Not a Robbery – The Theatre








Maxie Barnett – lighting and sound


We were going to do a rehearsal for the play “My Mother Never Said I Should” – we were opening the next Monday, and this was the chance for us to make the marks, lighting and things were agreed in time for the dress rehearsal that night.  It’s a four hand play, but Beryl just wanted the actresses, along with me and Jill who was doing costumes and props


I arrived at about ten, because I needed to open the theatre for one thing, but also because I needed to make sure all the equipment was in good working order.  I like to dress casually, so I had on a pale blue blouse, the sleeves rolled up, floral print leggings and black short leather boots.  I guess what you might call a big girl, but hey – my philosophy was if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


The theatre’s a small one tucked away in a quite part of town, so I was happy to keep the door unlocked as I went to the back stage area, and started to sort through the microphones.  So I wasn’t paying attention to anything much – which means the day took a very different turn when the gloved hand went over my mouth.


“Shhh,” I male voice whispered into my ear as I opened my eyes wide in shock, “not a word, dear lady.  I’m not going to hurt you, so long as you do what I say, all right?”


I nodded slowly as I felt myself being turned, and then the voice said “please, put your hands behind your back.”


“Wha...  What do you want,” I whispered as I felt rope pulling my wrists together, “the box office is closed for hours, and I don’t keep the key.”


“That’s alright,” he whispered as I felt a tug on the rope, “I’m not here for the box office money, or any money.  I heard there was a private rehearsal here, and I wished to offer my services as a relaxation guru.”


“A...  You’re tying me up!   How’s that meant to help me relax?”


“You’ll see,” he said – quietly, calmly, as I saw some more rope pass round my body, and then felt my arms pressed against my side, the rope wrapping round above and below my chest.  As the ropes tightened, my blouse stretched over my – well, you get the picture.


“Why don’t you show me your base of operations,” he said as he took my arm, “lead the way.”


As if I had a choice...  I walked slowly up the back steps, the man holding my arm the whole time, and into my realm.  It sits at the back of the stalls, closed off with a window that allows me to watch the stage.


“Very nice,” I heard him say as he turned me round, and I saw him for the first time.  He was over six foot tall, with short hair, and wearing a shirt and trousers.


“Sit down,” he said as he smiled at me, and I saw the bag in his hand.  Nodding, I sat myself on the floor, watching as he produced some more rope and knelt in front of me.  Crossing my ankles, he tied them together, taking the rope between my legs to make the binding even tighter, and then he tied my legs together below my knees in the same way.  As he did this, I tried to find the knot for the rope around my wrists with my fingers, but it was out of reach.


“What are you going to do to me,” I finally said as he walked behind me.


“Just to make you relax, before I let you watch what happens next,” he said quietly, as I felt his hands stroking down my arms, making me shiver as he did so.


“Oh god no – please, don’t say you’re going to...”


“Hush – I’m not going to do that, just this,” he said as his hands gently stroked over my chest, his fingers running over my nipples.  I felt a shiver again as I said “Please, don’t do that...”


“Why, is it unpleasant?”


“No,” I heard myself say as his fingers circled round my nipples, “but I can’t stop you.  Please...”


“Of course,” he said as he started to massage my breasts, his hands gently kneading my chest as I gasped.  “No – that’s not what I meant,” I whispered, at the same time enjoying the sensations.


“Why – you said it was pleasant, and should you not feel pleasure?”


“Yes...  No... You’re confusing me,” I whispered as his hands continued to massage me, making my breasts even firmer, and my nipples hard and erect.  “What’s happening to me...”


“This is relaxation,” he whispered into my ear, “now, how does this feel?”  And with that, he squeezed my chest, and I let out a loud gasp.


“Oh my god,” I said quietly, “how are you doing this to me...”


I then felt him open my blouse and pull it to the side, before his hands pressed gently on my bra, and I said “no – please stop, I don’t...”


“Shh,” he said as I felt him push something into my mouth, some sort of cloth pressing my tongue down, and then heard a strange sound like something been peeled from backing.  I then felt his hand press firmly over my mouth, and something started to pull at the skin around my mouth.  He then showed me a roll of white tape, and I realised he had covered my mouth with it, as his hands slipped under the bra cups and started to play with my nipples.


“Hswttjssss,” I said as he laid me on my back, my head on my large handbag, and he started to kiss my neck and throat, easing the cups of my bra off my breasts as he did so – and then he did something no man had done for years.


He kissed my chest, his lips and tongue playing with my nipples, and I moaned, unable to do anything to stop him, and not exactly sure if I wanted to.  As he sucked gently, his hand slipped between my legs, and I realised with no small shock I was damp between my legs as he pressed gently.


“Does that feel good now,” he said as he gently rubbed over my crotch, and then returned to kissing my bare chest.   I nodded, surprising myself as I pressed against his hand, and then watched as he pulled my leggings and panties down, before gently kissing me between my legs.


I groaned and pushed up still more, my back arching as his lips kissed my sex, and then I felt his tongue playing with it as well.  I could feel the fire starting to burn as well as he did this, and I closed my eyes, wondering what he really was going to do.


What he did do was continue to work me with his tongue and lips, my moans of pleasure increasing as I began to...  Look I’m ashamed to remember what I felt as he did this, but at the same time he made me feel so absolutely fucking wonderful.


He worked me to the cliff face, and then pulled back, taking me closer again and again until finally I screamed – well, a very muffled scream as I shook all over, and gave all I had, but still he kept going, bringing me so gently back to earth as he looked at me.


