Not a Robbery – The Family











How did it all start – that day none of us could ever forget?  Well, it was a Sunday in the early spring, and I had gone with my mother to church.  She had to stay back for a Women’s Group meeting, but I need to get home.  You see, we had invited Grandma and Aunt Bea to join us for dinner later that afternoon, and it fell to me to put on the oven and start roasting the lamb joint we had.


As I say, it was early spring, and still a bit cold, so I had chosen to wear a blue cardigan over my knee length dress.  The dress itself was white with black polka dots, and buttoned up the front.  A wide black belt was fastened around my waist, and on my legs I wore a pair of knee length, stack heeled black leather boots.


Anyway, I drove into the parking area in front of our house, turned off the engine and got out, and then walked up to the front door, unlocking and opening it as I went in and headed to the kitchen.


We had prepared the roast before we went out, so I put the oven on, and made myself a cold drink while I waited for the heat to reach the right temperature.  When it eventually did so, I smiled, opened the oven door, put the roasting tin in, and closed the door before standing up.


And then giving a muffled gasp as an arm wrapped itself round my waist, and a gloved hand was clamped over my mouth.


I hadn’t heard the door opening or closing, the footsteps, anything - but someone had sneaked into the house, and was now holding me in their arms.


Well, I struggled and screamed, but then whoever it was took their arm from my waist, and I caught a glimpse of steel in the corner of my eye.  Looking to the side, I saw a knife, and then a male voice said “stop struggling, and keep quiet – I’m not going to hurt you, all right?”


What choice did I have?  I slowly nodded, as he said “Good – I’m going to take my hands away, and I want you to stay quiet, all right?”


I nodded slowly as he removed his hand, and I heard something dropping to the floor.  “Remain calm and quiet, and you’ll be just fine,” he said as he pulled my hands behind my back, and I felt some sort of cord pulling them together.  Whoever he was, he was strong, as he secured my wrists together and I wriggled my fingers round.


“Not too uncomfortable, I trust,” he whispered into my ear, and I felt him stroke back my long light brown hair with his gloved hand.


“No – but why are you doing this?” I asked.  “You can take my money and go – I won’t stop you.”


“Ah, but I seek something more precious than cash or jewellery,” he said as I looked to the side, and saw a canvas rucksack, coils of rope sticking out of the top.  I saw the gloved hand, the leather jacket as well, as it reached down and took out another coil, and then I saw his hands as he passed it round my body, and pulled my arms into my sides, just below my chest.


That was bad enough, but then he wrapped it round my body again, above my chest this time, pulling it tight before he repeated that several times below and above, each pass forcing my arms into my body, each pass forcing my chest further out, before he eventually tied it off behind my back.


Or so I thought – instead, he brought it under one arm, and pulled it up so that the ropes tightened, wrapped it round the back of my neck, and then took it under my other arm, before he gave one more tug and tied it off.


There I was, my arms immobilised, as he turned me round and looked at me.  I’m nineteen, but he looked as if he was in his early thirties.  Short cropped black hair, and – yeah, I suppose a nice smile, as he said “Now, young lady, we need to make you comfortable and relaxed.  After you.”


“Wh…. Where to?”


“Upstairs – your bedroom, I think.  I should find what I am looking for there.”


So I walked in front of him and up the stairs, him following with that bag, until we went into my bedroom.  I sensed him looking round, as he said “Good – lie face down on your bed, please.”


I was too scared by now to do anything but obey, so I somehow managed to lie face down, the tears soaking into my pillow as I felt him cross and tie my ankles together with yet more rope.  I could hear the cords squeaking as they rubbed against the leather, and then I felt the pressure below my knees as he tied my legs together there, the rope rubbing between my legs as well as around them.


“Please,” I said as I turned my head, “just take whAAAAA…”


I was taken by surprise as he reached under my body and started to unfasten the belt around my waist, sliding it off as I heard it drop to the floor at the side of the bed.  “Oh no,” I whispered, “please god, don’t do that…”


“Hush,” he whispered as I felt his hands under my body, and then the gentle pressure on my chest as he started to massage my breasts.  I tried to wriggle out, but he had me in his grip – literally, as I felt the gentle waves of his fingers working on my chest.


