could, but somehow – somehow he was in control, pushing me back as he slipped off me, his lips on my belly as he eased my pants and knickers down.


I was powerless to stop him as he spread my legs apart a little more, and then worked my mound with his lips and tongue.  I threw my head back and screamed as he did this – I had no choice as my body responded to the unusual assault, and he kept going, probing, tasting, licking…


IT did not take me long to come, and to slump again, looking at him through desire filled eyes.  He said nothing, but left the kitchen for a moment, returning with an electric toothbrush.


I’m not going to say exactly what he did with it – let us just say until I and the others were discovered, I was in a permanent state of excitement…


Number 5 – Beryl


There is no other way of saying it – I’m a big, happy, middle aged woman who loves life.  I’m the oldest of the six wives in here, and I try my best to make sure we help each other.  Mind you, what happened that day wasn’t quite what I had in mind.


When I say I’m big, I’m not joking, but I don’t care what the doomsayers keep moaning about – I’m large and I’m proud.  I could see the way Laura looked at me when I called round to remind her of the coffee morning – but you know what?  It’s her problem, not mine.


I was wearing a purple cardigan over a sleeveless floral print dress with a low rounded collar, a pair of light purple leggings and knee length black boots.  The sleeves of my cardie were pulled up to my elbows, and I had some nice drop earrings with my glasses.


I was actually looking forward to going down to the community centre, where I help out with a meet and greet for the old folks, so I needed to get my act together and find my car keys.  So naturally this was the day I lose them, and it took me a good hour to find them.


That meant I was in a hurry to get out of the house, as I finally found them under the bed.  I then turned to go to the car – and there he was.


“Hello,” he said as he pushed me back onto the bed, smiling as I looked at him.  “I wish to give you a very special present, my dear, and I hope you will receive it with gladness.”


“Oh shit,” I said as I looked at him, “please, don’t hurt me…”


“Hurt you?  I have no intention of hurting you,” he said quietly.  “But in return, you must be quiet, all right?”


I nodded slowly as he said “Good – now hands on top of your head please, and do not move.”


He had a small bag with him, and as I placed my hands on my head I watched him take a length of cord out, and then kneel down, crossing my ankles as he used the cord to bind them tightly together.  I heard the rope rubbing on the leather, and the constriction on my legs, but then I could not move them apart at all.


As he then wrapped more cord around my legs, below my knees, and secured them together, I said “Please, I live alone, I don’t have much – just take what I have and go.”


“My dear lady,” he said as he looked at me, his hands at the back of my legs, “I have been visiting all your neighbours today.  Be assured, as they are discovered, so you will be.  Now, allow me to make you comfortable.”


Strangely enough, what he was doing was comfortable – it didn’t hurt, but my legs were almost welded together.


“Now then,” he said as he walked over and pulled the blinds down over the windows, “let me give you what I have to give.”


“No please,” I pleaded, “I don’t want you to…”


Shhh,” he said as he knelt on the bed behind me. Guiding my hands down to my side, he then slowly slipped my cardigan off me, pulling it down and off my arms as he gently kissed me on my neck.


Ohgodohgodohgodohgod” I said as I felt his hands on my bare arms, and then his lips on my neck again, my eyes closing as I realised he was being gentle for a reason, to try and put me at my ease.  I had only one thought in my mind still, however, a thought that was reinforced as I felt the zip going down my back, and my dress was pulled down to reveal my large black bra.


“What are you doing,” I whispered as he kissed me again, and then I saw the rope as he passed it round my arms and chest, pulling them into my sides below my chest.  Nobody had ever done this before – my legs were secured so that I could not really walk, and now my arms were being tied to my side, the rope visible as he passed it above and below my chest, gently pulling and tightening the bands with each pass.


As he did this, my chest was forced up and out – and it’s already large anyway – but the rubbing of the ropes on my skin was giving me all sorts of funny feelings.  As I tried to twist my arms, and found them firmly held in place, I barely noticed a she folded my forearms behind my back and tied my wrists together, then tied them to the chest ropes.


“I trust that is not too uncomfortable,” he whispered into my ear before he kissed me again, and I must have said something about it not being.  I don’t really remember too much, as that was the moment he decided to stroke around and over my breasts with his hands.


“Oh my,” I breathed out as I felt him hold my chest in his hands, and then gently squeeze as his lips travelled down my back.   Nobody had ever done that for me before, and the feelings that I was experiencing were unlike anything I had ever, ever felt before.


“Please,” I whispered, “I’ve never, never been with a man.  I don’t want you to ….”


“I do not intend to,” he whispered, “but that does not mean you cannot experience for yourself the joys of being adored and appreciated.”  With that, I guess I gave in – whatever it was he was doing, as he gently caressed and kissed me, a part of me was screaming for him to continue.