“There – relaxed now,” he said quietly, smiling as I nodded.  “Good – let me make you comfortable,” he then said as he rolled me over, and I felt him doing something to my wrists.  Rolling me over, I then yelped as he pulled some rope between my legs, forcing it against my damp and warm clit as he tied it between my breasts.


Picking me up in his arms, he then deposited me in my leather chair, and tied my waist and lap to the seat, before he said “I understand you can see and hear everything from here.”


I nodded as he took the tape, and wrapped it round my mouth and head, before he said “then enjoy the show” and left me there, unable to say anything as Jill came in...


Jill Monroe – Costumes and Props


I got to the theatre at about eleven, and let myself in through the stage door – I knew Maxine would leave it open, so I made my way straight to the prop room, and started to sort out the props we would need for the first rehearsal, and the costumes for later.  Before I did that, however, I took off my poncho and looked at myself in the long mirror.


I was wearing a retro style summer dress, a red poppy print with a green fern background.  It had no sleeves, and I had a tan leather belt around my waist as well as knee length brown leather boots.  Then, I had long hair dyed chestnut brown – I had it cut short and let it go back to its natural blonde colour after...


But you want to know about the day, right?  So there I was in the prop room, when I heard a door open and close behind me.  “Lighting all good Maxine,” I said without looking round.


“Maxine cannot talk to you right now.”


I turned quickly to see a tall, well built man, casually dressed, standing and looking at me, with a bag in one hand.  I also saw the very real looking gun in his other hand, as I whispered “oh my god...”


“No loud noises, no sudden movements,” he said as he looked at me, “stay calm, and you will not come to any harm.”


“What do you want,” I said as I looked at him.


“To make you relaxed, happy, fulfilled,” he said as he put the bag down, his eyes fixed on me as he opened his bag and took out a length of rope.  Looking at the long recliner I use to put clothes out on, he said “lie face down, and put your hands behind your back.”


I was too scared to do anything except comply, trying to keep calm as I felt him cross my wrists and then the rope holding them together.  IT didn’t hurt, but when he pulled and tied the knot I knew I would not be able to reach or even try to undo it – not even with my long fingers.


I felt him put my ankles together, and then the soft leather pressing against my skin as he started to tie them together with another length of rope. It felt strange, I had the feeling nothing I did would make the ropes go, and yet it wasn’t tight – just very, very snug.


I then felt his gloved hands moving up my legs, and looking down my side I saw him lift my skirt up, before he tied my legs tightly together below my knees, his hands stroking my thighs as he took the rope between my legs to tighten that band as well.  It made me shiver a little, as he then started to massage my shoulders.


“Just relax,” he whispered, “and I promise you the time will pass much more quickly.”


“What.... What are you doing to me....”


“Shhh,” he said, and then I felt his kips kissing the back of my neck as his hands slipped under me and started to caress my breasts.  I moaned “oh no – oh no....” as he did this, wriggling round to try and stop him – but all that did was made my breasts rub against his hands.


“Oh fuck – please, no, don’t...”


“Hush,” he whispered as he removed his hands, and then I saw him hold a small sponge ball in front of me as I raised my head.


“Open your mouth.”


“Must I...”


“Yes – now please, open your mouth.”


Slowly, I did as he said, feeling the ball expand as he pushed it into my mouth and press down on my tongue.  I then saw him take a roll of white tape from a bag, tear off several strips and press them over my mouth, before he started to massage my chest again.


This time I could do little more than protest quietly, even though he was gentle, almost loving his caress.  I felt his lips on my back, and closed my eyes again, beginning to almost enjoy the experience.  I did not even realise what he was doing as I felt his lips travel down my back – and then realised he had unzipped my dress, pulling it down my body as he exposed my chest.  I’d not put on a bra that day – I felt uncomfortable for some reason – so when his gloved fingers touched the bare flesh around my nipples I started to shake.


That was when he helped me onto my knees, and I saw myself in the mirror, the dress hanging down my arms and waist and my breasts out.  Even more out a few minutes later, when he took a long length of rope out, and started to tie it round my body, above and below my chest, forcing it up as it pressed on my flesh and held my arms in place.  He then took the rope under my arms and around the back of my neck, making them even more prominent before he laid me back down, and rolled me onto my back, his hands caressing and pressing gently on my breasts.


A few boys when I was younger had done this to me, but I had not had a boyfriend for a while, so I was unexpected for how my body reacted to this, the warmth inside me as I moved and allowed him to press more firmly.  I was beginning to enjoy the attention, despite the fact I was unable to stop him, but then I felt his lips kissing my chest, and...


Have you ever been on a roller coaster where the first ascent is in a tunnel?  You know the first descent is coming, but you don’t know when.  It was like that for me – the sudden shock of his lips on my nipples, sucking gently, made me feel as if I went over the edge of such a roller coaster, the shock and thrill mingling in me as I heard myself gasp slightly.


“Does that feel good,” he said, and I was surprised to find myself nodding, as his hand moved down, and lifted my skirt up, his hands moving between my legs as I felt him touch my panties.


The shock from his kissing me was still there, and I found myself wriggling and moaning even more, his fingers gently stroking up and down as he continued to suck and caress my nipples with his lips.


I barely registered him pulling my panties down – but by god I felt it when he started to kiss me between my legs, and his tongue started to trace over the petals there.  I moaned loud and arched my back, drinking in every sensation as he slowly worked his tongue into me, and I felt him stroking the inside of the passage with it.