As he continued to do this, I kept saying to him to stop, but at the same time…  At the same…


Look, I don’t really know how to express this, but as he stopped for a moment and started to unbutton my cardigan, pulling it to the sides before he started again to massage my chest, I began to feel as if I was enjoying his slow, gentle teasing.  Certainly, I could feel my breasts getting firmer as he continued, and my protests were getting softer, as my body seemed to say to my head “relax…”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” I said quietly as he rolled me over, and smiled.


“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, “I’m going to free you.”  With that, he reached down and kissed my lips, and then started to slowly unbutton my dress, his lips touching first my neck and throat, and then each part of my body that was exposed as the dress opened up.


As my bra was exposed, he smiled and then grabbed my chest again in both hands, gently squeezing them as his lips moved over my neck and stomach.  I was like putty in his hands by now, closing my eyes as I began to feel waves lapping on the shore of my desire.


“No… please, don’t do this to me,” I whispered, and then gasped as he kissed the top of my breasts, his fingers tracing round my nipples.  I felt him easing my bra up, exposing my chest to the cool air, and then….


Oh shit, the feeling when his lips enclosed and sucked gently on my nipples?  I really have no words to describe it – and a few moments later, I had no words and no way of expressing that lack of words, as he pushed a cloth into my mouth and then covered it with a strip of brown fabric plaster.  All I could do was grunt and moan as I writhed under his touch, the pleasure increasing as he kissed and sucked on my nipples, and then moved down, his tongue playing with the curls of my belly as he kissed it.


Actually, forget waves of pleasure, I could feel a bloody tsunami building inside me as I felt fire between my legs, but knew I had no idea how to quench it.  Nobody had ever done this, and it was all so new, so bloody exciting.


Then I saw him look at me, and he gently pulled my knickers down, smiling as he ran his gloved finger between my legs.


Whatever he did, I screamed into the cloth and tape and arched my back, so intense was the feeling.  As I lay back down, he smiled, and then…


Then he kissed me between my legs, and I screamed again.  I started to try and wriggle away, but he held me, as his lips covered my most sensitive and personal area.


Not just his lips – his tongue as well, as I groaned, screamed and writhed around.  That just seemed to encourage him more, but I didn’t care – that fire was intense, burning, visceral, and real, and I wanted him to put it out, even as at the same time I wanted him to stoke it up.


Then it came – flooding over me as I moaned for about five minutes, the ecstasy making me glow and arch my body, and he continued to kiss and caress my sex all the way through the orgasm, until I finally collapsed on the bed, trying to take in air in short pants as I lay with my body exposed.


I could feel him stand and look at me, as through mist filled eyes I saw his smile, and then I heard my mum’s voice from far away, calling my name.  He put his finger to his lips and left me there – but only for a few minutes, as he returned with someone…




“Bobbi?  Are you upstairs?”


I put my coat on the stand and walked into the kitchen, opening the oven door and checking the roast.  I had really wanted to come home with her, but that Women’s Group meeting had been sprung on me, and – well, at least I was home now.


I was wearing a knee length wrap round dress, made of thin brown fabric with a white pattern with a floral motif printed on it.  The cuffs were gathered, and I was wearing a brown bra and matching panties underneath.  The sleeves were thin enough to see my arms through, but the white design protected the rest of my modesty.  Long black leather boots covered my lower legs as well.


“Bobbi?” I called out again, but she didn’t reply.  I just figured she was listening to something on her headphones, as I went out and looked at myself in the hall mirror.  I may be in my late forties, but I still looked good, with my brown hair cut short. 


“I defy anyone to say I don’t look beautiful,” I said quietly to myself – only to gasp when a male voice I had never heard before said “I do agree.”


I turned round to see a tall man standing there, smiling as he pointed a gun at me.




“Shhh,” he said as he stepped forward, and pushed some sort of cloth into my mouth.  “Do not say a word – just do exactly what I say, all right?”


“Hhrruuuu” I mumbled as he pressed some sort of brown tape down over my lips, and then looked at me.


“Shall we,” he said as he took me by the arm, and forced me to walk upstairs at gunpoint, me still in shock and unable to say much even if I wanted to.


As he walked me into Bobbi’s room, however, my eyes widened and I screamed as I saw her lying on the bed, her dress open and her body covered in sweat.  I barely even noticed in my anger as he pulled my own hands behind my back, crossed my wrists and started to tie them tightly together.