“I want you to lie down,” he said as he unfastened my bra under the tropes, and eased the cups down so that my breasts were exposed to the cool air.  As I did so, he knelt beside me, and started to kiss my chest, his lips searching every inch of the flesh and then gently caressing around my nipples, while his tongue lightly danced over them.


I had felt how firm they were before this, but now it was as if they were on fire, and that fire was coursing down my front and between my legs.  I had only felt something like this warmth when watching a real hunk on the television or in the cinema – and while he was good looking, whoever this man he was not a hunk like them.


But I didn’t care – I was on fire, and I wanted that fire to be quenched.  His lips only seemed t inflame it, however, as I groaned out and shifted slightly, my legs rubbing against each other.


“Does it feel hot,” he whispered into my ear as he looked at me, and removed my glasses.  I nodded and said “I’m scared – I don’t want to be…”


“I already said I would not do that – but you wish the burning to be released, the desire in you that you feel to be quenched, do you not?”


I could only nod as he said “Then I will – but you must not be allowed to give full voice to what it releases.  I still have one more visit to make, and I do not wish to spoil the surprise.”


I watched as he walked over to a set of drawers, and took a set of my panties out.  Folding them into a pad, he came back and said “Open your mouth.”


“Will you kiss me first – in my lips?”


He nodded and gently kissed me, pressing them against mine as I opened them slowly and ran my tongue over his mouth.  I then opened them and felt the silk pressing my tongue down, before he took a roll of white tape from his back, tore a long strip off and stuck it firmly over my mouth and jaw.  It seemed to mould to my body, as he gently pressed his lips over it, and then took them down my front, kissing and caressing my breasts and my belly as he slowly eased my leggings and panties down to my knees.


I squirmed and moaned, and then screamed as his finger went along my slit, but all I heard was the muffled moan.  Whatever he had done was keeping me quiet, so I gave full voice to the beast inside me as he slowly played with me with his fingers.  There was dampness as well, but that seemed to make it even more exciting, as he moved it round, and then…


Then he put his head there, easing my legs a little apart as his lisp touched me, and his tongue slowly worked between the petals.  I was not lying when I said I had never felt a man before, never known his loving touch, but if it was anything like this…


I closed my eyes as I started to move in response to him, as much as I could, but there was something else – burning warmth between my legs that he only seemed to encourage with his kisses, his licks, his mouth and tongue.  I called out more as that warmth seemed to grow and grow, moving my hips so that he could do more, and then…


It hit me like a tidal wave, a feeling of euphoria and delights as I screamed and arched my back.  Wave after wave hit me, making me buck and squirm as my body seemed to give itself to him.  The dampness just increased, but I sensed he was lapping it all up, making me go even further – and I did not want it to end, I really did not want it to end…


Eventually, however, it did, and I looked up at him as I lay on my back.  “Was that good for you,” he said, and I nodded, before saying “Wnttntgn?”


“You wish to feel that again?”


I nodded and watched as he took more rope from his bag, and tied it between my breasts, feeling the ropes tighten even more as he pulled it down my stomach.  He then rolled me over, and I groaned a she pulled the rope up behind me, the cords rubbing between my legs as he tied it to my wrists.


“Try moving your arms,” he said, and as I did so, the rope rubbed and I felt the shock, the tingle, the excitement again!


“I must go,” he said, “as I have one more person to visit.  But remember today – and remember, you are a beautiful woman.”


All I could do was nod as he left, and then groan in excitement as I moved the rope…


Number 6 – Simone


I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car, looking at the other five houses in the street.  There was no sign of anyone else around, but I did to expect there to be – I knew they would all be busy with their own lives, although I was a little surprised to see a tall, handsome looking man coming out of Beryl’s door as I let myself in.


I was just coming back from the office, and was dressed for the cold weather – a long red and white coat over a grey cowl necked mini dress made of wool, the sleeve cuffs pulled back over the coat sleeves, knee length grey socks and a pair of straight grey leather boots that came to just below my knees.  I rubbed my hands together, and went to put the coffee maker on, thinking I wasn’t going to be disturbed for an hour or two.


Got that but right – anyway, there was a knock on the door, and when I went to open it I saw the man who had come out of Beryl’s house.


“My apologies,” he said quietly, “but I find myself in need of calling assistance, and my cell phone is dead.  May I use yours?”


“OF course,” I said as I held the door open for him, “what number do you need to call?”


“911,” he said as I closed the door, “but only once I have left you.”


“What do you mmmmmmm” I said as I felt his hand over my mouth, pulling me back against his chest.  “Now, just be nice and quiet,” he said as he showed me a gun, my eyes widening.  “I have already visited your neighbours, and now I want to spend a little time with you.”