IT was beautiful, fantastic, indescribable – and he just kept going, sending me into spasms and then screams as he took me over the edge of an orgasm, sending me into frenzy as I moved round.


“there – isn’t that better,” he eventually said, and I opened my eyes, looking at him as I slowly nodded, then opening them wide as he placed a vibrator inside, and tied a crotch rope firmly between my legs to keep it in there.


I squirmed round as he rolled me over, and pulled my ankles back, tying them to the crotch rope and patting me gently on my behind.


“What the...”


I looked over to see a white haired woman, wearing a red leather jacket, jeans and short black felt boots, looking at us.


“Ah – the grandmother,” he said as he picked up the gun and pointed it at her, before picking up the bag.  “Come with me, dear lady – I want to take you somewhere.”


I could only moan as the vibrator tormented me, and he led her away...


Maureen Baker – Grandmother


I have worked in the theatre all my life – ever since I starred in a school production of Salad Days – but in all my 78 years, that day has been the one that keeps forcing itself to the front of my mind, and for reasons I am afraid I still cannot quite fathom.


Perhaps it is best if I start at the beginning – I had agreed to help Beryl, who I first met some twenty years ago at a theatre workshop in Newcastle, by playing the part of the grandmother in My Mother Never Said I Should – a minor farce, but she was grateful for my input, and I had to admit it was keeping me busy for a while.


At any rate, I arrived at the theatre for final rehearsals at about 11.30 that morning.  I always dress casually for these things, so I had on a white short sleeved top, blue jeans and short black felt boots, as well as a red leather biker jacket I threw on as well.   I had my hair cut short then, and I always wear glasses when not performing.  I probably had some beads round my neck as well, but that was all.


Anyway, I came into the stage door, expecting to see one of the back room girls at work, but there was nobody there.  I did call out, but there was no response, so I presumed they were busy elsewhere.  Looking up, I could see there was a light on in the technician’s booth, but it’s next to impossible to see any actual person at that angle.


So I went backstage, and as I approached the props room I could hear some noises inside.  So I opened the door, walked in – and got the shock of my life.  The props girl was in there – but she was lying on a chase longue, face down, her dress pulled down and the skirt up and her legs tied to ropes around her chest.  As she turned her head and looked at me, I saw the white tape over her mouth.


Then there was the young man who was standing over her – casually dressed, normal looking, but his hand was on a rope running between the young girl’s legs making her moan as she moved.


“Ah – the grandmother,” he said as he picked a very real gun from the floor, and pointed it at me.  “Come with me, dear lady – I want to take you somewhere.”


I was petrified – I thought I had walked in on a rapist, and he was going to attack me now.  Or worse.  At any rate, I offered no resistance as he picked up a large bag and motioned for me to walk in front of him, him following behind.


“What did you do to that poor woman,” I whispered as he led me down the corridor.


“I do not think she is complaining – which one is your dressing room?”


I nodded to one of the doors on the left, and turned to see him smile as he said “please – open the door and go in.”


As we went in, he closed the door behind us and looked round.  It was a basic dressing room – wash basin, table for makeup, mirror, nothing fancy, but he nodded as if he was approving.


“I want you,” he said quietly, “to take your jacket off, and leave it on the back of that chair, and then kneel on the floor.”




“Please,” he said as he raised the gun, “just do as I say.”  He did not raise his voice, or change his tone, but I could see he was serious, so I carefully slipped off my jacket and knelt down.  There was a soft thud as the bag was placed next to me, and then I felt rather then heard him kneel behind me, and then take my arms behind my back.  He was gentle, I will give him that, as I felt him use some type of rope to bind my wrists together.


In my younger days, I had appeared in some of the old ITC shows, the ones Lew Grade produced, and as the ingénue in them I had played the hostage a few times.  That had involved been tied up, but this was different – it did not hurt, but I knew when he had finished I would not be able to move my arms apart.  That was reinforced when he started to wrap even more rope around my upper body.


I do not have what you would call a full figure, but as my arms were pressed against me, and the rope went above and below my chest, I noticed it been forced out a bit.  It was strange, seeing them like that, something I had to confess had not happened in some considerable time.


“I trust this is not too uncomfortable,” he said behind me as he tugged the ropes again.


“No, it is surprisingly... Oh,” I said as he took the rope over my left shoulder, fed it under the band below my chest, and gently pulled that against my breasts, taking the rope back over the other shoulder before he secured it.


“Is something wrong?”


“No – it’s just...  It’s just a feeling I was not expecting.”


“How long?”


“I beg your pardon?”


“How long has it been since someone touched you there?”


It was a damn forward question, and yet I heard myself say “a long time – why?”


“Because it saddens me how age clouds the eyes of men to beauty.”


I blushed a little as he said that, and then blushed more as his hands brushed over my forced out chest, checking how tight the ropes were.


“There,” he then said, “nice and snugly secured.”


I nodded – surprising myself with that – before he started to stroke his hands over my chest again.


“Shall I continue,” he whispered into my ear.  Truthfully, I didn’t know how to answer that, because I was actually enjoying his touch on me.  It had been a very, very long time since anyone had touched me there except myself.  I just nodded slowly as he increased the pressure of his touch, and it took me a while to realise he was playing with my breasts.


That was about the same time as he kissed my neck, and I shivered.


“Not nice?”


“Very nice,” I whispered, as he continued this gentle – well, arousing is a word I could use.  I wasn’t exactly in a position to stop him anyway, as his lips travelled around my neck and then my back, his hands massaging me on my breasts.  Again, it took me a while to realise my body was responding – it had been sooooo  looooongggggg.....