“Mmmmssmreee,” Bobbi mumbled as she looked at me, as I felt the cords through the cuffs of my dress, and then felt my arms being pulled together as more cord went around them below my elbows.


I am fairly flexible – thank you weekly yoga classes – but it still took me by surprise, especially when he passed the rope between my arms to make sure it stayed tight.  Glancing down, I saw how much my chest had been forced out.


“Dddhhrttuuu,” I mumbled as he started to wind rope around my upper body, forcing my arms against my back and then above and below my chest, making the two bands rub against them through the thin material as he pulled them tighter and tighter.


“There,” he said as he stood behind me, his hands stroking over my stomach, “does your mother look as good as you, young lady?”


“Npllldnt,” Bobbi said, and I wondered what she was trying to say as I saw the tears start, I found out soon enough though, as he started to unfasten my dress at the side, where it was held in place by a tie belt and a button, and then pull it open, the cool air hitting my chest at the same time as he reached round and started to grope my breasts, his lips kissing the sides of my neck at the same time.


“Hfffngghlllll” I moaned as I tried to wriggle loose, but his grip was too strong, as he managed to somehow make me groan in response.  I knew it was wrong, but his touch as so strong and delicate at the same time, and his lips felt so soft…


I had lost my husband a few years ago, and I guess we had a dirty little secret in the eyes of most people – he liked to tie me up and make love to me.  Something about this as so similar – except I had been bound against my will.  Even so, however, I felt the old familiar responses in my body again after so many years, and despite my brain screaming I found myself tilting my head to give him better access to my neck.


“HMGDMMMMM” Bobbi screamed, but I was losing myself in this, so much so I failed to notice as he made me kneel  on the floor, and then slipped the cups of my bra down, his fingers running over my bare flesh and making me shiver with his touch.


“Hswwtwjsss” I moaned out as he gently pinched my nipples and then stopped, and I heard the squeak as my ankles were forced together and tied to each other.  Bobbi could only watch as he made me lie on my side, and then my back, and started to caress and tease at my chest with his lips and tongue.


I felt as if I was on fire by this point, as he put his hand between my legs and felt just how damp I was.


“Dntrppphrrr,” Bobbi pleaded, and he looked up, saying “all I will do to your mother s what I did to you.”


And then he pulled my panties down, and kissed my damp, sensitive, beautifully sweet spot, and from that point I just melted away.  I was lost in his skill as he worked me with his lips and tongue, and I was a young woman again, safe in my husband’s arms as he brought me to the height of pleasure.


Yes, I damn well know he was doing this against my will, but at that point I didn’t really give a f…  Well, you get the picture.  As Bobbi watched, he took me to the edge of the precipice, and then helped me to dive over and execute the most fantastic of dives, the waves crashing over me as I screamed into the cloth and tape that silenced my every expression of joy.


I had not realised how much I had missed the treatment in this way, and the ecstasy it brought, as I eventually lay down, barely noticing as he tied my legs tightly together below my knees, and then rolled me onto my side, pulled my ankles back and tied them to my chest ropes. 


I watched as he hogtied Bobbi as well, and then said “I understand you have more guests coming – I will welcome them, and I will make sure your roast rests.  As for you two fine ladies, however – I have other plans.”


He reached into his pocket as he knelt next to me, and my eyes widened in shock again as he pushed something into me, and then taped over the lips to keep it in place.  It was vibrating at a low rate, but it started to make me full of desire again.


I watched Bobbi as he did the same to her, wondering how she would react.  From the way she suddenly started squirming round, it was clear she had never experienced this before, and soon we were both fighting, unsure whether to give in to the sensations or try to free ourselves. 


We didn’t even notice him leaving us alone, or the front door opening and closing…




I was really looking forward to spending Sunday afternoon with my daughters and granddaughters – it’s become something of a regular thing now since Carla’s husband passed on, and I do enjoy a roast dinner.


Even though I turned sixty five this year, and my hair is more grey than brown, I still look good and carry off a fashionable look.  As it was still a bit cold, I was wearing a crimson dress with elbow length sleeves and a low neck over a pair of black leggings.  The dress had a white flower design printed on it, and I also was wearing a wide brown leather belt to match the high boots I was wearing.