“Someone who appreciates beautiful women,” he said as he stroked my long brown hair with his free hand, “but has no desire to harm them, only to help them feel deep pleasure.  Now, very slowly, walk with me into your front room.”


Well, I was in absolutely no position to argue, as we walked in and he looked round.  “Good – go and draw the shades, nice and slowly,” he said as he released me.  I walked over to the curtains and looked out, but there was no one around, so I drew the blinds and then turned to look at him.


He smiled at me, and said “What’s your name?”




“All right Simone – please, take off your top coat.  I do not wish for you to be over warm this afternoon.”


Shivering, I did as he asked, laying the red garment on a chair.  “Good,” he said as he looked at me, “you will be more comfortable that way.  Now, I want you to take one of the chairs from the table, bring it over here, and then sit on it.”




“I want you to be comfortable,” he said, “now please, do as I say.”


Well, I slowly walked over and carried the chair to the centre of the room, before setting it down and then sitting myself on it.  I watched as he slowly walked round me, and then reached into his jacket pocket, taking out from it a roll of silver tape.


“What are you going to do with that,” I said as I watched him kneel down, and take hold of my left leg.  Holding my ankle against the wood, he tore the end of the roll loose with his teeth, and then wrapped it tightly round both my booted ankle and the chair leg, holding the two together.


Doing the same to my left leg, he then stood and smiled at me, before saying “Now, I want you to put your arms at the side of the chair, and keep them there.”


I watched as he took my left wrist and taped it to the side of the chair, and then did the same to my right arm.  I tried pulling them away, but he had done it too tightly – especially when he did the same to my arm just below my elbow.


“There now,” he said as he stood behind me, “nice and secure, so all you need to do now is relax…”


I felt his hands on my shoulders, and the gentle way he started to knead them, as I started to shiver.  Not that I was cold, but I was fearful of what he was going to do next.


What he did was to move the neck of my dress to one side, as well as my hair, and gently kiss the side of my neck, before his hands came in front of me and started to slowly, carefully, gently massage my chest.  I could feel his fingers through the wool as I said “Please – stop…”


“No,” he whispered, and he kept the gentle massage up, as I closed my eyes and tried to move.  But I could not, could I?  He had taped my arms and legs to the chair, and the way his hands were holding me kept me pressed against the chair back.  There was nowhere I could go as my body started to respond to the touch of his hands and fingers, my breasts becoming firmer, and the occasional moan escaping as his lips touched my neck again and again.


“Please – why are you doing this,” I whispered, “stop or I’ll scream.”


“Oh, I think you will scream anyway,” he whispered into my ear as he started to play with my nipples.  I had no idea that had become so hard, but looking down I could just about make them out through the grey wool.




I opened my mouth and shouted, but he put some sort of cloth in, and then covered my mouth with his large hand while he tore the end of the roll of tape free again.  Before I had a chance to say anything, he started to wind it round my head, lifting my hair out of the way as he sealed the cloth in with the silver tape.


PllssmmmdntyMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned as he continued to massage my chest, and I felt warm, almost loved – but that could not be right, not in these circumstances?


Still, I closed my eyes and allowed him to take control, as he moved in front of me and pushed my skirt up and around my waist.  The chair creaked, my leather boots squeaked, and I moaned – even more loudly as he pressed on me from my front, and I felt the chair back against me.


Looking down, I saw him slip my panties down, and for a moment I feared he was going to rape me.


He didn’t – instead, he started to use his fingers between my legs, and I realised with a start just how damp I had gotten there.  As he touched me, the shocks began, tiny, fleeting, but they made me buck slightly with each stroke – and then he slipped one finger past my petals.


“HMFCNNGGDDD!” I called out as I arched my head back, and at the same time drove his finger deeper within me.  “Ah,” he said quietly as he looked at me, “you want to be released, don’t you?”


I could only nod, and then watch as he withdrew his finger and sucked it.  “Very tasty,” he said quietly, “I want more.”


At which point he knelt in front of the chair, leaned forward and began to use his tongue and lips between my legs.   I screamed out then, but the cloth and tape band meant all I heard was “MMMMMMMYSSSSSSSSSS” as I felt an explosion of heat and wanted it quenched by him.


I cannot really put into words what happened over the next few minutes – suffice to say I eventually collapsed, panting through my nose, my body covered in sweat.


“Goodbye Simone,” I faintly heard him say and then the door closed.





It was two hours later when my husband came home and freed me – the security guard with him.  He released me, and I told my story to the police.  It was the next day when all six of us met for coffee, and we found out the same man had visited all of us.


And done the same thing to all of us.  Nothing stolen, save – well, he gave as much as we did.







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