I began to swoon a little as he moved my t-shirt up, and began to use his hands over my bra, and even more as he unclasped my bra and eased it down, the ropes providing the me.  His fingers traced over my breasts as he kissed the side of my neck, with me moving my head to allow him, before he said “I need you to sit down now.”


I nodded and moved onto my bottom, stretching my legs out and watching as he took more rope and tied my ankles tightly together, the rope compressing the boots around my legs.  He then looked at me, and gently started to...


He kissed my chest, and I moaned more, my mind flying back years and years as his lips sucked gently, his tongue tracing over them...


I lost any track of what was happening, as he unfastened my jeans and pulled them down my legs, and then tied them together below my knees.


“It has been a long time, hasn’t it,” he whispered, but before I could answer he traced his fingers up the inside of my thighs, and then – somewhere very personal.


“Oh my fuck....”


“Hush, my dear, we do not want to raise the alarm.”


“But... Do you know what you’re doing to me?”


“Yes I do,” he whispered as his finger traced up my panties.  “Age should not be a barrier to pleasure, don’t you agree?”


I nodded, and then gasped out as he put his finger into my panties and stroked me there.  Looking at him, I said “please....  don’t....”


“Don’t make you feel like the most special woman in the world,” he said, and I shook my head.  “Then I must help you to be quiet, mustn’t I?”


I nodded and then saw him take a cloth from his bag, folding it as he held it in front of my mouth.  I allowed him to place it inside, the cloth pressing my tongue down, and I closed my lips over it as I watched him tear a long strip of white tape from a roll.


“Forgive me,” he said as he gently kissed my lips, and then pressed the tape over my mouth.  As he smoothed it down with his gloved hands, I watched his eyes, before he removed my glasses and put them on the dressing table.


“Whddu...  hmmgddddd!”  I gasped out as he gently pulled my panties down to my knees, and then kissed me between my legs.


I suddenly squealed as his lips and tongue worked on me, and I was a seventeen year old girl again, kissing a GI behind the sheds at the local American airfield...


When I opened my eyes, he was looking at me, smiling as he pulled the rope between my legs, pressing against my damp crotch and making me moan as I wriggled round, unable to stop him tying it to my chest ropes.


“Happy,” he said, and I nodded as he rolled me over and pulled my ankles back, my jeans slipping down as he tied them to the rope at my back.


I nodded as I tried moving my ankles – and then realised he had tied them to the rope between my legs.  As he stood up, there was a knock on the door and I heard Jo say “Maureen?  Are you here yet?”


He put his finger to his lips, and picked up the bag, walking to the door and looking out before he left...


Jo Pacey – Mother


When I went into the theatre, I was surprised that there seemed to be nobody about.  Mind you, it is a small theatre, and only a few staff, so I just imagined they were busy getting things set up.


I knew it was going to be casual before the dress rehearsal, so I had thrown a dark blue jacket over my grey v-necked jumper, grey jeans and short brown boots, with a long white scarf wrapped round my neck to keep the cold out.  


I went backstage and knocked on Maureen’s door – I figured she should have arrived by now – and called out “Maureen?  Are you here yet?”


There wasn’t an answer, so I shrugged my shoulders and made my way down to my own dressing room.  It was a little larger than Maureen’s, with a long recliner as well as the dressing table, so I hung my bag on the back of a chair and went to look in the fridge for some water.


That was when this hand clamped itself over my mouth, and – well, I’ll admit it.  I fainted in shock.




When I opened my eyes, it took me a moment to realise I was now on the recliner.  As I regained my senses, however, I also realised that whoever had grabbed me had removed my jacket, and more to the point they were holding my wrists together above my head.  Slowly raising my head, I saw it was a tall, and very strong looking man, who was using some rope to tie my wrists together, the cords going between my arms as I felt them forcing my wrists together.


“Forgive me,” he said as he pulled the ropes tight, and then tied them down to a leg of the recliner, fixing my arms above my head, “I did not mean to make you faint.”


“What are you doing to me,” I said as I wriggled round, trying to move my arms.


“Making sure you cannot move, so that when I start, you are able to enjoy it fully,” he said as he walked down to the other end of the recliner, and unzipped my boots; pulling them and my socks off before he crossed and tied them tightly together, then to the other end of the recliner. 


“Start?  Start what,” I said as he took more rope, and tied my legs together below my knees, and then looked at me.


“I recognise you, you know.  I have seen quite a bit of your work?”


“You have,” I said as I looked at him.  “What, my television work?”


“No – your adult video work.  Your hair is greyer, but your work with Laurel Blake and others still entertains me.”


I stared at him, my face paling as I did so.  IT had been a long time ago, when I was just breaking into acting, and I had made a few adult films to pay the bills.  I had thought those days long behind me as I said “No...  OH god no...”


“Hush – I mean you no ill will, no harm,” he said as he started to massage my feet, “I merely wish to remind you of how good you were then.”


“What.... What do you...” I suddenly had to stifle a small gasp as his fingers worked on the bare soles of my feet, and then he stood with his back to me, his hands stroking the back of my legs as he leaned over and...


His lips covered my big toe, his tongue playing with it as he gently sucked, and then moved along each of my feet, teasing my toes as his hands moved down and between my legs.  I was helpless to step him, and powerless to stop myself from sighing as he gently kissed and licked my feet.


How on earth did he know what that would do to me?  Had he remembered something, or had he been following me?  Who was he anyway?


“There – that was not too bad, was it,” he finally said as he looked at me, and I slowly nodded, aware of a warmth and a dampness in places there had not been such feelings for some time.