Well, I have a key to the house, so I just let myself in and called out to see if Bobbi or Carla were home.  I heard some noises from upstairs, but at the time I didn’t pay them much attention, thinking they had just stepped out for a minute.


Had I gone upstairs at the point, things may have been very different, and Bea and Vicky…


No – no point on speculating what might have happened, what I need to do is explain what did happen.  So I went into the kitchen – and as I stepped in, the timer on the oven went off.


I opened the door and tested the roast with a skewer, putting in into the sink before I took the meat out and put the roasting tin onto a wooden board.  Finding the foil, I tore some off and put it over the meat to allow it to rest.


“Now, should I put those on,” I said to myself as I looked at the pans on the hob – and then that question was answered for me as I felt a hand press over my mouth from behind, and I heard a young man say “No – I think you should leave them for the moment.”


“Herruuuuuu,” I heard myself mumbling, but then I saw the knife in his hand as he said “Be quiet  - the rest of your family are upstairs, and I don’t think they would appreciate it if you caused a fuss.”


I nodded slowly as he removed his hand, and I said “What have you done to them?”


“I will show you,” he said as he walked in front of me, and I saw him – a young man, broad shouldered, and short hair.  “First, I need you to put your hands together in front of me.”




“So that I can tie your wrists together,” he said as he held a length of cord in front of me.  Well, do you think I felt I had a choice?  I put my wrists together in front of him and watched as he tied them tightly together.  The rope went around and between my wrists, and it was tight, but he did it in a way that was not uncomfortable, and did not hurt.


“Come with me,” he said as he took my arm and walked me up the stairs, taking me into Bobbi’s room.  I gasped when I saw her on her bed, and Carla on the floor, tightly bound with ropes and gagged as they writhed around in their open clothes.


“What did you do to them,” I said as I looked at the tape between their legs.


“They are unhurt – just very happy,” he said as he looked at them, and then took two lengths of rope from a bag on the floor.  He tied one round Carla’s waist, and then brought the ends up from behind between her legs, pressing the tape against her crotch as she squealed and moaned with her eyes closed.


Once he had done this to Bobbi as well, he picked up the bag and left the room with me, closing the door as he said “Come.”


“What are you going to do to me,” I said quietly as we walked back down the stairs.


“Make you as happy as them,” he said as we walked into the front room and he looked round.  “Lie on your back on that couch,” he said a she pointed to a black leather couch, and I walked over and lay down, watching as he drew the curtains.


Walking back over to me, he smiled as he tied another length of rope between my wrists, and then raised my hands over my head as it rested on the arm of the couch, and tied the other end to one of the legs.  I tried to pull them up, but it was too tight, as he walked down to the other end of the couch and crossed my ankles.


I looked down as he bound them tightly together, the white cord on the brown leather, and then tightened the band by tying another length between my legs, and then taking it down and securing it to the leg of the couch.  I listened to the squeak of leather as I tried to move my legs, and then felt his fingers on my legs as he tied them tightly together below my knees.


“You know my other daughter and granddaughter will be coming soon,” I said as I looked at him.


“I’m counting on it,” he said quietly before he leaned over and gently kissed my lips.  That took me completely by surprise, as he raised his head and looked at me.


“Wha…  What did you do that for,” I said as I returned the look.


“Because I appreciate beauty in all the forms it takes – and your daughter and granddaughter certainly take their looks from you,” he said as he gently stroked over my stomach.  I have to admit he was flattering me a little, so I said “why thank you,” then watched as he unfastened my belt and pulled it out from under me.


“Why did you do that,” I asked as he looked at me.


“Because I do appreciate a beautiful woman,” he whispered before he kissed my lips again, and then moved down to kiss my throat as his hands stroked down my sides.  I gasped out loud as he did this, before he started to gently massage my chest.


“No – don’t do that,” I whispered as he looked at me.


“Why not?  Don’t you find it enjoyable when I do this,” he said quietly as his hands worked over my breasts.  I wanted to say no, of course I wanted to say no, but as he kissed my neck again and his fingers gently kneaded, my body started to respond in a way it had done in years.


“Oh Jesus,” I whispered as he worked on me, “oh sweet Jesus I haven’t felt this in a long time.”


“A pity,” he said as he slowly unbuttoned my dress, and opened it up to reveal my black bra, “because it should be treated this way.”  He looked at me as he started once more to massage my chest, and I closed my eyes, unable to stop myself from moaning in response.