“What are you going to do now,” I said as I looked at him, and then I got my reply as his hands caressed my chest, massaged it, played with it, his lips caressing the side of my neck and the front of my chest where the jumper neckline dipped.


“OH fuck,” I said as I started to squirm, “you really know what you’re doing, don’t you?”


“Yes, I do,” he said quietly, “but I need you to be quiet, and not disturb anyone else.”  As he lifted my jumper up, revealing the teal coloured bra I was wearing, he gently squeezed my chest again and said “Can I trust you to do that?”


“Hmmmnno – no I can’t promise,” I moaned out, watching as he went to a large bag on the floor.


“I remember from your film days how nice one of these looked on you,” he said as he produced a leather panel, with straps either side and a rubber bung fastened to the underside, “so let us use this again.”


“Will you do something first,” I said, my eyes wide as he brushed my hair away from my face.


“Name it, my dear.”


“Kiss me first.”


He nodded and leaned over, his lips pressing against mine and his tongue playing with my lips.  I opened my mouth slightly, our tongues intertwining, before allowing him to place the bung into my mouth and closing my lips over it, feeling him fasten the straps tightly around my head.


“Fnkuu,” I mumbled as he gently unfastened my bra, and eased it up, before he started to tease at my now firm breasts with his lips and tongue, his teeth gently nibbling as well.  I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure waves wash over me – I was powerless to stop him, so I may as well get some enjoyment from it, was my thinking.


And what enjoyment I was getting, as I pressed my body up, allowing him to take full advantage of my chest, teasing me to the edge as he moved his hand between my legs.   Looking up at me, he smiled as he then moved his head down, tracing round my belly button with his tongue as he unfastened my pants, and pulled them down to my knees, my knickers following soon after.  Now there was nothing to stop him slowly inserting his finger into my passage, taking it out and licking it as he said “Hmmmm you taste so sweet and warm.  How long has it been?”


“Tttlng,” I mumbled as I looked at him, and then gasped, my eyes shooting open as he started to kiss me there, use his tongue there, drive me crazy with what he was doing...


I could feel the climax coming as he licked and teased me, so I closed my eyes and allowed it to cum, and then to keep cumming, as he refused to let me relax, forcing me in the most gentle way possible to give everything I had to my own pleasure.


Eventually, completely exhausted and sated, I collapsed and shook my head, looking at the man as he smiled at me. 


“There – you can rest now,” he said, “while...”


“Jo?  Oh my god...”


“Hello,” he said as I looked at Mary Dean’s daughter, “please, come in and close the door.  I was expecting you anyway...”


Bobbi Dean – the granddaughter


It was my first real part you see – I’d done some acting in school plays and things, but when my mum got the part in this play, and they were having real trouble filling the role of the granddaughter, she put my name forward – and I got the role.  As it was, I discovered a lot more, but...


She dropped me off at the stage door at about 12.30, and asked me to let the others know she’d be a little late, as she had to go to the bank first.  So I went in, but couldn’t find anyone.  As I passed the door of Jo’s dressing room however, I could hear someone talking inside, so I went in – and saw Jo, lying on her long couch, her jumper pulled up and her pants pulled down, tied up and gagged.


“Jo?  Oh my god...”  I stood with my hands to my mouth, unable to move as the man with her stood up and looked at me.  He was easily six inches taller than me at least, and very strong looking, but looking back I remember he had a wonderful smile as he said “Hello, please come in and close the door.  I was expecting you anyway...”


Jo looked at me, her eyes looking as if she was exhausted, as I closed the door and said “Please, don’t tell me you just ra....”


“No – no, I have not had sex with her,” he said quietly, Jo slowly nodding to show me he was telling the truth.  She still looked shaken, however, so I said “I’m going to phone the police, and...”


“Please,” he said as he produced a small handgun, “don’t.  In fact, give me the phone, and then take your jacket off.”


“Dsshssss,” Jo mumbled under whatever that leather pad was that covered her mouth, so I handed the phone over, taking off my black jacket as he removed the back, and then the battery.  I had on under the jacket a peach coloured top smock, while I was also wearing a knee length skirt with a floral print, black leggings and a pair of black Ugg boots.


“All right then,” he said as he reached into this canvas bag on the floor, “turn around and put your hands behind your back.”


I could see what was coming – the ropes were visible on Jo’s wrists, legs and ankles – and I readily admit I was terrified.  When I turned around, however, he put his hands on my arms and said “don’t be afraid – this will not hurt,” before he crossed my wrists and I felt the rope pulling them together.


He was right in half a way – it was tight, but whatever he did as he wrapped the rope round did not hurt too much.  I felt him tug at it a few times, and then tried to move my arms – with little success I might add.


“What are you going to do to me,” I whispered as I saw from the corner of my eye his hand reach into the bag again.


“I need to make sure you are secure,” he answered before I felt more rope around my arms, and then gasped as he pulled them together behind my back, my elbows almost touching as he secured them as well.  Looking down, I saw my chest forced out as well, but as he tied that rope off I knew I had no chance of freeing them now.  I just knew it.


Jo’s eyes were closing as the man said quietly “Sit down,” and he helped me to sit on the floor.  I tried to move my arms, but al that did was make my chest shake, the fabric of my top rubbing against my breasts.  It was a strange, new feeling, so absorbing I didn’t notice as he took my boots off, and tied my ankles tightly together – but I felt his hands on the soles of my feet as he passed the rope between my legs, and giggled a little.


“See – it can be fun,” he said with a smile as he produced a second length of rope, and tied my legs together below my knees, before he looked at me again.


“Is this the first time you have been tied up?”


I nodded as he stood up and walked behind me, saying “does it frighten you to be like this.”


“It’s not as frightening as the thought of you been able to do whatever you want to me,” I whispered in real fear. 


“Relax – just tell me what you feel,” he whispered as I sensed rather than heard him kneel behind me, and I closed my eyes.  “I feel – I feel strange, unable to move, unable to stop you,” I said as I felt his hands on my shoulders.


“When you were a young girl, did you used to dream of being a princess, held by an evil aunt or mother or someone, waiting to be rescued?”


I nodded and said “but all girls do at some point...”


“That is true,” he said as I felt his hands go down my sides, “what I am doing here is allowing you to be that princess, who yearns to be rescued by the handsome young man...”


I nodded as I realised he had said a truth, and as he started to caress me I wondered what he was trying to do.  When his hands stroked over my chest, however, I jumped a little, pressing into the gloved palms by accident, but feeling him hold them for a moment as he said “tell me how it feels.”


“I don’t know,” I whispered back, and then he pressed gently.  Nobody had ever touched me like that, and it made me feel a bit funny and light and strange.


“What are you doing,” I said as he started to gently massage my chest, and I started to feel shivers inside me.  “Please, don’t hurt me...”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quietly, “I’m going to show you what it means when a man knows how to treat a woman, of whatever age, properly.”


The pressure of his touches steadily increased, and I was surfside to hear a moan as his hands worked on me.  I was even more surprised to realise it was me who was moaning, as he lifted my top up, exposing my bra as I said “no...”


“Yes,” was his reply as I felt his hands even more, and then he kissed my neck, his fingers tracing over my nipples.  I was surprised at how firm they felt, how gentle his lips were, as he said “I’m going to stop, but just for a moment.”


“Why,” was my surprising response, but I soon learned why as he wrapped some rope around my upper body, and pulled tight, forcing my arms against my back as he took the rope above and below my chest, forcing my breasts out so much I was afraid my bra would burst open.


So, when he unfastened the clasp at the back, and pulled it down so that the top band of rope pressed firmly on my naked flesh, the rubbing making me feel very light headed, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I gasped and moaned, his gloved fingers gently pinching at my nipples.


“What’s happening to me,” I whimpered – yes, whimpered as he laid me back, putting a cushion under my head, and then looked at me before he kissed my throat, then my chest, moving his lips down until...


“Oh fuck....” I gasped as he started to suck on my nipples, and I felt a surge run through me, gasping as he kissed, sucked, licked, on one side and then the other.  This was completely new to me, and I was helpless to stop him from doing whatever the hell it was he was doing!


But whatever it was, despite my fears, the feeling of pleasure that was overwhelming me was fantastic!  I groaned more as he continued to cover my chest with kisses, before he looked at me.


“I need you to be quiet – open your mouth for me.”


I nodded and did as he asked, feeling the silk of the scarf that he folded and pushed into my mouth, and then closing my lips over it as he kissed me there again.  My gasps were muted moans, the scarf filling my mouth and pressing my tongue down, but it still did not seem to quiet enough for him.


I watched as he took a  wide roll of brown sticking plaster, and tore a strip off, gently kissing my lips before he pressed it down, sealing my mouth and covering a good bit of my face as well – and then as well as kissing me, he felt under my skirt.  I had not realised at that point I was damp, but when I felt him pressing the damp leggings against me I said something like “shshstttt.”


“Do not worry - it is natural,” he said as I watched him unzip my skirt and pull it off my legs, and then ease my leggings down, his finger running up the seam of my panties before he put it in his mouth and sucked.


“Wonderful – would you like me to continue?”


That should have been the point where I shook my head, and tried to say no as clearly as possible - but I nodded, so overwhelmed was I by what was happening.  I felt him pull my panties down, and wriggled round, wanting to know where his hand would go next.


I got my answer as he rubbed me over my crotch, and I pushed up, looking at the dampness on his glove as he held it to my nose, the sweet smell overpowering me.  He then smiled and turned for a moment, lowering his hand and kissing my belly as he used his hand on that place Mum had always said was a special place, a place to be protected, a place to ....




The touch of his lips there was enough to make me arch my back, as I was flooded with the sensation.  He kept kissing me there, the dampness only increasing as somehow my body reacted to his, wanting him to carry on and go further.


He didn’t – not in that sense anyway – but he started to use his tongue there, and I could feel him slowly edging it into my body, into a place I had never had anyone feel, not even a doctor.


I’m telling the truth – NOBODY HAD DONE THIS TO ME BEFORE!!!  I guess that was why I was overwhelmed, almost egging him on as this surge built within me, this desire to call out and raise the roof if only my mouth wasn’t taped and stuffed. 


That surge just got stronger and stronger – and then it burst out as I screamed into the cloth and tape, my eyes closed as I felt a rush of electivity through me, a wave of pure pleasure that I had never ever known, anticipated, even suspected existed. 


All I know is, he laid me down, looked at me and said “don’t move – Jo will keep you company, while I look for your mother.”  I looked up to see her sleeping, before the euphoria started to ebb, and I closed my eyes as well...


Mary Dean – The Daughter


Once I’d finished what I needed to do at the bank, I drove back to the theatre – I can’t have been more than twenty minutes behind Bobbi when I walked into the theatre.