“See,” he said as he looked at me, “do you not deserve to feel loved as well?”


“Yes, but surely not like this,” I gasped as he kissed my throat again, “Not like…”


I felt  his hands behind me as he unfastened my bra, and then the cool air on my chest before his lips gently pressed on my breasts, and I gasped and moaned involuntarily.


Involuntarily – that’s a good word for this, because I could not physically stop him – and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to.


“Oh mmmmmmmm” I said as he gently teased on my nipples with his lips, “is this what you did to my daughter and granddaughter?”


“It is, and I will continue for you, because you deserve it,” he said as he looked at me, “but first I must make sure you cannot warn anyone or try to stop me with your words.  You understand, don’t you?”


I nodded and said “please, be gentle.”


“I know no other way,” he said before he kissed me, and then said “Open wide.”  I saw the folded scarf in his hand, and nodded as I opened my mouth, feeling and tasting the silk as it filled my mouth and I closed my lips over it, the brown fabric pressed firmly down over my mouth.


He then returned to massaging and kissing my chest as I wriggled and moaned, and then I felt his hand between my legs.  I had not been damp there for so long, but as he pressed gently down on my leggings I realised just how wet I was.


That seemed to excite him even more, as he slowly pulled down my legging, and then my panties, before he kissed my cloth covered lips…


My throat as I moved my head back…


My firm breasts and hard nipples…


My belly, making me giggle and sigh…


And then the shriek as he kissed me on my own private area, and I arched my back – pressing it against his mouth as his lips and tongue worked on me, teasing me, licking me, kissing me, probing into SWEET MERCIFUL HEAVEN!!!!


That was it, as I writhed under him, but he persevered, kissing and teasing me with his tongue as the burning I had missed for so long welled up inside me.  It was so wrong, and it was so right, and – I couldn’t give a shit any more as I had my first orgasm in decades!


And my second, much stronger than the first!!  Who says the older woman cannot experience such pure joy, even if it was at the hands of a man who had tied me up and gagged me!!


Eventually, however, I slumped back down, panting and covered in sweat as I looked at him.  “Do not forget,” he said, “this can be yours…”


We both heard the door opening, as he put his finger to his lips and stood behind the door.  As it opened and closed, I looked to the doorway, wondering who it was going to be…




I was not exactly in the best of moods as I drove up to Carla’s place – the plan had been for me and Vicky to come together, but my darling seventeen year old daughter had been held up ‘talking to friends’ so she had texted me with a promise she would be there in time for dinner.


So when I got out of the car, the heels of my black over the knee boots crunching the gravel, what I really wanted was a drink and a chance to cool off before I saw her.  I walked in, and closed the door, and then slipped off my grey jacket, hanging it on the coat stand as I checked my reflection in the mirror.


Carly is eighteen months older than me, but as I checked my red brown hair and looked at tm reflection it would have been difficult to tell.  I was wearing a round necked black tunic with a leather belt around my waist, and black leggings under the boots, while a pair of square rimmed glasses showed how bad my eyesight was.


And it must have been pretty bad not to have seen or sensed what was going on.  Honestly, even as I walked in the door of the front room and said “Where is everyone,” I didn’t see at first my mother lying on the couch, with her dress wide open and a strip of sticking plaster over her mouth.


When I finally did notice, I think the exact words I used were “What the fuck?  MUM!”


It’s difficult to remember exactly, because the overwhelming thing that comes to mind when I think about that moment was the firm hand on my shoulder, and the voice that said “Where is your daughter?”


“She’s…  She’s not with me,” I sad in a quiet, timid voice, “what’s going on here?”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” the voice said – it was calm, quiet but also said he was in charge, as I felt him pull my wrists behind my back, and felt some sort of cord rub against them as he tied my wrists together behind me.  He then removed my belt, and tied rope under my top as well as around my waist, making sure my wrists were held firmly in place.


“Come,” the voice said, and I was guided out of the main room and up the stairs.  As we passed one of the bedrooms, I could hear muffled moans, but even then I didn’t know who it was – I was too scared to do anything anyway.


We went into my sister’s room, me expecting to see her drawers emptied out and the contents scattered – but that was not the case. 


“Who are you,” I said as the man made me stop, “and what do you want?”