“Hey – where are you all,” I called out, but there wasn’t an answer.  It was a warm day, so I was wearing a white vest and a short floral green skirt, with sandals.  A lot of people say I look like the reporter Jenny Bond, with my long blonde hair, but right now I was just an actress looking for the rest of my cast.


“Bobbi, where are you,” I called out again, but there was no reply, so I made my way down to the props room, opening the door and hoping to find some of the others inside.


Instead, what I saw was Jill, almost naked and moaning as she wriggled on the chaise longue, bound tightly with ropes and gagged.


“Oh my god, Jill,” I said quietly, “what...”


“Hush,” a voice said behind me as I felt a gloved hand press down on my mouth, “come with me.  Your daughter has already arrived, but she is distracted, and now I need to show you something.”


“Bbeee?  Whhfudntbbeee?”


“Relax – she is happy,” the voice continued as I was pulled out of the room, and onto the stage.  The set was already set up like a living room, but as I struggled, comfort was not the key thing on my mind.


“Kneel in front of the chair,” the voice said, “and put your hands behind your back.”


He gently pushed me down onto my knees, so gently it didn’t hurt at all, but then he pulled my arms behind my back, and held my wrists together with one hand as he grabbed something from a bag with another.  I caught a glimpse of silver, heard the unmistakable sound of tape ripping, and then my wrists pressed together as he secured them, and then covered my hands in what I discovered was silver tape.


How did I find out?  Because I saw him pass the roll around my waist as he taped my wrists against my back, then used bands above and below my chest to hold them in place against me.  They framed my chest, the space between them visible as the vest was stretched over them.  What was more, the ropes were rubbing in a way that was – well, I was struggling not to enjoy the feelings...


“There – not too uncomfortable I trust,” I heard him say as he made me sit down, and I saw the smile on his face as he looked at me.


“Please – I don’t know what you want, but please just let me go...”


“Hush – the others are happy, and I want you to be happy too,” he said as he looked at me, and then bent my left leg so that my ankle was pressed against the back of my thigh.  There was the ripping sound again, and he taped my ankle to my leg, then passed another band around my leg above and below my knee, so that it was held bent.


As he taped my other leg, I looked at him, and said “did you do this to my daughter?”


“No,” he said quietly, “I secured her with rope, and then helped her to relax.  I have done with everyone here – and now it is your turn.”


I looked into his eyes, and then felt his hands and they – well, he started to grope me, but that makes it sound dirty.  It wasn’t – not in that way.  He was gentle, and kept looking into my eyes as his hands caressed and squeezed my body.


I didn’t want to accept, to allow him to do this, but somehow the way he looked at me, my resistance started to melt away, and as my eyes slowly closed I began to moan, pressing myself against his hands  so that he could hold them more firmly.


“Ah – I see you are beginning to understand,” he said as he leaned over and kissed my lips.  “Now, open your mouth.”




I saw him holding a sponge in his hand, and I understood – as I opened my mouth as wide as I could, he pushed the sponge in, and then gently closed my lips before he sealed them with the tape – several strips smoothed firmly down over them.


“Btehh hhmmmnwwissseeeee,” I mumbled as he pressed more firmly on my chest, and then pulled down the shoulder straps, before taking a pair of scissors and cutting down the front of my vest, watching as his hands touched my flesh as he parted not only the vest, but my bra as well.


I was starting to feel warm, tingling, as he gently worked on me, my nipples hardening, my breasts firming, my breath coming in short nasal gasps.  Then he made me lean back, and eased my panties down, his gloved finger working my damp clit as I closed my eyes and moaned more.


“Allow me,” he said as he folded the skirt back, and lowered his head – and I almost shrieked as he began to lick me, to kiss me, to use his mouth where only my husband had even began to touch with...


Look, by this time I was totally out of it, as his tongue made me forget everything, only to want him to continue to touch me where he was, again and again and again, using his gentle kisses, and that tongue that seemed to know exactly where to look, where to kiss me, and – oh shit, he found a sweet spot.


I shivered as my body bucked, and he looked up.  “You taste divine,” he said as he licked me, and I felt him taking my juices into his mouth, making me produce even more as he worked his tongue inside me, and I screamed in pleasure and frustration.  Despite everything, I wanted him inside me so badly at that time – but he didn’t.  Instead, he kept using his tongue and lips until I arched my back and let myself slip completely into an ocean of pleasure.





When I finally came down, he looked at me and smiled, before he disappeared for a moment.  When he returned, he had Bobbi in his arms, the girl shivering as I saw a rope between her legs, and imagined what it must be doing as it rubbed there.  He laid her out on the couch, and as she looked at me through misty eyes she shook and called out a muted gasp as what was obviously not her first orgasm shook over her.


“Now then,” he said quietly, “you two relax until your director gets here...”


Beryl Stannard – the Director


This was my big break – a production of My Mother Never Said I Should – and I was determined to make sure it went without a hitch.  The cast were handpicked, we had rehearsed – all we needed was the final rehearsal, and we would be ready to go.


That was all that was in my mind as I pulled up at the stage door.  I was wearing a grey top with a black trim round the neck opening, a knee length skirt in black silk with some sort of abstract floral print on it, yellow tights and short brown suede boots.  A pendant, and my patent black thick glasses were all that completed my outfit, as I locked the car and walked in.


“Hey – anyone around,” I called out, expecting someone to at least come and offer me a cup of coffee, but there was only silence.


Well, not quite silence.  I could hear something, like a record behind a door, but that was it.  So I shrugged my shoulders, went to the auditorium, turned round – and got the shock of my life.


Mary and Bobbi Dean were on the set – but not in any way I had ever expected.  Young Bobbi was lying on a couch, almost stripped naked and bound tightly with ropes, while her mother was lying on the floor, her legs bent at the knee and with two bands of tape round each one, her arms taped to her chest, her top cut and pulled open.  The mumbling was easy to understand now – they both had strips of tape covering their mouths, and it looked as if something was inside their mouths as well.


“OH shit,” I said as I ran onto the stage, leaving my purse behind, and looked at them, “who did this to you?”


“I did.”


I turned suddenly to see a tall, broad shouldered man standing in the wings, his arms folded as he leaned against the set and looked at me.


“Oh no,” I said quietly, “not you.  Not again.”


“Oh yes,” he said as he walked forward, and I saw the gun in his hand, “when I visited you before, you left your computer open.  Such a wonderful imagination you showed in that script – so, when I saw you were directing this show, I...  Well, perhaps that is enough on that.”


I was shaking – he had visited my apartment a year ago, robbed me, bound me and gagged me, but that was all.  I knew he had read my laptop, but it was painfully clear to me now he had seen – that.


“What...  What are you going to do to me?”


“Complete the scene – very slowly, turn around and put your hands behind your back.  We shall begin?”


“Where are the others?”


“Smmssss,” Bobbi mumbled, and with a sickening feeling I knew what had happened – even as I felt rope pulling my wrists together behind my back, securing them tightly together.


“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.....  That’s tight,”  I whispered as I felt him pulling the rope between me arms, just below my elbows, forcing my chest out as my shoulders were pulled back.


“And are you complaining,” he whispered into my ear as he tied the rope off, and then kissed them both.  My ears, not my elbows – but he had read the script, he knew what I had written, and he knew I dare not reply.


Turning me round, he smiled as he removed my glasses, folding them and placing them to one side as he whispered “How do you like my recreation?”


“What you’ve done to them...”


“Is only what you have dreamed of doing,” he said as he leaned over and started to kiss my neck, his hands pressing into my bottom as the other two were forced to watch.  He massaged them slowly, making my stifle the sigh as I felt his attentions.


“Now, turn and watch them,” he said quietly, and as I turned I saw from the corner of my eye the rope, which he started to use to bind my legs together below my knees, his hands stroking my legs as he took the length between my limbs.


I suppressed a shiver as he pushed my feet together, and then started to bind them with more rope.   Once they were secured, he held a small sponge ball in his gloved hand in front of my mouth, and said “open wide please.”


I nodded as I let him push the sponge in, the material expanding, absorbing my saliva, pressing my tongue down as I closed my lips over it, and he pressed several strips of tape over this.


“Kneel,” he said as he gently pushed down on my shoulders, and then left me kneeling in front of the other two as he walked off.  He returned first with Jo, and then Maureen, leaving them so that all four could look at me over their gags.


“Ladies,” he said quietly, “your director had a fantasy of a woman who, one by one, captured the members of a family and brought them to orgasm by herself, getting sexual satisfaction from that.”


I blushed, my cheeks almost as red as my hair, before he said “I delight in helping women find pleasure, and today I hope I have helped you all to do that.  The question is, shall I do the same for her?”


The four of them looked at each other, and then at me, as I mumbled “mssreeee...”


Then, one by one, they nodded, watching as he pulled my jumper up, exposing my white bra, and started to wrap rope around my body and arms, above and below my chest, forcing it further out as he then wrapped the rope under my arms and around the back of my neck, and then between my breasts in front. 


As he tied the rope off, I sighed at the touch of his lips on my back, and then his hands on my chest, as he started to massage them, my body responding as the others watched.  All except Mary seemed to be pulling on something as they watched, Mary rubbing her taped legs together instead, as I closed my eyes and moaned softly, unable to stop him opening the clasp at the front of my bra, and then using his fingers to excite me still further, the gentle pressure on my nipples making me moan even more.


He took a moment to unfasten my skirt, the material falling down to my knees, before he made me lie down, his lips caressing my chest and then sucking gently on my nipples as I arched my back.  I could hear the others moaning as well as his hand slipped between my legs, and drew gently up, pressing on my slit as he did so, and he could feel the dampness there.


He said nothing, continuing to use his lips on my chest as he slipped his hand under my tights, under my panties, and he used his finger on me, gently teasing at me as he sucked and licked my chest.


The emotions that were overwhelming me now defy description – I was sinking, losing myself, and even if there was anything I could do about it, I really did not know if I wanted to.  I heard the others moaning as well, but they were like a distant chorus, so intense was the feeling  I was experiencing.


I was moaning like crazy as I felt the juices starting to flow – which was the moment he picked to pull down my panties and tights, and use his mouth and tongue on me, lapping me up, teasing me still further as my legs parted as much as the ropes would allow, and he used his tongue where his finger had...



I’m sorry – this was the point when I lost control, and started to scream, to encourage him as he found my sweet spots, pressing and licking like mad as I exploded in a screaming frenzy, writhing and shaking as my body gave itself totally to him.


He didn’t stop either, bringing me over again and again, and I could now hear the others as whatever it was they were doing sent them over again as well.  IT seemed to last forever, but eventually I know he stopped – because he tied a rope between my legs, pulling it up tightly as it went between my petals, and then tied it off before he tied my ankles to my back.


As I looked up, he walked quietly away, returning first with Maxie, and then with Jill, the two women groaning as he left them with the five of us.


“It has been a pleasure ladies,” he said as he walked off the stage, leaving us looking at each other, wondering who had the strength – and the will – to try to get free first...







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