“Hush,” he whispered as he reached round and removed my glasses, folding the legs neatly and putting them on a bedside cabinet.  I hadn’t seen the bag he had brought up, but when I saw the rope pass around my body, and felt it pull my arms into my back and sides, I began to whimper and cry.


“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said as the rope pulled my arms even more firmly against my body – and I had to admit, even though it was tight, it didn’t hurt me.  It just meant I could not move my arms, and as I wriggled round the ropes rubbed against me in an almost arousing way.


As if being terrified of what he was going to do made anything seem sensual.  His hands stroked me as he bound me, and my top was thin enough that I could feel them brushing over my body.


Once he was satisfied he had me secured, that was when he walked to Carly’s drawers, and I got my first good look at him.  Tall, mildly handsome, and strong – the ropes testified to that, before he returned, folding a pair of her knickers in his hands.


“Now then.” He whispered as he stood behind me, “open your mouth nice and wide.”


Like hell I will, I thought as I clamped my mouth shut, but he then held me round my waist and pinched my nose shut!  I tried to hold my breath, but I’m only a small woman, so eventuslly I had to open my mouth.  He at least allowed me the time to take a breath before I felt the satin on my tongue, the satin covering my mouth as he took a strip of plaster from somewhere and then taped over my lips.


And then it started – his hands slowly encircling and pressing gently on my breasts as he held me from behind.  I struggled under his grasp – but that just made me rub against him even more, as his hands gripped and gently squeezed my chest.


My eyes shot open at that point – “hffssckknnnn” I screamed out, but he whispered “I’m not going to do that, but I need to show you how to relax.”  He then continued the massage for a few minutes, my body pushing into his hands despite my brain screaming at it, and then he said simply “Lie down.”


I walked over to the bed and then lay down, watching as he crossed my ankles and then tied them tightly together with more rope, and then tied my legs together below my knees.  I looked up at him, his features blurred – damn my eyesight! – and then felt his lips on my gagged mouth as his hands started to massage my chest again.


This time I really did start moaning, as he lips moved down to softly touch and tease at my neck, and I felt him pulling my top up under the bands of rope, exposing my black bra as he continued to kiss and caress me.  I wriggled even more, the rope rubbing against my bare skin now, and slowly, oh so slowly I became aware of just how aroused I was getting.


Especially when my eyes shot open at the feel of his lips on my chest, as he slowly eased the bra up and over, my breasts exposed to the cool afternoon air as he started to kiss them, to tease them, to suck on them and – oh sweet lord, it felt so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD…….


I must have moaned out loud, as I saw him look at me before he continued, and I writhed round even more, my head sinking into the pillow as I pushed my chest up.  I then felt his lips moving down my belly, as his hands moved down my sides and my hips, my leggings slowly moving down my body.


I was so lost by this point that I barely even noticed that as he also pulled my panties down – but you can bet I noticed as his lips brushed over my crotch, and he gently kissed me there.


How do I know I noticed?  Because I screamed into the panties and tape and arched my back, pushing my crotch even more against him as I felt his tongue playing along the edges of my passage.  I’m not the most outgoing of people, but feeling his lips and tongue there seemed to turn me into a completely different person.


He managed to kiss my mound, making me moan even more out as he slowly caressed me with his lips, and then his tongue gently pushed into me, brushing against the walls inside me, and sweet lord above, it felt so good.  I don’t know if it was because it was my state of mind and my sensitivity was already so high, or because it felt so much like when Dave loves me, but I just lost myself, the heat and passion building in me and overwhelming me.


I was powerless under his touch, his teasing, his work on me, and then my brain seemed to explode as I tipped over the edge, and screamed as I felt him egg me on, sent me to paradise – whatever you want to call it, a simple basic fact was true.


He made me feel more satisfied than any man, even my husband, ever had without actually making love to me.  I fell back onto the bed, panting and covered in sweat, as he stood up and looked at me.  I realised what he had done to my mother, and presumably my sister and niece, and I was torn between thanking him and cursing him for doing this to all of us.


Which was the moment I heard Vicky scream “MUM!” and he turned.  I saw him in a blurred way as he grabbed my daughter and brought her in…




I’m only eighteen, and I can’t…


Sorry, just give me a minute…


Right – I’d been held up with some friends, so it was late afternoon before I got to my aunt’s house.  I was wearing a black leather jacket over a white blouse, jeans and burgundy red mid calf boots, as well as some pearl earrings and a necklace.


So I got into the house, and I could see the coats in the stand, so I knew they were all there, but when I called out I got no reply – not even from Mum.  That surprised me a bit, but I had something urgent to deal with at that point – the overwhelming desire to go to the toilet.


So that’s what I did.  And when I came out, I called out again, but there was still no reply.  I could hear some sort of buzzing, and had no idea what it was.  But then I saw that Aunt Carly’s bedroom door was open, so I went and looked in.


I still wish I hadn’t…


I saw Mum lying on the bed, her eyes glazed over and some sort of sticking plaster over her mouth, while her body had bands of rope lashed round it.  Her top and bra had been pulled up, and her leggings and panties pulled down, and – I had no idea what had happened to her.


But I knew who had done it, because he was standing looking at her.  I shouted out “MUM!” and then he turned and smiled.  If I had not been so surprised, so unsure of what was going on, I would probably have turned and run out there and then, but I stayed stock still – long enough for him to come and take my wrist, and draw me into the room.


“Hello,” he said as he looked at me, “do not be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you.”


“Whhhhoooo are you?” I stammered out as Mum moaned on the bed.


“Someone who likes to bring pleasure to women,” was all he said as he held my wrist.  “Now, I want to show you what I showed your mother.  Kneel – please.”


“Please don’t hurt me…”


“Shh, shh – the rest of your family all found out the gift I have for you as well.  Now, kneel down, and put your hands behind your back.”




“So you may be the same as the others,” he said as he gently pushed me onto my knees, and then took my hands behind my back.  I stared ahead, petrified as he wrapped some sort of rope around my wrists and pulled them tightly together.  I could feel it on my skin as he wrapped it around and between my arms, Mum panting on the bed as he did so.


I hoped that was all he would do, but then he crossed and tied together my ankles as well.  So there I was, wrists and ankles bound, and no idea what he had done to Mum, or where Gran, Aunt Clara or Bobbi were.


Only that wasn’t the only thing he did, was it?  The next thing I saw was rope as it was passed over my head, and then I felt my arms being pulled into my side as it tightened around me, just under my chest.  I’m not exactly a large chested girl, but when he started to wrap it around me above my chest as well I saw it, felt it pressing down on me, and as my arms were pulled into my side I saw the way my chest was forced up and out.


IT was the most peculiar feeling, something I had never experienced before, as he took the rope around again and again, above and below, and then did something with it behind me, before feeding it under my arm.  As he pulled it up, both of the bands tightened at my side, and I let out a yelp as I felt the rope pressing on me.  He took it around the back of my neck, and then fed it under the other arm, tightening that side as well.  I was panting a little, unsure of how I felt about this at that stage, but when I looked down, and saw how my chest looked, I shook with fear – and something else.


I felt him taking some rope under my legs, and then them being forced together below my knees, before he put his hands on my shoulder.


“There,” he whispered into my ear, “now we can begin.”


“Begin what,” I whispered.


“NNNN,” I heard Mum say, and as we both looked at her she shook her head and said “shsstllvrsjn.”


“Oh no,” I whispered as I looked at him.


“No – no, I do not do that,” he said quietly, “but this means you shall cherish this time forever.”  He then put his hands around me, and held my chest in his large hands.  I felt a little uncomfortable at this, but then he started to stroke his hands over my breasts, in a slow circular motion.




“Don’t go anywhere,” he whispered, and he left me alone, my head down as I heard my mum yelp.  When I looked at her again, she was lying on her stomach, her ankles pulled back and tied to her chest, and an extra rope that seemed to be sitting between her legs.  There was also a strange, muted humming sound, as Mum closed her eyes.


“Now, where were we,” the man said, and I felt his hands pawing at me, stroking me, and then gently…


“OH my god,” I whispered as he started to squeeze my chest, his fingers pressing against me.  Nobody had ever done that before, and /I wasn’t sure what to expect – especially when he started to kiss my neck at the back and sides while he did this.


What I could feel was my breasts somehow getting firmer as he did this, so I said “Please, stop – I don’t know what’s happening…”


“Shhh – enjoy the moment,” he whispered into my ear as I closed my eyes, and felt the grip on my chest getting slowly stronger as my chest got firmer.  I had no idea why it was doing that, only that for whatever reason it felt – nice.


Nice, gentle, and it made me feel a little shaky as his hands continued their caress.  I think I even let out a small gasp at that point.


“I said to be quiet,” he whispered into my ear, and I said “Please, what’s happening to me…”


“You will see,” he said quietly as I felt his hands moving down my front, and I realised as I looked down that he was unbuttoning my blouse, pulling the front to each side and then resting his hands on my bra.


“Why are you doing this,” I whimpered as his fingers sunk into my firm flesh, and I glanced down to see my breasts pushed out, enlarged , and I could even see the outline of my nipple…


I knew it was that when he gently pinched it on one breast, and I squealed.  “I see I must help you to keep quiet,” he said as he held something in his hand in front of me.


“What…  What is that for?”


“To help you to keep quiet,” he whispered before he pinched my nipple again, and this time as I opened my mouth he pushed whatever was in his hand inside.  It pressed down on my tongue, and then as I closed my mouth he stuck something in the palm of his hand over it.  It pulled at my skin, but it kept my lips closed, and as I looked at Mum I realised I had the same sort of fabric strip over my lips.


“Whtshppgnnggg,” I mumbled as he continued to caress my chest with his hands, my neck and now my shoulders with his lips, and I closed my eyes.  For some reason, I was starting to feel warm inside, and my fear was subsiding into something else.  What the something was I wasn’t sure yet.


The next thing I knew I was being helped to sit against the wall, and I watched him as he smiled at me, and then kissed the front of my neck.  As he did so, I closed my eyes and moaned again, sliding down a little as he did so, and then he kissed the top of my chest.


That warmth was growing, and I was aware of the most peculiar feeling between my legs – a different feeling, as if I was waiting, yearning for something but I was not sure what.


I was so confused by all this I didn’t even notice when he eased my bra off – but I sure as hell noticed when his lips enclosed my nipples and kissed, sucked, whatever you want to call it.  What it did to me was make me shout out – well, muffled yell out as a shock ran through me.


And then another and another as he kissed both of them, his tongue stroking over them, his lips pressing on them – I only knew it was a wonderful feeling, and I heard myself moan out as his hands moved down, and I felt my jeans loosen and then sliding down my legs, as well as my panties.


That peculiar feeling inside me seemed to have moved down now, and taken up residence between my legs, a burning that seemed to be calling out to me.  It seemed to be calling out to him as well, as I watched his head moving down, down, down….


Want to know the thought that hit me when I felt his lips kissing me down there?  What I really thought?


My thought was “Oh my lord, what is happening to me!”  I shuddered, sighed, wanted to cry out and get away, and yet at the same time wanted him to keep going, as if something inside me was saying this was right and natural.  Two views, diametrically opposed, and yet I wanted both.


How do you explain that?  I wanted to get away, but as he kissed me there, and then his tongue started to lick me there, I closed my eyes and gave in, the new feeling of pleasure so strong it overwhelmed all my objections.


And then I felt his tongue moving inside me, and I suddenly felt wet.  At first I thought I had pissed myself, but I realised it wasn’t that – it was coming from somewhere else, where his lips and tongue were working on me, and it felt soooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


I had no idea what happened to me next, as my whole body shook and convulsed – all I knew was I let out a muffled, long, deep scream and then slumped as he looked at me.


I sat there, panting as he tied some rope around my waist, and then felt it pressing where his lips had been before.  It wasn’t the only thing he put there – I felt something slip in and start vibrating, making me flush again as the rope pressed it in, and then he tied it in front of me.


I moaned like mad in chorus with mum now, as he rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my legs back.  I felt them as he tied them to me, and then I heard him walk out of the room.


How long I lay there, the bussing and vibrating making me tense and relax several times, before I finally heard Gran say “Oh my god – you as well?”


I saw her kneel next to me, her red dress open as she untied my legs, and then my arms, before she sat up and peeled the tape from my mouth.  I looked at Mum, who was sitting shaking on the edge of the bed, as Gran removed the ropes from my legs, and then we held each other.


“Aunt Carly and Bea?”


“They went downstairs,” Gran said, “can you stand up?”


I did so – very gingerly – and we walked down.  We had a lot to talk about, as the meat sat untouched in the kitchen…







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